The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
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Served by the United /Vess THEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOltTHKAB'rAKK v^T. ^~^ -*• ^>-* 1 JX W. ... . ' VK '^ANbAo AND SOUTHEAST MlSHOUkl VOL. XXX-NO. 261 Ulytl.ov.ll, n ;l || y News Herrdd JJ1.VT1IKV1U.K, ARKANSAS ~nui)AV."T FUTRELL'S PlEfl FOR BID Bill Eliminates Evans Amendment Giving City Bonds Priority LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 19 IUP>- TJic administration iriumphcd 10- <'ny In its effort lo set an acceptable refunding bill tlirouyli tlie Denote, amassing the two-thirds majority necessary to remove Hie Evans amendment. The vote was 24 -to 9. • Immediately afto; the amendment had been reminded ten administration iubstilute amendments, introduced by Senator Johnson, were chor.t-d through tlv.- nj.per house within 15 minutes. They provided an additional concession to municipal road im- rcovemc-nt district by shortening frcm 20 to 10 yrars the maturities on municipal refunding bonds and by Issuing those bonds fur '.he full amounl of debl incurred by municipalities :ii l!ie paving ot :.late highway continuations .Solon 1 . Follow flovrrnur The die-hards on the Evans Ptoposal Included both Senators Evans and Norflcet. who formed the bloc thai nought 13 give pr'ority to holder.! of municipal bonds. Others who voted to retain Opening of Postofiice Building 1 Mail will not b.' dcHvered fiu:n Ju 1 .new [.j:.lo(iicj \jumiuy, us vvai announci'd. Some of the t'uim. Inri- has not arrived and pi:,i.-, an- underway lor :-. fiiriiia! i],.,|,_ uitli.n v;illi tin- AnKTl/.M l.i-:-iun in rhni-jc, fit iln- pcititllicc- .•cumin In Its old location for :t lew more ttnys. 'I lie exail dnir t f openiiv; be announced laicj. K wS< were Abinglon, Bailey, Ef.dey, Bennett Carnes, Levine .tnd Schuster. Ihe two-thirds majority was gathered after the senate yester- . voted by a simple majority . to reconsider the Dill for the p.ur- jrcse-of striking out the amendment. Senator afltr senator took the floor and annoinced a change ot sentiment in sympathy wilh the loyeror's belief th?.t the amend- Iftorials Available f o r Most of Them. Sav s Wil- scn; Fulure in Doubt. Jusl what effect orders Issued ye.»tcrday bv Ilarrv L. Hopkins federal CWA adniinisliation, will have upon CWA projects already authorized for Mississippi county 'is uncertain, n. N. Wilson, county OWA supervisor, said today. Mr. Wilson said that he did not believe the order discontinuing the purchase of imilerinls for. CWA projects was Intended to stand permanently. He said that ma-, terlals were already on hand or under order for most of the ma-1 jor projects now underway in lhe|. county, and that if the "ban on I material mirchates Is lifted- with- ' e in a week or two there would be no serious interruption of work. Unless the order is modified it will be necessary to leave many road and building projects in partially completed " jers. such as Hit . lytlievilie librar r-ver be started. Another order, establishing :ss Congress sustains tbePres- Idenis monetary policy, there will be "a revoluuoi, In i! I, tin" I ,1 'I? k ' e the FrencL '" 1 " *° « •'""'«' «h- ^ * '^' ' Ufea des| 8'«d for tn» n 10JC "' work week of 24 o, ailver . arriving for the tearing. 1 luey Long Forces Mobilize Guardsmen as Opposition Girds for Battle; NEW OULEANS. Jnn. ly (Ul>) — Louisiana'* latest political feud ..'.tlrred up by U. a Senator Huey P. Long during Ihe municipal campaign now bc'j.i; waged, loday Law approximately -too national Ijuardsmen al Ihe city's gates with state ,and city suthoriUcs entrenched In iwo mined and hostile camps. State offices, unit:: of the Long political machine, were in 'command of Adjt. On Kay Flcinlni. commander .of the national uiuird. nnnlng mcbilted the soldiers .'at .It.ckson Barracks r:n the edge ot th" city In in 3 da:K of nlolu 'and equipped them willi side afnis and K bombs. Tlie eliy faction, benl oii ' de- r.troyiii3 Long's poetical machine established unolficip! headquarters 'n death row at 'rarlsh prison, an almost Impregnate stronghold protected by high walls and steel dura. A su,uad e.' pistol marksmen . from the police department and the sherUt'i ollice, which have merged forces, stood on fc'iard. Fleming had announced ihat he wtuld not call ONI the national except as :•.' last resort to pieserve order. H.'. sent a sharp to Mayor T. s. Walmslsy Walker s iNephew ;jjim Rogers of Dogwood! Hidgi; Asks $15,000 o' Iriiiilyfarm Company. FOR STRIFE . . city forces, however. l'<ad of tlie earning him "no:, to make „..., public speeches that would lend lo arouse the citizenry." side's wai Senator Mitchell, repui- id. to be co-author of the amend- The move leaves the senate bill 11 free-of any major feature oujrc-' iionable to bondholders wllli the '.'rtual certainty it will be passed - , , hours, but -Mr.. Wilson receive a .by -Ihe -senate in its present form. • Senator . Norfleet'3 fchicli provided ili-..t 90 per cel , t of all holders of Arkansas road district' bonds mi'H refund, was c'ileate<l,-27 to 7, eliminating one of the last objec'.ionabls a.nenu- nients lo the bill -Charges Ihat state officials have "liigh pressured" ;he senate wen hurled Ireely by Evans, Bailey ind..others. . . . "The fcdminlstraron will never interfere with my functions as a legislator as long ns I am in 1 he senate,'.' Bailev said. How Bill Will Work Senator Shaver sisd the new administration proposa'. for municipal relicj leaves courses open to the disiricts: I—To take the refunding Londs ir, exchange for i.he state certi- matcs of indebtedness (which tnp districts now liolli KJ exchange then in? municipal imp t.ict bonds. 2-lf this fails, to retain the irMereEt and .sink:n> fund pay- .nfiil.': en the refunding bonds to rt oe used in servicing municipal! v " bonds Inn 2— To sell the i,-fuuding bonds at a discount and use the pro- (.•terts to service the municipal tonds. Victory for Futrell . now employ- A rovi l ttI111U:i1 - ihat may provide a l •apj)roximaiely partial offset. The effect of this partial offset. The effect of this pc VY/itl R P UJ.l _ t Q order, for the present at, least, will! , , V ," " e . Meld at tt amendment, be to slow up work oii OWA'pro-S TnLII r . , Bible Shows They Are On Lxercis-i T • i i MI '»* 1 Inal ol Manv a Man ol many a Says Carl Bassett. _. „ .. - i , "Ghosts" will be the subject ,of The Sudbiiry elemcntarv school | u ! e -w«non this evening at the o'clock Tonight. Action Taken Because of Fear for Life of Elderly Defendant. have its mid-year promotion exercises this evening, 8 o'clock at tlie schnol auditorium. Twentynine children have completed their | elementary course. Officers of the class ore: Edward Workman, president: Alice Hester vice-president; Robert Dozier, sec- treasurer; retarv: Betty Snlibri, Joe Beanlen. sheriff. ' CHICAGO. Jan. 19 (UP) — The nial of nr. Alice Lindsay \vyne- l.ucp on cliai-jjs rr murdering her i'nii?hter-in-law. Rheta. loday ccnlinued until .Monday of officers will be in charee the following nrogram: violin First Baptist church revival TJie Rev. Carl Bassett has announced lhal he will show by the Bible trial there is a ghcst on many a man's Irail today. In his message last evening lie ?poke on "Queer Fiirds" in which he showed " sembles in iiueer birds. Me Inveatert HO In ,'ratl 4 vVhll- la, ilm™ ' " OCl1 ""'««. "•I In Delii ,L '°K r «"» 'U"»rt«» W. il.» tc J. lh9 a < ar >U"l to more "''"'MOO.OOO. This Wl) . ,| le """'lit: disclosure rnnde bulore Ihe swata Mr mall comrnct In lulri wl,cr« Deeds. 81-rear-c.ld trea a ,, rer cf ,„, Un)led ,, :OWtt Traniportatln that man loday re- easen'ia! ways many In your pan he said: "Remember ^ .„ we , U ,|, h vntiLii i v **"* cniid. Thorp is many Q trio "Bunnv Parade" and "Scer,t-1 parent in Blytheville as blind ns ed Roses." Eugenia Crawford, Amy. a bat to the spiritual needs ol 2",,], P° rriS ' *"" Hrstor ' withll''^ child. There are too many Bettv Es-nry at the nlano; pres- men who make home Just a -"*!)" of . c1 ."'"' ^s'^nt: violin Place to eat. sl-.-sp and grunt. I wonder how many of you fel- -, n Cn " rt , Amy Ruth l-H and attempt cc " l "'»td until .Monday w) m for oiiustand- '^ collrl was a-hiMd a ."ro mprovement dis- lcdilv I )rel "bly wo:ild mean de "' Hie elderl - . Wils jcoc .m Wll ™i-Rini:e" Hie elderly woman phvici-in hc »™ coutlnued ~Judae Josruh R. Dsvid was advis- r>r. Wynekoop's condition most criti.-al it has been ce the time s |ie first met police • ----- v . J.M,} nuui .(Morns: awarding of honors. Ros•is: soni; "Home n the -Too Ucnrden. Edward Workman. Malcolm Mcnermott Fred Boyelte. Lucius Lendennie nnd Rob-rt Dozier; address to the class. Charles A. Stubbs; sons ."Ynnih" CA clas^: sonc "How the Day is 1 Over" Molly Guard. Peggy The Evans-N'orflctt bloc melted 'c«ay at Governo- Ftitrell's touch The governor had in liLs third message of the session 10 the legislature, again war'-ed against tlie catastrophe that fnccd Arkansas if an acccplabk- refunding biii were not passed. He said that bondholders, already have refused iwo who re funding efforts, "will not bear with ihc state nny lou?cr if this bill :ails." The governor nut pressure on yesterday aflcr Evans Wednesday j'od succeeded in forcing through th e senate further changes in the refunding bill to make his amendment operative. Senator Ablngton of White e county, who has b-cn alone In Ihe t."iiate in expressing opposition 10 a provisions of the refunding Mil, said in vottris ngainst rocon- .-Iderntion of the Evans amendment Ihat he did ?o for two re ilons: "First, because I th ink u - s 0 carnwl good ahscn.lmenl. and s"c- <nd, because I Dunk it will play hell with the bill" More Money for Kvptnses A till appropriating a third <l'scovcr--d. the slain tort-.- of Khela was Wynekoop n-f.nls lo go on with die' trial, if said Ally. W. W. Smith cf the defense. "She is willing to dare death in "dor to tints?, the trial, but T do i;ot think- we shork' proce«d under .such condilio:;.," hr said JirtKsr Duvid a7-ved with'Smilh .md said he would appoint an im- rartial physioinn \; exaniinr- Ur \\vnckoop thoroughly and dctcr- esaclly ,.-|,;,, ,, :r contiilion i Toslixmp todays came afler Ur. is. The decision . L F- c sion of Hie ... -...i- L.imv uiicr ur \ ynckoop had IJCT;, broii«lu i,, 10 (.Piirl as in | lor wlK>cl chajr „ „ l ."-"; ren10 '«l firtdcnly to II,.•i«"WS chamber.. Her condition «ns very poor this mornin s after a severe heart att-irt nl th^ ' c usion of yciterchy's session hn triiil at a;:ing In hr>r cas the con- n f i leriimony dam- was Riven. Jewish and English Services at Temple l^°>\*™™°* Sr'-TlwrS n u,u uj^iupiKiting a tiiira =i^-'* un wnat Is Prwe $12.000 for expenses of the second I w '» bo a special canlor '»•-—-•"- =— -- •• - The public is invited.' extraordinary session of the Arkansas legislature vill be Introduced in the hou.v this afternoon. The house this afternoon marked time on Ihe refunding bill wailing for (he senate mcasuv, vlilei was scheduled (6 be passed r-V that Ixxly this nflernoon. Hujarski. Crawford. Alice Eva Hester, Berber. Eugenia Elilopla u ^.^^,. ij(uw|JIH Whitworlh. Eloise Ramey. Betty n. niirma Bennett and .TnunWalpole: prayer. Mrs. J R humanly Welxstcr. The class roll is: Joe Bearden Fred Bovelte. Robert Dozier. Clifton Forsylhe. Lucius Lendennie. Charles Maxwell. Malcolm McDermolt. Homer Webster. Edward Workman. Durma Bennett. Eva Bcrgcr. Corrinne Blnckard. Nellie towel]. Pe?py Bujnrfki, Eugenia Crawford, Doris Delk. Elenora Fatight. Molly Guard. Frnnce.5 Hall. Virginia Henry. Alice Hester. -Louise Lovelnre. Amy Huth Morris. Eloise Ran-.ey. Betty Saliba. Pauline Ulm. J.iimlce Walpole, Ruby v/f.ivcr and Eutopia Whlt- worlh 1-ws coultk get to I:caven on what your wife knows ar.oul you. There are tco many women in Blyllic- vilie who float In silly society while your liusbarc 1 sweats blood tfv>n» to pay the bills. "There are too many mother? In thte city who car. nnd thc ace of spades a lot; quicker than they can nnd John 3:!6. Say w=ts. when they put the ,»». shovel of dirt on your grave will your children look back and thiin 01 n Christian lio-nr or will they ihink of the bridge-whist thc! billroom and the bcoze?" The public Is invited to these services each evening at 7-30 o'clock preceded bv a service for young people at 7 10 o'clock Tip HE Father o( Nine testifies in Opposition to Birth Control Bill WASHINGTON. ,lan. 19. (DP)— Birlh conttol legislation^-- would fBmilv lite in America --- • -,,», . lovc.i'r Dr. Howsrd A KHly .'of John Hopkins jUnlver' rfty .tcsllticd todo.v at fi house JiirtHriry coininltta-* hearing. "This sort of thing is encouraged in Km let Rus>ln. wlinr-.; family life is di'co'urufed and where they," abhor anything like- real love," Kelly, fathr-i of nine children, said. Passage of Ihe Pierce bill I;- ixnnit dlreeminatlf n of birth control information, lie said, would 'mean a certain mechanical -muddling, wilh married life which Is ".bhorrent lo me." "I am aslonishi-d that • women can propose such a llilng." he -••aid, "because the ultimate result may be that women will lose the capacity to have children." Boos come v,-h< -i Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, the celebrated priest from Detroit, said thai what Itiis country needs is nol birlh con- tttil btil more "littl: motilhs lo eat oui' surpluses." Rev. Coughlin rjid Ihat America's "birth conlrol philosophy" is her ruination, and thai "birth con- lrol, pig control. a>-(] bond conlrol" •i r c some of Ihe Ihlngs that are ''^in-: ihc nation no good. "Matrimony," lie said, "does not mean a legalized K-d of prostitution but dial is what this birlh control law wouli' make of II" -,-..„ on u sln-tcher with ..... licit k-ij eiictisi-d In u plaster cust, I Jim KOJ;:-IS, UouwtKid uidt;e liiiin-i j er. »u.s Inoii'jlil ':iui the clrunit| nxmi nl tlie uiiirthoilM' hrii'j alli-Liioon In- (rial of hi?! KU.UIIUI inji.ry. suit against ihv! -'rlnityliirm . q'Q'iutiuctkm com-' l.'iniy. -. •• •;•_.,' 'Iho scene lejit-a'Ttalistic loner, .lo HOST'S ftltmniit. lo hold Ihe ccinpany legally i esponsible. foi in accident on- 1'irceiiiber ;i in vhlcli Is left kn'en und lell ihivjh were broken mid tor which lie i.eiks Siri.WX) damanes. H iilso icllccled unusual j;peed 111 nctii.u triiil of a p-i.sonu', Injury action in tliii local conn, as In mosl In- tlances rlilisr tlie period of convalescence is far Li'hlnd mid the pliiintlll uppeais In normal health, ' i else he Is reprcserted by; thciid- mlnifilintflr of .hh estate beloiu l-lal is Iliuilly reached. Hiisi-rs, who lias been a pallem "I Hie HlyllievIlK- lios]illul since Hie uccldeul occurred, was car- I'lc-d up lo the third 'floor of Ihe courlliuiise at uboiit It o'clock lliis In a Imllu-ay untli selection of a »:ry and other urfliinlnary mailers had been dirposcd of and wiif llien carried into the court Irani and laid, still on the strelch- on four chairs directly In front Father of St. Paul Man Pleads for Police to Keep Hands Off. ST. PAUL, Jan. 19 IUPJ— DIs- foveiv of bloodstains In Hie autb- mi-blle from which Edward Q premcr was drtw:! by kidnapers' l«is chilled ihc i-nnker's "fairilly flth dread ihat he la se'rloiisly In- iuicd or iierliaps dead, the United Ptr&s learned/ today os'-ihe rehd- rzvous for rnvmrn't of" '»20000fl r'insoin was awa'iti-t;. ' ',' > ' ', Tlie (jruesome- index to'the-'ab- duclors 1 desoeratn . character " was round shortly aft;r thft'a'bandon- r<l motor taj- was discovered, by Rell*»e Bremer B»»t«n •'-.' Clilcf of Police Thomas Dnhlll W"! lins Imd 61 men on Instant dntv since the first rumors of inn kldimpint! but still Is nofbf- "ciallv In the case, learned of the mo or car's recovery- nnd upon 'examination found it "covered with Hirod." the United Press was';,Informed. • '•", < Two large splotches ondV a nnenry, streak crimsoned the .front eii'lilons and - floor of the 'machine. Ore ot the splotches *is on the driver's seat, the 1 'smear minted loward the- opposite car door, and the other splotch-iwas !)>' Mie door on the floor board.' The Indication . n ron lner Ma *<"' Jamet J. Walker, wu <>'- the Jmy nnd near his altm-l h * i(1 (or tbe Ifrand ]urj on • chr WEATHER" ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy Friday nnd S.ilurdav. Somewhat cold- •r in east and so-:tli portions to- Mempliis- and Vicinity—Cloudy. :)ioV..ib!v rain lon'phl and tomor- ir"-. Colder loili?:it. Tile maximum temperature here yesterday was 51. minimum 32, cloudy, wilh .08 of an Inch rainfall, accordinc lo Samuel F. Morris, official wealher observer. many an older man Is he has a Mae Westl Inspired „, , those who saw his ""'T^i £ 6 r' nt ""» "« l » ?« <*etch. In reply he received Alexander Ciraham Bell, by Inventing the telephone, mado It possible lo hear the conversation o! neoplc whom you cannot see while his father, Alexander J,f.el-' ville Bell, invented Ihe lip-reading system by which deaf-mutes can see and read conversation thw cannot hear. Mae West Acknowledges Sketch by Local Youth John Howard White Isn't but 16 3'ears old but he Is the envy ol The rea.ior, letter from of Grocer Given Verdict In Personal Injury Suit Against Cotton Belt. ney. Claude F Cooper. Rogers r.(cks lo hold the cr.nslructlon com- pr.ny resjiORslblc tot 'a -road itcci- djnt which occurred near Ar- irturjl. He was' riding on .a coii- itruction eotnpnny truck.wltli An drew nrowii. a r.>la live, allegedly •I Hrown's Invltntlsii to helji when Viiilcii'liiii; (hi- truck, when the inn- chliiR left 1 the hl»hway and i'l'Cflietl Into a telephone pole. Rsid. Eviard Ifondcrson Ruh Persful. Who Helped Thwart Tucker Farm Break, Here ,1 Year Ago Officers here today recalled the visit to Mississlopi County about n year ago of Rufe Pcrsful. state nrl^on fnrrn trusty, who yesterday fought off the attack of several Hilf.oners seeking to escape from, ihc farm. PerKful was one of four trusty ; euards who thwarted an attempt, on the nart of seven prisoners toj e?cnpe from the farm near Pine After Mnrgeret Shore (nbo»«). a nlglit club entertainer of Jeraar Clljr. N. J., jold her Morj to * New i«rk court, William H. Walker ""•' "unniiion investleators Jr.. a nephew of N«w TorU'e for- ' Mlnei1 fro111 """r observations was Lier Mnvor i iu_n... Uial Dremer had been battered cruelly over the head and draR- fied unconscious into another car Chief .Dahill declined . comment on the startling development btit did not chdlense the:truth'ol-the Informntlon, . , ' •;-•;• ot r«lpniou» aseaolt. Two Particioants 'in Decoration Day .Break Again Scale Walls. LANSING, Kans., Jnn 19 (UP) -Two of the seven convicts who escaped from the state prison kid- naped Louis .Sam Dresser, teacher a: the Mission school south of Mavwood. It wns reported today. Ruth Baker, teacher at Ihe Is- Creek school, said she saw "rough looking" men speed smilh wilh Dresser In his maroon coupe. Innd two LANSING, Kansas, Jan. 10 (UP) -Bob Brady. Jim Clark, and live cllirr prisoners rust wall of the Pi.-nitentla.1y earl;fire of guards. escaped over the Kansas state lodoy under . Clark and Bradv took part in llic Decoration Day break at the prison last year «v,en eleven con- Ucts escaped, tnki:';; Warden Kirk Prnl her us hosla^e Army airplanes and eight com- pr.nles of national guardsmen Join. . ------ _ ..... ».,.i,,u gum udimrii «1 «'ie search this afternoon' Ihe kidnapers for final ji ,„ OK to pnvment...The .victim's f«- Iher, Adolph . Bremer. ' wealthy brewer and friend .of President-Roosevelt, begged'publicly for DO)-' Ice non-intervention. "Leave us alone to carry through our plans.' the gray haired man ; pleaded. "We want to get Eddie 11 safely back to his family." - '• " A liote, typed and signed by the kidnaped man In a shaky hand, said Bremer was held captive irt '«. fate place, and demanded a $200,000 ransom for his return, the money to be paid in old $5, $10 and $20 bills not numbered coh^. scculively. - .->.j, The 37-year-old president of tje' Commercial State Bank was pi'df- ed up by several men. between J and 10 a. m., Wednesday'on Ills return from Chicago. The pgj- icc said they had received no of-' licial notmcatlon of the abduction and members of the Bremer family refused to discuss it. : Abduction of Bremer, whose fa- [her owns a controlling Interest in the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co., followed by seven months the kid- naping of William Hamm Jr., millionaire president of the Theodore Hamm Brewing Co., who pafd $100,000 for his freedom last June.. New York Cotton • NEW YORK, Jnn. 19 .fr i tii in/' C " lhrce killed and two .seriously; All of the convicts were in- «o.mdcd. The convicts «t- mates of celthouse No 2 where e- nr? "L l r f f '" Wll ° f ° 11<!llt I'^n. I more desperate criminals are co -! off with his pistol after dodvlne! fined. ••n nve blow. Other Iruslies rallied | They overpowered Clyde Deer n Cotton cl °sed steedy .0 his aid and poured gunshot In- j guard, when they were let out 'of lo the group. lu.e ccllhouse at 0:20 a. m Among the trusties who broke! up the attempt was Harry Keuneyi of the Osceola district of Mlssl (UP) — county. Persfnl had J. F. Tompkins Heads - a reputation as a State Seed GroWCFS deadly shot with a pistol when he! 'howed up in this county while on i UTTLE ROCK.-Offlcers of the eave from the state prison, ire) Arkansas Seed Growers Associa . was said lo have killed one or two 1 tlon were elected at the aimml circuit court jury, after an | llc " while previously nctinz as a j meeting of the association yester hour and a half of dcHljeralion. returned a verdic' for SI 000 In favor of J. L. Nabers. local ern- cer. ngainst the Cotton Belt rail- load here (his afternoon. Nabers sued the railroad for •.ersonal Inluries sustained In nn "ccident which o:nirred at the »r . l n 3Ii ~ ,!] k , 0n ""^-lavender paper, with her signature, in large letters, across a corner of the Page. It didn't say "come up to fee me sometime." but "I hopo someday to be able to say 'I knew '" him when'. File Divorce Suits Mrs. Christine Byrum has filed suit for divorce from A. o. Bvruni m chancery court he ™ , Belt crossing (Highway °" Souin . n ovem- ber, 1932. Nabers alleged that lie cscnusd Injury wnen his truck crashed head on into a frelgnt Ij-ain, blocking thr crossing. Inn not h« was severe^ when . !•• •- • *"i«i.i II^LUIK LI,-> n"'«*-tiiti5 ui LUU iwsociaiiOii yester ihi' S Duri »£ Persful's stay In day at Ihc- Hole! Marlon They inis counly a store uenr Manila are: President, J. P. Tompkins of mhh,,H , n « ,,, , womim iBurdettc; vice president, Howard • • Thomas of Alexander; secrctary- ellcvllle, and executive committee- trensurer. D. J. Burleson of Faymen, H. K. Thatcher was robbed and the ..... proprietor of the store and her daughter terrorized by bandits Pfrsful was sought as tlie leader °r the robbers and sent word to m«n, H. K. Thatcher of Roland officers that, he would not he and D. J. Burleson. caught. After several efforts tol The association adopted n res- rMit offl(: e r s finally got the olutlon favoring the proixwcd 25 -...., unt^iio ILIIUH^ gUL LI 1C "Rht tip and swooped down on a house In the Little River section catching Persful unawares. A cartridge belt, heavy with bullets, and per cent reduction In federal funds coming Into the state for support of nil phases of agricultural work. Another resolution endorsing the Jan :«nrc open high low close 1120 1120 1119 1125 1120 1135 1116 1132 May 1130 1150 1129 1H5 J"lv 1143 !IG5 1141 11GI) Oct I16« im 1161 1178 D(.c 1117 1193 1176 1192 Spots closed slerdy at 11G5, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 19 (UP)^ Cotlon closed steady. open high low' close n 1123 M23 1123- 11J.1 March 1117 1130 1112 IMta May 1130 1147 1127 1142 ly 1145 1161 1143 1159 Oct 1161 1179 1161 11V6 ec 1172 J193 1172 im Spots closed ste-i:ly at 1129, up •• - noa jinEir<ui wert-iv wnen n . i+ r .. -----—•• .,.<, .... train moved while he wasp'^^"\ e . rurlotighed convict. Pinned In the wm-ked truck. The h(1 ?, rOU( ?, hl '"i° ™m\c\va\ court lailroad dented liability, clalmtngi e thc rol)1 »" - rl " m n " f "= f Nabcrs' Injuries rfsullcd din-cily from the collision mid 'o his own negligence. due Harrkon. Smith nnd Taylor re>-- reseiHed Nabers ant' Nate Adan/s JMiesboro nllornev and Holli>d and Barham. Blylhevllle firm, the rrllroad company _, — * -— *--w jLuicr, vtlKJ.j — ___ ___ Greene Is attorney for Mrs. Byrum.! Tonga Is the only native G ' action Pearl 1 . serllon. tlie a divorce from do- the ratlin:, inese tiny Sea islands have no a nny nor navy, yet they declared war ; atlornry foi I on Germany, a Inations. Iho other gun were found in the room! work ° f W. A. Davidson of Ihc "'" '••-'—-•--• --- • -seed Invesllgatlon office of the Bureau of Plant Industry In en-' forcing the federal seed laws on shipments of misbranded agricultural seed into Arkansas, and urging the continuance and expansion of the work of the bureau was adopted. robbery clnree against was dismissed when the woman store owner, the stale's star witness, testified that the robber leader looked like the defendant but that she couldn't be sure. Persful was returned to jail however and held there until turned over to state farm officials. His rc-instatement in the capacity of trusty followed. General TVestover. In a balloon race, went 16,000 feet straight up and then came down on the same bridge from which he ascended at Birmingham, Ats, In 19J1, Red Cross Board to Hold Meeting Tonight There will be a meeting of the board of directors of the local Red Cross tonight, 7:3T o'clock, at the chamber of commerce for the eleclloii of officers. Chicago Wheat May July Kay July open high low close 90 1-4 91 3-8 90 1-4 91 88 1-4 89 5-8 88 1-4 89 1-2 Chicago Corn open high . low cldse 52 1-2 52 1-8 52 3-8. 52 3-4 54 3-8 54 5-8 54 1-4 54 1-2 Rembrandt, Painter, died _ „.. ..,„,. Hals, the great artist, continually in debt, lived at the end on parish relief. the great Dutch a bankrupt. Prank

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