Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on July 13, 1975 · Page 1
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 1

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 1
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tym' t 11 u Ann Fillpowlcz, a 14 - year - old Poughkeepsle High School student, upset top - seeded and defending champion Pat Zerbe, Saturday, to win the Women's Singles crown and become the youngest player to win a major title In the Poughkeepsle Tennis Tournament at Poughkeepsle High School. Story on page 20. Top Stories Ford to ask end of price controls on domestic oil. Page 2. . Joan Little trial is ready io begin on Monday. Page 3. Indira Gandhi angrily rebukes political foes. Page 6. , Kissinger reports some Srogress on Sinai troop re - rawal. Page 6. SGM chairman says 1976 be a boom year for new cars. Page IS. And Arts They are housewives, mothers, cooks, teachers . . , .they are also artists. Page 12B. Books Behind the scenes A look at Kissinger's style. Page 16B. Business The IBM trial is recessed and the only thing known for sure so far is that the trial is going to be a long one. Page 1C. County The' Loop System, First phase of an expanded county transportation service, gets under way Monday in Dutchess. Page 12. Life & Leisure !JttakesjUQU)LcQurage to watch the animals you love die." Page 1 A. Sports Two youngsters lead British Open, Page IB. Flanagan's column, page IB; An - jtonucci's column, page 3B. Schools New superintendents are on the job in Wappingers and Poughkeepsle. Page 4. Environment More than 250,000 trout are raised at the state's fish hatchery each year for stocking streams in Dutchess and seven other area counties. Page 20C, Also George Meany still oils the B)litical wheels, page 6C; ow to stop junk mail, page 2C; Controversy plaques Louisiana superdome, page Index Area news 4 Arts ,, 12B Business .......... .v. ,. - ... 1C Editorials 16.17 Environment ...... - . . . 20C Farm . . , 4C Life.& Leisure ............ 1 A Movies 1....1SB' Mutual Funds ..... v.... i3C Obituaries , . 7C Sports , , ...IB TV listings .....14B A Shark Mania Sweeps Nation "I have no doubt that one shark In a dozen years Is enough to keep up the reputation of a beach a hundred miles long. " Henry David fhoreau, Cape Cod, 186S By ROBERT E.DALL0S Los Angeles Times Writer NEW YORK (LAT) - A shark mania is sweeping the country. It broke out June 20 with the first 6howing vt the movie "Jaws." It isn't expected to subside until at - least the - end of thrsumrfleTwhen" vacationers pack their surf boards and umbrellas and trek home from the beaches or, maybe, Just prior to release of the next disaster moviei "Jaws," the story of a man - killer that terrorizes a fictional summer resort called Amity, has resulted in thousands of unconfirmed sightings of sharks at resort beaches on the East and west coasts. It has veteran swimmers scared to go into deep water and novices and children afraid to stick their big toe into the water at all. It has caused hoaxes and it has officials fearing panic situations In which swimmers dash pell - mell for tho shore with resultant trampllngs, drowning and heart attacks. "I've talked to people who arc H. Lineaweavcr III of tho Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Mass , co - author of "The Natural History of Sharks," "People don't want to be statistics," he added. No one Is more pleased with the fear of sharks that has been Generated by the film than its producers, Universal Pictures. A Universal official said he knows the film Is "frightening people." But, he added, this is one of tho basic elements pt somo motion pictures. "People love to bo thrilled, scared or even horrified if they know they are In the safety of tho theater. They know it can't happen to them at that moment," he said. In the first 17 days during which it ran in 464 theaters in the United StatcslnaCaffalIaT,TJaws', grossed $36,954,111, setting a box - office recordr Nowhere has tho picture had more impact than at Martha's Vineyard where J,Jaws" was filmed. At the Mcncmsha Coast Guard Station on the Massachusctt: tiiltejpfe Journal Island, there - were onlv Six citizen reports of shark sfghtlngs all last summer. By tho 4th of July of this year, tho station had 20 reports. "Any fish in tho water now becomes a' shark," said Jim Holland, chief lifeguard for tho Dade County beaches in Florida, whose area covers about 40 miles of beaches In the Miami area. "The majority pf people aro staying closer to - shore this summer. My lifeguards report there arc no long - distance swimmers at all this - ycarr" One scientist who feels that the fear created by "Jaws" Is exaggerated is John 'G. Casey, biologist at the Naval Marine Fisheries Laboratory in Narragansett, R I. He has tagged sharks and studied their habits for (See Shark, page 3) JAWS M. WammwA 2 - XlaaammmmmmWjrj SSaWaW tsssammVi aakawTaw jLaWWWm WaaWsm'a Wa4Jm tv SssssssssssssssssssW aWay&Tv - M H W mtkam 4 A Speldd flcyvepapcr VEATHER Cloudy (Details page 2) 190th Year, No, 336 Sunday, July 13, 1975 40 Cents Betros: Not Much Was Done Although the last day of the New York State legislature concluded at .4:11 a.m. Saturday the longest session in modern times Assemblyman Emeel S, Betros, R - C, Poughkeepsle, remarked hours after tho year's session ended that "we didn't really get a whole lot done." On Its last day, as many as 100 bills hit the floor and were passed fn the waning hours, previously unread by most of the lawmakers. Included in the final flurry was action on such major bills as a repeal of the key element to former Gov. Rockefeller's tough anti - drug laws. "I don't think government by crisis was the way to operate," Betros said. The four - term legislator said he felt some issues were neglected because of such crises as those involving New York City, the Urban Development Corp and medical malpractice insurance It is expected that the legislature will be called back to work this fall by Gov, Carey to deal with the continuing New York City fiscal crisis. "New York City proved to be the big beneficiary of this session," Betros said. ' 'AH kinds of money were poured into it." Betros said he is aware that tho state must play a helpful role if the city is near bankruptcy. "But I think the city has to show some willingness to put its own house in order," he said. Betros said the "bright light" of the session was "how the Republicans stood fast on their position that there would be no taxes" That position, he added, is closely tied to the state's revenue picture, however. And Betros did not rule out that a revenue shortage later this year may call for a re - evaluation of the tax moratorium. He also said he did not believe the $250 per Worker salary bonus for state workers was adequate. And he added that the litany of consumer bills included some which "will likely do nothing more than Increase the cost to the consumer." Betros received a 14,000 lulu In the supplemental budget for being the ranking minority member on the Assembly Health Committee. But he cautioned against calling the payment a lulu, the common name for the pay received by nearly all the legislators for positions they hold during the session. "It really should not be called a lulu," Betros said "Its actual name is "Allowances for the particular and additional Services appertaining to or entailed by the respective officers named in and in accordance with the following schedule. That's what a lulu is called," he said. (See State, page 3) tsssssssW ammt vf3 lfeLHL!V'4 saWW; aw Mt immL sav' lSKl L'11HkHi! lt1 maawf " tawUssm "' 1TjKaaamaamfti HSotSw llim iH VDk & aaaaaafmkmam x'Mt. Bssaaam le E - iHB WttSaaFTmssaaaaaaaaw 1 Br iBi'ft T i IW f nH f IHb Wwaaamaamaw & 'aaawas. t IL Jt - Twl? A'dsHF f&ssssaaaaw M mhnSSaaaaaam immsjaaamm k'rfaJ'MtViiiSMmWkmmmaaaB immmssssar yUHvi&MNMH MHMIimk!sIiSJpb fyiH if,. ?"! iuPf &&? ?mmmmmmasm y$& asassssaw aTsMsssssssssssssssssssmM w&ffo Palestinian Rebels Free U. S. Colonel By HOLGER JENSEN Associated Press Writer BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) A U.S. Army colonel, kidnaped two weeks ago by Palestinian radicals, was released Saturday after tho Lebanese government delivered free food and other supplies demanded in ransom. Col Ernest R. Morgan's only statement before going into seclusion with US officials was: "Tell my mother I'm fine, glad to be free and alive I was treated well." Moslem leaders Who reportedly arranged the release first brought Morgan, 43, of Petersburg, Va,, to the residence of Lcbanons Premier Rashid Karaml. Shortly afterward he was taken to meet U.S. Embassy officials and a spokesman announced ho would be secluded at least until Sunday, presumably for a medical checkup and debriefing by American officials. Details of the release were not disclosed. At her home in Petersburg, Morgan's mother Evelyn Johnson said, "I want to say that all my tears are not for sorrow they're also for joy from the depths of my heart. We didn't know we had so many wonderful friends from all walks of life and in every part of the country until these hours of need "I hope the prayers for my son will also bring peace among men." Morgan was clean shaven, appeared fit and smiled broadly when he arrived at the premier's residence a little more than two hours before the deadline set by his kidnapers for his execution. He was accompanied by Sheik Abdullatif Ziade, a Moslem religious judge, and Mohammed Mokaddcm, a leader of the left - wing October 24 Movement. Reporters were told that organization had negotiated Morgan's release. Tho kidnapers, calling themselves the Socialist Revolutionary Action Organization, twice threatened to aWa I rJaaWt Hl aaa&aaaaavawaaaM d 4 A Dav In Old KipsberKen can be tiring, especially when you're nine months old and there's so much to see. So, Mason O'Dell decided to take advantage of his age and take a nap during the festivities Saturday sponsored by the Rhlnecliff Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary. Rhinecliff was once named Klpsbergen, after its early Dutch settlers. Mason Is shown with his brother, David, 6. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Dell, Rhinecliff Road, Rhlnebeck. Also shown is Leah Allen, 12, of Mill Road, Rhinebeck. She and David are members of the Dutch Arms Fife and Drum Corps. Poughkpii Journol Photo by Roborl V Nib execute Morgan "by tiring squad" as a spy if their demands for free food, clothing and building materials were not met. The first deadline set for' Wednesday was extended to 9 p m. 2pm EDT - Saturday. American officials said all efforts to win Morgan's release were left to the Lebanese government U S policy is to refuse ransom payments in belief that such a precedent might endanger other diplomats and U S. residents abroad. COL MORGAN . after release. Wl Tlftoto In Chicago, President Ford said he was "deeply relieved ' about the release and in Washington State Department spokesman Robert Funseth said Morgan would shortly be able to rejoin his family. Funseth expressed gratitude to the government of Lebanon "for its persistent, resourceful and eventually successful efforts to secure the safe release of Col. Morgan." Ho added the release was accomplished "without concessions of any kind by the U S. government to the demands of his abductors, consistent with our firm policy not to accede to terrorist ransom demands or political blackmail " Lebanese efforts to comply with some of the ransom demands were opposed by residents of the slaughterhouse district. When the national relief agency tried to distribute two truckloads of rice and sugar Friday, slum leaders said they didn't want "American charity." Instead they demanded "arms for the revolution." Trucks delivering building materials on Saturday were also turned back. in wmwii SOYXJZ Astronauts Hope For Clear Skies CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla, (AP) The Russian rocket was on its pad, the American astronauts wound up their training and the only major concern Saturday for next week's U S Soviet space chase was the kind of weather that gives fits to Florida's Chamber of Commerce Thomas P. Stafford, the American commander for Tuesday's U S - Soviet, space chase landed a T - 38 jet in a rainstorm and declared "I hope it's not like this next Tuesday " Stafford flew here from the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Tex , where earlier in the day he and his two astronaut colleagues completed uheir training for the joint mission The other members of the crew, Vance p Brand and Donald K Slay ton, also piloted individual T - 38s from Texas "I hope we have all this bad weather today," Stafford said, adding that the forecast for Tuesday was good He was bareheaded and wore a flight suit as he talked with reporters in a downpour after landing at nearby Patrick Air Force Base The two Soviet cosmonauts, Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov, have been in quarantine at their launch site several days Their rocket and spaceship were mqpd to the launch pad Saturday, Apollo - Soyuz Timetable. Page 14. Everything was going according to plan for the twin launches Tues day 8 20 a m. EDT for the blast - off of the. Russian Soyuz from Ban konur; 3.50 p m for the Apollo from Cape Canaveral The two ships are to link up at 12 IS p m Thursday But Central Florida has afternoon thunderstorms ln4he summer and this year is no exception. The launch site has been deluged with rain, high winds and some lightning in mid day the past week. "There are some - indications that the frequency of afternoon coastal thunderstorms will decrease in this, area by Tuesday," said a hopeful space agency status report Saturday "The Tuesday weather forecast . calls for partly cloudy skies with some scattered thunderstorms in the Scott Pledges Appeal For Patty To Give Up If Mother Quits Post p vicinity." & " 7; NASA drowingt Apollo LOS ANGELES (LAT) Sports radical Jack Scott has said he will make a personal appeal to Patricia Hearst to surrender if the fugitive's mother will resign as a regent of the University of California, The Los Angeles Times learned Saturday. Mrs Catherine, Hearst confirmed that she and her husband had talked to Scott at length Friday night and Saturday morning. But she indicated that she had not made up her mind whether she would resign from tho college board "I'd do anything for Patty," Mrs. Hearst said But she also said Scott presented no proof that he could rach or influence her daughter. "If Jack Soctt can get in touch with Patty, and get a message from us to her, naturally he'd like to get the message to Patty," Mrs. Hearst said in a telephone interview from her San Francisco home In the secret meeting, Scott did not say directly that he had been in contact with Miss Hearst, Mrs. Hearst said But, she added, "In a way you get that feeling. Nothing you can identify' She said Soctt's references to Miss Hearst were Indirect. "It was always, If he was, (with her) or something," she ssid. Scott and his wife, Miki, rented a Pennsylvania farmhouse last summer which the FBI has said was used by the fugitive newspaper heiress and Bill and Emily Harris, comrades in the terrorist Symbionese Liberation Army, The 33 - ycar - old Scott and his wife dropped out of sight last February, then surfaced in April to condemn the FBI for harassing them. They hinted but never actually said they had been in contact with Miss Hearst, Scott, currently in Berkeley, could not be reached for comment on the surrendcrappeal proposal. Miss Hearst, kidnapped from her Berkeley apartment Feb, 4, 1974, by members of the SLA, later renounced her family and joined her captors She is wanted on a long list of charges, including the robbery of a San Francisco Bank. One of the early messages from the SLA indicated that Mrs Hearst's membership was one reason her daughter was chosen as the SLA's kidnap victim. Mrs; Hearst has been a UC - regent for more than 17 years, During most of that time, she has been considered one of the most solidly conservative members of the board.

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