The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOHBK 17, JO-M Ex-King Carol Unwelcome Here Not Allowed Ashore When Vessel Docks At New Orleans WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 (UP) — Former King Carol ot Romania wns not allowed to go ahsore when his vessel docked at New Orleans yesterday for the same reason he 1ms "ecu denied admission to this! country since he fled from Eur- He is considered an "undeslr- " alien by the United Slates Government. Attorney General Francis Biddie gave that reason when nskcd why Carol, now cnronte to Brazil, was denied permission to leave his vessel, carol left Mexico a few ''ays ago, ' A year a g 0 , Carol hired an American press agent, to "sell" the American people his story and seek permission to come with Madnme Litpescu, to the United States. His campaign and press agentry were short-lived. This government made plain that it would not, welcome him. American officials indicated that ihcy were not displeased by the forthcoming exit to Carol from this hemisphere. -They snid the attitude of this government, was that Carol docs not belong over here and is not wanted over here, and that the sooner he leaves the hemisphere for Romania or elsewhere, tlie better. Regarding, his aspirations to regain Uic tiironc of Romania, the American altitude is that it is a question for the people of Romania to decide. There is strong helief here that the Romanian people will not want Carol again to replace: his son, the present, King Michael. But if they should, and could ; manifest such a desire freely, the United Slates probably would not make an overt move to prevent his reascention. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS Sketch above is Mechanix Illustralcd's conception of .inplher vaunted Gorman "secret weapon." the "iilKgy-onck" bomb • An ME-100 is mounted on an obsolete JU-88. which is pilotless and loaded with 4000 pounds o( explosives. On reaching goal, Mosser- schmitt pilot releases Ihc robot plane, guides It onto tarjjel by radio. Slow speed ol the gadget makes It easy prey for Allied fighters and ack-ack gunners. Osceo^i Society—Personal More Workers Sought For Bandage Room An urgent appeal for more volunteer workers at the American Red Cross surgical dressing room wiv issued today by Mrs. B. A. Lynch, chairman of the project for the Chlckasawbn District. Since the bandage room was reopened on Sept. 4 after having bcei. closed for several weeks due to lack of material, the number of workers has been very small, Mrs. Lynch said. "We have been informed by the National Red Cross that our present-large quota must be completed by Dee. 31, but this will be impossible with the present number of workers. There is such a pressing need tor bandages that we arc ap- all women of this vicinity 'to help us with the work." Mrs. Lynch concluded. . ' The 'bandage room- Is open daily except- 'Saturday and Sunday from 0 a.; m. to 4 p. m., and on Monday nigljls from 7 to 9:30 o'clock, with a competent, supervisor on hand at all 'times to assist workers. Luxora Couple Has Three Sons Now In Service LUXORA, Ark., Oct. 17.- r Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Corkran have three of their five sons in service. Their oldest son, Charles V. Corkran, is n veteran (if nine years service in the Marines. He is now a Marino staff'sergeant of the Fourth Air Wing Division, Marine Corps combat photographer, in the Central Pacific. Sergt. Lexie Corkrnn, fourth son, is serving in the Army Air Forces in Panama. Corp. William "Beiit" Corkran, youngest son, was inducted into the Army, Infantry division, December 1, 1943, Camp Franklin, Texas, and has aspirations of becoming a service photographer like his oldest pirother, Charles. x '' The second and third sons, Joe and Fred Corkran are working in War Defense plants; Joe is in Flint, Mich., with the Chevrolet Motor Company, which holds extensive governmental contracts, and Fred is with the DuPont Powder Company, Memphis. Another interesting record in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Corkran, the former Miss Ethel Bcrtt, is that they, nnd their five sons, were boni nnd reared in Luxora, and the five sons are graduates of the same Luxora High School attended by their parents. Try our ''Own Marie" ICE CREAM file Biobry inn Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Mai;» Kali and Winter TUNE-UP SAVE gasoline . . . SAVE Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler De.ilcr - Paris & Service 121 W. Ash Thonc 2122 Harry Miller Jr., chief uclty officer, who lias been in the South Pacific for the past two years, Is spending his leave here with Mrs. Miller and their children. Mr. Miller will report to Providence, R. I,, on Nov. 3. Wathen Prewitt was presented with a .seven-year button at the Tuesday meeting ol the Osceola Rotary Club, as a testimonial for having attended every meeting of the club for seven years. Dr. Margaret Ethel Jones will leave Thursday for Ann Arbor, Mich., where she will enter the University of Michigan's-School of Pub lie Health to begin work on the degree of Master of Public Health She will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. R. H. Jones, who will remain with her during the school year. Enroutc to Michigan they ' stop over in Chicago for several days visit with friends and former classmates of Dr. Jones. Mrs; Leslie Speck is ill New York with her husband, Ensign Speck who has just returned from the Atlantic war zone. Lieut Harwell Dean, who lias been serving in the Pacific for the past two years, is spending his leave here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dean. die in the electric chair for the slaying of n deputy sheriff Aug. 4, has been granted a motion for an appeal lo the Arkansas Supreme Court. Oalnes was sentenced to die by EPSON N WASHINGTON Heat's On 'Political' Clubs HV 1'ETEK KDSON If you haven't yet joined the Girls Who Save Nickels to Elect ft Republican President Club, 105 West Adams St., Chicago, for gosh snkes get busy and Join up. Or, if that doesn't appeal lo you, send In an application for membership in KIM Roosevelt, for Life, 307 South Burlington Are., Los Angeles 5, Calif. If you still insist on being snooty, how's about selling you a membership In I Love America, Inc., 2B7 Broadway, N. Y.V These arc Just three of the 168 allegedly political organizations which the Senate Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures In 10-H has stiu;ted out to check up bri and high time. TO each of lh e 188 organizations—there will undoubtedly be 168 niore—the Senate Committee chalrmarmcd by There nro the Independent iu Committee (or Itoosevelt nnd Truman, the Independent Committee lo Support Norman Thomas, the Independent Committee of the Arts, Sciences and professions, nnd the Independent Voters 1'rotcst Committee, None of (hem is probably much more Indepomtenl than n conciiWnc In .Hrnoun M lias- chill's hurem but then, Ihe themselves,'If nobody else. A lot of (hose outfits miiy turn out to bt not political at nil, but. lliis whnlo mnnlrcslfltlon of spurious- . pollMcnl irgaul/.lngi can lie compared; to wl)nl !w|ij>etic<i when they started to clean >V Merchant Ships Need More Men Volunteers Sought By Maritime Service For Sea Training KANSAS CITY, Mo., Ocl. 17, — Effective ImmedliUoly men between 17 mid 50 iu<n volunteer for U. 8. Maritime Service IruhihiK for duly In Ihc mcrchiml marine, •rhe now ••"" limit wipes.out previous res- Mni'ltlmo. Service in' the-..,,,, Auditorium, Kalisus City or Customs iroiiw, St. Louis. There i\re three slurs In uui M- Incllo system more luminous than the sun, says Dr. Peter van Co Ktimjj, dlrectoi of the Sprqjil fceiialory at Sj, nrtlimorf' (Je 'Ihe brightest, IsSIrluj, (he Dogstar; ut (i dlsl,,nce of eight light years nml N a candlcpower 'of 30 tunes that ot the sun, followed'by^Pro- cjon, the little Dogstar, gind"^- fOQtbnll by driving pill the |>rof<-s- sloiiiil ringers nnd pulling un end to nwnrdlng scholarships to promising- athletes for picking up towels In the gyninnMum. The conches nml innnngcris with the best being supported nml why. Answers ! are requested wllliln 10 dn'ys, nnd the committee will re|x>rt Its flwl- IIIBS on the first, day of thb' next session of Congress, right . after Acting Judge Walter Killougli fol-1 elcclon—probably wlt'li some recom- lowing lite conviction by a Cross | nicndntlons for new legislation on Circuit ourt jury earlier liis'i week. Date for execution was set for Dec 15. He wns convicted for the fatal shooting of Deputy Sheriff Cliuule L. Holt, who was shot when he attempted to arrest the farmer on a warrant. "".this nonsense. cr.uns. SOCIETIES, I-'KDKKATIUN'S Temperatures Appeal Motion Granted To Slayer of Officer WYNNE, Ark., Oct. 17 tUP) — Robert Gaincs, Cross county farmer who Saturday was sentenced to High Atlanta (55 Augusta CD •Birmingham 74 Charleston 69 Charlotte 65 Chattanooga 12 • Chicago OG Cincinnati CO Denver 02 Detroit 06 Jacksonville 72 Kansas City 72 Mncoii 09 Tallahassee 74 Memphis 72 Miami ... 80 Montgomery 74 New Orleans 80 New York 00 San' Antonio 82 SavAnnah;. ....:,...- ..' 70 Tampa 77 Washington . .....'.'.... 68 Dallas ' Houston Jackson... Little . Slirevcpb'rt'.' .'. 82 :"82 83 . 7P- . B6 Low 42 41 44 40 39 31 45 41 58 43 48 46 72 41 CO . 48 53 44 08 « 56 SB - 45 48 40 _ down (his year's list, of crackpot political organizations making up the lunnttc fringe Is enlightening ns to how (he si-eat game of American politics is played. A fellow by tlic name of Herbert Broivnell who, ir memory .'-serves I might, is chairman of the Republican National Committee and Candidate. Thomas E. Dewey's campaign manager, seems to be the head man for five of these nnrnslte organizations: First voters' League, Inc., Friends of Finland for DoVey the Young Republican Clubs, the Young Republican National Federation; and the National Republican Builders. , Not to be left completely out of Hie running ns a great organizer, Mr. Robert, •Hnniicgnn, In addition lo being chairman of the Domo- cratic National Coommittce and campaign manager for Roosevelt, is llstc<| as head of the Independent. Voters for Roosevelt. And-boy, how this word "Independent" takes a healing | n the names .of these polttlcnl marching BODY & FENDER REPAIR WORK Also Auto Upholstery Repair -Our foreman Robert "Trigger" 'Walton has had years of ex^' perience in these'lines. Modern equipment insures satisfactory work. j ' ; •; ' • . Shop Located In Rear of Martin's Cafe 114 W, Main—Phone 565 FOR SALE —Soybean Bags— -Seed Oats, Wheat, Barley— —Spear Feeds— Blylheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Be/ore You Bay! J. L TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites msy hr ruining pour property. Call m« r«. check-up without cost or obligation. RAT8, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parla are aa complete as during pre-war times! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE— tall 113 day, night or Sunday, "Belting *' Belt Lace Steam Packing * Pipe Fitting* All Size Pipe * Crane Valvei * Gin Saw Files and Gummera Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving BljthtvlJIe 25 The same sort o[ thing seems lo be happening In polities. In the grout desire to keep ixillllcs clean, deal of corrupt practice leglsla- .lon is appearing on the books. Big money contributions lo political [inrtle.s ure now outlawed so that certain rich men can no longer finance or boss American political parties. The game Is now to beat these restrictions and smart people with ii bill of political Hoods lo sell «re finding ways lo peddle Ihelr doctrlne.s through concealed purpose organizations which blnck market Ihelr ideas. Congressional activity in Investigating the hmalic fringe orgnfilwi- 'tlons Is-merely, an effort to learn what's going- on mid ivliy some of these organisations h'avr.u'l filed reports on political activities us required by law. •'Ihc tendency is probably lowimlt fi great deal more Icgtantlon nlni- 'e<l to prevent poltlcal corruption. The danger \vill come if too much restrictive leglslallon will tend to drive more political activity undcr- gfound, to evade the laws. lu 2ii. who were formerly scheduled for seryjiifrttn-.lliq iirniy and mivy only. "Win- shipping Administration rc- cmUhiK miotas-iuis fallen one third short; of Iholy gan\ cnuslnn n crisis to develop in'(lie manning or mer- chunl ships. Mcrchmit spnmiMi are icc<!cd urgently nml continuously o mnn the 8 ships n day that slide loivn the \wiys of the nation's hip-yards", said Lt. R, J. Conucll, Oglonnl enrolling officer. [Recruits train to sail as deck nml engine seamen, radio opera- yrs, cooks nnd bakers and nsslsl- nnt iiurscr-hospltal coriismeh, Youths under 17 years nrc no lonsjcr cIlKimo for Mavlllmc Scrvic. raining. Volunteers for mcrchnnl seamen training should contact the U, S bOJ nllici MUNnnnl tr'lt in lutl i DON EDWARDS "Tho Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH. CORONA. AND REMINGTON PORTABLE | 118 N. 2nd STREET (Euery Transaction Must I!c Satisfactory] PHONE 3302 A real OPPORTUNITY open in ^-°M JiJfatftnc Work We want a MAN or WOMAN living'in Osceola to act as Agent and Correspondent for the Courier News As Agent, this person will handle distribution of our paper in Osceola on a liberal commission basis. As Correspondent, this person will send Osceola and nearby news to our paper on a space-rate basis. . f' : EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY Apply by mail to The Courier News i ,. BlytheviUe, Ark. -.. * GOOD ALL B AND C COOK HOLDER* AM ELIGIBLE FOR CERTIFICATES If tltolr present tires are not "' ' Npjv, ns through,29,'ycnrs oMuc leadership^ Oootlyoni' is the first Choice of inobt motorists. Extra qn/ility, cxini yaltio, tlio" snnic plui'])$•-'' ' • ••''•form'nnco built-in Lo every .Goptlycin, makes it the ' : Number 1 choke for ''your Graili'l ceitificato." '" • Yoii get a Bootl-}ookiii|| lire 'yi-ilU a snfe, load-' lllH'trinir t I'hml ftml '<| at i-ni'wy' n'n t ',\\\f tn Jm ^JfclJH l'ii strong '.f rccapped'cjircnsa . . . So, bring in your ccilificale today nnd drive out On a -now Gooilycur . , / the tire ot extra yaluo;, ' '' , < £fflfiT I ll ' » £ ^ ,"' tla) ,, Get our careful, expert, low-cost Exha-Mileage Recapping that makes your old tires look neatly l like new .., gives them a deep, sure-footed tread for safe driving over thousands of extra miles. Our factory-trained craftsmen use dependable' Goodyear processed materials and \\oild famous "" Goodyear developed methods to give you thef r , finest rocap job in town. So, bring in your 'smoothies' today for fast, depend- nblo recapping- that you're sure to like. t M . ( » No certificate needed, (You fmniih t»capp*U» hVf- r.orm-'ViAR TIBIS 410 \V. Main 2492 !<-> -it

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