The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1930
Page 9
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1930 BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS.. PAGE'SEVEN; MTttOO tat CM «<•» • **t tor MC4 (ub«qutat lowr- Uoo. No MNrtiWWttfefc"' lur lev, lu»e t4t- Count U» FORffijT -;^;| FOR RENT—Fixe.' rborfl/hb'we .««« , ». _.•_ "_ VI..L. c. -frail . 1000 bloci p'n.''Aih St, 0. Goodwin. . l!> ;<0»ll C-TF A,, LAURA LOU BR0OKMAMI A-V AUTHQPQF"PAU PQMANCE*( SERVICE INC. the only eubject which intereated for llaiami niid Is ealllUE Ionian nged in a pompadour, Her gown FOU Garasq. 305 ^DoUgah. *1**-JUI FbtHRENT— b-'-ifwirp -Jiou»e-;T;$)M> uatlu, Vail-; q*ll'-'p»l»U4 ' WA paiwrtti, ; 'Jociwtf f i .: corriej • Highway 61 and Highway 18. Ideal location to r tourist rooms. HO.Ofl per month. Call L. L.,, Ward. 968 lor ' ..... ' - FOli KENT— Room?. One 'mqiitK rent free. 614 Hcarn: 13P-X20 FOR~ RENT— 2 ~, roomj.j • furais?|ei for llght'hoiiseke'efrlng, 1 «55Mffl- nut St,' Phone' 52J: Mr>t;"S. -V. Cavendar. • . .,•'•: • .-.14p-X24. FOE RENT—Modern 6 room house. Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Main. V/lll rent or trade 8 room house on Mlly St. J. W. Maloney. 17p-k24 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room. 31.0 Walnut :St.,' Mrs, Nolen. • ,; ,- . 18q-K22 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. P-K-25 WANTED •""''*•" WANTED - TimUyWashing.. Washed and Ironed by qompe- «nt white woman. Mrs.- ,t?rown. 7M 8. Lake St. Wck-U ul ; ti ~lu-r *rr.«t>lr«* Molhrr, IMIICMIKT KOfiKHH. (• Jul» kfi !• v, i> Vaifc,' T»f rnrmlp ure (•lu.rrrJ nut Hr>. Ho«»r« If • trlilnw MleMllC • tKOMl B«r- rlpc*-, ' IIMINDV HlllKl.rH, 7»nit Bfvr»- l.rnrr r ti,,t,.|;rn|iki-r, ll |M lint VIJIi Hi- «-lrl..H|lrlrrl| ••ta E>'E- li^iBlrrSw'i'-'fcl" 4»."klrt U ilhrr r*a*m '•>••)>. Mn. F>r- fc-iaii niirrr*. «a»»lirH»f CrlU R fiir.iiin lr> Kin MKrirll'j n*>cl!on«. Sbf nfhrwTii ta WM rM tf C«ll« IJF rnriiuraFlBIc a roMauff b*- in-ri-n r.rt lt«c) TOD JORDAN, ftixrlnnllnK fcat of AMbtoaR rhttr* • Her. Mllr-rll li» forbl«» kl> fniijchlrr <« *r« Jorlan. SblrlJ. rnmrl In New Totk (0 y»rk nut Mrrln Olln. Snc I'll. Mm Kbr car" fur Jordan bat Inter rmllirn It l« Skidd, irkon • lie lov*a. Mr*. Paraoni nreuwa rivfcrlr* nnlnxftnliM torrard fHili-ld* tint Ikr fathrr aai d«Dfk- Irr <iuarrcl. Crlln draarta for lllilllninrr tinlr lo find Iknt krr Tmitfirr bnK dUnaprnrrd. Icnv nu rlmK la krr likrrtalKM >l((rkrll nrrlvra. nffrrln « rrcon- rlllnllnn and <akr« Cella baric la NIMT York. Mrnimallr Hr>. l'«rio«i km formed SkleKi l»at Crlln <• la marry .Inrdnii. IVara CfHa Hired WANTED — House-keeper. Apply Frisco Rooming House, opposite Frisco Station. . :..a«MK19 , are occasionally, H*rfiiet. had . Kke t!i*(— ch, so long »go! Mitchell sat up Ebarply. What IB the u>« ot thla nonsense? He turned » a» heard A t tbe door. Edward, the butler, ppesred la rctponso to the call Some." 'Dinner Is nerved, 6lr," Edwttd nnounced. "Has Mr. Shields com* luT' "Not yet, sir." •Then I'll wait until lie comes," Again Mitchell bent ovor his deslc md brooded over events ot tlie att ireek. It was tbe same atory. it every climax ot his life he had AT ONCE-SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent 'positions; labor, clerical,' mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries $25.-f 100. wcek- • Jy, transportation furnished, BOX '1175, CHICAGO, ILL. WANTED—False teeth. We pay as high as 11.0 lor full sets. Any condition. .We buy crowns, bridges, jewelry- gold and.silver. Western Metal Company, Bloomlngton. Illinois. . 18p-kl9 LARGE NATIONALLY KNOWN MANUFACTURER will start you in business for yourself. We furnish nearly everything. Many make S50 to $75 weekly profits. Steady repeat business. Write quickly. G. C. Heberling Company, Dcpt. 27. Bloomlneton, 111. 18p-kl9 •; LQgT.AND FOUNlT STRAYED'••'oH-./SjTOIiEN'--Female le'mon' spbttfcT~rSlrd dog, name BillleY'lelriori" eaYV spot -'between eyes. Reward. 101 E. Ash. Phone 278. 17c-k20 LOST -One brown Suitcase, con' tainlng woman's clothes. Lost between Holland and ' Blytheville. Notify Sam Taylor, Porlaneville, Mo. 18P-K20 LOST—Brown leather purse, Sunday night. Reward. Miss Winnie Phillips. Wright's; Five and Ten Cents Store'.- ' ' CK-22 PERSONAL Htnnda llir olker and the Interview eniN tilth Ike AfTalr lielivrrn tkrru lirrkrn off. \a >rnrd eo ft rrlln'i ainthrr. Tke clrl In nlnerAtile and- lonely nnrl waeu JnrdnH Tiegn krr lo elope ike I nwny with him. Mllrlirll aiilienl* ta «klrld> Ic helti Und Crlln. Tkfy rail oa Jnr tlnit. i\Iio denim knnivInK wket Ktie l». ^Illekell lenrnx of Mri I'nritimx' d«-rrlt nnd Irlefcery. Pro fevulonnl delerllreji are •nfitile lornlo Olln. rfko !• nt 1,181 UI!N <IAK'9 kirwf. Jordan vlilli kr tbere ant deelaern xke 1 !! mnrr him ^rkelher «ke %rjinti lo or no MJW <iO ON WITH TIIF. STOHV CHAPTER LVIII J OHN MITCHELL leaned liotli elbows on Ills desk and frowned nt the leather desk jatl. It was wen o'flocX and lie was sitting In tho living room of his lioine. Tlio man's face was shocking. For the past tlircc days and nights Mitchell had had little sleep. Dark circles beneath hla eyes told of long, restless vigils. There wore deep lines in his forehead and bis cheeks were pallid. Mitchell fumbled with a pencil He Old not even know that he was liolflmg It. Kor tlie thousandth time tho man tried to think and as always, he came sharply u] against the same stone wall. He ivus a failure. He had always been <-. failure. Celia, his daughter liacl left him just as years befori Margaret, his wife, had gone. "Oh, God!" Mitchell eroanei aloud. lie threw one arm acres the desk, and closed his eyes. Where was Margaret now? Wh could she not understand his tn raendouSjneed of her? It wan Mar garet's need as well as his ow really. Celia was her daughte 'tooVConldh't trie woman*know sh was desertiug them both? A Tisioii of Margaret/ Ires! checked and girlish, came bcfor him.. He-saw her with lips partei her brown tyes.-glowing with smile that va both gay and ev sivc. llargarell Tlxe. XCLUDi face aken tho wrong turn. It was his ault Cella had disappeared. He was willing, at this l&to date, to admit It \rns Ills tault that Margaret Imd gone. Bo eav himself lor what he was—a man grown prematurely old, t slave to the clients whose court battles liad crowded practically every other Interest from his lite. They had homes, vrlvei, and families, those clients -who profited by his skill. What had ha, John Mttchellt been reported. Again Shields broached the aub- ]«t ot Oil*'* motlre for IcavlDi lite. Farious' bone. I with I knew how much ahe really caret lor Jordan! Somehow I ctm't get over tbe fcellue tlmt she went away to marry him, You know whit the doorman Bald—" "But the maid denied thero was a man there. Besides, Shields, I told you Cella said you were tho man sho cnrcd for." "I can't believe It!" "Well, It's true. No— It's some deviltry of Evelyn Parsons' that drove tho gld o9. That's what did uoslllvo lie's lallliiK to nlghtr "No-net really iiQslt|vi;. Only why dlil ho book passage tliln morn. tne II he didn't Inteud to.umko Hm trip? Wo krep closo watch o( ship and deiiarluros In ihls OUR BOARDING HOUSE bustiH'ss. you know. 1 »"lim man cursed taneath hit •*• brenth, Then ho rose and went to a sir.all cabinet. Ho withdrew a decanter, filled a gl»ss and drank It. How blind he had been, to trust Celia to Evelyn Parsonsl Evelyn was ihrewd. She hai accepted >hn Mitchell torlthe fool hs now new himself to be. Oh, wildest lly! Three days and nights Iisd pened the man's eyes to Evelyn's ftiacrisy. Mitchell pa«d the length ot the ooru. lie crowed tho floor, turned nd stopped at the Bound ot tap- Ing on the floor. "Who 1s U?" he called. "It's I, Mr. Mitchell—Shields." "Coma in!" "They've lost Jordan!" Barney lurted out. "What?" Barney nodded. "I've Just come rom 's," he said, mentioning ho detective headquarters. "The el low who's been shadowing Jordan came In half an hour ago »ml admitted ho'd lost him." A violent oath burst from Mitchell's lips. Shields joined syuipa- ;hetlcally In the discussion which 'ollowcd. They talked for several minutes and then Edward arrived a second time to announce that dinner was prepared. For two days Barney Shields had been making the Mitchell residenco his home. Not once in that time had Mitchell gone to his office. He seemed'to'cling to the young man as tho one support In his sorrow. Together they had interviewed detectives, reconstructed again and again events preceding Celta's disappearance and sought lo untangle the mystery. Bin per conversation-centered on it. Oh, It there wcro only same way of dealing with that woman!" John Mitchell's cyei snapped ao 10 spoke, The butler removed the plates and brought dessert. The two at tlie (able were silent for some time and then Shields addressed his companion. "There's one thing I've bee" thinking about," ho said slowly. "Mr. Mitchell, don't you think If Cella's mother wcro hero she could helu us?" "I wish I knew any way to get her here." "You don't mean that she won't come? Mi, I know aho wouldn't refuse—I" "I don't know -whoro sho is either. I've had detectives search-' ing for 10 days." "Tliea maybe they're together!" • • • M ITCHELL shook hla head. "I don't think it's possible," he said. "'Cella didn't know where her mother was." They were considering this phase of tho problem when Edward entered the dining room. "There's a gontleumn In the hull, Mr. Mitchell, who asked to see you." "Show him Into the drawing room. Tell him I'll be there immediately." As tho butler turned that Jordan hncl paid for his passage and found out ho did U >>omc time Uctoro noon. Thought you'd b« Hc-ascd to hear about it!' 1 • • • turned toward liar' Shields. . "What do you think it mcansl" ho 5bkc,|. Shli'lila Bliook his head, "ii.ird to lell." ho kalil, "01 CUUTE* it's possible he's worried and wants to play sato but I don't know—in cm a doiitlfu!, We'd havo mqro ot un Idea If wo knew where Jordan iviu this Kltcnioon." • . • MuXell glanced at u wrist walcli, "it's nearly eight o'clock." he salil. ' "Within two houm wc'l 1 know whether or not Jonlim hai w;ilk<a up tliat gimsi)hui». 1'ci- lonallr; I think your tfoubjca nro over £0. far as that bum it concerned." John Milchell had liMici! nnd was tiarliig-iit llio detective, A Etranec look had como over llio man's (ace. . "Did you—sen the full iiasBciiyur lUt?" he asked. McN'ell -codded bis hcail cm phatlcally. • "1 know what you're thinking!" he said. "I rend Hie full Hit. There's no girl by Hie name of Mitchell among thogo sailtu^." Milchell wired hla forehead. McN'cil was shown out utid ibo butler arrived with coffeo. Shlclda declined (lie beverage but Mltclicll was drinking Ills third cup wli-.-i: a telephone rang loudly. "I'll answer!" Unruey salil, sprliigliie up. He stepped lino iho to go Mitchell pushed hack his chair and rose. "Como along," ho Bald to tho young man, "it's McNeil. Ho must have learned something." McNeil ww the Btocklly built detective wlir* had relieved Barney Shields froa his all-night watch of Jordan's apfcrtmcnt. He was stand Ing bcforo the flrcnlnco with his back towar-3 the door when Mitchell and Shields stepped into the drawing room. At the sound he turned. "Good evening, Mr. Mitchell. Good evening, Shields. I've just picked up a little Information I thought would Interest you." "What is 1U" Mitchell demanded. "Mind"K I'sit down? Thank?." McNeil settled himself comfortably and looked up at his host who was still itandlQK. "You know Morrison was trailing Jordan this afternoon and lost him, but we'll soon find him again. Yes, jlr! I tiickcd up information art hour ago 1 hallway anil picked up the Inslvu- merit. A feminine volco smetct his ear. "!s this Mr. Mitchell?" tho vulco dcmande'd, "Cellu Mllclicll'a fallicr!" "No. hut I'll call him." Barney turned. Tho older man was licshlo him. "It's for you," Itaruty said, handing' orcr tho telephone. Tlio voice at tha other cnJ uf tho wire was excited aud III eh pitched. Shields, Etnndlng near Mitchell, could hear every word. 'This Is Llsl Duncan," tho volco SOCIAL 5%^/IMP HIS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin OKRKK— 1 sola. "Mr. Milchell, I wanted lo tell ypii that Cella's gone." liWlial Jo yoii mean?" ''I nie&n she's sone!" Iho ..votcq Insiktcd holly. "She's beer stny- Ins hcra with me but this afternoon sho went for n drive with Tod Jordan ami they haven't come back. It was nearly four hours ago etui I've boon EO worried, I'm aCMid ve lnj'j happened!" (To Uo Continued) • TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day or Nijht Service,- Phone 16. 1C-K30 was filed • by Etliel U. Wilson, probation officer in the Juvenile Court of Mississippi County, to have certain children, named: Billy Joe, and Harold, "it., declared dependent children, and to take from you the. custody and guardianship of said children, .and to appoint for them -some suitable person as New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UP)—Cotton closed steady. _. : . Open High L'w 'Close Dec Jan WARNING ORDER To Bertha Edna and Bezell Montgomery: Take notice that on the sixth day of November, 1930, a. petition THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI COFFEE AND RUSTIC INN wot He Makes 'Em Set their'guardian, with power to con sent '.to the adoption of said chll- ; Mar dren, or to place same in some May suitable' institution in this state. Jul for tiie care and guardianship of Oct. Dec (new) 1097 (old) 1094 (new) 1113 (old) 1116 1144 1171 1191 1207 1098 1083 1097 '1089 1115 1097 1116 1101 1145 1127 1172 1165 1191 1175 1210 1193 1084 1089 1100 1191 1136 115S 1175 1195 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. ;1B (UP) — Cotton clo&d barely .steady, Open High Lc-,v close Dec 11CO 1102 1080 ICWO 'an 1115 1120 1104 1104 Mar 1145 1147 1128 1130 May ..... 1170 1113 1154 1154 Jul 1191 1193 1175 1170 Oct. 12ro 1210 il93 1193 Spots closed rtcady nt IOCS, off 7. dependent children. Spots quiet at 1100, off 10. Now you appear within 20 ; days after the date of this notice j Camels have been known to trav- and show cause against such ap- el 11 days witnout a drop of water, plication, the petition shall te: taken as confessed and a decree; granted. GEO. W. BAHHAM, I . _ Judge.! Subscriber! nnd sworn to before 1 me this' 10th day of Nov., 1930. MRS. JOHN LONG, County & Probate Clerk. 11-18-25 lA&ed Woman Smnkcr Healthy OAKLAND, Me., (UP) — Mrs. I.efia Bicktord, 81, has b?an sniox- Ing a piiMJ nearly three tiiiartcrs of n century. She Is still hale 'anc: jicarly. She sinokrd lor the, first, time when eight, acquiring the habit from her ill other. The largest locomotive In tlio United Stater Is the Northern Pa cific 5000. 2 : 8-8-4 type, which, with tender, weighs 1,110,000 pounds. HUGH BEKT GltOWN , MSVB., CUP)—Inc-lucied In-tha.backynrd garden harvest of PaUy iligliozzo this fall was a heel 18 • Inches in circumference anil weUjliiiis; 12 pounds 12 ounces. It mcnMircd 41 Inches from the top cf the foliage to the tip of tho root. (JOT VtT, SOT WE'S GONNA . V. R. WASHAM-Tnmsfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and trackages anywhere. : Special r»t*s on carloadr-'iote.-. •'.>,.*" Local Fliobe 851 Memphis Phone 3-931 GOOD s:rEAis AND HOT FISH TOM'S. CAFE. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY FOR ORDER OF SALE OF REAL, j ESTATE TO PAY DEBTS Notice is hereby given that Hie undersigned as Administrator of ;hc Estate of Mary Cruso. deceased, will apply to the Probate Court of the Chickasawba District of Mis- steippi County. Arkansas, at its adjourned session on the 13lh day of December, 1030, for authority to sell the following lands belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be urcessary, to vit: l^ots G and 1, Block 8. Allison Addition lo Ihe -City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said sale is necessary for the purjxjso ol paying debts of the estate. B. E. ROBERTS, Administrator. Reid, Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys. 11-18-25-2 Pnvinp and Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now-Due Q.'.G?6A«DIU,, Collector. upstairs In Farmers Bank Bldg NOTICE > With onr ' rcOfat partnership frith Mr. Geo. Carney, we now hive the best equipped Independent shop In town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE .- Pickwick Building "We know we Biow how" nox CAR GOES TOURING CHICAGO; (UP)—Curiosity as to what happcnrs to. a box car led the Canadian Pacific recently, to trail one of its cars on Us travels. From January until October. 1030, it traveled more than 50,000 miles i 20 states and over 30.different U- S railways. DIES ON DANCK FLOOR BERLIN, (UP) — Karl Haak. postman, receiving an uuexpecta cvcnln? off, celebrated by going t n dance. He had oily been In th liall a few minute.1 when lie suf fered a heait attack, Eliding Iron his partner's* to IhCiflcor' diet! almost at once. AN EAVESDROPPER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THIS CO&H PATCH B6LON6BO TO SOME i«oi*n ( Aam6Hr-..tH£Be THE WHO THAT in TUSIO. HAI THE NEISH80BHOODJ! OSAl- VJ1LD WEST IMDIANS ? isvir BS IT'S HABD T6U-IM' THSS6 IWDIAMS \WOOLO os... DANGUHOUS TOY WASH TUBHS \«E THOOWI EXF'.Om, MH fv NUT. WlrVY, /efrXfcnM 1 . 1 M4 TttKV MfkCmwe'S WORTH . HILUONS! \U*W TrtElC. AMMOMITlON t , COULD BV PROFtSSOR, NOU'RG fX UES5. LQVILN W0lr\, CMER-RUN AVL (XSIN WITH WO tO,OOO WEM UPvTVOMS of WE GLOBE . COUIV) "WUN EIK.TCIC- rAtTo?e«6CT TOM Wft.VOUTX) NOT WOHOBR TaP-T THOSE V . M. &U«-»IO PRESTOS ^yr-£^4^^.s, ^ WOUIO BVOU) UP.

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