The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1939
Page 4
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Moore Gro,, " " Tanner Gnoccry, " " All Hie (•lanmtir and excitement (hat is synonymous ^ rivvitrdecl (o the winner of Ihis contest. ContrasliiiK color inusjic, 'modern streamlined exhibits, and everything else I come-true for the millions of people who will see it. This contest, sponsored by the Hlythcvillu Courier N firms, will run 12 weeks, with this section nppearinrr every J of the contest, August 4tJi, tlie voles will he counted and? inimbci- ol voles in her possession or to her credit will be! \ork World's Fair. | NVilli every 50c purchase you will lie entitled lo one t! U-r of coujions you may receive with one purchiise is lin* you make. , (& •; l!y trading with the business men advertising here / wi',1 aid your favorile contestant in her efforts to win t every I'mlay. You will appreciate Hie bargains adverl'iH w.'tlcli (lie progress of the contestants. KUUCS OK TlUi CONTHS'l': 1. Any single girl, within this fj-ade-arcii, is eligible (<> enl diiiighters and employees of (tic business mc/i acivcrtis! 2. Girls entcriiiK this contest must mail or phone their n' tor, Courier News. i ,'!. Kvcry coupon most hsive (he name of (he contestant nri -I. Coupons may be kept by the contestant or placed with; the contest. i 5. No coupons will be issued after mid-night of August <T (i. Contestants kcupinj; votes in their prtsscssion must pn' News Office not later than 5:00 I'.M. Thursday of c> arc exceplcd from this ruJe. It will he satisfactory fW votes for counting every two weeks.) ' i 7. All votes must be presented at the Courier News OI'IU* You may mail your votes to the Courier or hni\K thcr'i accepted after (he time staled. • , _ ;1 S. The name of the winner will be announced in lite m\ the votes are counted, and the winner requested (o com' that arrangements for (he tour can be made. I -Tlie- Shopping becomes a pleasure during the summer months, "cause 'we've iiij'-comlilionecl Lhe whole store! Come in . . . ^ct (lie things you need and coal off too. DO HIS DODSON JUNIORS SpirilcO i'onnt; colluns, hriiiiniinj; \iiUi life -t ( olor . , , cool ;is mi ncrnn hrnv/r,t Fclcliin; "srhotil-'-firr 1 frnt Its! Guy hnli-ro ami con I tufHril styles! Tri-lty prints, new s ( r i \t t: « t cven itarks. Alt fully ilc tailed yttye* Khilly f ;kirts, |. ' tucks, lin^cr.'c trims. All to till). Sixes !) lo 17 Priced S«.n,S tip lim Suits • LASTHX SATINS! Chic, t,'.\tiling swiin.?Wts for sea ov sun bathing! Sleek laslex satins. l'"ig- in'c inculdiifjr. . . . dash- •iiiL'. styles ... . and brilliant c'nlor.s. 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At the close 13 young lady with the greatest Urded the 7-day tour of (he New in (worth 1000 votes). The num- only by the si/e of (he purchase saving the coupons received you contest. Watch for fhis section nd at the same time lie able to his contest, with (he exception of ierc. and address (o (he Contest Edi- plainly upon it. Contest Editor until (he dose of Hie-in for counting at the Courier week. (Out-of-town contestants I'sc contestants to present their t later than Tuesday, August 8th. personally hut no votes will be tt ' (Thins of fhis paper as soon as the Courier News Office in order THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW DcLuxc Air-C'ouditioned Equipment Thronghotil. 1. Train from BtylhcvHie to New York (by way of Memphis). 2. Meals on (rain, (going and coming). Hotel accommodations in New York. Meals in New York. Tour of National Uroadeasling Studios at 'Kudio City York> 9. 10. H, 12. 13. 1-1. 15. Admission Tickets to (he World's Fair with transfers both ways. Special tours of World's Fair. New York Harbor Cruise, Statue of Liberty, Ki|j s l slaml> etc. Fifth Avenue shopping- tour. Free boat trip from New York | 0 Albany. Visit to Niagara Falls and Toronto.' Return to Blytheville. ELECTRIC SHAVERS We Know He'll Like. These Gifts .U'lia.t ftjil wouldn't* like one"' of 'these.- splendid Kifls? Every ; n nu useful tlic «-hi>lc year round . . . cvcrj- otic being a gift thai by lasllnjr, will remind him if ,vni;r fliouglilfiilncss fnr years to conic. TRAVEL SETS FOR HIS VACATION ™~., in f,, m i--A W ."-il select his &?(• We I Iiaye .many; other gifts not mentioned here. -GUARD'S- Jewelry and Optical Store Hr\f_kl. AN ASSET TO THE COMMUNITY J.AUiei. A SERVICE TO THE NATION [# National Hotel Week June 11-17 WHO Gets Your VVtt\J Hotel Dollar? No mailer wli:i( your, it benefits from the "new money" lirnnphl into |]ir eil.v tiy nut-iif-town visitors. Several .surveys h;ivr estnhlisbeil lliis breakdown uf where Ihis money .row. Von mil nini Hie folloiviiipr figures interesting: Ifnlrls I!fst:u,i:nils Retail stores Theatres . Miscellaneous . . ..•in. ..18% ..31% . . 10 'A 100 Te .-MfUT of die iintcl's 2S%, a •n.ijor p.nrt is in turn spent VigM licie in Jiljtlwvillc for rmploj-ce's iragcs, fond, sup- plfc.<:, taxes, insurance, maintenance, new equipment, ic- pnirs, clc. Watch For Our Silver Dollars Tliis ivcck. as ,1 nlcaiis of ricmcmlratin; linw the ilol- lars pa;il out hj- the Nol>lc eireiilate thrmiijlimit Blylhc- villc, we ^TC paying our cx- pfnses, salaries, clc., with StI.VKIi DOLLARS. These .silver dollars will help you realize what a good hotel means to our community. Hotel Noble 1 "WHKKB HOSl'ITALITY IS A REALITY" ^^•«HMMeOBMni SAFE-WAY • • 104 W.. Main, Blytheville Phone 225 Cudahy's Puritan Kind On. 1{in(| ()IT fed Round Steak. ..'. ...... „, 2 ,, c Chuck or Thick Rib Ronst, ..!b. }iy,c SALT MEAT FAT BACK licst Side 'onnd ASMBTEDLUNCHMEATS' , 25 BOLOGNA 2 Pounds. POTATO & MACARONI TOMATOES PEERLKSTEA . . 9 oz. Box BLACK PEPPER All 5c Bars of Candy How 3 for IQc ~ Pound . .c WATER MELONS BAKING SODA, 2 Boxes for . . 5c gj"» .WlgPE.^. 1 ?... 24' :SE MERCHANTS ar Coupons STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS «h« Ji' 8 '"' 1 '? " Sle<l mtls( '"' C0l " illl '' 1 ' l ' t l U'lilsillvo «s (hey rejucufnl only n 1 "° Cmrln Ncm( ° m "~' N'"''™")' UHTO LU« rnmiy vote "ot llPTuT''*- °"'° C °"' l ' S(il " IS Ulld C(ll0r I'l'fSOIlS Wl'Ml, M J'Ci, 1l»VO D'nrls liny Doliyns ....- Vfra Mlliabrlli (ioinlricli.... dCOl-glll C 0 .\ Sum Trumhlr \'. Mai'} 1 Ann N;il>i>rs Marie Abraham '.'. Crawforil Acton Mill, in-l j : Kvelyu Ayeoek . . .4,01 \,W\I VU ... .Ji.tJOIi.OtK) " ...i.aaK.Oflo . . . G 15,000 . . . .... 95,001) .... .... M.OOO .... 12,000 Your PLUMBING Is IMPORTANT! We have a DOZEN COMPETITORS still we SELL 60% of all PLUMBING FIXTURES and make 60 '# of all INSTALLATIONS in Blytlicvillc. There Musi Ke a Keasont ' THE PLUMBER 22 Years Plumbing in Blytheville 109 N. First St. Phone 103 j!jin Die fjrcal hiiiiKinc ninvcuicnl ID nuike mnlof- i"K mere safe. Sliirt wiili your (ires. 1'iil on new .siiiicMiiifc I'liurls Flrsl- Linc Tirrs. \Vilh the cx- rluslvc "UI'K-l«K1iT" anil 11 B AT- I'll U F fcaliircs \vhlph Kiiiiranlcc gri'alcr safety tti ilrivinp. Cnimi in ami sra llicsc safely llres NOW! BOO. vlB $9.84 JOHN MILES MILLER AUTO SUPPLIES icross Frnjn Kit/. 5SOxl7 NOTICE We will not be responsible for DEATHS or ACCIDENTS caused by woriiout tires Or BANKRUPTCY caused by paying too much for tires. Here is our proposition . ... 30 days only .... Drive up to our station with enough money to buy the average set oi tires. We guarantee you can get the set of tires and also keep HALF the money. MANSFIELD WORTHMORE CASH BACH' 600x16 Only $7.95 TERRY'S SERVICE STATION AKK.-MO. STATK I'HONR f,-I>-21 to/a FOR SUMMER SAFETY "My Cn:il Is lUnrk Hut I Trent Yon VVIiitc" John Buchanan f'lurd .tgafiisl <l.|nseroiis (nail I) lUert.i lij ,,^,| R p ure lLe itl }0iir rcfrfirrnifori No plijec- lionalilc niin^JIn^ of bdorsi "o imria (o lirenk clonn Just nhcn }i>n need protection most! 1'lionc 107 I'linnc .175 PAINT SALE On Sherwin-Williams Paints SI'KCIAI, I'HICtCS GOOD ON'I? WKKK! NEVER BEFORE SUCH SAVINGS ,&, DECOTINT Cold Water Kalsomine ' 5 Ib. I'kg. 50c I-CO AT ENAMEL $3.25 Gal .; •._,.; _;__.• s. \v. P. Complete slock of GHUM- °" tsiclc !Il)llsc Paint BACHKR nrlist Finishes and ffft A A Gal. In ;> HARRISON-FtTCII Brushes. ^V.UU Gal, Cims Also complete .slock of KK.M- HUI.I.KTIN Colors. SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone ,15 AMAZINGLY LOW PRICED! New Cold Clicsl—liolife 11 Its. of,meal. Kooniy Vegetable Bin — lets ynu |] U y [ tl r)UantUics >nil save. tec Clitic Kelc.isi out instantly. / Shelves move up atitl clown fcr njorc room. -p o p ,s As ( Low • As 49 50 55—DOWN Buys a G-Cubic Ft, Kclvinalor "Thrif- ly G" " E. B. GEE SMES CO. 109 S. Second St. Phono 67

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