The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 2
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NEWS _ l*p. Jr. JJSed'-'c e Curapllmrnlfi) ' Brtd{« Shower. Valentine :no<!f prevailed li bodge party "Riven ' by Mrs ic Davi$ last eu-iimg [or Mrs E. .Ready, \vh-j was lormenj r ai2abe!n!.I31;ihe. The nl was '-at the home of I.Irs is' -.sister, Mrs. w. n. Cham '•'cBrnatiohs were in llic : llv- and model ni-,tic MID roon , the Jen i.ible.s were ar- tecd- Jpr- Dridge. The g\S(s were ^srtged on-ihe dining 100.11 tabic j*ich;-'hiyl f,; central' decorailoi Kh red carnaiioiv, in a rrystS jfi*I- •'- -••'• ..:•:.•i^The tallies, coven.- for refrcsh- JroUs, and he'hc-aU shaped sanci- J0thes'--Riid red. ; candies were ol Ji*. 1 Valentine design A ciiickei j*]ad ^was also sen ed with stulfea pjives, pickles, cheese crackers ant IJJIrs. Davis snd Mrs. Roddy were assisted lii receiving the guesls Jj)-.Mrs". Virgil.Oruiie. mother of »f bride, and A!-s. Cliamblin. [•Jin Ihe card gn:-ies Miss lluth IBl*'tlw won first l-.onors, hosiery •Jjd Mrs.' Louis' Orefcne's gilt foi gfond high was. ham-kerchiefs. i»After ti:e ' bridge ..-rimes the (jjcwer : of gifts \svrc opened Jt?rbro. Missionary •Socicly lias Meeting. ••'The J Wcinan's Missionary socicly .3, Ynibro met at the nomc 01 ilrs. Zm -TlKmipson Thursday af- ...•n^n Ior Hlc moiuh]y - socln| There were a4 present, ; several visitors. e ,of tlie' program as fol- ! «rat r ; prayei, MIS. G. J. »'; song; dlaiceiie. "Steward- •**np aim Christian Growth"' by ;r[)'e members. It vus reportea .gvit M visits hai IKCH made to jttp sick. BA grab, bag .held (/ifts for-everv- ]B)e ..mid proceeds from this was imuccd. in Hie- loe.ii treasury. UA ..delicious pla-.p; luncli" »-as '?lii >C M - 1 " 1 Mri -"C"B. "Ettlilcson ,|alstlng as hostess ' ,*.!' :•',.. -. T. • • (»H)Vd-.Vear. -. {*|friic- ; ;,mnriia«c.. of Miss lienc jifar and c. Hoivnid, both of Ar, . was solemnized- Saturday anuary -13, with lhc R CT . j. w ' iln performing' the ceixmoiiy. .^•tland^Jlivis. jjrjMlss^Cecll Davis 'AYid Arco To- 'f-^^of-tWs city, were mar-' arnage of Miw Helen Sirrder jgd Stanley -Watson, both of - Ar- .The- ReV. S. M. w at «,n the marriage Jamlary marriage of Miss Liicile ancj Wiliir.m Davidson of .here. occiTreil Saturday . - werc n • .' llzslmm °i-s when, se h ? d thtl Th "«day Rook est ° member, or other -tfThe hostess' cpuscrvaiory marie JJg attractive background for the ,Ef;o rooms thrown together which .fere decorated in keeping willi ffi Valcn t"ws day. Red hearts and .JWwers werc used and the" salad .ursc served with cookies -and in red and while. ho club members Mmcs . Barnes. T. II. Haynes, W. C . George ,M. Lee, B. M. Mat- A M. BUU...M O. Good, J.jklcll Broola, John Feath- n, Emma Burney, w. W Hol' ' F ' Blom ey", Charles' m " H '" Jr ' 1ICri " ^ Entertains ' ' s.' C. W. Artlick won the •ft" 26 , y^rdi.}-' at the weekly par- jlT. of the Thursday Luncheon club a*";" M I5 «oss D. Hughes was aftess. Tlie gift was lingerie *i t™. course menu -was served bc- f e 'he: card games. Stays in Moscow J.ost to dlploinalfc seclciy j n Washington Is Mrs. A. A. Troy- dnorsky (above), wife of tlio new Soviet Anibusenilor to tlio United Stains, Sho has dcclileil to £tay I" Moscow to liNp [liolr 1-1-yoar- old sou with it\3 education. Bik-oJ News Mostly Personal . : B. Whilwor'li :,nd Carney Laslcy left lodny for TiLsi.-aloo.sii, A'o., after n short May with Mr. ind Mrs. J. w. Wlmworlh, pav- r.ts of Mr. Whllunrlli. liolli will teelve .theii- B A. degree from the • ^niversity of Aln'inmn Sat- :idui'. !?nd arc coaches ut Ellis ichool, Mr. Lnslcy l.elng one of the 'reshmcn football loaches. Mr. tynd' Mrs. Chiirlt-.s Juilcn, )f Oapc Glrardeau. Mo., lire in li'n city for 1 a shnu slay. ' : The ntv. ,W. V. Woniiick, pastor o'f the First Methodist chinch, the Rev.-W. J. .LcRoy. pastor • of tin-. "iake Street Methodist chinch,, and '. • E. Cooley lire In Little Hock uday for a special session ol the North Ai'kansas conlercnce. They will return -tonight. . , Spnrycwn vl'atteram, of IHimitiB- w -'-t.i,i (AJn.,|'K]H-nt yesterday Iwre |L,^l!lp>Jlc ,\fcnl. tQ.Grccji'r' M, R™.", i 'forHy-'hnd "will -Velum on^rrQjy, io nceoinpany Mrs. Paterson and dauyliler, V|vlnn, to ilrmlnghnm Sunday. Mrs. Tatter- on and Vivian have been visiting Mrs.-'. Patterson's mother, Mrs. W. T. Obcrst for four weeks. Mines. A. M. Butt, W. J. Pollurd, Rirnsworth Black unil d.uiEhlcr, Belly, and Mre. George W. pylcs 5f Pnruiioiihl, lire siKiuling today n Mcniphis. E. n. Mason relumed yesterday loin Memphis, whcrp he uiidcrwent Examination for • four 'days. IIc"will •nnnin. in bed for nnolhcr three \ceks .but will have no operation t. the -present lime. Mrs. Mason -ccompauictl him. Mr. Mason' w.-is tricken critically ill December fi. Max Miller Jr., went to Helena. Ark., today on business. He will join Mrs, Miller at Maiinnna for he weekend. Mr. und Mrs. Kd Slaniey and amlly Inve moved from the vc-y 11. Haley home on West Valnut..street lo the former Tuck- r home on Davis nvcnue. Msr. Morgan McKnlght, of St. Louis, will arrive tomorrow to )>enrl the weekend vilh Mr. and •Irs. J. Ncal Ocsell. itis. Mo CnlEhl is visilins in Monu-Uc, Ark. ler former liojne, bclorn going to Dcrmott. Ark., for n month's stay. •Mrs. G. D. Moore, who hits been .pending the past three months vllh her sister. Mis. E. D. Fergu- on. and family, has been called icme- Tuesday. She resides in Kansas City. 1-2-3! PAIN GOES QUICK SAY NURSES JjpiMr.rtnd'Mrs* j. p. Thomas Mr *fld Mre. Smith Whittle visited in •Wecle.. Sunday. •'*?Hr and Mrs. Ernest .Roe and jgmily.^and , J.- E.. Belford . visitert *rno Roe Sunday afternoon •••Mr. arid'-Mnr. George Ronp of {Chicago visitW Mr. and Afrs Ed ig and. Mr. and Mrs. victor .this ^veefc. ^Mrs: Arthur Britton and .V,. . a. Sprayberry , visited at lone Oak Sunday. •*. Mrs. Qvjringfon is i;i , vilh . l*'!.™* 5 ' scho °. 1 ic *dK™ met j; ; Mrs.,^ Albert r Payne Thurs- night of last week fr'vWd M/S: .Odi^Et.rall have urned frorrl' Jackson, fenii al- visiting, since Christmas ' undayJ school Is held at the ool -house; every Sunday morn- at JO -o'clock. *' e !?. a . ! .? j . ea 8tes ate larger than -- • USKT THROATS Luxoi'a Society —• Personal Mr. and Mr.s. J. M.'Majors nre ---inoimunsj (In 1 iiKinlut'o-of their danghicr, Mnrielinr-. to Chump McadQv.!., son of Mr. mid Mrs.Sam Me;idows of i.sixoni. Hie marriage v.os soleimiixx-d in Jnncsboro .Saturday night. Tlie lii:de-was a junior in Jonc.shoio i-nlli-gc and lhc Broom formerly aiu-nded Hie siime school. They arc making 'their home in Luxora. 'I in- yroom Is an employe of the it-own Constrin;- lion Co. The llnptist v.'. M. u. met in Hie ionic of Mrs. n. J. HmiUi Wednesday alieriioon for lhc bcijinnlng "' a minion study course; Mrs. A. Klmbroiiijli wns leader for the iiflernunn. The y. W. A met in the home .Mi.v; Anna Maign'ret Wood Monday and Tuesday evenings for a inissidii study. "Mi'iiltlry of'wo- men". Mis. H. A. Kliubrough con-' dueled the i-o;ir.-,e. L. I.. Mcl)i-.-n lin.-, been lie-titled of Ihe serious illness or .his • k .lster, Mrs. Louie Dunn of Halls' Tenn. S!, c is, .s^ffcj-ini; from piicn- nonln, . fl. C. I H inL-.stti:i 1ms iJcen ealletl to Callioun City, Miss., by the a-ri- ous ,illiie.s.s of his father. Mrs. and dniixliters Dilly.niid Snrah accompanied him. Mrs. Owciiii Anderson will leave soon for Columbus. O., where she- will Join her liitsbaii'c 1 ; -' • '-••-' - erson hiis bren the Jicrc and we days. Keiser Mission Society Elects J934 Officer* outlook .study,' ^nd:,M?v' H ° r l d Diinnavunt.- hible study. . : "The Proper Thing" It's Almost Always Best to Return Partner's Lead FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, Mr. and Mrs. John noberts haw returned .to their, hmrfc^ln riew Y <»-k city after a visit with M? '' ' R - w ^ Roblrisdirand 'i'lri/ 1 - " Kl.riOK-.s NOT].;- ii-iiilng cUqucUe.- are :n.s«rre(l daily. Vim an- invllcd lo LM- Hie cuiunin. "When :i man and woman meet r.n UK- street wli'ch should spea.". Kllquetlc dcmnncie that a ivo- 1'ian speak first when meeting n IMIJI. Tills is in order that an undesirable acqiialriancc'ship need rot bs conllnued However, !«.-I wen very clo.'c fiends Oils rule is Ignored, since ]; Ls ol'tcn tne rue that Ihe womwi docs not set ^ man first. Wlisn does u man lift Jji 3 hat to other men?" In recognizing c'ueyinen or eiis- i.lMilshed or e!de;ly mc-n of his acquaintance. "When u person inadvertently ;:-i'fi against another .should h? .':<>• 'Pardon me' o.- -Excusi- ir.e.'r "Pardon me" is rot good forir- <!.' may say "cxt-nsp me", "be-; jour pardon" or "sirry!" Hornersville Society-Personal of her parenls Mr. and Mr.s. It. N. Forbes for several weeks. ' - %1 . Mr. and Mrs. Wnller McMurc'hy who have nrndr their home in' Lnxora for two years, have moved to Duntiin. Miss., where ^Mr -Mo-' Mnrchy will oj>crati.. a farm. Those faking the uosl office examinations iu Osceola'from Lnxora werc Mrs. Sue lirowii, Mb 1 , p M" Bonds, Mr.'imd Mrs. John Thweatt' Miss Babrl: coot ami Miss Floy Volmer. Mrs. -Sue Brown is act- I»B I».il mistress, having • been appointed in sjimi) to succeed J W Scaton. Republican. ' ' A house on the farm of Ram' lioweii, west' of 'town was- burned Monday. K. M. Fowler nnrt family were llvlni! in the bouse 'and they of tllcir "o"-*- .. ,e. s i<- . rs l. Mfi.' AW : «PemIln<; n few . -. Mrs. J. I. Miffiin „,„! U(Uc InUBlHcr liettie .Sue arc rccovcr- ng from severe attacks of.indu- , Chhsf Seoft • Mr. Fin. - to " A. H. Lcsmclslrr vjsJtct; Ills son Wiirrcn thus week: • Miss Juno Shcrrfci of Shawnee •lown, III.,-who is tlslthiB her sli'i tor, Mrs. J. K. Child.-.,, spc.iii fe I "Week end • wilu- Mrs. 'Bruce Ivv-'in i Osceoln. . . J • < t ' Bobby Jones IvaUondln* a f'arLi i implement Hireling- in '«----• "- • er^ In Hie Reiser school, 'leavjjtg • te-ncher. Miss Kathryn ' Watts ' wo's ni'tl Wednesday. W. K. Hnycs was in Manila on business Wednesday. »• E. G. Cope and son Edwin were in Cape Girardcan on business Tuesday. 1". P. Bryant was taken to the iiaptisL. hospital at Memphis Sai>n tlie Baldwin ambulance, remain for treatment. His daughter. COM. or Horand his son, li. p. Bry- itl, accompanied him. Knight ami jirs. r; jj sjwnt last week end in with Mrs. Knighf and '' -Mrs: Anderson. :l Mrs. vei-nie Hatcher -en visited Mr. and Mrs. at Monette, Ark • >imday, , ' Mrs. HattjC Khinnntn nnA fti-n n.,, , "'','• '-i 11 norsvillc l '"m?L -. i y M l<1Cr f'' »'™.l>lii S !L ? Uvs --.,— ....jn.ii eiiuTuunea -trie: teachers' bridge - club' Wednesday "Ight at lhC-homc,of Mr. and Mrs '. Lee Williams. Prizes were awa'r'dcd i Miss Minnie riell-Shaw and John Kciscr - v_t.ii.4il ! . .'-I'M fa.iHQiis, caihcdrnj of "si:'- I ,-Wif^Eryivndris •'ce!obra'tin s :3tk I 1 Mfltli anniversary; constnietio '* ' xls ' t <*»*»>"* licy expect to visit ' for* a -few days.. . - Lciicr '.Wilkins - iuid ' son, 3 Gary, of Scnatli,' are. .Mrs. Wilkins parents, Mr.' and Mrs.'P.-c. Parks. •• '. :.-' . , ;Mr. and Mrs. wilford Sanders .w;erc in Marble Hill Sunday v'sib- Jil? Dr.. and Mrs-. C. A. Sand.qm/ s <fA. S. McDaniel . of Seiiath' was" Ill-re Tuesday on business .Mrs. T. B. Kiiisolvint; left Sat- nrdiiy for Caiie Girnrdeau to spend (v few days with her daughter, Today's Contract Problem North has the contract at Inrco no trump. Kast opens Hie queen of clubs] .The con- Jr-icl Isn't .difficult (o make, »»t you must bo careful to I'lay the right cards. A A 10 C. ¥ Q10S Q 10 7 2 75 . 4743Z VKS6 * A64 *K4 2 Solution in aczt issue. "1 and West dropped the" Jack of Four lounds cf spades were l^ken, declarer retiming the jack ol hearts »nd tlie ace and queen of diamonds. QJI tl.c fourth spads, v, cst. was skjucezed. He couldn't 10 Solution to Previous Contract Problem «V WM. E. McKENNEY .SceicUry, American Bri(J t e L«a £ ia It ecncrally pays to return your !hM l h^H S . Ult ', HC llas attackcd Iliu hand at what lie believes to be its most vulnerable point. For you !° 8 ": e "P fhb »»•> of attack and start one of you| . m , n Inter o°n. ^. . l °. 8 S<1Ueezc ^ an interesting Kast fails to return suit ' a(lcr dummy, allowing East to win tl.c first trick with the king. East. i H H Pf fctiirnlns his partner's suit, decided to lead to the weakness HI dummy-the club siiit- a;id it was this plav which allowed he declarer to make a small slam in the following manner. .;•.•., The club trick' was won with the ace,., the. klr e immediately raslied. and the nine spot ruffed the king of spades -was played, and. then the seven of spad™! fcrath won thc.lri^.witi^.the Jack, Mrs. Robert R. Hill and Mr. Hill . Mrs. A., j., Langdon and dauch- •ter, MiEs,.Mabei; left Monday to spend: a few. days in' Memphi!/ •A 'Th;re«; Dijys' Cough ' ' -Is Your Danger .-Signal •' *>ouU.!let/Mhem get a strangle nold. Fight eenns tjuickly. Creo- own 'druggist is authorized . lo refund your money en the spot H jxur cough or cold is not.- relieved hy Crcomutsion. —Adv. D - «-. .Wii e n e v e v ' you fliid yonr- , seli suffering troin such un- j! that you lordly know how you are goin^ tr> get through Ihe day or night, do wha! leading doctors and dim-! lists are- prescribinp, for their pa-; tients when in pain. This prescription i? called- Mono- Pirin -Compound: At; you have to! do is nsk fc-r^It hy Ittf.V name al ; rny dm? itors. .'After you havf ' lafccn • the first I wo Monnl'irm, tnbkts you will r»i>M7e--\ii-|iy lend-, ins; doctors and OTlists dcjiriid -)n it out of the niE-ny things' tlu-y ' know aBouU? r'vo lelief -from [inln. aches'and nulosiirss. Ge"! n package . of MonoPirin Ironi .'i^i's I'lmmacy ,->nd Kirby Bros, -tiibtribiitors. —Aciv. 8 ' Hemorrhoids (1'ilrs) rum! Vlllioiit the knife-. Otlirr rrr- (al diicaMis Ircateil. Varicosol veins treated non-surf-irrillv. -home in Memphis after a two 4KI08 + JM- AAJ98C4 ¥ J C , ' + AK 9 Duplkalc— N. and S. Vul. Opening lead^-y 4. South \\>t,l Xortli 4 1'abs . 1 K. T. )*ass 4 Pass 4 4 I'asa 10 Baldwin Baby Dies JHir.eral services • Werc h ld crday for Floyd Overtoil Baldwin four months old son of Mr a id Mrs. Purd Baldwin, w ,, 0 "' ? ™ Wednesday at the-ftmiiy home near Osceola. Interment was made at Shadv Grove cemetery near Osceola Tlio Cobb Undertaikng company' was In charge of funeral arrami- ments. .' hcid both queen and ten of hearts (nd king and ten of diamonds--he had to drop ono o; the ten siwts. If he dropped tt-e. ten of hearts, ihe declarer would win two heart t'.icks in dummy ace and nine, niscardlng his qu'eon of diamonds; while if the ten of diamonds were discarded by West, it would make the declarer's ace and queen of diamonds good. (Copyright, 1934. NEA Service, Inc.) Hospital Notes Admitted to the. Blylheville hospital: Walter James, city.: ; . . Dismissed: Uri Blanchard, Leach-j vi e; Mrs. Boyd Buys, Caruthcrs- ville, Mo., and Mrs. Ruby Robinson, city. CWA Workers Restoring Famous Wisconsin Lake SUPERIOR. Wis. i UP)—Flotage take, famous ycare ago among Wisconsin lumbermen as ihe "eatc" through which millions of logs passed on theii- way down the si. Croix River, :is being reer6aie-d through the efforts ol CWA workers. • '...-.-•,. More than 850 men are clearing 3.«0 acres of land for the project, *hich will restore ihe lake to its original size: It-disappeared a ijuar- «* of a century ago. when lumbering operations were stopped, and wat, C T'* r ,JP a " 1 ' » hl <" ''eld the *ater in check, fell t 1787 W lronsides was 'flinched is expected to bring back small month black bass fishing The HartsrJiiIe dog ccniclcrv ' near New York Citq. originally' was planned for dogs'only, but now is the final resting place for four-footed pets of all kinds. WOMAN-rWEAKNESS f Mrs. J. Vf. of 1100 J^o. Sherman SL, Oiir.-iL- Rce. Okla,. says: "I rrilly felt Ihii I rit:«i give uji Bui four bo-Uk-^ cf Jlr 1'iwct's Favorite I'rcicnp- tion relicitil all paEu j [: cl suffering ani! I Ji jve ni . Joyed spln-.diil t.callh since. I rccommcn-l iJiis medicine t^ any wiwinn suffering frcni feminine weakness." New size, tibicu 50 cts. f liq.iid $| 00 Larce Bize. ubs. orliriuid. $1.35. "«V Do Our Part." Ill our advertisement of last night we quoted Lard, 50-Lb. Can ?3.<J9, whereas it should havn been Pure Lard, 5fl-Lb. Can --- $3.39 Liberty Cash Grocers T enter Leaves are used in LUCKIES For l/iejean> the Mildest Mid fatty ripeaedfor /wjecf VVe |),,y only the center leaves for Luckies. Not (lie top leaves for they are under-developed- Not the bottom leaves for they are inferior in quality. Only the center leaves for these are truly mild and fully npe. And that's the tine tobacco \v c use— to make Luckies so round, so firm, so fully packed —free from loose ends that spill out. That's why Luckies are always mild, always truly mild. And remember, "It's toasted"— for throat protection — for finer taste. . , -. 514 W. Main 'Tlidnc DS. Strike ,: 2 I-. M . Ofien Co ^"'"^ "w-r,;;-""pr, coartoc Optfi. "Uon G»n,oi". \J the Finest Tobacco Ccrnw, idi. TZ and only the Center Leaves

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