The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 6
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1944 Stumbling Room Only! •• Are you addicted to (lie horrible Jiablt of scattering fancy pillows about the living-room floor? .' .. . If'yes—shame on you I Pillows were Invented to add to tho comfort of silting or lying, hot (o be walked over. It once .was considered ' a \vee toucli Bohemian'to have j)il- •iows thrown carelessly about, so guests : coulil Hop to the now at a moment's.notice, Bui It never wafc considered good' decorating taste, and still isn't, Extra • pillows O. K. That doesn't mean uo extra pillows. They make sense on chairs, window seats, or sofas, provided tho room isn't, too small and overcrowded nli-endy. But no' fussy stylesi And don't smother your sofa In willows. Two or three should be the limit. Choose these either in n material to matcli the n plain-fabric at'nlnst a print or vice versa, Keep them tailored! Simply M- lorcd pillows are always smartest. Finish them with plain welt or bras edging. Choose a fabric In harmoi with the style of furniture—vlt damask* and satins for fiiicr pieces homespuns and basket weaves ft Informal types. ' Well, for one thmg, you can give him some means of recreation -rrjust a ball and batis a godsend. Maybe you'd like to send him fo college— dozens of prison camps do have/'universities of cap- c' V A- HeL < nee «fc9««l f ood- warm clothing/perhaps medicine. Send him that. By contributing to the Notional War Fund the War Prisoners Aid Vill see that he continues to get these gifts from you. ' " ' '' ' - •' < . MEMBER AGENCIES OF NATIONAL WAR FUND USO (United Service Organ iza(ionii) „ United Seaman's Service > War Prisoners Aid Belgian War [{clief Society Ki tfish. War Relief Society United Chinii Helicf Unilcir- l C/.ccho.slova.k. Relief National Aiucrita 1 Denmiivk Association • • ' • Frplich -Relief Fund Greek iWar Relief Association American Relief For Italy FriemlK; of Luxi-mhom-jr American Relief For Norway 1'olish War Relief Queen Wilhelmina Fund Russian War Relief United Yugoslav Relief Fund • Refugee Relief Trustees U. 8.-Committee For The Care ' Of Kuropeiin Children , Biyiheville Water Co. ? "•' BERNARD ALLfiN, Manager' "Water Is Yoiii Cheapest Commodity!" . . Here • James W. Sykes Buys House On West Ash' Other Deals Made at 15)0 am M ™ rc , ctl ' bc ' 10 "8l»f<- to Mi and Mrs Charles Recder, has bee W ' Ml '- an<1 VV. - . s who will move there soon 1 lie transaction was made for $2000' nr. and Mrs. W. S. Eastburii sold the four-room residence worth Tenth to Mr. and Mrs. Chapin for $1000. This place recently been painted white find a new composition roof nut on Die iien- owners contemplate re-decorating the interior as soon us uossesslon can lie- given. 'i wo other property deals were fiyotlea I1.IS week. M r. and Mrs. »• ann i by ! lilve bol ' 8ht thc "o» sc ' at 400. South Franklin from Mr. mil Mrs. c. G. Buchanan who plan o leave Blytlicville soon afltr vliich thc Shelbys will occupy, .the louse. The house .void for $lfioo wile of the six-room Bcrl-M ( residence on Wilson Avenue to Vfr. and Mrs. Ollle Mills for 51100 also was announced by H. c. Campbell, local real estate dealer who the. four, sales. Tlie'-job of paper hain/th'e' may ri'll Ijc lukcn over by housewives ishig ready pasted wajljiapiT wliich needs only (o be ilipp'cii in water and applied to wall like a posUge slamp. AH (liaC's required Is culliiijf and measuring: equipment: scissors, razor Made, string ru lc.r, spongd mid wcighf. Measured strips of the payer are simply ro|Iccl,' ilippcil in waler and sniooUKji^qu flie'will mill hand ami sponge.' (itchen Ventilator Easy ''oMake If You Hove Fan A kitchen ventilator that will be i 'big help when there is big-scale coking to be done can be rigged ip easily with a piece of insulalin- oard and a small electric fan lere's how it's done: Build n.shelf icross a kitchen window level : wltli he top of llic lower sash. Their pull he upper window sash, clear dowi o that the top part, of the window s.opcn. Next lake an insulating .ward the size of the window opcn- ig and cut, out a circular niece s large as the face of the! .fan JMMUO the hole so, that the insu- ting board when fastened Into the 'liulow opening will be directly in out of thc face of the fan \yhen rests on the shelf. Be sure, that ic fan blades face outdoors. The \haust system is then ready for jeriition. ohn Bo/ins Buy House At 427 East Dougan The residence at 427 East Douin. owned by. Mis. J. W. Stinnelt ho now,lives in Florida, has been urchased by Mr. and Mrs. \john ohn who plan to move there.'" The six-room house has been nte<l to Mr. and Mrs. .' Grover unn. . , • "icin Little Healty Compi{ny ( andlcd the transaction. ••, , Find Insulating Building Board Has Many. .Uses Standard ,, insulnling v bullinng board, In the half-Inch thickness, !ms prqvcd n valuable and versatile building material 'durihe a 'critical period when other construction liro- WARNING ORDER i the Chancery Court, C'hickasnv- ba District, Mississippi County, Aikamas. , i ary Freda Pringle, Plaintiff, '•'' vs. , No. B8!5 da o. Pringle, Defendant. The defendant, Oda O. Pringle, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named rin thc caption hereof and answer the complaint of '(lie plaintiff Mary Freda Pringle. Dated this 0 day of Oct., 19-H. HA11VEV MORRIS, Clerk Ed B. Cook, Ally, for PIf. Geo. w. Barbara, Ally, ad Lltem. " 10110-17-24-31 V , ere A- i°° m '- S ° me furniture ' or a building that you have always wanted^ d.fferent color? Here's your chance to paint it youreelf ?t^ nnw y ^ S ° ! QPt0 u°- You/ll 9 et ^ of enjoyment out of it' and noyv-thcu you home you and your family will find the davs nass S± ( Sa£S^5f ¥ n°- Ur h ° USe ^Vl^ 9oytts S P A a n S d A ' I I L/C \J I 11 . •" -'• *• •, ~ -~ —Patterns for every room'in ; your home—Priced from— ^ -'Per Single Roll ''"'and "Up !•""•' Inspect Our Stocks!; OOISIDE WHITE z gal. 3.40 . i > ; J • • ' *^ ' FLOOR ENAMEL - ga|.3.50 Semi-Gloss Finish 55 gal. 3.50 MURAL TONE ^, - gal. 2.25 Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Co. . ,* \_ •• ? ?05 E. MAIN B ' ythevi//e ' s 0/,/y fxc/usrve Paint and Wallpaper Sfo f e( PHONEs2272 ; have hech..dirficult lo obtain, lijtnber . dealers reijoii. New '\ises the Aboard, they say, are' bclni; found every day. ' ' •'• Insulating board, a comparatively new; product as building materials go, was rirsl introduced auout .tlur-^rs ago., it is . mami/acttired from wood fibers and from the fibers ol sugar cane stalks, corn stalks and. other materials not ordinarily used for other .manufacturing purposes.. For this reason, it has been available for , both civilian ami milJ Hury. needs. .'"..''. A primary iise' for insulating tullcling board hns been in the re- surfnclng of interior walls and ceilings. While dccorntlvc tile and ,)lnnk shaped Insulntlng boards are obtainable for 1:1:3 purpose, the standard board also has its advantages. It covers large areas quickly and at a low cost. Batten •strips an c i moldings are used over :nc joints where boards meet. Where insulating building board s used as an interior finish the opm not only is given a new, surface, but it is effectively insulated as well. This insulating value has made thc material especially popular for constructing attic and basement rooms. The economy of insulating building board has favored its use for building and lining enrages, enclosing porches, building tool' sheds mid poultry buildings and other jobs where cost must be kept within tlie building restriction limitation. 1 !. : ' Probably thc mast extensive demand for insulating building board hns come from thc farm field. Besides using it as an insulating m'a- tcrinl, farmers have found that'll can be used for constructing a wide variety of animal shelters and stor- age houses. It replaces critical ^materials In tlie construction of flues and duels. In addition, It is a handy material wherever partitions arc needed. Insulating building board comes in four-foot widths and In lengths ii]) to 12 feet. Captured German Letters Reveal Grim Home Front .WITH THE BRITISH SECOND ARMY, Oct. 17 (UP)—Five thousand raptured German letters, ap- i IJfirenlly Intended for the trapped' Nazis in Dunkcrciuc. paint a grim picture, of the,-German liomefront One letter written tci her luis- band by u German woman livint in Polartd sni'd: ' "Couldn't, you manage to get caught in one of thc encirclements? Tlicy have again broken into Warsaw. More I cannot write." One from Vienna said: "We are must worried. Aren't you allowed. to write? We had three WKen BeMer PLUMBING SUPPLIES Are On the ; Market We Will Have Them • For Sale. alerts.'/a'rid all. day 'aircraft were crossing toward Czechoslovakia. Tiie shelters arc drafty and cold. A vi'cck ngo J came, home with fever anj Intestinal cramps. Ninety percent of the people are Die same way. It's epidemic." Another from Cologne said: "We are In the collars again. One "'< becomes nervous as-soon as a noise? is heard in the sky. Ncuniafkcl if looks as houBh it has been plowed. When will this terrible war be ov- Tiierc are about 2,000,000 square 8 niiles of urid country In China * YOU MN HEtP WIN THIS WAR /INSULATE VOUft ATTIC WITH BALSAM-WOOL L I JAltO '»rri.« ^lli^iiM^^^^sAVESSo Much FOR f«EE ESTIMME,(HO E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Blytheville, Ark. H't Clean! It's Quick! It's fasyl • Yea, PUtihurghTechlde is something brsnd n«w in wall paint —becaUM it tivt« 1 «cell»nt rtiulti over old wallpaper, pl«st«r, brick and many other •urfacM...becaWon» coat of Techid* i* uiually iufficient . .. b*caus» It li quick «nd ««sy to «pply amf dries In on* hour ... b«c«us» it gives you san- ituy, .mihibli wall«;. Don't mln thli opportunity to i«decor»t» ! your room» at BoaU co«t A«lc m »bout Techidt. KONOMICAl On* gallon of T.ehldi mnln 1ft Ifalloni of palnl— •n«ugh to do OVM Nil «v<ragi room. MADI IN I COLORS AMD WHITI PITTSBURGH PAINTS T«thiJi comoi In paltc form.. Con b< mlx«d jn !uit a i < l>1 walti may b« quick!/ waih»d w«h' r «i|ld Map .und WBtBf. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Jf's America's mosf widely-used ->You save when you buy it -XAmcmng low price -> Protects your home belter -XKeeps it beautiful longer ->Covers more surface ->-5av'e5 r'epaintings—it washes easily ->Keep$ its'beauty longer Gallon PROTECT PORCH FLOORS with iSHER wm- WILLIAMS WcatHcrproofs the surface. ' Resists wear and tear, 1| 75 Beautiful gloss finish. I Qt, FAINt A fOOM fOK ONiY J2.9S WlJH f|]( PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. » • 126 W. MAIN JFHONE 515 S// Efiwiii WILLIAMS PAINTS ,..--,. . ^ — . . If you wan) a gloaming fcilthen in a hurTy without a lol of muss and bothor, ind Gliddcn Secd-Woll. It a o o muss and bothor, ind Gliddcn Specd-Woll. It will stny li|< 6 ncw ( for ycarsl Go»d for Walls, Woodwork a J FCtrnilure. A.TfSffi^TiisI- ! DELTA LUMBER CO. rhoni> 497 DlYXHEVItLE'S ONLY HO BIB OWNED LUMBER CO. I

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