The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 3
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, JANUARY 19. 1934 nil great ministries have ^ e ,,,, with preaching nnd the whining O f disciples. Possibly It wns not preaching In our modern and conventional use " helr Every U a preacher •o,ces the experiences of truth ±." such - ciuem in language, it has been. • easily | n t j lc nevertheless, real. we recall the reply of the man who was asked under whose away from the path of morn. " Bloiitl Evangelist Visions 400 New' Temples to Spread Her Gospel. BV ERSK1NE JOHNSON ^'KA Service SUrT Correspondent I.OS ANGELE3—Don't be sur- pfwd If Aimee Semple con-iiutton arrives In your town «•« week or next month. The Kond Los Angeles evangelist is alarmed by 'the growth of atheism in the United States" and soon will depart on the trail ol the devil, which will take her to 400 cities throughout the nation in 1934. And if she builds a church In your community, don't lie surprised, either, because Aimee plans to erect 400 new temples within the next 12 months to spread the Four Square Gosjwl to untouched fields. But it anyone tries to tell you, during her crusading journeys, that Aimee has stepped completely out of Ihe picture at her famous Angelus Temple here, don't believe a word of i(. You may have seen a dream walking and talking, but you never have seen Aimee collecting thousands ol dimes jnd nickels in the spacious auditorium of her Los Angeles stamping xround ; And so long as Aimee remains the bmarl woman 'that she is. she will keep a firm hold on the strings ol the temple's treasury bag, something which she has done for a decade Holds to Templt Of course, there will be numerous rumors th!s year that Aimee has quit her temple here "for good." There always will be such rumors. Aimee remains on the front pag- "b^y hoax" story from Europe es of the nation's newspapers that h elped lo keep the journalistic /ires way. Wncii it comes to the tern-1 burning. pie, she's the champion in-and-l Hutton, after his "tour- ended outer, for the benefit of publicity, returned to Ixxs Angeie" and now But she never will lose control. I is "just loafing around." = WRKKI,Y SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Jesus Begins His Ministry ^J™gVILLg,JARK.)^OURiER NEWS - 9tln JaE etoaln sli^lu cmfwyp mU; qdcni' bot The InternaUonai Uniform day Lhwl I"BO", toV jT oay senoot wsson [or Jan. BY WM. K. GII.ROY, D n Editor of The him were drawn by Ills life and personality. Even 'when they did not understand his words and comprehend nil] his meniiliiK. they T hv lufl? t M, ,> , " ' presence of n great " li ?hcr and . w , .. 6 ,v;.lL tVLlU;JLl l.'iophet. who httcfsbinclrllrig'•„.„* was vlml and worlh. while, and It """ " ' willing: o . not mean, i ecearil . "- ••"">-' ui inL'ii in uieir be r,^^:^':'™": «"".tl-at are to£ midst so of the tcinu- anil inlricacies of life. ,„ ay rom e path of morn. ,-« preaching he had been converted, tltmle. or has allowed IK "ou to •Older nobody's preaching," he : become dull and uncllsclp IncTand a,d ;| but under my mother's prac- j n prey to less worthy motives and | call to re|>cmai)ce is one The preaching of Jesus was do- Ill word nnd * in ex-! was the vision of tills Kingdom of men who were drawn Heaven to the disciples ol Josus.l takes its rise of nil In Hie In- j dividual heart. I Tlmt Is. nparently, what Jesus meant when he said "the Klnx-! don: of God Is within you." • . , . i The ministry of. Jesus Imd ll-sl beginning, again like nil yr«U| inlnlstrles, In Ihe clinrnctor of the men whom he won. It Is Ihe quality of the true prophet and teacher to Inspire confidence In olhcr nii'n, to'win (hem to himself and to the things thai he upholds. . Whether through organization, or through spiritual influence, no prophet or teacher ever 1ms accomplished anything who stood alone. The 'power of Jesus was mnnlfesl- edlln no higher way Hum In the wlnnlnc to him of the men upon whom lie established his church an his Kingdom In the world of reality. When a man 1ms proclaimed the truth nnd hns found someone who will llslen, he hns laid tlie foundations of something great nnd slg- nlficanl in the world. It was the pre-eminence of Jesus to begin in that wuy the work of establishing the Kingdom of God through the fellowship of the gos- — • -l".'n.»ul.l; IS Ulllr • till mat good men.always have heed-j pel In which the church ^d" Us _rhe vision of n better world, as j foundations. circus will pale ,n comparison to | put Imc, a Merited , m Mn . Sc!>1 lhis yMr w]1 , ^ ^^ (|e . anu process In a pressure cooker velopmctit In air travel. V. G. Hnl- the fun. She'll Spring Sensations If sensationalism lags during the trial, put It down in your little * - --- — |"v.->oui(; UlAJKtT for 10 minutes nt 10 pound., pres- Jiday, -atrjiort manager, predicted. story ns Since Aimee p . During last year, 35,000 pusscn- reanut Butler :ge) . s wcn [ through [he Suit Lake ills n golden yellow, | terminal.- one of the largest nlr- m meat chopper using mail centers hi the United States. —.. -v~ .~ ..*v]. I*.*, i LmiiuiK i "" v "i &""vi in IIICLU cnopper using mall cci on he front ma as long .,o,id '"^ £r e 0 e, ouanof pulp Hailiday reported. The daily nvcrJ teaspoon Mil, i teaspoon nge was 91 persons. i the airport, passengers, ex- water to make It Ihe'^slVlenev • ^ n a " a , PHVate " !un( *' was - l,i ^rffcSr hBndlcd tllrou 8 !l the following 111 ilerlllzed companies: Boeing Air Transport, j Inc., Western Air Express, Inc., C mln- i Vainey Airlines, and Nntlmmi nnuih'n .iriri i i ' ^"*K nuiiJUHy rfiJuriL'u. *****•. i", dndn ' l * aspo f n , Mlt . ! IMSPOW nge was 91 per.son bmce their marriage in :93l.i cln , na . mon - P"lverl/ed or grated! BllS | ncss {hrourt mee and Dave, have managed tol™ 1 ,™ 68 ' S^^P 00 '" X*Hy. • IncldlnT airman t their share of the headlines. A, -V" 1 *"'• add eno "Bh boiling nress and Drivat »ch of nrnmiw <»[> , ,, n ..^»;.:ii water to make it the- rnuti««n. u :P .. ... P rlv . at ' - - — V \Jl »<*w. IILUlllIIICb. n breach of promise suit, a vaudeville tour for Dave, in which he was an egg" target, and Aimee's famous She's too smart a showwoman to dispose of her lone ace and ask for a new hand. Sr.e may forsake Angelus Temple for months at a time, but hi the end she will return where she left off. Such was trie case the da; when Aimee returned to Ixis An coles from a 15.000-miIe tour whicl saw her appearing on the siage o a New York theater and Breach ine 336 sermons in 44 cities to 2 000.000 persons in 150 days. Dlmn Four In Two thousand of h"r follower, nn loot, in automobiles, and on flats, -paraded through the street, in celebration of her return to -An gelu.T. Temple. ' ~• -> And for'4 week thereafter, hun dreds uf dollars were 'poured Into t:ie temnle coffers by .'thousand who came to hear "Sister," During her wanderings from he: flock, Aimee has encased numer ous persons to fill her place In tin temple pulpit. None seemed t( please her as much as fiheba Craw ford Splivalo. California's state d! rector of social welfare, who ha been preaching at the temple foi the last several months and who will continue her work there during Aimee'. 1 ; forthcoming tour o: the nation. -Perhaps Mrs. Splivalo's experl encc in asking for monetary gift, as a member of the Salvation Armj m New York a few years back where she won the title of "Ange of Broadway," had a lot to do with -er pleasiny Aimee Wars on Atheism Speakins of her scheduled tour of the nation, Aimee says: "The coming year is goins to be my greatest year. 1 am alarmed by the of cake bauer. jars Process the United it with a growth of atheism States, and will n my power. "1 plan to open 400 churches In as many cities durins 1934. M> task is great and my hopes high. "Twentr years ago r dedicated my life to this work, and so lone as there is life In my body I wll' continue 10 sprejd the Pour Square Oo.^iel. It is a marvelous work' In addition to touring the coun- trpslde in search of the devil Aimsc's 1934 adventures will include contesting, in Los Angles a divorce suit filed by her third husband. Chorister David I, Hutton, jr. And when Aiu'.cc anrt portly Dave start hurling bombshells at eacl ott:er in a courlro-m. a three-ring COLO GOES Or No Pay! n'i Salv« can abiolutily fu.r.m^ "Y our Cold Cot, or Your Monty Back'Wnd »uch a guarantM n i due tntircly !o ,hii remartnble remedy containing a medicine never before iiitd « terna l| y . That mcd icine vhen uied internally i, V n o™ to be wrong nnd powerful enough to clear up certain microbic infection— nnd when med eiwrnally, a , in Sh c dd n n'i Sjlve TMulu are amazing. T»-o kind.; Mild for Children — "Strong" for Adult*. Sold by a\l druggists. BARGAINS IN NEW* USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON m E. Mute - PbOM 1SJ Upon her arrival in L:s Angeles Aimcc sued Hulton for. divorce in a cross complaint designed to foil 1115 claims for money .and property and charged him with a loni list of mental cruelties I.noks Like Busy Year So, with an extended revival tour and a divorce action on her hands. Aimee Is due for a busy year. And "ere always is. or course, the prospect of new trouble wrltin- one s'lT 5 ™ SitionaI '""Pier In the, stormy ],fc O f the blond evangel-! ..But. no Batter what happens.! keep her lingers twisted j mt-Angtlus.Temple here ! followeiis find ; KALISI'ELL, Mr::;. il)P)—Pnrm- eis In this region have expressed vorry because their cherry trees Now an Airwav lmdcl j < l '" Jamln ™ ll * i;is i<*rca "un an rtirway f . tudden cold sneli u-ouki kill the SALT LAKE CITY. Utah (UP) '. "^ -Pa'ssenger through Mount Vcrnon originally was Hectic Days Sleepless Nights the Nut Recipes BY COKA LEE COLEMAN County Honw Dtmonstralion .. Agent At no time does the thriftv housewife ne 6 ,ect to repfenish he vaca ncleH of her ^^ shelf At thu time besides the fresh meat £,r, B canned. scme of fte ™£ £L ^'" g niled with Peanut outter and nut meats are bein= canned to keep them fresh * Canning Nut Mrats fo, 7n ""• meats in mad "^e men °' " ""miles, put into a sterilized jar or can. if j ars are y^, i adjust rubbers and tops, if cTns are used, seal. Proccss ; , tamers 30 minutes at boiling Point, quart one hour after water begins to boil. ; If steam pressure cooker is used,. Blue Star Kills ; Foot Itch Germs ; Stubborn foot Itch germs die when Blue Star Ointment melts and soaks in. For Itchy eczema, rash, tetter, ringworm, pimples and other skin troubles, you can find nothing as fine as Blue Star Ointment. Does not bura.fadv.) ^i [«&r Lulrr ltkk«« Or. IP YOU are nervous today, you probably ' will not sleep well tonight. If you don't sleep well tonight, you will probably be nervous tomorrow. Don't allow yourself to become nervous lake Dr. Miles Nervine. It will relax your tense nerves and let you get a i;oud night's sleep. - '.-"-.. Irritability Restlessness, Sleeplessness, often lead to'Nervous Headache/Nervous Indigestion, Hysteria—sometimes-to a nervous breakdown and organic trouble. Some of the people, whose letters are printed below, were as nervous as you are—possibly—yet they have found relief. Thr*« rear* 120 I WM to ntrvous" I could not bear !« so cc |~V^? n ? *^d ccrjtd r.ol ileep nilfhtj. A lri»nii r*- °uV"' t ' i "' '''^ I i,ow plijoy mj'stif thor- cuicif «i.J flKlt «rtry nijtxu Hits Juliette Currkr. ' New Msrkcl. N. H. I h«T» Uied Dr. MUrt Nerrlce in llquM form »nd «iiii u'tht bt!! medicine for U» ntrres I have cvtr used. ^ Cbrtitene Linltr, Hidd'l-ttn, Tcnnnm -ffTientrer I '^ivc over-ir.dulsed and fr*l re>t!eu I UV P one of Iwo N,,vi nc T.blcls l^wrteTffej'ri"" '" "" " 10rnil « wh "> 10 •bout nr »orh u usual. Dr." K!W Memne Tabln. <; your nctrn. br>» >-ou UB .r.d .re the iltni.le.t. oitnt eon- Tenlent l.b[,u lo uke I b«rt e»er foond. . MiM Grace R*!m*nn. SL Jamea. Uiau, Before z . r our Ntnlne I was rtr, ntrvou» .mi irrilable. Since I have ,i,rl.J to Uke il I ln-1 10 much belter th>t mr frwl lime "'* c!i ' I> " n "- ' "'" uklf '« Mr Reddl( III. f.mll, .p. . >«ST 1SU, A,c. RoS .Dr. Miles Nervine =u "My Mamma Bought A New Dress Today—" Phone 171 '-'Mine didn't have to .... She sends her dresses to the UNIQUE CLEANERS Street Jresics, afternoon frocks and r-voniiig gowns a Hast longer when we clean thorn. Send vour clothes to Unique regularly anil von'l! ahvavs ha "a new tlrtss" ready for service. ' ^^^^HH^^H^MHHHHgj PIG6LY WIGGLY STORE DRESSED HENS Fl ^;:;:L Dress Jb. 16c PICNIC HAMS Swifts or Cudahys, Shankless •^^^^^^•^^^•••M Veal Roast 17jc Salt Meat 6k) Pork Roast IQc Fresh Fish CatLb25c •> for CAULI" -OWIOU I-'ancv 101L cy 10R .1). 16,' I'KUIT !, B e. Size1Q(J Kin. -1 for 1.7 iHilk-r's IT'S PC I'ku'- U RRFAD c c Sliced or m c miL/AU Kftr. 2L'. ( «. loiif 1U Beef Roast n22jc Shoulder Beef Roast SHOULDER ire Pound JLO BRISKET 71C : | 1'ound I I BANANAS No. 1 Fruil |TL LI). D GRAPK 10 C PUMPKIN No. C;m CHILI SAUCE. S25.12? EGGPLANT PEARS Fancy '-7 ' STRAW BERRIKS so-up^^^te.Kr--. Large Can Champion *)Cl/' '12-oz. Bottle Choc. Pecan IftC I b.lJJ BREAD ?v" Oranges Pineapple Juicy Kloridn Yellow >., Me«h BURN 'Cane . : •- Kimit •• - •*. ' 10 founds'for c. e. R. H.;p. . No. 2 (Can 2 for Country Chili M-Oz. Itoltlc 3for:10c C. 1AL Nt>. 2 C;ir. 1U BRAN F1 LADY PEAS T T bs 7 Country Club 3 Tall or 0 Small Cans Coffee WALDORF TISSUE 6 for 25c

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