The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
Page 4
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PACK J COURIER' SATURDAY, MAY 9, I93i| TUE BLYTIIEVILU3 COURIER NEWS THE'COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS r 0. R. BASCOOK, Editor ' H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Bole -National AdvertltUig Dailies, Inu., New York, Chicago, ytrdst 1/mls.Dalto, Kansas City, Memi)hb_ ~ 'published Ever/ Afternoon Except BimtoJ >~ Entered ns second class mailer al Uio P<Kj ofilco iit Blylliovlllo. Arkansas, under «ct oi Coneress. (Moto 3. "Scrveo ny tne united SUBSClUmON KATES By canter !n tho CU-y of BiyUiovllw, 16<J P w *cck or $6 SO per year, In advance. By mil wlllilM ii radius or DO miles, 13.00 per year !l 50 for six months, 15o for Uirco rooirt »5 fay ma i I" p«W«mM two to six lii<« 1550 per year; in wmes seven wid l 10.» per year, W»M<\ advance. Preaching Progress Wluil is ehidly lacking foi 1 Ui» comiilolo Hwces? 'of Arkiuisns' ccn- tenninrcelebration is H sufficient mini- bin- of ciiiy.cna with Uio enthusiasm for the .stale• which 'is possessed by _ tyiss Willie Uwson. ' Miss Lmvsoii is unl only n heliovur in llio t'utwe of AH«i»>'n8 lull one us well who believes in doing something -about .it. And site is n pvcUy K°" A walking ndvcrliscinonl ol" her unlive stale. Hallylion is not gome to achieve-u rciili/iition of this .slate's potentialities. But confidence and enthusiasm ami energy will turUinly help, Miss Luw- soii's spirit is contritions and if she avul. u few more like her will keep Iweline over the state prcnchiiiB progress IH she did at Wilson yesterday Uic conUniiiial observance will at least serve (lie purpose of waking up a lot of ArUansans io sonic of the opportunities they are missinj; right al home. Iii Slritle of Progress '..• Triin'i-Allnnlic (lying seemed (iiiite fantastic when Colonel Lindbergh made his heroic hop to I'avis nine years ago.' But aviation has come iv long way since, and .so today the world looks forward rather casually to regularly scheduled travel in the skies above Ihc .Atlantic. The German Zeppelin llindenburg •add;; another ship to such already e.slablisl^ijil service, linking the old "'•world and the ne\v. At Hie same time plans arc.going ahead for similar travel by airplane as well. Even trans-polar (light, on a regular '"commercial -basiif -between the United Slates and ltus=ia, is in Ihc picture as Russia studies its feasibility. Aviation hasn't yet passed the trail- b 1 a 7. i i\ g stage. But, whatever ll\e glowing, prospects may be, no heads are being- shaken as they were when Lindbergh made his memorable flight. ll's Here would Imfflp the moat iistule 'political student. '1'hoy wsjre rciiuiml to choose, somolitwyfvctai Communists, Dissident Communists, Radical Socialists, Independent Socialists, Dissident Socialists, and just plain Socialists; I,eft Hepub- lic((iis, Right Republicans, Popular Democrats, and Conservatives. Fortunately, our system is not yet as involved as that of France, lint thc> increasing number of "isms" we hsvvo'. fiiceil in the last 10 years is a warning. Wo might in time become a.< hopelessly tangled up in our voting as the French. •Thai would mean to us just whal it has meant to France—evur- clianjfing t'ovcrnmenl. If you are one of those who think • that our American party .system is too old-fashionu.l 1 and ought to be reduced to a more designation of liberals as opposed to conservatives, -consider for a moment the situation in Franco. •There, in the recent elections, the people were faced with a lineup that SIDE GLANCES By George Clark FOLLY end FAREWELL fy'Mario s On I. of Politics Hocause Michigan has long been troubled \vith Us prison parolu system, Governor («'lt/.gei'ald is seeking lo create a "lion-partisan board lo lake paroles out. of politics. It is lh(j governor's experience that hu'k of specialized knowledge in this Held of criminology tends Lo turn the parole <sysd,om into a reckless machine that liberates criminals regardless of their fitness to return to society, Michigan, along with many other stales, has learned thai a great deal of crime can ho traced to paroled con- vicls-i-riiKjii. .who, have failed lo pvofil from tlioiv past mialakes, This is not lo say, of course, thai there should bo no paroles. The aim is entirely sensible. .Hul it is lime Unit the whole problem be approached from llio social angle. 11 is encouraging, therefore, to noto Michigan's recognition of the necessity for paroles being divorced from polities. iiiaa.v i|i:m: TODAY r.iMn w>iii<M-:,'20 aid, liti'UJ-, It K(t Hlliuut JK-liullcKK !»>• rt-iuirlrr, hfl|i* licr net n Jyl/ >\7l<. > luir AWlrlj- nriVN. [JiiUii I* IK Invii Hill, lll\ CAK', Irat lie COM ' IK, W\»ii J'r hill' llllIK' ONliV HtUllj' Illll |IUXl(IC,nr« lh« "I only want to scare him. IK there some way 1 can ju.- almost gel a divorce?" HAIIMOX, Him lift, niim-* tu ,V«*> IHIYJI, ULiikliiK it ''lirr^i'ri'il nutifuriiiu 1 ^" Inur. Ske |]ii>i ii Moviiiirln wrltccu Ii)- l.lniJa. l.tili-r l.lnUfl K*H'* t° Moll>.«f00i| mill. !»• cxim-KKluK riii'ii" Itifit art mill) rflrr'n, ni>iiiitrt'« u rc|iuln- llun riir lii'lni; iilJlc <u dtufovi-r nru nlnrK. Kunu klie IN u ('rJrlirUx, A I ii li:irt)' Klvi'H liy llnury Ilnru ...... l.liillu iiiri'lH HASH, 1'niia.VK, iilri'i'ior, Altrnrivil <>r Mm lit llrhC, »]ic Inter liviiliU lihn. l)lv Curler -rnium I" Hollywood tu «i't hit" IUmn «•* «n HPtor. I, hull! Irlri Id Jirlli him. Slif hi-Ml- liih'.s, TIIJXVI'VIT, \v!irn l*v liskri IIIT Id liilrilillirt' Mm tu Ihmll '1'iivrllf. A I liiht, ilu- u^ri'rN, sow iso »x wvi'u 'mi) s'l'onv C11APTICR XVI T INDA halcil lierseK wlien nlio •^ h-iil lning «p after malilnB »u eni;;it;ci!ieiit to (Una wllh l!usll Tliofno tlio next nlglil but oiie. 'fills llmo she illdn't ngreo to lueet lilm al Ills homo. They wero <lln- Int'nt llio Conttiieiiliil. Slio dreaded 11 tinit iilanuecl her ovouhii,'. And stic eame very near to ills- llkh!!; His. SUc knew that lio Imil dclllieiately phiiuifil to linvo licr Icleiiliono Thome, giio excused lilm a girl worth trying to set, Ha liked her wit ana her wits, her manner ami her manners, lie liked belug sc«n wllh her. Invitation^ to her parlies were sought alter. Her Intimates -were. tho inoro conEervatlve members ot the colony, and ebe numbered among Ijer closest {clends threa u«- reproachablo siarn ot'truo great- Mmla (i\ any way, at any prlc». Was ft feallier In Ilasll Tlioriio'a cap. Tliat wsa tlio flina lliat Hollywood was beslnnlng to realign Us sqclal alrata. Unda brought the pamo elegance to Hollywood Umt liad niudo lier lircsldent of tUa Nowlown Junior League. Site- wai Invited, to rick- fstr, met vislUng royalty and was not \mk\\o\vn In. PftERflepn. society. sha knew how telly ho wauled to get Ills chance. Silio prejinrcil hcrsclt for that knew the- note that she ivas THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Witliam Ferguson Practical Japanese A striking characlcrlstlc of (lie J»I>,IIIC.SR farms Is the iibscncc or iinlnuils. You mny travel for days without scciiis nny Ciiltlc cx- cc|)t draught-oxen, nnd sheep me so rave thill n mm was exhibited lit the back country :vs [i lion! The cast, 1ms long since decided Hint tlic animal IK not. ui\ economic form of food. This IN iilso Ihc conclusion or modern science. Intensive use of lUtlc Iniul menus Hint nil its • producing po\vcr must be utilized, not llUcrccl llirongh nnlnmls ami most or It lost hi the PVOCOKS. Tlmt fact, n«tl not Buddhism, c.x- plnlns why Hie Jnpnnesc arc vegetarian.. They nru used not so much to a low sland- ! ard or living us n high standard or simplicity The words "low standard of living" bnrcly nt people who take. Uvo" baths n day, keep their houses snoltc.ssly cleivn, wc:>r silk, never lack rood, nnd have enough soul left over utter iv hnrd (lay's work lo write a jioem and Irnnu )t an a cherry tree. —Willanl Price In Tlio Natlonul rioview, Londqn. "TURNTABLe OF IGGL, IOO FEET IN DJAMETER-, FORMED IN A VVH1RLPOOI- OF A CONNECTICUT" RAVER. TRjaUTARV, AND CONSTANTLV TURNED AND K.OUNO/ I do not believe there will be war. I cannot believe It, —Evang'cllne Booth, Salvation Army head. » T * When the problems of lire adjustment, become loo great lor the individual - to solve, mental disability -may step In ns nature's way of calling a halt. —Dr. C. M. Hiiicks, director, Canadian national committee for ,inenlnl hygiene. SAW-FLV F3UII-DS ITS COCOON WITH A UP, THEOUGH WHICH rr MAV ESCAPE AUL- MATURE FEATHERS AF2.EI DEAD ORGANISES. G BY NEASCaVICE. thC i theless she fouml herself nervous, not with .i!itii'l|i;il!(ni such na slic liiiil tell (ho'lar.l tlino she Imil un cuK»t'cmcnt with (lie director, but with tear tliat sho coulil not. he able lo carry it off. hnl she d(d. Slio wasn't lilrla- tlmii;, but s)ii9 wan cliauntng, Hat- terlug, ninl If her manner dliln't cay yes. It didn't sny no. Thovno was sincerely Impressed witli Linda. Ho felt thai ho hail inndo a bhmilev E\iui was graleru! lliat it ivaa not an unforgivable one. Ho was flattered that -she hail liuiilly called him. lio vcarrauKcd liis lactlca, ndjiiGlcd Ills hitciitlona, wiis sunve, rmirlcous, oiid cUarnv Ing. They dined mill danced ami tiilKeil of pictures In tlio making. LtnOii was caretnl xiot lo inenUoTi 1)J>; Carter's nanie, r PH(\n,NB lonX hey home, kissed -'- her hand Ballimtly, and asked If lie might see her llio next day. l.inda refused. When lio telephoned Hie nost day and slio thnukcd liiin for what was practically a blanket of \v(iilc violcls, she fluid she would have cocktails with |,im llio fol- •\Vith Tlujrne, she con|i|n't recap- turo Uio mood (bat had made for light banlo'r.' on the; occasion or their firek meeting. "How are- Ilia lovo-leliers piling up?' 1 lie asked, going bank to it. "I lolrt you 1 didn't «RVO them," siio EaliJ. "Pqes th? same (lifng go for saving olil Icses?" Rlio looked al him in complete surprise, nicely assumed.- "Wliero did I hear U?" He drew Ills brows together in simulated thought, "An Idyll about a boy and girl romance? filrl comfs to Hollywood, makes good. Boy goes lo Europe, doesn't nmko good. Follows girl to Hollywood and . » » * CURPHISED out of her rolo, *•* Linda saiil hastily ami holly, "That's riiUculous! It wasn't a romance. Dlx did make good in Europe, and would here It lie hail a chance.' "So you're- playing lady patroness?" "Hardly. TJa comes around lo see mo. It I wero playing lady pnlroness, I should have pent him to you first. That ought to prove my point," Sho appeared to be elaborately patient. Ho was thoughtful. "That's quite true. Would you like me to meet lilm?" That was oxaclly wliat I.inda wanted Wm in say. Slie didn't want to ask him for tlio favor. Slie never wanted to bo'indebted to liiuii hut li| l\er fondest hopes 'Will you dltio wllli me, SuiulJ a week.' We'll dlno alone and ask-80IHO people- In. You can )>| ihu (lien. I think ho will conl "I'd like U better it wo spent | evening alone," ho said. | Sho Binlled and that was a'*. | nawer. ' f DU was elated. So was she. :, Ing something for him at last in'I licr happy. Site would dispose!I Tliorne in duo time. She had ijl ten herself into it and sho we 1 ?,! gel out. Tho only difficully at ' iioment waa being ciitcrlalninet;| Tliorno and thinning of Dlx. * * * S IIH had more to think of i ;| lew liours. Oretchcn Movj | was giving a stork aliower Hilda Howe. Every mos'ic-socr; I America knew "a llttlo elraiu-jl was expected In Uio vivaclsf dork-haired star's menage. il Tlio girU -wore talking al'.l lien. Not nt a ben pa:| Grctehcn, who bad been enga,; o practically every iinattac' nale star, alglied wislfnlly, "K.l . aid Colmnn Is still niy dream ini','1 a. feather reaches maturity, the opening at the base or the q\|l», closes and cuts ujT the. now o( blood. _From then on it Ls a dead .organism, hu', ii, then begins Us period ot greatest usefulness. Until n feather Is mature, it is of UUlc use to Us owner except as a protection agaiiict weather. NUX'i': \Vliiil is Mrnngc.'nbaul the Auslrallun hingtlsli? -'..' lilnda \VI\B mistvesB of llio silna- liuu. Sho Know it cmiltlii't go on forever,' but she hanked on Tlipruo's accepiance of llio senrp bP-'tlielf eoiii\iaiiionsbiii sho had "i-catc'.l. A« a mallei* of fact, he was rather enjoying il. r.lnda was K]IO had never expected tlio hie; would como from Hllo appeared to ho thinking it ovar. "How did yon know ho was n singer!" slio asked alter a while. "I dldn'l," !io a.nswored. "Is he'; 1 - ] "Yes. TlnrHono and sweot^-voico, I incnii. He's dnno stnno cscellcnt things in Knsli*nl. 1 think you tetl lo see and hear " "I have a new dream man! vou seen Gardiner, llio playrUl| Metro brought him out last \ and women aro swoonins all iho Int. One of those slrnng. F/,)J men with a pi\re like a pnnUi'T a smile that breaks suddenly —-Whoops!—hearls aro hroki? Ciilda D(i I.yso looked to«|| heaven. I.inda, hiding licr face bacVi| her tea-cup, remembered smile. So Pete Gardiner liad c:;| to Hollywood! "Anil, my dears, he has alrc;| been annexed," Cora Jai'rclt trihuted. "Glascow asked him v'\ woman he wanted most lo mec;5! Hollywood the day he Bot off | train, and ho said, 'Honey ?. mo».' That was all alia nee; he . . ." "What's happened lo I." L Tliorne? I tboiiBht lie v\'as her (I big mometitV" Someone auswcjl and Ihun ilierc was the sliglil pause before someone changed; f subject. In that pause I, caught ono short, cxchanseil gl: am] knew that they bad stoj lieeauso of her. Already llioy V linking her naino with lhat or 'director. : There was Dlx, Tliorne, uiwl Peie! I And Honey . . , . .- ,.,. . "(live him a card and be "can. see mo at the studio'." Tliorno railed for his check. That wasn't what TJnda wanted. liad "annexed 11 V : \ Well, why not? I.inda Khru:; : her shoulders in their beau; white tailored coat. Did she c.v CYtiry man to her a*. I She ccrtajnly wasn't il to tic string? kind of a girl, sl\e hoped. Slio unpiniied tbo violet corl| on her coat and letL it In | dressing room, "Violets ahvay.'fj nllnded her o( Polo CiardiiierJ the first timo lie liad brouabt t| to her. (To Ho Continued)' bathrcom. Little is to be gained by punishing such a child. It is much belter'to instruct, him in-1 tclli[!cntl.v and to praise him for | keeping dry. ' * * 0 In training lior child, a motlicr should consider the following 1—Do not, give liipi any water, milk, or other Ill-id to drink uflpr 5 p. m. See tliat the baby drinks water freely [luring the day. a—If the child complains of thirst, at bedtime, give him a Piece of orangp or apple. 3—Pick up the child at 10 o'clock every night. Wake him thoroughly and have Win care lor himself just as he docs during the day. 4—Protect lire bed well, hut do not. put on diapers nt night after tho baby has begun to so without! them during the day. 5—Take t|ic baby up just as soon ns lie wakes. Many children wet the bed a few minutes after waking in ine morning. C—In preparing dry suppers, CHURCH EXCUSES By G. \V. Barham = haughty, and b Before destruction, Ihc heart ot man fore honour if humility. Proverbs 18:12. t ATTEND CHURCH S UN I)A Y t —Cotinnittcey -^ : - ' I Sleep Walker Takes Slid e l BARNESVILLE, O. (UP) -cl mar Lantz, 3D. Harrlsburg, pi stepped out of a. window, slyel his stomach down a slatc-n-l porch, crashed into a brick il and suffered a concussion r ofi.| brain. He had been walking lit sleep. OUT OUR WA"Y HE'S ABOUT TH' FURTHEST FROM A BANKER OF ANY 6UV IN TH' SHOP HE'S A SWEEPER, BUT HE'S LIKE THENA ROYAL. CANADIAN POLICE- MAKE A SMALL PAYIN'JOB LOGK LIKE A NAILUON DOLLAR POSITION- WE'I? ALL BE IF WE COULD DO THAT. QUIET DIGNITY HE'D OF MADE plNE BANKER THAT OL' BD V THE DUKE OF DUST. PiUtcncc and Persistence Kequired to Free Baby ot'Bcd-Wclting Habil nu. MOKUIS r. Journal of Hit- American edical Assoriiilinn. unit of fi>'^ gein, the Ilrollli Masajine U ll\erc vs one. point more than nny oilier tlml gives u new inoth- concrrn, it is tho .training of Ihc ciiiltl in proper habits of excretion. Most tables lo.irn control during tlie first two .vo.iis of life; others \vitliiii si\ mcnilis. If a baby fnils lo IC.IMI In- the nf the third year, or if n baby once properly traiacci relapses into infantile lii>.bi(.<. In- should hnvo spcoittl meciical stnriy. ;md haps also p&yclinteglcal cxnminn- tion. to Tmrt out just what is lied wetting « nnr n( (He habits oi early cirilrthnntl tliat Is most dilTicnlt to control While the Ixiiiy U very young. Die art of rclrasln: lluul from llie body is not controlird i,y a cenler in the hratn. but is an' automatic ncrrormancc in which only, tho spinal conl lakes pan. Gradually tlir brain become:, involved, "SO thnt the child is .ihic lo learn control while ho is -malic. VUer, this control can l:r pxtondcrl to cover the hours uln-n the baby is more arc many i.imrs for persistent bed weltinc, P nu-y include ivrvflUMicss. lntrflio:i.s. poor ' Irilion. Inflitmnialions. and oilier physicul defects. When 4 child tliat persistently wets ihe bed is brought to a doctor, the latter first makes a com- plete physical examination to determine whether the child is physcnll;- .scnul in all respccls Every one of the tissues may be concerned in developing conditions leading to bed wetting. n child of three years may VVH his clotlws (luring the day. because he" is too interested in play and fails to go to the emit for drinkine or for Use on cereals or puddings, iipd water or cocoa for drinking. Use milk when passible in cookins fcpds. Breads and cereals of whole grain are preferable. Sometimes it is necessary lo take Hie baby . up a second ' lim.c during the night. If so, the mother should notice the time at. which the baby wets tho bed and awaken him just before. Then the period between the lirst awakening and the second lengthened. may bo gradually Courier News Classified Ads Pay. Slump Sliced for Teachers' AI.AMEDA, Cal. (UP)—The"I prcssion for Alamcda school Icj I ers is 50 per cent over. The ;-l inal 8 psr cent cut in their ff aries has been reduced to 4 per " OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoo| Announcements ;T|ie Courier News lias been nn.- thprtzcd lo make formal am tionnccmcnt oi the following candidates for public office, siibjccl to tlic Democratic, primary HEX' August 11: For rroscrallni; Attorney O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY i'or Cnuiilj- .IndRc O. I!. SEGRAVES V1HGU, OKEENE I'or Shrriff and Collector HALE JACKSON JOK S. DILLAHUNTY K- A. (KD) RICE For Cnnnly Treasurer UOLAND GREEN For Circuit Cmirl Clerk HUGH CRAIO For Rc-Elcc.llon ror 2nd Term For County Coutl cirrk MISS CAREY WOODBUKN I'\ir rc-rlectton for second lerin I'or st.ilc Senator U3CIEN E. COLEMAN I'or Cmintj Itcprcscnfallve IVY w CP.A'.VFOKD for County As.seW3r R L iniLLY) GAINES Fit Re-election to a 2nd Term m -YES, i JUST ' "RECEIVED A VARlETy OF AFRICAN JUMBO SEED FROM SK BASIL CALLWALLER,^y QLp ARMV MATE IN THE BOER WAR /A RARE SPEC1E5 THAT VOU SCATTER AT RAMDQM, BARELY SCRATCHlMa THE SOIL / E<SAP 7 BAXTER, YOU WILL SEE "RAt?ISHES SPRIN<5 INTO BLOOM OVERNIGHT ~^- ANP SQUASH GO LAP.6E THE NATIVES vaOUSE THEM OUT AMP USE THE -,..."- PCR BOATS/ TWERE HE ME AG/VN .' EVERY <A TIME HE POKES ^f BULBOUS TSEEZER OVER OFP-SHORE" I'? BREEZE WILTS S; ' TOMATO $ '• PLANTS/ / 1 J v^VU^-^-^ M S m A- .V \ 5-3 OM BAXTER A6AINI=; i iviM.i.c T.U .«•, iroit Orr F

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