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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana • Page 12
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana • Page 12

Helena, Montana
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THE HELENA DAILY INDEPENDENT SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 25, 1926. Bozeman, Oct. (IF) --Montana State college today defeated Intcr- mountain Union college 33 to 0 en a muddy field, the first half of the game being played in a driving snow storm. Unwilling to uncover formations to used next week against Wyoming, the Bobcat coach today limited his squad to a half dozen line plays and one forward passing combination. The Bobcats made way against Intermountain slowly hut steadily counting a touchdown in each quarter. A fifth touchdown came when Glynn scooped an Intcrmountaiii fumble and went 15 yards to the goal line. The Intcrmountaiii defense was stubborn and held the Bobcat reserves to short gains when the first stringmcn were pulled from the game before the half. A number of costly fumbles checked the Bobcat advance, both teams i in the mii'l. The Bobcats three times blocked Intcrmountain the team recovering each lime. Pollard. Dirrim and Shicrson were most consistent in the Panther defense. Wilson leading the Bobcat line a a and Gregory showing well in the back field. Lineup. a a State I a i Position Bromncll Left End Schottc Left Tackle A i Pollard Left Guard Moore Center Shierson Right Guard Dirrim Right Tackle Raumgartner i End V. Dobeus Fctterly Hurd Winner Wylie Babcoclc Gregory Quarterback Left Half Right Half Donaldson a Wicks Fullback for M. S. Wylie, Gregory, McGuin. Glynn kicked two points a touchdown', and a Glynn to Winner added another point after touchdown. Yardage--M. S. 286; Inlcr- a 4S: first downs Bobcats, IS; I a i J. LOSES TO IOWII IN BUTTLE OF HOODS Columbus. 0.. Oct. (IP) and Ohio State a "battle of clouds" today in Ohio Stadium, Hawlccycs emerging from the fog filled a a with i second western conference victory, 15 to 0. The lowans outshone Ohioans in i quarter and in the second pciiod they flashed across the field to a touchdown a Fi had whisked the ball 51 a toward the goal In third a Hogan was rushed into the melee lor a single play. From the 25-yard line he drop- kicked a field goal. The increasing superiority of thc Hawkcyes was manifci-tcd in the final a Ohio Slate seldom held the ball and was stopped on every one cif its tactics. Schirmcr after figuring in a scries of ground gaining plays broke through the center of the line for 12 yards and a touchdown. The lowans were unable to make good on their attempts for extra point: after their touchdown. Ability to make good on the breaks was coupled with Iowa's unfailing offense, the chief figures of which were Fry and Schirmer, the stars of the game. Galloping boy Nick" Kutsch was effectively stopped by the Buckeyes and in that accomplishment Ohio State takes olace tonight. The Sioux City lad proved ineffective on nearly every try he made. Coach Ingwerson kept him on the side lines throughout the second half. KANSAS BLANKED BY HUSKY CORNHUSKERS Lincoln. Oct. (IP) The University of Nebraska Cornhuskcrs Hung up a 14 to 0 victory over the University of Kansas in their annual gridiron clash at Memorial Stadium before a large home coming crowd here today. Nebraska's scores came in the. two final periods after the heavy Jayhawk line had stopped Coach Ernst Bcarg's men five limes sccrelcss during the first half. "Choppy" Rhodes, Nebraska half, plunged through for the first score at the end of the third period and "Jug" Brown, Husker quarter, accounted for the second touchdown with a 45-yard run in the last minutes of play. TTESTERW STATE WISS. Gunnlaon, Oct. 24. (AP) -A stellar overhead attack, coupled with a powerful end nnd line plunging offensive, Western State college to garner K. well- earned 10 to 7 victory over Colorado Teachers' college today, JUNIOR MS DEFEAT POWELL COUNTY HIGHnOLBYDECISIVESCOIIEJ2-0 back the Powell advance and were a i safe at the i a gun. Charlci. Mitchke Malrele The Lineups. Left Tackle. Baum M. Kelly By hid reserves tha i nnd Charles academy scored 1 In the i played they an I a i for themselves yesterday Dy defeating ths Powell County High school of Beer Lodge by a score of 32 to 0 on the St. Charles field. The i Saints started i Bcoflng 1 early when they blocked a Powell on tlie 15-yard line, Shaw scooping- It up ana going- for before the gamo was i old. They wcro never headed off and seldom In a of being: Bcoreri upon by tho Powell aggregation, a the i i had a reai scholastic star In Rtvcrs, who away for more yardage than the rest of his team put together. McGUMs was also an live backftelcl man, i excellent work a i i i conditions. A Good KihtMtton. It was one or tho best i i i of football put up by tha young III1Itoppers i season and a them as a real contender for zone honors i year as defeat I the worst by Powell. On i occasions the Saintg crossed tho Powell poal line, on a blocked on long- by Bolko- a once Good ran back a 52 yards for a touchdown, and again when Smith completed a pass for 13 yards to tho goal. Good was abla i to boot the posts on trys for i a goals. A "Weird Half. Tn a a a -weird frame, ns Doer Lodge pilcil up twice a of yardage tno a -gfTcnman Small Center. A i a Shaw G. Kelly Tilght Tackle. Smith i a a i Knd. McCann MeGlUls a a Bolkovatz 1 ft KnowleH MlllT Right TTalf. Flannlgan Davidson Fullback. Summarr, rirst St. Deer Lndge 13. Thirst 1 on a i Pt Charles Peer 1. Yards i a St. r-harles Deer tSS. Passes. Pt. Charle, completed passes out of attempts, was I anrl Deer Lodge i passes i a were I tirccpted and i Ft. a PS I a of 278 a or a i 1 average of 30.t ard. (One mn 9 in I rs li al an in ad downs. But the Saints a i In second ami i a yard- odds 1-v a. i a i i i a a a a in FT a Ri-mmd pnds jratns of six to 14 yards. ITnwevcr, Pnwll wisrft i tli In i Riid -wore a to count a i second i I oppoi i I i a mom 9 a a "Dlhbs" i ma-V a I his i shortly a i 9 grime a a FCC mod to down tli" cf a nf wlinn i tn a Was tn over to A Kiiarrl. Brown Is of i a rmrno a a ho looked srood to a I "Is i a since he a leg I PeT T.o.1 po a good i i a proved almost a. match for th; I i I a i of (lie a I a i good a man an was yesterday, but a a lacked a a a i i i a i i ITad. ho I In i havn hor a i a a i of tot era that a i Tlivors. The crowd (rave i tho "Ah COPS a rang cry i Good a a i 20 a more. "Prr.p' 1 Bollf01.11 r. a on es 1 rdn.y HIs 11 a wero classy i of orK. i made i i i a i of i i i some best season In pet i n. give ball his a In a i i Hints' Opener. St. Charles put their i acore over 56 seconds a game was a Tvhon Shaw a up a Mocked on Powell's 15-yard i and over for a Powell a a up the i and reached the Saints' 30-yard i on plunges. At this Juncture. Itch ell substituted Good for Mc- Cnnn. ferown for "Weggenman, genman for Able and Nell son for The a ended with Saints a i to 0. Shortly a (he second quarter opened Bolkovatc ft hole through tackle and stepped off yards through a broken field for Saint second touchdown, Good falling to find the goal posts on his try for point Lodge had the bett of an exchange of and some good work on the part of Rivers and McGlllia put the ball on Saints' Jl-yard line, whero the visitors wera held for two downs and, Bolkovatz Intercepted a pass, Good puntlns: out of -danger. Do Aerinl Stuff. In Xho third quarter Mitchell aggregation opened up a passing 1 attack that carried tho hall Into scoring territory, when Smith hooked one for 26 yards and was atopped on Powell's Kftvcn-vard line. Fowoli stiffened and hold, McGHHs punting- out of danger. At ft most unexpected moment, Bolkoyatz was off around right end and covered 44 yards through a scattered field for another touchdown. Good kicked, goal. Tho third period ended with the Saints leading- a 10-0 score. Jn the last period Good mftde beautiful run through tho wholo Powell team, covering 1 63 yards for a touchdown when he took A- Deer Lodge punt on his 4S-ynrd lino and ran It hack. Deer Lodge, trlod desperately for a touchdown and came within tng distance, but MUchke fell on a Powell fumble and their chanceu wero shot. Tha started up a march flown the- floM that culminated when Smith hooKfifl a pass nnd went 23 yardfl for a touchdown. A moment or two later, Mttcho.ll sent I no rOT Lodge pun tod 12 i for a a of arris or an or 32.3 yards. for no a i a a toTal of i i i a a of 4R a Ft. a Isfrlccd i fnr a of Lodge i off 30 rdc Kick i i 1 ret i a Peer '-'dg" i i a a nf peer T.odc-e one. a a I i i of I pr.ii.tli7.rrl Vwo i for a a 20 i fere p. ump i T.ognn: i i SCPTO b-. a Ft fi fi 7 DeT Lodge 0 3 0 0 0 DAHTOOVTH HARTAKD East Helena Baseball Team HILLTOP FIELD ML SMUT 11 "Ihc- i for the St. Charles- Ccntervillc game IMS hrcn changed 2:30 o'clock to this ernoon, in order to give the Cen- tcrvillc team i i time to get the 5 o'clock train to Buttc. The Buttc Hilltoppcrs will arrive in Helena this forenoon, with one of the strongest outfits they have had jn years. A few weelti ago they held the strong Bobcat to two touchdownf, so from comparative scores the should be real close. The men that Coach Risteen pects to start are, Ticrnan and Rivers, ends: Murphy and Garvcy. a I a and guards: Harrington, center; Lunde, a a Kcardon and Hoppe, half fullback. Frcmcou will referee. Schrupp, Prews, Screnar, Manager Cvar, Dosen, S- Grose, Kay, F. Rigler, Maronick, Jack Grose and L. Rigler. Cambridge. Oct. -4 A --For the i KUi'copslvc year, the Orecn tonight waved in i over Crimson in the stadium hero, while a a cheering Dartmouth crowd snalte-danred across the gridiron In relpbrallon ot a victory over Harvard. The score was 32 to 3. For Dartmouth it was the fourth str.iight victory ot the season. For Harvard tt was the second defeat in two weeks, and the severest setback the Crimson has ever suffered the hands of her New Hampshire rival. A capacity crowd 63,000 saw the game. Harvard scored a field goal in tho first four i of play, nnd the Green offensive broke against the heavy Crimson line. MAX CAREY ILL. Pittsburgh, Oct. Carey, captain of the world champion Pirates and one of 'the most brilliant stars of the 1925 scries, is tinder the weather. In one of the contests at Washington, Carey's ribs were hurt in a collision with Bucky Harris at second base. The injury was painful, bvit Max, encased in heavy bandages, continued to play. The rib i is still troublesome and to make matters worse he it now confined to his home with what appears to be an ailment of the lumbago nature. jet the duds and leave them NCE you get the right dial setting for the station you want, there's nothing more to do but sit back and enjoy the program. Every Atwater Kent Receiving Set and Radio Speaker is built forall-round performance--for a perfect combination of tone and volume, selectivity and distance. ATWAXER EENT Ed Walker Rulck Salesroom 5 W. Lawrence Plume 289 KEEPS UP IIS Hli PACE LaiAiuic, Oct. L'nivcrsity of Wyoming football eleven continued its winning pace and kept up its season's record ot an um-rosj-cd goal tine ny defeating Regis college by a J4 to 0 score here today. It was a Iiard fouRht battle. Tn the first period, the Kcgis rangers stood toe and toe against the the a being an even encounter for ihr lcaw5. In second a the ow- boy gridiron machine commenced to i nut n. hard line i anrl a i football attack whirJi bat- the ranger eleven slowly back lo its goal line, v.hcrc Freeman carried the hall over for the touch- In the i period the Wyoming team again mcd steamroller a i of smashing the Regis forward and Freeman ac.iin scored, a a i a hcavr. Tliompsnu to i i 'cd a 35 yard pain. i i a i the kickoff. the cowbovs apym used a Micccssful straight football offensive, Frrcman registering his third touchdown. A 95-yrfrd run for a touchdown by Thompson, star cowboy half bark, wtnt for naught as he stepped out of bounds at the 50- yard line. The game i Tvcgis ranger out- i a in i a period. Lomhardi. h.ih'luck, dashing urouml end for a 35-yard gain. The Rangers then opened up an excellent a attack plarrrl the a nn Wyoni- ng's fivc-vard line. But the a ruled again-t Kepis, for, a two i gains a a i to the a mark. Deforest, Wyoming halfback, intercepted a forward pass and reeled off a tacnlar 09-yard run the entire Regis team for i touchdown. The game uncovered a new Wyoming "Red Grange" exponent in i tute a a Wedge Thompson. whose end i and line plunges proved of ihe a i lea turcs of the game. Deforest and Freeman also cowboy Mnrs, i tlie of Miller. Linton and G'Mi in W3'oming i a i Splain and Roybal! 5tancd for Kegis and Boyle, Rangf-r Irft end. was the a i a of the line. COLORADO YIELDS TO UNIVERSITY OF UTAH Salt Lake, Get. 2-1 i persons, one of the largest football crowds ever to turn out here, today saw Uni versity of Utah win University of Colorado, 12 to 7. was Utah's first conference game of the year and was an upset for the dopcsters who had the Boulder aggregation doped to win easily. In the first quarter it appeared that Colorado would romp to victory easily. Chilson made a beautiful 25-yard forward pass to Johnson for a touchdown and goal was kicked successfully. Utah threatened to score at the outset but Boulder fought gamely and turned them baric. After about five i of play the second period Champion, Utc back, broke through the Colorado line and raced 35 yards to the goal. Tauffcr, Utah right end. failed to kick. In the i period, Tauffer made touchdown but again failed to kick goal. Throughout contest Colo- Yado relied mainly on aerial but in nearly every instance it was frustrated by the Utcs, who to he able to rare through the Colorado line with little i i culty. The game ended with a trying vainly to score and with the ball on the Colorado 22-yari! line OREGON SHUT OUT BY CALIFORNIA'S TEAM By AL GASKILL. The people of East Helena cele- a their baseball victoi last night at a big dance in honor of the East Helena baseball team and were joined "by a large number of Helena people for cclc- i a i Manager O'Connor of the TCast Helena plant of tlie Amen lean Smelting and Refilling company F.ast Helena players with a i and serviceable sweaters as tokens of the appreciation by the company for the i i of the 1925 pennant. Captain Jack Gross. L. Rigler, F. Rigler, Schrupp, Maronick, S. (jrosc, Doscn, Screnar, Flews, Ray and Cvar all icccivcd sweaters for their work i season in bringing the a to East Helena. Everybody was having a great time and a was in favor of another championship team next season. AGGIES KATJ, THE STAM-OK1) CASTE Stanford Stadium. Palo Alto. Out. A a conquered the powerful Oregon A i a college team, 26 to 10, in a bitterly fought enntost. today. Schulmorich, left halfbark for tho visitors, made all of his team's points. Most of the employes in the and camps of United States Nat i a a i arc students. a i Oct. -Washed out in scudding rai.i squalls at Bay Shore park today, Jacques i inter national seaplane trophy race will take place next Monday, if weatherman's promise of fair weather i-olds out over week-end. A special i a for the world's record, over a kilometer course, orieinally for tomorrow, may he held Tuesday. Pilot Bert I i of the British a reserve Glostcr-Napicr Til seaplane, made his second attempt this i to complete the British entries. Rain, wind and tide proved too great a a a however, and he as forced to abandon the attempt to a i in the navigability tests when his motor stalled half a mile off shore. Convoyed by a coterie of launches and two sub-chasers, the Glostcr-Xapicr I I I had out into the bay a of spray into a while capped and perilously high i sea. The postponement gives Pilot Kinkier a chance to prove his a worth of i i on the a i line for Britain's "mystery chip." supcrmarinc a i S-4, which fell with Captain Hcnr Biard and was wrecked Friday. Stagg Field, Chicago, Oct. southern stars blazed bright in the football firmament for a brief period today, and when had finished their -work of destruction of the tropical "green wavo" from Tulane, found itself In possession of 18 points, while a badly battered Northwestern aggregation had amassed 7. The two stars were "Peggy" Flournoy. the Dixie team's writhing, line-bucking Halfback, and Captain Leslie Lautenschlaeger. Flournoy accounted for all three ot his team's touchdowns, and had countered Lewis' punts with boots averaging well over 50 3-ards. The lone Northwestern Bcoro came in the second period, when two passes, Lewis to Seidel, and Lewis to White, were completed In rapid succession, White running over the line on the second pass. JINX OX JOB Colorado Springs, Oct. (AP) --The famous jinx, riding astride a man-eating Tiger through three periods and up to three minutep of tho final gun of today's Colorado College-Colorado Aggie game, perished at the impact of a blocked punt, nnd the farmers von their first victory over C. C. In four years, by a score of 1 to 3. Published every and "Proprietor MR.KOGERS Circula The BULL'S EYE is just about the most reliable paper before the American people today (with the possible exception of H. G. Wells' "Outline of We pick up all the big problems and chase 'cm up a tree. We arc for no particular Party. The Party in power is always the worst. Every man. looks good until he is elected. Our Vice President is for abolishing the Senate. Now that is no doubt a splendid idea, but I think that can improve on it fifty per cent. Abolish Congress, too, and I really think there is only one reason why we don't do it. We have got the Building there and we haven't got anything else to put in those rooms. If someone would just think of some use we could put their rooms to, I doubt if we would ever send any more of our worst OGERS "Editor WILL ROGERS abolish one without the other. They may not know Law but they do know good Tobacco, so for the good of "BULL" DURHAM we maintain our form of Government. Another "Bull" Durham iiiSw- dscmcnt tjy Wilt Rogrrs, Zlcgfeld Follica ana screen fltar, find fading American humorirt. More coming. Wafich, for them. characters back there again. Then another thing. Our Legislators are so linked up with "BULL" A that it would be hard to P. There is coinc be another piece in this paper soon. Look for it. More of everything for a lot less money. That's the net of this "Bull" Durham proposition- More flavor more enjoyment and a lot more money left in the bankroll at the end of a wecfa smoking. 111 Fifth Avenue, New York Cftf Multiiomah Field, Portland, Oct. 24 (IP)--University of California defeated the University of Oregon football team here today, 28 to 0. The Bruins scored one. touchdown in the first a one in second, and two in the California gained principally on criss-cross plavs by ils fleet backs, variatcd by a ii Standard of tittWoricL Vl'-j'iTi'F; 7 GENUINE BULL DURHAM TOBACCO rVSPAPKRl

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