The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1930
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18JJ30_ cWilr LOW LUST INEti Little Rock Rapidly Ap- 1 preaching Blytheville Total for Season. Despite Die early lead, taken by Wyllvjvillc .in coUoi\ compress receipts present indications arp tliat Little Rock will shortly be tirsi I place, with a good inusibillly that Pine Bluff will also pass Blytlie-1 villc before the end of tlwT season.. With a solid week of rain only | 2,990 bales .were, delivered • to the local compi&s last week, according to the. Ai'kansas CoUou,',TrAde association, Bringing the Season's total 10 05,0911 bales- .Little nock received 0,354 bales last week, for a star, ni's total of 01,505,. ... : Receipts for the siato last.week were 51,638, compared tc, 62,2)8 the previous and 65,111 the same week a year ago. Total receipts for the rial.-; arc 530, 335 for ihq season u:; to last- Friday, compared lo 1.000,014 La the same dale last reason. Following arc receipts last week and for the season at leading Ar- l«oinls: the week Little Rock 9,351 Pine Bluff 4,317 West Memphis ... 3,804 Helena 3,031 lilytheville Walnut Ri Newport BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK-LCOUU1EK NEWS PAGE FIVE Reriegades ? ? Mixes Thrills, Action, Sheiks, Legionnaires 1 By GENE COHN 1 NEA Service Writer NEW YOKK.—Once upon a time, there was a tyiK of movie created solely for action, illusion and diversion. Hut along came the talkies with tlieine scjigs and back stage McG.;hcc ... Hope '. JcnesboKi ••• Forrest City Texarkana .. Eurtora Fort Smith . Comvay tlw season 61.505 .50.453 47,737 23,311 2.99C 05.091 2,182 18,1-15 2,293 . 13,531 2,105 . 27,895 24.822 21,015 25,360 24,233 21,045 29,809 2,035 1,802 1,728 1,705 1,576 1,436 1,'250 13,143 Bootleggers Denied View of Old Fort WASHINGTON , tUP) — Jailed l:o'.; Ic'i Kprs in Maryland arc not to *t; alowcd a view of the flag flying over Ft- McHenry, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write "Tlie Htar Spang'od. jCMiner." The Justice Department has an- ncuncect abandonment of Plans to Slyrna Loy, above, and Warner Baxter are shown here as they ap- drainas and gang thrillers and re- n the .cast winds up by being klll- d of! In the last five minutes; even f the story winds from the fanlas- Ically comic lo the super-romnn- ic to the tragic—still and all, tills ooks like big box-olllce, Not u lirill Is overlooked and the tab •ambles through laughs to chills •xcross the spine. Four Daring Hovers But get a terse slant at the story —if it's possible to outline this involved story. In the Foreign Legion are four "bums"—each from a different land. Not one of them cares whether he lives or dies. Each is running away from something in the past and has become a drunken, colorful rover In the process. And, being treated as scum of the earth, a D'Artagnan fraternity TOWS among them. They are not allowed lo join the legion when battle ]>ends; so they escape and go anyway. They are given a fort- rets to blow up; an assignment meaning almost certain death and though they come out alive, it's only to receive more kicks from their commander. In the end they arc back In Paris, acltig decorated, when Baxter sees in the grandstand the siren out of hts past^-thc very Mynm Loy who was the sui«r-spy in war days. Then, his Mor/ comes out. He had trusted her with his secrets and she had betrayed him and he had been stripped of his rank. He years to avenge the wrong that mode him a hitter wanderer of the earlh. He tiles lalcr to strangle her and, with his three comrades, becomes a fugitive. Turn Sh*lk..c , They flee to the desert, organize n native tiluc and—enter the sheik motif—take on tlie habiliments of the r.c-.n.-ius. They dream of a desert empire lii which they will be free souls again. But circumstances force them to allack the very legion from which ihey have cscapcci. They are starving out their old comrades; they are about to liimd victory to the bzrown men. But when surrender Is at hand, the old commander spits Ills vlndlcltvcs In the face of Baxter, who turns his guns in favor of the old French fatherland and wins he i'.:\v. iiul till four comrades die —and .so dor-s the Ik'toi-e •he I'xulu's, she puts a bullet through Hie hero,. Ai-liou, ihriiis and n story tlml <f<"l>s Vin on (he edge of scnu In other words— according to (Ills re- vie»iT's way of thinking— spcll- iliug ici-cen stull, which prrtriuls no u-.i«m for credibility. And a nice job of directing on the pint ol Vlc'.ur Firming. Unemployed Oklahomans Go to Work Unsolicited OKLAHOMA CITY, (UP)—Tom !fiwh' v ptodiiction 1 superintendenj o! tl\> Plnlns Petroleum Company, wai 20'mlmiUs laic to work ci'iiily. Huuicclry, lie drove up to f) (illch imilt-r construction near one of hi.-, company's oil wells In the Mmlh Oiila!u;m:i city field. Ho exjiecied to :re his crew of 20 men working en :i 260 fool ditch loitering. "This can't be our ditch," he cs- r!aimc<l when he biiw liulf of the cii'.i:h L'omplelod and the c-xcavation filled with perspiring men. He found Instead of his crew of 20 men, 67 workmen hard nt work. Inquiry revealed that 37 unemployed iiKii had brought their picks and shovels lo the ditch that mor- lilng iiiul hnd started work. So amazed was the £iu>ci Intend..chest COLDS cnl tliat, ho called tlie men to the offlm aurt gave each of th« 31 men a 10 dollar bill, ' - " Marring Won't Chaue Nune M1DDLETOWN, Conn., (UP) — When a Clinton woman uwrlis her owalh the will not hare it change her tame, ciuence W. Swiin ot.Horwlch h*i ippUed'here for Itctrue to w«d Mist Itaude Ul- Uftn Swain. - • .'i Read .Courier News Want Ad*, < liuy u home now, while the price ia low. Conditions will surely get better. The-price of real estate in and immml Hlythevillc will not remain as Sow us at the present time. • Investment NOW will guarantee you profit-to the future. Let us show you some, down to the minute values, with the terms to suit the'purchaser.' W. M. Burns Agency Phone 243 HOUSEWIVES WHO WANT THE BEST Recently there has teen an effort to get outdoors again, even lo the extent of rehashing all the old wild west thrillers of the Bill Hart vin- ncunccd abandonment of Plans to ,""" ",,"." ""- ™" """• vl "~ convert the old iminlgrati:n de- i tn se. Most ol these proved slightly tcntion station which adjoins thei™" 1 b ^ tlme - Bu t Blll y «« Kid" foi-t into a prison for violators of | and " r , he B 'S lral1 '" m Particular, federal laws. " me "'ons with pageantry and ac,.,..,! lion. And, in the latter cnre. with Public -iiimon rc^nted the claim j , he ic sort oj - 1Uv wh ,„ fi of the government that the ^ i urcd in "The Big Parade" and slmi- jails were too uncomfortable and ,, (avoritD5 0 , Bthe sUcnl 5crccn _ not a suitable social enviraiunent i „,., ^ : ^,.^,,._ for a federal prisoner. Old-Time Thriller Th? Jii.tlce Department ruefully an-.imced in -its formal statement that "as a.result of obstacles" and the VopiKJEition of the i>eoplc, of doncd. The three Parisian newspapers having the largest circulations are: Meanwhile, whatever became ol the sheik? And the French Foreign Legion? Just wail anrl see! For arounc •MaryiRnd"-the-plHn.has becn-abani.lte£je™i>r_js,pomins a JPox feature "Renegades," with Warner Baxter in the lend and Myma Loy as the connsistent villainess. And if you've come to the conclusion that old Lc Petit Parisicn, 1,100,000; Le fashioned, dime-novel thrills arc Journal. 1,200,000, and Lc Matin,! dead, you're quite wrong. 1,050,211. Even if everyone of importance User] in the Courier News Cooking School Don't Miss Courier News Big Cooking School ways to serve more appetizing, more delicious meat dishes: 1 Attend the Cooking School and get Mrs. Dougan's tested recipes. JO tups Evrr-Gnorl Chili 10 Itoxcs liver-Good Sa Insist upon Ever-Good slo- cured, hickory-smoked hams and bacon. Products of Memphis Packing Corp. Memphis, Tenn , taste-tempting again tomorrow l-'KEE -sacks of Whitewater Hose Flour will be given uwiiy at thd City Hall Auditorium. Attend these FREE lectures each day. ... everywhere women congregate they talfy about the wonderful results obtained with WHITEWATER ROSE FLOUR Whitewater Rose Flour was cho.scn two years in succession by tlie Courier News Domestic Science lecturers . . . there must bu :> reason. When you use Whitewater Rose Flour in your baking you have established a foundation that makes eveiy venture a triumph, barring accidents or carelessness on the part of the cook. The firm, wholesome wheat from which Whitewater Rose flour is milled, the smooth, velvety texture insures perfect baking results. at good grocers everywhere MERCHANTS GROCER CO. Distributors-Blytheville, Ark-

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