The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY, JUNE 1C; .1039 I'AGE,8KV1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally rate per line for collsccu- <lvc Insertions: One time per line lOc 'JVo times per line per day 08o Vhrce (lines per line per day...0fio tJx limes per lino per day—05J Moiilh rale per line GOc Cards of Thanks....' 60c & 75o Mlnlinuiii clinrge 50o Ads ordered for threo or six (lines and stopped before expiration will oc charged lor the Jluni- bcr. of limes the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Cla&slllcd Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must .be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate, i V No responsibility will be taken ^Lor more than one incorrect inser- lion of any classified ad. For Kent Unfurnished, newly decornlcd. five room house, with bath. Bill Cable. 310 Easl Main. . )5-pk-l9 One 3 room furnished apartment and one 4 room furnished apartment, 1513 w. Main. 15-ck-19 •1 room ' furnished house dm-ing July and August. 2 bedrooms and bath. Elcclric Refrigerator and Sfti'den. Phone 530. • lS-ck-22 Comforlable bcdrcom. 1017 Walnut, Phone 102. 15-ck-tf Cotton offices in the Grand Leader building adjoining the Board of Trade. Thomas Land Co. _ K-ck-19 6 room modern house. 313 ]Iolly~St Call <J3Q or 182. M-ck-19 S • room furnished aparlmcnt Hearn, Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. aoo 13-ck-20 Nicely fiirn. Apt. I 1 rivnlc"7rani"eu-' trance. Reasonable. 213 w. Kentucky. Phono 944-W. 13-ck-!7 Unfurnished apartment. 811 \V. Walnut. J. w. Shouse, phono 35 or 480. 13-ck-n 01 iiikiiiillonul In in I lire lit litcl uij hide of (he u<n- lly which dormimls a nulck answer." the 81-yi'ar-old aiilhor dc- cljirod. "fie luul little (if the lazi- iieM of mind ivlilcli makes people hffidUo to slriiKBlo wJlli u m-ob- lem. He had nn linperulh'e nrccs- slly to know lie was right. Ife de- tesle dvcrbiiu'c and dctaili-d reports, lie vvn.H Impatient will] un- nra-ssm-y dclnll. Lincoln, she said, would first sciircli out "The '' of the problem -- Ihc crux, (he core - HomelhhiB Ihal everyone would recognize as Irulh.' 1 And, according lo Miss Tarbcll, tlu; crux (o- day is: "Is il you nurt 1 and our liberty or the stuteV After tree families became old, (he.individual species are ico ills- liuidy reiafed to intercross. Hut the youthful oak family still Is , producing new hybrids, nnd ludny I there nre neatly 300 distinct species recognized by botanisl.s. Wcrt Optometrist "UK MAKKK 'KM HKK" Over ,lnc Isaacs' Store 1'hniic 5-10 THEM |p ...... ./ .i_.j)|jip3vftx "Don'l worry now, dear—I'll lie riylil wild you if nny- lliing linppeusl" Lost Setter dog, „ weight 40 Ibs. REWARD. W. s. Johnston, phone 823. 14-ck-lV Notice 3 room apartment and bath. Newly decorated. Call 527. Mrs. Herbert A. Trimble. 13-ck-I? Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Seasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wai- nut. 5-ck-lf or 3 room furnished, apartment,. •Newly decorated. QM Hcaru. jModern-3 roonii'unfurnished apartment. 'Maiii anil Second. P Simon. phone'-TC4. "' •;••-" -'3-ck-tr T\vo large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Nolcn, 310 w. Walnut. 21ck-tf AOflice rooms. Sudbury Building. See ^ Crnhnin Sudbury. 27 tf for Sale Couniry home and 14 acres on gravel highway righl at Blythevllle. ilas Iwo residences, plenty outbuildings, shade, fruit-and shrubbery. H buyer dees not wnnl possession/at once, will pay $33.50 per month-rent. Price S39QO. $1250 cash balance easy terms at 6%. Thomas Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WB ARK PKEVAKKI) TO ISSUK VOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OUR STOUK SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. rhone 35 Lincoln Today Is Interpreted By Ida Tarbcll MEADVfLLE, Pa. <Ul>> — The qiiesllon:- "What would Abraham I-incoln do if he were President, ol the United Stairs today" was an- sivorcd iiere l)y Ida M. Tnrhcll. biographer of the Civil War President. Miss Tarijeil, now serving us guest, professor of biography writing at Allegheny College, said Lincoln would "take his time" in solving problems of the day, whether _ Help Wajiied Need three men to sell colTcp for cslabliEhcd Collcc Uoiilc. 208 E. Cherry. Call for J. A. Kyle. 16pk20 Dairy -'ntlstnctory qunlity and service In Dairy-product.';. Cattle free ol Bang's Disease, ,in best of physical "Oivdilion/ Call Aars. Grno-e Lo-.very. 902-J, for Halscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. rnspc«'.ion encouraged anytime. italscll's Dairy Promised^Land. R nu i c 2 PRESCRIPTIONS- Safe - - Accurate Your Preseriylion Druggbt Fowler Drug Co. Mil In & First 14-ck-19 Land Co. Cans for Jug Fishing complete K'ith straps. Guaranteed won't leak. 7',-i cenlG eacli. Raymond Brooks, Stcelc, Mo. fl-pk'i-0 "<Ve have a number or attractive and desirable cottages in Blylhc- ville, well localed. which we can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract & Realty CD. I'hone 617 C-ck-lt Ice iCE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Wai iced DASH PAID for good m5~VK and 1537 model Fords, Plymmilhs ind Chevrolet. Phone Howard Biirlon at 810. Phillips Motor Go. '• Ash trees arc members of the olive family. LOST Lost •from my car at the Post Oriiee last Salur- flay Dioniiiig a s ti; ;i 11 u'hitc with black spots female dog. Kxira short bob tail. Will pay Ton (510.00) dollars reward for her return. L. R. Matthews Tel. 1J.-K-3. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 1oO For Prompt Liimulry and Cleaning: Service Join Jewish Exile College C1NC1NNAII O (UI-) -Ntnt Jewish .sclioliir., „()«• livliiu In fur. ope: HIM bun , ,|| r< | 1( , ( | lc ,, thl Uiiun Collifcii IPWM, college In I \»f Kuoidini, (<> an nniioiincc mint ol n, j,,u,n \loutmtcin, plcsidint cf ihp Mmhnnj Tu inn HIIS Ksiitd In iicioul- uiiLp \\nii I, usoliidoii adopted by UK bond n f touinois of the tol- icfci fm , | iblUhim ul of Imopeiin scholai «)„, (jii, C111|J 0(1 ((1C •;u<l\ o( failmti of JtidiilMii' In tiuilnn ill Aniniifj ihosc cnlk-d ] s Crof. Ku- AliK '1 (() li»ton L. (,'nlilwcll m> jj|i1 s , Illydicvllle. *>VS,\S anil M1SSOUKI 'I'l'l'l.i; OPINIONS. 1TI.H LVSUHANCi: It'll 11 (OUU,\(,1 PRESCRIPTIONS Prcshi-st Stock ^(.iiiirnnlcci) Bcsl Pricw Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (iradiiiilc OntiHiic- t'isl hi Illylliiirlllc. ('•lasses niled Ciurcclly of the foiemost uilhoiltlc'i on Ihc 1 " "H »lfp bclum BIci'H, accompany Cicrtuaii uos'ellst, will him. Othci 1 . hulled Include Piof Atcvindu nullmin. who hns bun tcachlnK Tnlmud at lh c ' Ulircn- •.tiiH in ikiltu 1'iof 11nn/ L.UIS- bcitu of lirilln foiniei unaloi of ml In iho aimlt Museum. in Dr. F. J. Weilz (Iniclunlo Velorinnriiui 71!) \V. Ash I'liouc !IOa . »W r,r \\\\\\{\Kl\\\\\\l III II. ~ I ~l._ . .. . •—1 1 —• .,1 il ""•-• J j'tvivoo^i v| . JUWJ5JJ Berlin ' a tl10 Lcl>rcl)slaH "> •Sliol a( Hawk Drops" I'lsh U'SOM N u iup)_cai| need wok n pot-shot nt a rm\\k and bioiiglil down" a fluli. The Imwk LAWN MOWERS 41iiii|)ciu(l. factory method, nil Just- id oiled-Picked up & delivered $1 used Ijiwn Mowers For Sale ATKINS Alacliliic Shop & {.'uriiM 281 HEMORRHOIDS 'CuiTil M'illioiil Surgery, and (,'nariuilccil A very mr« mid Imvmless mclhod; wllhoiit conlliicmcnl lo bnl, loss o! lime Irom work and.wllh very lIUlu discomfort. All lypen nf ))lic», llssnrcs, llstulas, etc,, Irculcd by our ofllco methods. DKS. NIKS & Ullulc fill Mali. Ulltliovlllo, Ark. Now J.oi'nlwl »t 101 North Scrouil- ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON i;i)\VAItl)S, rrnprlclnr' All Makes of UclmlH Ty»Killrr.s, Aililhif Miu'lilncs C'ali'lihidirs—lti')KilrhiK—J'arts— HOW LONG SINCK YOlllt CAR HAD " ' -Hide h a dllTcrcncc is mbiloallom Evciy place doci not Imve Ihc same standards, . . . tioi cun they give jou tin special I'ord Lubricants inadu especially for Ford cars. Get, the following: ......... SI'J-JCIAI, CHASSIS LUHRJCATION ,, AND WHBKI, PACKING (for SO Days Only) COiMl'LKTK CHASSIS HmmCATION 1'rc.v.uro Gun Qrcaio In all nrcs- Miro dim ntllnes.' Springs, Hood l-nelngs, Uoor Stilker fto'.es ivnxed, ' noor Illneen "Lubricated, S|K-fl«l Clieiisc? |n Unlvcisal Jolnls, Sjwclnl lubricant In 'stccr- liif! «cju nml dhlilbulor cam. PACK 'FRONT \V1IKHI,S Wash out, hub and ncailngs, pack with .special Ford Short Mbci Sodtuni Soap grease. Ad- Just wheel bearings; All Above Service liought In C'oinliinntion. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut I'liune BIO A GREAT DANCER Personal rtroiisp SIuiRish Liver, work ofl the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains nnd that sour, limifc feeling Take one box 01 KIKBV'S ACTIVE LIVER I'H.I.S 25c at all Kirby Stores. MEN OLD AT !0! GET PEP. New Ostre.x Tonic Tablct-s contain raw oyster invlgoralrrs and ether slim- ubnls. One rios; starts new pep. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug and all good drug stores. HORIZONTAL . 1 Noted classic dancer pictured here. 10 Plant yielding ipecac. 11 Mistake. 12 Scale balance bar. J3 Din. H Lettuce dish. 16 Born. 18 Duration. 20 Hurrah! 22 Food. 2G Lemur. 30 Ozone. ,„ , , 31 Temporary « Advance expedient. Positions. 32 Strife. 51 Tight. 33 Tenant. 52 Social insect. 35 Horse fennel. 53 Beings. 37 Expert flyers. 54 Night before. 39 Island. 55 She has 40 To eject. many other 43 Writing tool. dancers. 45 Gloomy. 56 She won 48 Part In a ' fame ns -— drama. and dancer. Answer lo Previous Puzzle 15 To analyze. 17 Sanctuaries. 19 Rhythm, 21 To . accumulate' 22 Slie opened (laiiro school at Ihc height of her . 2. 1 ) To run. 24 An cogle. 25 To Kcrntiiiiie. 27 IJevcrcnce. 23 Wolframite 29!. VEHTICAL 1 Rebels. 2 Parl of Hie iris. 3 Wild duck. 4 Hooked. MHimllng ,..„. 33 To squander. 39 Asian country 41 Loud sound. 42 Arm bone. 44 To devour. •15 Hoof edge. 6 Male bee. 7 Great lake. 8 Head wine}. 8 Jury. 48 Sheltered pl ncc 50 Membranous Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. Coldflsh Minnows B. F. Bro$don, 310 Onugan KINN'OWS A COOK ROACHES Damon cor. Railroad «s icy. "or Sale or Trade Gas station by owner. Highway C>3, 1 mile south Ravcndeii. Ark. Fine well water, healthy country. Also farm, 8 mi] cs from station Free range 120 acres. Full details, O. P. To!es,.Ravenden, Ark. Hpkll Trouble Ahciul ''RED. 11 ARM AN AAlD TffeSPASSlM' Aw'T AtLOWEO NEAR TriiS '*•—, TAM.' IVe co.^c •& OPEK THAT TA^ So r-Yf COWS CAN GET WATER.' AND vgE'(?E- HERt To PLUG S Got ANY .. GO TO "DAM WITH Go/vis'/ LtNtY Tf?ouQL6 IF YOUR PAPA^\ORGA^)^x?^i't OP6M DArA r GO DIG A WEIL.' BY V. T.-HAMLW OH, DOVLM THE COXD A PIECE TO A BIG STOME HOUSE WHERE 1 CAW GET SLMP1KI TO BUST 'EM OFF WITH / I SEE THERE f I NUTMIfJ' V TO IT.' cc TJY EDGAR MARTIN REMEMBER ^MV - >^>,T-^-- OM VOU!~NOW. - wtCT noost i-b THE OWE A CIVJCH) FOUW WHERE <$£. *«i BOUSHT TWS BDAT »Y IJOY C'KANK SET voua Ct.OTHES,iF WU HAVE AUV WE 1 BE 601U6 BACK HOME/ TH' WORLD ARE VOU DOW HEPE ? HOW DID VOU EVE2 PIWD WE? THERE5 WOT 60IWS To BE „„, TRIM! IF VOU HADM'T LEFT IM SUCH AVI AUL-FIREO HURRV '/OU'n HW6 LEACHED THAT THE SPLEUi WUEOER HAS 66EU SOLMEDI A FELLOW UAMED COKEB CIO \T I PL WED A PART. WE AUVWS 56TTIMG VOU OUT ;S, LAOOK.I COM'T KNOW WHAT VOU'O STAND TRIAL? AMD WMTEO-TrtM'S AU V WIEC1UES' AND HIS FBIBNDS Guilty of What? BY MERRILL HLOSSEK WHEN HE AND 6r THEM LATER THAT DAY ••Gee, AH. l CERfAINI-Y, >. DION'r THIWK AMYSODV KNEV. ABOUT rr.' ASKED TtDlJ To ^ DEAR Met. DIXOM : , we KNOW AU_ ABOUT WHAT DID, AMD WEK& Keep-

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