The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, loss BLYTlgaVlLLfi, (ARK.) COURffift Trouble-Wracked Central Europe Democratic Little Nation To Be Next Target of Hitler By NEA Service PRAGUE, Feb. 21 - Czechoslovakia, a. bfltugucrcd Island hi Ihe troubled tea of mid-Euroiic, waits uneasily for a voice. Tlic exp-cted voice is that of Chancellor Hitler of Nav.1 Germany, and Its iiiMsnge is expected to uc nn invltatimi to come lo Berlin and discuss thc future of large numbers cf people of German origin who live In Czechoslovakia. -Just such an inv:;at!on preceded Ihe coui) whereby litlle AiislrlH fell under Gennan domination. This troubled democracy ol Cwcfcnslovnkla, whore Ceruiniik (iiiTcnt'i from the northwest and Slavic currents from the- southeast, meet and mingle. Is one in which 15.000,000 people live in an :irea considerably smaller than Florida. On the map. the country is fish- ;-hapec!. The head of the fish p?nn- trate.s inlo Nazi Germany. In t)ii« "head" are (ho great industries, Ihc highest development, and most of the 3,503,090 Czechoslovaks of liermnn Mcrr.l. Unhappily Located To the south lie Austria and Hungary, neither friendly, for Hungary keeps remembering 700,130 Hungarian-descended. Czccho- , Slovaks. Northward lies Poland, also rather unfriendly, and also with a large racial minority in thc country, perhaps 90,0i)0. Friendly alone among neighbors is Rumania far to the southeast, at the tail of the fish, the undeveloped part of the country. Geographically, that is" not a happy filiation. Politically it, ir, not. happy, either. But among that mixed racial assortment there are also O.Tto.OOO unmixed Czechoslovaks, and I hey are a happy people, intelligent, prosperous and liberty- loving. If you listen to Nazi propaganda bureaus, Czechoslovakia today is a .spear-head of Communism pointed at Germany's vitals, a potential jumping-ofT place for raiding Russian airplanes. ft' you listen lo corresponding Russian propaganda. Czechoslovakia, is.UK; high roa^ [or Hitler's legions leading (o the promise land .•oS.-thf rich Russian Ukraine. If you still remember the thwarted idealism of Woodrow Wilson, Czechoslovakia Ls the last hspc of the new democratic nations set up ••iftsr thc World War in thc effort nt Versailles to unscramble the na- tionality-nnd-racc question. Wil- ••iOiiE memory Is still revered in Czechoslovakia almost as a natron faint. Jicit Small Army Whichever [Mint of view you lalte. Czechoslovakia today is a particularly vital member "cf tin. grou]] of mall central European nations. Its military strength is far greater than its. size or population would indicate. The Bohemian coal nnd iron mines, and l!ie huge Skoda munitions works at Pilscn have been one of the world's great, sources of munitions since before thc great Skoda pins pounded Belgium's Liege in 19H. • That mean.s (hat the Czech nrmy of nc.M.0 with a Irainrd rr.- ,serve of 1,000.01,3 is thc besl-armcd ..mall army in Europe. Thorough border fort in cut Ions insure delay if Nazi troops should jm'iidc Bohemia! The fate of (hi. in-ycar-old democracy, therefore would depend on wether France and Russia came lo her aid, a; both have engaged to do, Th? Austrian border, relatively iinfcrtifif.-i. will undoubtedly be quickly strengthened noiv thai Oer man influence in Austria has be come dominant. Residents of th Bohemian part of Czechoslovakia ran not loignt 300 years of Hapsburg domination l;y Austrian gov- ' ' crnmenls in Vienna. I-ILL Kppccli for Nazis i Nazi propaganda in Czechoslovakia has already spurted strongly rlnce the Austrian coup. Broadcasts from thc Leipzig station blanket thc country. Depressed conditions In the industrial iBo- litmisn) end of tho country l:clp Kcnratt Hcnleln. Nazi leader in Czechoslovakia, to atlvnnco hi, t;u;;,e. 'ine rc.-iohite VKV in which President BcnCT.' Rr.vornniem hns .stuck 10 Us «uns in the matter of 'racism of speech and of the pre.ys has been oi tl:c utmost help to Hcnleln. Thc only press suppressions since thc Austrian crisis hav? been those of papers ciitiral ot Germany, not. oi Germany's supporters, evidencing the scrupulous <:arr of the government lo avilil ofreiu*. 'Ihn eastern end of Czechoslovakia k relatively undeveloped, and lontnlns the densest and most vn|- nable forests ol Europe. Thc shoe liiclorlcs at Znn ri.n uy me isiu.i family are world-renowned. Jan Bata not long ago suggcstc-J plans for development of the country inlo one- of 30.000.C.OO people by creating new transport •niv.l oih?r facilities. But any such sbai b sill) In Iho doutls. , Prague, Ihc Great capital city o! more than 800.000 people, has neither (lie gaiety of Budapest nor llic tiugiu emplincti. of Vienna. It, icflccls the giavc and tolid deler- miuatfon of a people lo go for- Almcsl nirroniKlcd by unfriendly in mid-JSiroj*. (SrcfciWovBkla now is the .tot hope imion, democracies raised up by Wood™ W,lson liberallsu, after tbe World W«. As graphically sh.wn in thl, map . Jv NEA A ,IM Gearec Scnrbo cwHo-' "lovakm Is exposed on all sides, and particularly on Ihc German |.- 0 rder. The shaded area shows how the German pouu'lntloii of Bolicmn is heaviest in the area where thc Nazi nation surrounds c/ xhcslovakia on thivo sides. Here 30 |wr c,,,l oi Z »idiMhmkta'ns .Kilioimllly arc Germans by Wood. Thc Austrian border. lefl umK'fnKKxl br-c't,.,^ Arrtiia was believed frlcndlv is now belli, hurrle.llv forl.liod. 'inc map shows the location u f the 8 rea! Czech industrial lfgion uu «-hld, Nrr/i Chancellor Hitler is'bcilcved lo be c.islhe a Looking Down From a Japanese Bombing Plane}Dentist Chair Ready-to-Wear Tills graphic picture, taken from an observation plane as (lie Japanese tombed n Chinese military airdrome at Hankow, shows how the mifortunale earth appears 10 the mcii who fly the Nippomv :ombers. Note iho great clouds of .smoke ami dml rising from the ground as ;ilmo;,t countless bombs explode. Such bombing expeditions ;is this hnvc caused great. low of life and tremendous property : ' ' • . damage, in lh» Sino-Janancsc War. On Bon Voyage Party 13 Days High .Sdiosl Drivers Tauelil j in France for the past 20 years. NEWTON, Mars. (UP) — New Thc pin was fcund by Gcori-c W. England's first high .school auto- Kartell c. r Philadelphia, who was ffiottlr ririviiif! class has just start- starlcd with right students. tures at:d text booh rfurty come lirsl.. Thru sJiuK-nl;-,- arc lafcon oul in. automcMes (or instruction and experience. .'ib!e from (he Inscription on thc back lo return it lo Us owner. Collegian With Yankees MALONE, N. Y. i UP)—Don Ryan. Manhattan College senior and ace pllchcr for Ib" Miilonc stars, announced he Iras signed a contract to join thr NOK York Yimkves aftci- graduation. Ryan salct IIP expected lo l)e "fanned out'' lo Akron. Bin:;- Iiiiinptoii CT Dsyloii. Sometimes thc moon trasses -li- T2 o«i<vcen thc sun and Hit earth without its shadow falling <.n tnc earth. In this case, we have an annular, or ring-shaped eclipse, with only thr center of Ihc sun bcin^ blocked out. Jf you can gel into this contraption, it is thc Iliing to wear en your next visit lo thc dcntisl. By squeezing tl:e hnlb you can • (live yourself just enough'gus lo uvrivc nl n state of analgesia Vllcre yoii'are in:;eiisible (o pain i witliBut becoming unconsciouii. Miss Julia Buiilta is niclurccj :|j .^Sic ilcmoiislrntcd llic new dcvica tt u denial convention in Clucajjo. Hfad Courier News. Want Ada Krv i lit :'t Verdun KefOvctcd ATHILHTCN, Cal. lUI'i - A Phi Ben Kappa pin lias just hren re- turr.rd i» llolbrook Romncv after Kli- mi Hi" l)al!lrriel:l of Verdun NEW SPUING YARNS j AND FASHIONS j By Bcrnat I'KKK INSTRUCTIONS Airs. Leslie Hooper t 1100 Cllirkasawlill Tlioilc "K Where Romance Brewed Gives Views On' British Efforts To Appease Hit- lei', Duce 11V HODNKV DU1CIIKK C'nurln- News Waslihi^tmi Corrtsponddit WASUINOJON, Feb. 25.—Dm- mallc. rupld-llrc developmciils In have dlscomlHed Hoosovclt mid Krcrcluiy Hull, wliilo playing Into Ihc hands of Iliwe vvlio wnnt to conllm- ihts nallon'K role in liitttriiittlonnl politics to North and Kouth Aiiicrka. Thc Immediate results over hero are: A hard blow lo prospects for "co-opcmtlnn" by the "rtemocnitlu roitnlfira" riKalnsl Hie dictatorships. 2. Weiikonlui! of the oppnslllon tc Ainoiieni) naval expansion. 3. o/llclal iiccenluatioti of Iho Monroe Dactrhiis as the key program in American foreign policy, Uncle Sam, Ha* Uuliitr Tin' Britkh . goviirmncnl's lush lenec on seeking lo littler md Mussolini by Idling'them hnvo wlua ihcy fiBk for bus left, JJoosc- vull and Hull lioliiing (he ban somewhat us Hoover and • Secre- hii.v Stlmsiin were left when Kue- lur,d lefiisfd lo support .strong American protests iiaiilnsl Junaii- cso Invasion of Mniicliiirln. Bui tills time the American ncik was not out as fur us bolon popular nnd.- congressional - :is to foreign entangle- wcnts Imd defeated ndmlulslrallon desires to take a Ihnu-r position against German. Italian and Japanese Tills both tvcnkcnnl the position of Sll- An- :hony Eden nnd sliengthcncd IhiiL Jf .Prime Minister Neville chaiu- bcrluln. Socrelly. the admlnlslrn- tlon would much rather huvc teen Eden win. Clvolcr Wat Ui-llulii'K Actiuilly. us cvciy dliilomal, knows, things had come lo thc point In Europe w|icrc England had lo Ions nn ultlrmilutn' at Hitler .ami Mussolini or consent to deal on the basir, of an ultimatum which those two dictators had thrown at England niul Fl'a'nce. Roosevelt, and Hull had Imped thut the firlllsh government would be lough. They both hale nnd fear the ns- raidaur.y of Ihe fascist dictatorship:; nnd the possibility—wfllch Amtassador - (o -t Germany D o d d kept pointing out In his handwritten personal natcji (o both of them—that Hitler, Mussolini and Ihc Japanese militarists will come to dominate Ihc rest or llic \v3rld nnd start moving hi on a Latin America which already Is saturat- -d wit!) Ihclr propngmtdo, Concessions No-Good Hil!t>r and Mussolini, In ijic private opinion of our highest ofil- cinls. win be; i(isatiabln until they have Iniiiihlcd-or tried to humble —France and England in ihc dust, fo make concessloni; lo such men (hiougli sncrlllclng Ihc last Austrian, the lost Spaniard and the tast Czechoslovak, in the opinion of our diplomatic high coin..,.,,.... will only encourage them lo further demands nnd ultimate aggression. Prestige of England and France and of democracy as n pomicu. Ideal, under these circumstances, cannot help bul be impaired In middle Europe, the Mediterranean area, the near cast, the far cast 'iii tin rcsi of l.':e world—Including Latin America. Conversely, our nipif.inals feel, prestige of (he fascist nalionii will rise. Of course It can be pointed out lo Koosevcll and Hull that the United Slnles wii.s jjol "under Ihc gun." as was England, llml this as wns country lias no tjrcal yearning, Mere than 40 days arc required | such a* nffllcUs the dominant IJrh- to hatch ostrich esgs. | Ish statesmen, to make some agree- '.Miss Gloria Reyes is jiicturrd above as :-hc rclurticd to fit York ;IJ|CT un'mxidi'iitiil round trip (o Europe. Going nl)o;u<l the linn' £uVop;i to ;,ii\, mmd- b.y to h ir-nd.x ; lie I'lidoi) uji m Cherbourg, Kriuuc, ,anc! had to return tourist tiass i»\ Ibr Dculschland. JJi ss Urvc.,-. ;i L'l- .vciiv-olil .dancer, worc'lho dies-; s-lic has on in the picture' lo tlraJEhl days. ' live Ihcir live;, di-;,|ii 1 .'. v.'ii rd a pi'e livery Czcc'.i knows Uwt InV country ma; 1 well be the Belgium of the next World War. or Hi: Read Courier News Want Ads. fry uur NEW SENTRV GOAL this time It's prepared in America's Most Modern Preparation Plant. Wo Guarantee Every Ton. 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(|i<Mlriim.lM »,, , Jlllu , , mil , s , ((l , )csl dnr(s ^^ ^ ^ Miss,shown nl the rustic lmb , serving up a (anknrcl of nlc lo ouc oMicr'bMt customers, nu old.gci.tlMnan known simply , as 'flic Doc. inciit-iii-nctlcally at. any price- whiph, will inssure Ensland. jignlnil aci'niah'-Blr.'.'i'ftlils and nn• llnllan seizure of (he 'Metlttcrrnncnn. France Heal lactr Englnnrt and Franco ijcrmlttcd ^lilnnii In Europe to drift to the point where nir ultimatum to the c'nsclst powcrr. mcnnUat least/., nn JVen chance nf war. Tliey'fiiiicd'to tnke slcrn. measure. 1 , Irt (tie Jncc if Genrmny's Hhliiclnnd Invasion :itul todny (hat fnlairo inpuars iu a turning point In Etiropeftji'his- tory. Thc turnlni! point Is chlofly signified now by Hie Tnot Hint France, after Keeking lo miilnlnln nn nrtlllclal bnlnncc of power In Europe for 18 yearn, 1ms now lost her huycmony. European .pence, uccordliiji to surfuci! Indlcalions, seems to bo fissured for nn Indefinite period, (lurlntf which Ocrmnny will Etart Gobblhi(! CKcchoslovnkla nnd make n denl with England ns lo her lost colonies, meanwhile supporting further Italian efforts in Spain. As lo the permanency ot: peace on Biich a bnsls, perhaps tlial;hopo is no more absurd'than was tho rircnin ot Uooicvclt hnt! Hull'Of ft United front or "democratic im- llcns" which would Include Tory- Uoverned •Engtiuid, Communist Rus- Jln, wobbly France and the Isola- llou-inlndcd United States. Grown In Massachusetts, n sijuosli measured Hi feet In length and 22 i Inches in diameter, weighing 105 pounds. "FIDDLE BOTTLE" NOW IDENTIFIES BAROSTOWN'S FINE WHISKY Makes it easy to buy this Kentucky Straight Bourbon .., made the old SOUR MASH way We're proud of the wliisky we make here at Bards- : lava, in Nelson County, Kentucky. And we're proud of "Tie Old Keniuckv Home" irhkh Minds here—and yjiich; Stephen Foster immattil- izcd in his finious balhrl, So we do honor to i>oti with out hew "FiddleT Bottle." tur 118)titstht limestone Tjur of our Boutbon Springs has Been'uirfcly known for tht distinclive chancier il giiw lo'.wji'iViy. ,Today. with tins seera- iogly magical viler ,'jiii iclccted grains, we nu!:c •whisky by the same slow Sour Mash melhod out fathers used... and mature it in Nature's own vay —in heavily charted new while oik barrels. The result is a full-bodicd drinking whisky, smoolfi and • mellow. You'll like our BARD'S TOWN and BOURBON SPRINGS Kentucky Straight B ourta n Whisky. Ask for it in the'-F iddlc BotlU" Jt yotr package store ot bar. BARDSTOWN DISTILLERY. Incorporated Boottoj Springs, Nelson Co.atr. Kentucky P.O. BirJsloirj.Kv. 'J. fttts old 90 Pcoof Also in ;ht* Kiddle Bottle' Bourbon

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