The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18^ 1944 NEWS i II • n. fh ri! Adkins To FK Asks Ministers And Laymen To Work For \ Repeat Of State Law LiTTLE ROCK, Ocl. 18 (UP)' — Governor Homer M. Adkins says he will tto all In his power to aid passage on Initiated Act Number Two repealing horse anil dog racing •statiHes In Arkansas at • (lie general election fiov. 7. " He says he' has contacted or wjll contact at least 5000 ministers and laymen of the stnle as n working organization for the repeal of the racing statues. • •• Since Hot Springs has been jnade si recreational nnd hospJIal 'center for wounded service men,'.. Aciyns ssj's in his own words "we should exert ourselves more_ than ever" tp re|)eal dog and lioriTe racing laws nnd close the gambling houses in Hoi Springs." " , • He adds that he is spending his own money in circulating petitions for .two constitutional amendments and the initiated act, -The two constitutional' amendments sponsored by Adkins are: 1. Fixing the term of, office-of the governor and lieutenant governor at four years, providing that the governor cannot succeed himself. 2. Authorizing men and woiuen in the armed forces of the Unitei States to vote without paying poll taxes. Russell Reinmiller Now Aviation Cadet Russell Reinmiller, chief"yeomiii in the Coast Guard, |eft this' morn- Ing for Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa, where he will become ai aviation cadet in the United States Naval Reserve. Stationed a Charleston, s. C., since Jai.uary, 1942 Mr. Reinmiller has spent the past 10 days Ihcre as ijuest of his 1 mother, Mrs. John Reinmiller and fam- IJv. ' ' • -• WARNING OKDEK •• Vivian Olascoe is warned to' ap peai-'in the Chancery-Court for, thi Cli|cka'sawba District;of Mlssisslpp County, Arkansas.• within thirty day; from the date hereof, and ahswe a complaint filed against her h said court by Elmer 'GHiscoe. Date this nth day of October, 1044! HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid <fe Evrard, Attorneys lor Plaintiff. Jesse Taylor, • Attorney ad Litem. . 10118-25-11(1- HEALTH QUIZ '• Do you flaw poor digestion? DD s] Doiroii^ii'litiijluhy after eiting? Q Q ' ! Do you'itet'siiiir or upset easily? D D Do ywi fee! tired— listless? Baptism—At War's Door pliolo from' Kot far from this serene. scene Is'liie Pacific baltlefronl, blit each Sundny approximaiuly M li};iiUn;; men line) religion through, baptism in Ihis nionnliiin pool. Conduciin^ Hie rlu-s above is Chiipliiin Harold G. Sii'unders,tofuior pastor of Norwood Uaptisl Churi'li, UirinU)gli;im, Alii., nssisk'd \>y fur- ley Archer,.Lo.s Angeles Cousl Guardsuan, .Other eniulitlnlcs'stand liy ;il rlghl. EDSON IN WASHINGTON Will Migration Swing Vote? HV, PETER EDSON . Courier Ne\vs Wasbington Con cspomlcnl If the labor vote is going to cut any tec at all in mis coming election, one of the important factors may be the shifts of people who have jjonu from one state to another to hike war jobs .since the 1940 election. '. / U. S. Bureau of the Census, in making its estimates that the total number of potential voters In 194! will be SS.GOO.COD-^-an increase bf more lhan 8,000.000 over. 194(Hr£ame to'the statistical 'conclusion.lliat .it would be impossible to measure the effect of migration on this year's vote, for three reason. 1 ;: : . First, because pan of this inigra-' lion has been within the states and hot across s(nte lines; second,'because many of the : moves were too late to permit re-registration at ntjw addresses; third, because many of the migrating workers may vote by mail In the states and precincts of their 1040 residence. In' estimating the potential number of voters at 88,600,000 the Census Bureau was.not of course predicting how many of this number of voting age would actually register and vote, if the same percentage—. 62.4 per cent of the eligible voters. Do you fee! headachy and upset due to poorly digested food? To feel cheerful and happy again your food must be digested properly. Each day, Nature must produce about two pints of a vital digestive juice to help digest your food. If Nature fails, your food may remain undigested — leaving you headachy and irritable. Therefore, you must inciease the (low of this digestive juice. Carter's Little Liver rilla increase this flow quickly : — often in as little as 30 minutes. And, you're on the road to feeling heller. i Don't depend on artificial aids to Counteract indigestion— when Carter's Little Liver Fills aid digestion after Nature's own oriier. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills as directed. Get them at anv drugstore. Only 101 and 2o( > well as various stales. Their fig-, tires, however, have an incidental political interest :n showing where the migration of potential voters has been heaviest. Eighteen states have experienced n net gain :n pupu:ai:un duriiu! the war years, says Ihc BLS study as reported in the Monthly Labor He- vied', while 30 otiiles lind n loss. These figures are on total population, by the way, and not just uii adults of voting age. California has had Ihc biggest gain, l/JOO.GGC. If .California labpr tibes for Roosevelt, as is generally expected, that gain would give the Democrats an advantage. Washington, Ohio, and Michigan eacli gained more than a quarter ol a million, the movement • being largely in industrial workers nnd their families, thus throwing a potential labor vote advantage in states which both Democrats and Republicans have been claiming. SOMK GAINS MAKK NO DIFFERENCE—I1UT OTHERS MIGHT •* The states which show a net migration population gain between 100,000 and 250,000 are Connecticut 127,000; Florida 180,000. Maryland 235,000, New Jersey 184,000, Oregon 138,000,, Virginia 155.000; 'the sains In Florida,:Maryland and(jVirghua, The big net population losers through migration of |nb6r,ai'c: ' Alabama Hli.tjOO. Arkansas 225,000, Georgia IM.COO, ' Iowa '102,000, Kentucky 2G2.COO, Minnesota' 191,(.'00. Mississippi 13-1,000. Missouri 116,000. New York 122,000, North Cnrclliin 2U2,0(jO. North Dakota 10t\M)0, Oklahoma :f(B,000, Pcnn- i'ylviihiu' m.OCO, South Carolina 137.CCO, West Virginia 139,000, Wisconsin 102,000. . •'• ; In the southern stales mi out- iiiigrntlon woulfl not be expected to mnkc much difference in im election result. In the border .stales It would. In tli n northern states n loss ot industrial labor vole 1 would be expected to make the' state more Republican. The wliolt; probcjm makes a nice jigsaw political imip puzzle-', far yom next rniny e vening al'lioinc.'t Ho V-E Celebration All Business Ploccs Will Close 2 Hours; Churches To Be Open WILSON, Ark,. Ocl. IS -. Tlim- Wnsls of the city's rire siren .will hi'i'nlil news of victory In Kuriipe, nuiniiers o( « lonnnlllee iiiajdiiB nuns for (his cumnnmUv's ub.serv- nuce of V-IJ Di\y have aiinoilik'Cd. Thirty mlniiles later lo'e-iil ri'sldenls will fjntlior In llirt imljlle. square for n brief group celebrallon. laimedi- I'lely followliiK which all mv Invited lo ijo ui Ihe church of their choice for n service of Ihiinksjilvini;. •llii.s Is tin- ucnernl p|i\n to be followed If I lie news .should «>me ill (iny time other ilmn between ihc hours of 10 p. in. mid c a. in. Shpnld I lie victory news come alter 10 p '».. the vclobmllon will be held tin next mornlni; in, :) o'clock. ' All business house.s will be clbsec' for n two-hour period. The streets will lie drcoMiieil with llnus. 'nm I "oy Smuts will help In the dlrcc on of truffle, churches will In len for 'i\ liours for miy one who mils lo (!« lliciv for worship. Plans niul iiniuiKcnienls for, llu 'cut (ire under Ihe neiiernl dlrcc on of 12. Ci, Kucf/ell, Mrs. Join niX'Ks, Mrs. A. I,. Grt'cmvei; 'Wight Anderson, I). N.Morris, Ci '. I'fiu'iiell, cluirlle Clenlry, 0. I h'd anil A. J. Landrutii. likft; cuVslnR '(i blue ' slvcak, mi'J si'rcninlnx epithets tit Hitler,'; _' And the photographer ndcls, "Hec- —goes lo the palls ilii 1844 as „ _,.-... . • , . , 194C. (hen the total vole would be "<»™lly Democratic, would make 55,000,000, which would bo a record.. "° difference In (lie end result. The THE DOrESTEits AJtK question Is whether tins (jam is 'BUSY OAICULATING ' enough to swing the election in While Census Bureau makes no' Connecticut, New Jersey mid Ore- estimates of Ihe number of actual votes that will be cast in each state this .year, figures compiled by three Bureau of Labor Stalislics research, ers are being studied with considerable interest by political dope- sters. 'Die three Labor Department researchers — Emile Benolt-Snnillyan, Betllnn G. Conant and Maxine Anderson—were not primarily interested in voting strength. What they were after was a preliminary survey of postwar employment problems and economic impact of the end of UK war on the nation as The other side of the pollticiil strategy map is to sec what stales lost population, anil what effect that might, have on the election. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION ESTATE OF T. W. ESKHIDGi: DKCKASIil). . ' The iindersisjneil'ArtinlnlstrnlrlXjO: stilt! estate, appointed by the Probate Court of the.Chlekasinvba District ot Mississippi County, Arkim- sns, ' notifies nil,, persons ''having claims against' said.'.estate, • k> Mill them will) me. or the Clerk of salt Court, not later thnn Onb'yenr. frpn the date of the publication of this notice; [ailing so to do any claims will be denied. '• f •' | Cnrnle Eskridse,' |' Admlnlslra'trix. Viigll Greene, Attorney. • ^iij 1 ' ft f' " '- K' 10118*$ '25 Tcrminix BRUCETERAAJNIXCO. MKMI'illS SINCE 1027 Mrs. DALTON.C. FOWLSTON, B. A., M. S. M. ... ORGANIST and TEACHER of PIANO — ORGAN and VOICE . . Former New York'Organist and Teacher • For Appointment ' '••'.-'• .Write. Mrs. Fowlslon.: :. . 1101 Chickasawba .or Phone 2049 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are : al- uays fresh, and all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert leslgners help you with your, floral needs. <- • >•* . . •-; F.T.D. Berrlce •'-•••' We Deliver Anywhere "' '•• . 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) WUUams, owner ;• • ' Qlentoe Bldr. • GUMT suttaN SHCIW^ Benefit State Guard IP MAJQR * SIX SHOWS Locate^ 4crp$s From fi/yfftev/7/e Laundry '.V.::.:::. 1 --: 1 ;^.. / ':',-•. ,r :( f • | .^v *•••/) rt,'; l^r p i T )./,y,; r . c j f f,/.. r We Can Add Months To Tfic Life Of Our modern, equipment ,can Iniullc even your largest tires, K0[Kurs in lime will save you bolli dollars jinil work' <l;iys. Estimates, without obligation. - •• .. . GUARANTEED WORK — CE/UNG PRICES MODINGER-POEIZ TIRE CO. :. Hwy. pi North , Phone 2201 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL . PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. "Blytheville; Ark.- Phono 2911 FAR M LOANS Present Loans Refinance'd. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Sarvice" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 hotographer's atience Brings Reward At Last AACHEN, CIBnimny. Ocl. in. (UI -Aciut l>liotiigrni>hvr Burl IJrnni snows lh« innklnus of n good plc-Uii vlicn lit' .sees it. niul hu's t'ot Uic im iCIICO ll(!p(i«l It) !i|in|l Ollf. UuunU spied it bcgvlincil Nn bi; lyiiii! on tlir sooty slrctts ( \aclicn, !nu!-c<llL'iil Number VDC f( i;oo<l plclurc. 'i'lioii he saw BC\ rnl Ocmuui clvllliuib liiiiry(i UuiiB (lie sl(l(.'Wfilk, but they am ully sUlcslc|i])Ml the torii swnsllk lul Hnitidt dlfln't luire (o wntl loi before lie snw wliut lie lnul lio]>( 'or. '['wo Gpi'iiuin prisoners cnnio ixlpn muds lilch 111 nlr, nnd followed by i tloiiBliboy. They walked rtijiil over lie ling. That iniule a tiooil sb'ot, but there could be better, so Deri willed down for niiather wntl. Well, ils pntlence wns amply, rewnnlcd, Along came n MUle old German wu- innn carrylne two huge suitcases. "Slie stopped In front of Uio lln(-." snys Hrundt, "carefully laid the suitcases nsUlc. and then procccclcd to jump iip and aowiron the swas- K me (here Inking plcliircs, Ihe I lady polished oil' ll|e iierform- cc by spitting four times on the r/J ling. M'hen sh« stopped, calm- picked iip Ihe sullcrise, and Join- \T4nt Says Wages Should Rise Along With Production KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 18,— Eric Johnston, Hie president ot the United Slates .Chamber ol Commerce, fays lie bollcVea wades should use iiloim with production. And Johnston sees the )x>sslblllty Dial Ibu 40-lioiir work week evcii- )!i(«l)t be lowered. >tv <i The Chsmlicr ol Commerce president eays, In Jits opinion, industrial competition with other countries would not bo harmful to the United Stales. With, one exception, all, uoods bum better the older and drier they arc. Only (hci ash/makes bet- lei /lie! when fouui.ed, green THE CAR IS 1& BUT THE TIRES M4-F Be sure to get,both Tire * 1 * • " ' D-DAY IS HISTORY. A,»! v well he, by the lime yon rcail'dicsc* \vonls! Uiit as a recent ci!iiori;il in ihc Scptcmhcr'; issue of Collier's jKiiuis out: "If we, ilon't Iniby our cuts ami lircs "long as cutcfully us we can, the ominous face is lliat we call run ihti) 11 serimis .motor- iMiisport hre;il;ilown on ilie home front." The blnn't words of the wliiorial echo wlwt I'liijljjis unil its service suiion men have been suymg nioncli after month, beginning tven prior to Pearl Harbor.'— • •<•<•. • \Ve : ijuot'c! it bcciu'se soiile few motorists i|iay- have thought that our in.sisient einpliusi.; on lire mill car care was motivated by self-interest raitier th.m by our patriotic sense of duty. So again we say, in our country's imcicst and in your own, be frugal with your dwindling stock of tite and car miles. Visit your I'hillips 66 Service Station at least cincA n week for lire niul car-saving seryiccs^; ; >iv , _. , I;L . ^. Service " I'/iil/ijn 'i'ire Saving Stniie iiicltidcs checking-air pressures . . . inspecting for n.iil holes, cuts^ and bruises.. . examination of the tire carcass't'o'wiim 'you when re.c;i|>])ing is necessary i(nd still ()'oJsiblc . .. crisscrossing with the spare every 3,000 miles. 1'hi/lija Gir Suriii/; Smice includes inspection of 1'aticry, air filter, ami anti-fcccze protection ... regular lubrication of every friction point specified' by the maker of your ar. '•''• ••• l ' ; ...i With tires for A-card motorists not p'cb'niiscd'lic'- fore niid'19'15 ...'with cars wcafing out and disappcanng from the foad at thu rate of more tban 5,000 a'ilay '. . . yoil must' Gin forjjai'r car'.Ibr ytoir Cjiiuiirj/, to help prcvmcii crisis in domestic transportation,ifi,..^... Drive mat any Orange niul.lDlack '66Shield,the sign of famous'.Piiiljips C6 1 Gasoline aml'Fliillips'cfi Motor Oil, and'you will get the pjiriotic cooperation and aid of the Phillips (id Service Man in making 'ypur.cir- •and (ir'es go farther and last longer. •• ' >'•-' - v-v".;:; ••;?.£ ^.51,1- ' l'oi\ YOUR Coup'/ty FOR VICTORY;. For Your Convenience! SERVI on This new service will be avdiloble upon request oniy— Please do not ask-for 24 hour service except when necessary. Each garment in this rush service will receive the same careful.handling our customers expect from Hudson's IN ASKING FOR 24. HOUR SERVICE, PLEASE BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR CLEANING ON THE DATE AGREED UPON. HUDS Cleaner-^ Tailors-Clothier "Better Cleaning Costs No More"

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