The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 6
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Fatf. .Way To Peak Helping Hand From __ . BT JI90OE DONAHUE NEA'Serrfee Sprit Writer Cwry 1 year F*te; «buffles - fe and a '.new flock of young: re . rikes In the chips and sends -;-..' old-timers ' to the cleaners. iis 'year: will be no exception slant at the winter books Indies that flye lads will be the wed; sons of the three god. »es of 'destiny during 193«— two fers, a pair' of tennis players ." 1 a new behemoth of the bat. .lie golfers are Paul Runyan Ute Plains, N. Y., pro, and .mny Goodman, the Omaha »teur who won the 1933 Na lalOpen. 1 ' I • ' .* .* • luiW, now 25, reached his ik as a professional. The last i seaspm have stamped him sj i mwt promlslnj of the young p. The ciirrent winter season, ' whlCfi he has : won several bit ,rts, .maj ; . set hUn leading the * arid' ousting the old st^ra n ms.Sarazen, Hagen, Kirkwood . i company. •. . joodman is sitting hi a perfect t. Although, at 23, he U two n older than Jones was 'when ' master won his first major rnament, Johnny is years ahead Bobby In reaching his peak >urin|. the playing of the Open, »jian demonstrated an almost . ness methahkal gaine.' His rally •.» Mac Smith told him to quit ftW around and play .golf TO! i that he Is susceptible to ln- nuoaq oratory, though that «nt : mean he has to have a ; «npter or cheer leader follow- t i aim- on every round. .Jpodroan's big chance comes this ':*V Spurned by the Walker 'Cup ;nuit. committee in 1832. he had f«*_ chosen this year. This will s him an opportunity to take ,:t- In .the British Amateur and ,m, two. tournaments far beyond /reach in 1932 and 1833 because •financial reasons. inere.i! jiist a chancie that he i'.*Jjal Bobby's clean sweep be;.! 1«34 Is over. •# : • • •:• i » • » • ?nt;t«0,'t*nals youngsters for -im the new year holds a, lot ' (?Unt .>Plivei - . .. .. _ baseball'.flgare/'deitmed. for m ?rt>U5ly 'JwiVn-ras 'the Ult. ..vSwatsman,".' . th'e .of Sudlersvllle, lr --and 1 Jirh- FOZX. •*'';''.•. of; Connie BIA'THEVILLE. By Krenz COURIER NEWS Lines un l.oughran Tommy Ixjughran, the sujx?ran-| nuated shadow from Philadelphia.j has more than a good chance to beat I'rlma Carnera at Miami, Feb. 22. nut there are certain disadvantages lie must heed. One of these Is the piiamoin'3 1 flair for sr.cUding his own blood, t During the course of his liun- rtreds of battles, his face has been severely plowed. Tnese old scars open easily. It is not easy for •ard, and those extra days In the hatbox called Shlke Park may be ll he needs. THROUGH THE DQP s. DEAN C««ch, Indfaiu Unl: TtrritT The southern eectlon of the Pa- Ulc Coast conference is made up f University of California, Soulh- rn California, 0, of California at MS. Angeles, «nd Stanford. ' Blytheville and Braggadocio Clash In First Tourney Game Blytheville and Braggadocio will clash in the first game of the annual Invitation tourney starting was Leachville game vs. Winner Wilson-Cooler game. , 9:30 o'clock - Loser Holland- Leachville game vs. Lose here tomorrow afternoon It „„„ „;„,.„,„„. KM announced today with the release Wilson game of drawings for the tourney by. Saturday Night- lation finals. »r>,« i-,vi t- , liTj"" " ""^'"^"""'Pionshfp fin- The Chicks and the Missouri && team will take the court nt one' o'clock with four giimes to be play- ed during the nflcrnoon and four Friday night. H appeared doubtful this mom- ing that the WJlson Bulldogs would take part In the meet. Efforts were underway to secure another team for the tourney in the event .Wilson does not take part but prospects of securing a tenm at this late date were not bright To.prevent the necessity of run-|, the tourney without the j Hayti Basket Teams Beat Deering Again HAYTI, Mo.—The Hayti Indian were ngain successful in defeating the Decring teams The Hnyti girls played a fasl gnme. wining by J11l^iSJ2A^_,U^UAriYl8, 1934 Hooks .and Slides Bill Braucher G«nnini Advocate Move Of Capital From Bnhn | BERLIN. UlPI-aermaii wws- I Paper reads were surprised \t It ml|ihl have to vrtdlii Its position man cliy. again 'to o. I Ger- Charles I.ivlucston liull was a famous IMI.S'TKII OP ANIMALS. A cola Is a final Nourish or tmimiruy OF A ML'SIC'AI, COMI POSITION'. CAL1I.KO Invented slow. Sharkey caught him in an off moment and knocked him out. -««.., >»-,,(/. iv li not easy for judKC 1 * * * or referee to award the decision to' " ls Opportunity n man bathed in his own gore I!c doesn't need weight to bent Carnora. It seems to me there isn't Th« question for sonic (lino liiis l<r °' llll< '» lra blasting vnrlcty f«> argued whether II would mil I Knnsors Uivesllfialliig (lie cause lx desirable tu tnmsfcr the onpl-' 0 ' l > ttrnffiiliu: motor liorn solo in <al to n plnco more crnirnlly sltu-' llll! vlcliiliy of Canyon Hotel found med than Berlin. It VMS tirsucd • l| U' driver's wnt of « smnll car oc- ihat Berlin, which Is only CD miles; copied fcy nn enterprising cub who from the Polish frontier, might Wlls Betting nil Hit- noise lie could not b* suitable as the seat of the Ul " °f l ' 11 ' liorn. Reich's executive In CUM of Inter- Even the benr's mother nppear- natlonal complications. Jed Impressed by licr cub's pc'r- Advocatcs of the transfer pro-1 loriminoe, as she cowered at a posed Kassel or Hanover us Ger-i sn '» distance, niany's future cnpital. Weimar, ~ '•ossts by one chance- In 10,000 of his knock- Sevr i '"* " le bi « pi "" °»<- Speed Is ,. L,J ^"V? 0 I 0 ™" 1 * f^MI'to best weapon. The skill (hat ihe Bostonian lightly and as a result tcok a licking. He was enraged, demanded a return bout and got it «-lthin 0 few weeks. weapon. The skill Lo'.ighran has acquired can keep Can-.era away and punish the big follow at the same time. Tommy's chance lies in rolling up a great number of points. loo. had supporters. Immediately niter th« revolution of 1918, there v.'as n strong current In fuvor of substituting another capital for Berlin. Germany's first post-revolutionary parliament met at, Wel- niar instead of Berlin. Berlin finally retained its position then, but In bis most recent ftghi. Lougli- ran administered an artistic beating to Ray Impelllttlere. But In an early chapter, r,| s opponent opened A couple of bad gashes on ""• Irishman's pan and the now bloat almost led the referee to halt the fight and call it a technical knockout. • • • Anclfnl Advice Carncra b much g,,.^ to n g in the clinches, moving thore big arms around li ke flails. A co" P ^ h J ? » nr ° Und ^ e * K f ™-'» ie big fellow would' be pretty cer In to open up the weak spots. th 1 ^ '?n thC ariyll:e fr0i » Hi's corner that Tommy undergo a course of 'ks me T,mne lh "" br " :e '"'"' water ^> f 0 ^'" 8 °^"^" sail *L ^L* 5 . I? ancieiu P ! ^'i"8 nailed with that "kind of punch And if Tommy only keeps his features imact. he can win 'inch he put on is As a result be ivas. \\febster, Americar orator and state* balk. G. G. Caudill Ocneral Incanue 1*6 N. BroMn; PhoM IK Annual \Invitation BASKETBALL Eight Good Teams THREE SESSIONS Friday Afternoon, Jan. 19, 1 P. M. Friday Night, Jan. 19, 7 P. M. Saturday Night, Jan. 20, 7:30 P. M. ADMISSION Friday Sessions 15c & 25c Saturday Session 25c & 50c Season Tickets 35c & 75c BLYTHEVILLLE ARMORY Ball the score of 22- of Hayti scorei >»* ; 4ie..*jnneri ; if' the northern' Irttlon for -the coast champion- Jlp.-The-nbtiJiern divlstoh cch- ists. of -Washington. Washington tale, Oregon State, Oregon and qaho. • The playoff series is a big event n the coast and sometimes as lany as 10,000 attend these games > : , B « sgelb ' U has ^creased greatly l , ! r ou i K>'PU8h in popularity on the coast. Crowds K'y. ont.of the .have.grown and the grade of bas- .you,ca n -bet:that If.ketball ". .-n »««ii,vj "iiuuui, me full elghi; ..teams In the tourney the plytheville second team may be .entered, as a separate quint from the ;chick varsity. The schedule follows': Friday Afternoon 1 o'clocX—•Blytheville -vs BraE- gadocfo.' " _ : -. 2 o'cloclc-^HoUand vs. Leaclwille. 3 o'clock—Osceola vs. Stcele. 4 o'clock^-Cooter vs. Wilson. Frlda-y Nlfht 7. o'clock.—Loser Blytheville- Braggadocto gamers. Laser Osceola-Sleele game. • 8 o'clock Winner Blythcvlllc- Braggadocio game vs. winner Osceola-Steele game. 20. Estelle 17 points. The Maytl boys game was wu » nunng the first half with neither team being able to break the defense of the other. The Hayti boys rallied in the last half and when the final whistle blew the score Iwns 27-17. Geyser Watrr 1I«( S Pool. YELLOWSTONE PARK. Wyo (OP)—Swimmers at Old Paithfu Tnn here will have a unique pool this summer, c. A. Hamilton is installing a concrete pool that will be filled nnd heated by water from some of the park's famous geysers including OM Faithful. 8:45 o'clock — Winner Hollnnct-' $50. Sandusky, O.. prohibits swearing In • cemeteries and fines offenders In tlie diagram, Coach John . :has\been lewlli- , Bunn of Stanford University shows " r> .*_:..• '-.'JT •."•"-. •"-*;" iCHKlU ,In Pennsylvania. : ' '•'•-•,:'• ; OTO .•bapt-.'.to .'drive through .to the basket 5« A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL .-'. « I A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL • Ji.^EAR 8URDETT A. TRACTS NEAR POP! AR NEAR POPLAR CORNE NEAR MARIE ™ AC I NEAR LEACH VILLE A ™a ; TRACT NEAR LEACHVH I V 1-41 A. TRACT NEAR •" 0| for sale balance spread J. W. BADER Ark. ZfQ/ MORE 1 9 /O NON-SKID LIFE AT If it PRICES ON MOSJ siztsif Although the latest Goodyear All-Weathers •rerage 35% more non-skid mileage, most sizes are priced as low or lower than the 1932 tires! Ail the H««Ty Duty siie* are lower—they cost 80c to $2.70 «•» . . . Come In, we'll show you the new flatter, »!*> thicker tread, and closer-together diamond non-skid block* that make the world's largest- celling tire a still greater value today! SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark. TIME EXTENDED Federal Judge Martineau has made an order extending the benefits of the order referred to in the tnilowing advertisement to February 1st, with the express provision that it wiD not be extended again. NOTICE TO LANDOWNERS Q ( «\ If 9 or Sub- N No. Read the Following Carefully: ?!? "J 0 " th ,fMwo years ago for drainage taxes due Drainage District of Drainage District No. 9, you can pay the receiver. . , . FIFTY (50'') PER CENT ot the tax for wh ic h the land was sold, and no effort will be made to colled the balance of said tax or subsequent tax, prior to November 1, 1934. the Chance " Slrt^ *" "" '" "* *"" le " than '*" *"** 3g °' y ° U can pay thc Clerk of FIFTY (50%) PERCENT 1r a be roade lo coUect the balan « of ^ » ClerlAf } FIFTY (50*) PER CENT Wi " ^ madC t pror ffi J. T. COSTON, Osceola, Ark. Attorney for Drainage Dist. No. 9 (44-52), E. N. THLFELDT, R«eivfr, 905 Rector Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. A. G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark. Attorney for Sub-Di»t. No. 3 of Drainage Dist. No. 9. Company, have signified their ii is;.'^: -; ; -.-.^ • . >*._•->• .-•„ -..

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