The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (AftK.) CbORIER i'TUDAY, FEBRUARY 25, Arnold-Hall Rttes To Be Solemnized Tomouow : The. man-law ot Miss Mary Virginia Arnold daughtpi ot Mi and 3*% Charles Martin Arnold of Memphis and Sheldon HMl son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard Hall, will be solemnized Saturday morning at 9 00 oclcA at Ihc ^.c-oncl jyessbysterlan church in Memphis. Dr. Robert K. McCaslln Will perform the ceremony, , The bride's ensemble is in bluebird shade of crepe with navy buttons exteno ng -om Ihc high neckline lo J point belo\\ the waist. The circular skht is pleiled nnd •\ full length navj pencil coat and a sailo- hat of na\> sliav, will complete the ri)5"n)ble LJglil blue and dubonnet ribbons bind the crown . of :ttie hat, ami a blue veil ties under the chin The b Idul ccrsa»c will be of o>-rilcts M'ss Shirlcj Arnold will be her islcr§ maid Of honor ind will Ktardustv lose crep-- liimnrci with brown piping Broin accessories inc} a ccrsaje of gardenias will complete her costnmf The briric olhej aUelidant w ll be hei eon In Miss FhVabctli Ann willej of Miilntmv ArK She will ^eai iqm crepe with w embroidered jickel and belt and blaex accessoiles Hei cor- sige also mil be of gardenhs Atr Hall Kill be uttende-i by Lcio/ rtuddleston 1s best man and J >NIck Thonm ji of Memphis, ftichird Boehme of Memphis aiic John Siiles Miller will be ushers. Thc chancel of tlic. church will .lie decorated with standards of white calls lilies and ."ferns. Palms ind while Hp°rs In vuoiHil iron FLAPPER FANNY 01 gainst will play Bits of News Mostly Personal Blouse Is Ace Of Versatility Mrs. Hoy Payne led Wednesday for lake Wilson, Minn,, for s'evcril weeks visit with her mother and other relatives. MM, James IJ, Clark, Mrs. LJoyd V. Wise-, nnd Mrs. J. J. JoIihSoh were-In Memphis ycUerc]ay, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Green, Mr, ; niul Mrs. J. A. I'lgg and 'rlau'gliter, 1 F.velyh, of Osccola. Mr. arid Mrs, : Abtfer Maxwell or Shaw, La., \vlli I be dinner guests 'of Mr. rtrj'ti Mrs. John whltwortli, of Osccola, to- "Ho hasn't, jjol a (lime to hi.? name." "So v/h&t? Lots; of UIT»C:J a I'ich man" makes :'. poor husband." (wo acts of (hoir fjrthcominj p'/o- 1 Jtictlcn. "A Full House." Ifcarj licnk Kcvleir Eighteen members of tlic "O" :hapter of p. E. O. heard Mrs. G. VV. Afflick review the book "Modamo Curie" Wednesday nftcrnoon at a meeting nt the home of Mrs. A. haspitfl! yesterday for an exnmina- Conway. . Jcnquils arranged in the living rcom 'of the house provided a decorative note. A salnd plate was served. acal Club Will Be Hostess For J3jsfiiet Session Tlic Blythc'ville Woman's ;lul) holders alsa will be used Mrs. Arthur Bone: lite wcdlni' inarches tituirn E™hubeits A\e Maria," •uid Meditation figm Thai? ' Folio \mg Hit \vetldm; the couple will Iqaie to Flonda Thcj will B? lo Miami and possibly Cuba be- Icre ijiurnlng to make then home here whcie Mr Hall to "onuectotl uilli 4hc fedcial compiess and Warehouse Coinpaiis flic bride was educated in private sschools of Memphis and is -\ pi eminent aum- teir danc o r having starred in several benefit performances for char- itab'e and social groups Blythevillc guestj, \vlio will al- terd the veddin^ Include Mr nnd Mrs Hall Mrs BaV-r Wil'on and Mrs. John Miles Miller. * * * IIv New Member Mr^ Howard Wilson became a member of (he Ladies' Dible study of. thp Church of Christ when ii met at tr-L home of Mr Burley rreeman Wednesday aftcinoon with \_LJL' t OI llll - : iin-c tiny, "im.ii ^% >u jjiuu JUiy The leatici of the lesson which j te held sometime in April, will be wvs taken from the seventh nnri, announced wilhin n short liii-.e. eighth,, chapters of Romans, was! Mr-. Franklin T). Roosevelt hfis Mr Hirrj Sansom Pinjei was teen extended an invitation lo at- offcred by Mrs. Addlson Smith. tc-.l the dedication nf the EleaiiDr 1 * * * I Roosevelt library, at nycss. which I Ctnb His Guest • i Is to clhiiax .(he projram. to be 1 ' Mrs. W. L. Homer was hostess I Srrang'ed b/ Mrt. TJ. L. Rcss. of i lo uSeinbers of the Mid-Week' Helena. j Bridgfe club. and one guest. Mrs.'. Officers of the district group arc: ! W. D. McCIurkin, at a luncheon Mrs - Q- I-. Robinson, tearle. presi-1 Thui-Eday aflernoon. I dent; Mrs. T. T. Mardis. Htivris- Th'e.'dirring table at v.'hich the ji burg, vice president; Miss Dorothea liV'o course luncheon was served ivit" j Mi'Gowan, Collon Plant, second set in blue glassware with, a center-' vicc President; Mrs. R. H. Jones, | ' piece of spring flow'crs. " I Cs:co!a. recording secretary; Mrs. .Iir thc bridge games, Mrs. cfe'cil I H ™fro ' r ' lln «r. feirlc. corrcspo'iid- Shane won tho club prize, hosisry.I'"3 sccetary;. Mn. Jclni I. Jones. and.Mrs. McChtrkin ivas presented | forror.t City. Irasuivr: Mrs. \v. p. handkerchief^. I Dinning. Helena, auditcr; Mi;-. S. i •••••••« I Morrison. Eiric. ^jrliaincularia'.i: Entertains Club \ Mrs. John W. Edrinston, osceob. Snapdragons formed thr center-' federation director. JJiece of 'tbejdinVng lablc when jiirs. Tho 12 norttirasl Artflnsa,'; cOiin- C. W. Afflicli' 'entertained thsi lies .Include'd in this rtisWol are: Thursday Luncheon club yesterday | Clay, Cralghearl, 'Critteiiden. Crjss, at her; hojrie,. Besides thc members, '-av.Tnnce. tee. Mount?. Phillips. At the HospHals Bisjgs. of Peering, v.cnt mi appendicitis operation to- tiny at tlir BlytheillJo licspital. 1'nulinc Hires was admitted to tV.o Memphis Methodist Mrc. \V. B. Crews, who inoved from Kentucky nveinio to tier home wen of Osceola, Is still III. H?r condition became w' Si\i- uiriay, but is now much Improved. Her <laiiBhter. Miss Nona Crews, ir. ivich hw. Dob CITW-S. jr., who lias bccil ill from a sinus infectio'n, is very niiK'li improved. Mrs. J. A. Leech. Mrs. A. O. Lit- l!c, anrt Mis. Hiinicr C. Sims are in Memphis today. Mrs. P. J. Crawford, \Vlio has been 111 at home for the past week, is much improved today. Mrs. Jack Rogers, who lias been ill from influeiwi and tonsllllls .underwent a tonsilcclbuiy ycstcr- dny. She is now at the home of . 1'icr parenls, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. !E(|',ynixls. on Missouri street. MIEs Elizabeth Ann Wi'lsoii Aii'd Miss Rose Stftcy v.'lll arrive home tonight from St. Charles, Mo., where tiiey attend Undqnwoo.d Co}- niulcr-1 lege, to spend the week end with their parents, Mr. nnd Mr*. C. H. Wilson and Mr. aiuf Mrs. E. A. ! Everything for your ientei* lainment and comforti Adniissioii Matinee lOu & 2Gc Admission Nlfiit 16'c & Sfic TODAY ONLY Wn? a New High wilh Lily Cons, .lack Oakic & John HoVvnrd "lit Xalvadure" Alovie Snaiishots i: Coiueilv Blacy. sirs. II. A. Lans^lon. of Korners- villr. sii'op'pcrt-licro t lion. Miss Hires, who was accom-1 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stockett and panitti^by her mothei',-Mrs, C. G.i£oii. Bobby, arc spending Ihe week ' "' '""'" ~ end in Memphis. TIVc Rev. J. O. Vance ir, ill 1»S home. IfiOO. Wi'Sl Walnut street. Mii. o. E. Keck pltnis 16 leave 'mile time next week for Cariysle. Hires, has been ill'.from a nirvous allmcnV rtud jaundice. Mrs. Frances Cain, of Ca|'Ul|iers- yillc, Is'a palicnl hi Ibe Meiiiphb Melho'ill'st. hospital.- This new spring blouse, of sod-finished organdy In a fine, shadow-printed lace patterning, can lw worn with soft lallleurs or strictly tailored suits. Both 'ailorcd ami feminine, it is trimmed with selt-fnbric edging, nnd is shown here with 11 tailored skirt vi-il'li built-up waistline and Tyrolean-like susnenderf With Other Access Transforms Jacket, Skirl Into Wni'drobc •Mrs. Virgil Diiiiiels. nl Caruth- JPa., to visit her daughter, Mrs. cvivlllc, was taken lo 'the Mem-1 George M. Powell, and Dr. Powell. |5-Is Bni)!!sl hospilnl ypsl-Hrday. I Mrs. E. A. Hale j;as gone lo jfein- Mlss Maude Alide Vaughn, ol phis lo be with her brother. Wils Csceola, Is a patient at, Ihe Mem-, Onvis, who is in a serious condi- phis Unptist hospital v filitnt- Gt(s Wif ' wiil bp-^ficstess to Ills, annual meet- ...TUCSON. Ariz. (UP.i — A life- ill? of tho Forrest Oil) District HMO- I. 5 . 1 ? 1 " 1 male! of a Yarjui Indian, on ciaticn of the Arkansas pederilion l'S xh!b ! 1 ^.^ state 'rtidscum here. .of Women'.? clubs'. The e.x.ict date wnr ' kalti fcr fivo nipntlis while offi- ol the ineslirij. wh'icli will probably I clals «»rehcd the nhtloii fcr a srtll- • - - - •' • able ivi3. A Los Angeles [Inn finnlly sent or; Byron CiuniiUn^s, uniscum 'director,'a wig that met the t!e- the Methodist hospital ;, BV iS'ii,\ Service . Slaft NEW YORK.— This cy motif iu deep red. Rrecn, j Now Hie's tcokiiij; for a pale bine yellow and black against a white ] blouse and suede beret to match ground is an attractive blouse ma- • ."ome pale blue, washable ctoc- terial, csppclally for a gray suit. A skin gloves her mother sent her design of little while plumes -scat- for a valentine. She's (roing to get tcrcd over a |iink ground makes a a frivolous pink organdy blouse frilly lingerie bloustt for a navy and some shovl • pink gloves for suit. Close allovor designs in floral dress-up occasions. Ico. And, later and broken geometric figure:; on. may add wine-red shoes and a brightly, colored, appear in chic wfnc-rcd bag to l!ie list. She's costume blouses. I really having a good time doing Contract Accessories j t'n'ngs to and with the only outfit Given a gcod suit in navv. pi-ay : s!lc lms so far - What's more, slip or black, it's not difficult to" figure', ^ oks Better, day in and day out, out accessory combinations that i " 1:m £ ' ie ' s CVCr looked in her life. have an air about livem. You need I 'year "blovue:il° nc davli - practical group, of course. Sixth largest, of tho lakes W the VOUNCJ nrc a real fashion slory. The smart I (liriv - v llal - ^B all(1 shoes for a world. Lake Tanganyika lias an area girl who buys her spring t:uit tarlv 1 ! m --' or f'iiy suit, bteck 0110". for ol ia.tiOO square miles. ^;!«s,i ,*• Mrs. ^f. 3. Wunderlich. Mrs. C A Ctinnirigham, and Mrs. Baker Wil- scn were guests. A three course. menu ^BS sen'eci. . Mrs.;;_j. A. Leech was high and Mrs. Cunningl-am. second high, in thc bridge games. '••*<: Jlns ClKb Parlj. Mrc.-Kugh Harbcrl played csirds T-'ith membcn; tf tl-.i Thor^day Contract club in flielr piiriy yc-;- l£iday : af'.tnaovii nl Ihc home of Mre. Honim. The pri?c perfume, went lo Mi>. o. \V. McCut- clien. Jonquils arranged in Hie living rcpm and seasonal tallies carried Fointstt. Saint Francos. Wcirtiiifl :'.nd Misstslppi. There rvrc in?nil)ci l s in towns. almost thc ^n l.iWtl c-fub-, active, in 2C oiit the spring srhcinr. At the conctuswii o: gain?s,"a salad plal.; by the '''Psychology, ol Minorily" | Rabbi Pollack's Subject, "IX/choloi-'y of thr Minoiit.r" will t- On 1 r":'mnn Ihom;' n;,od bv Ihc Rabbi Hcnlian Pollack, in tiis r.ervice: Sunday aftcrfou'ii al 3:00 c'cloc-k in trie Temple Israel. Habbi rolluck will discuss Ilio cpinionri adV»n:crt in a recent iirli- v/rittc;i by Mauiicc M. Fcuer- luwyer in the middle west, i he I 1 ; concerned with thc j altitudes ol minority pcoplr. Mr. i ; t'?«erl!chl maintains that such nco- 1 ' p!e tend la become "hyprrsensilive" Thiirsdayj ant ' develop "milri paranoia" and, * tf .*.*.* V.L..^ ^^., thr P^rlV '; " M «'"^^«-"'^ at Ihe home 'of Mrs. MD:; WOOI»B! yesterday. Sprinu nowrrs (iicorat-i cfl . the. Jiving room vh-?-c. orrtsi uerc played. j . -Mrs'.v Rcscoe Crafton rt'ceived! l.iiien guest towels for hi»h tcor;i in the'bridge games clr tnc liridgi) H=hl. •va-< servci i ' r nlMlains Club. All member's of ^, Td Be Held Weekly >>• salad pJatc nas scrvosi. .... .-' .. * * «• I'.aii r/r6'jr,irn .Vlfclin^s Vlans lor \v series cf .P;O;-;MIII lo begin next Thursday were Jjiadc S'lVS inccliti'.; ol tlic L-IUIe 'Jlicaler gftfup al thc'city hall nigliU Ihc library .'cbnvniillc'c composed «IM1$ Allyce Nelson. Mrfe. L u 31ub'eiier, an't( Kirs. Charles Cahoo-.i. A r,-polliii(( bee in which four i>ii Is ftuf bb'ys cf the same Irvcl will partidpate Is to be brond- ; r ust over station KLCN every SH- j urdiy aftCTriOon from 4:00 to -1:3(1 \ c'c!cck for 12 .Saturdays. Words will be rielectcd from spelling beak's now beini; us«i by . .. nl rioTland, vdn be iti charge of working put,a tentiitiT,t!. sividy plan JOT the pfosva'nis willed .'will cbn- students in grades from the fourth t6 thc twelfth. Teachers who lion at Ibcre. 3am II. Williams will be a dinner, guest'of Mr. and Mrs." Marioii : llnjrpw, of Carulliersville. Wilight. Mrs. W. N. Jones,'of Hot.-Springs! rlEl'cr of Mrs. A. Rushing, arrived lost night to be with her.sister, who has been ill at her home for ten'days. She Is now much ImproV- ed. Mr. aiid Mrs. John Miles Miller. 1 Mis. Aiiiio Stevens Potter, and Mr. and Mrs, LcRoy Huddlcston were, nnipng the Blylheville guests \vl\oi attended the dinner party at Viie Hotel Peabpdy given by Miss Louise Stratton, of Memphis, for Miss Mary Virginia Arubld, also of Memphis, wrVos'c, vvclddlng 'to Sheldon Hnll will be solemnized at the Second Presbyterian church IcmorroH- morning. cs'us busy immediately nnd figure.: ':nt ways and means to make if do .Scutle. even triple, duty. Slv; hRiints the acce.TOry counters, especially the blouse departmciits. 'And. In addition to blnnseii, she jcteses a variety . of... necklaces, fe; und gloves, then doesn't wor . black), but the. rest should be gay | — - Steele-Gooter Society—-Personal Mi". mitl Mrs. Sims Micliie enter- laincd with a dinner party Wednesday nighl, having as a' special djsh. Hoi-ida iisli. sent lo. Ibem by Mrs. Michie's pareiite. Mr. and Mis. T. C. Uenslcy. of Port. Myers. Fla. Tlipy presented each guesi with 11 -cqrsagc of violets and a souvenir vvhich Ihey brougtit home from their recent trip, and a sack of Flo'ri.t-i frwit, Tl;c guests ivcre Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reno. Frank Harper. Mre. Ruth Lii^'lion. Mr:;. Ocralil Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Jcrry Hr.lly of Cco'ter and Roy Harper. Mr. nnd Mrs. j. F.' I'aHmou. Mrs. M. A. Massoy, Mrs. Sinvi Mli-hit- nnd Mi-s, N. Khoiirie ai- iVndcd a meeting of thc Easl"cn sl.ii- al Parma Tuesday. Calvin Gone Orowii has recovered from measles. Mr. and Mrs. Woodfow Sbeltfn-, and daiiRhtcv, pixir Ja're, ol Cap- Oirar.lcau. were gifrsts: of Mr. aiu! Mrs. Fhvorxl brown WcOnoHkr. Mrs. Shclton remained fcr ;, H M I with her ' parents. Mr. an;! Mr- Biul Still. Criarlps Dun- aiiri Eln-oo'l Htcn. n transacted business in Meinp'-i.- Wcdn?f,-da.v. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wilcc dinner r,-) Mr. and Mrs. Rirr.jrd Coj-1-r.i- will spend Saturday j,, ttoniphan' and Mrs. Cochran will remain foil montirs vis-it win, | ]C] plr - mts ' Mis:; Dorothy Harris visited Vn There are cut Skirt bands, 'full clcev'es. and arc tio J'.v, Another nilniuo about her ward- 1 poppy -)-ob(- until : ,it's time to buy sill; dresses. the ballerina typo- full to blouse ovci These usually have little girl heckllnc-s, genuinely na'Uering that they're Inn to wear by Ihem- §clves as well ns under suit jackets. -. Ne'at. tailored linen an'cl washable silk blouses, cut, on shirtmak- cr lints, come in bright ns well as ^'a'sl^l PhfidPr-. -And arc u'onclci-ful •for the b'uinMs girl, or the rou- 'linc hours of any woman's life. For. the days wlicn you have aa •invjlortant lunch date or export lo -Wear your suit, to tea. perhaps oven to dinner, shirred chiffon, lace- Uimmc:! liand-madcs. suave organdy blouses; are ideal. The orgntidy picture is an i:i- tcivsling 'one this season. ' Swiss clotnic organdies in lovely new prints wore mi outstanding fealurc of a recent New York fashion tho'w. and are used lo make many lovely blouses. One popular clotiiic version is in multi-colored floral prints, generally combining deep and pastel tones. ' Clien'illc flecked Swiss organdies lake on new Elyle interest through clever patterning. A black organdy bloiise appears ivilh a widely spaced chenille design of numbers from 1 to 10. .scattered in velvety pink over Ihc dark sheer background. ; Many n;w print idea. 1 , are shown An very clear orpandy. A small -even u little breathtaking. Cue \Vcinah we know got a sihi- : ply hanctsomc navy suit, slim- ' | ikirted with a rather soft, single-; breasted jacket, nnd navy shoes.' 'iat. bfigv.and gloves. The lint is' huge Chinese red niyd 'lier scarf matches it. Tlic Bodleian Library at' Oxford , I England, founded in H44 . ls l)lc hWerestcd m giving^ their pupiN j Tlic British school-boy is suppos- — ^ ' : " b " C " br; " y m ».rop,.. an opportunity lo participate should ' c<1 lo ! 'e more conscrvaiive than '.i^tify Miss Marguerite Sllai-, so I lllc American equivalent, but If , . Uut a dale for their be arranged. Uils pholo proves anylhliv? II is . .. ............ thai.thr youngster iu question ,\villj 1 "Priiek will be awarded td (lie win-1 K° lo •»>>' lenglli, 1 In llils rs.<rjl ..=r cadi Bi'.urday aiid at Hie final tllc length is twelve leet and it's 1 offering both en- -ros-am, May 21. I wrapped around his neck in tfvi 1 form cf a Kcarf; Thc yotins man! Liquid, Tablets ,, Icrtalnmpnt and speech foundation | the business session, thi, Co - Uc i, .coivhio&ties are group adjourned to Jhe home oH c,1 fi-oin' Loiido'li In grcsta- qu;m- aus,,8 S Sternbeij; foi a social. tilier. than anything else nuim- «nd rch'earjal ot tho first facttircd In' Great Brllaln. with the delicate sartorial I ivas snapped al Hie opening of. Salve, Nose Drops chcrks COLDS ami FEVER Hrsl day nilnules, the spotting season 'at Eton Ol-j v l'ry "Kub-JIy-TI-sin"-World's Store Hxhires Shelving Tables - Counters v. Show Casts Display Fixtures o{ all kinds Light Fixtures Must Move Osrailn legc. Liniment McMulIiu's 196 GGS Fresli I9c POST TOASTSES TURNIP GREENS sr-i.N'Acif G'l'ow'n, MI, F.ROOM.S 1 Erch Home (Iromi Valut 5c 39c s 5c FOTATOliS Hican. I'riun Swrcl, 1'orto l-Tnrid.i 1'ooiul Quart . Nt'CTAK I'xn .. VAX1I C'aii r BIITTKT: t UYU'KKS i'Ki\S r. \. -i. Yfllmv For .. 12c 35c 24c I0c 15c 10c G 29c lOc •U'PLES Odicinu.s, .E\lr.i bwen TURNIPS Htmc Gro\Vn, T.I PfC'KI.KS Sivcel, ()i,-nrt ... LEMONS Calif, Rcil Hall, ] )0 -«n rpTATOKS i^o. ' Ucd. I'fil; Large HKIN/. BABV AH Mav;rs FOODS NTAKC'II CORN i'r >I Y O. S Can RAISI.VS 15 dr.. J!o\ UOYAI, C; 12 Flavors, Box ,:= c: III. Scnllcss 3c 25c 29c 28c . 8 ; !c lOc ttlc ...8c SVKIH' 1.3. lUhlioii Cam- MATCHED ic (,-„. )„. (icx. ^ F or ™: 40c 10c SPECIALS i!At ON T-'anrj :-!Vr:l. I ', I'OUK Oioi's To K-'tl, [.!;. K K r'. ' S ,V :U ' 25c 25c lOc 12k rOISK ilAM ROAST f.'lUKEST; An.rrican Full Cream, 1 !> MIX SAUSAGE . Tctind ;>EKF RdAVT K. C. Chiiek or Rtl> 20c 25c lOc 19c I'ltonc 7S9 Admission Hialiwi- lOc <fc ZKc Cii Nighl 16c & 33c Saturday Only Cartccji & "Myslenous Pilot" sc- j rial with Captain Frank Hawkcs.l ConlinuoUs Showinj. iKiMioii till S ip.m. iflc & 2«c Admission after 5 r.'"'- 16" * 3' c Sunday - Monday 1.6V15! that's frank...that's honest... that's ilnring .. . that's sensational I A grenl story becomes a truly fine motion picture! I ? ' " .W.UIEH \\A\oin.' ..,-, .lp*^ HENftv WNETT FONDA ^MffMYtWEAGM DAME MAT WHITTT • ALAN MARSHAl LOUISE f. ATT . A LAN 6AX1ER . TIM «OU fccl7Qie4 thru Utitcd A rarirnoun't News & selected shorts C'cntimious sh'nwing Hniirtay Idmlaion Sunday Mat.ncc awl NigM IBc i- 36c Admission Mon. tiaiincc 10c & 26c .*dnJssion Mon.. Night I6 C & 350 ijK> ROXY Adiiri.-.sinn always lOc k 2Cc. Matmrr:: Sainrilaj i 'hiiinday Onl.y Friday - Saturday TOM KEEN-K in 'The Painted Trail' The nghting Sou «r Ihc '.Vr.M i.s al it again. Also C'arl'con '& s,-. r i-il, "Tim Tyler's Luck." Conimu- cus showing Satur'ilay. Sunday - Monday <uivt<0 mondell • Gofdb'h Oliver fc..un,ft RttVtS l*M«.«™,S?"»S, VCr i-i-. u twji :::-, t, B«, i eSJi.ii rrii «"S (.'oiiicily r»lm icfaci

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