The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1942 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 18, 1942
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY 18, 1942 -Social Calendar, TUESDAY'S EVENTS Past Matrons and Patrons Club meeting 8 o'clock with Mrs. L. M. Burnette. ' a Mrs. J. D. Davis entertaining M/jple Grove Cemetery Association. Double G Club ineeting with Miss Frances 'Holland.?; '' Mre. -LaFayette May having 400 Club. Chatterbox Club - meeting with Mrs. .Robert Wefdman.*' Mrs. Max B. 'Reid entertaining Tuesday Club. ' ' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. R. P. Bloncieyer "entertaining Wednesday Contract Club. • THURSDAY^ EVENTS Mrs. R. P: Ijane ; ' entertaining Triple Table Club. Double Pour:'.Club meeting with Mrs: John Poster. ; Mrs. John P.;'lsnti entertaining Thursdav Contract Club'. Catholic Young / People's Club sponsoring bingo.,,.party, 8 o'clock; at Catholic Hall. FRIDAY'S EVEN 7 TS Mrs. R. L-. Jackson entertaining C. B. C. Club. Love In Bloom Missourians Marry Here The marriage of Miss Vivian Crawford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Crner Crawford, formerly of Joiner nnd now of Holland, Mo., and Orvel Curry, also of Holland and Behton Harbor, Mich., was solemnized here Monday. May 11,. by Magistrate T. L] Cassidy. Mrs. Curry is a member of the Junior class at the Holland High School. Mr. Curry, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Higdori; of Holland, 'is a graduate cf that school.' Although Mrs. Curry is now at home with her parents, she will join Mr. Curry in Benton Harbor, when the school term is over. He is employed there. ' : - *;»':.*. Miss Edwards Is Bride Miss Pat tye' Edwards of Holland, Mo:,- became the "bride of Glenn Bunch, "of Yarbro,' Friday night' in",,a ceremony solemnized here immediately following the graduation': exercises of the 'Holland _ High SdTSjSI senior class of which the briefer was; a "member.' The/Rev. Francis 'Smythe, pastor of. First Christian Church, read the service at his home. The only attendants were Miss Aline Craw- fora? 'oF^o'snell, and 'Cecil Johnsen. of Yarbro. The bride, wore a white frock '•with moss green 'accessories. Mr. Bunch was • • graduated ' last year frim the Holland High' school. and is now farming near Yarbro. . ,• ••• .'».-"•.••' MISS BRACKIN HONORS •MISS JUANICE VVALPOLE - Miss Lystra' Brackin entertained^ 24 guests' for a lingerie and cos- mctic^hbwer Friday night in com- lteto Miss Juanice Walpole, Bite of News_. Mostly Personal T^RADITIONAL brides, this wartime year, are wearing unpreten- •*' tious but lovely blooms in fresh arrangements. This one has carnations at her temples and a spray bouquet of carnations and 1 magnolia leaves. The bridegroom who carries on a long distance courtship learns the bride's preference well in advance of the wed«!.;£, and wires flowers to coincide,with his arrival. Miss Elizabeth Ely the and Miss Annabel Bryant spent the week end at - Hattiesburg, Miss., with'* Miss Blythe's sisters, Mrs. Ralph L. Odley. and family and Miss Evelyn Blythe. Mrs. James J, Pickren is resting well at Walls Hospital following an appendectomy performed there yesterday, Miss Lystra Bracken spent the week end in Birmingham, Ala., as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. ^Green. There she joined' Mr. and [Mrs. Jack KlmmelJ and R. C. Penuel, friends of hers from Daytoria Beach, Fla. Virgil Greene attended to business in Little Rock Friday. Mrs. MaLL Scruggs has been admitted to Walls Hospital for an operation. M. Fitzsimmons, who is at Memphis Baptist Hospital, continues to improve slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Fred V. Rutherford will leave today for Port Gibson, Miss., to attend the graduation exercises of their son, Fred, who is completing four years of high school work at Chamberlain-Hunt Military Academy. He will accompany them home Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. John T. Allison and r^ughter, Alice Blythe, of Chicago, have arrived for' a 10 days' visit with Dr. Allison's father, J. P. Allison, and family. Welch Foster has returned from Dallas,' ' Texas where lie attendEd a sales meeting. Mrs.' T. 'K. Mahan and son, Anglo-American Leaders Relax sixth chapter' of Matthew as her Kirby of Paragquld, houseguest of reference.'The opening prayer was Mrs. Harry Kirby and Mrs. Elton a chain prayer led by Mrs. H. L. W. Kirby, and Mrs. Sloan Steuart. Chambers'and closed by Mrs. New- late of Sehuvick, Alaska, houseguest comb. ' | of Mrs. L. E. Old "Jr. Mrs. Quincey Alexander presided Luncheon was served at small over the business ssssion at which tables which were decorated with time it was decided to send a box,. Spring flowers, of candy to a soldier, son of one! * * * of the class members, and to send YOUTH FELLOWSHIP a basket'of fruit juices to Mrs.'ELECTS ^EW OFFICERS Miskelley, who celebrated her 105th 1 'Officers were elected and plans birthday yesterday. This is the for Summer were discussed at' a third such box of candy the class business meeting of the inter- Thomas Kent Jr., will leave to- morr'pw morning for I?ort ' Ord, Calif'.; "to join Lieut. Ma'han wrtq' is 'stationed 'there. They "will, "be accompanied by Miss Nancy Kirshner, who will return by way' of Salt Lake City where she will'visit her uncle, X. I 5 .''Smith. She ; plans to be'away two week's. '' '""'' has sent to soldiers. [mediate department of the Youth The meeting was dismissed with Fellowship of First Methodist : prayer by Mrs. R. I. Haley, a for-; Church last night. Jere Reid was elected president of the group. Other officers include: Bobby Cullison,. vice president; Virginia Swearengen,. f&c- retary; and Jo Ajm Shanks, Youth •;. Fund treasurer. Members of the :.mer--teacher of the class. | .** 9 * ALL CLUB MEMBERS ATTEND CBC PARTY All members of the C. of Corp; Fdy Etchieson pf5Camp Callan,- cilif. The "-patriotic • motif was carried. out (- : iii-v v the decorations for the games ;;and. the ' dessert course. 'Straw'tigrry • shortcake and iced dr5nks;£:were served. Mrs??D.'E. Young received high scnre ^rize, ''Mrs;' 'Raymond • Johri- rcn . - low : prize : and" 'Miss Dorothy Cress,, bunco prize ; . - : • • '".'•'.' ' •' ' • ' ••' • 'DORCAS S.' S. CLASS '• ' HAS SOCIAL MEETING ' Mrs. R/;L; Reeder and. Mrs. T. L. ' Cnssidy "were hostesses to "17 members cf .the Dorcas ..Sunday ^School f^l^cc tmr? VVtvArt* t^^J*-^*.*.* v^'— -T ^_^? .! i B. C. Club attended the party given Fri-'•'""" ^r LU / '. 1ViC » lu ^:' ^ rtnv oftprvin/w hv iJr,- s w n nnrt--« World friendship commission day" by Mrs. W. D. God are Marilyn Deen, Polly Ann Stewart. win at the Rustic Inn. The playing tTln « ' ' « \ ^ ,,- • ' ronm-wn, Hflrhrntfiri wit.h rc.L nnd. Luella Barnes, Barbara Cullison, decorated with rcses and j snapdragons. | Jo Ann Shanks, Virginia Gwearen- . . Igen, Betty Snidsr,' Evelyn Hatcher, Prizes in the games went to Mrs. Homer Alton, Frank Den ton, Bob- R- A. Copsland for high, Mrs. Paul by Cullison, Ancil Reed and Jere Byrum- for second high and Mrs. Reid. / . Smith for bridgo. following the games, the hostess eion. | Ann Deen presided over the ses- served a dessert course with iced drinks. : ' " • * + FRANCIS SMYTHE TO Bfi LANGE PTA SPEAKER Plans were made to send delegates to Camp Miramichee at Hardy in 'August. ' The r 'Intermediates also decided to participate in the acation Church School The Rev. Francis Smythe, pastor of the church which will begin of First Christian Church, will be June '8. ;; the principal speaker at the iinal' 'Responsibility for a church visit- meeting of; the year of the Lange ors register was 'assumed. Other Parent • Teacher Association Wed-'matters of'business were discussed and .decisions were., deferred until inesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. :ss and 'three" visitors' for a social Music will 'be 'furnished by 'Lange the 'group meets next Sunday night. meeting 'at First Baptist Qhurch School students who recently pre- Counselors present at last, night's * ' v ft * ,*'.-• • - i . • • i * -. • . _ . . _• i «•* rsrt.n»\ n- ' T-.*n»<>. T^ x^i* r^_.i.t^ ___ 1- i The* devotional was led. by Mrs. Charles Newcbrmv* : who used "Prayer" for her subject ' and the sented a music festival. HEY! DON'T SCRATCH soothb iho itch of mosquito and similar' bites .with Mexican Heat Pow'der. Large azo most- economical—sold everywhere. * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glcncoe Hotel meeting ' were D. C'. Sutherland. Mrs. Rupert Crafton, president. E - D - Furgcson and Miss Virginia urged all members to attend 'as Echols. mportaht business for next year s to' be discussed. • ' * • » • CHAPTER N STUDIES PANAMA CANAL ZONE Mrs. G. M. Powell, who formerly lived in the Canal Zone, was a guest speaker on the "Panama Canal" : program led by Mrs. Charles Crigger Jr.. Saturday at a luncheon m-:eting with Mrs. W. L. Horner. Mrs. Kton W. Kirby was co-hostess with Mrs. Horner. In addition to Mrs. Powell's talk on life in the Canal Zone from the| Admitted: At The Hospitals Walls Hospital ' Admitted: Mrsi James J. Pickren, city. Mrs. Raymond Sweet, city. Mrs. S. M. Singleton, DeJl. Mrs. Matt Scruggs,'city. Dismissed: •' ' Mrs. D. O. Garrett. city. J. J. Wilson of Manila. Mrs. Lawrence Powell, city. Blytheville Hospital AXIS GAMBLING eYW$i^i(i ij (Continued, from page i) ' "'"-• much attention. The other group wants to go further in attaching Italy" to 'the German machine.' There were reports in responsible sources recently that one pro-'Germari extremist group had been.'found plotting kidnap Mussolini ;and, ' liquidate Foreign Minister ; Coun^ Ciano in an effort''^' put 1 'the nation even more' completely under Naxi domination; '" ' : ' Italians Dissatisfied There are many ; i'taliahs"who were so opposed'to thfe war "with America that they say the ^people arc ready to somersault, to 'the side of the United "Nations on the day American and British : troops invade Italy.' ' : '' ; :: "•" It must i be emphasized that this opposition has no leadership, that potential leaders ; are 'clapped into concentration camps as soon as they appear and that there is no possibility of an uprising as long as Mussolini is backed by Hitler'n power. The Italians know that'an outbreak would merely bring more German troops into Itlay. As for Hitler, it is still impos- ible to see 1 the beginning of an effective anti-Nazi 'movement in 3ermany, but' there is' g'ood' evi- lence that a powerful group, reach- ng, high into'official quarters, is A little, more than a century ago, only one American college, at Oberlin, O., admitted women. Two 12-Year-Old Boys Held After Attempt To Rob Conway Residence A number of articles stolen from various homes throughout the city were recovered yesterday when local police amsted two 12-year-old boys after the two had been identified as the ones who entered the Aubrey Conway home on West Main Street yesterday morning. According to polics, the boys entered the home with the intention of stealing, but were surprised by the negro maid. Scurrying from the house, they fled down an alley but were seen and later identified. When the boys were arrested and Questioned, they admitted that they had entered a number of homes in the past and were responsible for several cases of petty larceny. Ttey disclosed the hiding place of their loot to officers who found a box containing a .38 caliber Smith and 'Wesson revolver, several watches, defense stamps, a combination cigarette case and lighter, and several other articles. The boys probably will be arraigned in Juvenile Court tomorrow morning. r,* Bargain Matinees Every Day Except Saturday it Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opt:ns C:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and San Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:20 p.m. iisl Times Today Wallace Beery In Livestock Following inspection of 9th Division troops at Fort Bragg, N. C'.,' Field Marshal Sir John Dill, left, and Gen. George C. Marshall, chiefs of the joint British-American war staff, relax at the division's Service Club. Popularity Of Short Sleeves I ' '• "• ' j~ ' ' ' Makes Pretty Arms Essential ^1 • • » , EAST ST. LOUTS, 111., May 18. (UP)—Hogs: 7500. lop, 14.10 180-250'Ibs., 14.05 140-160 IDS., 12.85-13.65 Bulk sows, 13.25-13.75 Cattle: 3700 SI. steers, 10.00-15.00 . Mixed yearlings, heifers 11,00-12.50 SI. heifers, 9.50-14.00 Stccker, feeder stesrs, 9.25-13.50 Beef cows, 8.75-9.75 Cahners and cutters, 6.50-8.50 The Bugle Sounds 1 with MAIUOIUK MAIN Also Paramount News & Comedy Continuous Show Sunday. Bargain Night Every Niflit Excep» Saturday. Show Kvery Night 7:00 Box Olt'ice Opens (1:45 Continuous Shows Sat. & S«n. Last Times Tonight, Group Of; 28 Drafted Men! Will Be Honored Before , Going To Army • i fc) ' ' J :, OSCEOLA,...Ark.,' May 18.—In- r fQrmaVrt-arewell ceremonies similiar to*, others' .held . previously will mark the going of 28 South Mississippi County men into Army service on Tuesday afternoon, it was announced by. James L. Kent of the local board office. The special bus is .scheduled to leave the courthouse at 3 o'clock for Little Rock. •included -; in .the list of those going "' are E. L. Taliaferro, Byrd Morrison, Hyman Weinberg, Edward C. Thompson. Edwin Howard Riley Jr., terilliam 'Newton Thomas, Bernard H. Farrell, E. R. omith Jr., Jame.s H. Caveness. Coiner Garrison, Odis H. Buggard, Franklin A, Patterson, Roy T. Foust, Frank A. Estes. Ned Frazier. Eulas standpoint of a housewife, otlier talks were made by Mrs. Crigger, who discussed the Zone's history; Mrs. Hariy W. Haines who gavs some fadts from John Guenther's "Inside Latin America" aiid Mrs. J. W. Adams Jr., who told of the locks. Other guests were Mrs. J. R. Oiu: Cleaning Metliods Makes'Clothes Last Longer! Today it Is especially important for your clothes to last. Have them cleaned often at Nu-Wa . . . our extra care, backed by years of experience, preserves the colors and actually improves the fabrics. THONlt 4H ~ BtYTHEVlLLE AW — 220 N. 2nd Street— Harris. Charles H. Blair, Willard W. Franklin. Joseiih A. By ALICIA HART NEA Service Staff Writer Shon sleeves "are everywhere—a prophetic number of them appeared at the Belrhont Park racetrack, where fashions are made—and so wise women are looking to their arms. How 'to slim them down, and t.o build them up? Neither is an easy, overnight matter; but either can be accom- Beautiful arms are symmetrically round and full but not too muscular. The thin arm grows rounder when exercised vigorously, concentrated ly. The idea is to draw a lot of blood to it, exhausting the muscles quickly as possible, then relaxing. You work on the same principle as does the sprinter, who usually has well develop-Ed muscles. Therefore, if you wish to build up your arms, try a workout with a bar bell or some other sizable weight. Lift it up and down over your head swiftly ten times twice a day for two weeks,' then increase to eighteen quick lifts. EXERCISES. WILL AID IN REDUUCING Conversely, motions repeated many times over long periods of Lime literally wear down fatty- iSl.t ock Prices A T £ T..:......:...;.... 114 1-4 American Tobacco 39 1-4 Anaconda Copper 23 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 53 3-8 Chrysler .. 57 Coca Cola G5 1-2 General Electric 23 3-4 A 20lh CENTURY-FOX PICTURE General Motors 34 3-4 Montgomery Ward 27 3-4 N Y Central 7 Int Harvester 43 1-2 North Am Aviation 10 1-4 Republic Steel. .'.. '. 14 Radio .. .' Socony Vacuum iStudebaker 2 3-4 7 4 3-4 Standard of N J 33 5-8 Texas Corp 33 1-8 Packard 2 1-8 U S Steel 46 3-4 Nearly two-thirds of automobile deaths occur on • rural 'highways outside cities. tissues—as you can se? in the fig- r lire of. the wand-like long dis- Fields, tance runner. When you wish to re- Charles C. Gray. Erby L. Hood, cuice your arms, use the old jog- Hcwarci Brewer. Vernon Hunt. Os- U ng -along distance-runner's idea. ready to take over "if anything should happen;to Hitler." ; Many thousands of Germans are skeptical—and" •resentful—of " the announced ' accidental deaths of car Oswalt, David N. Cooper. Fred N. Saliba, Woodrow W. Franks and James D. Morris. 'Transfers arc Marvin R. Sanderson, former coach of Luxora schools Ira L. Morris, Lloyd F. Whitlow and Woodrow W. McLean. Two of the men. E. L. Taliaferro,president 'of the Home Lumber Swing your arms, in circles, moving them back and many times. You exercising th;m for forth many, might start ten minutes Coll Gen. Ernst Udet, chief of the Company in Osceola. nnd Byrd Air Ministry's technical bureau. Morrison, principal of the Carson Mrs. Jim Hodge of Bragg City. Mrs. G. W. Reed. city. C. A. Wood, city. Births: A son to Mr. and. Mrs. James Stevens. Dismissed: Louis Doss of Memphis. Mrs. Sarah Ann Mudd. city. Jiles Rambo. city. Walter C. Stevens, city C. W. Reed of Hayti. Memphis Baptist HosTv.tal: Mrs. Ira M. Kelly of Steele. William Wallace Thompson of Wil?on. Memphis Methodist Hospital Mrs. w. F. Moss of Osceola. and of Lieut. Col. Werner Moelders, a famous'air ace."Whether they were eliminated "'' may never be known, but there is a popular belief that the Elite Guard had long been preparing for trouble at home. According to this story, the Elite Guard has been taking over strategically 'located corner' properties in the main • cities ' against " the day when they will be needed as forts in street fighting. Lake School fuve been assigned to some school after reaching Little Rock. The above group together with the 33 who left on May 3, and l'3 negroes scheduled to leave Osceola on May 25 will make- a total of 81 selectees sent from the Osceola area in Mav. daily, and increase gradually until you work up to twenty minutes. The appearance of the skin also is important in summer—especially the skin at the elbow. For that reason every woman, who has any self-prid;, takes a good stiff elbow-rub with her bath. Keep a brush for this purpose in your bath—and don't forget it. A nnouncements The Coiirler'News has been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Demo cratJc' primary In August. 'For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W/F, "CRIP" WELLS W. J. "BILL" " WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COST ON J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election)-• • County Treasurer JACK FTNLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Judge ROLAND GREEN f (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. ''BUDDY"" "WATSON (for re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) Jonesboro Will Send Six To Boys' State JONESBORO. Ark. (UP)—Six Announce Marriage Of.. .'.._- • .. ..,.., ^j , • : 4 Miss Margaret Burton OSCEOLA. Ark. T May 18—Mr. and Mrs. I. s." ' Burton of this city announced this week the marriage of their only daughter. Marpa ret Burton, to Raymond M. McCarty of Memphis ' and Springfield. Mo.. ' • The wedding was solemnized in March in the Episcopal Church at (Springfield. Mo. ' Mrs. McCarty. who is a graduate of High School, attended ' D.A.R. Board Will LITTLE ROCK, May 18.—Mrs. David Montgomery Biggs of Proctor. Ark.; whose election as regent of the Arkansas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution was confirmed by the 51st Continental Congress in Chicago last 'week, has called a meeting of the Executive Board for June 5 in Osceola. The meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. J. W. Eclrington. Members of the Executive Board with Mrs. Bigg.* are Mrs. Charles Haynes, Hope, vice regent; Mrs. J. War Expenditures For Arkansas Listed ~« V^OI^VM,.! nigii ounuui, HLituucu • .—• --•wi*-. ...v.... •«_£,»,, ivu.,1. ,j. Ounchita College, Arkadephia, for B - Wharton, El Dorado, chaplain: *° ycars ™ d also *** graduated s.. XV. E. Smith. Fort Smith, rc- Jonesboro high'school juniors have fl ? m Mcn 'Phis College of Business.jcording secretary: Mrs. Claude Da- hPP,, c*i£/„,, L „?°°1, 3 «" .5? oT^ She has been cmnloved for thn vi s. Crawfprdsville. corresponding M^jrisr state| >-< ^•'»r s s"n l s ^^ Henry Coger, Pete Davis, Denver Patrick, Benny Meelcer, Bob Hammcns and' Franklin Mathias selected for outstanding citizenship to attend the encampment. Road Courier News want ads. Company in Metnphis. ' corresponding Ivlrs. Horace McKcnxie, Boughton. treasurer: Mrs. David Tlie bridegroom attended South- !Floyd Elliott. Jonesboro. registrar; western Missouri State Teachers Mrs - Clyde R. De\v. Little Rock. College and is with the U. S. Engineers in Memphis. The young couple are at home at 1374 Court. Memphis. Dk .- u Newspaper Carrier Boys Kneumatism May c n ur •&•*'• ci. D u r n-i jell War Saving Mamps Result From Piles ••: 21 - r historian; Mrs. W. G. Hodges. "Malvern, librarian; Mrs. W. E. Massey. Hot Springs, curator; Mrs. T,. R! \Vilcoxson, Cossett, genealogist' and Mrs. W. H. Arnold. To x ark an a'. parliamentarian. Members of the board will be honored following their meet ins with n picnic at Grider Piles and colon troubles may spread j infection just the same as diseased | tEeth and tonsils, often leading to'! rheumatism and other chronic ailments. Learn the facts. Write today for 122-page, illustrated book on jRectal' and Colon Troubles. Mc[Cleary' Clinic, RD1722 Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo. FLDOR ADO, Ark. (UP)-Car- ofMthe "° d & f H Departments national sales campaign. Assistant manager John H. Vogel reported 1526 families • are purchasing an average of 4,021 stamps 1 per week. Park on Highway fil with the William Strong Chapter of Osceola ns hostess. Read Courier News want ads. MOROLINE PHTKQLEDM 'JELLY LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)—Allotments for war expenditures for army camp improvements, ordnance plants, air bases and other defense works in Arkansas have neared the $200,000.000 mark. Separate figures (all approximate) include: Camp Robinson—$12.250.000. Camp Chaffee, Ft. Smith—$20,000,000. Southwestern Proving Grounds, Hope—$15,000.000. Arkansas Ordnance Works. Jacksonville—$33.000.000. Czark Ordnance Works. El Dorado—$23.000.000. Maumelle Ordnance Works, Marche—$8.500.000. Incendiary Bomb Arsenal—Pine Bluff—$10,000,000. Alumina plant. Bauxite—$21,000,000. Aluminum plant. Maivern—$33,- 000.000. ' ' " Air' base. Blytheville—$10.000.000. Air base. Newport—$13.000.000. Airport, Hot Springs—Si.000,000. Total estimated expenditure— $199.750.000. During 153?. Montana had a tuberculosis dsath rate of 43.4 per 100.000 of its population. Spells of constipation often bowel gw, tour ttomicb, b»d br«7th, coaUc tongue, he»d»che«, duziness, listleisneit. 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Sunday & Monday 'Adam Had 4 Sons' —with— IngTid Bergman, Warner Baxter, Susan Hav.ard, Fay \Vray, Itohert Sliaw. Comnly—"The Baby Seal." Also—Universal News. Tuesday & Wednesday BUDDY NIGHT 2 for the of 1 'Meet the Wildcat' — with— Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay ami Allen Jenkins Comedy — an all Star Short — "Bundle of Bliss." Paid for Late Model AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS. Repair and Body VVprk By Wyse Perry and Bob Bracken BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117 E. Main W, T. Harriett Phone 42 Box C.Ticc Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. Last Times Tonight Gary Copper, Barbara Stanwyck in 'BALL OF F'PE' The Liuigh-Romancc of Years! Shorts and News Tuesday — Dime Nile All Tickets lie (Tax Inc.) Buckaroo Benny and His Rodeo is Comes to Town! JACK BENNY in with Ellen Drew. Andy Dcvine, Phil Harris, "Rochester", Virginia Dale, Lillian Cornell, Dennis Day and "Carmichael." Also Coined v Wednesday 'Barnyard Follies' MARY ..LEE. Rufc Davis, "Pappy" Cheshire and most of screen and radio stars. Shorts and News,

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