The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina on July 27, 1960 · Page 1
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The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina · Page 1

High Point, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 1
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2A Tht High Point Enttrprite, W«j., July 27,1960^ Ikeltoiis Partisan Pot By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Notes of a TV convention watcher— The Republicans brought up works did what they could to stir excitement over the civil rights plank of the platform, the liberal- conservative positions and the vice-presidential choice. But, as with the Democratic; course. Not many other speakers did. Rep. Charles Halleck made the screen with his speech, but Rep. William Miller was shut out. United Nations Ambassador go( . [he their No. 1 star Tuesday night with President Eisenhower deal- ins the nominating convention a .speech that set the partisan pot D0llin£,. I ^ J ! 4,'Ul IIJC V/UlillV. 14 II Mi^ .^/.-.i..-- • Until the President took stage ratings. Americans love a ^o^a,,^ the convention coverage. center, there was little to keep the home viewer glued to the set. It had been an interesting but not UUt, as Wlin me ueuivi.iai.w; j.j enry meet, the inevitabnity of Hie pros-j ( . me best exposu F c of any vice idential nomination robbed the, sidentia] possibility. His casli- coavention of its drama and may, Uon of the Soviets - m ^ &,. be the reason for mediocre ™; curily Council was featured ratings. Americans love a g 00 «: am i dst t he convention coverage, fight, but respond coolly to pol- ; Beatniks arc laking a beating itical rites. . Chicago. Herbert Hoover gave .~«» - ----- A/nivaftV. neiui;^ *wu*vt. &w»- The President got the complete, thm a Monday n ight, and particularly vital show. The net- , thm a onay n g, a attention of the TV cameras. of |Ha i leck assailed a "beatnik econ K & W CAFETERIA Thursday Night FAMILY NIGHT Country Style STEAK with RICE & GRAVY BUTTERED SQUASH GREEN BEANS J FAVORS FOR THE KIDS omy" Tuesday night. Sen. Everett Dirksen wins the ,nod for the best non-prompted 'speaker since Democratic key- i noter Frank Church. Like Church, Dirksen spoke fluently without a glance at notes. Mark Hatfield, who nominates Richard Nixon for president tonight, is the Republicans' answer to the handsome juveniles of the opposition. In an interview with CBS' Charles Collingwood, the Oregon governor looked as handsome as a TV gunslinger. ABC seems to be the most steadfast with sticking to the speakers on the podium through thick and thin. CBS is next. NBC appears to wander the most. Recommended: A course in crowd estimation for TV reporters. A CBS man gussed the Nixon reception at the Chicago airport at 1,200-1,500. The NBC man figured 5,000-6,000. Too much talk is beginning to show on some of the TV commentators. Edward R. Murrow admitted referring to the Republican jtoppers as "Noxon and Ricke- feller." S.C. Native Missing With Plane SANFORD, Fla. (AP)-A South Carolina native was one of three airmen on a Navy all-weather jet bomber that crashed into the Atlantic off the Florida coast early Tuesday. The Navy said the airmen aboard were Lt. William Nicholas Collier Jr., a native of Andrews, S.C.; Forrest Wendell Lasater, aviation electronics technician, Jacksonville, Fla.; and Glenn Holmes Major, fire control technician from Montevista, Col. The bomber, the Navy reported, plunged into the Atlantic while on a final approach to a night landing on the USS Saratoga. It said the plane fell three miles astern the carrier. The three men were listed as missing and presumed dead. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy three years ago, Lt. Collier also attended The Citadel, South Carolina's military college in Charleston. Survivors include Lt. Collier's widow, the former Leighton Johnson of San Antnio, Texas, and a 7-month-old daughter, both of Saford; and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William N. Collier of Andrews. Lt. Collier's wife is a niece of Mrs. L. C. Gifford, whose husband is publisher of the Hickory, N.C., Daily Record. Br SID MOODY NEW YORK (AP)—You want a hobby uncluttered with people? Want to get away from it all? Take up the jazz trombone. You'll learn just what true loneliness can be. Lift the slippery slide from its Firestone's BRAKE SPECIAL DOESN'T DISAPPOINT SELF NORMAN. Okla. (AP)-Sen Robert S. Kerr (D-Okla) spoke 45 minutes before the Assn. of University Women. At the end he said: "I had not intended to talk this long, but I'd have been disappointed if I hadn't." Jazz Trombone Can Be Lonely Hobby Boy Saved From Car, Sister Dies MAPLE SHADE, N.J. (AP) -Harry Eller, 45, was standing in his front yard Monday holding his nine - month - old granddaughter, Patricia Eller, in his right arm. Suddenly he saw the child's brother, Fred Jr., 2, run into the street while a car was approaching. Eller grabbed Fred and pulled the boy to safety but the car brushed the grandfather and Patricia fell to the pavement. She died of head injuries. The boy was not hurt. Eller suffered a broken right hand. ANY SUGGESTIONS? CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. <AP)Mrs. Paul Mayes has a set of twins so identical that the only way she can tell them apart is by their diaper pins. She usesj yellow on one and white on thej other. Her problem now is what to do when they grow out of diapers. velveteen case. Tap in the mouthpiece. Purse your lips and watch em run-the wife, the kids, and then (ah, treachery) the dog. Vamoosed, all. Then blow to your heart's content. Until the neighbor calls—the tone deaf lout. The trombone—once called the sackbut—is an old friend which came long before the wife, kids or dog. They have all since posed the same question put to mountain climbers—why? Why, indeed. Because after a long, worrisome day there's no greater pinnacle of pleasure than to point the sackbut ceUingward and blast out the soul-clearing notes of the first downhill slide (o "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen." That's how to get even with the world. My wife, deferring in the first blush of young love, took the trombone as a part—although perhaps not the best-of the complete ME. Customarily I play solo along with such titans of trombonia as Jack Teagarden and Miff Mole. They're on records. I'm on the coffee table alongside the speaker. Hi was never fi-er. we have a band. "We" are mostly journalists of assorted stripe whose paths have crossed in city rooms hither and yon. We're called, if you haven't heard, the 'Fourth Estate Sweet Melodies Jazz Band." We play five or sk times a year. Never the same place twice. We're no fools. Neither are our hosts. There'* one exception. Every summer we charter a mule drawn barge for an afternoon'! cruise up a restored canal near New Hope, Pa. Friends, music lover* and wives-who don't fit either category for this trip — haul aboard a cargo of beer and pretzels and the mule, his ears ewich- ing in disbelief, starts ploddinf to "Up a Lazy River." But misery loves company. So Vaughn's T Restaurant "Home Of Delicious Food" N. Main St. Ext. Telepkon. 882-M18 THURSDAY SPECIAL FISH SANDWICH Tasty Piece of Boneless Perch Fillets Served On Delicious Square Bun 19 Shirley Temple Stresses Family Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobble when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? . Don't be annoyed and embarrassed i W such handicaps. PASTEETH. an ' alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprtn- sle on your plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set. OlTes confident feel- Ing of security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Get PASTEETH today at mny Irug counter. Includes: . , , 1. Pull 2 front wheels. Inspect brakes, drums and lining 2. Check greate seals, wheel cylinders for leakage 3. Clean, inspect, repack front bearings 4. Add brake fluid if necessary 5. Adjust brakes on all 4 wheels • CLEAN & REPAIR RADIATOR $10 ' 9 , JULY SPECIAL Fords, Chevrolet*, Plymouth* Reline Brakes Other models ilishtly higher $21.95 STORES 501 N. Main St. Phone 888-4588 tt Block Below Sheraton — ~-r^a,iaaf^eF- 1"'*''" -~ ~~J-;flCr,~-'' r 'V' "T" ~~" J ' TELEVISION PROGRAMS WFMY-TV Greensboro, Channel 2 Editor's Note—It takes a special kind of TV show to lure Shirley Temple before the cameras. In this guest column, she explains why, and gives some glimpses of aer happy home life. By SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK Written for The Associated Press Two years ago when I came out of retirement to do NBC's Story• WEDNESDAY 3-00 The Millionaire 1-30 Verdict Your* 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 EdRe of Night 5:00 Old Rebel 5:30 Woody Woodpecker 6:00 Highway Patrol fi : nft GOP Convention 12:00 Weather 12:05 Sports 12:10 News THURSDAY 6:Z5 Daily Word 6:30 Through Forthol* 6:45 RFD Piedmont 7:00 Good Hornint 8:00 News 8:10 Weather 8:15 Capt. Kangaroo •1:00 Devotions 9:15 Second Breakfast 9:30 What'» Centime 10-00 December Bride 10:30 Video Villae« 11:00 I Love Lucy 11:30 Clear Horizons 12:00 Love ot Life 12-30 Search tor Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light ]-00 Life of Iliiey •>-00 Full Circle 2-30 Art Llnltletter WSJS-TV Winston-Solem, Channel 12 WEDNESDAY 3:00 Dr. Uatone- 3:30 From Rooti 4:00 Thin Man 4:30 Buckskin 5:00 Bandstand 5:30 Flick a 6:00 Martin Cane 6:30 GOP Convention 12:00 Jack Paar THTJRSDAT 6:30 Reading 7:00 Tod»y 7:25 Harvey Dlnldni 7:30 TCKIW 8:25 Local N«w» 8:30 Today 9:00 Sagebrush Theatu 10:00 Dough-Re-MI 10:30 Play Your Honch 11:00 Price Is Right 11:30 Concentration 12-00 Truth, Consequence* 12:30 Could Be Von 1:00 On Farm 1:15 News 1:30 Dr. Christian 2:00 Que*n for » Day 2:30 Loretla Young ,SAVIA PRETTY PENNY B* | CALLING LONG DISTANCE STATION TO STATION YOU c«, actuallT iwk. «,«. call, tor th. pile, ot tw. Jan b, ; the operator you will talk to anyon* who mwett. '. .. i i WBTV Charlotte, Channel itself will be designed for the whole family. It's going to embrace a variety of subjects—Musicals, dramas, classic children's stories, adventures in wonderlands i of space—and all of them geared for the young at heart. In these shows I am going to act as weekly hostess and will perform in every third presentation. Through the wonders of video j do I. DRIVE-. •f(i6H POINTS f/ffesr" "TONIGHT THRU~THL'RSOA.Y ONE SHOWING NIGHTLY STARTS AT 8:00 tape we've been able to adjust the schedule so I won't have to be book series, I was asked a lot of away from Atherton for very long, questions about why I decided to I My family !*« this idea, and come back into the entertainment world. Since I had elected to become a housewife and mother, people asked, then what had tempted me back? Well, let me say that my reasons then were the same reasons why I am going to be hostess and frequent star of a new TV series this fall on NBC. Of all the offers I have had in the several years since I left Hollywood, these two have been the most appealing in terms of the time I am willing to spare away from my family. Two words in that last sentence are important to me—time and family. I am a family woman. J think back to the years when I was a child and remember that my parents never let my career interfere with the family relationship of my father, my mother, my brothers and myself. And my most rewarding experiences today are the times I am with my husband and my children—and nobody else. My time is devoted primarily to my husband Charles, and my lively children Susan, Lori and Charley Jr. I happen to enjoy cooking and housework and gar- NOW PLAYING The picture everyone's been asking and waiting for: RODAN THE CREATURE NOTHING COULD DESTROY RITZ HELD OVER THRU THURSDAY ONLY! COLOR! At 8:00 ft 12:00 A hilarious guide to a $Iap-happy mam'ags and Fun on the family KP1E-SPIGBI! At 10:00 "The Sound and The Fury" with Yul Brynner •AT REGULAR: PRICES! I WEDNESDAY 3-00 Millionaire 1:30 Verdict Vour» 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 Edee of Night 5-00 J Married Joan 5-30 Quick McGraw 6:00 People's Choice 6:25 Sports 6:30 GOP Convention 12:00 Moi'ie WSOC-TV Charlotte, Channel 9 WEDNESDAY J:00 Beat The Clock 3:30 Who you Trurt »-90 TMn Man 4 « Weather 4:50 >icw» 5:M KilKo's Kanteen 5:30 Clown Carnival 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 GOP Convention 10:00 Your Lite 10:30 People Are Funny 11:00 Weather [1:05 News 11:20 Sports 11:30 Jack Paar ONE DAY RECAPPING In At 8 A.M.—Out At 5 P.M. We Use Oaly Premium Rubber SEE US TODAY FOR GENERAL TIRES Hughes Tire Service, Inc. «. r. (DICK) BUQHM 1315 NORTH MAIN PHONE 88 8-6098 DAY IN COURT 2:00 PM WEEKDAYS compelling personal dramas of persons \vno :l ;uuh.uis <mu uuuo c » uin . a.. u s ^bare their emOtibnS tin-;dening but that really has little der the stress of court-: 10 do with u - l cooki not becauseT uc» uicou«a w. wwwn ,j e ^. oy cookingj but because J room action. | would rather cook than lessen the intimacy of our household. People have said to me, "Shirley, you don't need to take care of your own housework — with your money." And my answer to them is "You're right," but also I say 'You're wrong,' because although we're not poor and we don't have to count costs, we have a stronger family unit because we do the chores together. One of our recent acquisitions i?, a swimming pool, and in the Ttir -ruiwt ii A vi ! beginning we had a professional THE THIN MAN [pool man come each week to 4-00 PM WEEKDAYS ik eep the sides scraped and handle •*.vv rm TT Ecivtm a -,^ gengral ma i ntenance- But he „ the hilarious adventures : had an argument with one of our I of tv's daffiest detective Ib^^TL^BiSk'^miiy 7s™w — be it homicide Or rjU-|becoming expert in pool KP and mor—on WSOC-TV. we love it. 1 shall probably sound a little platitudinous but I am sincere j •when I say that in the Family,! | America has and gets its strength, |and 1 believe it so much that it Idelermincs my decisions about j everything — including the entertainment world. And when I decided to do the scries for this fall I consulted my family who again voted that if I t was rot away from home too long jthen it was alright with them. ; And, too, the format of the series THE WORD IS OUT— Here Is the "Top" Hit of the Summer! EG/IN Miw oir Mioacip FEATURES: 1:30 3:55 6:20 8:45 —Extra!— Walt Disney Color Cartoon Adults 75c Children 25c NOW PLAYING WAllOUIIT Now Playing JULY 26-31 "LIFE WITH FATHER" Wonderfully Appealing Show For The Whole Family Curtain 8:15 P.M. Admission $2.00, $2.50, S1.50 CLEMMONS, N. C. Highway 158 W. Phone RO-S-6473 For Reservations TANGLEWOOD BARN THEATRE TOBY TYLER" STARTING FRI.H PLAN NOW TO SEE You Should See It From The Beginning! Because for the first time in motion picture history three stars give six characterizations, we urge you to see this unique entertainment rrom the very start. This is not a theatrical "gimmick," but an essential part of your viewing pleasure. FEATURES AT 1:30 - 3:25 - 5:23 - 7:25 - 9:20 RI ALTO SPECIAL KIDDIES- SHOW TODAY DOUBLE-BARRELED ACTION IN ARIZONA! THUNDER NATURAMA . TRUCOLOR MIRRORS i— , ClNBMACcoPC 4B«?> COLOR CARTOONS STARRING JULIETTE GRECO - BRADFORD DILLMAN Startling Adult Entertainment! STARTS TODAY ... CENTER ADULTS " 50c CHILDREN 15c| From The Stark Shocking Pages Of The Best-Selling Book! WHAT WSLS-TV Roanoke, Channel 10 WEDNESDAY 3:00 »r. Mike* |;M From Boou 4:00 CoresdJ FUyhou* 4:30 Advtnturn Ttro* 1:00 Vncl* toono 8:30 TbrM atoon* 6:IX) Quick UcGriw «:30 Newi 6:40 Sport* 6:90 Weather 7:00 Munhunt 7:30 COP Convtntina 10:00 Your U(* in:30 Ptoplt Are Funny 11:00 Newt 11:10 Sportl 11.15 Jtck P»»r WUNC-TV Chapel Hill, Channel 4 WEDNKSDAT t oo Trixonomtlry « w Friendly Cunl 4 15 ComptM ROM 6: JO ls>w« fi:4.-i California HrriUur 7 on Prelude 730 Geology 41 8 W EKUpe From C»t» 9 00 OrdfM By fift V.39 THURSDAT 11 00 Yr»lrrit*y'» Wnrlrti llr.iJ Symphony 12 :!>(• ('a)llnvnln U:1J New» tt:tt> On UiB Farm CONVENTION 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY huntley, brinkley ond over 350 top newsmen furnish viewers with tv's most complete coverage of the republican convention—on WSOC-TV. 3 HOUR SERVICE ON SHIRTS and DRY GLEANING One Trial Will Convince You That You Can Do Better Al QUICKER THAN YOU THINK LAUNDRY AND GLEANERS OWNED AND OPERATED BY NEW SERVICE tAtNURY 207 CENTENNIAL AVE. wsoc -TV WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY COME EARLY ITS RING OF REAUTY-OF LIFE AS IT IS-WILL JOLT YOU ( SOPHIA MTHOHY LOREN-aillNN COLOR CARTOON BRING THE KIDS ALSO IX COLOR "THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE" CHARLTON 1IESTON ANNE BAXTER j>nii^flf Jim jni«r*> femi^H^^M^Mi*WMMHM*B* ll>H * HBBBBV>IH ^ > ^ m ^^^ <?r*i*V V ATI? CHARCOAL BROILED BURGERS AT OUR SNACK BAR - COME EARLY - STAY LATE FATE OF HER MARRIAGE GIANT HITS SEE WWII WILL HAPPEN SOON! ISABELLE COOLEY LON BALIANTYNE The Excitement Starts FRIDAY... CENTER

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