The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1939 ' BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK,)' COURIER NEW3 PAGE THKE? Hitch-HikersiFrom England „ ,„,,„ . -IS* «•• -.j^y f - f "' Britain's Touring Tempests Find Cowboys Made 0( Film In the United States on n 20 000-mile, 'round • the - w o r 1 a hltcli-hlklng tour, 21-year-old John Tempest, Oxford University graduate, and Ills 25-year- old sister, Elizabeth, present first-hand impressions of America as it appears, to a typical British, couple. BY JOHN AND ELIZABETH TEMPEST Written for NBA Service America isn't MB Ihc movies. i'jAncl we're glnd of it. ™ The casual impression which one gels or another land Is often culled, unconsciously, from the cinema. Thus, the Englishman, with only n. motion picture acquaintance with the states, expects each average American to be one of three things —an aggressive individual with horn-rimmed .spectacles and a fat cigar, a gangster, or a cowljoyl We know differently now, o[ course. But that's but one of the tilings we have learned in the American chapter of our the-workl hitch-hike story. In comparative lack of class distinctions, America is strikingly different than England. Here there Is a far greater freedom between people in different walks of life. It still is Somewhat of a shock to be greeted by ail errand boy with: "Hi-dt, folks, how'yer doin 1 ?" U southern states, store clerks often mm. Special Election In Ward Four For Alderman Due June 30 OARUTUEnSVHJJB, Mo., Juno 16 —After a delay of six days, Mayor D. D. Pinion yesterday stated that the special election for the election of nn alderman In Ward 4 wouk be held Friday, June 30. At a special meeting of the city comicl inst Friday night, Mayor i'lnloi was ftiilhorlml ul thnt time to sc the date for the elccticn, but do Inyed doing so until yesterday. County Hopes Oil Will Ease Welfare Load ANCIKUCA, N. Y. UJP>—Nnturnl as nnil oil froin 2M acres of Allc- heny county-owni'd property may oino ilny provide food for welfare amllli's and funds lo ease the oud on taxpayers (or regular county operations. According to the terms of n ease signed .ultli a Hmdford, I'a., oil and gus operator wlio has been jranted mlnenil rights on the tract, Ihc county will retain « royally the properly which It to participate In will allow whatever income may be derived from (he now unproductive land. to .whom the the owner of plans call for tlio ili'llllng of lest wells this summer, although bor- Oecrge Klnney, land was Icuseii, is ndjaceiit holdings. lolng so limn yi'.siL'ruiiy. ..v.... ...... .>„,.,,i».,, n....^.^. ~v. election will be held to 1111 I '»BS on the property It' the north - , - lltch-hikcrs John and Ellviibi'lli Teiniicst: nore liberal, more informal than England. saluted us "Hello, honey.' It sounds a bit peculiar after the deferential "Good morning, madam or sir" used in English shops. ! LITTLE RESPECT FOR PROFESSIONS Distinctions or titles of an sort are much more closely guard ed in Englmind. On the whole professions are held in higher re- Ilicv find Amrrli'ii faster, the pest won in llie last eily election last April by II. C. Mny wlio, however, Ims been unable to o,ual- Ify. He defeated J. U Daniels In the election, being confined lo llie liospilnl nil during llie election. H ivns the first time Daniels had been defeated in about twenty years of olllce-holdlng. At the special council meeting, for the purpose of adopting a rcs- I Clinton declaring tlic iililcrnianlc post vacant, Ihii olhcr rogulnrty elected nnd qualified nldenmm from tliat ward. J. R.. Lewis, went on ngllsh women buy clothes for inability. The difference in altitude on lollies obtains for houses : and utomobiles. With us, a car Is ought at a much higher price, but with the intention of keeping t for several years. Whereas n family in England is proud lo live n Ihe same home for generations, he tendency here is for constant change. American houses are more fully equipped, however. In England, the refrigerator, electric cooker, and tiled bathroom arc luxuries. More efficient equipment enables the American housewife lo serve fooc olid drinks more attractively—and at a moment's notice. noblest purpose of Hie Townsend record iis opposing the naming of two of the election judges tor the election by Daniels, who Plan is to lift the Nation o\il of i ms continued lo retain his cilice. Ihc depression by supplying gainful I Mayor Pinion staled that inulcr occupation for tlie idle, nnd speed- jj, c conslltutlon ol llie stale, Dnn- ng up money circulation, I think i c i s WHS permitted to hold the t time for all to notify our Con- I O fiicc until his successor had qiial grcssmen and Senators how we jfi c( i. feel about Ihe Townsend Pla.i. Tj, e judges for Ihe election were Millions of Dollars arc being fur- ,, nm{ . ( i n s follows: Leslie Ferguson, nlshed Foreign Countries, and I ~ ~ ™i.i.i. \\r A >ri.n,n«« plans are now under way for pouring untold millions—even billions into Central nnd South American Nations, without, the slightest hope of any of it being repaid. niKl ensl In tlie past, fiillitl' to reveal 11 trace of gas. The properly was acipilrcd by the county In a tax-sale. It wns retained because of Its proxhnlt) lo the grounds of the AllORlu'iij county home• mill Infirmary. Oiiit- Innlly llie county hud InU'ndcd U till n the plot inlo u farm. Hibs serve to straiKlhen th body walls iignlnst ont.side prcs sine, yet whales, whleh are abl to withstand n body pressure » hundreds of pounds per squar inch, have only nine puh.s of rib loss Hum nny other mnnuiinl When ask fair and humane Irealincnl for old people who cre- aled this very wealth, we hear the | question, "Where is the n coming from?" spect. No Briton would think of Three subjects w l,o have had lo The Hoover plan was lo pass out dKcusswh almost every person'" few billions to European Coun- fve have me are; the Duke of tries, with which they bought Am- Winlsor and Mrs. Simpson. English ; erican Products, this of course Wllkuaui «uvi a. i , o „,,,,„ mnnlnvniplU. In AmPrlCnil POO- quibbling about a doctor's bill; no doctor would smoke during a consultation. Many Americans seem lo be so busy chasing the dollar that they never have time for the more quiet and cultural things of life. Money appears to take a- bigger place, both socially and in the mind of the individual. There's a big difference, too, in home life. Americans seem to look upon the home as more a place to sleep than one in which to live. Informal social life Is more domi- nantrhere. ' ,^ ; ,. T W(?"'h'ave, been surprised to sec how young people are allowed to run around as they please while their parents are entertaining. We iv. have often thought they would be If?' much the better for being soundlj tea versus American coitce, and London fogs. Our longing for a well-made cup of tea is only assuaged by the really excellent coffee brewed by Americans. But Ihe reason for Ihe complete inability of Americans to nake good tea and English to nake good colfce remains as much a mystery as ever. spanked and sent to bed. Children in England ; are stil gave employment to American People as long as the money lasted. Those to whom it was loaned cnjoy«l our wealth, and the trulls of our labor at no cost to themselves. Why do I say no cost to tUoin- elvcs? For Ihe reason the money las never been paid back. Why should the aged people have • LETTERS TO THEEDITOR On Cash Liquor Sales Mrs. C. D. Fields, W. A, Thomas ami J. Li. "Doc" Dunnhoo. Two were named by Daniels and two Lewis, after" the mayor's ruling. wns Lewis' contention that Ihe I ccuncil as ft 'whole should name' llie judges. Ray Johnson Assumes New Duties With NY A CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo., JUI1C 10 — Q. Ray Johnson, who has served as secretary of the slate Social Security commission in Pctnlscot comity since November. 1931. when he office ivas first established In his city, left tcday for Jefferson City where he. will be slate dlrec- or of the employment division of he National Youth Administration. The new position is a decided brought up strictly. It is considered good breeding for a boy to address his father as "Sir"; the daughter of a good family will not, go to dances until she is 18. And England regards co-education as something of a crank's notion. But the free and easy American life Is delightfully refreshing compared to England's- thousand ami one conventions. We English have a number of alternative words nnd phrases, ths choice or which places a person socially. For instance: the word "napkin" is right, and anyone using "serviette"—well, it simply Isn't done. An Englishman using tlie four simple words of greeting, apparently common here — "Pleased to meet you"—is utterly beyond tlie pale. MILES MEAN PRACTICALLY NOTHING ki Distances here arc so vast. At home, we have a house on the coast some 120 miles from our London place. It's considered quite a long journey, not to be undertaken without good reason. In Texas, we were amazed to meet a farmer who regularly drove that distance to the picture show. To the Editor: With amusement I read the ruling on Liquor and Beer Sales by our learned Commissioner ef Revenues, Mr. Z. M. McCarroll, making it unlawful for any retailer or wholesaler of such alcoholic drinks lo sell same on credit. Thus is indeed a. nice frame up for the benefit of such dealers that sustain losses by credit sales. , Now Mr. McCarroll, we need Just another set up, that is we need a Ccmmissioncr of Poods, Dry Goods, Notions, Hardware' and Drugs. Then we poor' little retailers can get an edict issued by that kind of a commissioner that it would be illegal to sell any of that on credit. It would eliminate the hazard of less by selling on credit. Of course we know that such is all bunk, and it is a reflection upon the intelligence of the people of this great state to have such a decision. R. N. PARBAR. lo live on com bread, mush, and heans, when Ihere is an abundance of everything in this country of ours? We vote millions for education, roads, and every known thing except security. I for one among the Fourteei Million members' of' the' Townsem Chios throughout America,: believ this fight is our fight,! mean th young boys and girls, who go oil of school, feeling Ihe world ha no places for them as soon as they attain an elderly age. We challenge every politician to promotion for Mr. Johnson, whose work here has drawn commendation not only from ills superiors, but from his co-workers In Ihis county and secticn. In his new post, Mr. Johnson will have charge of vocational guidance throughout the state. Now! The New Ttre$tonc CHAMPION Pay as You Ride Only. $150 T per Wi»k up nr ! 'MW\ * DOES MY MOTORJ Mips "No Red Flannel Underwear for me ... I ilrcss to match the ti'fallitr. . . swiicli 10 slions when winter days urc warm . .. shake ttic motbb-ills one of my polo COM vJiui JIIIH in^lus art cold Tim yocs for llie gasoline I use, too I ril\u)ifill up wiili Phillips 6C> Poly Gas, the modem gasoline llwt is ciistom-taitoreil (o fit changes in climate. Am I tickled with ihc way in i motor runs since I disannul this \\ondaful gaiohnc? . I'll siy. "Aiul inlk aliom mileage! ! read in the ads tliat Phillips (A is matched PhiH-up with Phillips for and re matched to the \\ either every month, more accurately than any other motor fuel. So majbc that's tin reason Or rna)be us because I'lnllips 66 is high test, or because it lias those extra pewit units added by the scietmfic I'oly process , "All nglit, forget the reasons, if you like But try a tankful of this powerful Phillips 66 Poly Gis . . . anil see if jour motor doesn't run cooler, quieter, peppier, and fastec . . and figure up the extra miles jou get . . ..all u'itlxmt faying a fiui etfrtt." show cause why Recovery Plan principle. is the not Townsend sound In Raymond Kiminel, Age 14. Youth, 22, Slays Man At Newport, Surrenders NEWPORT, Ark., June '1C. tUP) —Henry Porter, 22, was held in the Jackson county jail tcday In connection with the- slaying last night of O. B. McElroy, 41, a day laborer. The shooting followed an argument about 0 o'clock last night between the l\vo men. Porler surrendered lo officers. On Townsend Plan Motoring on the twisted roads of England is much more tiring than on the super-highways of the United Stales. America is infinitely more car-minded, as a result; it appears to be the rule to own a car. The rural areas appeal more to us than the cities. Each state seems like a new nation. A visit to America is almost as varied as a visit lo France. >, 'Cities arc monotonous because they lack individuality. All have • the same geometric squareness, the same Neon signs, the same dime stores, Ihe same drug store coun- To the editor: Our Townsend • recovery plan lias not had trained political forces In Congress to fight its way through Congress into National law, nor have we had the financial means to present its merits to the public. Through the six years of Its active campaign hundreds of thousands have become members, and are giving of their time and money in furthering its cause. The Townsend Plan has now Engineers are planning to use propellers lo slow down planes by reversing the pilch. Tills procedure Balloon Radios Start Weather Reports July 1 EL PASO, Tex. IUP) — To save money, Uncle Sam wllll begin losing radio sels when the weather bureau goes on a new data gathering basis July 1. At the beginning of the government's fiscal year, tiny radio send- in;; sets atlacheil to balloons wll replace airplane: pilots .who have, been making daily weather chscr vation flights. The sending sels, operaled by •small batteries, broadcast to llie ground on n frequency which operates a recording device lo show temperalure, humidity and pressure | as the balloon ascends. .When the balloon reaches a certain altitude, it bursts, and the radio set parachutes to earth. Persons who find the sets arc asked lo return them lo the weather bureau, but even If the instrument, is lest, officials say they are cheaper than maintaining airplanes for the dally nights. The new Firestone 'Champion Tire is the safely sensation of 1939. Never before in our experience has a lire'met with such fnslant approval; Our customers havcsiartcd a word-by- inoiilh campaign lhat is making this the biggest selling tire we have ever hud. Look .at these fidvantagcs: • '• r . • Stronger Cord Body The new Safciy-Lock Cords are locked together hy the new and improved Firestone process of Gum-Dipping. Tliis means amazingly greaier strength nnd greater strength iricam greater safety; More Non-Skid Mlleag* The sensational new Gear- Grip tread wiih'more than 3,001) sharp-edged angles, grips the road wiili a sure-footed hold t" protccl against skidding. Now is ihc time lo huy — get tliis safety protection on your car! BUY ON BUDGET Liain lo 'ft* I'oict el Flmlmr, Mtnifjr tienlasmt-tr NJtretiu-!<lt jV. II. C K^/^*/»ort 1W in 'I'lx Kmuac Valet el Ik* fyri* KfuliQ I'loirJin uftib durins At nwrt bout PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ward inslcad of toward the rear. This maneuverability of huge planes. reached National fame, its sponsors are elated with the progress It has made during the short lime in which it has been known. Public sentiment, and the results shown at the last election has given lo our laic Congress a friendly attitude to this cause, and I look for the Townsend Plan to be enacted into law, at the next Congress. The machine age Is here to stay, and we must adjust our stores, iiie hiiinc ui uy si^ie uuun- ana we must aajust> our civin/^iuiiui ter. The English prefer greenery lo n, c unemployment it causes, and on their main streets. It is said j Ule n \\ e f ] oa d which follows in its that It is possible to see London wakc by swinging from branch to branch —but, how far would one get in New York? Life moves at a faster tempo here than itdoes'at home. A business man, who entertained us at lunch, complained that we took more than an hour to eat our meal! But it seems a pity that this quicker way of living should result in so much noise. You Americans seem to like our "bobbles." We think your "cops" i ^rire wonderful, too—kindly, effi- vTttent, and more unbending than the British variety of policemen. U. S. WOMEN MOHE STYLISH . Working girls of the United States are more smsrtly dressed. But salaries arc not as high in Great Britain. And American women are slaves of fashion, while It seems to me Ihe first and ANNOUNCEMENT We arc offering tickets to the advance sale of MID-SOUTH FAIR Memphis, Sept. 11-1G 1 2 PRICE 50c Ticket NOW 25c Offer good until Sept. Gtlu Sec the Mirt-SoutJTs new and different Edn- catlonal and Agricultural Exhibit for half price. TJUY NOW—AND SAVE Tickets Tor sale at KIRBY BROS. DRUO CO. Birth emic Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gas Genuine Ethyl 7,'H- Octane, Gal. 80 Octane, Gal. 13.Sc 14.3c (All Taxes Paid) SPECIAL LOW PRICE—100% PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL—TAX PAID 2 GAL. CAN »9c Highest Quality Products .at SAVEON GAS CO. 4 Miles From State Line' Holland, Mo. The Best Lot of Reconditioned Motor Trucks in N.E, Arkansas IT WILL PAY YOU TO LOOK THEM OVER \W- FORE YOU HUY A NEW OR USED TRUCK. ' A FEW OF THE BARGAINS Chevrolet—1937 1 Vi Ton with 22' Trailer ?<>15 Ford—1937 1 Vz Ton \vilh 20' Trailer S»l~> Chevrolet—1936 1 '/ 2 Ton with 20' Trailer §IS5 Internationnl—1937 I'A Ton 7.50x20 Duals.---5"'5 International—1937 '/ 2 Ton Pick-up. Like Nesv.-SHS G.IM.C. 3 Ton—3'lx7 Front & Dual Rear 5185 Ford—'/ 2 Ton Pick-up 5 2:)s Easy Payment Plan—Low Rate of Interest When You Think of Trucks Think of DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. International Motor Truck Distributors International sells more Heavy-Duty Trucks than any other .three manufacturers combined. HARDY PERENNIALS "I love my garden, blit I don't have much time ami energy to spend on it. "You've probably noticed that most of it is planted in hardy perennials. They come up by themselves every year. T can depend on them — and I know exactly what they're going to be. My mother taught me that «'«-'*-' _^M7»g| hardy perennials are the way to have the nicest garden in return for the least effort." Advertised products are much like the hardy perennials in your garden. You know you can depend on Ihcm. You'll find that buying advertised products will bring you the greatest values for the least ex- penditure of time and money.

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