The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1930
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY. JULY 1G, 1930 BLYTHEVIUJ5, (AKK.) COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'iwo cents a word lor fast Insertion and one cent a word tor each subsequent lns<!r- tlon. No .advertisement taken lor less than 60c. Count the words and send tlio cash. Phone 30b FOK SALE CORAUC STANTON and MEATU COPYRIGHT IQ50 fl/ Sho (old him nltont her new con- She was to leave In I'ebru- ness In every Hue, with his Bloomy {•AGE SEVEN r ! OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru I FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2(irk-lf Special Bargains In Used Cars l.:ile '28 Morlol A Tudor Sedan. Heavy Duly Tlrrs. New I'iiiul, Upholstery clean. A ! vrry attractive buy, at only $205.t10 I.atc '28 Chevrolet Touring Motcr mid Tires Gum!, a real Bargain at only $195.00 I.ate '!>9 Model A Ue.idsUT, Good Tires anil Motor, Windshield \Vinss, Humble scut and oilier E\tru!>- at only §395.00 I.alc '28 Model A Sport | Coupe, Itumble Seal, <;ue.:l j Tires, Hulls Good. Have a | Look at This One. Only 5255.00; Here's a Heal en.; for Conservative Huyer: [ate '27 Fordor Sedan, Original I'.lint, lJ|i- hobtcry Like New. Only .. $105.00 Above Cars carry our 30-Uay Guarantee. Weekly, Monthly or Fall Terms. Call 811 TODAY'. PHILLII'S MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers Fiesh Milch cows for sale. Jerseys. Terms 11 desired. Live Stock Fi- uancc Coriioration, Blytheville, i Phone 291 or B27. 7c-tt | FOR SALE— Splendid two story resider.o: on Main street, west of Division, has !) rooms and ^ two halhs. Renting for S70.00 irtonth, can l>e used as duplex or single; residence. Lot 'la x 140, shade and ! shrubbery. $4.001) l^an a»aiiv;t It. This price S5.5CO.OO holds good for; tills week only. Lei us snow you. | Thomas land Co., lclculio:ie S27. !Bckl7 KEN'l ni:nix 111:111: TODAV . CHANT, nrlli.r'fc uiodrl, AI.AX STI-:VM-:, . MI luv.-a l» CIlllMMl Judllb** lie«t (Mend. Vliumni) bnj luvrd Sti-jnt; jt-nra UK", "lid tiail JUKI IIIT Jiirinory Blr)B<> l«m-s Judllli, J[i>titti lu-.f>.r» 11 It lilr, ilury to miirry <'lniii\iiiy, ^|ji»M l iin-iinir>- fiHiu-j, Icivk nhi'ii t.!u- t-i??*, liFm "Kill". .TinJIOi HlndlvM iljiu'hiK, ri-Ji-cr* llu' olTcr of llie rhii inn a: <;im;ox — nimin Sli-ync UUlruxti*—to Klnr her In n xhim, mid iivl'pnr* In ti klinw liarkfil Ijy Uli:ilALlU XVYnN, ivlio l< xr-rrcllj- Ill-line Tur Ctilnill. Chummy *rr* Jlldliri tn SlrjiH''* limn ami hn-:ik« hrr rtiunci'ini-nr, iillliiuil k-ulnp the two kiiim- Hint nhr lin* fininil out rhrlr Krcrft. JililllU Hirilir* n Iri'iiicniliiua till u" Ihc fclcLcc tind Ijffomcn fnniuu*. .NOW CiO O.\ XV1TI1 '1'HI'. S'l'OllV ClIAl'TEll XXXI •JUDY paid a visit lo lier old home " town on tlie lirst Sumlay In De cembtr. Slie was nnxtous to see 1 fbe could llrul any living relatives ot bcr mother, wbo bad been a native of (be thriving town. Sho was EO overflowing willi generous spirit that she could not fiiul cnoiiBb people to share her success. Site had come across one elderly nntl very imiiecunlous couple. Tlio I husband was n distant cousin of bcr mother, anil lie had been a Kcene shifter at lift theater until he injured bis suliii. I'lioy lived oil a vc-ry scanly pension. Judy was in despair littmisc of (heir scanty means; but Bhe made them take money, and she had a, BMlcnrlld dinner sent in from a hotel. She sat with them and dc- lighted them with her high spirits ami her laughter and her account of her .wonderful lite, which to them was like a fairy tale. She went for a walk when sbo left Iliem. Sho bad a little, while before the train left for New York. She walked on until she came to tl:c end of a street, and then climbed a steep path that led up to the Brassy hills above the town. "Judy," he went on, "It may seem ' ow mid caddish, but 1 can't help She backed away from him. "Yuu'ro 'not solnt to say any- lihiB— lileasc!" "Judy, 1 must. Clarissa doesn't vant to marry inc." •That Isn't true. Clarissa loves you just us niudi as over. Slu couldn't cliancc. She's uoi Ilia kind." Tlien what doe.-i It mean 1 ;" ".Sbe's found out." "What?" "Ahoiit— auunt you nurt me." "llpw? It's Itiinosslble!" "1 don't know how, lint she lias. ary for 1'aris. All summer die would ho In Seamllimvla, whcio the pulillc was very loud of her Kind of Jaiiclut!. At least, Mr. Tauunry iin,d told her EO. "Judy," e.ild Alun, ns ulio was iLIUiK "n her Klovos, "it lit th cud ot tho year Clarissa IB Bllll of tho same mlnu, will you clnngo youra?" Sho shook her head, meeting his desperate eyes wllti every appearance of calm iMermluallon. "No, no— notliliiR will niulio me climiKC. I know Cliuiiiiny. 1 daro s:iy Elie will bo wlial yon call 'of tlic same inlinl,' next year and tn 10 years' lime." "Then what could I ilo, auyhnw?" "You L-au jK:i-.-iUiidc her Hint eyes ivKardliis her reproachfully. "1 must mako him believe II," sho liald lo herself. "I've got to do that for Chimilny'a Bake!" n n whirl for I've seen it. 1 know her Insldo out. wrong, and that you do earo tor She's found out. and so she's tubl | lcr ." yon that she won't marry you; but • • « she's utterly miserable-she's ltrrali -j CT1 ,, yN |., Denned Ins her heart. You must make her S fc . , „< think It isn't true. You must ma.ry f "you are utterly impossible ,,„,.. Juily! Mow can 1 iln that? leant ttii; ler ' , , . believe vnu mean (a be so cruel. 1 Thus Judy, In her uiicompromls-1 ^ ^Hcvc II 1 " "You must," she said. "I'm nol i-ucl. It's you. We've said fionrlli) nice anil for all, ami you sliouldu' ry to make mo unhappy." "Judy, I want lo niako yoi way, showed the dcuser male what lier fe.iiinino intuition had divined frofn bcr friend's conduct. Alan still struggled against the truth. her aniazcmont, sho meet but when Alan FOR RENT—Five room bung a low- on nougan avenue, with hoi and cold water attachments. Partly newly decorated. Vacant, July l.l Ike Miller. Telephone 880. acc-tl. FOtt RENT—August 1st One apart-.1 uienl. One olfice Ingram Building Inquire Parlmrst Company. 9c-tf. FOR RENT -Five room apartment: with garage. 1034 West .Mam. i-o r inlormaticn call 1252-W. Mrs. J. F. Sanueis. HcklT TOR RENT FurnUlicil apartment I v.ilh sleeping porcli, 003 W. Main.! I'hoiic (i« or 27. 15cklS i FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, i 108 Kentucky. Plione WS. lbp!;22 ! WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED -- For I AN'I), to •"- should SU-yjie, striding briskly alcms. look liig n little thinner In the. face, am perhaps not quite GO exuberanll; fit. but still splendidly young am alert and full of life. They sloppei simultaneously, a few papr-3 from each other. "You havo been ill," Judy said. "X'olhins to speak of," l:e replied. "A l:oul of Influenza, short and sharp. Tho doctor sent me here to recuperate. --^Tho air Is gorgeous!".. He looked at her with the hunger Innt ho coiilrt not keep oiit;o! Ills eyes. "Yes, Icvrly," Judy salt]. "1—1 ought to congratulate you." Sloyne went on. "You are wonderful!" "How do yo'.i know?" \ "I was llicje on the first night." "What did you'think of It?" Judy's voice was a mere thread, "i adored K, Judy, and—1 hated It!" Sho laughed at'his vehemence though lier heart steod still. Steyuc came a step or two nearer. "I think you're wrong. Clarissa s tho soul of IriUh. Sho, couldn't arry out such a deception." "She deceived you," said Judy ac- iusingly; "hut sbo didn't deceive no." "Do'- you mean you won't admil hat she knows her own mind? You von't many me, Judy?" TUDY stamped her foot ou the J sprlntiy turf. '1 won't hnvo Cbummy's heart broken." biro said. "I wouldn't marrj' yon It you were the last roan on thc'earth!" Steyno gazed a t Judy with incredulity In bis eyes. Any one who was much Will him of lato must have noticed how seldom his eyes were filled with laughter now. "You cannot mean it," he said. "1 do mean it," she answered. His direct masculine Intelligence would nol take it in. To him tlic fact that Clarissa did not wish lo larry him was sufficient. It seemed othiriK short ot madness to probo nto her motives. And—this was moro cogent argument Elill—If Clarissa really did know that he he cried passionately, can make me happy together if lh,ey, Dunio«t,..H V;» ''' ' ' ot Mtuis ' "But ind Judy loved each other, then she must realize that ho ami she con ieyer.,bo {j h.apriy were to -marry. ' . .. . Judy assented to Sleyne's suggcs* tion that they should walk a little way together. Then they returned to the town, and he asked .her to have tea with him. They eat in a corner of fhe'loungo ot his hotel, which was a very quiet one. lie asked Judy to tell him about her now life. He showed evident satisfaction when sho.told him that, outside ot her work, slie, was living just as she had lived before. laiipyr "You marry his Chummy nuil making he iiaiuiy." A Hush of anger mounted to the S'oirng man's forehead. "You say that over ami over again, like a iiarrot!" Her temper roso. too. "i say it becauso I mean It, and you don't seem to be ablo to understand it." She got up. Sti-yno followed her, mil at tho hotel i'.- :• sbo held oul ier hand. "Goodby." He ;liil not offer to accompatu iier to Ihc station. He was still weak from bia illness. Her presence was p. tortinc greater than he could hour. "1 shall qo out to the Kast with Ifylton." ho said sullenly, like n sulky boy. "lie asked me lo go with him. I'm not going to slay in this country. At least 1 shall set some sport." Judy was too wise lo raise any objection or lo offer further advice. "1 hopo you'll have a good lime." she raid, with tho straight, f PHI! nunilh par-RCil In Judy. She suddci all lii'i- liaMls. She IxiUKlrt clothed, bo di'vcloiu'd H luste for lato bourn Mid ^ayfty. Sho nas nlsviiya ulth uvu tlldccn, II camo ti> tho last nli;ht nf bcr lipearaure at tbo Monnpolii Tbea- er. 11 IV:H u verllalilo trliiniiili. inly stood a:ik1eilccii hi lUiwvrs of very Inn', hiving and klr-r.hiK her intuit, llu k tr-ard streaming il'iwn ter f.ico wb'ie her lips laughed in ho ili'lli linn nf Biiclr n riioinont. Lflei'u-ard there wns n nri\n supper illrly In (iidenll's np:irliiu>nt. but lOiiu ol Juily'a old (riemld wero .slftd lo It. Itr Ibo Bicond week lu January. Juiiiont met Judy in the street. Sho even looked different, ho tboiiiiht ely. She was mill made up, bul there was more art In It. Sho was ever FO r?m;irl, a clever dress* maker having imnmxed to eiibduo her deslro for brilliant color. A look from her candid eyes reduced hliir from nnger to deapit^'. He was bcr slave as ever. Kho was slUI JuJy. after all. "Judy, there Is a dance nl [bo [.onion drove on I'Vlday," he said eagerly. "It's a regular artists' nip in. Will 1 you como?" Stic sccmBil to hcBltnlo for n moment; (ben her face broke into tho old i.iilliir.t sinllo o[ uheer clilldllko COME OlJ KIP 5, — Fat-loul -Trie I PIP /OLi Dip ", 50 -To ME ! PLAVfMG rrb VOUR FOUL GUI THE FAILS HAS -fa PULL A ?ge> up \ GUT OF -THE \ WE CA^i PQ 15 I 5Hlf4MN':LJp POLES [^ OUR eves CLOSEP.' His -TeE--rH ; BOO/TS AND HER BUDDIES that she gave a marvelong piece 1 dare say you'll wnnt to come back before long." I'll come back when you call ne," he said. Sbo was a little frightened by iris eyoi;. They showed bis whole manhood in revolt. She suddenly felt very siai>il and helpless. The rose. In her [hat she could not resist hlii. If be chose to assert his will. She had no mere time. She hailed a passing cab and look her scat in Tho last thins sho saw was "0[ course I'd lovo to, Hasttenl How nicx 1 of you lo ask trio! 1 lovo dancing willi you." Tlie more he looked nt her. tho more loignant grew the longlim that could never be (ulllllcil. Judy with aimethlrifi nnripiiroacliahte -ib'ii:t lit-r—with daiiily \vhllo oa her hatnlb 1 . and liif^tr- bceled : ':uilo shoes on her pn-fecl feel. real silk stockings, and R litllo of moleskin fur wilh n bit; skunk collar! He left her with l heavy heart. ml irjrt Jiitly most was ilial raw Chummy now. It to a larj-'O cxlrnt Ctiumniy'H fault, f^r the latter was engrossed In bor work. She had refiiiied onu nr two tnvilntlons lo have a meal alone with Judy, Then, when they did meet by act UU-ui. Chummy repotted ihal Alan w:is thinking of goiii^ lo Povsia uillr Frank llylton. "1 think il will do him good." she Eabl in her i]uict way. "Ilo doesn't really seem to care for painting." By Martin IS A CROWD* "A. 1:1 an'r. fi' life," Jinly Mr. to have some job replied. "I think d better llncl one. N'owadajs a JUIIIIK man can't harm alwut ilohis nothing." Chmiiioy lookcii at her in aaton- shuieni. (T--> l!c Confiiincd) Bo, «2. Biytheville Can Co.. Hartfcrd, Conn- 11-14-101 WANTED—Several young men orj women of energy for local wovk i' of unusual nature. Pays every day New ami pays well. Conrir-r News. Write Box 1 cave !Gpkl9 Rcvartl Call 603. McMullin's Grocery. Mar May Jul Oct (old) Dug. Oct (new) io!d) Dec (new) 1333 Police name Teddy. ] Dec. 14. S. Gatti, 1 Gel: IS We Pay Cash for used iiiraiiurc.,- N o TlcK TO COXTKACTORS Call Co. 147. Hubbard Fiirnilnrb llc-tf. Scaled bids for tlic recapping of i eighteen miles of levee, from Bis WANTED-Fiirnishcel Iwus- or 1 Lake North to State Line and along apartment for couple. Plioncl State Line East six miles, will be 12 <) 15i)kl9 ! received until 10:CO a. m. July 15th, _"1' . .^1930. at which lime bids will he ! publicly op?ncd by tliu Board of I Directors a; its office. Lynch Build- I ing, Blythcville, Arkansas. Approximate estimated quantities Jan (new) Spots closed five. NOTICE From liny 1 to. September 1 itif dental offices will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. 13r. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders nnw, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN' BUCHANAN 108 N. K. K. Office 107 rhonc lies- 117 V. R. WASUAM—Transfer Daily trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See are as follows: improvement No. 28 Improvement No. 29 02,072 Cu Yds 36.500 Cu Yds yorJc Cotton Open High Lo'.v Close 132^ 1331 1317 1320 13M 1300 1305 1280 1323 1293 Jan loldl H2C 1303 1310 128S 132C 13C6 132G 131'J miiet 1333 1MO 123S 1270 1317 12flO 1320 129(1 1338 1233 1303 1277 1321 1295 1301 at 1315. off NEW ORLEANS. July 1C lUl'J- Cotton closed seady. O];en Higli Lnw Clew Mnv 1320 1320 1320 IKf Xjy i;jS9 13M Jul 1347 1359 1347 1H5-3 Oct IMO .... 1214 1260 Dec 1298 130. r > 1295 '1203 Jan 1302 1302 1302 1302 Spots unchanged at 129G. | ing i-oiisLTv.nimi of lumber in the ' Uniteil Stales has estimated that scone ivood - working industries intlusiric., wane from 30 to 40 pel- cent of their raw material. Maurice Larvnron, French sclent-1 iat at the Kcene.-; Farm School, has j I announced he hn.s perfected a I ! method for determining the quality [ of seed by radio. Waves emitted' by interior seed, are easily distini;- A committee that has lir-en study- ! uifhcd by a .special receiver of ills. KKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OSCAI{ By Blosser Toial 08,572 On Yds nans and specifications covering ic work arc on file at the District's office. A certified check for ton percent cf the amount bul must accompany eaeli bid submitted. The Board cf Directors reserve right to reject any or all bids. For further information see or address •>• W. Meyer. Engineer, 20l Lynch Building," Blytheville, Arkansas. Uonrrt of Directors. Drainage District Number Seventeen, of -Mns&Ippi County, Arkansas. • 5ckl5 Closing Stock Prices Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 57 Ingram Bldg. Blyt'.ievtMc, Ark A. T. and T. Aviation" T.'.T.'."." Chrysler ; Cities Service .. Cora Cora Fox General Kleclric Oc-r.tral Motors . 217'i 31'i 177 3-8 45 71 5-3 44 7-8 36 15 I. T. and T McnUcmcry V.'arrf . Packard Radio :... 41 Simmons 25 United Cos 37 3-8 U. S. Steel 164 V-8 ! To i;iblmct its younger employe; •in the rie'.ails cf shipping as well a. i scogr.iphy. a Chicago clepartmen j store has installed a miniature 1 railroad representing a large are; Jon its toot. tJCMl VIE CAU JOST S6TTLS 9ACK llJ OLW. SSATS AUO £NJOY THE SCENERY 1 THOU6HT ^iE'O SEE toCVMTAIUS OUT THIS WY, INSTEAD OF JUST PL A! MS MOWN POP PHOOl' OM / v:E'U- SE6 LOTS OF WOOMTAINS LATCR. OH ACS THE 7HW 7W£ SOUTHS AfJ' fAOUTMS To A LOT \ ChHC \F tsLU QLC rOSSll-S RAT7. ABOUT MX VLU CALL GUAD^S MtD \ GWE15 a THE VOVHt IXU AMPUTATE

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