The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 17, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANA NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 104 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, BlythevlUe Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. RLYTHKVH.LK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1030 SINGLE COPIES F1VI3 CENTS SEEKS TO COMPEL VOTE ON NAVY PACT Juvenile Record Seekers Kings-ford-Smilh Will Fly Atlantic From Harbor Grace to Amsterdam. SANTA MARIA. Calif., July 17. '.UP)—An attempt, will be made lo lly the Atlantic from Harbor Grace, N. F., to Amsterdam withit [he next, two months by Wing Commander Charles E. Kingsforcl-Sniiil and the same crew which recenllj flew the Southern Cross on an cab' lo west, trip across the Atlantic, it was said here today. Capt. J. Patrick Saul, navigator on the other Atlantic trip, con- lluned the plans. O'Brin* and Jackson lo Try Agaii ST. LOUTS, July 17. <UP>— t month aloft, will be the goat o! Forest. O'Brlne and Dale Jackson when they take oil here in their airplane "Greater St. Louis" in ni attempt to shatter the world's reu ord for sustained flight. O'Brlne and Jackson, forme: | holders of the endurance record. • said they intend to surpass the I present racord held by John and j Kenneth Hunter oy such a margir. that "other flyers will not, care tc shoot at it." The former record holder. 1 ; announced today they probably woulo be able- to start, the flight Satur day or Sunday. "It is possible, however, that w will not go into the air until early ] next week," Jackson said . j The "Greater St. Louis," a Curi.:: , Robin cabin plane, was presented to Jackson and O'Brine after theii record breaking flight here a yea' i ago and has had but 20 minutes in I the air. The plane will be equipped wit 1 " radio,: air" matresses and electric lights,?^ will carry 120 gallons. 01 -'. gasoirnt'-and will cruise "at 70 mile. an hour. SUPPLY OF Cherokee Company Seeks Record Raid Nets 62 At LittlieRock LITIt.E HOCK, July 17 (UP) — _. - » « l \ T t *-" A * l ' t -HVt.'l*(Ullk.) 14 \\JT I Order to Make Natural Federal ofllcers allied by county r> i 'iiiii officials continued dry raids today LiUS Available Here. | which have netted (he largest I number of alleged violators ever arrested here in one drive. Sixty (wo alleged violators were under arrest. Seventeen more were A petition to restrain BlythevlUe and other cities from canceling | natural gas franchises granted the ; Cherokee Public Service company j i 0 'ugi lt ""i,V''ivalram'i." ThT" raids lover a year ago, and (o compel the i WL . rc nmdo ln jj rjlh , jlu i c Rwk nlll , I Mississippi River Fuel corporation | Nci .,|, LUt | C n ock. : lo furnish gas to the company, was ' ' filed in chancery court at Little' -Reck yesterday. The Cherokee company, which was : granted natural gas franchises at West Memphis. Blylhcvllle. Marlanna, Augusta, Pocahontas. Wynne and Corning alleges that the Mississippi River Fuel company, owners of the Monroe-St. Louis pipe i line, has refused-to furnish it a-i,. . .. .-. supply of gas because tlie Arkan- [Ylavsh UrgCS KeappOrtlOn- sas Power and Light company Is One-Armed Convict Escapes, Breaking Pledge lo Governor flT LEICINIlit , one-third owner of the pipeline Tree sitters, ahoy! Jack Richards, 14. is shown here "at the con-< company and desires to reserve trols" of his tree perc.h in lh» backyard of his home al Kansas City, • lhe Aikansas, territory for its own Mo. And Jack'seems lo have the rest of the tree sillers out on a. '"ijij' 111 "" 1 . 1 ' , ks limb, for he had been up 124 hours when this picture was taken. Ills 'damages i'n "lie ^um° oTjlOo'oOO tor "refuel" fcani had just passed up his lunch by means ot a clothes line., failure of the Mississippi' River ' Fuel company to supply It with gas, and askti that if the Cherokee i company is held liable on lls : bonds filed with the various towns ' that the liability be transferred ! to tlie Mississippi River Fuel cor- ' poralion. and that the United i States Fidelity and Guaranty corn- pany, as surety on the bonds, be menl and 1 School Aid, Attacks Fee System,Co.f - arm W. Paul Marsh, candidate the Democratic nomination By NKA Service KALEIOH, N. (J.—Otto Wood, who has only one arm. has just escaped from the Norlh Carolina stale prison here for the fourth time In six years. And In breaWup, jail lie breaks also a promise maili' lo Governor O. Max Gardner utter his third recapture (hat he would never do It, again. Wood, Imprisoned originally fnv killing a pawnbroker, vowed Iw would make no more attempts r esca|)c If the governor released him from "Dcatlr Row," where ho wus kept In solitary confinement for 2i' months following his third cscnur- and subsequent recapture. But iht> killer forgot to remember. Fellow convicts culled him "llou- illni" Wood, but prl.ion officials call him plain lucky. And here's one reason: Just before he was lost captured In Torre Haute, Inu., a druggist who he attempted to hold up, fired a well directed revolver against Wood's heart. But there was fountain pen In lhe killer's pockc; and It dellected (he bullet. In making his escape, ollkkls in the prison will tell you, Wood nisi hod his luck witli him. Certainly lie hail It the time he u.wl ii smuggled grin to force a guard to ; restrained from proceeding against ; the Cherokee company. I The city council of Blytheville : has already ordered that legal proceeding be instituted for recovery i on the $5,000 bond posted by the i Cherokee company as a guaranty of gas service here within one year - of (he granting of the franchise. I The year was up last May. Park, III. They report receipt ol a large batch of fan mail, which Ls sent up lo them when "refuel" contact--; are made. SOLE RECEIR 01 MlSSing rlySr j TWO more tree sitters who hope to smash lhe world endurance rec-i Discovered in Zion Canyon I or<1 arc Pictured here They are Jack Harris, kft. and Pal Kirk-' j patrick, who rigged up ihis elabarale perch al Pat's homo In Oak '. CEDAR CITY, Utah, July 17 (UP)—A tiny funeral procession winding Its' way through the mountains surrounding Cedar City wrote the last chapter to a saga of the air, unparalleled for its courage and bravery. i Maury Graham who gave his life that the air mail might go through | was on his way home. The pilot's i body was still encased in the heavy Hying suit he wore on his lasi flight and when he was discovered Arkansan Killed In Nicaragua MANAGUA, Nicaragua. July ,11. t OP)—Two U. S. marines'- were killed when their airplane crashed re!ative3 The spot ir. Zion canyon when the body was located was 20 miles from the spot where (he wrecked ! plane and its reported $300,000 cargo of valuable mail was found ty sheep herders three weeks ago. IClaim Unified Management for Saimdevs Stoves \yi i i A- i prr 1 • WOUld Aid LitlCieilCy. MEMPHIS, July 17. tUPi— A move was under way today to have Leslie M. Stratton, receiver for the Expect Jury Verdict . Clarence Saunders. Inc., grocery I chain, named his own auxiliary re- I cciver in the 15 remaining federal • iir n mi j j judicial districts in which the cor- in Well Murder I poration has stores. - I The company, a Tcnne.'isee firm. ASHDOWN, Ark., July 17. (UP! , became bankrupt when its prcsi- — Whether the six weeks bride of j dent, Clarence Saunders. national!' George Davis, 55, fell into a well i prominent chain store owner, an or was thrown in by Davis in an nouncccl it insolvent. angry mood will probably be Id: ; Attorneys for the receiver fai Marathon Cra/e Hits Youth of .Entire Nation near here yesterday, j The pilot, Walter Ponders of :CoK. Ark., was killed instantly and his companion. Sergeant Chambers last night. /^apportionment of tlie state legislature to ijive Mississippi and i voice In the slate's law making : body, solution of the problem ol schools finances, and elimination of the fee system of compensating offices were declared by Mr. Marsh lo be the chief planks In his platform, and he made a vigorous plea fcr support In carrying cut such a program. Next Monday night at Manila, the candidate announced, he will discuss the record of his opponent. Rep. E. E. Alexander, who has served a number oi terms In the state [house of representatives and an- I ate, and he issued a challenge ,to! ! Mr. Alexander to appear on l;ic •-Isame platform.and answer jiim. i A fair reapportlonment v "pf the state legislature, based on the 1 1930 i cenius, Mr. Marsh declared, would give Mississippi county three members ol the house of representatives and a senator, three times the present rc-prcscnlatlon of one represen- lativ and a senator shared wllh two other counties. The- change, he said, would permit each major section of the county, the area west of Big Lake and Little River, " Osceola district, and the area around Blythevllle, to have a rep- with him thc time he hid In :i concrete culvert pipe which was later und loaded on a freight train. For u one-armed m.-.- nmnuged lo keep plenty busy iti the prison. He not only simorvlwl the simill store but with Bill Campbell, lifer, operated what Is said lo be the only zoo In America owned and maintained by convicts. When took sick, Wood cared for She 200 p.nimals.' DesiKrale though he Is, Wood, according to prison authorities, used lo receive considerable "Inn" •nail from feminine admirers, On; nf them. It Is believed, helped him rrkc his latest gel-away.;. But as the killer i^ beins search•J In .-Inditing.'>£%!£' OTtulIi SILK FOtS Petition for Limitation of Debate Placed-m Circulation Today. WASHINGTON, July 11. (UP) — Majority Leader Watson today charged the London naval Ircaly opponents wllh filibustering and demanded on 11 ic floor of the senate Ilial they agree to u time for voting or suffer forcible silencing by the cloturc rule. Senator Johnson, ' Republican, California, dramatically rejected Watson's- offer. "Cio on with your majority," Johnson shouted, "the only'time we have ever had clotures In this body Is when we were acUng-.on .some foreign adventure or rnlsad- veiHure. Move on, sir, with your eloli'nc wllh a treaty dealing with uur national defense. Circulate* 1'clltion. . Watson then begpn circulating a clolure petition on the floor of the senate. If IS signatures are olfeped loc'ay lhe senate will automatically vote on the question Saturday.' If adopted a limiting of each senator to one hour debate would be effective from that time. ": The dominant treaty forces grew restless as tlie speeches of tlie op- I»nenls stretched Into hours. Senator McKellar, Democrat, Tennessee, spoke for three hours. Tenalor Plltman. Democrat Nevada, follow- Otlo Wood, ubovr, who proral.s^il, cd with a spirited allack upon Governor O. Max Gardner, btluw, PfsWcJil Hoover for his refusal lie would not attempt to flee slate's to , 8 lvc tnc senatc "" thc P B I*« ' relating to the London, meeting. Senators Coneland, New Yotk, and George, ••.Cinrgta,. Democrats, clos- for hl<- Martin of Barlow, Ohio, died shortly afterwards. Cause of the crash Is unknown. (By united Press) i Sudden Heart Attack The nation's youth has gone mar- ; athon crazy. Boys ''and girls today hunted ' trees, flag poles and light stan- ! dards, leler-tottered toward doubt- , Fatal to W. P. Evans W. P. Evans Elm street storekeeper, succumbed suddenly to an . in a few minutes. Funeral services were held this to a Jury to decide late today. The Davis trial got under way in its second day with both sides hoping to complete final argument. the management of the company which has 153 stores in Hie south and southwest, would be more efficient under one man. Meanwhile attorneys for New York banking firms who held s5Q2,- 000 in loans against the insolvent Stale witnesses occupied the stand at the outset today to testify against the wanderer of 20 years who finally married but whose wit.- | firnl| sald they may fignt lo k was found dead only a few weeks i the firm from Mng adjudged biink- laler. rllp t. The death penalty is being de- j udgc HarrJ , D An[ , erson nns manded for the Spanish war vet- I not nttmed the datc when the fm _ eran who Is alleged to have beaten | al lnsolvency hmrtnt! will be heard. the woman and thrown her into . • lhe well to die. Ke had pleaded In- j sanity the day tlie court opened I but was declared sane by a special | jury. ( fill fame, pedaled bicycles around j attack of heart trouble at his small seemingly endless circles, danced • establishment about 4:30 o'clock far past the exhaustion point, ami i Wednesday afternoon. to cap the climax the juvenile pop- , Evans was taken suddenly ill illation of Himtlngton, W. Va i while several people were in the planned an endurance water wing ; store, according to reports, and died contest. Thc craze started a week ago in Racine, Wis., when the "pioneer" ' morning with the Rev. Work offi- (ree sitter, Jimmy Clemmons. • elating. Interment will be made at mounted a bough and announced Sawyers cemetery. Tlie Cobb Un- j he would sit there indefinitely. Tie i dertaking company is in charge of I lasted 3G hours but his example arrangements. ; the length ancl breadth of The deceased is survived by his the land. Not to be outdone by tree sitters the bicycle riders pedaled into action and four youtlis began a backward automobile trip across thc ' ontinent, the Chicago dance mar- .„, _ „ . „.. , ithon passed the 2,000 hour mark, i Charge Zeda Games With flag pole sitters, their fame char rescntative of lls own. He said that his opponent had expressefl himself us personally opposed to i Ihe rcapportlonment. I u Ls the duty ol the stale, Mr. Marsh said, to make possible adequate financial support for the pub. lie school system, and he expressed himself as favoring any legislation that would aid the public schools In promising to lead a movement for the abolition of the fee system he condemned the county farm and all leasing of county prison labor, and said that he believed cllminalion of the farm could be hastened by doing • away with the fee system. prison, Is ;at large fourth time. -I Tennessee, where-he is warded.on criminal charges, as diligently ft- In North -Carolina, guards at,HIP prison herfe soon ekpect to s*« a faralllnr '.(gra, livtlt:- •;• Priast to Speak at Uttle Rock Tonight LITTLE ROCK, July 17 (UI>> — Rep. Oscar DC Priest of Illinois, negro congressman, will speak here tonight at a national negro lodge convention. The congressman, who was refused the city hall to si>eak In recently at Birmingham, was to arrive here toady. cd the last two hours of debate. Less -than- 10 members were, on the floor ib.Copeland. read extracts 'of ' .. historic*!,'. data 'relating to treaty' Senator McKellar duce'U his .reservations, ons prb- vldlng'for freedom oT tlio sens and the other calling fof ; the ellmlna- tjpn of British naval bases In In 9 vicinity of the American contl- nenl." In a bitter attack upon tlic treaty tlie Tcnnpssean termed the pact a € Up to Growers to Support " sham l' n ' nd > ie protested that no . " , r'r nrlntpri vpfr\rA ovMprl nf th/» T.rm. Campaign If They want Office Says Smith. Mercury at 57, New Road Contract Awarded i I LITTLE ROCK. July 17. (UP) — -.,..- , ... , i Contracts on 23 road and bridge LOW, Wednesday Night j projects were awarded late yester- i day by the state highway commls- First It's hot and then it's cold. I sion. The work will cost approxi- I^st night a new record for low; mately $1,168,000. The projects in- July temperature was made here j elude about 16 miles of paving, 51 when the mercury dropped lo 57 i miles of gravel surfacing and GO degrees and was also there eariy j miles of grading and drainage today. The maximum yesterday structure. Eight bridge projects was 89 degrees and the thermo-: were also included. meter's red is rising today. Among the contracts let was 11't i miles of paving on the Neltleton ' Lake City road In Cralghead coun- ' ty to J. P. McNulty of Pine Bluff. ' His bid was 4110,048. MOTOR AGE TRIUMPHS LAWTON. Okla. (UP)—After us- Hot Weather Proving No Helper to Cupid This hot weather doesn't fit In with overs. There have been only _ 21 nurriage licenses issued from hng'n horse and buggy for manj the county court clerk's office this | years, H. W. Bruce, plor.eer pros- month, six of which were two ne-; pcctor, living In the Wichita moun- grofs. This Is believed to be the j tains.near here, has gone modern lowest record ever made as the av- He decided recently, that means o erage monthly number is approxlm- transportation was too slow and aloly 75 or more. (bought a 1911 model automobile. enged, extended their hours, and .wo girls see-sawed in Evanston 111., to a world's record, if there is such a thing. Hold Hot Springs Killer in State Penitentiary LITTLE ROCK, July 17. tUP> — Clarence Aldrich. 29. self confessed slayer of Henry L. Kizziar. 36, near Hot Springs, because lie thought Kizziar had broken up his home, was held in the state penitentiary here today on a charge of first degree murder. Aldrich was removed here bc- TI r. i r iL I cause ot the weakened condition ol Iheit trom tattler | the jail a (. Hot Springs where a widow, three daughters, Mrs. Opal ' Sumners of this city, Mrs. Nora - Nipper of Promise Land and Mrs. ! Eada Slankard. Zeda Gaines well known police character, Mrs. Lytle and her son, I break happened last week. Felix Whitled Almost Instantly Killed in Accident at Forrest City. FORREST CITY, Ark.. July 17, (UP)—Felix P. Whilted, candidate for circuit court clerk of St. Francis county, was almost Inslantlj killed here today when the machine he was driving crashed into a telephone pole. G. S. Voss. driver for a local oi company, said Whltted apparently had fainted shortly before the crash. His head fell forward. Voss said, and the machine plunged into the pole. Force of the blow threw the prostrate man from the machine, witnesses said. Whitted had been actively engaged In county politics and had served as county court clerk. He The situation respecting thc of- er of the Mid-South Cotton Orow- :rs association to establish u branch office in Blytheville If 10.000 buk-s of cotton are signed In Mississippi county nntl. with certain restrictions, In Dunklln and Pemiscot counlcs, was discussed at u meeting this afternoon of business men and farmers, With only atout 3,000 bales nl- rearty signed, it was indicated by C. G. Smith, Mid-South director for Mississippi and Crlttenden counties, that whether or not a campaign Ls to be launched to sign up the additional 7.COO bales depended largely upon (he attitude of cotton growers who have already joined the association, and he announced (hat a meeting of all Mid- South members in Mississippi, PiMiiiscot and Dunklin counties would be called for next Wednesday night at Blytheville to discuss printed record existed of the London negotiations. The title of world's premier tree ; J - T - Lvtle . ar <: charged with the sitter rested today with 10-year- ' th <>ft of approximately $200 from old Bill Kearney ol Kansas City. ; Znch Onlnes. father of Zeda. but his fame was threatened in : • Tn " elder Gaines accuses the dozen cities. Only last night Jack - trio ° f t h =ft °' ^ roll in " KI?.zlar was shot four times by I is survived by n widow and seven Aldrich as the two met at a high- j sons, way near llot Springs Tuesday. I Mrs. Mina Jane Collier Catholic Institutions Richards oi Kansas City decided quarters" last night. A j Dies at Gosnell, Aged 83 Exchange Buildings his record was unbeatable and made , general free for all followed, ac- j jj rs- M[lm Jane Collier, 83 year a three point landing. He had been , cording to officers, and charges of | O i d rcs i(i cn t of the Gosncll com- aloft 156 hours. Billy, however, re- i disturbing the peace will probably mun it y- died at her home yester- malned aloft and soon passed ; ** lodged against at least one of, day [ 0 i ow m K a long illness. Hichatds. i the group. Hearings i Funeral services will be held tills before Justice Oscar afternooll wlth the Rev Williams L ^^™^ c ^ s t . seminary traded buildings today. The plants were exchanged because of the large growth of the seminary In recent years, according Hold Services Today- — for J. F. Clark}'68 Funeral services were held this morning for J. F. Clark, 68, resident of thc Lutes crmmunlty, who succumbed at the Blythevllle hospital Wednesday after a long- illness. The Rev. P. Q. Roric officiated at the services held at the chapel of the Cobb Undertaking', company. Inlerment will be made at a Jonesboro cemelery following services at the First .Methodist Church tomorrow morning. . . Tlie deceased had been ill 'for some time and had been a patient nt the local hospital for the past three weeks. He lived in this section mny years and formerly operated a small orchard on the outskirts of this city. u .,t.n.,...i > uuu ^ u .». He les survived by his widow, the matter. Mr. Smith and a few Mrs. Bell Clark and a brother, J. olhers plan lo go to Caruthersville ! W. Clark of Jcnesboro. tonight for a meeting with Pemiscot county farmers and business men. the fanners who have already signed believe In this thing enough to help put over the neccs- ] sary 10,000 bale sign-up the whole thing might as well be dropped," Mr. Smith declared. Confidence that the 10.000 bales could be obtained as expressed by some of lhe farmers present, while others appeared doubtful. J. F. 1 be in charge of the services which Tompkins of Burdctle declared iris j nre to t,e held at Number Eight personal willingness substantially cemetery at 10 o'clock. St. Louis Boy Suffers Badly Mashed Finger Billy Silberblatt. nine-year-old „„ U1 .. v . ^ „.»....— HILCIIIUUH VHt.ll tllC S\W. V*llllUl!i;j , .nffl-l-l,. 11TKHA Uin cnmlna i Alexander on charges of grand O f f | clal , ng . interment will be made l ° °" lc i a ^ V ™ L ™m t?i t , larceny will be'granted this after- at tne N * rth Sawba cemeterv The I was . ln nccd of more room 0™ "> ! noon or tomorrow morning. ! cobb Undertaking company is In ! ^™ C L,.^°^ S HrL n in« : : rh,r»» ^f rimm-ai ni»r« : "liege have been dropping. i "Holiday Fi$h" Theft umy Qiiuciuinu. iiiuc-jcai -uia I n — m . n . -—• son ot Dave Silberblatt of St. Louis. • Lost I WO Men THICS llves - charge of funeral plans. son. B. J. Collier, and other rela- had his middle finger of the right hand severely mashed yesterday; W. A. McCord and Albert Beas- when leaving the Frisco train here.; ley were convicted of stealing "hol- The child Is now at Campbell's j leiay fish" in the court of Justice ! Clinic in Memphis where ampula- : Bert Lewis at Roseland yesterday.. tlon will probably be made. : They were fined $10 and cost each. Thc child and his father were I Miss Lawson Will Speak at State Conference Miss Willie A. Lawson, county The seminary serves many dio- :eses throughout thc south and 1 west and to meet Its demands wilh- out the exchange with the college would have required a large expenditure. I ^ | Requisition Issued in The two were accused of remov- j-superintendent, will "aUe'ndT"^^ ! Mortgaged Auto arriving here for a visit with Mr : ing a number of fish from a "live j state county superintendents' con- • Sllverblatt's sister, Mrs. Sam Flor-, box" where they had been placed I ference at Fayetteville the first of' man .when the accident occurred, i In waiting for a holiday picnic. ' The door of tlie car Is said to have . Nelll Reed, deputy prosecutor, , , LITTL EROCK, July 17. IUP)- next week where she will appear Requisition was Issued late yester- on th program Wednesday. Her day by Governor Parnc-11 for the caused the Injury. Sam Florman represented the state al the trial, subject Is "The County Supcrin- return of Jimmy Pryor from Top;- accompanled the patient and • : — tendent, the Principal and the Sup- ka, Kans . U> El Dorado. Pryor is father to Memphis and Mrs. Flor- The U. S. Navy can now ir.uit«r . ervlsor." She will go Sundav and rharwrt with romovlne a mortsased man went down today. Navy can more than 800 fighting planes, Ireurn Thursday. go Sunday and charged with removing a mortgaged l automobile from the stale. Mrs. Vera Farris Moore of Huffman Died Today Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow morning for Mrs. Vera Farris Moore, 32. wife of Mr. Moss Moore, who died at tr.e family residence at Huffman today. Thc Kev. Marshall Robertson will to Increase his own sign up, as did si member of others. The meeting was attended by a The deceased is survived by her husband, sons. Moss Jr.. Jack, Mason and James Moore, all of Huff- good sized delegation from Dell, in- j ma ner slste Mrs jx, n[ce p ark . eluding Tern Martin, Oto Brad-. brothers. Herman Farrls, Alton berry, M. F Brownlee, Earl Majors. | Farrls Ol Huffman and D. W. Far- M. W. Lewis and Inr. Hardln. r[5p Bnd Sy | ves ter Farrls, of Mem- Other farmers present Included Mr. Tomkins ot Burdette and C. C. Langston and Jack Trlmue of Number Nine. ! Blytheville business men and others Interested In the cotton market- j Ing program who were present T.! e:,,/.lo;» J. Mahan, A. a. Little, B. A. Lynch, i Sinclair- Cecil Shane, C. R. Babcock, Oscar Alexander, P. Q. Rorie, J. A. Leech, E. D. Ferguson, R. A. Kelson, Ira Crawford, J. E. Grits and J. Mell Brooks. phis. The Blytheville Undertaking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Approved by Company Oil corporation today approved th« sale of the company's half Interest In the Sinclair Pipe Lined company and the Sinclair Crude -Oil There were 150 inoculated for ty- ; Purchasing company to the Sfan- ' phoW fever in Mississippi county j dard OI) company of Indiana, own- Hold Typhoid Clinics yesterday. Two clinics were held a! Clear Lake farm and 100 negroes took the shots at Wilson. er of the other half, for »12,500.000 in cash.

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