The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 16, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—No. 103 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANA NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Blythevllle D»IIy News, MIssisslppl Vailey Leader. IIMTIIKVILLE, AUKANSAS. WKDNESDAY, JUI.Y Ifi, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' ABANDON 8,400 MILE FLIGHT IN MID-AIR STORK Mm Fit May Win Hapsburg Lands and Throne Resume Shows How Key Witness Told Conflicting Stories, Admitted Lie. By NEA Service ' SAN FRANCISCO.— The famous "Mooney case" — now, apparently, about to be disposed of forever by the reappearance of a decrepit little waiter named John MaclJonald —has been a -seasutlon in America for so long. that it has become one of those things that are both familiar end unknown. - It Is familiar, because Americans have talked about It for 14 years. It is unknown, because the passage of time has brought forget- of nearly all of its outstand features. TSie average newspaper reader remembers that San Francis. to had a Preparedness Day parade in 1916, that a bomb exploded in the midst of it, and killed several people, and two labor agitators named Tom Moouey and Warren K. Billings were convicted of planting the bomb and were sent to prUon for life. That is about the extent of general knowledge. Now tliat MacDonald has come to the surface again it Is considered highly probable that the two men will be freed. A resume of the famous case is consequently in order; for the importance of MacDonald In the scheme of things can hardly be understood without, a complete picture of this sensational Woman Injured When HitJ by Car on Red Line Road A woman miraculously escaiwd serious Injury on Ihe Red Line road out of Osccob late yesterday when she was struck by a truck, driven by Mallory Harwell. Osceola youth. The woman, a Mrs. McGulrc, had stepped out of n car at the roid- j side when Ihe truck.'was approach , ing and In attempting to ge( put { ot Ihe way of the truck jumped,Into Its path, It .is staled. She' was thrown lo the pavement but be PU1S 01 OUCH COTIO| OFFICE Promises Maintenance for Season if Cotton Is Signed- HerUV Is Manaeer i vond slight bruises and a sprained i.u i iicmy 10 iTiuiiayr.i. ^.fi^ w as not seriously hurl. 8,4.00 Mile Flight Plane Demolished ot . thc drama. Mossiar Witness Found MacDonald was found In Haiti- mure after the Baltimore Post t confiscated pi(nt,ed an; NBA Service picture of |. M^?D(»ala. It became necessary I" to find him because Governor C, C. . y"')in, ln denying pardon , to the two men, 'Intimated that he would re-open the whole case of he could have a face-to-face talk with MacDonald. Now he is going to have thnl talk; and if MacDonald repeals what he said in BaUimore, Mooney und BUliilgs may soon be free .men. ' While sport ant! schooling occupy (he time of Hungary's Archduke Otto, who here Is shown in his latest -photo, it is reported that preparations are going ahead rapidly to declare him king on November 20, when he will be 18, ills , lul yjuis>la! legar majority. Meanwhile official's • conn tfVq is are planning to claim for him part ( , ng s ^*. F.slablishment in Blythevllle ol u branch olfice of the Mid-South •j Cotton Growers association, in j! { charge of a licensed cotton classer 1 lo be furnished by the American Coltcn Cooperative association, was authorized yesterday by the directors cf the Mid-South in a meeting at Memphis. The office will be established upon the signing of contracts for OK delivery to the association of 10,000 bales of cotton from MLsslsslp- ; pi county and from the south 20 j miles of Dunklin and Polnsctt jj counties, and it, will be maintained 111 throughout 1930-31 cotton season. '];] with Us continuance in future years ;! depending upon whether or not, it actually handles enough cotun ijto warrant its maintenance. The Mid-South directors at their meeting yesterday elected C. G. Henry, Newport, forme r president, of the Arkansas cooperative, as general manager and field service direceor, and accepted the resignation of B. S. Burgess as secretary and field service director. A Mr. Stewart, who hitherto has. been treasurer of the organization, was reelected and was also given the office of secretary, thus reducing by on.2 the official staff of the organization. C. G. Smith, association director The accident was considered un vow^ie and no charges are con- tcmplaied. according to Osceolu of- pn m Rver (or MUsissi apsburg family property by the Austrian re- nnblic " ' •* .. San'.. Francisco's." Preparedness Day Parade, held on July 22,, 1916, climdked*- a 7 decade of intense Industrial '.and -political strife, with numerous strides. •When the parade was announced union labor -characterized it, as "an attempt to Prussianize Ameria," and announced that It would boycott It. The atmosphere became tense with class feeling, aggravated by labor troubles in which Mooney played a leading part., Threatening notes had been sent to the mayor, union labor lenders and .newspapers prior to the parade, warning them not to support the parade or march in it. Bomb Kills 10, Hurts 40 At 2:06 p. m. on July 22, as the parade was passing street near Steuart. TOCHERS UMlll and Crittenden to call a meet- Mississippi county members of the Mid-South for ja discussion of-the proposal for a branch ofTlce nere and to lay plans for a campaign to sign,up the additional cotton necessarj-'tp obtain ths office. - All cotton signed in Mississippi county' will count to ders Stores, Inc., today said he be- lleved assets of the bankrupt Ten- | nessce firm which controls 150- stores throughout the south anc 1 southwest would soon be more than equal to the company's liabilities. Stratton was named received after- Clarence . Saunders. nationally prominent head of the nrm, had i told Federal Judge 'Harry B. An-' derson his company was Insolvent Creditors charged the Tennessee company with making a prefpen- llal payment and said its total liabilities were in the neighborhood of $500,000. If the store company Is success ful il will automatically be turned back to the board of director? headed by Clarence Saunters, Stratlon said. Saunders today".Ex- OF HE May Back to Company. MEMPHIS, Tenn., July IB. (UP) ! -Leslie M. Stratton, officer In the j Buenos Aires, prior to their take- Piggly Wiggly grocery chain and | now receiver of the Clarence Saun- j l),rec lly«rs of the monoplane "K" of New Haven ure pictured at Ihe right as they studied a map of their proposed MOO miles route lo o on Hie flight, which ended wten Ihcy were forced to leap for their lives in Georgia as thr-lr fuel became exhausted and rain prevented ili.-lr [Hiding a landing ilclil. RILLER OF up Market a bomb exploded on the sidewalk in a crowd of onlookers. Ten people killed and 40 were Injured. The outrage stirred thc city. Rewards totaling $17,500 were offered before nightfall. Within four days the police arrested Mooney. Rena. his wife, Warren K. Billings; Ed Nolan, president-elect of a maclilnisls' lo- Ilaude Cooper Will Seek Dissolution of Order Restraining Gosnell School. Claude F. Cooper, counsel and leader of one of the factions in the Gosnell school district, stated this afternoon that he would present a motion to dissolve' a restraining order, granted to'' the "Gosnell Special school district and the board of directors of the district" preventing three teachers from conducting classes at the school, to Chancellor J. M. Futrell at Paragould on July 26th. Meanwhile since the issuance of the temporary restraining order by Judge G. E. Keck yesterday on the complaint.of the "board of directors" the school is In the dilemma of being in session without teachers. Instructors employed by the "board of directors" to conduct classes failed Lo appear yesterday. I plained to the United Press thn 1 his home here would not be sold i for the creditors. He explained that isouri farmers must specify that on | y his Tennessee company was they intend to make use of the | nso lvent and that other companies facilities of. the Blylheville office | hc operates were solvent, to have Ihei- cotton count toward t its establishment. Posse Captures Russell ville Man After Discovery of Double Crime. : Bids on 132 Miles of New State Highways Received LITTLE ROCK, July 16. (UP) — Bids for construction of 132 miles of highway and 5,371 lineal feet of bridges of various types at an approximate cost of tl.500,000, were received by the state highway com- .mission today. The road work includes concrete paving, gravel surfacing, grading and drainage structures. The bridges will be built of steel and concrete and treated timber types placed on the main routes of the state highway system. More than 100 contractors from many adjoining states were here for the letting. The projects will be located In 20 counties. Youthful Crash Victim u ins • ITfi*nti*«iflni to LnCOniClOUl RUSSELLVILLE. Ark., July 16. (UP)—J. A. Coleman, GO. killed his wife and daughter In (heir cabin on the Arkansas river near here today after a family quarrel. After killing the two Coleman set lire to the cabin, attempting their bodies. I Coleman battered his ' wife to . . i death with a hammer. He then at- BENN1NGTON, Vt. July 16 (UP) tacked his daughter, Mrs. Andre* -Frank..Goldsboroush, 19-year-old j Breeden, who had been unable to aviator, who suffered'a skull frac-1 prevent her father from killing the ture when the airplane he was-pi- mot her. Coleman stabbed his loting crashed in a fog-obscured daughter lo death with si butcher mountain forest near here'Monday, ; knife. He then fired tho cabin, remained unconscious at a hospital ; cornered by a posse which start- ird o: The youthful holder of the jun- j e d at (lie sheriff's office"." Coleman lor trans-continental flight record | struggled with the men. He wa had lain pinned beneath, \vreckage i captured only after being over of his plane for almost 18 hours • powered, alter the accident. ; A coroner's investigation was or He was conscious when Donald | dered. Mockler, New York publicity agent, whom Goldsborough was flying to i «f-i r|_:iJ C_]|. {„„„ Keenc, N. H., for a lecture engage- | WUSOI^ mild Tails trom ment, left him in search of help ' here today. His condition was de- | e d in search of him after wor scribed as. "very serious.". , th e double murder had been rec This Is Coldest July on Record; No Fooling Now, Us records for low temperature and we have (hem. Last night the mercury went lo 5B degrees which is said to be thc ccldest July weather experienced here. The oftlelal government | records for the past. three r 'years show no lower temp.;raturo for summer monllu The maximum yesterday nnd this morning was 85 degrees. Spanish War Veteran Faces Trial for. the/Murder '" : -' "More than 300 bids were made o : *"« nndln « il impossible to extri- . the meeting. The contracts were t: cat « lhe l' Uot - Hc '^ ter la P sed . lnto Pony; Injures Slight appear j-iaiciuajr.i noon The "board" contends that H. S.' be awarded at 4 o'clock this after- Games. Gladys Grimes and Lucile Brannn. who did appear yesterday at the school and open classes, are without contract and forcibly en- grounds arid start- ey's. All were held on charges of murder. The prosecution declared that Ihe five had ridden down Market street In Welnberg's car from No. 121 Market street; that Mooney and Blllngs had got out at the corner of Steuart street carrying a suitcase containing the bomb; that they had put the suitcase on the sidewalk, got back In the car and disappeared. MacDonald at Scene It was at this point that MacDonald entered Ihe picture. MacDonald had been standing In the crowd at Steuart and Market and had seen a man deposit there the suitcase which, as later events proved, contained the bomb. He went to the police. A little later the police announced that h. e had positively identified Mooney and Billings as the men who put the "board." The Cooper faction which controls the old board, fails to recognize the authority of the new board and claims that the Uiree The approximate low bidder for six miles of concrete paving on the Nettleton-Ncedham road, Craighead county, was J. T. McMulty of Pin' Bluff. His bid was S108.132 for five i and one-half miles of concrete paving. On the Needham-Lake City road the low bidder was G. B. McCreary of Atlanta, Ga., with a bid of SIC 1.062. unconsciousness and was not re- ! W ILSO ,^ Ark.-Frnnk Wilson, vived but for a short time follow- ; "-year-old son of R. E. Lee WII- in» an operation yesterday. I s ™' i r -; of Wilson, was rushed tr _ _ i Memphis yesterday afternoon, be lleved to be suffering from a brok- ' en shoulder and possible intern- receivcd whm " C M1 (rom ooara antt claims tnat trie l.iree u/ i r C i teachers against whom the re-1 Water Consumption at St.Tntnfnor nrHo_ «-oc TrwntnA n-ncj-i I M Tfc • 1 TV • 1 the Suitcase there. Then the police produced another witness-one F. C. Oxman, a solid-looking cattle rancher. Oxman also swore that he had seen the two men with the suitcase at employed legally by thc old group. Gunman Killed. $60,000 Bank Loot Recovered CANTON, O., July 16. (UP)—A gunman was killed nnd a special policeman seriously wounded" when three bandits held up a First National bank messenger on the steps of the postofflce here today. Shortly after thc holdup police found the loot totaling $60,000 in the lodgings of a man who said he was James Romeo of Canton. He was held. The dead bandit was identified as Charles Williams, alias Charle- Pish, a Cleveland gunman with a highway robbery record. T- 1 wounded officer is Charles E, Rld- lett. New Record During Heat Each of the 10.095 people living in BlythevilL? used an overage of 59'.i gallons of water daily during the recent extreme heat. For the Hayti Business Houses Will Take Half Holiday He was taken to Dr. Will! HAYTI, Mo. — Practically every j Campbell's Clinic, where an X-rr business house In this city has j examination failed to disclose In signed a pledge to close on Wed- j Juries other than several bruises rr nesday afternoons during the ; the face and body. The child was months cf July and August. Owing taken back home following thec\'- lo extreme heat this summer, the . amlnatlon. merchants have decided to take a j According to witnesses of the f holiday each week while Hayli : cldent. Frank was rldln? over r ho the Three New Stands Being Installed at Yarbro Road Property. Three 80 saw gins ami other new ginning equipment is being installed at the Morgan Utilities company gin on Ihe Yarbro road at the approximate cost of J18.000, Including other Improvements to thc plant. Completion of the work Ls ex]>ccl- ed by August 15. according [o J. L. Hutchison, manager of the plant, who took charge of the place several months ago when he came here from Monroe, la. Thc gin will derive power from two 90 nnd 110 horsepower oil burning engines and will operate on ti day and night schedule during the busy season if essential. About- 14 persons will be required to operate thc gin and other units. ASIIDOWN, Ark., July 16. (UP)— George W. Davis, 55. who lias spent most of his life drlfUnf about the country, today went on trial on a charge of murdering hir wife. Davis, who Li a Spanish war veteran, was declared sane late yesterday by a special Jury after defense attorneys had pleaded the man, who is alleged to have beaten his wife and thrown her In a well, was Insane. Davis had bMn married only p. few weeks when the killing occurred Workers at the Davis home founc? j the woman in thc well. She wa; removed but died a few hours later. The stale will demand the death penalty. A venire of fifty appeared in court today as the selection of thc Jury began. Davis contended his wife was intoxicated and fell inlo the well while roaming about. New York-to-Buenos 'Aires Plane Crashed in Georgia Sagebrush, HOSTWICtf. Cla., July IC.Ydipy. —The projected non-stop refueling (light of the SUnson-Delroitcr mon- oplunc "K" from New York to Buenos Aires come to a spectacular ml here today when its ihreo'pl- n.°,t leaped lo safely !» jiarr\chuU!s the plane plunged 600 feet Into sagebrush. • ••••*-,• The pilols. Randy Enslow, Jnmes Bni ranger, nntt Qnrlancl P.'Heed, vveic forced by rapidly dwindling fuel supply nnd Inability to..see,.a Inudlng because of rain clouds., to "cnp for'their lives after., circling over this town for two hours, The "K" which was to have'Tol- lowed an 8,400 mile route to..the . South American metropolis, refueling lu the nir en route, look off from Roosevelt Field Tnursday afternoon al 3:24. Establishment/, .of the Ii>Mlbllty of a non-sVop. air service between North and South America was the pnrixue of. lha (light. . . Hoar of the plane drew -more than 500 persons away from their customary occupations, providing .a gdlery for one/ of the most Ihrlll-' Ing airplane escapes in aerial history. They had flown nil night after taking off from New York at 4:23 p. m. Tuesday. Entries In their 103 showed they pasted over the eilies of Washington and SparUnburg. .S. (j., but exceptionally- thick flying weather prevented them : from ',-• picking out a suitable landing place. The plane. WM a total wreck but >'only'semblance, of an Injury .to tisi crew 'was one' slightly •Drenched: r.;;? shoulder, not serious; Thy flyers, '" who'jokingly told'their experiences, were taken to Monroe, 'Oa., twelve miles distant. .• "" "--- • the general election ti usewives remain Indoors and off j plantation ol his grandfafir--. the proposition of voting e scorching streets. j E. Wilson sr, on a polo pony. T'- ;he sum of S15 o,ooa for ... ..... Posters have been printed and > pony stumbled and fell In a drai- tion of a county hospital at Ken- Dunklin County to Vote on Hospital Proposal KENNETT, Mo.— The people of Dunklin county will be given nil bonds in the ercc- Hot Springs Slayer Charged With Murder HOT SPRINGS. July 1G. (UP)A charge of first degree murder unplaced against Clarence Aldrich 29. today, following the verdict oi a Justice of the peace jury which held an Inquest over the body of Henry L. Klzzlar, 36. Thc body with four bullet holes was found by the roadside 20 mile 1 west of here after Aldrich had voluntarily given himself nn '•> mi- thoritles. Aldrich told authorities that hr had to kill Klzzlar "because ti- Craighead Farmers Union Plans Picnic Next Week Farmers and others Interested in farm problems from ,all parts-of northeast Arkansas have beeiTtn- vited to lh(| C.. B. Gregg farm north '.'-Black Oak Thursday nnd Friday of next week, July. 24.^and 25, for the annual picnic of-the ;ralghead County Farmers' Union. J. C. Watklns, Caraway, .general :halrman. has announced a "program that Includes addresses by Senator T. W, Caraway and Congressman W. J. Driver on farnvre- lief legislation, a.'talk on the in? come tax by a representative 'of Governor Parnell, and.a discussion of cooperative activities of the federal farm board by C. T. -Taylor of Little Rock, secretary of flie state farmers union Plenty 'of amusement and plenty to eat and drink are also promised. these are being displayed In the i age ditch, pinning the child un past two weeks an average of 600,- j 000 gallons was consumed with all ! will be closed. records broken tasl Friday when 636.000 disappeared from the tank of the Arkansas Electric and Water company. This Is considerably more than , nett, the bonds to be paid out of ic various store and shop windows In- derneath him. He was rescued b" the proceeds of a two mill tax on p 11 , r w .i t M , I,- forming Haytians that the stores farm hands who were working !•- the dollar assessed valuation, foriuallant fOX Will Not Ing attention to his wife and thai she wos planning to seek n divorce. the Reids near the scene of the i accident, and who brought him in- i to Wilson. the usual output In summer; mcnths, according to Miss Hazel j Hardin. of the local office. | i end. LOW BACTERIA COUNT MEMPHIS. Tenn., (UP) — The municipal swimming pool here has j fewer germs per cubic inch than' , Ihe water most people use for i cjemency August 15 Fixed for Triple Slayer's Death;Marsh to Open Campaign LITTLE RocK^uiy is. (upt- j Tonight at Lcachville W. H. Howell's year and a half : — wait In the death room of thc state ! Paul Marsh, candidate tor repre- penltentlary is soon to come to an sentative from Mississippi county, •""' open his campaign tonight 1 will " a period of twenty years. Dr. Paul Baldwin and Dr. U. A. V. Prcsnell of Kennett, and Dr. D. A. Parker of Cardwell. on Monday filed with the county court, petitions, carrying 799 names. askin» that the proposition be submitted to tile voters. PAPER COLLARS IN JAPAN- TOKYO, (UP) — Japanese long Run for Arlington Cup NEW YORK, July 16. (UP)-Gallant Fox, the champion three-year old, will be given a letup ' strenuous racing campaign, will not start In the Arlington Cup at Chicago Saturday, his tralne: said today. Gallant Fox Is In first class con- Scout Drum and Bugle Corps Visits Manila MANILA. Ark.—Blytheville Boy . Scouts, with the drum and. bugls corps which the American -Legion Is sponsoring among them, visited the newly organized Manila scout troop last night. The Manila scouts met the Blytheville boys at the Herman Davis Memorial park and joined them in a march down the main street of the town. At the city hall. ,F. A. White, chairman of the American Legion committee In charge of the Blythevllle drum and bugle corps, mnde a brief talk and invited several members of the corps to tell the Manila boys about the organization. The Manila scout troops !s contemplating organization of a drum and bugle corps. ".'" Sn 1 " an?!Judge John C. Sheffield rn< napcr handkerchiefs has W enlows has been as low as witness; but Oxman was In appearance an Intelligent, respectable cltlten. The newspapers dubbed him "the honest cattleman," and the jury gave much weight to his testimony. Billings was convicted and sentenced to prison for life. Now 11 becomes necessary to note (Continued on Page 8) j Rhodes Improved Today; Regains Consciousness j The condition of T. D. Rhodes,' 55, who was seriously injured when struck by a motor car Sunday, is slightly Improved today. He re-, covered consciousness today for the cred that most of the visitors to triple slayer will - -• ->>*. is la-st hope for i talk, scheduled for 7:30, will prob- which they throw sway after using, ended with Governor i "M* •» 8 iv en In the theater. It Is PaP" collars in thc western style ••- J ' "-- • now have'been added to men's wardrcbes at a cost of rue and one half cents gold, each. The manufacturer asserts It is impossible to tell the paper collars from the "finest linen." drTnkmrrCol Sen rZl ™ ' K ™^ «'«•» to commute> his understood that .number of Mr. drinking. CBrroll Walden. pool sup-,, Marsh 1 *, Mends from BlythcMllc first time since the accident. He Is at .the Blytheville hospital. He has a fractured skull and lac- erdtlons on the left ear and left Ics. AN EVEN EXCHANQE : ROANOKE, Va., (UP) - The ] Chamber of Commerce has dUcov- ' Virginia mountain summer resorts Blythc\lilc | Howell will be electrocuted for ; wl " driv e to Leachville to hear him : the killing of Jim Nicholson at I 1 * '• deliver his opening address. { Crawford county Infirmary. Howell ——— - - - killed two ; LEND SCOUT PLANES |y on on? ! TOKYO, (UP)-Followlng Uie se- Meclton of Japanese aviation in• structors to train flying units in 1 the armies of Marshal Chang : Hsueh-llang, youthful Manchurian j ruler, Japan has decided to lend MENA, Ark., July 16. iUP)—| three scout planes to-lhe Mukden Striking a rock while divlns In f > government. The machines will be charge. Dive Proves Fatal . , e come from the coast and most i river near here. Oliver Rose, 70. of flown from the army air field at mountain residents vacationers go Fort Worth, Tex., died here last Tokorozawa, near Tokyo to Muk- lo the seashore all In this state; night. He was vfMIIng here. den; The United States Coast Guard, now in its HOth year, In 1829 rescued 4375 persons and assisted vessels whose values, with cargoes, was $49.128.000. Naples, with a population of 980,000, Is now the largest city in Italy, ond. Rome, with 327.000. Is sec- campaign. . f . n « ° rcst art " r s lons to Speak Here Next Week Judge John Sheffield of Helena, candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, will open hU Mississippi county campaign ' next week with a series of three public meetings, according to announcement from his campaign headquarters at Little Rock. Judge Sheffield, described as "rat- i Ing above Jeff Davis as a speaker,' 1 Zane Grey Defendant in Half Millinn Suit I*'" 1 vlsit thu C0lint >' Frlda ^ July in nail million >3">EI 2 5 and wm de iiver addresses at ._„ . . ,„ i.\fanila, in the morning, at Osceolt, LOS ANGELES, July 16. (UP)-j, nthe atm ncon, and at Blythevllla Zane Qrey, noled author of western stories, was charged with plag- irlsm In a half million dollar suit filed In federal court here today. ' Charles Maddux, pioneer westerner, contended that "Thunderinst Herd 11 was pirated from the novel "The Border and the Buffalo," written in 1907. at night. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Pair and warmer In the north and central' portlins tonight and Thursday. '.

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