The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 3
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EIIU sail /ARK.) COURIER Magni iron I: Mile. Mireille lf-hi'alcd Fiizuro Oti Con- linenl Goselv GuarcJerJ In I lo!!j'\voofl * f 's KOTK: This is nit; last ul six si urit-s on il»' loii'ixn uclri-wi-s !iiipi>rli'd by Ilollv- V.'.T- I -.vim |i!:t-,? ;h,. ;r:'i-ni ,, n l'.V I'ACI, IIAIIKISON \t:.\ Strvin- Hhtir t'lilrtsllundcMl HOLLYWOOD, l-'tb. a5,'-\V:lh a peasant 'ki-chief ti':tl ovei- iii. r i-iv.l- i!Mi liwid. and with a i>l--,iy-(! smile u! wundf'iiiu-nt t,;i ))••:• pj-Hty f.-ice Mii-s-illi: Lj-.din Icoks i"<:i-tlv like Jlclly.vooti'r; ide.i .-,! :i:i i!ii:n:;'i:ui' !;iri. Which ;:|u, i s . Al>cut Ihri'tr months :r;o. V.IH-II - In: fiimt- here l;j li-y lo i-.trii h.ej living in thf; s'.ve:ils!!u;)'i oi Uu clMinn, Mile, liuliti l,ii-| mur.-t „' In;- v:orldly p.'ssi -ssinns don" n.| ir L'B trunks. She was a lour-ly liuu Ivjinx'. iiiv.:i:t:u!iii)iaiieil fxeepl bv ; sUil! o! seiVLint,-;. Alii:;- many HX-UI viii» iioiirs uf n-arcliin. for lotlifinas siiil^b!" tc hw means, she tinully rcnlcc! u 10-rooin collate with uu oj'UlniU'i i.ultUior swimming pool. TJie/i. bet-uuse everybody in Llitf flil'-fluil" lilm :;<;ntn- has to >uivi a <-ur cf some scrt. Mile. Bulir again dipped into her suviuas an; bought an lILs'jano- Suiza no bi'Vii) than n ten-Ion truck. Sbc "Seldom" c.oes Out Although she .says (bat she dne< nut have u:::ch nntu-et 1 - • lot s- much, aiiy.vny. but Hint she has tr work lo gel more— Mile. Biilin seenir unite a lot better off than mos' othei newcomers from Europe, o mayb;- this one is a spendthrift Ol course she earned a great many francs diuln; her Ihree years of picture making in France. The actress explained that she has been vereee buseee here, what with three hours of English study every clay, anil n singing lesson, utid makeup and screen tests, and seeing selected movies ami reporting lo Billy Grady. foreign talent supervisor. '1 Ins was the first, interview Metro had permitted. It liatl not however, withheld her from social circulation. She said: "I ncvaire go to part cc or nigli! clops— only maybe two. free tinier « week." In 1'arLs-, after posing for 'n few ailvcrtispnieiffe hi color. Mile. Bsliu was sofl|htroiit'un:i hired by ihe noted French director, 1'abst. He: first picture, she said, was "Donkey Show," "Donkey Shoiv?" "But. yes — •IJonkcy Show'." She look my pencil and wrote it out— "DM Quix- " l.ikfs What Slip Likes She became a slar soon altei Iliat. Made one appcuiance v.-ilh demand Gravel. Her grealest success was -L'epc le Moko," which lia? Ijcen shown in some metropolitan centers of this roiinlry. word lus tome lo her. she says, (hat when her English has improved Louis Ii. Mayer intends putting her inu a picture with Spencer Trae,- o Clark Cable. "I liope eel FK true." shso suiri '•'Dices Tracy ees mv best actor. bul also Paul Muni" They say ' am not to .speak of Paul, M 11111 Ix- cause eel ees. not lor tliees stncli: be works. Hut I like wlial I like- no?" Yes. .ytie has— or had— tremendous vi- tallly and vivacity. Ate four or five meals i\ day and was never still 2 Winnie. Now her appelile hss dwindled to three meals, and she ha; lost five pounds, and cannot, sleer at nitjhl. "No pep." mournecl Mile Halin. " ;Pcp'— okay? 1 like slana In two week.s maybe I am dead/' Tn films, .she explained, sh;: :il- v.-ays lias been a lectle vamp. 3hf is not an actress dramaliqur. Thf makeup experts here have beoi coiidiiclini; same alarming experiments with her. "They pool m eyebrow up; they pool my eyebrow clown, 'they make my liaii so night back), and so < curled Ic the shoulders) and su luijid-biaun) They goevc me *,' be^ mouse Otrutlicrsville Si.-tf ly I --- ~ ~-^**w*t-*w«w»arfwsKj«Ratj»w'-v*'i" v^js-S;, * /, ~X*'*-ic **" s*--^ Mireiilc Kalin was jnsl a lonely immigrant girl who came tc Holly- uod i,ith 28 tiimU incl .1 -.till of sen mis the film colon> hasnt •sen .much' of Mireille yet, but scouts report Hint when s , o •sen .much' of Mireille yet, but scouts report Hint when s j, e appeared the beach at Cannes (lie gendarmes h;,tl to throw a quartl around mouth), on M screen I do not :tiou' my.seH!" OflL'n She "N't> Onner.stnii'" Her belief is thai she is not temperamental, but she also admitted that she is one or the "1- lo-nct-oiincrslan'".girls. This no- avec business Ls an old and exas- :er»tinir device employed by several 'mnorli'd sirens, notably Simone "Union, who have hnd trouble willi lieir employers and directors. Mireille Biilin believes, nt this ime. Hint it's ihe easiest way to el aloni;. Slie explained frankly liiU il sonif'One tric.s to make her 0 .something she does not naut to 3. sh(- .says. "I do not onncrstan'." .'hen as-it-d a qiieslion she UoesiVl irn U) iinswer. shr replies, "f do 01 [iiiuer.stmi'. 1 ' The actress tried'to justify lliis tivilngcm with 11 rather cnrlosis splniiation. "I do eel." she siiid. )o:niise 1 halt: lies." <:ifl.s From Her l)n^ Miss Bnlln says she is neither narrifcl nor engaged. She \ieara 'hill ;ij)j)fars lo Ir.ive be™ a man's '.envy platimmi riivj niounliiv.; a 'lamuiKl nl I! 1 , t'lrats. Asked about. '. sl-.c grinned inul said. "You i-an '.rile thai my do^ gave eel to :re." Th it's her rvery-:iay rina. For Sundays, holldins and a flash at lit: Tixciidcro she lias ;i diamond il I4'i carats. Anoihcr iiresent from Aciitally. slie has several dogs. Skye terriers. She explained tint only Die "Inisband and son" arc 1'if-re. Tn Paris remains the "wife ivlio always ees having the babies." The green-eyed Mile. Balln had a French father, an Italian'mother. .•UK! Mils born at a villa near Monte' Carlo. Charles Balln wits a wealthy newspaper publisher. Mlerlllc had a luxurious upbringing and an expensive finishing-school education. Hers was a celebrated figure around southern European resorts. That figure hasn't yet. been photographed in Hollywood, but returned travelers bear news of it. They declare Uial whenever die appeared on the beach at Cannes tliu gendarmes had to rope off and guard n space nrojmd her. Conces- sioners then would have a tield day rc-iitlrig spyglasses. THE KND There is only one male liop- iiinl louse in a score of genera- liens. In (he spring, eggs of Hie hop-plniii louse hatch out. females. These females bring forth yo'iin within eight days, anil continue bringini; forth new female families Ilircnglioul the summer. In (lie nutmmi is hutched a brood COH- j.Mstim,' exclusively of mules. The • etching an developed in Comral Em-ope, north of the Alps. It is a mclhori of picture making on racial plales, in which the hues and depressions are eaten out by ucid instead of being gouged or scratched mechanically. Itihlje Luncheon for Club Tiw members of Ilie Wednesday HrJd'je C'Hib and one f,t\?sl, Mi's, l.':l.e I'Yrtjuson, were entertained by Mrs. N. C. Hawkins Wednesday iil'tenio'jii, A lovely Ihree conrso li'ijoheon wus served nt one o'clock after willed the guests played Drid^e. i'l't/es went to Mrs, J. S.], first and Mrs. Charles Wat- sun. .siK'oml, Mrs. Kos Ullle and Mis. 1'aul King of KenneU, Mo., meintyfi.s of the club, V.TH; the only nit n] itiwn i-m'sls in attendance. • > 4 Jull.v .Matrons Kiilrn'alm'd Mrs. Clara 1'ankey was hostess to her club Wednesday afternoon nt tlie home of Mis. Wayne Uliner on Walker Avenue. There were two iubl<-» 01 players. Prizes were iiwanl- id Mis. Cecil ilndspclti, high, hos- inly; M:'s. Billon! Thweatt, second, linen handkerchiefs and Mrs. Vlr- sdl Davis, cansolatlon. hoi dish Chili Urars Ihxik Krvti-w Mrs. K. C. lluwktns wa.s a ^iiest I ul llii! and Professional ien's club ut tliclr regular iiii 'I'uesday e\ r entn;<, v.'hereshu ^ave a most interesting review of "Tin' Citadel" by A. j. cronin to he twenty club nicmtiers present. llnilng Hie business session Misses Jiernice Chlllun of this city and Mnry Nowl Can 1 of Stcele. and a Miss Kenner of Cooler, were elected (c membership. Miss Nell U'C Dor- roli, ehnlrmnn of the ediiciitlanql tlepartmeiH, presented plans foi- un essay contest among (he 'senior girls in the local school. Rules and subject material were discussed. A r.ii/.e ol $5.00 will be given (he winner and the presentation made at a banquet given by (he club for cuilcslanls early In May. The club decided to cooperate with oilier civic organizations In Ibe promotion of giving free lunches lo poor children in the grade school. Culonial Tea Given The home ol Mrs. Monell Uc- Hfign was Ibe scene of a delightful Cclonial Tea Tuesday afternoon. Members of the Woman's Cluu and Ihelr jjnesl.s were present. Mrs. De- Hc!s«. Mrs. E. G. liolnnd, Mrs. Chas. Rldgley and Mrs. A. L. Prey- tag. dressed ns colonial dames, were in the receiving line. Mrs. A. L. Preying-, president of Ibe club, lind arranged un interesting program. A paper. "Colonial Fashions," by Mrs. L. H. ScluiH., was .supplemented by hand painted color sheets, illustrn'ting- the fashions cf the day for both men and women. "The Minuet" was given by Misses Jacqueline Roland, colonial girl.. ami Joiin Pierce, drcsse;! us a young man ol the period. Mrs. Chillis Berry raid a |)<iper on "Colonial Customs." This was followed by a talk, "World Events in Colonial •HiiiBi" by Mrs, DeReign. Miss Virginia LitMiifclner, soloist, rendered two vocal number;), "Lon^, LOHJ Ago" and "Carry Me Back to Old Vlrginny." Shu was accompanied by Miss Marjorie Ashcraft. Mrs. Cluis. Hidgley and Mrs. B. O. Roland presided ut (he luce draped tea table in Ilie dining room during the refreshment hour. A seasonal theme was carried out In the refreshments and table decorations. » 4 e Kook Club Knleriained Miss Beatrice Oarretl was hostess to the members of her rook club and two gnesis. Mbses Swan Naylnr ami Laura Helle shepnrd, Tuesday evening at the fat Shop. Mrs. Minnie McGill held high score and received bath powder. Miss Doris Shore was second high ami wns awarded a blue glass candy jar. The guests encli received sachet |»w<ler In a dainty odor. Misses E'mniH and Jocic Monan and Mrs. Ira Rainwater of near Portagevillc spent Tuesday evening in this city as guests of tliclr sisler. Mrs. Jo:' Horn and family. Mrs. H. P. Thwealt ant) Mr. and !ifrs. N. W. Helm spent Tuesday in Memphis. Mr. imd Mrs. Arl J. nillman. left this week in their trailer for a = Weekly Sunday School Lesson— Measuring A Man's Worth 'b uy \VM. K. oii.nov, u. t>. What is the measure of a man's '.vorth? Is he worth more lhan n sheep, or Is he worth more lhan n hog? Tills is the question that very definitely Is raised In our lesson, which seis before us one of Ilie strangest .slories in the entire liible.. \Ve are told (hat when Jesus came to the oilier side of the Sea of Galilee in (lie country of Ihe Gerasenes or Gndnrenes. ami when He had come out of ifcc boat. He WT.S met uy a man "with an nnclenn .spirit." or as we should ray today, an Insane man. who had his dwelling In the tombs. We have Ihe description of a poor de- merilcd fellow whose Insantiy mnv- t\l him to such violence that bonds and fellers failed to hold him. Always, night and day. he was crying out In the tombs, and cutting / himself with stones.. ft With lhat strange insight or 7,V Iwerslty thai sometimes aftccts •I o Insane In our own time, he cried out against Jesus, calling Htm Ihe Son of the Most High «od, but adjuring Him not lo lormen; him. Jesus commanded ihe unclean spirit (o come out ot him. There are strange nnd superstitious incidents or the story that It Is difficult lo understand or fit in with ! the scientific conccpions of Insan- j ily to<iay. We have the picture of Ilie unclean spirit.'; beseeching Jesus that He would not send them awny [out of the country, and of their i emeriti]; inlo ci great, herd ot swine j feeding on the mountain side. I which immediately ran cloivn « '. steep plncc Into the sea, and wcro ; drowned. : H is frankly difficult lo under- i Eland tris or to derive any pav- Itailnr IracJiing for it, j,i modem terms. There is. of course, the reflection tlyit these Gadavenes j who were raising the hogs would nol, according lo their own religions Ideas, cat the flesh of these i IIIRS themselves, but were, rnlslnc j them to sell to (lie Gentiles. , The real point, however, Ls thut those who lost their swine were so much stirred up over their loss that they Immediately asked Jesus to leave tl;clr community. They valued their swine far mor e than serin;,' a fellow mortal, who hail been the victim of terrible insanity, now sane and clothed in his right mind. There Is where the real question comes i" concerning Ihe worth of a man. The topic for young people and adults in this lesson Is "Putting People Before Front." it is a significant and vital topic for our I modem world. If we could really put, people before profit, what hn- provemrnl-s In society would be ]x>sslble! One would not. suggest that the profit motive Is always wronjf hut when the profit motive l.i weighed ngfliiist injustice and harm to human life, or when it. l s sufficient lo prevent proper provisions lor prolecUng and Improving human life, then the profll mollvc Is Inhuman, null-social, and ungodly It is n very veal question this- Hmv much belter 1$ a man than a sheep? or how much greater is the health and sanity of a human being than a herd of hogs? Unfortunately too many modern communities answer the in effect If nol In dirt these Qddarenes. vm-Milon lii Hot spriir.fs. Ark., nnd oilier points Mrs. I'milinc lluvlen nnd .Mrs. t'liuv |,l|,. spent \vi-diieid;iy In Memphis. Mrs. Johnnie (liini'lt h'fi Wed- nc-day lor Memphis. •iv m i., W | 1(m , slie entered HI. ,U;e|,ir.s ht.snltiil ft"' U'wilment, Mr.s. W, V. Hdljliiv.)!, ,, m i drtinjli- t«, Miss llelly, and Hie ||,, v . Waviie W.^Ciray *]x>nl Wednesday I" Mem- Virnil Davis and I,, Sj. .shade xpml Tlmr.s'dny fit Memphis. t-i'o Kvhuller of I'nscolu ulli'i. k-tl lo l)iisiii(..,s mailers here Wi-i]iic.,dav I'vcniiiv. >'<j'h (i-iih.Mn ill llr. cii.. s|"-.'H u few hours in tli;s eliy Wiiljii-Miuy aHi'iuUn., i,, bn.ini-.v, tnulicj-.s. Mr. uml Mrs. EH Jxx-knrd nnd lw<» ••hlldi'i-ii and Mrs. A. IV n-nnk- )ln .s|«'Ht 'riw.-:ihiy cvi'nliin I" Uly- thcvllU- visilliiK wUJi Mrs. l/^'kiird's Pill'flllS. J. 1! Mlnloji. who hns been i]j fur ihe |iusi t«-o weeks from un "tun-!: 1,1 in)liieii/n. is HitK-ii ij-iu-r ami is able in be up. Mr. and Mrs. Kit ward ol 1,11- uourn. Mo., former resUleii!.-, of the Mi'Ciirly coiiinuinlty. spi'iH i\ lew lio.ii's in lh)s cii). 'lucMlnj' I.UCIK!- i'li; lo businr-s-s iniitli-rs and visli- I«K with frii-nds. Mrs. chas. StbbnU ol D.illus. TVx., arrlvid Wi'ilncsday inurnln<( nnd !>• Hit 1 tuist ul her mother, Mrs. K. )|. MiiSjjruvc. Kusi Ei^hi,, .sueel, .MtvM.s Mi.ry J-,im> |,.His uiui /Vmr Miirpin-l Dent ^);.]i! 'l'iiesd;iy In Mi-ni|ili:>. K|II.J,|, tliry shiijiiietl iinti vi-ltid vvillj frli'iuls." 'I1«' i:lcjitifyiiis; whurls, loops, un(' iirclms cl ilni>cri>rint.s exlcml clem j Ihroiii!h Ihe live layers of the ep|. ' dermls. Where the skin hns biTj j Mind|iii|)m'd iiwiiy, Ihe lell-tnlc paiU'Jiis grow buck Into plncc In time. "Hen llnr" wns one ot ihe mosl cosily motion pictures ever made "> me play and bonk cost $1,000.000; construction ot the Circus Maximum cost $200,000; and Hie i.oOO.OOO feel ot film used In flhiiiuj; sequences in Home cost SBO.OOD. Collon picking is the most costly njii'iatlon In cotton prmhicllnii. Constipation Irregular Bowels STOS1AOM A UVKH AtT'Kt"lKll Very oflen jwople stiy Unit constipation and Irregular towels 'ire Ihe cnuse of Ilielr IDtiess when r is reully their St. oui a cii or I i i 1 c r lhat (he trmi- ulc. C1 c anslnt,' out these, impurities i 111 nt keep t'earlug tiivny nt your health nnd vitality per in Us free How of the digestive Juices, makes the Inner organs K w e e t 11 n cl clean, and I in proves the whole, system In general. AILMENTS OK INTKSTINKS AN1I BOWELS Symptoms: Painful, henvy, bloat ed feeling In the lower slom'nch, headaches, coated longtis?, Impure breath, worn-out feeling, slecples.'i- W.S.S. U'lml Old Kii'kaln Will !)<>: Us Ingredients mix will) the food In your stomach. Improving your ili- gesllon, which overcojucs constl- lialloii In n natural way. OLD KICKATO will demise your how- els rgradnnlly, nol dmsllcully or .severely) ns they were NEVER CLEANSED BEFORE and tone them into better dully action. H will jemove the poisons lhat cause ilk&y .spells, hradaclies, .skin eruptions, foul breath, exhausted feelings ntid broken sleep. Usually laxatives adoct one nr- ean tnly—Old Klcknto is a special medicine that It compounded to act on stomach, liver ami howcl.s. One ailing urjan allccls ;lll. ^Vorks with your foot!—uives ainax- li'g relief. Cosls tut fen 1 ecnfs a day for Us IISP. Ot (he larf-e Sl.Ou! Iwllle today for only J9 cents. Sold by Klrwarl-Kubiiison l)ni|( Xlore only. IT COSTS LESS- To lei us KEEP your 'car in shape than it does to repair it after it hi\.s broken down. Increase the value of your oar nnd l.KT US KEEP IT JN A-l CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need AH Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Traders Sales and Service .•507 K. Main St. Phone 329 THRIDH! * Phillips 66 Poly Gas The unchallenged high test headliner...,/; m ,v«,, t , /« *„•,•, ... is I'liillipsi'io 1'nly Gas. No \vonilcr ihat tills sensational -.''• winter f;«olinc is way nut in front - lor suiting icy motors with split- "'.' SCCnilll SpCC'd. '.',' Morel Ic snips up pick-up... peps „ up power.., niul stein up mileage. •. •••. 5 on don't luve to figdt the choke or rm>y theclutdi. Yon pet toucli.atul.go , stirring i vety time your toe raps the ;. huicon. ''' Phillips can afford to give mniotiiu biglint Kit at tlie price of ''' Ofilirmj' Ipw-fesf moror fiich became '" I'lullips is tlic WORLD'S IAROCST 1'Komictft or NATUML HIGH TESV •• i GA.SOIINI'. AmlcmygillonofPhillip? - '••> Mi I'oly (ias, u rlic name indicates, ..'. Ins extra energy uniri added by riie ; scientific: POLYmetfiuiIon process. !"?,*,'toP,?.' 01 ^ 0 ' 1 .^""'* B1 «!< ' lions of economy-minded » motorists. b»j won for m ihe steady pat- ' Leave V Lady Luck at home She is a dangerous guide for your shopping tours, (.his fickle lady. Lot her smilfi, and bargains may be yours. Bntlet he'pfrpvvn— lor .eveW Itikd interest — and ' ' •' •' •'. :.' 'I ' >• • : ; - i.-:' ; v'- ; , •' ' '• you are likely to pay more'tliaii home disappointing merchandise. i ; •, Thrifty shoppers long- ago left this, uni'eljable lady in the lurch. They now plan their shoppmg.t6.urs';"as. carefully as a master navigator, plots, his. cours'e: Their weather charts are news of sales and up-to-the hour information on new merchandise and today's prices. Where do they get this money-saving information in advance? From a source at your own fingertips this very minute! Simply turn to the advertising pages of this paper. Settle down in your favorite chair, and look for the things you intend to buy on your next shopping trip. You'll be surprised at the number of them advertised. Compare descriptions, compare prices, and you will find out exactly where to get the things you want at your prices, So leave Lady Luck behind on your next shopping trip. Follow an ad-charted course instead, and enjoy safer shopping, with more and better merchandise for. VOID- money.

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