The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, MAY 9, 103(5 BIATllKVU-LK, (AUK.)' COUlilUll NEWS PAGE PIVB the Classified SHOPPING GUIDE! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION.. Dally rale per line for consccu- Uvc Insertions: Due time i«ei- nne 10c Two times per line, per dny .. OSc Vnrco times per lino i»r day . OSc Elx tlnic.s per line per day .. OSc Month ralo per lino 60c Minimum cnarse'600 Arts ordered lor tnree or itx times mid slopped before expiration will be charged lor Hie number of linn's the ad nppearcd and xtjiulincuL ot ulll marto. ill Classified Advertising copy submitted by pi-raonis residing out- Blile of inc city must be accompanied by cash. Rules may be cully computed from ebove table Aavcftisinp. oroei'cct [or irrcuular Insertions lnk-e the one Umc rate No iwiionsromiy will bo taken fov more than one iiKorrccl la- jcrtlon of fmy classified ad. Business Directory | .(Irs. J. J. navii — Sjieucei- Corscllcro Call 421-W tat appointments Highest Market Prices I'Alt) FOB SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. U'H Slvl.I. All Lending llraiuls of COAL Small lots, Truck or Curtail Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. Wholesaler!!, Retailers & Miners N. liln-ay 01 Opp. .lake \lnsar Ciln U, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to ?5 ton Aluminum, lOo Ib. Urass, 2o lo 4140 11). Wire, 1C to 5o Ib. Hadlulors, 4'Ae 11). illl)ES & JJ'UKS WOI.l' AltlAN PHONE I'/lS 120 B. MAIN Salesmen Wai) led How IF YOU KNOW to -sell or limv lo Fov Kent •I ronm l.'UKNlHlll')!) llouso, $5 u wivU, Mrs. Ted Green, Call |> k!5 room modem lulls, ItaisomiWe. Call 280. M-L-k-tf .1 Uivmslit-u ho\v;c for sum- Ki'iisoiuiuli', Mrs. Cross, JOIJ li-ek-U clews ut ImsUliv, snlcs then yon are Ihc one we want lojfi ' 2 l:nh-mi!ii,-; or a t\vo room furnished nparltni'iit, I^eiisonahli' MI:I. .). T, Collins, 11)20 Ilrarn. people, - •— rums & balh, iinlniitslini. I'uinL'.lu'd !)-i'ooin house. DOO N. I'illli St. Couplo Only. dh 1 mini house, liatli, l-'UHNIS)ll''.l>, I'Jiii Holly, cull ano. c ktr Batteries HKTI'HIl IIATllvltY HUIIV1CK Call J. B, Ctune H 'l\un Jiu'kwuV 8mi«i SUvtlmv I'hosic 700 Illyllieville, Ark. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction JWONKV HACK (U)AKANTKK \Yilli Kvery It. & <•'<• Or Si\a;irc Deal Car lioiiBlil I'roio IMiillilis tMolor Co. iws !O>ii) v-s nu i.uxu TII1K»K TOUK1NO. Ita- dio, While Siilnrall Tires An V.\cciiUoiv.ll Value Only 5 lass r o n i) v-u <; o u i-1:. Hlaeli. (iooil Tires. I.nolis and I'crfcrms Like New A Heal Buy! I'litccl lo Sell 5 13S1 I' O It 1) V-fi I>K LliXK TUDOK. iiuclio. N en- Tires. Maionn. I'cvtccl ill livery Ites|ieet. Look.This One Over! Only ! 1B3-L F O It 1) V-8 , T U I) O It. Illark. Always Ili'Cii in illyllicvillc. A Heal liliy tor tlie Vnsl One lo Try Olil. Tire?, i\Iolor, I'ainl lOU^f Perfei-t. Extra Special! SOLID UliONZK Screen Wire 5c per set. It. Hubbard Hdw. Co. KILL POTATO BUGS Mniignnnr or Cal. Arscimte lOc Ib. Arschalc ot Lend 12','jC Ib. Paris Green 25c Ib. Lower prices on 190 Iba. SOY BEANS: Virginia, Blnck Wilson or Mahsoy oil bean). D. P. L. li Cotton Seed 0. 0. Hardaway & Co. 109 So. 'Jiul I'lionc 235 Help Wanted IKAl'llEHS .WANTED— many ancics I bled; write us Kdineallons. Teachers 1 ' I'-xch city, Kans, • , , iw- youri er 5 I'.M. n!)-ek-lf distribute Ihe world's finest wliltol ''mrm-d b;iek it fi'onl. porclnvi. rfioe cleaner. A fasl (jrowlnu busi-[""'•! !•:. Davis. Call %« or C5U af!- ness, bli,' cash repeal bnshu'ss quickly established with Seven-17. NotliitiR like It iinywhero. Wi'ltu today, afftsnn now on! 11OOSK OV 1'AYHIN, Louisville, Ky, H-'I-'ICIKNCV iiparlinont, balh. Well located. Call ck-ll NOTIOI: i:i.i:t"no\ IN CKWNUI.b BPK01AI, DlBTItlCt 0 ()!•' MltiHIKSII'i'l COUN'l'Y, AKKANSAB. Noth'u Is hereby Riven Ihul Hie Cotnily Ccmil of Mtalssl]i|ii CIMIII- ly. ArkuliKnn, lm» failed a s|u-d.d elwllon lo U> held In ciiwiwll, ;\ion ' thu '20 iluy of Mny, lOilli, al whleh Ihe <|iialliii<i| c| ( ,-- Idl.s of Kill I Behool IllslrU't slin'il Volo nil Ihc qwMlmi of a 'I m )>vovlilrd by la\v for dnl si'li'inl . clrflli>l):', at (io.Mie|t Selwol House. WItiu'.v: my huiul (Ills M diiv April. I93H. WINNIE VJIUllt, TUKNKI1 Comily Kxiiinlnei', of Wrecker Service - Ons OPEN ALL NIGHT SKKVICli! CBNTBU I'honcs 117 - 810 ROOM. SI.T :!2 oy DO, next 'MI] HuUten! Tlvc ft BftUPvy, n«\Vl> i decoMted. Tom Jfurkiiun, Plume IU MK,\T •25-ck-lf lj>wi-r llo mtlliml- A fi room hon?ic hy desirable ium- lly of four, no children. Must .be clean, In yootl H' a I lor.) W. Walnut. liul rooms. Call ^27-J. ck-tt Three room (nrnliilicd aparlincnl. Newly di'cimitcd. 71!) W. Chlcka- sawba. Call' U')7-W. ek-l( •1 room FUKNISHKI) apartment. Frank McCireiior. "D" Courier. 2B-ck-lt i Eggs, Poultry Do You Waul lo Build a New i HOME? Invcsligale Our FIIA lo 20 Year Payment Plan \L. C. Robinson Lumber Co Wanted -- Used Furniture SPOT CASH PAID We Repair Oil Stoves Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson lilood lested, Uarred Hocks, Wliilo nocks, Ued.s, Lcyliorns, etc., 101) —$6.50. Prepaid; live delivery. Oznrk Hatchery, Westphalia, Mo. Cnll ck-li ONFUliN'tsilun 4 room apiutmont with lialh. Call 3^7, or 55 nt nlU'il. 12-ck-tI West I'Mrnislial Apartment Iti Slinne nuplex ul 1111 Weal Ash. Cull 197 or 511. ek-l.ii roumiv HOUGHT & SOLD highest. Prices Paid B. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN | Modem :i room APARTMKNT, new > ly decorated, fnrni.slicd or unfurnished. Main & 2nd. P. Simon Call 701. 27-ck-U Cash Feed Store Pays Top Pnr.cs For Eggs & Poultry »U B. Main 5 Kooin Apartment, •! rooms furnished. J. II. Snu.iU Call 805-J 2o kit Two Nice 1 Ijiirac lipcrooms. Mrs U. B. Molcn, 310 West Wnlniil. ISc ,KU 1 Laundry Htmii- liiiiiuU'lltiK i'xperlly ilnnr. licasmiiibli-. Mrn. O. Cl. Andev- MII. 1-107 H, Mill, Personal mn.'.ni!,' ,v mulcrnlly cases. &l VC; is fX|'A v lU'IK'0. MlS. 1. Ci. MV' re. IDI Syuimore. ll-pk-13 We H;I\T .secured the .services of \ff WimlnRton, KXVK1UENOKV) MKAT CUTI'KR, lo te III clmrlso "I our nn'nt department. Pickafd's Grocery MATKUN1TV HOME for iiiilorlun- utc nh'ls. I'rlvule. Very reliable ,V rnisonablo. ' Dox 3-11, Wlrifleld Knn. . AtliUlloti ol a lew s|>oons ol milk or a lltllo liiitlcr, will reelillni foods that aii3 loo .sally. The foilinvlni; dental olilcc; will \x elosed every TlmiKduy afternoon durlt^^ Ihu siniiiiicv. llrs. IlrtMcr, C'lillcl, Mouro ' iiml Tajlor ImllillHH lund lax. ID 1;.- <.i!!r,-i,,l luin'mlly on Ihu nx^i'swd valnmhiu O it tho uixahln piMpeity \\\ thv VC Dlslrk-l, beHtnillna \vllh 'llu- tuxes TOllreti'il hi ItIM, lo IVIKIV (lui w o )ll!K-l|>.il mill Inteii'M ol 11 inn- i'»i imseil ii'fiindllHi h'.iiul Imito •;[ I'lrt $15,1X10. which will inn lor T yciiis. '"' l Such rk'cllou shnll Ix 1 hrld in 41 saUl iltiilrli't, on ilic an viuy u[ wo Mny,. H130, k'lwi'i-n Ihe luinis n on 'iM P.M. and ll:;ili I'.M,, and oth- hvlru' In Ilic tame iiiiinni'i- m Kilitlinjr Classes "' Tuesdnys & Frldnys 'J:30 l>. M. v 110!) C(lllCkANI\vtlit ill OHDURS TAKIfN TOIt "HKRNAT" VAKN ^ Mr«. Iji'sllc Hooper l!i Mi-s. A. C, Haley '.. I'hono 11)2 RADIO REPAIRING 1 A Onniplclo l.lne o( k 1 TubfS »nd ' 1'nrli ! T1KR * BA'llBtJV CO. I'lIONK «?( Now lAeaUd «t 101 North Krcoml | { . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER i SERVICE BUREAU f DON EUWAHItS, rroprietor ' All iu>kM of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Mncnlnc* Mid (J»l- cu U li>m — Kc pa [ring — Parts — II Ibbo n » f . • .. SOLI) OUT o nro out of alfalfa wed and u not net imy muici from Hie wo ircl Ihe kind \vc have liaiiillhut, and wu aiv iifrald hniiKO In feur Hint tin? w Wild y.ol IJK 'u* v«i«Uiu' us tlm iu limb wo )mvc liecii wlllui;. \Vu lhank nur Irnrto fur tlie NH! volume o( sales Hint \v« hnvt ijoynl. Wo will hnvi! Ilium nu full. We now oiler Hoy 'h'BlnlH llruwn, Maimnoiii llnnvti "(1 Delsia. Peas-Whips, H lul New Kvu, Mill .liny kind of Cotton nnvn here, See or cull us, L. R. Matthews Gin Co. C'oliim, (.'(illiin Seed * ital m STOP SKUVICl'J STATION •Oil YODU CONVJiNIUNCii' S1NCIMGAS 'AND UJDUICATION —UiuliulUL* llcpiiir —Hody Work —Gentler Work —(ilnss luslallcil —Aulo l' tu 'ts W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Dodpc .t 1'lymouili PHONK .888 HEAR! HEAR! Jf .you linvo 11 bnriiil nKwidiilion cui'tilienlo of miy kind (in your loved ones wliun they yuma' uwny, we will iicciipl it al full vnhio on tho rimcral, pruyliluil you Iniy aa niueh ivs $00 or more in muruliiuulisc. , COBB FUNERAL HOME I'lIONK 2(i. Liberal Allowance ciit Car - - Low Thrcxish U. C. U On Vollr Pics-] Finance Charjc 0|:in -.Evenings r ° v Ycmr Cimvcii- icrcc. Drive by Lots iijifl CJcl :.' 'Aniiiaiided,. .Call., Xl'6',-',-' 81! ' ftfr !)cincii':ii-ilio» or Infqrnratlbn."" ' Ask'"r'ov' Graves, or Earbcr. Shanks, Calvin PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th & Walnut I'lionc 810 or 811 Olica Al AWNINGS FOR -HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Heady Mailc AivniiiRS Sl.M MI' Best Prices lor Quality Work Carney Awning Co. CaU C« 113 S. First For Sale Bargains in Small Homes If. you arc intcrcslcd In buying a home, we have 15 homes, 4 & 5 room houses in fair condition, ean tell al from $315.00 to SOOO.OO. Reasonable cash payments, balance on terms to -suit. Notary public in office. W. M. BURNS AGENCY, US West Main St. Tlionc 2-13 MINNOWS—Ic each Certified Polnlo Plsintt-—Tomalo Tcpper & EEC Plants O. 0. Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or 520 Madison MINNOWS Ic cacb BILL LaSHOT 223 Dougan Good Used Trucks 1935—Hi Ton Forii 133C_;j TO:I l-orrl !'ii-k-U|i 1931— \\'- Ton Cticvrolcl !33I—I!j Ton International Ail have C.ood State Hollies TKIIM5 Delta IinplcnieiiL Co STUNEVII.I-H 4, HALF & HAM COTTON SKKI) BLYT1IKVILLK GIN CO. $125.00 Credit, on New Chcvrolc! or u.>«l tar, value $100.00 01 mo 1 '?, lo buyer liaviiu; no lva<tc-i« <'.-.;<! disroinil, lur cash. Box "AH" Courier News. dh t ]]arl)or Shops HOLTS HAKISIill RHOI' 101 Smith 2nd St. 1IA1UCUT 20c. SIIAVK 15c llalli—close a p.m.—shine Automotive ASK NEW TK1CES CUT ON AUTO VAUTS VOU POOR OL CRITTER - DOWt WORRY, OL' PELL A, ILL HAVE VA DOWtJ OLiTA THAT RIO IM OUS'A'JIFFV-- NOW "1HAT GU2 HAS GOT TH' A'I2L : R UMDER HIS THUMB,/'" WE'LL SEE WHAf SO T SPEAK , LE'S GO /-* CAM BE DONG, BY HAVE A LOOK AT / GAR, BOUT TAKIN' TH' DlWWY- . j{ WI2ERS SPELL OFF' VER DINOSAUR - .'/. WELL.GOODGIDDLTy- TM CLIFF IS BUSTIW7 ITS GIVIWGAWAY.' BUT I GOTTA 6AY- STRETCHIM' HIS NECk WAS OL'R OMLY WAY- ov. 1 . HKWO V\-rYbtt- MAN TO MAN BACK END O' HIS CAR K FULL 0'»bUEr1 RASV 01VK AGAIN AT 13 TI-IP THERE5 ONLV OHE RACE HE COULD O 1 GONE, AND THAT& DOWN TMI^ CANYON, HUMf A PLAME'S NO GOOD DOV/NI THERE, AND IF I GO AFTER HELP, HE'LL GET AWAY RECKON ITS UP TO ,V\k TO GO AFTER HIM HOLE5. HE'S THE MU& WHO 51-IOT LUUI BELLE-THAT'S A CINCH. 'VACCIN.O1. Kills When They S war in E. C; Robinson Lumber Co STOVES STORED FOR MER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But You While JOHN BUCHANAN—rHONE HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open Day and Night FUKSH CRAl'PIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday &> Sunday LION & TEXACO OA3 16.80 gal. Cigarcllcs $1.25 Gallon BIO BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phono 1503-F4 or M3 Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Hlytficvillc Iron & Mclal Co 221 W. Cherry Screen Wive, raiiil, Enamel, Varnish, Turpentine, Uiisccrt Oil. Everything for spring repairing. Lovrat prices for qualily Oberst'Store Co., Inc. I'lionc 3r>. .211 W. Main Wall Paper NEW 1'ATTEKNS—LOW I'KKJUS CANVAS, I'ASti: AND TACKS AHOUT riTTSHUUGIVH 1'AINX FINANCE I'LAN Tirrs, nntterlrs, Palnl, Tool:;. Molor Oil, Floor Mats. Seat Covers. Get oxrr pvicea before you buy. Save Money! '• WOLF AKIAN Phone 17G 128 E. Main The Arhmo Lumber Co. rbonc It) Free Estimates FttECKI.KR AND HIS FIlIKNt)S RTKANfiK, INDIvI'll) liy JUnssci THAT TRIAL MAY BE OVER, IF V/£ DO1J1" HUPRV, SOP.FT(, SC vV/E DIDH'T / AtjyTt-IIMG TO \ CHANGE 'THE COMPLEX IOM OF IKE CASE .' WE'LL TAKE AIL THOSE COJWS IVHD J0 v /Et IILE COURT! IF WLtnY PAIP FOR 1HAT MED1CIHE WriH ONE OF THE:/(, HE'S A CIWCH TO BE -f CLEARED ! I—" • JUST A MIWUTE ' V/HAT PROOF HAVE V3U THAT HE DF^GpRED A FIFTY- CEMT PIECE IWp A CRACK IhJ THE FLOOR? THERE; WERE A DOZEM COINS UNDER THAT FLOOR! tyi/ ,,j r f-~ \f y.i * HAMG Ot-l TO THOSE ,MR : KELLY' I NLtTTY CAM EX- PLAIHTMlMGS! PERHAPS MR.TWIDGE CAhJ EXPI AIW A FtvV/fOO.' ~^i .- DOESWT nr SEEM MR. KELLY,THAT WE FOUMD A DO2EM COIM3 UWDER THE FLOOP.... ALL OF THEM -WERE OF SAME DEWOMIWATIOM ? ) v COULD ME OVER WTTH A FEWDER

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