The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on October 4, 1946 · Page 2
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1946
Page 2
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;m«*ttfti- flllptW ffir, 6« . ^ ; ^fHt {W»;fii1t ,tl«« fifirf 6HI part* "ti«(t';:rti*W6f»er*'rr1ade a trttsST'of Vfi viii(iti'6H* rftififlir the month 6f filks To Collect tocriab For Slippers Saturday Make Progress In Y Find Storage ato" again reTnlndfo 1 Ihftt fitk* lodge X\*llf ffiake fl ell*? ' collection _t>f ttftln fftalefial nn Saturday, Oftofaf 5. The Win* fNdt colfotttd Will be senl to (he tk* NatlfhnJ War commission v-ncfe il will bt usetl lit this WiniT- of slippert for Veterans in in •MF IIMHM,, ff^piil WftfitR five ehlldfln Mtdmul te theii> own cftce «i«m bt reunited wiui ' -th*',|»reiitii in tws differeni ' 'pttHtans for the ^option of th« e«d,6f Hit W6fitli 544 ««« 6« tt S«(slerftb*f, »|sifisi. five making an inefM.«« of of the eases Mt.ehildftB Iff th« eaft of tho . ,th8 board 1* ebhfrohted wllh the problem of the shortage j t<5 ti«i«.|ir«v»il!hjt OH pcdple to accept • ehllrf or two <o 'board. Where* pelted lo pay for the support of their" children, Only children re> eeived from famtUn with ItuuifTl' ctent Income »r« .taken cart 6f by 4h« board, . With the MenduT increase number of children and increasing v coat 'of clothing and'other services funds for supplying sufficient and durable clothing Are becoming * .'lurfte"problem, particularly at this llmi.of-y.eiir 'vlth the approach- Ing of winter,' and ihortnge of funds ."to flnUh, out the year ts • a certilnty The medical account In. already , exhuutted, . primarily V*n« to the . number of emergency operations. Only y«ter<tiy one of the wards had nn, appendectomy. Commliaionm MeGeachy and Branaon joined the board In the . . meeting.. The board ha* been Informed that Dr. Eckman, Bureau of Juvenile Research, piychologist will b« in Lornin county, Monday, October 7, to examine a number of the. chit dren In the county that has been referred ,to them; Mrs. Reding, chairman of the board, preiidcd at the meeting. .There are at preient «7 children In 57 To»ter homtn for whom the ', county ,pays 11,975 a month. . Plumbers training Course to Start ,- A ' plumberi' apprenticeship training eour»e will be x *t«rted Monday evening at El.yrla high school, under the Veterans Train Ing program, It wa*' announced to (Uy'by J, ,E. Bohri, city nchools •uoerlntendentv The eourte x wlll offer..144 hours " of training, on the plumber*' code ' and lead work. William J. StoN -^ will be/the teacher. • ~""-Th«''ela«i will meet on Monday and- Thuriday of each week, three houra Persons Interested In Niqht School To ^ Meet Ne*» Thursday Metidentt of Elyria and. vicinity Interested -in attending • night achofll are to meet next Thursday evening at the Technical Building at Elyria High School to report what they would like to have of* f«r*d in • night ichool, Thi» announcement was made today, by Superintendent J, E. Bonn. who i*ld that the meeting U being -called to learn what courses are wanted and how many people would be intereited .In each. "' Tn« meeting ne»t Thursday Is Mheduled for 7 p. m. The night achool probably will. be operated on the • Mme b»il§ ?« Uit year tha tuperinttndent Mid, ENTRY ATTEWT r*li» Police yeattrday lnveitigat»d at attempt ad breaking and »ntenni a' the W, N, Kreeger property at 25' Washington avenue, • ' Investigation diKloMd that an at tewpt waa made to pry open screen door tfi4 tlae • bathropft ' window, and that • section of th glau m' another floor had broken out to permit the door t be opened by reaching m»ide. The wotufl'bf burglar apparent) 'wa* frightened *way before enter ing, as nothing was reported. m'u« ing, according to police, ic government hospital. Iks «o\V have R rotiutM lot 155,' DDT) pairs hf such slippers. Mf.-.«l every kind hf material can B iised—emmiS, licklMg, buflap, flrpfliiijj. pad.', fell ifhd matfrew fnnlcrial heiiig uspn \n form \he odj* nf Ihe slipper, neckties, un- ergarm6ni$i, sheeting and linen. Ic. being used for lining. Lchth- fcllc, UpholslePing scraps, ' etc r'e tisfld fof the outer maierlal of he slipper. Anyone in Elyria \vho has rna s prlsl of-this Icirtd fhould phone Ihe Elks lodne at 24fiS, and inform hem, and fltit Ihc material nn their font porch'snlurday. II will be olieeled .during. Ihe day. \ay h Opened For figher Laundry And )ry Cleaning Prices WASHINGTON — OPA opened he way for higher laundry and dry leanlnjnjrlcej. jacked up (he price if -bedsprinRS and metal beds-nnd cmoVcd all controls' from house- lOld'.brooms. It'granted n sl.v per cent-Increase in coil and flat bcdsprinRs and met. I beds to cover higher costs for la. •or and materials. In an order effective Oct. rf, OPA iulhorl/ed-lls field offices to rnlsc tilings on laundry-dry cleaning ervlces where found necessary to cover, rising cosU, H did not Indicate how large the Increases mlghl NUMtlW 1 APPOINTED INSPECTOR Leonard L. WostlltiR,. 315 Blalnt street, has been appointed inspcc ,or.' for the .War Assets Corpora, llott, to be .stationed at the ware- 'loiise at 400 Clark -street, it wns announced today. West ling Is a veteran of Work War II with 21 months of service n the Navy. He has been employee by the .Beudix-WcstltiRUousc Auto notivc Air Brake Company' since liis discharge from Hie N.Yvy. NUMBER Continued From Page One No. 1 nnd No. 2 were the loaders in he registrations flgutes with 162 and '114, registrations respectively At precinct No. 3, 92 persons rcg stercd while 31 were reported fron irecinct No. 4, A total of- 44 persons reglsterct u Sheffield Village while 2» rcg stratlonn were reported from pro clnct No. 1 In Black River Town ship and 20 from precinct No. 2. The booths will be opened ngnii it each of these polling places 'on 'rlday and Saturday, October r md 12, from to a. m. until 2 p. m ind troth 4 p. m. until 0 p. in. In the Elyria wards, 'registration booths will be opened as followi: Ward No. 1—Ely School, Ward No. 2—West Side Fire Sta- ion, Ward-No. 3—McKinley'School. Ward No--4—East Side Fire Sta ion. ~~\. Ward No. 5—Hamilton School. Ward No.-6~aates School^ Voters % ho are in doubO'nsOt whether. or not they need to n stcr ore urged to call the office of the I-oriiln County Board o Elections to get the. answers It heir questions, NnUirnlimt citizens must rerncm her to have ihelr cerlHinUes oi citizenship for presentation to the registrar. Persons who are unable to get to the bootb.i In the various wards may register at the office of the election board which will bo open Nearly 160 felyria V.M.C.A. reported las! Wfehl as first rcpwits- tif the rncmbtrSnif) campaign *eifc given, and lh& re- ™rts came tronv only a part of :he sollcilifif? orgnniMllon. WllH n( ifflsl 148 cninnnign »ofk' er« on the" Job. General '0hflirn"ian 0. Htissct irnrftrtlft Was told by cam- 1 leaders lhat they expect to . ,. the goat of 650 members by Monday nlghl, when Ihe enUj^e or- (?nhi«\ii6n will meet at 6:ao p*. IK. for a Victory dinner meeting. Tlie WorkM's were told that a lot of hart!'worK over Ihe \Vr-ek-cnd Will b« hecessary In reach Ihis goal nnd lhat tach worker must see all of his jjroshecls, the Field will be thrown orien tomorrow. fhfc high men's' team last flight wns Ihc Unknown Miracle 'feuhi reported by Hubbard Wlico*. com' inisslohtr of one of the leagues in (he cnmnniftn. His league was the high league on points, while Lawrence Severs' fcaslerh Lcngile te« por(ecllhc-l.argcst number of iMtn- bcrs. In Hie Hoys' LcnRtic, tcattl 2t (Western Hesf'rVe), \vllh, Kosina Olavas as coach, was high. Fate Of Acquitted Nazis Placed On U. S. Doorstep NUERNBERG — Both (he French and British commands today announced that they Would, not permit the trio of acquitted Nazis Hjtittnar Schacht. Hans Krltiat'hc and Franz Von Papcn, to enter their zones of occupation. The decision of Ihc French unr British fell only Hie Russian and American /.ones as possible places of residence for the trio and it wns doubted lhat they would desire U enter the Soviet ?one. ' • The decision of the British anc French authorities appeared to leave the problem of what is to be come of the ac(|uiUed Nazis square ly on Ihn doorstep of U. S. militar.\ authorities when; it has been sine their acquit fat Tuesday. Appeals of the convicted Nazi were sent lo the Allied Contro Council In Berlin today as the liang man WIM,reporlod preparing to d his work,Ion Oct. If! or before. j MARKETS C<> Ill/l MY MARKKT CI.BVCliAND-^The ' poultry m«rkft ^lrul\^(^ l r, ' Chickens.' top trait: hi"»vy IIPIU 43 44; I.riiluirM (nwls 98-33; Rock i»«sl«r.i 4(1 sn:-,Aock broilers 40-53; Ughorn broiler 'liui.ks, youn». whilr, 54 Ibs., up 30-32. Turkf>j, top «rodr: hrn». 10 Ibs., up -5u; youni loms 43-«b. TOM:HO . TQUEDO—aram clo«»: (On truck.) WHEAT— No. I red IS.06-S 07. WHEAT— No.-. J rfil I2.05-3.0«. COKN—No. 1 yrllow II.U-l.H, •CORN:— NO,- 3 yHiow JI.M-I.M. OATS— No. 2 white !5-«8. t III* AC.O CASH-avnTATloS* CHICAOO— BUTTER — Firm! rfcflpl 131,1)UJ; n:i »cor«.AA «3c-l3,ic! »J, A «5r W U HI tie; B» C HOC, ECia.H— Firm; rrcflpt* «.44S; trude un- ch»nii-il. HOULTBV— lilvf! Irrrgulnri rrcflpH 24 tiuckk. II c»r>, r. o. b. prtcps: Hoft^i-ri. 40u: oihrr.v tincliuniicd; f. u. b. wholMHliv murkil. Duckllims 35c; hfmy young rtucks I'K; ll»lit livtai, ducks S5c. Meat Supplies In And About The Court- House • lKai , 500,1)00 pound* bf fresh me^t is tacked in Chicago cold storage )lants touched off a biU*r ftuby Flaherty, Lofalh, sued rdf ,/ ' divofcft ffofrt Jahh oft g*¥0uf)d$ of * 5 '" ntglecl afio cnifelty. They' meiH in Ihe nation's meat-packing ( H fttifh Weihslein, tfti Bond sifefit, . over fienl is being hoifded. • f tic meal packcfs ihdlgnatiliy tie.* 'lied'thai II Wrts. they said-their >\vn holdings \vere' at oh all-lime that the total slo'red in ware- is much less than normal and thai only a small portion of thai, lolal is owned by packers. . Lenders of Ihc tlO United Pack- Inghouse workers' said, however, hat Ihc "expose" confirmed the tin- Ion's charge "(hat (here Is a-definite conspiracy . engineered by'the .?' packing companies.'"to deprive (he.publfe of meat." Union spokesmen issued. Ihe statement at. n meeting with several Chicago Congressmen and called for a fi'dornl Investigation info "hoard- Ing" and federal Intervenllen in the meat industry. Housewife* Pr<tt**t Some • housewives, angered by published reports of the meat held in- refrigerated warehouses, tele-> phoned puckers to protest. Several Women, carrying- signs which read "unfreeze that-' meal" and "you've got it, we want It, let's hiive-lt!." picketed two'cold st6ragc' company plants, Disclosure of the Iola1 x amount stored cnmc from the packers themselves and from the cold storage company officials, aficr published reports had estimated the total at 18.000,000 pounds. ,' Armour At Co., 'said one subsid- lury-owned warehouse contained 12,000,000 pounds of fresh meat, but lhat it ownoo/'only 30,000 pounds of the total, .' The total amount stored is only about one-third of thdt normally, held in the warehouse, Armour said, and It is owned by the government, holol supply houses, processors, cimncrs and manufacturers of items 'which Include meal, such as soup. "Meat In warehouses Is not hoarded," Die company said. "It -is In (lie process of movement into consumption." Trimming* Are Stored Illinois Department of Agriculture spokesmen said that a substantial portion of a total 47,222,619 pounds of meat stored .in the stale on Sept. 1 wns mndc up of beef and pnrk trimming.". Frankfurters and sausage will be made from this, the spokesmen snid. Swift, another of the nation's largest packing companies, snid its fold storage stocks amounted ' to less than five per cent of normal and that their heef stocks virtually had disappeared. • In Detroit five . InrRe Detroit plants reported that 2.000.000 pounds of moat were stored. The plants have n 7,300.000 pound capacity. An Indianapolis plant with 400,000 pounds of fresh meat suitable for table use said most of it belonged to the government and to restaur filed iecf. They and we n ?6? divofee from Solom6fi, IB Marion FerftUsfift. Lofaln, sued fof divorce frwfi John on grounds" of ttegleef and cruelty, they Were married in 1938 and have (wo children. ' A suit brp'uglii by Tennie Knight agaihsl Ollfe W'flJ. dismissed today. fttilh Ashlock Was grsnlerj a d! vorcn today from Murk by Judge b. A Cook oh grounds of cruelty and neglect. Mary Hales Wns gtftnled n divorce today from Alton by .fudge D, A Cook on grounds of cruelty. A still brought by the" The Erie Cnskel Co. against tieorgc.Fo* was dismissed, a court entry disclosed today. County c6mm!ssioners Announced (ha (they will advertise for bid* for the purchase of a heavy duty dlcs'et powered -rnolor grader for the county engineering department The machine is estimated to cost 57,500. An old 1M2 model machine is to be traded in. Thn board of county commissioners and the county welfare director will attend the Ohio State Welfare Conference which will be held a Columbus November 18. 19. 20. according to a resolution passed 'b.\ the commissioners todav, Truman Says U. S. Ready To Assist Refugee Jews WASHINGTON — President Truman todav urged that ''substantial' im.migra.tlon of Jews into Palestine begin at once and reaffirmed tha he is ready to asir Congress for lib crnliziitlon of U. S. ImmJgrntioi lows to ndmit an unspecified num brr of F.uropcnn vcfunces. He F_aid_in a stnlrmonl issued 01 Yom Ivippur— .Towifh day of atone ment— that the United .States stand; ready to give prompt moving .Tews to the Holy Land. Mr. Truman's views wore cablet to British Prime Minister Clemen Alt lee.' : The President rejected tho so called Morrison plnn for dividin, the llnlv Land in'o four autono mous units. Instead he threw hi support behind the Jewish Agenc, proposal fur creation "In an ado qunte area of Palestine" « Jewlsl state in control of its own tlon nnd economic policies, CLEVELANn-LUMlock: . . CATTLE: Rrcrlpt.1 160; murltrt- nctlvr • nil »tr«dy; »t»ns; cliolcf Il«-30i5. good lll.Ml-lft, medium tllri:i.50. common !9-~ 11 low grxld n-9: n»l!rr»; cholre »UJO 56 Kooil 113.60-18, medium Ill-ID.51). common 1.9.11, low grade »1-»: co»». cl\ol« UJ-13.M, '((Mid-tU-13.' medium 110- II, culler cr>w« 18-10, til rannor* H-1: bulh. choice '112-13.10. good »»-U, low grid? 17-1. CALVES' Kfcclpu IAO; murkfl .tctlvo and iirndy; choice HT-ld, Kood lld-11, mrtlliim 114-16, common J8-M BlIEkl' AN» 1.AMUS-. Hrrrlpli >«0; m«rkrl »cuy« nil Mfudy: aprlnu Utnb»: cholri' tin-IB il'ixl fl6-ia, mcitium 11416. cvilU Vll-H; klweji 1 . choice wclh«r«' UV, clittce f»r» »"•«, foniiuon 14-1, HOCIH- Kccflplt 150; -mjirlm ictlvt, irgent dimmid. hr»vyw»lghi« 300 Ibi. up 111.45. nifiliums 310-386 IU*. lU.4,V.liutch- rv» 'JOO-3'0 lb». Hfl.46. • yorkrri 160-300 In 111! 16, lislll lll)||l> 140-ltiO Ibi. *1<46, iijixi uikk ioo-no ib». m.Mi-in «s, tounhk, liiixi nu.ilit\ I1650-IC46, «ug>, good qunl- ly IIS 50-H.45. from »;jo a. m., until * P- in. morrow •.'And. Monday. Monday is tUe (inal date (or NUMBER Continued) On« P( ho|» »u4 c»Ule in durini tht rrriPrt of end H was fxp'tainert however, is a state law and that the local luth school luu i\o femUntion o( its own. AH hough theri- were rumors that H "wnlk-o.u" was pUinnffl, reports ri-criveji by (lie principal inrticftief only 9 »mn\\ number o! sin left tlir building ycstprrb} and .llirtt atlunqfttjcf appeared to normal today. .. ' • , >* Mrrtini Sfviprs caJU'd Hip icnior clas. yrsleiriny tiCter receiyint rrpprts indicaUiiy thai tixp \sttf beink; circulated, to a erablf PNteiu ainong Hie seniors. He was toid by sonie pf the „ , ior$ thai H fommiiice pf seniors i imprpVfmfin JA-bWf.*i!PPl'f* planned I" fall -at his MSl-^yn* WhfO priFp coil' \ tprday afteriH'on for a. discuss ion of well arf i?h*rt«N to f^pire. This» (!| rumprs ^ ,hai van \\as u>nri - u -''-• nwin l»riP_«>»rkfi'«uppJi« uj.nwTssary after the class iiieel ing. Reports that Worlci Wwr If vet Purls jprp.spfftii |fp fV*0 U !W ft iWr»V5^ ffiBSj/Mrttt^fytS^nrS'l^'^' *\° "H"- ' h!U thw> ^,"°] in •uirketlnc ni«i born tail i a S r t'* Wll) ' Vnticisms p^presspU at .IH «»»»*•> | r'it v*"i> *««».! t -,, p wn i or jjvfe.Ung, tl«" principjil I'anned to mpct with '^P iSS torisJA and with th.c %nd > fo^hojnorj classes laljpr, for 3 gfiven,! tJiscu^ion ,pt ft. ' ' I srhMol p.oli.cif* anjl activjiies. AI'PUK8-Bu. ua»k«u, cartoiu und »»»l- ern rriilfi,, U S. I. Kla«>. J'»-m. mm., n.oo. *j',-ln mm.. »3.oo-n"*; .p»u«iou$ nr.n M 00-14 56; il'vln. mm. »J75, Oui4mv ji-j-iii, mm., t;.!};i'r&o; C'oriUncls. 3'V'ln. mm.. J3.60-U 00; Mcln, mm. »-j^-».ioo, it-qt. b«ir belt, llhmlr Ulniirt Cirn'Mings. »1.30-»|.40. CRAIUf'f'l.E8-BM. b»»lifU |?.1S • UPAN8 -lii-qi. bmkflif, green round lypr, II 00-11.(0. ftw II.»0. n»t type. M DO »••» II SJ-M.H. MMA8—PfcH baiiitu HKBTS- n«»kft» ni i doi«n tounciui. ubc-dit, ie-qi. uitkett. tapped. C6C-I1.00 -U-qt: Pttkel* IJCTjl.pO. p.iiiicktlc round type*- 34*91 11.001 f.n ot nruiiiul eu of 1 doffli 1.50. l»ir qu«l- hi'«cl» 1't'l.KKV Han-Hi, lith Ihirjs ItiC'U UU. fiW 11 lit !iOc-«fi-. Sulkk. li»- S(H'-75r, (lo.iri'r ind ti: autl )t» :if>c-bUt- I'KI |CHV CAH»AO|£- . t'OHN B'Jkt'* of 1 ctuzcii «iri. yellow It Ot.-Jl IS low |1 35 3<«-''0« H fints and hotels, Tlic total was n| T|, e Jewish.Acency plan also pro Traction of the plants normal hold ngs this time of the year. Reports Being Swindled Out Of $3.50 By Agent Mrs. Sincgar, 310 East River street, reported'to police yesterday that an elderly man who posed as nn agent ior- ft Cleveland concern swindled her out-of 53.50 on July 30.' A check-up by' her sister in disclosed the"" swindle, vicles for immediate entry of 100, 000 European. .Tews inlo Pr.lestine— a proposal similar to thai previous ly suggested by Mr". Truman. (NUMBER Continued From Pace One' Cleveland she said. Thf man called at her house otv Fuel. Gas Co, The men were employees o Harry StrodboCk of Ml. Vernon a private contractor who is putting ! in ihu 12-inch gas line for the Ohio Strikes Increases 13 Members OIM9 Crew For A G. I. tH^n 6S2,S6S persons were tile lodfly as tht feslill 6f iabSf dispute* rahjtftff frfim the. fiat iofi ttide ShtUplhR «-Hlkot)t t« « stfiH of sensol \tache« at Wilkes Bafff, Pfl. Bolh .this teacrifera fthd* Ihe ffiafl time strikers demanded Wgrief Pay, se Hid workers tn most of the elhef iitrlkeg. Of the 682,560 idle, only Were involved dlrcclly Ih walkouts Most. of. liie" odiefs were laid Off ns a result' of the sloping strike and the Plflsbuf&h power li The major developments! 1. the «overnmen(. in ah attempt to end the four»dn.v maritime strike called We"at Coast shlpoWHers to Wnshihgtoh'lo participate in negotiations, The West Const tors .had oeon represented In (he negotiations by their trade organization. the Pnclfic-Amcricuh Ship Association, by Kevftll 2. The ranks of Pittsburgh Poww sinkers were split by n "revolt; against the leadership of Presldiin" George L. Mueller of the indepcn dent' Union .of Power Workers, 3. At Hollywood, motion pleluti producers and strikers looked for the nid of negotiators- to end the dispute which has resulted in pick el line violence at 'several studios. In the shipping strike, East^afit OUlf Coast ship owners rpportcdlj were objecting to th strategy of ntlemp tc^-g trng to governmcn ease the strike by neUoHating separate set llemcnlOetfving the difficult Wcs Coast .problem to. the last. As a riesiilt the government con elliators shifted their peace"efforts by inviting West Coast ship own crs theiilst-lvos to the conferenci table. The government .hoped, tha the ship^invners would be less ada mant t'han^the association which has represented them. Sfnd» Telegram At San Francisco.. President-Harry Bridges of the CIO Longshoremen's Union, sent a telegram to Secretaty of Labor Lewis Schwellcnbach of fcriiiR to (fticl the walkout of 23, 000 LoiiKsitoremcn which has tici up the West Coast waterfront., At Pittsburgh, an Insurgent- fac lion of the power workers' unioi petitioned the Pennsylvania Labo Relations Board for an election t 'determine H representative of 70C production workers at one sub station. They said the 700 • sub station workers had formed a new union, independent of the one o: strike. Attempts to settle the transporta tlon tie-up at Columbus, O., mad little progress as the strike of 60 bus drivels -and street car em ployccs entered Its third day. At Chicugo, a Federal conciliate called another meeting bctwee management and union reprcsehta lives-in an attempt to end a two day bus stiike. F.tCKS DRIVING CHARGE William Schmittgen, jr., ' Cas road, was arrested by jx>lice at • n. in. today for reckless drlvin utter police checked his speed o Cleveland sticet at more than « miles an how, according to n po lice report. He is to be arrnigne in police court tomorrow, Two,. -Has company 'men wer approached by the attackers uu were not otherwise molested. Tw other men ,.were nut molested and two Vahers escaped injury by run- July 30 as a representative of the Forest .Cily PlntiiiR Co. and obtained from her n pair of baby shoo? which were to be plated for $7, half-of which was paid to the agent, "A-check-up since by her sister disclosed that the compimy is out of business' *nd that the man is wanted in Cleveland for similar offenses. The shoes "were t<> have, . been relumed in three weeks, she I lug. the fuel pwmp on the back ning. In addition to the. personal; violence committed on the workmen, the 'attacking parly damaged .several pieces of machinery by pulling ou^t.he electrical wires and smasu- said, NUMBER Continued From P»gt On« , di«Ker; smashing ..the fuel injeclor "ton the diesel operate'd caterpillar ( 1 boorni-v.sma»hinj{ the fuel injector ' on a dw'MUbulWovier, and smashing It was Judge Oscar Hunsicker, a Vhf mugnelo nnd tribulor on two the coal and dis* The Uiie workmen told Deputy Sheriff Joseph Gu^ik, that they tl 7» ' SUOH.ANT— l' . SOc-ll 21. '' candidate in the November flection i were approached several days fur tbii office of judge of the Court Ib.v a group of men who sail) of Appeals, who said this as he j were from the engineers union in spoke Hut evening in HIP flyriit { Cleveland, and. asked them to join Wonifln's C'lub n't a mreiuiK spon- t|\p I'intoii. On Wednesday another •sored 'hy the Pprnocrattc Women's ! «foiip called and said they wcrp -,.„. .... „..- . Club of Klyrla. ' I from the l^orain lybor trtnips union \f aL «oc ''m Tivking "Our Responsibility as ; ;md .when informecf that the men .Citizens" ns his thpnu>. ,Uidge Hunt! had. not joined. Ihe union, Wu\ that sicker traced the liUtory of tho j they would Ijnvt to make 3 re country through three gwrat periods, ,' port and take some action. ihp third o{. which we are now ex- i Qne pf the line men asked the l Ofl. -!ti ql. l 00-fl 40 Suburban Calendai Illol 443* Briar* BlM •, M, flbesffien of Nflrthwfest ChlWa, f-g ne\v reportedly holding five i\ffi«fie«n alrmift nS slaves, 6nfr6 thf iiVM ef IS members of a SuB8rf6rtf«S* eftW for fi G. I 6fdift« knife, • Col. Hetffy"- R. Sullivari 6f Mt. Sterling,' Kj-., pilot and crew eom« fififider, recounted Ihe' 'eitpferlehec oda.V a* ah ArRly Fdseue learn prS' pafed <o enter the Lo1o country, in an effpPl tn ransom Ihe Ame"Plcah believed held there. Sullivan nful his crew u-pfe forced bail out in Atijfusfi !S44, ever d land, home 6f one fit the wlld« cst and" ,/east known pfopfes of Asia 1 . Although the estimated .. rfjcmbors of (h<j Lolo fflbes flve.s along Chinas \vesterii b(>def, they differ frorti (he Chined nnd eonlifv iouslv piIlft«e'Chln*ge vilfaijes, Sullivan sSid that hln nveu- sa\v plenty of evidence of this Matt? nfid 'oragin^ durlml the tw6 days they •emained In a Chinese Catholic Mis"- slon, They landed near the Mls» <ion. "Lolos. .In bands 6.* eight' and 16, kept swooping down oh the Mission- and (he riearb.V Chinese Village^ Sullivan said, "t didn't joc'them iarm anyone. ,bnt lh(* (ownspeople appenred riervotn^tliey .\vanfwl . to tis. .TheiMhotight \ve were ' Sullivan said (hat they learned through the French-speaking r.riests that the Lolos lived chiefly off (heir mountainous lands and loot stolen from the Chinese. . Mr said (he Lolos were constant^ :.v In. tribal /cuds. They appear to :l!vidod 'Into two racial groups, (he blacks arid the whiter, he snid, with the blacks holding the superior rank. But, despite the warlike traits of (lie Lojos, Sullivan said he and'his crew experienced no difficulty during their three-day travel by foot from the Mission across Lolo land to SichanR. "The knife may have helped", Sullivan chuckled. "I gave it to thr chief .of one village we passed through." Sullivan said that their three Chinese guides indicafed they should nay their resoecls to the chief. Thev -did and he'offered them beds for. the-night in B haystack, but they prrfcrred the hillside because it was; cleaner.-,, . • "fn 'he mornint; \vi> called on'him agaln'YSullivan continued, "He Was dark-skinned and dirtv, but h«- had tht !o«b of * tea'dCf. the jfluet ftut dafk and filthy. ThSfK wMi fi<f . \vind6Ws and people" wfifl squatting eft trie" dirt floor* about * Fseaftfi in e cents? 6f,fh« one ww. "I Cff«fed film the knife, u \vas bijt €mfifgc\iey fehlf«, SucR jla «e lssu«Bi With a Sl*.lr«fi feldlhg If sgemed to pl§»se him *hd he wflVfcrf us. on." , , . „ „ SulilV.111 believe* Salt. Which thti ffcsclie teams affe fslafinih* to off*\' as fBtisofr), «-oitltl have be«n morn Salt Is S d*Heacy «S:fsl=iin6d . Jl " , Sulflvari is now riff. duly at Air h«addUitrtefs her*, Resolutions By Legion - the S8th American Legion Convention *d' . •fou-rhs today as the 3,800 delegates meet in a final session to go through the routine business of choosing a new national commas der and five vice commanders. Legion circles generally predict* ed that Paul H, Griffith, Union. town, PH., busiricssmrtn, will b^f elected to head the Legion for the* coming year," LeadinK candidates for vice com* . manders were Ernest Dervishian, Richmond. Va.; Joseph \V, 'Brown, Nashua, N. H.; Martin Buckner, rilnt, Mich.;. Richard Cadwallader, Baton Rouge, L«.: and Edward Sharkey, San Francisco. In yesterday's session; the delegates backed Up their National Commander John Stcllcvover Gen. Omar Bradley on the vital issu«-i| of on-the-job training.-. They »lso lr adopted resolutions dealing wltn veterans' housing and other problems. * One of the most significant was adoption of an amendment to a report that called for a |20,000,000 endowment fund to fight Communism. This amendment was presented by Carl Epperson, of the California department, at an addition to a report by the Americanism committee, The report had urged, appropriation of $250,000 to the' National Americanism Commission for continuation of its work. Sen. Huffman Calls For Support Of Truman Policies COLUMBUS - Vigorous support for the Truman administration and condemnation of GOP Senatorial nominee John W. Bricker highlighted the keynote address of U. S, Senator James W. Huffman here today before the State, Democratic convention. The Democratic junior Ohio Senator, who is seeking a full six-year- term in the November -election, chained the 1944 vice presidential GOP nominee .with "intellectual dishonesty" in his recent challenge daring President Truman to enter! the Ohio political »cen*. Huffman told the Democrats in a second session of the one-day streamlined convention that Bricke.r I Churchill Calls For A United Europe BLACKPOOL, Enp. — Winston Churchill, speaking at ceremonies in conncc"ti,on iviUi ' 1hc conscrvntive party conve.n- ( ^ lion, today • renewed liis c«ll for « United Stales of Europr. , He spoke nt a ceremony at which lie wns made an Honor- • flry Freeman of Blackpool. Clnirt'liill's speech echoed I lie plen of his Zurich address for it united Kttrope. Barney Oldfield King Dies BEVERF.Y HfU-S. C«l,— Rarnov Oldfinld. fi!>. one-time KVKNT8 TONIGHT NORTH OL.MSTED. — Kiwanl L'lub meets at 8 p, m, Board meet Ing. ROCHESTER.-W. S. C. S, meet all day at the Methodist church fo dinner and missionary meeting. OBERUN ROAD,-East Oberli church will hold its annual dispU beginning at 3:30 p, m, Auction at 8 p, m. Donations art to he «i the church by i p, m, KVKMTH NORTH R'IPGKVIULR - The Grange will hold a card party at WINT* was; not a candidate for the United j , ' , ki , nf ,he'flirt States Senate but was running for I ." ' ,. . ,T , . ,.,. the Republican nomination for Itrntiks, diotUt his home. toil«\, president in 1948. i apparently of « cerebral hem- '"H-ie challenge to the president' was a" studied attempt on the partj of Bricker. to keep himself in Ihe national limel,ight," Huffman said, He termed a Republican plea: for large campaign contributions to'' a "false alarm/ 7 for the purpose of • raising * huge Republican hope f{ y_ Central chest, Priets At Neon Furniihri) By Huffman praised th* inlerhation- American Can 83 Montgomery Ward 72 l i al and domestic policies, of the 1 National Dairy National Democratic administration ' g esrs Roebuck ,,.., "? d -:^»r?_-,'fi-S?"!L n . u / a ^- M "!^ 1 \VestinghouseElectric ..... of the Unit«d Nations tion, " - Kiwanjs Club tiH-eis at^iti? Town Hall at 6:30 ji. ill. , NQRTH QLMSTBP-TieCLP 304, The first sjreat hp grp'ip if thai, said. ' they would have 'o place a ' that ...... -P*cl( b»»l «hlU'. il 00-tl 25 tJMQNS -P»»»«U pf «l bgskru. i . 40C-86,-. UliSlJp!. 1 . >. Bij Bii.>lwV. 86C-8JC, »«w i was that tmie spent In obtaim'n« • lu watch U|o machinery at nighi. bl«t. ntp 'tb|i» nr.rt ki)!o I r! U'C'li -ig-lli "Jc tli-qv -bo'tC Mt'SHHOOMS per p!(it 35c. lev PAUSt EV.-HtcS tu f . W"Sc yurlj *b,is «*«t I^V^Viv^rVwWw vvV^I - ™ wwW^ J. i P. MtcMflt mi Strvtet Co. 16-Qt lyue 'Jte r»:i(nr> Htil IIJ6-I150, t 7ir-JI UO tOc-|1.15. Plmicnloj S 1 S'.it *. »nd \ iiolitical fr?sdom' This period e*- The alleged, union 1 reprpsenlalivc ''ended through the Revolutionary sold, "Tha,t will not be necessary. War nml through a period of years \\'hfit \ve will i|o will' be in th? thprc.ifti'r. The second, grpat period daylight in front of your faci'.' 1 w.-is orcupii'U by a tij-ht for an in-; • Witnesses of the utt^cfe to!4 fohihle union which ihsicd through fiu'iK '..that most of Ihc license thp C'ivil W'-<r. ' ' numbers of ^lie cars wtfrp ppvpred In Third Pn'iud v>'h ft rag and thai two werf "Wf sire- now sirupgling' through ; uirnpd .up. The o?ic numbfr report- Iho third great period in our liis-'fs). howPVPf, which. \vss turner) in lory." Judge liuiisickcr addpd. "in ! tQ thp sherifrs depyrtment by a gas cm attempt to provide ff|ual justice i company- pmp.loy.cp, was sai4 lo to all men. That is in linp with the : on the Roy !$poi)ts. m«'l al (lie Roarl churth al 7:00 p. m. "^ NORTH' OUMSTPP—Ther» will bu a Conunvinity- Fund, meeting Rt t)\e Town Hal! i*' 9:00 p. m. NORTH RIPGPVILLK -r There will- bp ji Wnr B«d« mcniorisl lit party at '8:00 p. rn- NORTH RIRGBYlkLE ^ ciuirch meets at 8:00 p. ii.\. fi» (i Ofl' J»lr"flii«iiiy 50,c-t»c. Hot«, f-\l). b»ki» u:cd: m;i |1 Q0-|! 31. M HOVR AMIULANCE SIRVICI MwMt44or1M DAT 01 Wftm SIDOIMAN 4 sirivcf in th^t cou.rt in't lifp 'hat hijs bpfn i % Vbil# the djevptf'4' almost tniirply tp public: H'.e ro^,d to where th"f sprvicp. s in pjrojfrf— P.ojjiplptiin the program Jajt', p^p'uiu evening x>'SJ 9 '?)k by counclUnan : hsr|i)| S.e»'9i'4 B'B.c|f in which he ,e«plyin- ; scep'g.' Jt i'4 tbj n»#d. for thg j?assag.e «f \bs city bpud Jssu,e which will be up tor ' of ttjs or disspproyal in ,t election. ifeerifj'f $fgif tipffit jcros»ed ' rpcovers4 3 nfi\j- left nt the 'b#'»$ h«l4 »$• jt-il)|fcrprint*. picture* 3Ad -'h# d»ma|e to yere ,ta,keij. by the FACE BRICK vwi VflMRMvyf PIV^P MURBACH eo 8;QQ p. Hi. in the Town AVON - '— ~ ,. " Ba.v Yiilfigp Hall- AVON MAKE-^Th* l-Uriry Roat'fl meets it l l>c Horary it t-flfl p.- in. 4YPN LAKfi-rTh* B°«rd of Puh- )ic ^flairs it.iffts yt ijif W9tpr pU'H at B:ftp; p, m. adviiary meet it lists J9,yp*rs of sg rvicp \ , ippijis at |:M p, 131, :v4ow PJiajJtfr p,asi ijwtrpn* ' ) th* ' 5UORO-CURTIS AMIUUNCI 1522 M MM* Strvkt CITV MAV- PUV FHOf BUTT S«rvipe pirtctor I. P, Fa*on §ald today that th« city would cornider tin purchase of * tri»ngii|»r pl»c« of property »djac»nt to tht l*ll« avenue fire station, Jollowing n r«' port that ihf property/ which, u; owned. hy Judge A- R. Web^tri is 1 being'offeffd for sale. j Tlie director said that tht city's; fn Hie, property would be Woolworth Co, Genersl Motori White Motori.'., Republic Ste«( ., U, S'. Sttel :.Standard of Ohio C|tit« Servlct ..., M M S2H 70 n'rincipnHy ns d safeguaftl iigalnst blocking in the (ire station by wsti constriiction of « building! next VQ the {ire station. f. R. Smith t Co. •ju-l- a-^t-— MwrNI MVIMI &_ • - m« • II _______ MM STOCKS JMNllONPf Iftil IlillKIM NOTICI - MY NIW MIIOINCI mifHONI MUMIIR IS 3I-74S SJMt Hit llyrit Tiliplim €§., it HMMf tt fivi mt tfct tt»t tf t frivftt UM n MI MW mitawt M 6nM Rt«l, yti It MH HMi nmk* • }l«74i. DR, GIO, A. HOKI SPECIALS! SATURDAY ONLY Sfc"WINWIOTS ....... 'I, AH W •• il ut kite JM^ Wf Mf* 1HW thflft AiM IMn Wtm • id nmwf ELYRIA MODEL SHOP *f M

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