The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1930
Page 5
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RIGHT mmm. (Continued from page one) a detail or two in MacDonnld's testimony. At Billings t'rial he told it ns fol- I lows: ! He— MacDonald— was standing en } Steuari itreel, lie saw Billiiw j whisper with Mooney for a inln- ; ute. and set down a suitcase. The | two then went across Market strrrt. •. and were lost to sight in the crowd. • MacDonald thereupon turneri nnd! walked drwn Market stieel. lie; had gone about 80 fett when the explosion occurred. Since the explosion occurred at 2:06 p. in., thai fixed the appearance of Mooney and Billings at this street corner ai 2:03, at the earliest. New note ihe 110x1 point. Mooney j came to trial and sprang an almost! perfect alibi. One Wade Hamilton] had taken a snapshot on the rref | of the Eilcrs building, at 721 Market street, moie limn a mile and a Quarter from the .scene of the ox. plosion. It showed Tosn and ll Mooney May Gain Freedom After 14 Years Ilayti Attorney Finds \ 7 aoations Too Expensive In- HAYTI. Mo.—Attorney b, P. Dates, well known Haylian, says lie is olT vacations. Every lime he Itav.-'s home, he says, something happens which always makes it out even getting started on the vacation. All .nicy Qa\rs, who Is also eltj- clerk, secretory ol Hie Tlaytl Building & Loan Association, local rep- rcr.?ntalive of five fire Insurance companies, and clerk fcr the Haytl and Brasu Wly .Special Road Dis- IricK h;,d his office building which was in the Kolin almost, completely destroyed by fire last Thursday morning All of the records and correspondence of his Interests w,?re in cabinets and safes in his I)f W I PI necessary ror him to return—wilh-1 oliice. All were, destroyed except nel (or Caruthersville. i '• some thai safes. Allorney «re In two fireproof Gates had left the morning before the fire for nn extended vacation al Dawson Springs, Ky.. but a long distance telephone call the morning of the flre brought him to Haytl the same day. Last summer Attorney Dates started on a vacation, and the day after h? had left his home was robbed of valuable jewelry and clothing, since ll seems thai the odds ore against him, he has deckled to call it ctulls on vacations. SION1NO A PARDON 1'OH TOM MOONEYV-Jnhn MacDonald. ccnti-r, key witness In Hie famous Mw.ncy case, is pictured here afl >r lit wns fotmcl :is he finned n rettatucn of his former lesllmony, Ddiiiiiiinii liv lied hi plcicinn Mooney m the sei'iie uf the San Francisco bombing. Lcfl (o right, . are Ileibort H. O'Connor, stale's attorney; chnrlr.s litizicku. Mat-Donald's altorncy; MacPonald-, Hilary W. Gnus, another MacDonald attorney, and Frank P. Walsh of New York, attorney for Mooney.. •qnr NKA PICTURE KIND'S MiDONAl-1) It was a picture issued by Nt'A Service, which servos The Bly- Uievillc Courier with ncw.splc- tures and fcuture. sloni\s from all over the world, thnt found John MncDoua'iri. missing key witness in the Mooucy case, in Baltimore. The picture was published by the Baltimore Post, another NBA Service client, nnd recoi,'nl?.«i by Irlcnds of MacDonald. The Post Inter reprinted the NBA picture unto the heading "This. Is the Picture Thnt Found -MncDon- ald." Mooney standing on Hie roof, with other spectators, leaning over the edge to wntch the parade—nnd a great clock acroi>s the street was in the picture, Its liands pointing to the hour of 2:01. It would have been humanly im- pcssible for Mooney to have been uf Hie street corner at the time alleged by MncUonald. This picture, incidentally, did not ccrae to light until alter Billincs 1 trial had been concluded. MacDonald Changes Slory \ So, at the Mooney trial. MacDonald changed his story. He suit' that It was somewhere between 1:30 and Ii40 p. m. that he saw Billings and Mooney with the suitcase— . which would give Mooney ample lime to get back to the_Ellers building and be photographed L'nere 11 2:01. When Oxman corroborated this testimony, Mooney was convicted of firs', dcgres murder am sentenced to hang. •A storm of protest swept. Hip country. Union labor look the conviction of Mooney as a direct bio: at the cause of labor. The United . States had just entered the war; union labor's co-operation was essential. President. Woodrow Wilson Investigated, and requested thas Mconey's sentence be commuted, and the governor of California . consented, changing it to life im- prljonment. Mooney and Blllinjs went to prison—and. are there today. . Friends of the two men never gave up their fljht. After long investigation they began 10 knock We holes In the state's case. WHAT PRISON YEARS I' ' DONE TO MOONKY—Above are Tom Mooncy and Ills wife, Hena, as they appeared about the time *hc entered the penitentiary in l\vn. and below are the two as they appear today. This is Mooney's most recent photo. At the rl^ht L-J Mooney in prison garb, this picture having been taken about 1924. • '-r SSSTER MARY'S- anil .shredded . almonds, cups 1!V MAX STURM Special Correspondent CAUUTHEnSVIULE Mo. - Over \ $250.000 wil bo spc-nl on a river j channel decpi'iiini; proK'd In tlie' Missisii|>pl nivpr near Cariithi-is- vlllc, ihis summer, .says unit Owen K. Badycil, ov.'ner.-i of ilio; Hadeell C-•ny.trucliun Company of | Vicksbm-!,', Miss. Work! on thb new project is Retting under way tins wet'k. The Itadiitll brothers heads a'. , the project, have ai'ilvcd at Car- I ulhersvillc with (heir families, nnd ' iGnslrnciion equipment Incluclli'K a i llect (if bart;f-.s nnd sleamboals. dor- j ricks, and other-machinery me be- • ginning to arrive dally from Vickv . burx \vlicrt they wen; used in a : coin-rule bridge project. According to Russell })adgi-u. Hie proposed j)lan lor deepening ;hi.- river near Curntlieisville is ab fellows: Will Divrrl Current '• In Older Lo deepen, the Mississippi Hiver channel near the Mi?s- rurl Hdt, four dikes — or break- . wMers—of various lengths will us coiisU'iicied from the Tennessee side out into the iver, and slant- : inn v, ilh the current, ihcy will i gnidually loi'ce the stream away j from i hut. side. Adhering to Us isunl habits the river will then ; >uild omu the Tcnnessse side white it. the .-ame lime deepening the channel near the Missouri shore. The ro;ir dikea will be coniilruct- od wilh cypres piling and I'ough umber stones and brush. The iivst like will extend approximately 500 feet into tiio channel: the second about l.WO feet; tli!> third aboul 1,700 led, ami the f'.mrlh aboul 2,50'J teet. 'Hie current will thas lie t'rrced gradually away from' the Tennessee shove. Similar systems have been employed in the river nonh ;uid soulli and have been fount! lo work excellently in deep-; eniaig the channel. The shallow > channel near Caruihcrsville. which j in ihe p.isl has been a hazard lo navigation en the river in that vicinity is exiKdeil to be deepened • 1- Ihe extent lhat the danger will j Ix- eliiniimted for all time. Tlie j EncigelL brothers expect lo complete: Ihe projccl IhL^ year. Jleans Hif fayroll i 1C. Is expcclcd tliai in Ihis process | well known "Phlciger Island," a lil- lle to Ihe Htnilh of Cnnithcrsville., Kill cense to be on Island and will Warships Ordered to Prevent Recurrence of Yesterday's Bloody Riots. LONDON. July 10 (HI 1 ) — The In 1921 they unearthed MacDon- government has ordered two ships aid. in New York. There he said | with crews of 1.2M each to pro- where fatal rioting occurred yesterday, Premier J. Ramsey McDonald announced in the house of commons itdny. The premier said the British high aid, in New York. There he said with crews of 1.2M each t that he had lied at the trials of ceed to Alexandria, Egypt. the two men, He had never seen -----either of them in his life, he said, until the police took him iiito the jail and pointed them out to him. He announced that he would come back and tell his story to a grand jury. But San Francisco authorities let it be known that he w,ou!d be prosecuted lor perjury, and he disappeared again. Mooney and Billings • stayed in' prison. Then Oxman's testimony was knocked out. It was proved that : v J!y SISTKR MARY NKA Serviir \VrlUT Perhaps the 'easiest and most healthful ns, well -as the most economical way to plan meals and market Is lo use the seasonable products. -The homemnkcr who lives in the country and has her own garden knows and appreciates the seasons for fcods, but she who markets in the city and lias fresh vegetables before her the year 'round is apt lo forget thai each and fruit lias a certain milk, G l.ibU'si>ooas powdered su- utir, : Separate whites . from yolks of i^gs and put. whites of two 'iu Ice IIDS tor meringue. ' Boat yolks of iv.o egys and one | whplp egg illBhtly' with' sugar, . grat&p'rtnd r.nd Juice of lemon: 'Add cheese, salt, currants and 'riuts. •• Slowly mid milk, stirring .gently'' 7 to- blend mixture. Tmn.lhto a plfe/pan lined v.'itli pluin pnsiry,- and '-pake 40 minutes In A', moderate oven. Beat whiles cf eggs until 'stiff . on a platter with,, it-. wire- whisk. Beat in half the powdered sugar and fold in remaining half. - 'Pile over pie and bake eight, minutes in a moderate oven. " " • Dally Menu LUNCHEON— Cream- of- - spinach soup, toast sticks, potato and sardine salad, apple sauce, drop ginger cookies, milk. tea. DINNER— Hot lamb loaf, mint commissioner to Egypt. Sir Percy | period of perfection and abun- gTiidtially attach itself to the Tennessee side-, becoming a part of lhat iiink. In this evcnl, the river :hannel v.'ill at. Ihe tame time be traighteiiExl at thus point. During Iho work a payroll of over 50.000 will be brought into Caruih- rsville. Approximately 100 men, all employed locally, .will do the work. No special quarters, will be, j ireparcd for them—they will all live i rid boArd in Ciiriuhcrsvllle. head-! quarters for the pojccl. jelly, peas. I.oralne, had been Instructed lo inform Premier Sldky Pasha. he would be held responsible for the protection of foreign lives and property in Egypt. • ' dance. At these limes the food is usually at its lowest price. The "by-products" of fcods also have a certain period of "season" when they are naturally plentiful Sir Percy also was Instructed to' 1 nll(1 of sup . r i or quality. Cottage r Inform Nasba Pasha, former Prr- cheese Is an'examplc of this. Dur- he Vas 90 miles from'snn Fran- micr - alld leader of the Egyptian j ing ] lol weather, when milk sours Cisco at the time of the explosion. | "Stioiinh'sts. that Egypt's internal i nll i c |;iy nn(t w m become thick or Still it was impossible to win a new trial or a pardon for the two men. Rena Mooney, Nolan and Weinberg were released. Friends of the prisoners kept on fighting. They marshaled- their facts, pointing out that Oxman had been discredited, that MacDonald had admitted lying; the judge who tried the two men announced that he was convinced that they had teen convicted by mistake. So di nine of the ten surviving Jurors in the ifooney case. So did a San Fraricisco city detective who had helped get the evidence afcalns: them. This spring a new attempt lo fre; them was made. Governor Young announced his readiness to review the case. Billings had been in prison before, and under the law- could hot be pardoned unless the supreme court reviewed his Ciso. Its finding was a new disappointment. It pinned its faith on MacDonald's original story, adding Mooney and Billings, if they were Innocent of the bombing, at least .must have had some guilty knowledge of It. Governor Young followed this kad. He remarked that If MacDonald could be found, and would return to San Francisco to repeat his recantation, something might be done. That looked hopeless. MacDonald had not been seen for nine years The San Francisco News, however, offered a $500 reward for his discovery. MacDonald's picture was : broadcast over the country. ! And then the miracle happened MacDonald turned up In Baltimore lepcuUng his retraction and offering to return to San Francisco and Icll It to Governor Young in pcr- difficulties must be solved without endangering foreign lives and the British government would hold him equally responsible. • CAIRO. Egypt. July 1C <UP>The Italian consul filed formal orotesl l"dny with the Egyptian authorities agaiiv.1 yeiterday's rioting at Alexandria which resulted in the death of two Italians. One of the Italians died from a wound by a stray bullet and the other from fright. It was said. European diplomats here met today to confer regarding Ihe situation. "clabbered" within i!4 hours if n H kept on ice, cottage cheese is at its very best. Tlw quick souring of the tnllk' prevents the development of a bitter taste, and tlicse scalloped potatoes, jellied fruit salad, and cheese, milk, coffee. buttered crackers HOUSEBOAT TEST CASE MEMPHIS, Tenn., (UP) — City authorities nre going lo court soon lo find out if residents of houseboats in the Mississippi river hero are violating the city zoning ordinance because they do not have certificates of occupancy. The officials premise an extensive moving day along the water front If the city wins its case. Troops I'alrol Streets ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, July 16 UP)—Egypllail troops, npproxim- lely 1.000 strong, slotxl guard in he slrects of Alexandria, today to ire:ervc the order that was restor- •Ml onlj after 17 were killed and 400 injured during riots throughout the city yesterday. Rioting spread terror among Eurcricans who were Inclliuto among the dead'and injured and lefl the city t» spend the night tn darkness afler most of the strcc lamps were broken, by the mobs. Apparently a prc-conctevcd and well organized political maneuver the rioting broke oul in the mlds of a two hour perlnd of silence ii memory of seven persons who wer killed in small disorders at Man surah last week. The Wafdlsts. na tionalln party, had requested per mission for the period of sllenc and had premised there would b no trouble. Quid prevailing, however, group mourners began hurlin delicacy of flavor not t other seasons of the year. Cured Meats for Summer Smoked and salted or "cured" icats and flshoften are more de- rable during the summer months nan ihe fresh products. The cured ork products are popular and casonable for summer, whereas resh pork is relished only during old weather. Dried nnd corned iccf. pickled tongues of lamb and licklcd pig's knuckles and many arteties of smoked sausages arc particularly liked when the thcr momcter soars. The use of t'.icsc cods makes for variety in menus and lightens the work of the cook The housekeeper who markets with tills Idea in mind will save noncy and provide her family wilh the best the market affords the NEW ORLEANS, La., (UP) — found 'There's going to be a murder Iria' ieiv soon breauss a man objecter o his stepson's using eleclrlclty t ron a shirt. The stepson. Pete dendusa. 23. is charged with killing Anthony Lojic-z. 38. in the argument. year 'round. She also be Read Courier News want ads. RITZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday ELINOR GLYN'S Sensational melodrama o\ nuucultne "T" SWU ! MEN i AIM IIVXUIHHS able to maintain a pleasing contrast between slimmer and winter meals. The accompanying recipe for cottage chese pie Is seasonable and Ideal for summer meals. Served with . a vegelable dinnor, no meat Is necessary. Cottage Chrcw Tic Three eggs 3-4 cup granulated sugan, M teaspoon salt, 1 cup cottage cheese, dried currants, 1-3 1-3 cup c!?ancd. HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday "SEVEN FACES" with PAUL MUNI \Vlio piny? 7 characters ami Margiiuriti' Churchill. The Star of Stars playing in the uost outstanding, nov.el picture ever hrought to the screen pulilu-. Also Comedy and Reviews. Aclmissmn Matinee and N'ight 1'V and 25e Time Matinee 2:30, N'ight do and 0:00. First away," more power all tt>« way, and stronger at the finish that's what your car will be if you fill your tank with Esxv the giant'power fuel. Thousands and thousands of motorists who have been using plain gasoline have become the most enthusiastic Esso boosters after they have given it a fair try-out. Use several tankfuls of Esso. Note how much quicker your car will start, how much smoother it will fun, how much 'harder it will pull, and you'll never go back to any other nv> tor fuel. •Esso is sold from the silver pump (With the Esso globe everywhere by dealers and agencies who div play the "Standard" Bars-aad- Circle Trade-mark.. BOA? MAPS AND JNFOSMATION FU3 Whaiim>«« »U« • "If, ttr "Su~i»iJ".To«i«i Scnvc, 21)1 Si. C)M.,UI Amrnt, N<wOrk«iu, La,, ht\p 7<nt pttk At bftt TMU. }**t wriM "SunJdrd" Twrinf Sen-Kt, and e£vin »ttnt 73* «uji l» jo. Mdpi and ioteli rnM 6ft/»r> <uti» »iU be >mt jo» ft« oj cfow. ' ' STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA lower priee now buys SoTO SlX A BETTER surprised and outnumbered, took refuge Enrrpcans and their shops In all stones and bottles ai Ihe police who nails of Ito city were attacked by wr-rc walchiiic them. The police. | the mobs. HEDDA HOPPER ALBERT CONTI nio AND UP —F. O. B. FACTORY Rtiatbter, $910; Phaeton, $830; Bu*in«» Coupe, $030; DC Late Coupe, $860; four-Door Sedan, 1875; Con- i-trtifilf Coupe, $9-15. All pricci f. o. b. factory. U1TO THESE FEATURES Chrvtler-deiigtied, high-compreision engine, uiing iay grade gaiolinc. Uo-therru rentiUict) bridge-type I'litont, with piiton ring* of tongue • ad groove cunalntcliun. late rnallour-wfo eel h)'riraulicbr*lc#, ivjiU *qiic«klcii, moulded bnke lining, Full-pretttiTe lubrication — rubber insulation of engine—counterweighted crankshaft—camsbafl driven bj »ilenl chain-*!lacrmo8t»ti<: bcj| control—chromium-plated limp*—fuel pmj——fuel filler—air cleaner. Sleelwcld ncxlj-—no joinU—utmost lolidity—B dStincl advance in body •ilcnce. ilrcnfctri aad ufelr. V CURYSLER MOTORS PRODUCT • • It was characteristic of Do So to engineers that even while the fuuoui De Soto Six vrmt enjoying un- precedented popularity—in fact, set ting « tale* record for » first-year car—they were working to improve it. Anil it was characteristic of De Soto manufacturing genius that factory efficiency kept pace with engineering advances Ai-a result, the finer De Soto Six—a better car at a lower price — is BO able in performance, MI attractive In appearance and to economical in opera- tion and maintenance that it not only outstrip* every- thing in iu price claM today, but anticipate* the future. .THE FIXE R OTO WORTHY COMPANION CAR TO THE BBII.LIANT BE B«TO 135 BIGHT Coming to Ritz Fiidav and SatimU.v. M;,ric Dressier and sHorT-' ln " '" ' CAUGIIT ' OUR GANG—Comedy "Shivering Shakespeare" Sound News Matinee; 2 o'clock Night 7:T5 and 9 Admission Matinee 10c-30c Admission Night 10e-35c Lowe Motor Co. 120 K. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Sis Builr Stylcj 5 590 to>695 PHcti t. *.b. factory NOW ONE 01 THE lOWEST- PMCtU CARS •* Till WOIU.D PLYMOUTH '590

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