The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , / VOL. X.XXIIT—NO. 47 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKXtil AHKANSAS AND UOUTI1BASV MISSOURI Bljth«rtllt Courier Blylhcvllle D*lly Ntw§ Blytoevllle H«r«ld HLYTJ1IOV1LLIC, AllpXSAS, MONDAY. MAY 11, 1030 SINGLE COPIB9 FIVE CENTS WALKS Charles York. 23, In Critical Condition;. B. A. Forrest, 40, Hurt Charles York, 23. suffered injuries which may prove fatal and H. A. Forrest, 40, was badly hurt when their car left. Highway 61 just east of Holland' and crashed Into a concrete culvert. The accident happened at abotil 1 o'clock tills morning. York, until a few months ago a resident of steclc, is manager of a service station at Dyersburg, TCHII.. where Forrest is also cm- Ployed. Condition Is Grave Tile condition of York is regarded as extremely serious by physicians at the Dlylheville hospital where both men were wrought after a passing motorist summoned n Cool) ambulance from this city. York has a frac- tnrcd Jaw. crushed chest on Ihe right side, fractured left arm, rcvcrcly lacerated knee and numerous minor cuts and bruises and is suffering from shock. He lias been unconscious since lie was first discovered cf Ihe car. Forrest, bookkeeper in (he wreckage for the Johnson-Jones Motor company at Dyei-sbing, by which York was also employed, has a fractured light shoulder and serious internal injuries. He, is conscious but his remembrance of the accident i» slight. York and Forrest had been spending the week end in Stecle with York's sister, Mrs. Newberry Johnson. They were returning lo Steclc from Blylheville when.the accident occurred. - —^ --cfe irits"'Cuhcrt " Forrest, driving the, apparently became confused a the intersection of Highway fit with a road leading from ~ Holland to Cooler, near the new Barry home, cast of Holland, and drove the car off. the pavement and into the concrete culvert of the road to Cooler. Passing motorists, including friends of York, who did not recognize him because of his mangled features, extricated the men from Hie wreckage of the car and had them rushed to Ihe hospital here. The car, a new Ford coupe, driven less than 500 miles, was demolished, York is well known at St«ele. He is the only son of William York, former publisher of a newspaper at Stcele, who now lives at Punta Oorda. Fla. He lived wilh his sister, Mrs. Johnson, at Stcele, '1 six months ago when he -lot Springs Man Slain By Mississippi Robbers OULFl'oriT, Miss., May 11 (UP> —Frank L. liima, 31, of Hotj Springs, Ark., who wns shot when he resisted highwaymen, died in a hospital here lust night. , Klma told 'officers he went to .sleep after parking .Ms car alongside the road north o( here Saturday night and was nwakencd by an aged white mini and a ne^ro. They tried to rob him. _Kimi\ slict at the men bi-t they returned the fire, wounding him, and escaped. Skyscvapcrs BI ink. G reeling.;!' F LEAGUE MEETING ) I lindenbiir«r Bandits 1 Take $J2 ; From Slate Line Attendant Early Today The risk Service station; on Highway 01, n short distance above the Arkansas-Missouri slate lino, was held up for the third time within two weeks shortly after last midnight. About $12 in cash was taken by two unmasked bandits who forced Olho Stnnficld, Icnc at- lendanl, to accompany llicm norlh on Ihe highway for a short distance in their car before releasing lilni. Stnnflelil memorized the license number of the car used by the bandits. The number was that of the ear of Tirad Nichols, salesman for uuddleston and Company, local wholesale grocery firm, which was stolen here Saturday night. The Flsk station was robbed early last Wednesday morning. Stanficld was en duty, on Ihat occasion .when one man walked into the station and took $20 fiom jliim al the point of a gun, About t\.o weeks f ago . while -Dan- Cope,- another attendant, was on,duty, about ?20 was laken in another midnight robbery by two bandits. Two men, identified by Cope as the men who held him up at tliaL time, are now in jail at Caruthcrsville awaiting trial.. I'ark Commission May Not Use $5,000 of Fish and Game Money LITTLE KOCK, May 11'(UP)— Decisions.. handed down by (he i.iiui f>i\ monies ago wnen uci — " "--• . "•*•-•• "j «nv became manager of the Uycrsbmg! ato sl| P 1 ' crae court lorta y held service station. He was formerly . " w 8™cral assembly erred frly a linotype operator for the Stcele Enterprise. He is a brother of Mra. Willie Frazier, of Hcrmomlale. Futrell Orders Probe' in the transfer of the state fish and mission and reversed the dccis- funds game from coni- Inn of a lower court which had held Mint gasoline sold at Omaha, Ark., was not subject to the fiili . slate tax. of Lynching at LepantO Tile - MS" tribunal also granted 0 n writ of prohibition against Pulaskl county chancery court lo LITTLE ROCK.— Governor Futrell has .notified the Arkansas Council, Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching, that he lias ordered an Investigation by state rangers of the lynching of Willie Kees, nc- Ero, at Lepanlo, April 23. The governor made public the following letter addressed lo Sup- prevent slopping foreclosure mortgaged lands by the receiver of a defunct bank. Constitution Bare Diversion The sidt to prevent the trans- Tor of $5,CTO from the state lish and game commission lunds to the credit of the slate park c.oni- mission was brought by Dr. YV. i\ o u-,,, ... .. • - - ••- -• crintendcnt Gray Albright of the Sn " lh as " . tax P a > P(!r to '<*l the ' validit of certain oints of . rangers ' i validity of certain points of Aci „. ' .. ,., , . , i 15-1 of the general assembly of I would like for you lo make j 1935 a careful' investigation of -this ' y ° ' " nd '"" This awc-inspirmi. spectacle, the giant Zeppelin flyliij high through Ihe mornin- mist over New York City, thrilled early risers in Manhattan niul brought a tUiiulcrous din of salutes" from hun drotls of vessels honoring the successft I inauguration of. commevcli! air travel across Ihe .until Al 1*1 ill in JlTii, I., ,1 lij,l,l~ 1,11,^1.^.1 r .. I !.. . . .. . . ., ' * Lu ' 1 vl ' /u ~ lantio. Myriad lights blinked from lowering .skyscrapers as the shai!ov;y fonu of Ihe Kepprtln stole 'icrc- (lie scene. Here the Himlenbuivj is pictuied lloatlng over the Waldorr »nil UCA buildings just'as dawn' v.'.is lighting Ihe .sky. ; ' ' . nfl BILL M IB 37 Measure P v o v i tl c s (or Prevailing \Vaws" On \VPA Projccls WASHINGTON, May 11 (UPI- •rhe house today cleared Its cal- 1'Yazier-Lcmke Measure Is Up For Consideration WASHINGTON, May II (UP) — Overriding powerful administration imwsiirv Kriuler-Lemki! foro- es won n double lodiiy in (heir drive to bring Ihc $3.000,000,000 I'Vac-liM'-Li'inkc farm tnilallon measure up for .floor conslileviillon, AUhoiiuh defi'alcd twlfio lodny administration leaders were confident they could beat thu farm Inflation bloc on tho Ihuil i|iies- llon of passage of the fur reach- Ing Inllatlon proposal, Jiy Its notion today the house broke a year's deadlock on tho Fmi'.lcr-Lomke bill nnd provided REFUSES TO SII • OEM' endar of sweeping major "iiu'si" bills to (piick pussnui; the question be for tlcbate tomorrow. up PUHPPC umiHUL League Pledges Labor Support {or . President Will Be Arraigned This , Week,pit Ml5 Truck . Terminal. "Robbery" A formal charge ot grand larceny has been filed in municipal court against Harry Jones, night man at Ihe Bryant-Silvor Fleet Truck lines terminal here, who allegedly look $i!5.25 from Ihe terminal office safe about midnight, Thursday.' Jones slicks to his story that he was held up: and forced to lie I down in the freight room of the lorminal while, (he safe was robbed, despite the finding of S-iCG.iO of the money under a loading platform • at (he terminal Saturday. Preliminary hearing lias been tentatively set for Wednesday morning. Punishment for Brand larceny is from two lo seven years imprisonment. „.Police jailed Jones Friday'after- noon when th-y became". iaspic- ious after finding flaws In his story of 'a bold holdup', alleijertly perpetrated while the 12:52 Frisco passenger.' train, from Memphis lo St. Louis, was stopped on the rrisco (racks a short distance away. He said a lone gunman WASHINGTON, May II (UP)— iiejiresenlalives of 1 the'newly formed Labor Noupartisan league formally advised President Roosevelt today that labor organizations had milled in a campaign for his reelection, j i -Ma). Ucorge L. Berry, liie' riresl-' dent's industrial co-ordlnalor, and , L. Lewis, - president of (lie John United Mine Workers . , said after a conference wllh tlie president tlmt the "sole objective" of Ihe league is lo re-elect President Roosevelt. Stun Is and Races Will Be, .-Among- Atlractions at Local Airport : Plans for 'n Memorial Day aerial exhibition and meet at llio niytheville airport were .announced today by Edrtlc 13. David, chairman of committee'. the city's nil-port ,Tiio niccL will be a two-day affair, .Saturday and Sunday, May 30, 31. Owners of is planes from Pine Bluff, PnragouU, Poplar Uluff, Cape GlrardCnu iind oilier cities have already sent In their signed entries and many other I aviators are expected lo attend the meet. enlered oflice, covered him Sees C o m m n n i s in as Threat to Religious and Human Civilization VATICAN CITY, May 11 <UP>Pope Pius todrty attacked Communism as a "common cm-my" that has already damaged family life. Addressing Hungarian nileriii-s esccrted to the vl.lcan b Car- ,""1°™, " ms " nB ' «'« iliual Seredl, primate of Hvn-ary < \ <taby ' , , • the pontiff said: • Arrangements havi work rellef-deilelency measure-. The vole was M lo ;ri, •Tho bill now goes to the senate, where, with the $B03.0CO,000 administration tax bill, It-stands (is (he principal obstacle lo speedy conclusion of the congressional xessloii. • f > ' •The .work iellcf-dofldency bill, carrying $l,^r>,000,000 for cimlln- uiuici) of Wl'A Adnilulslralor! Harry U Hopkins' lljjhl WPA work program, was passed by the' house without substantial, change from (he administration's' request. lli'vnll Kails A revolt by representatives seeking In conllni!" Ihe PWA program of PWA Admlnlslrntor Harold L Icke.s was benteu down, '('he light may be renewed hi Ihe senate where It might delay senale passage of Ihc, hill. Passage came today after the large Democratic majority' defeated a Hepubllcan move to force states lo provide a 25 per cent share of relief granls and for aduihil.strallou of Ihe fund by hpn-parllsan local boards. The mclloii was detailed, ami. to DO. Few changes were tirade by the house hi Ihe huge measure—second only, lii last yew's -KUWMO- 000 work relic! Wll "In total ever oarrbd by a peace time supply bill. ; ... .' , Provides Prevailing \yagcs ; One of tlie:ic. cluuiges .provides for jmymciil' of prevolllnii on WPA ]irojccts—a rcniifrcmenl not. provided last year despite u bitter congressional fight and Ihe source: of .considerable labor resentment. ; Another, reduced the administration 'request for , n $1,500,000,000 WPA fund by $75,000,000. The $75,000,000 was added to the Civil- Ian Conservation Corps appropriation lo allow continuance of the CCC at u strength of 350,0(!0 members. President Kcoscvctt and Works Progress Administrator Hopkins, it was learned today, approved the house prevailing wage There will be airplanes of every amendment to the $l,-125,OOf)OQO size and description, ranging from I work relief appropriation , before n 37-horsepower Taylor cub to a I It was adopted. 7CO-lior.scpower tri-motor Stinson. ! TIicv agreed Among Ihc fcalure attraction., lo be offered on the two-day program will be races over five and ten mile triangular courses, stunt- Ing, spot -landing contests, bomb- Ing contests, maneuvers, formation flying, serpentine cutting, balloon bursting, and an "Ethlop- with a gun and forced him into the freight room where he wr.s forced to lie down while others robbed Ihe safe. He said he was' then forced lo drive Ihe gunman north out of (own in a terminal pick-up truck after Ihe safe robbers had disappeared. The -first Haw in his story developed. Police Chief red nice said. when which Jones' 45 calibre pistol, he had told officers was taken by the robbers, was found hidden in Ihe freight room of th r terminal. A lower - court hel(1 t| t u o ,H ,?' " nd , '"" " inds colll<1 te transferred. Tit- who did It. If the evidence I s ,,, )rcm e court held lhat the act nl thojlzil>3 Mle lransfcl . ot . . * .. . . . points out Ihe guilty parties tl should be fore the grand jury of Polnsclt county." Closing Slock Prices A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric GenciTil. Motors Intel-national Harvester McKesson-Kobbins Montgomery Ward New York Cenlral Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co U S Smcllinp; 90 U S Steel 55 was Indefinite, and uncertain and that such a transfer would be New York Cotton NEW YORK. May II (UP) — Cotton closed steady. A common enemy threatens everyone and everything tr>:1;iy. It has already damaged family 'life." Churrlimen considered (lie pap? 1 * remarks as his strongest recent denunciation of communistic propaganda. "By the common enemy \vp mean Communism, which is spreading through deceit and imposture." ilia pontilf said. "Many are still blind to its si'ares. Before this immense peril mankind is neglecting to do its outy. All should help dcfrml the not only of religion but of human civilization itself." The po|is urged the pilgrims lo pray for "better days ami liberation from the communistic menace." May diverting funds from one account) J "'l' into another in direct violation I Oc ' of the stale constitution. Must I'.iy Full tax The court ruled that the act .. 155 3-4 i of the Omaha city council In .. 33 i moving tlie town's city limits more 48 1-21 than a mile to the Missouri stale . 92 3-4 i line was Illegal. 5-8 A | owcr court lla( j | lc i ( | ol i icr . 87 !"* wise and allowed Jan March open lii?h low clcsn uco HBO nr>7 lisa 1125 112U 1121 1123 102!) 102:1 1021 1021 1030 1030 UK! 1020. 1029 1029 1022 102!) 1C32 1033 1035 1031 Spots clcsed qutet al 11C3. off 2. lion cl>cilitoiii Uc( charge remit to the slate 44 35 3-1 03 1-8 81 8 lf " 8 ! kansas tax, 39 1-3 32 7-8 9 3-4 41 1-8 Spot Average Is 11.55 Tlie average price ol 7-8 inch middling cctton on the 10 lead- Bwollne sin- fc- Tw«ilte"l£aVd gasoline tax only equal to that collected in Missouri Instead of the full Ar- Marton Wasson, hank commissioner, was granted a writ of prohibition restraining Chancellor l\ Frank Dodge of Little Rock from rcpcrls. Growers selling their cotton today will be entitled lo a subsidy of .45 of a cent impound. New Orleans Cotton „„... „, „ „ restraining him In Ihc prosccu- „ V, ___ „ tlon of a forfctrKiirfV snii ^,, i~,,.i t/olton NEW ORLEANS. May 11 (UP) — 58 7-i 32 3-4 Warner Bros Zonile 9 3-4 0 5-8 tlon of a foreclosure suit on land i in Jefferson county owned by Wai- < tcr Richards. The land, according lo Wasson, were mortgaged lo Ihc American Exchange bank, now in receivership, for $19,588.28. closed steady. May July Ocl Dec Jan i March 1151 1118 1025 102C 1020 1151 1118 10W 10:!0 102(5 HsO 1113 1017 1013 1024 1151 1117 1024 1021 1026b Livestock BAST ST. LOUIS, 111, Mav U (UPJ-H03S 13,000 Top 9CO 170-230 Ibs. flM-rifiO 140-1CO Ibs. MO-9J5 Bulk sows 825-850 Cattle 3.COO Steers 085-810 Slaughter steers GOO-S50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 700-EOO Slaughter heifers 600-850 Beef cows 500-575 Cutters and low cutters 3M-450. r e been made for ample parking space around the airport and the highways will be patrolled lo keep traffic moving In the vicinity of the airport. All of the planes will carry passengers and will be operated by government licensed pilots. Mr. David Is being assisted in preparing for'the meet by other members of the nlrport-committee, igrccd with congrcs sicnal leaders to abandon their controversial "security pay" scale lhat delayed the current $4,000,000.000 program almost six weeks year. Mrs. John Miller, Blythc, Loy Welch Miss and Ruth Oscar FendJcr, and by JVarrcn Wright, local aviator and former airline pilot, and Haymond Bomar, local enthusiast. . Aviation has become increasingly popular with niythevllle enthusiasts this spring. Twenty-five students have been taking lessons and many arc now flying. Three new airships have been purchas 10 EOTEfl Announces For Office In Which |-|c Served Quni'lcr Century Ago 8. L. Oladlsh, widely known Osceoln lawyer,;: loday luilhorlzcd Ihe courier News lo nuiko formal aiiiiomit'oinent of his candidacy for county anil probalo Judge of Mississippi county, subject lo the Democratic primary next August Mr, Clladlsh, u former distrlcl; prosecuting attorney, served us county Judge of Mississippi county for about three years In )0otl, 11)10 and : ioil, lining out an lin- nxplrcil term anil serving one fiill term. County nuances, then -as now, wen: a problem, but ho was ntcccssful • In raising Ihe value of county serin from about 35 cents on (lie dollar to 05 cents. ' The proiulso of a "good and ce- nnomlcal" administration is'' (lie- chief plank In his platform, Mr] Oladlsh said. 51c mndo the following statement In respect to his candidacy: "''... . '..' "At Ihl.i (Iriie I Take Iho' opportunity to announce to the jlcoj>le ot Mississippi County, Ark., lhat I/am, a-candidate for Mm office of County and Probate Judge, aiid solicit your vole and influence In the coming primary election. In announcing for this office I realize tlie Importance and responsibility of nit of Iho duties in connection with the county affairs but the aid and lite, assistance, advice and counsel- of the taxpayers of this . county " 1 believe (luil I can.keep tip with the pace set by the New Deal: If 'you nominate and elect me to this office I pledge you that 1 will give all _ the time necessary to perform all of tlie duties required of the . I County and Probate Judge.. It shall be my purpose lo give special attention to the county farm, poor farm, roads and bridges ami give Ihc counly a good and economical administration of Its affairs. "About twenty-five years ago 1 served (Ills county In this capacity and feel that I am qualified In every detail to meet the rcqulrc- meus imposed by the duties of the office. "I appeal to the voters of this county to support rife with your vote and your Influence In the coining primary and if you elect ;c I Follows Pompco Moisi From Hall CIENBVA.' May 11 (UP)—Baron Pompeo Alolsl, chief Kalian del6' T (jnte, lodaj (pill ll|o Leafine of Millions table'r<Uhitr than 'sit with Wolde Miuliim Plhloplan dele- gale. ; Alolsl icfmcd. also lo dhciiw Iliii Halo-Ethiopian conflict, on llio wounds tlmt Mich discussion '•would be \\iliioul meaning' in view of tho llallau conttnllon Unit tho onlj sovuelmi Uhloplun government !i llint of Iluly Alolsl was back In hK seal for Iho public meeting whkh c,on- veneil lit 8 41 V M, foi u discussion of loiillno questions III, reti'rii Indicated Unit Italy tn- Iciuls lo icmaln In the League allhoiiHli denying Ihc Leasue'n right lo Intuu'iie In behalf of Klhioplu. Tho council, despite Alnl-ls boll, siated tho rthioplan, vUiu Is minister lo Paris. • . "I uimiol auepl the presence of delegates of tho so-tailed I th- luulun tau> icnl." Alolsl said as ho stioite fioh.1 Ihe loom H 111 ritslnAno nisi usslon Marlam.had arrived at Iho Lea- gut! palace at -1 -18 l> M, nccom- iianlcd bj his nihloplan sccrolarj Hi) cnlciul tlm coimUl room shortly before Alolsl, who earlier had served notice that he would not nnrllclnalo In thu dcllbuallons If Ihe Flhtoplunn weie piescnt All members of Ihc Italian delegation followed i\lolsl Tho coi.ncll ccn,c,,crt aj. r,'!!? P M., bit in incvjaus comoitnLloni thu mcmbcls hud agiced to posl- Senalor Seeks Govenior- ,, 1C Co , inlv nnd p ro t alc -j u<lB , shil); Gatllney. lollIlSOn nss »re you that it will be my . , P. .-'.•' I l>fsc (o meet the rcnulremen' Ask Kenominalioii TtTTIK HOCK. May 11 (UP) — Slate Senator Arthur Johnson of Slur City announced his candidacy for Ihc Democratic nomination for governor today. Johnson served In the senate from the 16th district during tlw •Iflih and 50lh general assemblies and took part In the enactmenl of the prc-audlt law, passed In 1933, the public utilities connnls- ; sfon measure which replaced Ihe !,„„„ _-, - - "? ac< l uirc(l i fact rinding tribunal In 1035, and Isoon. There about seven lhc 1)OI1(I rcfim ding act cute of the citizens of Mississippi County and with your assistance I believe dial there will be no dlsap- pointmcnU In fulfilling the obll-uV^,,' n..fni..^ *r »(._ _*•«•< i> JViHlll cd during the post month andln (several more are lo be - - - • pone discussion ICliilopinn on the Ttalo iynil Qcinninyi . dchimcliitloii of the locaino tieaty until the e\traor<llnaiy session scheduled lo ' convene about ' Juno IS,. ny 5:25 .P. M., the Italians had qiilt the room. Sel.issle a I'rolilcm LONDON, May 11 :'<UP)—Prime Minister Stanley, ilaldwln said today In the house of coinmonr that llio pieseiiLC of Cinpornr Hallo Selassie In Palestine coii- sllli'lcs a problem for tlie British government. Replying to a question, Baldwin Fald: "Die status of Ilia Negus as* a resident of Palestine Is a ((lie? lion of considerable perplexity. H'- Is a matter which conceal-; tlCel whole League of Nations" •«> Frederick Seymour Cocks, Lnb'^- orllc, asked whclher In view of Premier Bcnllo Mussolini's stale incut thai ho has now founded an Bust. Roman empire Ihu British government would consult eastern Mediterranean countries with a view toward their collaboration for peace. "I would not hurry to take literally every slalemcnt made In a moment of enthusiasm," Baldwin responded amidst laughter.. T, Lunch Stand. Destroyed by Sunday Morning Fire "Tony's," quick lunch stand • on the south side- of the 400 West *uo.,,s of the office. planes stationed regularly at the local airport. The field has been made safer for pilots, especially while landing, with the lowering of the high voltage-power line. 1 ; along one side of the field, with tlie Arkntisas- MlMourl Power company and (he city street engineering department doing the work. The power company Is expected to soon arrange for the lighting of the jwles £0 night during a special session in. 1934. He Is the ninth candidate to announce. C. E. Johnson of Texarkana. chief jrstlce of the supreme court, announced Ills candidacy today while .1. F. Oaulncy of Jonesboro amir.uncod Ills candidacy for the nomination for chancellor of the 12th chancery district. Both Johnson and Oaulney seek i"J rciiomlnallon to places they now I hold. Chicago Wheat .. . °!"i> high low rlo;:-: May 93 3-4 94 5-8 93 1-3 M 3-1 July 83 1-2 so f>-8 sri 3-1 c:»;i-i Chicago Corn considerably safer. These arrange-! ^_ ntents, It Is believed, will causel • --- ^—-_, | the united states bureau of .aero- Official Canadian Visit 1 nautlcs lo give Blytheville at least i a Class B rating for its airport. open May 63 high low 63 1-8 02 5-8 do C2 5-3 July 01 1-8 61 1-8 GO 5-8 00 3-1 Is Planned By Roosevelt A. Mitchell Palmer Dies at Washington WASHINGTON, May 11 HIP) — A. Mtlchcll Palmer, allorney general in the cabinet of President. Wilson, died today at Emergency hospital. OTTAWA. Canada. May 11 (U pi—Pfc.Klclil'it Rcosevelt will pay nn official visit to Canada Juno 8. 11 was announced loday. It will IK (he firsl time a president of tlie United Slates ha-i visited Canada officially. The date was set tentatively nnd will have lo be changed if congress has not adjourned, Young Republicans oi Pemiscot Will Organize CARUTHEHSVTLLE. Mo.—Leonard i,lmbaugh. organization cli.ilr- man for the county, has announced that a meeting of young Republicans of Pemiscot county will Se held in this city Friday night, May 15. The meeting, which will begin at 7:30 n. m., will be held In llio offices of The Republican,, a local newspaper. Tlie pur|>ose of i '"S Ihc meeting is to organize a Young Hepubllcan club In Peml- Ecol county. Young Republicans, both men and women, between 18 Mock ' almost a total loss in a fire about 8:30 o'clock Sunday morning, although the building in which the business was located, owned by Moses Sll- man of Luxora was not seriously damaged '"' The fire started when some kerosene, spilled while filling the tank of a stove, was Ignited. An employe, trying desperately to halt the Arc, hastened destruction Instead when his foot slipped. as he was trying to beat out the flame and he fell over a pipe line leading to a gasoline stove, break, and touching off the gas- supply. He was forced to beat a hasty retreat. Firemen brought the blaze under control before It could cause and 35, are eligible for member- material damage in adjoining shlp,.],!mbaiigh slated. $10,000 Farm Increases To $12,000,000 in Value EDINBURGH (UP)—John Wick- J ham, a tailor, paid $10.000 for a farm at Govcbrldgc, Midlothian, for his son. Now a freak deposit of silica sand, .said to be worth more than $12,000,000, has been found on the land. A Sheffield company have leased the ground and are spending buildings. The loss was estimated at about $400. $50.000 on plant alone, WEATHER ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy, possibly showers tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and Vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, Local Ihumlershowers Tuesday after- Thc maximum temperature here yesterday was. 87, minimum 65, The farm isn't a farm any more I cloudy wilh 111 Inches of rain so Wickham has still to buy his and Inil, according lo Sanmel P, son a farm, ; _,_|l Morris, official wca'her observer,

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