The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX FflCE STUTlGflRI Li I lie Links Lady Al Leasl Eight, Likely Ten Bouts, On Legion Arena Program Tonight's torcl AU&S Jame.s. US poniid.s. vs. Hob- liie Hair. 115 pounds. Billie Price, 118. v.s. Harold Prior, ISO. Henry Mue.rv, 12C, vs. John Barrett, 120. .Sonny JJoyd, 123, vs. Jack Apple- uy. 130. Aaron Byrd, 147. vs. Gerald Craig. )50. George Pniilt, 165, vs. Curl Smith 111 Horace Wnlter.s. M5, vs. Jimmy Selierm, HO. Starling Young. IS3, v.s. Bobble Williams, ISO. hY J. K FRIEND Tlirtf: of lhe local amateur boxers who K'on novk'R cliamiiioiishlps In Die Mld-Soiilli Ooldeii Gloves tournament at Memphis will appear 011 a boxing card Jiere tonight nl tlie legion arena when the Chtck- asaw Athletic club team clashes witli a similar group represc-jilins the Stuttgart Boys Club. Aaron Byrd, hard hittlni; welterweight, will face Gerald Craig, one of the best boys on Billy Slscoe's team, and Atlas James, the Holland, Mo., mite mixes punches with Bob Hair in tlie flyweight division. Hugh Harbert, who copped the middleweight crown, has not sufficiently recovered from a rccenl illness lo coinpele, Dircclor Joe Craig was advised by his physician, but Craig hope.s lo have him avail- able'by March 4 when he takes his youngsters to North Little Hock for 11 team match. While the appearance of the champions—their first since winning their lilies—no tloubt will hold lite center ol attraction, there Is every possibility that the heavyweight match between Blylhcville's Starling young and Harry Williams will steal lhe action spotlight. Since lUs second round knockout by tlie jonesboro star, Kermlt uhea, young has developed rapidly under the careful lulclagc of Craig. In order to take advantage of his great height and because of n .natural Inclination, Joe is teaching Young lo fight, a la the late William Stribling. Standing well on his toes, Young keeps his left hand perfectly rigid and does his damage from Uiat pose. An adept pupil. Starling caught on quickly and Is handling hilli.wlT like a veteran. Yeslerdny ugainst a lighter opponent—a mld- dleweiglil^-atarllng rocked him with solid left jabs nm) hooks and terrific right hand punches until Craig called a halt. Finding someone to mix It with him is going^ lo tie Craig's biggest trouble from now on as he has no one \vho is capable of standing up under his power. The Chickasaw coach is seeking a big. negro to acl as a human punching bag. Another youngster who is developing fast is Henry Mucry. 126 iwiinder. Henry scored a knockoul In ;ihc Jonesboro match and It served ns a good. tonic. He Iras worked hard, and is fast becoming a. left hook artist. His greatest tendency is too much hooking ' with the left and not enough throwing of his right. Henry and John Prioi are staled for action. ' Horace Waller, the novice middleweight who was impressive with a knockout, in his first try with the gloves, is another boy -who is Improving and should take care ol himself. He Is a natural clouter. He Is booked with Jimmy Sclicrm. Sonny IJoyd, the team's hard hid fighter, has not been able to do any ring work because of basketball, bul Craig expects him to be all right for his match with Charles Appleby. Lloyd has fought three times but has been awarded but one decision. Capable ring observers were of the verdict in his encounter -with John Shelby of Memphis. Sonny is colorful. His weaving and bobbing style catches the fancy of the fans. Few gave George Pruilt, 155 pounder, much of a tumble when tile first call was issued six weeks ago. Quiet and unassuming, George went about his business with little (o say. He was beaten in the eliminations but continued to come out. Now he is classed as one of the most dependable members ol the team. He is a good defensive boxer and as soon as he learns to punch will give most amateurs some trouble. Carl Smilh Is scheduled with him. Opponents for two skeeterwelghts. Chester Newton and "Wild Bill" Newton will be secured to round out the program. . The first bout is scheduled for S p.m. The Dope Bucket Ky I'. Friend (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SI BE EfED f!< FRIDAY, FF.BRUARY 25, I'm ifOI'GFUL -Tlita* ur<.- B0ln« to (/• ;H trust tv, - o dih'iippoitil^d K"y*' it SUii'Mnfc Young dof-Mt'l come Beat Luxora This And Will Play Wilson Quo! J'onifjil HIS ll.c vlllc's (;hii'kii;.:('A-.s. «w<n.'i>- i[; lliruiiislj tin- si 1 ! ami round v.ilfi a * u> 30 victory over liie LUKura i|iilnlct. niter ;i iin.t rinind H'UJ mew till' WII.WM! Hll!M<;| i' M'llli-luial Burnt- o! I hi: h<; .'Pile only </nc fight In v.'lilcli Was HalK'lll'd Illitll'l tllllll 11 Its- I luiiranl. h:iuib;ij^m' p Youni; vlot-si look ^n-iii, ici v.'OJl'.Gtils . . . He I Mauds six IVfl Ihll-f ilKillt'.s llj] in I Ihl' ull 1 and llus wullop ol :L I l.-irk Chrislinaii Stole <J7 In 50'Allempts fn Texas Ultle Cynthia Coolidge is nil «t- tention oa she gets her first golf lesson from Joe Turnesa at the Jungle Country Club, St. Petersburg, Fla. Miss Cynlhla is the granddaughter of Ihe late J'rcsl- denl and of John H. Trumbull, tx-governor of Connecticut. i.f UK lj».ski IbiiU lonrjmnjwil "at fjjiuiv- noc iciiooi, Joiner, lonlKht. j In llu: ultii-r semi-llnnl KHIIIC of i I llllllc 111 I'lllMT li:ill(l . . , He- Iriuiicil MI fast :>!»<:(! Kcrnill llliea is 1 ! 1 him thf .•Jirpliiij -|Xjwdu' that Ilk hoys' division Miinllii-Kclsr-r winne mid Ih ofj it .. s „ ,jijf(rr-iit .'.lory now Die .same klcl lit; didn't know his right then, but His will i-lnsli iii iinolhr-r si-ml-llim) i "iiin<; tojjluhl with Hit (,(|jcj MVIII- i linul name in tlie girls' illvlslon lo tic iiluycd toinorniw innriiliiK. Th, (mills will lie phu-i'.l Kutimluy iiijjlit. Hun Wiininxlon lid his (eam- nmli-s In udorv c.vcr Liixorn bin It Wii.s Hicks, stellm- Luxorii tor- «'jir<l. who -.von high .M-orinE liou- or.s with n potnl.s. Mhi 1 ciilcks breezed out in front IU to 4 lit tin; end ijf (he Ursl unurler. Al the h»!l ihov were iiht-iid 32 to 111 uncl nt Uio end Dl I liu third ijimclf.i. -H lo 22. Couch Juu Dilily jerked his vur- s-lly :>( (hut point uncl inserted Ills second tcnm UK i ooponcnt, ruled Dint In i- couldn't 1 ..iil lo )mnn i till' f.lH')llll.'klll lilt: joni-.s'joro l; ™V I( up lit.s . lo U . M I '""'« te( '» gloves ftftr-r Hayti and Cootei- Opponents In Pemiscot I' inais Tomglit . . . H only Hindu him mud . . . Ko mad tlliit ),..< v,,,,,Hl to know what It «'as all ub«, U i . . . Billy Hiscoe. lhe Sluu- 6 a,t «i 01l ch ruto W.lllhms ,,s "hilr" «,»! that IlkHy moans lhal ),<• will serv, us :, ,001 lest or th« : loca boy . . H J!l' 1',-U'J, |)l X I'nlti-il l'1-o..s SUII C.'viriTsiiuiiijriil S'!'. LOUIS ilJI'i -Baseball i/ l.:rls litre Iciuk to ,M;ir!< fjJiriMinan ^-vciir-oKI Uiird Ijiiswiiun who will pl.iy his (li'sl year in the imiiur!, ni-xt si'iison with the DH roll 'riu/is . ID ,'ihc'.v Ills heels lo ollir-r I>W! stcalrrs in Hie Ameit.::m |,(. ; ,^uc Chrislnian. whu Itarncd lusi-bil) on Ihe St. I.onls siiiullots. stoli- -17 ta.w-s in. 50 attci>i|jt.s lust M-K.-O i with the Beaumont KxjjiirU-if, l-i lead Hie Texas ix-a^ue In Umi, u,- p.'iru/iciit. Kxccpt for mi nntjry ^>liif-, In- explained, it would tmvir bren <IB Hill 111 SO. Till' incident UMUnlxl wht-ii lie tried to su-i.1 second IBISI-. "I '.viis sun: I WHS out," Clnist- man said, "and li-Jod lo kick th<ball out of tliu Mcond busc-muu's hand. later tin; umpire? told me I'd have- been safe If j hadn't lifted to!; to kk-k at th'j Looking Pretty Pern:, l.c.ok li u .ut'i .i lull i,' l-'n, - game. Dyess, ptirtlclpaling In Us toiii-nanicnl, won il.s oprnhiK in llnl.shed joe Dilcly iiiuiouncv'd yeslerday Hint aiTiiiii'ements hnd been nuido UHIO in i uiiceineiiis nun uecn liuulc ' ^^i-^tis^ i nrsl for the three rolls of film, action . of ' cn ' Then, too. we had some slid' pictures of lh(.' entire game, nml! .'"8 practice last s|irln g and I I ; CARUTHEKSVlbLE. Mi>., Fel>, »' ">e most exciting game lust Cnvnthci'svlllc boys Jl| Sht. Luxorn eked out un la to 17 triumj/li over Loncliville In tin- ollier sjnme. Rninsny of Osccolu was onl- holli tirls and hoys ilivlslon s ; woTiid"he"showii ai'i'hc hlgirschooi Wowah boys, « to 18, , U KiiiorUiin ... It is p»rt of Hie i tilc progrnni .sponsored by the Chickn- snw Atlilelli; Clul),' mid Uio proceeds from lhe small admission price will go Into the cliilj coffers. DEMAND — The local amntcnr boxers are in great clemnnd Invitiilfoiis for appearances hnve and the lilownli girls. '27 to Both Dyrss loams wi're ellmlnnl- cil this iiiornljit'. Wilson beating lhe boys, 21 lo 22 in an warn pe viod game, mid Wilson benl- Ing lhe Dyess ylrk. 24 lo 8. Sliawncr! hoys overcame u yood lead to defeat Osccohi. 27 to 'J3 25- Hnyll ami _ ................. ._,-. and Decriug ami Cooler e'l'is will meet here tonight, in tlie finuls of le I'emiscol county linskelball From Ice to Bik« PHILADELPHIA. —Murray Patrick, son of Ranger Coach Lester Patrick, and member of the Phil adelphla Ramblers, will continue with stxday bike racing when the hockey season is over. J Courier News \Vant Adi. GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Earl E *»rk*r, Prep. JUnd «c Ptttrio Mtnlcarlnt irnamcnt with Caruthersviltu uiul fling slight favorites to annex iu tourney titles on llic basis of re-tourney pins'. The' girls' championship game '111 get underway at 7:30. o'clock, ollowccl by the boys chnmplon- hip game. Iiayll's toys advanced to the liuils by ucallng Sleele, 33 to 21, iiid Cnrnlhersvllle by Inking Hol- rtiid, 27 to H iu the semi-finals luyed before a packed house last Dccrhig's girls won their Mini- mi game from Caruthcrsvllle's iris, 29 lo 21, in lust night's op- j ner, while llic Cooler girls ensily ' Unlimited Stctle, 40 to '22. Triiinor paced the Iliiyli boys victory with 12 points while li'Etcr made eight for Stcele. itnrphy, of Canilhersville, made 0 points to capture high scoring louors in the other boys' game isl. night while Ellis and Bunch lade four each for Holland. Ilayli ccl at lhe halfway mark, U to 7 iiid wns never in serious (longer. Jnruthersvillc Jumped olf to a first mirier leacfand increased it after close first half, the Holland quint ehig but two points behind at the alf. Pixte accounted for :!4 of Dccriiig's ) points the Caruthcrs- Ille girls, with Downing of the alter team making 12 points. \Iichle made 22 points lor the looter girls and Carman 19 lor Sleelei Records of the Pemiscot county age league, which have no bcar- ng on the tourney except ns iv basts for. possible forecasts, show hat the Dccrlng girls hnve twice jelcatcd Cooler and that the Cnr- alhersvillc boys have beaten Ilayli l .slniullng In the Thursday 1 night piiiucs, scorinii iu liolnls In a losing role. Uixorn's girls Hashed form in beating Lenchvillo. 32 to n. 7n games this afternoon Manila girls mul boys mel KfLscr Blrls iiiul boys and Dell boys clnsli wllh Slmwnec boys. •xiys in hvo pre-loinney BIIIIH-S. Leaclinp; Pro Ground Gainer Goes To Columbm University That Chip Again BOSTON.—James Lightboity. Jr., Harvard's star quarter-inner, is ~ -~ ,»»„ tu ,, t -,, m jvaiinaiitin :r.e son of the former lluce-time i Little immediately thought of lliu- Hy NE.\ Service NEW YORK, Feb.—Cliff nattier, Is a pleasant blond young man who doesn't look tough enough to have been lhe lending ground-gainer of the National League ol Professional Football Clubs. Unities was liked by everyone who went lo school with him al West Virginia Wcsleyan. or who plu.ved profc«ional football with him in Uoston and Washington. He should make a fine uackfield coach for Columbia University— if ho can coach. Battles is starling from scratch in hl.s new profession. At the conclusion of a brilliant under graduate career he went directly into professional football, and "staved in it. Lou Little, the Columbia maestro, some yon re ago put Battlu- down as a back far above the pro fossiounl average of play, also ns made a mistake. When Herb Kopf left Columbia lo be head coach of Manhattan ,., L. .,„ .„. t ,,, : IUV.HI jisive been sal sliDiild be a corking I my f 00 t O if the aeon Hum ... | tan... I'lCTUKI-.s — Tliosc of ns who i Clirlstman said have not Ijfri-n fortunate enough to witness u Rose Howl game will hnve the opportunity Monthly nlfht --nn the silver screen lie I'ould not »!•count for Uio fact lit- stole onlv 12 buses in la.'IG against the .n 'last year. "1 guess I watched the [liluheu; more closely," he said. "Hut maybe it was because I was on base inon learned to slide on both" sides of , which mighl have helped some," Clirlstman began his professional baseball career in l93^ with tin; Ali-vnndria, Va.. club of the Hvan- geline League. He played shortstop that season, batted .257 and fielded In 1935 he played with the lien; del-son, Ky,. club of the West Dixie League and most of the time ;-oi-- crcil third base. He raised his bat- ling average to .284 and his fielding to .SHU, while stealing 10 bases. The following year he was sent lo Beaumont, ivliere an itifi-etcxi toe hampered him. IIP played in 125 Barnes, however, bul he hit only .251 and fielded .S4S. while his stolen bases record slumped to 12. He recovered last season and batted .291. ills fielding average wn.s .sernml highest in the Texas League. Doctor, 80, Stilt Practices HUBBAHD. O. iUP>—Dr. Wilson i H. Button has rounded out 53 year can't gel »rumul us easy now as I the old horse and buggy did in days." been received from cities as fav west us Clarksvllle in the Quirks . . . Others include Unuxlle, North Little Rock. LHLIti Rock. Pine Bluff, as well as nearby places . . . So It looks like a busv .season for the blflcrs ... AHEAD — C. O. Rodmtin, who played a leading role In securing the WP/Y approval for the erection if the stadium and gymnasium at Haley Field, said last night nl the monthly meeting of the Chickasaw A. C. that the workers arc at least n month nl:cacl of schedule nud, barring extremely bad weather— litllc short of a cyclone—would easily be ready by fall . . . Blue,,, mllluu lms ,.<,„„.,«,„ OIU M i,L nrndn 1 " nW , Eymna ™ mT , ar ? bc -i»* <> practicing phy.idan in Htili- lig male now . . . Mr. Redman Bart and siirroniidln- countryside alto s«Id Hint workers must get, On his UOlli birllulav. he sale! "I busy on the lioud pledges and col-. lections as funds would bo needed' Immediately . . . They were already nhead on material purchases and must be paid for right nway. ENCOURAGING — The veil of myslery which has .shrouded the reserve list, of the Blytheville Olnnts for 1838 was partially lifted with yesterday's mail ... A Ictler from Frank Mancuso included the .statement that lie (Prank) had received a letter from Hal Gruber, the colorful little second Backer who wn.s head mid shoulders ahead of lhe Northeast Arkansas pack in fielding, slating the New York Olnnls hnd ordered him lo report to Port Smith training grounds along with the other farm hands ... So. It looks as If we do have a good chance lo lan:l Cue diminutive Jewish lad ... if we do, 1 for one "won't be mad at nobody" . . . "WILD BILL"— The Ulytheville Chicks chances lo cul n wide sn-alli in county and districl circles received n hypo today when "Wild Bill" Godwin reported for duty . . Big Chief Dlldy. however, said he did not plan lo use the Mar center ; VVAHNIN'C OltDKlt Chan. No. (!02'( I . !di.),-:inl J. II. Uiiv.'.'iOii; Mmy K. l);i'V.'on :uni Mildred Cndd me iwunu'd to appi'iir In the chancery I Com-i lur thi> Chiekasriwlju Uis! irlct uf Mississippi County. Ark! i.iisas, within thirty days from ; U;i.s <late. i.nd umwer :i complaint j lilrd against Hiem iliereln by Home j Gwuris' Ixjiui Coi-]x>rallon. Diiir-ii Diis IS ilay of February ;,!m. I liAHVEY MORRIS. Clerk. I By n.'llznbc?t!i Blylhe, u. u. l Ueul :uid Evrard, i AlKirneys for Plnintlfr. 19-2fi-5-i'j A miraculous escape from .-serious Injury occurred when an ail-plan the tip of whose lail is seen protruding from the roof ol the home! in the photo above, plummeted down on this rcnnnapolis. N. c. home recently. Six people in the house and four pnssor-Kcrs in the plane escaped with minor hurts. (Illicit Marriage BUFFALO. N. Y. Lasts Lou-j (UP)—Mnrric — x*» . , ...jx_/, IT . i . * vjr-/—ivi.u l lyij i after a Hires-day acquaintance. Mi- anil Mrs. Gottfried Allinx celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. The hnd only three dntes, and were married the fourth time they s;iw each oilier. I'licn?aiit Darkens Town HAMILTON, Out. I UP) — /V pheasant interrupted the Sunday evening meal of suburban Brough- clale residents. The bird struck a power line about 5:M P. M. one nlRlil. and the resiiltini! short circuit, plunged Brouglulale homes in darkness. The first motorcycle speed record WHS established in 1!)0'2 by Albert Champion, tie rode the machine one mile in one minute ten and two-fifih.s seconds. and chief point maker . "unless I have to" . . . Bill hail been in bed all week with the flu Oiline Cocks to Hawaii OALHART. lOP)—Bog Haggev- lon, Dalhart bootmaker, has sold 120 game cocks to Y. H. Cliliig, game bird fancier of Kalahoe. Kauni. Hawaii. Hnggerlon, who raises the nghlint; chickens as a liubby. expects to send ut least 200 cocks to the island during 1938, in all branches! one who never j Dof Savrs Hide. Loses Tail MINTO. Australia (UP) — p.iirly expert timing by a do* here saved Its hide but not its lail. It leaped trom ;i railroad Irack just in time. Ji then dashed madly on for un- ctlier 260 yards without a whimper before it discovered its lo.-is. Tlie dag then liowlvd miserably. Gicelings 23 Years Lale VIENNA (Ui'l—A'birthday greetings card posted 23 years ago at I'ressbura. -10 miles from here, Jia.s just been received in Vienna by the so:i of lhe Intended recipient. The original addressee is dead. Old lirllisli Soldier does Home KARACHI. India lUl'i—Private "Nobby" EspHn. O f the 1st Battalion. Royal West Kent Regiment, who Is icliiiniii., ( 0 England from India for the first lime since 1001. has had 3G years service and is probably Hie private with the longest service in the British Army Ifaikloiies I snoic and ice. WS! MUSIC! AS YOU DRIVK! The Will ICnnJtlf You lo l.islen lo Your •AVOKITI; i k uo<;itA While You Drive! LOW COST! INSTALLED IN YOUK CAR For Only $41 EASY TERMS Olympic champion. Tn New Hole CHAMPAIGN, III. - Lou Boucl- :eau. suspended Illinois basketball :aplaln, broadcast the first half of he mini's game with Ohio Stale. Gels His Men, Too DETROIT—Billy Doyle, veteran Detroit baseball scout, estimates :hat throughout, a 28->'ear period >f talent hunting, he hns covered more than 700,000 miles. ties, and soon after got into controversial communication nidi Cicorgc Preslon Murshnll. owner of the champion Washington Ucd- skius, who naturally did not to lose the great back. Little expects Battles to teach by demonstration ns Kopi did. Many ttne players have lacked the ability to coach, but Little feels sure of Battles. Santa's Helper COLUMBUS, O.—Hal J. Wcafer, lewly-appolntcd American Association umpire, is engaged in the ihristraas tree business during th off-season. In England, broken bones cost more than 520,000,000 in compensations and $35,000,000 in wages annually. Music Helps NEW YORK. — Earle Meadows. Southern California- pole-vaulting' star, says It helps his rhythm a lot 011 Ihe takeoff when the band strikes up just as he has to vault. A I.ol of Ground I COPENHAGEN, — E u v o p e a n snlmmlug- exports claim Haguhild Hvcger, 17-year-old Danish girl, will be the greatest woman swimmer of nil time within two or three years. []/ ABOUT THESE WSTCR-ROIUN6 \\ L NEATER "MAKIN'S" SMOKES ? 6£T7H£ 'AMKWF70MCCO PRINCE ALBER THE NATIONAL 1OY SMOKE of Tastiness that make our recipe so elegant! Our grandpa was .1 cli s . tiller migbtywclltlioujhi of In his day. And so \vis PnWilken. That's howwc piled up all ihis experi- ence hi making whiskey tastier than anything you ever look a try of up to now. Harry E. Wilken I SPKHKLE CHAD- COAL FROM H*HD» BUG ONTO CBUMP1. EO PAPER-IGKITL AOO FUEL- NO DINCtB OrSMOTHEKSK THE CHARCOAL CLEAN • CONVENIENT - - - Itie. IkeAe 'liitee. £>uut<&i Red Seal-Royal Oak Wrigley Vcm cm always slart a furnace fire, lhe fiul time-,by-using Oakllanivwd Charcoal! I'SK Oak /(nrdiroorf Charcoal. Banish llic trouble, somfhuni lorltlatltng wood, danger of hrulj. cd tinkers and splinters. Jl'ST crumple some paper in furnace, sprin- He a double handful of Charcoal from the hand) paper rag, IGNITE, It Burns quickly with stead). Intense heal. Add FucL Chateoal will nol Smoihjr. Oak l/ardicaati Chamal Is man, economical, easy to obtain. to* MRERACE5 - FURNACES . STOVES OTHER USES: HEAT or HOT WATER BOILING or IRONING CAMPING 'PICNICS CANNING PRESERVING FEEDING HOGS SOLD AT YOUR NEAREST STORE" ox s nut mscfpoo CH,<K<KJ co. simems. /-f.v.v. rutu;,-

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