Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 19, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RULE. This Week's Prices Cannot be Equaled Elsewherfe {Treat Dress Goods Bargains. lot of Mixed Wool Novelties 8C in. wid» rf-gulur •price 20c ft yd. Choice of lot per yard , 12io lot of Colored Wool Jfovehif!- in Figures and Mixtures 88 aud 40 inches wide, re/ulur price OOc For choice of lot per yard 3!)e| 300 CHILDEEN'S FALL JACKETS AMD Ladies F Capes. A Little Money does a Task in thin department, 7ge lot of Fancy Silk und Wool Novell iVs 40 to, -44 inches w'idy, regular price ?Hc to Soo a yard. For ohoioe cf lot jit-r 5 ard ........................................ 4Sc £Uld j aclietg to select f row at prices to su jj;.ti le Iliag8 s SGHMITT' & ..HEINLYi Populists Conclude That the Pop,. „. ocrats are Tricking Them. ELECTORS ARE NAMED THE GLOBE. j's'the money-saving institution of Logansport. It lightens the expenses ns, by lessening the cost of necessities. New Fall' Goods magnificent , variety and beauty received bought direct from the mauufactur- for all discounts saved, and to bo sold at price that credit bousos osaTi match. The store jammed full of clean, sparkling new goods, ivhich iJiSl Til&ase everyone who sees them. "We a\v;iit your verdict. HEN'S SUITS 233 Men's- plain and fancy cheviots worth ?G.OO, our price ........ .'...? 3.50 "SBIon's black, bluo flnished worsted ,-^orth ?S.OO, our price .......... 5.00 j-SOStcri's plain and fancy cassimcre w'-qyth $10.00, our price ........... 7.00 39D Men's black and bluo imported clay' worsted worth $15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. RALLYING. To the Defense of Sound Honey --Peru Club Coming 1 . The sound mouey Democrats weiv ::otive yesterday iu preparation for tlioir moefiiijar :it rlic i-iuk Wednesday i.'veninjr iioxf. A lonri' !'uc-L'ivi;i.l I.Vum S. 0. Picki'iis. Cli4iiniia.il of iliu Sfatr Central r.-oninviitco st.-iiteil that lion. .Tolui K. Wilson would probalily he prosenc but it! jiuyiliiii.ir occurred to pre- vout -a.iiol-her speaker would be-.sen I.- Dr. Scholl will also speak au'd .Hou. Rufiis Mago* will spi'ak f-oi' tin? loc-al sound moiioy Pwiioer.'Ms who number' 2HIX Boys -softs all colors, good flttersfrom 14 to 10 worth $5.00, our price- - ........................................................ 3.50 33 Eoy's'Wack, blue, and fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, worth ^""uO; our price .................................. ' ....... 5,00 3B»..Boy.'-s black, blue, and fancy impor ted worsted equal to custom irork, worth 910.00, our price .................................. 7.50 SCHOOL SUITS. 30 Tweed suits, good fitters, well jnade at $1, ,?1.50, worth $2.00 and. .$ 2.50 Stoj's- Scotch Tweeds, newest fall pattern's ?2.50, ?3.00 and $3.50, worth W.OO, ?5.00, and ................... . . .' ................... ' ...... 6.00 Sa*e jjants, ages 4 to 15, special lot. ... . \" ....................... ... .15 J&SS -wool Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price ...................... , .35 •Staittxiroy, all colors, worth 75c, our pr ice' ............................ 50 Beaiember our stock is all new and- we have all up-to-date novelties aH^-ar goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one pjiee. No Mlsrepre- •ararfst-ion, come, see for yourself and be convinced what we say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. ' CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. $2O.OO Will Buy a •fiood Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 4»6 Broad way, Second Floor. Oysters mt the Keystone. celery.— Rothonuel. -sugar, 21 Ibs, for .?!, at papers for sale at the Journal . 20 cents a hundred. the best cup of codec In f ei-ty at Dykeman's cafe. and children's rnaekhitoshcs prices.— Trade Palace. Ctu-b House, DcJolnyiHe, Teck and j Scarfs, at Deweuter, the hatter oaref furnisher. Tour c'holcc of 200 new capes today wair 13.08 and ?-J.9S, worth ?5 and gffJCCT.— Trade Palace. Ton. need Hood's SarsaparlUa to en- dob and purify your blooc!, create an nnd give sweet, refreshing afeep. AT H-alm, who was injured in a fall afternoon, w.hilo repairing J jROViTDlley w;re of the street railway is niuch better. all accounts Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is a ; Godsend to the affl.ietetl. There Is no advertisement stout this; we feel Just like saying It. —Tie Democrat, Carrolton, Ky. For oafc by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Children's umbrellas, 40c.—Trade Palace. Plontj- of all kinds of frul-ts at tlie Keystone. Dressed ehiickeiis and pork sausage at Rothermel's todny. ,You can buy a late style stiff and soft hat at one dollar of Dewen.ter, the haitter. i . '- ; 11 - \ -; Try our ,T. ,T. R. brand Mocha and Java coft'cc. It is fresh today.—Rothermel. A. L. Anderson is again able to attend to business, after a -threatened attack of paralysis, -, Union suits In. underwear are very coniforl.aWe. Dewenter, the hatter aud furnisher, sells them. /The announcement has been made of the raanr.iage of Mr. RaJno Kuhn aud Miss Mary Slianlcy. Tho wedding will occur Thursday evening, October StU. Joab Martin has been returned from the penitentiary -North by George Chaso, deputy, lifter serving time for ithe theft of ?1C from his wife two years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gardner, sori, daughter and grandchild, were on- •terfcained very pleasantly after the performance of "Fatherland," Thursday evening, by Mr, and Mrs. T. W. Nichols, old friends. An elegant lunch was enjoyed. Mrs. R. B, Crist died Monday at 'Rockville. The body was taken 'ffirbugh here yesterday on the way to Lester's ford, where it was interred. The funeral escort was met here by Mi ; ss Carrie Pierson of Royal Center. • .EXCTJRSION TO KLUJJTTON, IXD., Via Vandalia 'I/me, October 13th to lCth.-On October. 13th to 15th the 'VundaUa Line will sell excursion tickets' from all stations In Indiana to Bluff ton, Ind., at : one fare lor the iroiind trip, account Bdptlst Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October lOth, Inclusiive. For full particulars r call on nearest Vaodalia Line Tickel Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. I A letter from. i'uni stata.1'that the I Sound Money Democrat club there, had chartered atrniutmd would come with a ba-iid a hundred or -two strong. Spealcinjr of the i.r.pii"! increase 1 In the number of sound money Democrats iu the Shite, men who lia.vo come to realize the enormity of the'proposition of froo coinage at \(> !£ 1 .wimu-lho commerciaJ rnitio is 32 to 1, tlio Elk- ha.rt Truth. DontocrjvtU 1 , siy,s: !l "The resis-natioai of Storliu^rE. Holt, Chairman of the Imliansi. Democi-a.tic State Commlltee, marks'tiie co.iulitJon of entire party disintegration which; the pernicious silver minority •; pro-' cluced iu Uils State. Another member of fflie conimittcc, Rufns M-apoc, of Lo- panspont, lia.s also resipiiecl with Chairman Holt. - i "In Indiana, as in other States.; tlio honest money Democrats had a sincece* and earnest desire to save the Dqmoi-- cratic organization. They resnrd itlie silver sensation as ephemeral, -a mere' passing nradnoss: Thi-3- were- willing •to Ignore the question a.nil to prosent a uMtecl -Democratic ea.mpalsn, with 1 fair cluattces of carrying the State.' "But the silvertte faction would not have it They would accept no terins of agreement. They demanded that the silverlte .and Populist platform should be adopted as *ho sole condition- of Democratic unity in the State. • j "It was the part of w.isdom aud courage for the honest money Demb - crats -to refuse the shameful turms of surrender. Thej' know now w.heL l e they sto-nd. They must perfect auxl maiatain. tlieir organization. They will constitute the Democratic party of./Uie Sta.te in the next -campaign and for all the future." Cdlpniittee organized for Active >;'-.' Canvass. ••'•JTlic schenio of fusion between the Democrats and Populists was kicked jtofo si cocked hat Thursday by. .tli.e fSjwlifits.. Paul Vaudervoort came from ; jpmoha' to persuade the Indiana Popu- •ilsts',tp (end tlie revolt against Sewall and'-found 'them vury willing to do It.* Tho subcouilttccs of the two organl- uatious failed to agree (lifter a session of two hours in the afternoon. The Populists, demanded seven of the fifteen electors amd the . withdrawal of Sewa.ll, -white the Democrats are will- iu-g 'to concede but four of the electors and demandcdc the withdrawal of the Populist -State ticket. As soon as this was reported back to the' committee of thirteen to which the Populists State convention had delegated full •power in tUe nuitter of electors, this comuiittae decided that it was not worth while to negotiate longer and adopted a. resolution that a full ticket of doctors be put ia. the field. This was adopted by a vote of 12 to 1. A provisional list; o'f electors was selected and tlio chairman: of the committee directed to communicate with thorn and certify to tlioii' nommiiti.ou as soon as it IB learned tha.t they will servo. Tho Populists c-a.st nearly ;jO,uOO vo-tos in Indiana la.st election aud the Bryan, managers luu'C boon biuiklng heavily upou .this assistance this year. The new electroal ticket destroys this hope. The electors chosen are as follows: At Ian-go—Brasilia M. Blouutfof Irv- ingtwu, and Morton C. Hankie, of Terre Hawto. First District—P. H. Carroll, E Tons- vine. Second—S. W, Williams, V'iucenues. Third—Horace' McGiii-uks. Martius- bnrg. Fourth—A. G. Hose, Versailles. . Filth—Atosand-er ,T. Fai'rell, Morton. ... Sixth—Wright Jeff cries, Chinrlottes- Villtt. ' Seveath—Henry C. Baruett, Franklin. ' Eighth—Nath-an T. Butts, Winchester. :Ni'U;tlL—John Koggiffl, Goklsiniith. Xeiiitli—J.-HUCS ~\V. Pierce, Reusselaer. Eleventh—I. M. Miller, Upland. TwieH'tli—William Foster, Angola. Thirteenth—John- S. Bender, Elkhart. The State committee met during the •afternoon and organized by electing .the, following officers: .! Chairman—Julius -Rosenlieimer, of .Center, Howard county. Secretary—H. D. Craig, of Reiissa- laer. Assistant Secretary—Charles X. Matthews,. Imllanlapolls. Treasurer—J. H. Allen, Terre Haute. It was determined to get together agalla thc'foi-ces so nearly destroyed by tricky Democrats and to prevent that parly catching them with tho Bryan bait and Sewiall trap. THANKS TO THE PUBLIC For their kind attendance at our Formal Opening last nigiit, which was a Grand Success and now we're ready for business, and solicit the general traiile. We ask everybody to call and get acquainted with the highest qualities of Clothing, Gents Furnishings and hats at the very lowest prices. Respectfully, Berwanger Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK N. B. Those that did not get the proper attention at our opening must excuse us, as the crowd was so large that it was impossible for us to attend to everybody. GOT CALLED. An Amusing Campaign Incident at Poplar Grove Fair. NUMBER 1136. WALTON VIS. THE SALOON. Walton is'in lino with the towns that are waging war on quart shops and sa-; loons, and the people are throwing hotj shot at Forrest Buth, the conductor' of; the saloon at "that place. .. A town orill-. iimuce is in force compelling the beepers of saloons to pay a license of $100. Ruth lias Ignored the law and the citizens want the $1QO or DO saloon.. The case, was decided against the defend- amt In -a Justice's court, but he took an -appeal to the Circuit court. C.C. Bishop is .attorney for the town while Magee .& Funk represent the defendant. In the Number of the New Treasury Circular on Banks. . .United States treasury circular No. 1130 will l>e issued in a few days and a single copy will be seat to.any one' applying for it. It is issued in response to numerous requests for information coneerniinig 'banks, banking laws and banking history. Tables will give .number of depositors, resources, liabilities ami circulation, and in fact all tbio Information that there is likely to be any Inquiry about. Anyone want- tog Information on this subject will bo supplied by sending for circular No. 113G oil banks,'and aa'flress'mg Hon. G. Carlisle, Secretary Treasury, Washington, D. C. • Kokomo Tribune: At the Poplar Grove fair Wednesday Judge Ellison while delivering Democratic day exercises, undertook to bluff the crowd with Ills characteristically, wild'and exaggerated statements. The judge quoted a proposition of .some kind that he attributed to McKinley and declared that no man in the audience would-support McKlnley on that proposition. "I will give five dollars for thte picture! of a man. in the crowd who will •hold up his hand in favor of McKlnley on tills proposition," said the efoulliant orator. The chrysanthemum liajred judge who evidently took his audience for suckers, and thought he could play his bluff as high as he pleased was not prepared for the surprise that awaited him. . i i' ; >*• Sev-cnal men in the crowd held up their hands and one, H. W. Cockran, of- Forest stood up and called the bluff to a finish. Sam Brannen, who was serving as policeman at the fair, assisted in the work, Bronnen and Cochran .left the crowd; ton minutes later they returned from a gallery with a tin type picture of Mr. Cockran. They then walked to •tire speaker's stand and handing the picture to Judge "Ellison demanded the | five dollars he had promised. This was the 'citizens of Peru, In his attempt to arouse the prejudices of his hearers the candidate lor Governor made use of the expression: "Every hook-nosod Shylock from Jerusalem to Omaha is hoarding np. his gold." Tile Jewish" citizens were, at tic time of the speech", celebrating Tom' Kippur In their synagogue, and when, alter.the services, they heard o£ tlte remark ihej; .were much' Incensed at the direct insult aimed at them by Mr. Shively. There are about fifty Jewish voters in Peru and with but one exception every one of ttiem condemi-s.Mr. Shlv.ely. In Bitterest terms. At the services of Yom Kippur, this morning Rabbi Kelson, Of Cincinnati, who.is officiating, referred with' feeling to the prejudice which" in-. spired a candidate for th'e highest office In 1 the State to make such" a remark. T.hare is no doubt that tlip statement was made by Mr. Shively. Th'e fact can tie substantiated by affidavits 'from scores of' responsible men who heard it. THIS IS TOUli OPPORTUNITY. On receipt of tea cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular 'Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demonstrate Its great merit. Full size 50c. EiL,Y BROTHERS, 30 Warren St, New York City. Rev. Jolm Keid, jr., of Great Falls, Mont, recommended Ely's Cream Balm fo nle - r can emphasize ],i s statement, ; doiiars ue nuu prouiiseu. JLUJS woa , - , embarrassing moment in the life o " rt ^ ;l Positive cure for catarrh if MUCH EXCITEMENT. '.,,,' William Decker's team ran away yesterday on Market street. It was a wild dash 1 from Fifth street to a point below Second street, the fcightened J aBl- ,maJs taking the middle of the street, amd making very fast time. They, collided with a post on which was a-nioll.' box, and laid the upright low. .When they went against a telephone pole, however, they were blocked. The owner of the horses, one of which was badly hurt in the last collision, resides In Carroll county. •- •,.., ..•• MR. HAMILTON IS FREE. It was staited in Thursday's Journal that Frank Buchanan, or "Buck," as bo is .known; was a chum- of "Shanty'.' Hamilton, -and that the latter was still doing time.' The fact is the- "Shanty" Hamilton has boon out since. Septem- -ber 2, and .he claims to be trying to lead an honest life. . .'•••• ANOTHER BIG GUN. Judge Ellison and he looked as tlftragh he would consider it a God send If th" eairth! would open up and swallow hini Th'e globe di'd not consent-to accommo <Jafo the speaker, however; and he Lad to face the music. . Seeing there was no way out of th dilemma, the discomfited '.and Inimili ated Judge went down Into his pocket produced the five dollars and turned i over to Mr. Cochram-. This free silvei •offering was the most impressive fea ture of Mr. Ellison's silver speech. 'Mr. Cochran gave Mr. Brannen one dollar for his services and had four silver simoleans left, which paid wel for taking a day off to see the fair Judge Ellison did not renew his otter at the meeting In this city last nlgftt •Hon. Roswell G. Horr at the Rink ; '" Friday September 25. Hon.- Hoswell G. Horr, the famous exponent of sound money, will speak •at the .rink Friday, September 25th. He -will arrive from Chicago at 1:55 p. m., and will begin 'his speech at-2:30 o'clock. Mr. Horr was for years the .financial editor of the-New York Tribune, and' has . a more than national reputation as a debater and financial authority. He went into the hot bed of free silver and defeated .with "Coin" Harvey, routing that famous distorter of. facts completely. He has done mhich for the cause of sound money. The people should all hear him. Friday afternoon, 2:30, September 25th. INSULT. Offered by the Popocrat Candi date for Governor to Hebrew Citizens of the State. Duulap, Knox, Stetson, H-awer & Crofut and'Kn-app stiff'hats at De- wentier, the hatter and furnisher. , A special from-Peru, Ind., says: B. F. Shively, Democratic candidate for Governor, made two speeches In this clfy yee'teYcTayT' Th'e -event -had been extensively advertised, but not more than flve hundred people listened to the afternoon address. Shively spoke for two h'dttrs and a half from a stand in the court house yard, repeating 'file Populistic assertions used by all Pop- ocratic speakers this campaign.. The feature of the evening demonstration was to have been .the first appearance of the Bryan marching club, the successor-of the famous Cleveland Escort Club of this city. Every effort was made to 'bring out a club of 150 men, which wos the strength of the escort club, ftut only twenty-eight uniformed men were ia line last night by actual count. The evening meeting was field in the court room, and the speech of Mr. Shively created a. sensation among used as directed."—Rev. Francis Poole, Pastor Central Pres. Church, Helena, Mont XEW BICYCLE PATH.' The construction of the bicycle path from Laporte to Chicago is now. under way, and ?T5.000 of the $110,000 needed lias been subscribed. The path will Be fifteen feet wide, and as smooth as asphalt It will be used for team travel as-well as for century runs. TOie family of M. L. Byers now occupies the home of Harry Frank on Market street. , PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers ..23c iWomcn's Storm Sandals 2Sc Men's Good Rubbers 36c Men's Arctics ....- 5Sc Women's Arctics 4Sc Misses' Arctics 3Sc Men's Overs for Felts OSc AV<5 -allso hnve the celebrated Good- y«ir Glove Rubber goods. No .better brand of goods in the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Slices, Button 6Sc Women's Vici Kid Patent Tip, Button 9Sc Men's Velvet Slippers 45c .Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe ,9Sc Men's Buff Congress, Plain. Dress Toe OSc Youth's Good School Shoes 73c Boys' Good School Shoes OSc Boys' House Slippers 43c IVwuen's Very Fine Xeedle Toe -tad Xew Coin Toe, Lace and Button. Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Price on this shall be.$1.4$ The nborc goods arc all fresh now goods, which arc arriving doily, bought lirect from Hie manufacturer for cash", nd our customers shall have U»o bou> fit. Line W. Pilling, Shoos,.'412 vny. Logansport, Ind.

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