Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 2
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TnoHsanflsotWonienl SUFFER UNTOLD MISERIES. BRADFIELD'S REGULATOR, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC ! Bj Arousing to Health? Action all her O'?anv < | It causes health to bloom, aml ' joy to reign throughout the frame. ... It Never Fails to Renuiate ,. v ! "Mywltehmbeen imrtorirentnienlof l««rt->> Inx pbjrMclujin th run year*. without intiititit. > AfWrilaliiitllin>HlH>ltltiii (if UKAOF-IKIiO'S FRMAI/K HKHUI.A'I'OU ulio 01111 duller own cooking, mllkliiK "ml w»«lilni;." N. S. BUTAX Mmidenon. Ala. BIUDFIEtl) UEUUUTOU CO., ill.nli, U». Sold br druwlnu Btll.lW per bottle. 'CAMPAIGN LIES. Tlw Ailbnny .Timcs-Uivlon pointedly remarks tlunt ttliore 1* bwt IMitlis dittcr- cnce >in iKiruessInp a whirlwind aiKl In chasing down a Ho, ami but Iws difference between c:ilchinsr a wild luwU and squelching the author of a falsehood. Tlic iintnral born Itar cannot be squelched. He is simply irrepressible. He can no more help lying Uwn can ;t cricket chirping- Hc lios because he must, and does not tell ilic trm;h because She connoit. No sooner lins one or Ws fabrications 'boon refuted than he invents .another, pcrha.ps more nocuous tban its predecessor. The lie seems his greatest pleasure, to defame lite neighbor his greatest natnrcment, and to misrepresent Ills warmest Irloiul .a delight. For anyone 'to attempt giving the antidote of tirutih to such darkly bom do- HanHrtlons is foolish. The re.Tlly wise person never makes the effort. Many prominent meu make it a rule never to deny even the most base slander. They argue that a retort always gives undue importance- to the falsehood. Doubtless 1(his is 1lhe reason why so many campaign falsehoods are allowed to go uDmailed. Left severely alone they quickly die, refuted and discussed they are never forgotten. GERMAN CATHOLIC CENTRAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA. Detroit, Mich., September 10th to 24th. —The Vandalia Line will sell excur- alott tickets on September 19th to 21st, good to return until Sc-ptcmbor 2Cth, Inclusive, from all stations at one fare for the round trip. For full particulars, call on nearest Vandalia Lino Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. THE IDEAL PANACEA. Jamos L. Francis, alderman, Chicago •ays: "I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for coughs, colds and lung complaints, having used it In my family for the last five years to the exclusion of physician's prescriptions or other preparations." Her. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa, Writes: "I have been a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church for 50 years or more, and have never found anything so beneficial or ttoat gave me men speedy relief as Dr. King's New Discovery." Try this Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial bottles free at B. •I 1 . Keesllng's drug store. A MIX-UP. Kokomo News: If the Mike Foley who spoke here is not the Mike Foley of Logansport, then we owe one or the other of the two 'an apology; but guess the mpology Is due the Logansport Mike, mistaking lnim for the brainless declalmer of that name who held the boards dn this city Tuesday might If tho Montgomery county Mike Foley ever -bad an original idea, and expressed it, we never heard of It, therefore we hiave nothing, nothing at all to nay of thiis particular Miike. Let it go thundering down the corridors of aill time .tliat M1ke Foley of Montgomery county and -Mike Foley of Gass county are not one and the »ame Mike. BUCKLEVS ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever «ores,'tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, come and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pny required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satlSj factlon or money refunded. Pr£:e 20 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kecs- Ung. Minnie White of Evansvllle has made eight attempts at suicide, and Is still living. If you have ever seen a little child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the'danger of the trouble •ud appreciate the value of lnstantan- : •eons relief a-lwnys afforded by DeWitf's Colic & Cholera. Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea .It .is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to .recommend this .«• a cure unless it were a cure.—Jno. M. . Jobnaton. ' •THE ONLY True Blood Purifier, --•I prominently in .the public eye. to- dayigHoocl'iSarsaparilld. Therefore get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S. THE ''COERCION" PRET)E|K'SE; Globe Democrat: What 'does this cry by tho Bryanlte -writers nud-stump spoailaws 'abbut tli-c "coercion" and "in-. Wuiid«itilo<u" of voters mean? The connitry is 'told by t'bose persons that certain "corporations," manufadtm-Ing and railroad lu pnistiicula.r, aire trying to force tihclr employes to vote against Bryia/u. lit Is *iid tlmt tihe ollioijils of flheso concerns are cii-cukiitl'us documents showing tlwj discredit .nnd dis- astor wiiich would be inflicted on the couurtry If Brynu wea-e elected. Tluvt is', they are helping to carry on a campaign of education in tlus vary phice they can do tliis -work most ef- —among the persons nearest to (tiheui. Even if lihis ehnirge wore true, wlioro does the "coercion" come in? Have (ihe shout ore of this pan-rot cry of "cocr- eoin" ever lienrd of the Australian ballot system ? In ail except linilf a dozen of (he State lihe Ausfnillan IxiMoi pre- niVls, and, these fcnv ai-o all small States of t:hc South or West, where "in- tlmidnitiou" of 'the Mud complained of would uot be of the slightest avail. In New England, the Middle SWrtcs and •tlhe grcait Sittnes of *lic Centail West on Ixxtih sides of tho Mississippi a rigid secret ballot law is In operaUon. How then are influences .which tihe Bryanites prate about goiufr to pass tJi.o th-i-cshold of the olcciliou booth? Within, that in- closure tho votor, -be -he low oi' high socially or peeiuiiorily, Is absolute injastoi- of himself 'and his 'acts. That comrwu-tnieut "tel'ls no tales. .While he Is in it i!he voter is as Isolaited us if miles of space separated h'to from cvory ot'Iier 'Ira-man "beluig on earth. In .«i»t tilic^ employe and the employer arc not only equally po.t«i»t4 but equally 1mlepend,cut. 'Ulils "coercion" -talk is t'h-c holtowest of aill ithe shams which appear in the Bryaniite canvass. Necessarily tihcre is profound Ignorance n.mong most of the •Bryeimiite wi-itci-s and talkers, foa- the tatelBgoncc as well 'as itffio cl)fl.ra.otcr of tiliie country is against Bryan, but it is mendacity naiWier than ignorance which is responsible for the '-Intimidation" cry upon its face. Yet it wiU be repeated throughout rth'c canvass. It fits in well with the other frauds ami tihe forgeries wtoicli consiffltote tho Pop- ocrabte plan of campaign, llie articlo now notorious, ascribed to the London "Financial News" which was concocted by 41ie Poi>ocra.tic campaign managers, and wlileh Bi-ya-n's paper first puUWied, wjis piiinitcd in a St. Louis BryaiaEe paper after Wie London journal <to wMch it WJis attributed P^o- aounced it a forgery.. It Is still- going the rounds of tho Bryaui'fce press, iu Tflie rural aisti-idts, and wffl continue on its travels until the eJcdtiou. Probably Hie St. Lotils pa,per whllch printed it when knowtog it to be fraudulent will print it two or tlhi-ee tianes ftgnln Defoi-e November 3. Yfflt its faisttj 1 lias be«Q so oCten exposed tlmt it excites derision. Tlio same Is true of the "coercion" pretense. Indeed, the stupidity of the Popocraitic press and stump speakers Is even more remarkable than their mendacity. It Is doing a good work, however, In increasing the majority for McKimley. NOTHING WltBCKS THE CONSTITUTION. More effectually than fever and ague. That nerve destroying malady, when once It takes firm root, subverts every function, exhausts the physical energies, Impoverishes the Wood and clouds the mental faculties. No effectual resistance can be offered to Its destructive career by the use of the pernicious drug quinine. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will, however, be found all sufficient cither for Its eradictlon or prevention. Those conditions of the system, such as a bilious, constipated habit, or lack of vitality, which are favorable to the contraction of the disease, are speedily reformed by this pure and efficient alternative and Invlgorant, which not only, regulates the system, but gives a healthful Impulse-to the various organs,, whose' activity Is the best guaranty of health. Thoroughness of action is the chief characteristic of this leading specific and preventive which Is eminently adapted for family use. Martin Welkle, a farmer near Edna Mills, committed suicide by hanging, and his body was found in the corn crib. No cause Is known. The whole' system Is drained and undermined by'Indolent ulcers and open gores. DeWItt's Witch Hazpl Shlve •peedily heals them. It Is the best pile cure known.—Jno. M. Johnston. : •-Miss Maggie Robb, twenty years old, of South Bend, was 'Stopped by three tramps^ ,Her .screams. brought ,B. TaUlen to her aid. and he secured: the girl,; but not until he had been shot twice, both, bullets striking him In the face. Two tramps have been arrested on suspicion. . . Don't trlfle-away.time when you have cholera .morhus or .diarrhoea.- Flfi-hj them In the< begraning with DeWitt'a Colic & Cholera Cnre.' You don't have to'wait.' for reflulte.' They : .are : Instan- tanedua.-and! it,leaves,tne' bow.eta' In healthy condition.—Jnc.M. Johnston. •PAST '"CQ»£MA>8pjER'> ^ , . Indtonnpolis Journal: The committee 'appointed by 'lUie Department En- aiim.pmeut, G. A. R. ait South Bend to present Past Department Commnnder H. B. S'hively, ;it Wnibnsh the badge voted -him as a testimonial, will made the piresentaitlon Fiid4iy. The committee was composed of Judge A.O.M.iirsb; Winchester; .T. H. Cisuey, Warsaw and R. M. Smock, o:f 'thfe city. Great prc- pnrntlons had 'been- maxle a.t WobasJ) in honor of the event. Judge Marsh made the presentattion speech. As Is 'tlio custom of the encampment, a badge Is voted to *he retiring com- nmnder auuunJIy, and this badge Is a souvenir of decided ant awl beauty. The bn«lge is surmounted, with the G. A. R. eagle with talons clasping crossed cannons. Beneath this is the rank s(a-a.p of department coiinmaader Follow.! ng this is the badge at the Anuy of the Cumberl«.nd, wliicJi is a wreath between two columns. Suspended below this is a triangle with white face, iind on It an acorn. From the itrlaiiffle hangs the G. A. R. star. In each of -the five points of tie stir sets, a diamond, and there are two inore Lu tihe rank strap. A rutoy repro- sonte the eaglet eye. The badge is made of gold. GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Playing Cards. Send 12 cents in stamps to John Sebastian, Gen'l P:iss. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of plnying cards you ever handled, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be sent you postpaid. Orders containing GO cents In stamps or postal note for same amount will secure 5 packs by express, charges paid. A VALUABLE PEESCRIPTION. Editor Morrison, of Worthlngtou, Ind. "Sun" writes: "You have a valuable prescription to Electric Bitters. and I can cheerfully recommend It for constipation and sick headache and as a general system tonic It has no equal." Mrs. Annie Stehle 2G25 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, was all run down, could not eat nor digest food, had a backache which never left her and felt tired amd weary, but six bottles of Electric Bitters restored her health and renewed her strength. Prices 50 cents and $1.00. Got a bottle at B. F. Kees- llng's drug store, . .The strawboai'd works at Anderson will resume opera.tlons next week, the first time since its plant was wrecked •by wind the night of the great storm at St. -Louis. EXCURSION TO BLUFFTON, IND., Vta. Vandalia Line, October 13th to IGth..—On October 13th to 15th the Viandalla Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, Ind., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 19th, inclusive. For full particulars call.on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. N. S. Martz, proprietor ol the canning factory at Tlptoa, recently partially destroyed by fire, will wait until after the election before making repairs. If the country declares for free coinage, he will retire from the business. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS. Mrs. WInslow's Soothing.Syrup, has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by. druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be : sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. : • Frank Shields of Edlnburg who shot and killed John Wade, a saloon-keeper, .has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Tho murder was a cold-blooded affair, amd the plea of the defendant was insanity. . Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, scalds, burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Solve, the groat pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Samuel Havens of Marlon was fatally Injured by a passing train. L. L. Cully,, awaiting trial for .larceny, and Erastus. Warren, colored;, defendant in paternity proceedings, escaped jail at Llibenty, sawing out thfe bars of their cells and digging through the outer wall of the building. , '.' 1 Yesterday at the 'Greenwood canning .factory, at .Franklin a young,son '.'ojC Gilbert Mitchell slipped and ; fell,,Into a barrel of scalding catsup. He sank Imto the mixture; up ,to his Wps and /before he could be extracted 'was :hbrrilbly burned. He wlir probably recover. MODERN DERMATOLOGY. Wonders .Performed by Experts In the Profession. They Clothe .Their Patients In Now Epl- dermli tram llond to Foot— Pttfc NodOH Straightened - Dlm- • plofl Aludo to Order. [Special Chicago Letter.} "I hear Miss Sirnpldns is-married."' said Chollie to Fwedrlie. "Miss Sirapkins! that frightful-looking girl! Well, she's in hick, she is." . "Why, Fweddie, indeed, youmust.be crazy, don't you know. Miss Simpkins, why, she's n ben-u-oo-tiful young woman." Tho difference of opinion \vus due to the fact that Fweddie remembered Miss Siinpkius :is she appeared "before tali- ing-," while ghollie became lusquainted •with her "nfter taking." Once upon a time Miss Simpkins was a girl whom everybody pitied. She had a huge puri-ot. nose, a reO birthmark blurred by freckles iintS smallpox, a protruding lip nncl n pair of ears that Hopped like sails before the wind. Sh« MIES SIMPKINS BEFORE AXD AFTER. passed hr.r 20th birthday, and no suitor, not even the shadow of one, appeared. That was "before taking." "After taking:" Miss Simpkins became n belle in society. Her classic Grecian nose, pearly complexion, dainty lips and dimpled cheeks brought her love poems by the bushel. Under her bedroom window the midnig-ht air was now rent by the plaintive melody of a dozen guitars, where previously cats had serenaded in -undisputed possession. The fact- is <iat Miss Simpkins had taken a chair in a dermatologist's office. The dermatologist is primarily a beauty doctor, and his trade lies largely with society people who ask for the removal of the petty troubles that vanity abhors. The little electric needles that mean death to moles and warts and. to that terror of terrors, the woman's mustache, tog-ether with the knife for removing wrinkles, are his constant companions. Serious surgical operations, such aa cutting apiece of cartilage out of a nose or leg, are not often performed for vanity's sake. It so, the natural organ is abnormally ugly. Many people have had their noses broken, while with others the cartilage may have be«n destroyed by disease. Men and women of the stage are sometimes forced to undergo an operation for almost trivial defects. That the dermatologist's services are required for still other purposes is illustrated by a story recently told of n Chicago detective. The detective wns standing 1 with his partner at a busy street corner, when a suspicion-looking character sauntered by. "I'll be hanged if that ain't 'Honey Di'cJk,' " said the first detective. "Look at that walk of his." "Honey ,Dick" was a notorious burr glar, badly wanted by the Chicago.po- lice. .When the.suspect came nearer, the detectives changed their minds. "Honey Dick" had red hair, an Irish pug noae and lips as thick aa ft. negro's, while CONSTRUCTING A DIMPLE. this man's features were the exactoppo- Bite. Experts that they were, the slewths saw at a glance that his hair .could not be dyed nor his nose of plaster of paris. They allowed him to pass unmolested. .A few days later the same man was arrested while attempting to enter a house.,-. It developed that ho actually was ''Honey Dick." He had been treat:«d by.a skilled dermatologist. :;• •;:; Afen who; can do work of the kind required in cases like that of Miss.Simpr 3dmi and f'Honey. Dick"' are very 'rar'e'. ..There are,<ol course, hosts of qunclca-r .beauty doctors oteverydescription(fcut .skilled dermatologriita are considered specialists of a-high order/ Their fefei are t ully *•.high a« those of an eye or tar L'doctor .of-great -reputation;-' -;-Fbr iilmplei operations .hundreds of* dollars :«re charged, while the reconstruction of . one'* anatomy law e!xp«nsive-that only ;»ifew wealthy people can afford it ' : j '. •. Tho ^reason for thl» in .that derriiH- itologyMs aa yet a. comparatively new :«olenee. It has not been fully'explored, anil l-lir public are-Httie ; -'aware «f it« I WH-* ; \a the< office of n dermatologist a. ff\v (lays ngo nntl witnessed several cases. One «-ns that, of a yoimjj man whose fate hiul been completely disfigured by a kicli from a horse. The patient's nose had caved in un-d his cheek was badly lacerated. "We shall cut that nose open and flap the sldn and flesh to the side," said the doctor. "Remove nil the cartilage not thoroughly sound and replace it with live tissue from an animal-. ID a short time, the new cartilage grows into place, just as a twig is introduced on a rosebush or a live tooth is grown in u strange jaw. The nose will require attention for some time, for the cartil- nge may have a tendency io grow inwardly, in which case the opening for breathing must be kept free by repeated drilling. "Pug noses are easily remedied. The cartilage which is originally bent upward is slightly indented by a crosscut. ' This causes it to drop so as to rnake.a straightuose. It is held in avise until it has imbedded itself firmly in itn new position, . "New and renovated organs may be shaped as the patient orders. Many people bring photographs of themselves as they appeared before an accident, which we are asked to copy. For others, who want merely to 'be beautified, we have sample caste of noses from which they may pick their choice. "Operations upon ears are not difficult. You have Been these unsightly outstanding cars? They are set back by cutting away a tiny piece of cartilage behind the car. Large lobes and lobes lacerated by violent tearing of earrings are easily corrected by cutting away a small wediye of flesh and sewing up the wound. "Bow legs are sometimes straightened, but the patient is confined in bed for fully six weeks. A part of the bone ;s sawed out. "Thick lips are reduced to normal size by a similar process of cutting away the too generous supply of tissue. By slightly slitting the ends of the lips at their line of contact and sewing them up until the two parts have grown together, the mouth may be reduced to any size desired: The double chin, which gives some peopla such an nir of fierceness, may be entirely cut away. "We get hundreds of society women with slight disC^urements that annoy them terribly. All the soap and salve in the world will drive few complexion, blemishes away. Moles, for instance, DERMATOLOGICAL OPERATIONS. are,destroyed by the application of an electric needle, which deadens the ekin around the excresence and causes It to drop offl. Skin indented by smallpox or otherwise disfigured may be cutaway. Small pieces of epidermis from other parts of the body are laid over the wound, and in a short time the patient is covered with a clear, smooth and healthy hide. "All .the searing in the world does not prevent hair from growing anew, for the follicle from which it. takes root'ia : not-destroyed:'.'.;The';derKiatolo:: gist^aips his needle, charged with electricity, into and below the root. ThU deadens: the- follicle so that hair and all nre easily and permanently abstracted. "We have not been successful in plant- ing:-indlvi'dual' hair, but-baldnesVmay be remedied after a fashion by transplanting skin with live hair growing on it. "A source of much discomfort to society belles is the wrinkle. " It is the surest precursor of fading beauty. Wealthy women will spend fortunes to keep it away. "Well, I take it that an-ounce of preventive is worth a pound of cure. No woman of 30 has any business, to be' wrinkled. Abstain from work and'do not get angry; in other words, don't frown, and your wrinkle will stay away five or ten years longer. When once it is there, it may be partly rem- edied'by free.: applications of oil—non- odorous sweet oil perhaps. This supplies tho skin with fatty matter, the absence..of,.which is the primary cause of wrinkles. A badly wrinkled forehead may' be • made as smooth as the fairest maiden's by tightening the skin. The folds- are. taken in by cutting away a piece of skin, under the curls of hair. The skin is sewed together and thereby tightly stretched so as to leave no opportunity for wrinkling. \"ertical wrinkles are jSmpothed out- by. making an Incision .between-the eyes;. ' ' ••' "Last but not least, a much desired wrinkle can also be made-to order—a wrinkle upon which'oceans of poetry have been gushed forth. That wrinkle is the'Simple.' The "manufacture of it is not difficult, though it must be executed with great nicety. Our old friend, the electric needle, makeBiwn-.incision,: the breadth of a hair, cutting certain fibrous tissue. The skin caves in a tiny bandage and, preMol you have your dimpled maiden." Wherewith tho dermatologist's jo,b. ia completed and Miss'SimpMn/sttjcfc rtoea 500 per cent, in ithe matrimonial 1U ^ r B.. T. • GUJTOEACH..' ., Talk " Cures talk " in favor of Hood's Saraaparilla, as for co other medicine. Its great cures recorded in truthful, convincing language of grateful men and women, constitute its most effective advertising. Many of these cures are marvelous. They have won the confidence of the people; have given Hood's Saisapa- rilla the largest sales in the world, and have made necessary for its manufacture the greatest laboratory on earth. Hood'a SarBaparillais known'by tbe cures it hw made—cures of scrofula, salt rheum and eczema, cures of rheumatism, neuralgia and weak nerves, cures of dyspepsia, liver troubles, catarrh—cares which prove Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—In fact the One True Blood Purifier. .. -, rV-ii curc livcr 1Ils : easv to HOOd S PlllS take, easy to operate, asc. Tr.-idc 53 R3R THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. cured me of Indigestion, Liver and Kidney Trouble. Yours respectfully, MBS. REBECCA BEAMBLETT, Jamestown, Ind. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable: Put up in capsules, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAGG, Connersville, Ind. For sale by all druggists. FOR SALE BY B. F. RFFSUNG. Draggln. REV. S. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR U. CHUBCH. , ind., Sept 8,1806. Ptpsln Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I. have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or »onr ««omach. I nave tried different reme-, ; lie* without much benefit. Finally 1 •;. oonght a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep-; j •in and found that it benefitted me. 1 «m convinced that it will do what It'.j • recommended when taken accordlnf •'/ «• directions. I have token nearly on* J oottle and feel like a different powoB, 8. P. KLOTZ. Cor sale by B. P. Keeallng. Indiana postmasters were appointed j Friday as follows: Steam , Corner,| Fountalia county, H. C. Re«d, yice L. 'J;| Scott, resigned; Stoutsburg, Jasper! county, B. M. Hollistcr, vice Bertha| Grube, resigned. It doestf ! matter much whether sic* headache, biliousness, indigestion and| constipation are caused by. neglect of| by unavoidable circumstances; De-'l Witt's Little Early Risers will speedily.'! cure them alt—Jno. M. Johnston. J. F. Button of. Indiana lias been| promoted trom $660 to ?900 in thej Treasury department. Many a day's work .to lost by slckj headache caused by Indigestion andl gtomach troubles. DeWItt's Lltflel Early Risers are the most effectual pIMI 'for overcoming such dlfflcultles.-J»oC| M. Johnston. • '"" The March, 1897, meeting of the! eleventh district convention, Knights of Pythlns, will be held at Cambrldg" Ctty. i. • ••_ 1 ••Boys will be boys," but you cairt afford to lose any of 'them. Be >«< tor the green apple season by bavin DeWitt's Colic &. r Cholera Cure l ' iJVljMi she b^cww Vlwi. s*» • *"*'"

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