Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on October 1, 1966 · Page 2
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 2

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1966
Page 2
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- ! - !"T. X 'izmmm. PAGE TWO. vmtie zrftiik4to'i' v. POUCHKEEPS1E JOURNAL " . riitfjw.ui iaiww - iBiMM SATURDAY. OCTOBER I. 196S Kennedy to Join O'Connor on Upstate t ." - ' - " - - . - i ; Tour Wage Law Made Issue ALBANY1, N.Y. (AP) - Frank D. O'Connor enlisted the elec toral glamor of U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy today on an upstate campaign swing opening with an O'Connor pledge to raise the states minimum wage beyond 11.50 an hour. Kennedy, who usually draws large and lively crowds, agreed to accompany O'Connor on visits to Rome, Glens Falls and Troy in an effort to perk up the Democratic nominee's cam paign for governor.. Traveling bv chartered plane, O'Connor scheduled speechs in Albany and Yonkers before ren - J devousing with Kennedy at tne Oneida County airport. The Albany engagement was conference of the State Coun - ALOY'S GARDEN RESTAURANT Since 1932 SERVING THE FINEST PIZZA TAKE. HOME ORDERS . Every day. from 4:30 P. M. US Garden St., GL 4 - KS - dl of Machinists, n' JFhCIO labor organization. In a speech prepared for 'the meeting, . O'Connor criticized Rockefeller for laaryeart veto of two Democratic bills that would have raised the minimum wage in New York State from 11.25 to. $1.50 an hour. After some sparring with the Legislature this .year, Rockefeller signed legislation that will raise the minimum to $1.50 on Jan. 1. 1967. An estimated COO, 000 workers will benefit . Deplores Delay O'Connor said delay in raising the minimum had "prolonged and deepened the misery" of, low - paid workers. "Next year," he continued, "we will explore energetically ways to raise 'the minimum above Sl.50.and spread Its cov erase in the state to those who cannot live on what they can earn with their labor." State law exempts., a wide variety of workers from the mini mum wage requirement. The minimum need not be paid to domestic or farm workers, ap prentices, students holding part - time jobs, persons who depend largely on tips or employes of religious, charitable or educational institutions. O'Connor did not specify to what level he would seek to raise the minimum or what categories of workers he would bring into coverage. In a more - generalized attack on Rockefeller's labor record, O'Connor said that the RepublicanRepublican - governor had been "no friend to the working' mas or his family" and that he had "coddled business while showing a callous indifference to the people." Notet Tax Burden Almost from the moment that Rockefeller took office in 1959, Oa Mala 1 Black OS Mark rMghiMmM, Gl 1 - XMt ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Now.hriiTues THESE ROLES GAVE JAL LIZ HER REPUTATION I nii; KlaKfiir mLi&l .'iyMfio tumtVEwraKiy. "L. - .iBBE K TL Q ol lntoly$jr Award - wlnrtng JK JtWlM. A1 . . rtMs Jt performanoe vffrLH: (MaflTfA aaUHft fli w I EUZABEIH TAYLOR PAULNEWMAN - BURLIVES OnAtJ:A7:M rie.M Nat.: tut ELIZABETH TAYU3R fi LAuncnbcrvuivci " i J0HNI7KAHX5 BUIJERFIEID 0 On Al 2:00 - 5:4 : campleU aaaw al 7:JI NOW! z SPICY FIRST - RUN COMEDY HITS! ' tmmSmtuTmF" ffrflm i' m Jil iijin iilnlll FEATURE TIMES TONIGHT My Wife's Husband 6:45 - 10:00 - Nutty, Naughty Chateau 8:15 Lea m& Nuffu, Naughty Chateau' Detroit Orders History Books DETROIT (API The city's public school system has ordered $20,000 in paperback history books to supplement a ninth grade text which a Negro leader, said' was deficient in depicting' African cultures. Norman Drachler, acting - superintendent, said the text, "The Story of Man's Achievement," is the best available but "stresses primarily' the contributions of Western culture and does not provide an adequate picture or other cultures. - Eight books will be .used, to supplement the text, Drachler said. The. eight cover African nations, India, Indonesia, other Asian nations and Latin America.' Truckload - Of Clothing Stolen in N.Y.C. .. NEW YORK AP - A 40 - foot trailer truck carrying a cargo of clothing valued at $100,000 was stolen Friday night from in front of the offices of the Yale Transportation Corp., police said. The theft was at 12th Avenue near 40th Street. A 13 - state police' alarm was broadcast, describing the missing truck 'as silver In color except for the company's same painted in blue letters across its body. It was to have been driven to a New .Haven, Conn., terminal. O'Connor said.' the covernor and other - Republicans "have, been shifting the tax burden from those' who can afford to pay to those who: can least afford to pay." O'Connor's attack' was an al tempt to counter the effect of recent, labor - union endorsements of Rockefeller. Some have cited Rockefeller's; approval of the $1.50 wage bill among - reasons for backing him. After the Afoany appearance. O'Connor's schedule took him to Yonkers to help open a cam paign headquarters for U.S. Rep. Richard L.. Ottinger, a freshman Democrat' seeking re election. Kennedy was headed for Syr acuse to lend similar support to another first - term congressman, James M. Hanley, before joint ing O'Connor. Kennedy was called into the gubernatorial campaign alter a two - day upstate tour by O'Connor earlier this week stirred little voter interest. Campaign crowds ranged from small to virtually nonexistent. - Although Kennedy had not planned to enter the O Connor campaign until - late October because of commitments in otn - er states he agreed to take a hand early. 'OOS.EVE.LTJ THCATRI aBMaaaaaaajajaaaaaaal Excltum iShowinal SUN. MAT ONLY - P.M. k - ri - fc - V - ggr 71tRJ3 raw now Miguel, TECHNICOLOR A UNIVERSAL PICTURE ALSO OATTIFOF1HC fmAma rwa nwmc Sotwdv Gonzales Decision Reserved In Malicious . telephone pall Case City Judge Getlert yesterday reserved decision after the trial of a city man on a charge of malicious telephone calls. "The defendant, SamI Neshel - wat, 22, of 691 Main St., a - dishwasher, was arrested July . 11 on complaint of Mrs. Doris Hoffman, 55 S. Hamilton St The defendant was represented by George .Pagones, attorney, with Assistant District Attorney Liddy appearing for the People. Mrs. Hoffman said she had been receiving telephone calls including obscene remarks, noticed police, and was told to ar - : 'range to" meet the caller. .She did, in front of 699 Main St. She 'said' a man crossed the street after she arrived and identified himself as the telephone caller. She said he was the defendant. Nesheiwat was taken Into custody by Detective SbetlyVho had staked out nearby. The defense contended It was a case - of mistaken Identity since the defendant speaks little English. ' TRUm - rN - PACKACrNG' FRANKFORT, KY. (AP) - The Kentucky Division of Weights and Measures bis adopted a "truth - fa - packaging" regulation to protect buyers. . , AixCowmoKW . f itnpmal HOW SHOWING Dutchess County s Newest ?nla ,. - 1 - .,. ana finest Tneatra pmuun p "WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE!" DOVER THEATER DOVM rUUNS, K. T. TaL STMM1 Tonight at 7:00 ft t - .M P.M. rttar Faaaa Naa7 8ta.tr "THE WILD ANGELS" AiaK CaMrUIUMBl HMcvMkS BOM MCK rBR M6RE! iSgSjS TONITE THRU TUES. X SMASH COLOR HITS Daara Oaaa 7:M - 8aair atari. :M Even the EJTJ is - F - F - TOGHTeWiNG wmwmt MfcCHfcKr TECHIMICOL.OF? tsl ALSO IN COLOB JAMES STEWART SHENANDOAH NOW! 2ND BIG WEEK DONT MISS IT! 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PouahkeepsieMiHWHrlllW ((lllll I Vi you Found bonanza JmmM&iM rloHKILL XJ is tht WORLD'S BEST mmmmmmlTmT' a 1 1 1 ii 1 11 1 1 tl STEAK BUY M I fjUDIBEj SsJ BONANZA STEAK DINNER .1.59 K jSTU - 1, Vl ' N THRU TUESDAY J GIANT STEAK SANDWICH? - - . - - 1 - 19 'V - WSS HNETMBS GALWE xl CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAK PLATTER - . '.' 99 S JlJSwmk Si 'Com, As You Ar.!: Uw"" S fS gUXFOR fM )' OPEN EVERY DAY II JO A.M. - 8:30 P.M. K NJ ?A 'BEI IP I BON ANSA lAliP iS .. SIRLOIN PIT B81 4 (M - 2 SJ Route 9 at, Vassar iRd., Pouhkeepsie ' . f Sij.fllilltltllii(l C4 " - r t "'" i'. ' : - t Rn'MPFQ Kl ANOTHER BONANZA.,. FOR THE MID HUDSON AREA IV lrl)r)l)aOriiH V (fiKinostbh, Rt. yW, Joit North of Montgomery Wordt. - ' mT JJJJSSiiSSSiaf ck ' opening Ut Week in October JY CTaRWSfnTriri?!? Qif ' ". ' - T - - ; - . - 1 Jxy mjjmmm '' " "'WilWlWa" (aasaaaoiuaT ) paaaaaaaa BIG 1ST. RUN EXCLUSIVE TRIPLE FEATURE .III.III.III.III.III.III.III.IIH JH.r JflF oWV! mmmmMmi - mmm - mmmMms Also SHOWN 3RD U:Z5 time aUUMI U.IMMXK JOHH anuiiu lr"AfidrJftii; I ! 1 ' rTMrffifflf('irfmrm f WYMARK JOHNSION - KNQX STAN1HNG - MAX J.ROSENBERG .UtLTON SUBOTSCT FlitOOlEFIOTS'iWtRIBlOCH - ATOvWinillUJMm icuwowrx Umti tob The. Dining Out on funday? TRY OUR Complete Dinners - - - - ,nm 3.75 CHILDS MENU COMPLETE DINNERS '2.25 . pPEN: Suaday Irom N U PJH. TueMlay, Wedaeiday, Thursday 4 VM.i 1 KM. ' Friday and Saturday 4 PJW. t t AM. Located at the Edison MOTOR INN RT. 55 PKone 454 - 3880 PO'K. 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HCfflRE ALSO '"THElPCRESSniEMSA TWHKIHGHlN'S'EOtDFMfi1 ntwswut 'J&&ii ,tj - Mi - .'Ci ALSO r" KVWMPilMWPHHBHB.iHIHBHiH llEMfll m skmmkknk 1 TaT.aWll niu,llllf aaaaBjMaMaBaaa.aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBjaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBjaBBJMWa.B.B 1 . ' - - - - - - r1" 'v ' . ' ' ,'. - I1 j i . . i - , - . - i :iJ$ - Ajj'"? &$;'& y.V&T'tii

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