Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on November 19, 1975 · Page 14
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 14

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1975
Page 14
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14 PougMeptfc Jeurnol Wednesday, November 19, 1975 j, Vbt T - Shirt Craze Packing In Oglers i. By KEN DAVIS Associated Press Writer NEW ORLEANS (AP) From Fat City to" the French Quarter, bar owners are packing in thirsty oglers with New Orleans' latest craze: wet Tshirt contests. It's Sin City's biggest come on since police stopped noticing the scarcity of brassieres along Bourbon Street. AH you need is a pitcher of watet, a bunch of white cotton T - shirts and a covey of bra - less girls eager to match their natural endowments with other .girls. Since water makes the Tshirts all, but transparent, the bar customers begin gulping instead of sipping their drinks. The prize the bar owner puts up for this immodesty is modest: $25 to $75 tot most contests. Some of the girls, pressured by yelling drinkers, lift their Tshirts or peel them off, sometimes aided by a thoughtful onlooker. " A few contestants, steamed up by the noise, yank off skirts, too, a bid for the afternoon's prize that is ignored by grinning police on hand for crowd control. Those excessively modest contestants who figure transparently wet T - shirts afford sufficient visibility generally get booed off the portable stages. The two - month - old fad began as the Jealously claimed brainchild of John McGuire, an owner of Pierre's restaurant - bar in Fat City, the plastic counterpart of Bourbon Street in adjacent Jefferson Parish. That show foreshadowed the take - it - off syndrome of subsequent con tests in other bars and other parts of New Orleans when some contestants hoisted the fronts of their T - shirts. "But, it wasn't distasteful," protested McGuire, and his customers must have agreed because they're still crowding his bar. A local radio personality, Hugh Dillard, professionally known on WWL - FM as Captain Humble, hired on as M.C. of that first show for $50. 'It was just sort of a fluke," he said. "They called me and just asked me to M.C. a contest. I didn't know what I was getting into. , "It was the dirtiest money I have ever worked for," he said, vowing never to take on such a job again. One girl in a recent contest, he said, .wore a floor - length skirt, which she pulled off and threw into the audience. Viewers of these frenetic contests range from callow youth to middle age, and the yelling goes across the spectrum, too. The contestants own up to ages from 18 to mld - 30s, and rather inarticulately try to explain why they get into the contests. One thing they seldom express is compunction, but they do admit it helps to get a bit tanked beforehand. "It was like being in Playboy," said a 22 - year - old receptionist from suburban Marrero, winner of the Miss Maxi prize at Jed's bar in Jefferson Parish. "The atmosphere was dynamite." That week's Miss Maxi said she had been talked into the contest by her prideful truckdriver husband, and felt rotten for the first few minutes. Jed's also gave a Miss Mini prize that day. A 27 - year - old social worker said she competed, to "do something outrageous before I got too old." A former Newcomb College student, 21, she stopped having fun when the bar owner raised her T - shirt over her head in the first contest. But, she's not in college for lack of funds, so she's been through three of the contests. "What could I do?" she asked. Most of the T - shirt lifting, it may be noted, is done by the girls. And, one reason is the desire for victory. At La Bouchene in the French Quarter during a recent contest, one girl won the Miss Maxi competition by peeling off her shirt although another contestant quite obviously was more maximum. The girl with the mostest wouldn't take off her shirt. Sternly, the bar crowd turned thumbs down. Not everyone present enjoys the contests. There was the policeman at La Boucherie who smiled a lot, but expressed disappointment. "I thought it would be more complex," he said. But, McGuire, the bar owner who tapped this bonanza, gazes at the clanging cash registers at Pierre's and is, 'hugely satisfied with sim - plicity He won't say how much wet T - shirts have helped Sunday business. "Put it this way," he said. "It Was bigger than Mardi Gras." COLLEGE DRUG 48 Raymond Avenue (naar Juliet Thoatro) PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS Hudson Vitamins, Russell Stover and Fanny Farmer candies EDWARD L. MARTIN Registered Pharmacist No: 4 in a series 0 12 WMM K m MM TsT o mkSfnmfi From A Great American Bank b) permimoii of THI BITTMANS ARUIIVr J.752; A shocking revelation. i Some people just won't leave well enough alone. True, Ben Franklin is an educated man. Even a do - it - yourself doctor. But he's always tinkering with some new idea. The other night, folks saw him flying a kite in a thunderstorm. He was actually a human lightning rod, and a few more volts could have killed him. Electricity isn't his only claim to fame. If he's not designing streetlights, he's starting a fire company. Or, an insurance company. He's a printer and a publisher. He gave us our first library We think he has a pretty good future .In politics, too. If only he'd learn to dress a little fancier, here's no telling how far he might go. i THE FIRST NAT VONA L B A N K otu3tuceefxUe, meMber fdic or mionla'no ; SOUTH ROAD & EVERGREEN AVE. NEW YORK 12601 473 - 1100 NEWBURGH NEW PALTZ MILTON HIGHLAND POUGHKEEPSIE 473 - 1100 a bwvoua EVERY DAY A SALE DAY tftsV :' Thursday, Friday and Saturday Flares Terrific Go - Together . . MIXABLE SPORTSWEAR $5 Shirts Put together today's populai sporty looks with tailored shirts and flair pants. SHIRTS: Variety of super tun prints in easy - care nylon. Pointed collar, placket front and buttonbutton - cuffs. Six S - M - L. FLARESs Cotton corduroy flare - in choice of two styles. Button waist with braid trim or button waist with 2 patch pockets ac cented by tucks. Many colon Sires 5 - 13. Jr Avo.SporttwoorDept. MUSICAL JEWELRY BOXES 10 25 99 to 99 An enchanting gift ideaforthe coming holidays. Beautifully Crafted wooden jewelry boxes that play your favorite tunes. Artful do - 1' tails include 3 to 7 drawers, mirrors, inner compart ments lined with rayon velvet and rich findings. Walnut and other fine finisHes. ,$, r i 'IT s i Handbag Dapr.r fa' Main Floor liY. - LssReWt s7 .11 mm lllBHiH Mmmm BHsH - MsSk liVlH vfZa&fiM BHBMHsnilslwnlllBsm'lsBBMB IBkCflsHIHLBs1rsU'lJ aJbMjJL 1 1 ie.nw .) J V HnSHfl mx&Rtz&s? 1 r B; t 5wff21SSiaissHs7?WWjrfil 9UTbMHbI IsBsBswvMepH - HlliljaV O 99 Q 99 A99 jlES rSsoHRsr v9Hbjw IklCAKITC UPC. PRAM SUITS KNIT DRESSES 2 - PC. DIAPER SETS 4 - PC. HAND CROCHET DRESS SETS 3,PC. LEGGING SETS WATER REPELLENT ITALIAN RAIN SCARFS 99 New headgear for any weather. At tractive acetate print scarfs that shed the rain drops easily. Variety of colorful oat - Cf arm C m 27x27 - in. square. Ready - to give in clear tubes. Scarf Dopl., Main Floor PRAM SUITS: Warm 1 - plece sets of soft acrylic. Full front zipperi hood with drawstring closing, mittens, closed shaped booties. Some with novelty appliques. Many colors. Sixes: newborn 18 mos. Reg. 4.99 . . 2.99 KNIT DRESSES: Hand embroidered knit dresses. Short sleeves, drawstring waist detailed by pom - pom trim, embroidery accents. Pastel shades. Acrylic. Sizes 9 - IB mosi Reg. 4.99 2.99 DIAPER SETS: 2 - piece sets for boys and girls. Hand embroidered knit sweaters or dresses In solids, checks or prints. Coordinated solid creeper pants. Acrylic. Sizes to 3 mos. Reg. 5.99 2.99 DRESS SETS: 4 - piece hand made crocheted in beautiful gift boxes. Duo - tone dress. Button up back, drawstring waist. Floral embroidery. Mathing hats, bloomers, and 'booties. Acrylic. Variety of colors. Sixes to 12 mos. Reg. 6.99 ; . 3.99 LEGGING SETS: For boys arid girls. Hooded xip back sweater with embroidered trims. Mahching footed leggings and mittins. Pom - pom details. Acrylic. Pastels or white, Sixes: newborn to 1 2 mos. Reg. 7.99 4.99 Infants' Dopl. DELUXE DOLL COACH,; 1 0" Sculptured 3 dimension body, all. tubular "Duchess' coil spnng un - ' dergear, 3 bow hood with folders. Plated tubular top rail. 22 - x'l 1 Vi - Inches.' J r"i ' P '' " j ft I FOLDING TABLE 'N CHAIR SETS f4 UJZfy jFjJrJ I I V - V &LJV Kf &. V "K, ? S7 i& 'zl GIFTBOXEDIa DANaNGGlRLHOSIERYl MS.1 9V,H .?; i., S"31MSA WM ?4 : i?f&iJLi. I T..li.tm. ?t D.ik.rf.iLt iJitK. u Ann Jf ndl, 1 5 dnlrsS - nylon, j4 Rolnforcoc) tioollrtn guard :iwlt and toeWldo selottion ?J of "ali(i,!! eolrSteSli fs S $Hotl.!yPi,wlnn FAMOUS MAKER'S i? MA &iVWJIM.$ &rnu;nwB !, "9H"4 c ii ;iua sssv SB1 rr 8 H StSsO 59 FVi si Tabutou lit l famous (nqkor'j pan?y npfatoorTlKn fc,cplrs. One f It PA - T,, 34 rS. mm rt MlCGIfT - BOXEtfl HANDKERCHIEFS W tn - hndkrcM.V CHspffi ex wm nm coiortui aoroiK. l - MalFtM f - 1 M rStJWiSTldi.rV. II VcS 8w - r j " " - iir 099 Reg. 12.99, 2424 - lnch all enam - i olod stool fobl. witk vinyl top. 2 fully as. sombloa paddod folding chain. Heavy vinyl upholttory, Juvanil Pumlturo Dpt. & M tJ BOYS' WINTER OUTERWEAR SPECTACULAR $12 When cold weather strikes, stay warm in ' handsome parkas. Selection of popular styles. Ski parkas, corduroys oc others. Zip front, hoods, slash pockets and knit cuffs. Nylon or other fabrics. All lined with thick acrylic pile. Variety of colors. Sixes 8 - 1 6. Boyt' Dopt. tf" R4rB ' esssssHL jSAsLUlIIH M t 'Si. ..S"' "1" J'! - IIMiw TfcS - SffJ'i 'iH'i 4 yy j yyx&Lf 4 $t hy2J XS1 rT HsflyiBttaPVnl aaBVaWaWaBaBvJlBaV ' ZsVBmSHnlBHJ viaeBvAaBvAaBvflBBavJ sVllsVsVaVaVaVaVaVBaVaVaVaVaVBBL KHBBBKi''J'''bBIBW l vOsBBBBHIlBBBBtt 1 $16 vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv& OUS RED STAR DIAPERS iWi'V:f i'Rl - - ,lw&iiMIf i Abortnt4:biMfy - weavfcwn(f(j - 5' ottordiqpWfPe,rnan.nflySSO BOYS' LEATHER LOOK JACKETS Handsome vinyl jackets that look and fee like real leather. Thick acrylic pile lining for warmth on' the coldest days'. Snap front and 4 snappy pockets accented by inverted pleats. Colors: luggage, brown or tan. Sizes 8 - 1 8. cut size, wHtMl Pfp - nalof " - 5K Reg; $10 . $ .' - i&wtfmmmiHWWd COrITY INFANTS' UNDERSHIRTS i. i .(,.. '.i - ...( j.',. ,:... j m. : '.;..."; ".j. T .. .," iK. wwij i i Short ':ilvnrtnfrfthtiin:fcifcfc. V i dersMrts Cotton ' White SlxeWl MSli, P. . .4 s ..,v.y5.K - , L 71 - 2 '. i lambs. - sM f& X :otton ' whitSimiKMCI i MM TODDLER GIRLS' bRESSES Turttonock tops and contrasting ombroidorod or $ C ttripod drotiot Acrylic. Navy or rod. Slios 2 - 4, , v Taddtir Girii' 0pt ' In 2 - PIECE SLEEPERS, 99 ' Inlantt or toddlort 2 - pc. footod iloopors Non - skid Xm olos. Polyoitor. Solids. Slight irrogi Slios 1 - 4, If prf 4 994-8. Monti' and TaddUrrMpl J i INFANTS' HOODED TOWELS Soft and abtorbont cotton tony hoodod tawols. ,Whito or paitoli, Ono lio. Infant' 0pt 99 Dog. 3 99 INFANTS' COVERALLS For boyi and girls. Zip or snap front. Cotton or lorry or brvihod nylon. Many colors Slut to 1 2 moi. Infanli' Dpl. 99 lfPorf.2.99 BOYS' PRINT SHIRTS 'n FLARE JEANS 099 r ea. SHIRTS: Reg. 6 99 Sporty casual shirt of shiny acetatenylon. Vanty of up - to - date prints' Long pointed collar and long sleeves. Sizes 8 - 1 8. JEANS: Favorite western styling In flare jeans. Belt loops, scoop front, patch back pockets. Solid colors or fancy pnnts. Noriron polyestercotton. Sizes 8 - 1 8. BOYS' NOVELTY PAJAMAS AFor If Perf.5.99eo. Ski style pajamas of flame tetardant Dynel modacrylic fibers Novelty frints or team ogos screen printed on tops. Slight irregs. Sizes 8 - 16. Roys' Popt. INFANTS' GIFT BOXED BOOTIE SETS Boys and girls acrylic sots. Matching twoator, hot and booties. Varioity of colors. Sliosto 12 mos. Infants' Dapt. 2" Reg. $5 ACYRLIC KNIT HATS " & - Infants and toddlors acrylic knit.hats. Some with I Reg. 3.49 earflaps. Solids or prints. One slio! Infanta Dapt. 149 Eg o w KIMONOS or CRIB SHEETS , print klmonoij fitted w anwwia. Mtaiaio, poiyonor or COrtOn. SMI. i, Slight irregs. Layette sixes. ,,. .,. If P.rf . 2.79 e), GLOVES or MITTENS . ? Acrylic knit glovos or mittens for boys and girls. tesf v - r v eg. l. - r Solids or jacquards. Infants to childrons siios. OinV Coat Dapt. INfANTS;"SWEATERS Hand made acrylic knit swoators. Contrast colors, bow or other trims, $lsos to 1 2 mos " Wanta Pagt 1 jia I ' T B tm "I'l DUTCHESS MALL FISHKIIliNXTloute? Just south of 84 Open Monday thru Saturday 1 0 A,M. to 9 P - M,. 1 l 1 4 1 ft 9 I

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