The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 4
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fr PAG*; (THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advtrtlitaj Sole Notional Advertising Representatives: Aitontu !:ailies, Inc., New York, Chicago. Detroit, .'ft. Louis. Dallas, Kansas city, Little Rock. ^ published Every Aiuraoon Except Sunday. Altered as ii-cond c) matter M iie post oilier at Blyllicvlllc, Ar- *ansR3, under act of Congress Oc- r_— lobe.- 9. 1917. Served in Hie muted Presa. SUBSC/tlPTION HATES Bv currier in tne City or aiytlievlUe, 15c per week or 5650 per year In advance. By mall rltlrtn a rndlus of CO miles, 13.00 per year. SI 50 (or six months. 85c for three, month*; by mall In iwital zones two to six. Inclusive, K.bO per year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per ycnr, jv;yablc in advance. Auto Toll Rises Still (he nulomohilu grows more autl more deadly. Figures compiled by ;i •. largo insurance company show Unit 28.900 Americans \vcrn killed in auto accidents last year; and \vlii lt> this is only ;i smnll increnso over tin, total Tor Ii):>2, llio <1isni;iyiii|r IV.ct is revealed thai (he deal!: lisl was piwrrlionalely a iwirt don! ''iijhci'. Tims il i.s jKiinled out tlui.l I he ratio nf fatalities to the miinlxT of accidents lias increase-;! by iiturly C ]VJ: P cent, and lhat tlto iiu-rcascd mimbor of deaths occurred despite tho fact that the total of auto registrations and gasoline consumption had dropppd. If some jwstilencf! wore .-wecpinj; the ualioii at this rate we would mobilize all our forces In check it. How lull}?, do you suppiiT. will we continue to sil by .placidly ;;nd accept l)iis frightful auto death toll as one of the inescapable hazards of modern lifo? A Matter of Routine .The most sensational thing about the navy'.- mass flight to Hawaii seems to be the fact that there was nothing 'sensational about il. That is, no one seems to have become especially excited about it, no one doubted that th planes \\ouh\ gel through., o'l ^chc no. one fell .thai Micro was aii'y Vciison to look Tor i>.von a minor disaster. And the flight lived Up to this advance billing. The six plan's took oil' as they planned to, Hew for ^,-101) miles in formation, and came dow:i precisely when and where (buy said they would, without any fuss and without any excitement. This, when you stop to think about it, is a splendid achievement. That long- hop from California to Hawaii is intrinsically a difficult and dangerous job. The navy made it look easy- just part of the regular job. H is a great tribute to I he advance of aviation and to the efficiency of the navy's flying service. Slylc Under Communism One of the most revealing little 'storie= to conic out of Soviet Russia recently was tilat tcllinjf hew Russian OUT OUR WAY women' arc dcmiuuliiij; ;i in Hie matter of clothing. Under Communism, Hie -"talc clothing trust has .striven In givo the citizens clothing lliiil will \K durable and comforttiblo, hut il has |i:iii! no attention whatever to style. J'ride in one's apiiearancj .^ectiis to lie a hiillniiirk of (hi 1 Ijunr^i'ois aUi- tnde; UK? citixc'it of a (.'omminiLst utatc, one gnlhers, has no hnsim-;-' worrying about liis or her looks. Unl now tin 1 people nf liiissin, and especially the women, arc /-•King tired of clollie.s that are like an endless series of drab uniforms. They are demanding siylo, snap, (Ic-.-nl colors, li'imnoss; and the clol!:in;? trust is licginniiig U> liearlion. A Moscow store Ihe 'ill.-v day displayed for just about ihi< lirsl lime since Ihe revolution—;i fnri'ial ilress- injj gown. \ Human nature, evider.lly, is about the same under C.'onummisi.i as under Capitalism. More Speed! The effort to increase l!ic speed of the ait-plane only lias lie^im, it' we are to accept the proilidiini o' 1 an article in the new Journal ot' the Aeronautical Sciences. Thi.s article piv--vnts plans for an'airplane which won!;! fly at a s|>eed of 5'M miles an Imtr—a speed so tremendous that we can b^rin to appreciate it only by realixinc that it is not far below (he speed of sound waves in the air. What an airplane of this s I;m | would do to existing schedules is ybvious. New York would be less than two hours from Chicago, Honolulu would bo less than live hours from San Krancisco, and one could gel from Mio. United Slates to Europe in something like seven hours. The prospect is daw.]ing- -none the less soj'or all the fuel thai our actual need for such speeds is not exactly indisputable. Canada has i^s ,, C c<l for iillcs (him a pic 1m for .skull's. -Aynes MnrPls-il], Canadian .M. 1'. * * * Moni-niry maneuvers rnminl bring an r-llt'i:- Hve mid InsliiiB rise In prices. If "we wish lo delude the limm:n race, we can Ksort 10 what once was called money clipping —Premier Mussolini. I'm jiisl a woman Iryinu 10 UM.KC a —Mary McCurmic, 'formerly "Princess" Mdivanl. living. Sense * * t You wouldn't blame me for being a bit, disillusioned, would y OU ? Well, T am disillusioned, not lo the ]»int of cynicism, but Warned • near it. --riudy Vallce. * » > Every family should dedicate ai one M>n lo nvialtou. -Gen. Glns?m>:- Valk-, Italy's undersecretary of air. * * • In export trade, Japan has c-atcu almost every country. —Baron Nakajima. Japanese minister of commerce and indus'.iy. By Williami NO'^MO'RE \ ./ CLOL^T INVENTING! Uj HIM- OO YOU GET ., A \A/AII^C _ '•^ J ; in •. i-lim — 00 YOU GET \ A WALLOP -- THAT? WOT Ui^H HIM • ",\ mVEMT\OM MJ4LOOK AT l<r-^^ fa\ri^ •~y /--flrf^ '•- NrW L ^^ tt ^ SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Siiv mi. Kdilur, Jnurnal or the American Mcilival Assflcialion, and of llygela, Ihc HeaMh M»eazire Whether you li.'u in ti rural community or In a large clly, ihe '.ir-allli of your family and those i l.tml you depends, upon Hie ci- fcctivc control rf disease anil •pidemics by your local - health 1 iepnrlmenl. i In larger cllios, In facl. it Is only j IT work of their modern health I >rgiinlmtioiLs that makes il pos-! >:ldc to live there. Control ol epidemics, of dis- .lU'CS carried by contaminated loocis, milk, nnil water, proper! po.'fil of sewage, adequate ven-l tilaliou ami tlio unoke nuisance,! al! arc problems which come under the scope of the health ile- [N'.rlmenl. When each of these measures' of sanitation was Installed, il wiis reflected very pvcniptly by a ilcflnitc lowering in disease and death rates. With Ihcse gradual improvements in hyoienu and sanitation, llle expectancy ni birth has risen by more than a score of years. CHURCH EXCUSES Bjr G«*. W. BukM ., ._ Mother told Joe that she- would Just as soon as possible write tq congress or whoever put out political literature and have them put her on the mailing list so that she could keep up with 'the political situation this year and that If a substantial majority of her faith and baptism were elected, she would feel that the country would be in safe hands for a while at least but if a majority elected were ol Joe's faith and baptism, unquestionably the country would (jo to the dogs or seme place. Joe told Mother she could save herself the trouble of writing and the postage as the old system of Congressman sending out literature had been stopped by the new man now in charge and'thU this new manager did about aU trie talking and was not running any printing press; that he did not even allow them to send out garden seed much less speeches that they usually had their secretaries write and put in printed form. Of course, if this Is true, and 1 have no doubt but what it is, when the election is over, Mother will be just like most everybody else, not much wiser "I didn't say I knew, everything." Public Welfare EMriidfrds Adequate Health Budgets If continued prcircss i.s to oe niiirir. ihcre most be continued ,)endlUne.s as new cni:.vs ot ricnlh nnd diseases nre determined. Now it lias become possible for lienllh (ieparlniDnts lo stale very definitely that ccilnin niinimum standards must, to observed or the health department ol the communily Ls a failure. A low ininiU iroilalily vale, a io\i dentil rale from lyphoUf fc\er. scartcl fcier. and d'iplith- ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier NCAS has been authorized to announce thc folloiiinz r.f candidates for pi.blic olfice. subject to thc Deinccralic primary next Augusl: For Member nf c:nnj;rcs< CLINTON' L. CALDWE1.L Fur County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAIIUNTV For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For County Court Clerk FRED FLEEMAM For nc-EIcction for 2r.d Term For Assissor R. L. (BILLY) GAINKS G. C. (IKE) HUDSON FOR CITY OFFICES Election Tuesday. Aprii 3. For City Clerk S. C. CRAIG IN WHAT CITIES ARETHC U.3. COINAGE MINT6 LOCATCD /- ^\ VJHAT iWE ' '" HAS THE HIGHEST \VHAT IS THE ONLY NAVI GABIE RIVER. IN CAUFC^.' (Answen ra BM\ i Jin, ujitl prevention ol I'liiilcmics anil plngues are mailers which li.n be controlled ."cientificilly. Records show absolutely the ex- lent to which hci..itii dcpavtments :TC functioning adequately. In these times (axpaycis are subjccl lo (jreiil l.urdons. .Nevertheless, you, a.s a i:ixi>aycr. should iealize that Ihe money spent for 1 leventlDii of dirrase probably i.-1'ings a greater return for each <lollnr than niouev spent In any oilier way. * s « Because of thc stringent economic conditions, the budgets of licalth department', have sufferer! along with th" others. However, lliey suffer far more lhan (lo oilier departments of Ihe gov- fi-iiment. simply because it has brer ivccedingly ihtficiill In thc P"sl to get siiHiCHiil money to ixrmit any health department to perform, lo thc fullest extent, what. it might accompli^!, II has been Mid repeatedly that public health is a purchasable commodity. TiiD amount of money six'iit for health purposes is reflected very promptly in the death rules in (he comn.imiiy. In limes of economic depression, dangers from poverty, worry, nnd malnutrition are increased. Therefore, in those times public health department; liaic to DC drynnizeil and operated much more efficiently ihr.n at any other period. In facl, a dollp.r saved tu the city budget nl siivi. a lime nmy mean many dollar.; lost Ihrougn failure lo prevent disease conditions that might !!nvc been con- Uollcd. Cocktail Habit Laid to Decline of Porridge BERKELEY, Ca!. (UP)—Popu- i^rily of Ihe cocktsil before din- •i:tr can be traced lo Hie fact por- ndse at brcakfas'. is considered old-fashioned. Dr. Agney Fay Mor- L'.in. University of C.ilifornin scientist, contend 1 ;. Dr. Morgan is .--n atitliorlly on vitamins and has just completed n sliidy ol vitamin B. th^ appetite producing vitamin. Chief sourcs ol vitamin E Is thc kernel ot grain. Hardy pioneers who --tc tram cereals we;i- not trouhlcd nilh |»or appetite, Iheir foori contained p'.-.ny O f the ap- iwiile producing '.;inn'.in. Vitamin B ir, not ralen in sutli- cicnt qiinnlillc.s bv puople loday. Dr. Morgan said. Lack of the vitamin produces a s'aggish appetite and thc reaillni't rcsortin- lo CLrklail.s as nppc'.itf slimulants. January IQ4 1 lT5i)= John. Watt, iaveutoc of Poe, ATncrican aathor/born, ' Honty an Antitoxin (UP)-Greelc javanls ot Athens University have discovered that the "bitter honey" of irebizond, Turkey, has antitoxic properties. They have asked for specimens to experiment further. The long Distance swimmer's idea o£ covering himself with grease is an old one; duck* have done it for thousands of years PR1DAV. JANUAUY 19, 193-i Tw/s Cc//?/ous WORLD AU5TRJAN, SUGGESTED' THIS IDEA OF HARNESS1N& VULTURES 70 A 6ALLOON THE/A WITH . RE;NS. INK CARNATION IS THE ONLY STATE FLOWER. EVER TO BE DETHRONED/ IT LOST ITS PLACE.AS STATE FLOWER OF INDIANAJO THE BLOSSOM OP THE TUIP TREE. •VlELDS ABOUT c»u ii "4OO, OOO TON'S o/ HERRING• i "IA sritwtt •«. / yo AMK4JAILX The 400.000 "tons of herring taken from the Norlh Sea represent between five and six billion nsli. Even this enormous figure is only a portion of Ihs actual number of herring which enter "the nets, for more escape than are caught. ix m:nr. TODAY wr'-Vi'l-X •"•>"«'•'• • "•« TOM UI.AVI-.U nrr Mnrrlrd Ihr unmt «aj . ni. I,II.A Hl>TAI,l\G imri UKKKK Hl.tsa. I.M.-, riftd, " "»•- In In.iitrv. TTfallr Gvn>v !•. l'-:n il. to so e* -Mn>: In » •fM rirr fram irltli krr lrmri.i xhn ing from Inb. tl. trr <i>r Ti-nilbv ' H\HKO .*, .;„ «.Iii" lm. Hi- .k»wrni ihp nblrk .kr 1 know you will, tliat amount wllli rrornptcd. "I've been Elmply f- an . only be a ilropjn tho bucket," tic. I wns jnsi on tbe point 'of call- every day. everyone! iK'vrni- hrrnnftp ••i •nun. m'tri t:i. \\rii nil). Airri ,k» „„,., luiit nad «:;-p*9 tjanrret. fcai peace I- Inter rrainrrd. turrr-* HruMglilon t«b« mfirt* brr "Ink rnviliretil.,: hi. libr.irr .nd fl 111 " . r B * Btivnncr parraeor nl •1.>»|V ( lirlNI m::» nl Ibc.Hnrt-ll hnmr. ThroH;zh- '""' '.'•' "klr <iyp«J .!« Ir"»Hrd >>y llir furl r lk»l-Ti»»: «,» «<n" J 1 """ 'i l '??',*,7.. na ; lt '"' *>"•»''• fosi nnd Ihnt K hr knvvr IM w«Bld Lr »urr lo «l|jinr>traye. M)\V <;<> OX-WITH THE STOlt* CHAPTER XIV r.TItS. WKAVBJt was exDcctcd, Mr. llroiighlnu's man-scrvanl Bald, ciuielly. There was somelhlng .ibout hl3 matter-of-faclness that calmed Gypsy's nerves. Of course II was all rlfbi! Why shouldn't she work for MarkoT Ho know she had ilj'liled In library work before the gone tnm the Settlement. What «hc hart expected, exactly, In Hie way ot u reception, she could noi say. Only ihis quiet, high-ceiled room, with its dark Bokhara rugs, '.is wood punoliiiB. its shelf oa sbcif of volumes, was distinctly reassuring. She- save tho man her h:il and coal and gloves. She ran ! 'icr iianil over her unruly „., Gypsy looked ralher- like a lilllc E ' OC " 1 ' Sirl today in her dark green Jersey (rock wliii its demure white collar. Tlicii she forgol herself, her surroundings, her nervousness. In ihe serious business of her task. It was (asclnating — Marked hcutcs tbeinsi'lves were that! She l"bt licreelf In Ihe absorbing work. Si's climbed ihe ladder n dozen limes. Slic Kil at tlie typewriter liio man had disclosed, cleverly hid- ile:i in oi:c corner ot Ibe mammoth 'i.ilrr.11 desk. She listed nnd ruuhcil 01:; rjul liricd a^ain. !-J!:2 aroused by a footfall on Ihe <lc;p rngi. Looking up. startled ni llio Inlcrruplion, she saw Marko. "My dc:ir child!" Ills senile tone bctDlicned surprise, and Gypsy Hushed. "I nuite foi'got Ihe time," Gypsy stammered, her eyes on Ibe crystal <:''"'k face ucarhv. - It was half past live: And sti". had meant to leave nt live at the very latest. She had said something casual to Torn about shopping. 'But she had meant lo bo liorne early, enough t.o get dinner. Dinah was "off"-tonight. Now jbe «'ou|il be too late. .' • • '"Ah,-you' niusts't riin awqy like tills,'". SlarXo protested., mildly. 'Bates »I11 sliake'M? up a cocktail • . . or you may have-t«a', If you'd prefer." ' Gypsy's one thought Was to rush away, to get back to the apartment. Vet she didn't want .to offend Mar k". Stia snirl something faeue alioiu n dinner engagement ' "Oh. quite, quite!"'drawled Mar- fco. "Another'time,'perhaps." LIB saw her lo tbe door, pressing her hand gently. She was a treat to any one's eye?, te told her fulsomely. .'siiff quite ;lfglit .c!l,up his lonely homeJ'I'Baif ftiini every, body knew Mnrko's gallantries. They were Just the casual coin ct Ho was like lhat to Ing the hospitals . lie said, in thai unfamiliar, diag- giiiB voice, thai he'was-n't hurt -I what ga\'j her the lilea?ibut lie'd been detainetL : • • "Unavoidably delaiueil.' r sa-^ Tom with dignity. . • ' ' Struck by a new.' slabbing suspicion. Gypsy gazed .11 him. Wa= he—no. he couldn't he—drunk! Tom never drank to excess. "We went to Simms' Club." he Gypsy rode down in the elevator said slowly. "We were playing witb (he sense ol being released, j cards. \Vc goi to talking. 'I'raid I She must rush homo to Tom now,! dl ?. n ' 1 noticc thc "'uc." luvenltuE an excuse fo.- rcliirn. . -vt' a ">i ' Sbo "took a lroiley~-bf>uW-!J4ulb- ward and il seemed' . stopping ai every corner. Btarllus again with painful ierlip. Gypsy's nerves were alighted at her owu corner and lurneil east. A sliarp wind was blowing up from the river and sho slnve'rcd. buffeting it with licr dim figure; She Iried vainly to determine whether or nol her own apari- ment windows were lighted hul in Anrl all Ihe time 1 was worrying, online my heart out. frighiened 16 tleiith." Gypsy said (»'illi indignation'. n rth','Tom. how cuuld'yoii?''- She was wounded nasi-beafing. This was an unfamiliar person who sat there In her pleasant living room. She just didn't know him. AI last she j Korgoltcn was her rcliel a tew hours before, on discovering slie bail reached home before him. All oilier emotions were swallowed up in a desperate fury at his callous Indifference lo her fcelinss. Ami poker! Tom knew hs couldn't at- font to play carils with Himms and the darkness she coulit not be sure. 1 llis crowd. Ho had virtually prom- She was conscious now of an In-! isl!<i to &ive it up, long before Iheir tense fatigue, sharpened hy her.' marriage. growing cense of nervousness. Reluctantly she inserted her key In the lock. Was Tom home? Anil If so, what was she goluB to say to liim? But the door swung into a darkened room. Gypsy drew a lonz breath of relief. Doubtless he'd" ""'' "" "" l a s been kept at tlie office. jdisnalion at her "You losl!" she accused with iry culm. "Oh, Tom. you lost, didn't you? » » • JJE nod'led. dully, his eyes on his linked fingers. Of course he hart lost. He fell a slow, dull sort of In- for having sucsse.1. She switched on the alabaster ' wll >' clsc should lie have stayed and bite, except tliat he hoped to curls. !' am . p . on 1he drop-leaf table Ho wasn't .In thi leaEt'ilie »atyr type. Uypsy reflected, pulling' on tier Ittllo bal. He was jusl kjud. friendly, goDerous. She would ttye to havo an understanding with him xbout the J50 ihbugh. They would liavo i 0 come tc, Gome entirely busl- nrsslike armiiscment. ' li'ii "hen slie spoVe of this. Mar- \\vcd II aside. "Noiiseuse." be Uut Tom's f\nl words dispelled at l«ajt a little ol her tars. ••Sorry, deureei." n* , a lil dully. ?nd. then stored. (i yps y slarcl , nt him curiously. How strause Invoice was. anil how odd l le looked! His oreicoat vi,u jniled, IUD II loured as |[ u had Uen in contact "Ta»t wai-«i^rely a reuin. o-itb ihs ptreiceat. '•• f. roil 4« tis wwt-M fffJ! sij "Wtre you hurt i«i-iittV o 11 * Whal to'd^w?' ^.,,M r'wa'u """ ^ *"" ^ ^ Gypsy sat down on one end or the dayhcd. She felt sick. She felt heatcn. To try so hard to set ahead. lo h ' nv<3 Tom and see what Tom's plans for ihe evening were: or should she lelc- phone Ihc grocer at once and order a kl;id ot wilil reaction after tier needless fears ol awkward explaiui- vc lihc tllis ~ u vvas I'ast bearing! (Inns, rushed out, setting Hie table, i Silc shook her licml. dumb with making cvcrylliins K ay and In against his return. The clock struck grocer's boy. bearing vegetables and materials for sula:!. \ ju \ t , v]lv liail come and gone. Knw - !-l u "wli> seven. esb j Ihe injustice ot it. Tom looked at i her with a gray face. If be liailn'l i jet Simms till his glass so often, explain to Gypsy now, tell her was ho wanlcd lhat ex- tail past seven." It^wns'eigh't''. Ami J a ,™"™ Cy - U " as for !lcr ' lor " cr still no Tom. ultant relief wancdc •llsnatiun. ,o apprehenion She put (ho food lock In ll, l)oi. She bad thought sbo wa s hun- - gry but now the very thought ot food sickened her. She wont to thc telephone and with of ci-: nut Gypsy's face nas cold. sill!. 1 lo In- (.| OSC ,| (Q i lim W |thr.ul a word, flic stripped the gayly laid table, pni silver and china away ID cn[jboartls. folded the cloth. Without a word she left him. scrubbed, brushed and balled meticulously. Sue lold herself her hearl was quite, quite (lead. And she had been feeling so soft. was no so uucrly dependent on Tom Jus: trembling lin- Bers dialed Hie nun:l>cr of his office As slit had expected, there was no answer O/ rnnr-n „,* ~" "*'•'•«'.* uc^ciiuvuv u" »v.u j^^. workinc at thi hour' "^ "'" befcre ' Sl '° ha(1 lhought ' ss l "' 11 ** IJII;J U»Ur. rU^^.lf..! . ,1... *_ _ _1~..«1— A l. n »~ 'rilf moments bggcil by. Ni uc o'clock. Ifnlf past Ten. At live minutes past icn when Gy n = y a) . s the l room . Tom . s k . waj Inserled and the door swung wide. Gypsy ran lo greet him. "Darling wuerever have you bceu? I've been «0 worried ..." 'She stopped. strange. He slrorlo Tom looked FO eyes were glazeil. u c Her heart plunged, her her. Ills pale. r eart plunged, her tlirojt tlilckencd. Had he heard ihenT Did he kunw about her pact with MorVo? dreadful trolley car ploughed homo- ward, she would tell Tom all about hor work In, Marko's library aud how- she bad managed to buy the Chrisimns walcb- She had decided that there sbouiu" be no secrets between them. It made her so uu* happy not to share everylbing. gocd anrl bad, .with Mm. Now everything »'a3 changed— everything.. sna told herself passionately. Tom had belrayeii tier trust. Ho had not only forgotten her completely, bo had lost money thijl. helonr,c.[l to Ihem bolh. ,Slia had worked'for It, na well as h«- There was simply no justice In It. Deliberately she, closed her eyes in his possiblo motives. The facts were these: ho hud been drlnkh'z and gimblins all rlay. while jl i bail been pulling her weight In it a boat . Mirt Gypsy, would cv Pr be tbe same again. Tom slept on tbe daybed that nlgbt Ellt Iccitd h:r door itilnjt tlm. ... .( Io B? Coalinnf(J)

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