The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on May 19, 1940 · Page 14
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 14

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1940
Page 14
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14 THE HELENA DAILY INDEPENDENT. SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1940 MONTUU mm OF ENTRY SAYS IT MAY LEAD TO BANKRUPTCY AND DICTATOR Washington, May IS.-- (/P) -Jamos S. Komper, president of the Chamber of Commerce of tho Unit ed States, warned the country today that entry into the European war might lead to national bankruptcy p.nd open the door to dlstatorshlp ai lome. The Chicago Insurance executive who was elected head of the organization ot business men at its an cual meeting May 2, sounded this warning In a formal statemeu Issued through chamber beadquar ters here. "The primary concern of Amerl can business today Is that our coun try not become involved in any foreign war," he said. "Business Is not looking for tho advantage ol war profits and definitely is op posed to sending American boys and young men to fight on foreign soil. "This does not meau that business favors peace at any price. Or the contrary, it believes that every provision should "be made for the ^atlonal defense. Peace for ourselves best can be assured by pro- riding ourselves with a navy, air [orce and military supplies ad juate for any emergency." Cost Too High Declaring tho cost of govern- cnt was entirely too high, the Chi- :ogoan added: "That Is why business properly protests Ihe resulting high rates taxation. But BO far as the' national defense is concerned, busi- icss is willing to assume its full hare of the cost." Every business man recognized hat federal spending must be cur- ailed--"and that soon"--, Kemper ontlnlied, and "participation by us the present war would make hat curtailment impossible." "A breakdown of the credit of ur government would open the ame door here that has made pos- ible tho appearance on the Burop- an scone of the totalitarian state, nd with It the loss of representa- Ive government." EDUCATOR ItESIGNS Norman, Okla., May 18.--(/P)-Dr. W. B. Blzzell, 65, president of he University of Oklahoma, sub- litted his resignation to the board f regents, effective Juno 1, 1941. lo will become president emeritus f the university and head of the epartment of sociology. Among the fruits which Coman- 10 Indians dried in the aun and tared were persimmons, wild rapes, plums, and fruit of the Ickly pear cactus. Sunday Special Hamburger 60c Inn 60c (UMON BUS DEPOT) Chicken Rice Soup and Banana IS'ut -Salad Roast Clilcken Dressing Cliicken Frlccassee Noodles Baked Ham, Pineapple Rings T-Bonc Steak Stuffed "Leg Veal. Current Jelly Creamed Cauliflower Mashed Spuds Strawberry Short Cuke Vanilla or Cream Pie Coffee -- Tea -- Milk Now Showing at Marlow Luurcnce Olivier and Joitn Fontnlne In "Rebecca" Based on the popular, best-selling Daphne du Maurler novel, David O. Selmick's production of "Rebecca." which opens at the Marlow theater today. TO GSOT DEFENSES Washington, May 18. -- (fi*) -- Coi IrlbuUons of blllB, coins, money 01 ders and checks have started poui ng into the White House for u« n building up the national dcfcns Stephen Early presidential prei secretary, also reported today thai nousamls of telegrams and letters have been received since President Roosevelt presented his defense message to congress Thursday. Only 65 of these by "actual count," Early said, opposed the program. Most of tho 65, he added, wer similar In wording, bore forelg: mmes and came from one city vlilch ho refused to Identify. Early said many of the contrl mtlons came from school chlldrei. ind all were being turned over to ho treasury for a ruling on whcth r tho government can accept them London, Mny 13.--(Sunday)--(/P) --PrlnccBS Juliana, of Th« Nelher- ands, a royal war refugee in Eng- and. la reported to be CNpecUns a lilrd child. This is the real reason Queen TVMhclmlnla was pcr- dco 1 to Ic.ivo her kingdom and come to KnKland with her daugn- er. the Jjohdon Sunday newspaper, The People, Bald today. A farming family can produce Tactically any and all ot the vita- ilns it needs for health, right on ho farm. --3-mile-inn- BARNEY CARHIA At tho Itniigo Tasty DrlnkH Good Music BARTENDERS ATTENTION! REGULAR MEETING MONDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 20, at 2 P. M. B E THERE! . . . B E PROMPT! E D D Y C A F E AIR-CONDITIONED · SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER 75c Served From 11 a. m. to 8 : 30 p. m. CHOICE OF: Clilcken Gumbo Soup, A la. New Orleans Consomme. Julienne Tomato Juice (niul JCK or j v t u npnng Ltimu, uarucn j*c Roa«t Montana Prime Ribs of Beef, nu Jus Maehed rolalooi Buttered Btrlnr B«ani Head Lettuce and Cucumber Salftd--Thousand Island Drcsslnc CHOICE OF: Assorted Pics Ic« Cre»m Hot Mlnc« Pie. Brandy gauce Strawberry Shorlcakt or Pumpkin Pie, Whipped Cream Tea Coffa* Milk MIT HNTK FOB ITOSIREI'HKOFII LITTLE-JP EEfi By DAVID J. WU/KIE Pontlac, Mich., May 18. -- (/P) -Think of a lot of reflnementa In .he present-day automobile -- regardless of tho make--that appeal you most and the chances arc more than even that one or moro oC them came from the brain of Benjamin Henry Anlbal. Perhaps you've never hoard of Ben Anlbal. Not so tho men who make motors and motorcars every lay, or those who made them three lecadcs ago. Just about that long las Anlbal been designing and 1m- irovlng tlie automobile and pin(r an engineering genius thai its associates anil pro Cession a' ·Ivals--If such there be In the ndustry--say ranks him as one of tha really great automotive engineers. To his inventive skill hag been attributed development ot sucli contributions to driving comfort as the remote-control g ear-shift multi-beam head lights, no-drafl ventilation, mechanical fuel pump, ndlrect Instrument panel lighting, lulomatlc spark control and other equipment. Anlbal, one-time Gcnossce county (Michigan) farm boy who took hi a engineering degree at Michigan Stale college In 1909, Is vice president In charge of engineering o: he Pontlac division of Genera Motors corporation. Ho was chic' engineer of tho Cadillac Motor Car company when he was 33 years old It was whllo ho wns associated vlth the Cadillac company that ho ntroduced tho first eight-cylinder car In tho United States. It was here also that ha aided, n 1312, as a member of th« cngl- icerlng staff, In designing the :our-cyllndcr Cadillac that flrfit in reduced electric starting and Hght- ng in the industry- Anlbal believes tbe automobile Is mndlcappcd right now by a lack of use-facilities. Ho Is an ardcnl advocate of the "super highway.' "Just as fast as super-highways iro developer!," ho explains, "the lulomobile will become more valu- iblc." lie feels that the motorcar Industry "has como of age" since 1 0 0 3 when he became a part of It "From now on," ho saya, "there sn't going to bo tho engineering turn-over there was between I B 0 9 and 1940, but there still aro a lot of possibilities for the engineer In the motorcar Industry." Ho looks for tremondoua changes n design in the next decade, but won't hazard more than tho suggestion that In appearance alone .ho changes will be startling In comparison with current models. · * * He believes in tho automobile In dustry; he bcllevps that It succeeded because Its founders "really lad something that was n ceded," ,nrt, In contrast to some other pro- [ucers of ncccssnry commodities \*ore able to steadily Improve qual- ly and at the samo time reduce he cost to the consumer. He Hkes cite the fact that tho car that old for ?3,000 a generation ago low can bo purchased for $1,000 ,nfl less its an example of tho chlevements of the car manufac urers. .Italy plans to copy the United fates In making starch from sweet otatoes. GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH Add to your enjoyment n( the good things of life by thrilling your nnlat« with food--nnd enjoying thft sense of luxury thnt I* yours with good ncrv- lee. SPECIALS FOR TODAY Turkey 0o Chicken 3M O. K. CAFE · I. ··!· 11. OKU DM ··« mill 1EIT MIIET IN CHIC1GO HIS ITS lICniTllllY WHEAT PRICE COLLAPSE IS CALLED MOST SENSATIONAL Chicago, May 18.--(£)--It wai "Black Saturday" In the Clilcag grain market today at the close o the most sensational collapse wheat prices In recent history. As German armies pushed to ward Paris, chilling Investors over the world, demoralized colling swept over the turbulent wheat pi and In other commodity pita as well Wheat crashed 10 cents a bushel as far as trading rules would per mlt In one session, while ryi tumbled 10 cents and corn 8 cents It waB tho third time thli week tha wheat has plnnged the dally llml of 10 cents and at the low point 1 showed losses ot 32 to 34 cents » bushel for the past six days. Fred H, Glutton, secretary of the board of trade, said directors woul( meet In a. special session tomorrow to consider what steps shall bi taken. This is only the third tlmi since the turn of the century tha such steps have been taken. In Confusion The washing out this week of i large part of the value ot whea has thrown Into extreme confusion all trade calculations. Paper profit* have evaporated In Its wake and in estimable losses have been inflicted Trade experts said there was no way of determining the economii effect of the unprecedented prlci decline. The following table shows wha has happened to grain prices the past week and since the war began Sept. 1: ECE- Aur. lion's May Low Closa 31 Hlch 11 Today Todai Mnr wheat.! .60 11.13 SI.08% I .76% S .70 Mar corn . .47 .69 ,6»li .51 .59} May oats... .30 .43 .4IK .36/4 .37tt MSJ lie 15 .78 .68!; .«',', .«J4 Shrinking of wheat values reduced the Do t«ntlal market value of tha comlnc 194C wheat crop almost (3,000,000,000 for the lima being, trade experts catlmated. Nazis Are Using Big'80-Ton Tanks Paris, May IS.--(/P)--The spearhead of Germany's mechanized at' tacks into Franco, were reportcc today to be S 0-ton tanks armorec to resist guns of every caliber shon of tho French 76 millimeter Ilelc piece. Tho newspaper L'Bpoque, which carried the report, said theso giant machines clattered ahead of dart- Ing whippet tanks--light, fast machines--and armored cars tha mopped up In their wake. CONSUL TO GlttP IS COO H!S POST Washington, May 18.-- (NBA)-- James Fenficld, first tJ. S. consul to Greenland, more or less jumped into Uio unknown when ho Bailee tho other day to take his new post at Godthaab. He admitted he had packed "practically everything you can think of" so as to be ready for anything. For instance: he stocked up with 250 pounds of coffee, loaded ·whole box of detective stories took along another box ot heavier literature such as Carl Sandburg's four-volume biography of Lincoln and an ample supply of pipo tobacco and chewing gum--the latter to be used as goodwill gifts to the Eskimos. Ho -wasn't sure how he'd be quartered at his new post, so to be on the safe Bide he took along complete camping outfit; 1m since he may get 'less primitive quarters, he took along lamps dishes, table linens and evening clothes a» well. He took sets ot playing cards and games of backgammon and chess, a black-cloth mask to keep the aun out of his eyes, a portable radio, «, movie camera, fishing rods and gome guns. D1VOHCH GRANTED Judge A. J. Horsky signed an order yesterday granting Jeannette T. Anderson a divorce from I.oula Anderson. Plaintiff who alleged cruelty in her complaint, was granted custody of a minor child. (--T7 .u I 1£ MARLOW Rgndftr. M*nB7, Ti«f4»7: "Rebecc*. 1 vlth Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson, M UVen from Daphne du Maurler*a novel of the tuna mime. Tha added attractions are tha latent March of Tlmo (America'! Youth of 1940). latest Mews Event*, and a colored cartoon, "Mother Oooio In Gwlnttlmc." WedncidaT Onlr: Jack Benny In "Man About Town" with Dorothy I/amour and Edward Arnold. The second fratura be "Men With Wlnsi" with ITed MacMurray and Loulw Campbell. Tliaridar Only: On tho screen, Anne Shlrloy and John Oarfleld In "Saturday's Children," and on tho lUie, "Major DOWC'B Fifth Anniversary." Prldar-Satara'ay: "Dark Command 1 with Walter Pldaron and Clalra Trevor. The second featuro will be "Plight Angels" with Vlrtlnla Bruce and Ralph Bellamy. Comlnr B«on: "Buck Benny Rides Again" wtlh an all-star east. Thirt will be no Amateur Nltht this wcoi account of staeo chow. RIO fiearlinc «*4ar f«* f««r *Ujt: David NUen and Olivia dc Havlland In "RtfJIec," the companion hit feiturlnc Talltoln Tommy In "Dancer Flight," Thtndar fhrMtk fiatwrday: Ocorn Brent and I«a Miranda In "Adrenture In DUmondi." The companion hit starx Oeorie O'Brien In "Bullet Codt." Comlnr B*»m Edward O. Xoblnion In "Doctor Irlleh'i Marie Mtlit": W. 0. Field* and Maa West la "Mr Llltla Ohlcadte"; Alice Paye, Fred MaeMurry and Richard Orecni In "Llttlt Old New York." and Kddt* Cantor In "M Util* Mother*." "Raffles" at the Rio Oliva do Havlland and David Nlven provide the romantic Interest in tlie years most outstanding- comedy mystery melodrama, "Raffles." The story of the master crook, the amatuer cracksman. The companion hit features John Trent as Tallspin Tommy in "Danger Ahead." HBHK H jo mm mm DIG GUNS CUE EUII Bj HOWAHD W. BLAKESLEE Aliocltted PrMf Selene* Editor New York, May 18.--Scientists are getting their seismographs ready to measure the vibrations of the earth sha-ken by the big guns at the fronl during battle. They are searching for means to keep mocroscoplcally small babbles of gas from forming within the metal with which the big guns are cast They are even thinking about Infantile paralysis, tho children's disease, because It Is one of the epidemics which can be spread by microbe warfare. In the air, on the ground, under the ground, at tho front, behind the lines, and In the home, science [s everywhere a part of both war- making and defense. It la, however. In defense that tho scientists niny do their best work, because the great majority of them are bitterly opposed to hiving their discoveries usod for destruction. Heading the earth's vibrations at the front is a proposed way ot locating the positions ot tho enemy's guns. Seismographs accurately lo- cnto the positions of earthquakes thousands ot miles distant. The problem of locating guns Is basically the same. It is not, moreover, as strange as some other guns spotting devices ot science. In the World war, for example, a junior officer, whose Job at home was scientific, lay In his tent on the west front listening to tho crash ot big guns. His tent was old and porous. His attention was attracted by periodic whistling sounds coming from the fabric. Investigation showed that the sounds came from air rushing through pin-size holes, None but a scientists would have noticed what the young officer observed next. This was that the whistling sounds were rhythmically following tho bursts of big guns, and were due to compression waves in the air from tho Impact of tho explosions at the muzzles ol tho guns. There was a uniform time log between the sound wave and tho following compression wave, and this difference made It possible to spot the guns. The minute hubbies of gas In metal weaken the tensile strength of guns Getting them out is one of the means BUTTE WOMEN RECOMMEND CHINESE HERBS "After years ot suffering from rheumatism and stomach trouble, I found relief from Wons Sun's Chinese Itcrh Medicine After one week's treatment ] began to feel better, and after taking the herb medicine for a few v celts I feel Hko s, new woman." (Signed) "MRS. .TULTA. JOHXSON, "2703 Princeton St., "Butte, Mont." "For about 10 years I have been a sufferer of stomach, kidney and bladder trouble, also rheumatism. "Naturally I tried many different kinds of treatment for my suffering but never got any relief. Having heard so much about Wong Sun'a Chinese Herb Medicine and of the many pco- nle It had. helped back to health. I decided to give a trial also. "After trying tbe Herbs only two weeks I noticed a, great im- iirovcmcnt In my condition, and after taking It the full length of tlmo recommended by Wong fiun I am now In tho best of health. J would recommend the Wong Sun Company to anyone sick or suffering." (Signed) "MRS. c. M. MCDONALD, "1531 Harrison Avo., "Bulte, Mont." Many of your trlenOn In Montana. «nd Wromlmr have found marvelous relief, from, theee »«me OhlneM Herbs. Trj them now. no matter what j-onr all Wont SH 1511 Lrndafe Avenue, Helen* MonUM. Mid H«!i North *7tk Stree, BllUnca, Monun*. ot increasing th» range and effectiveness of big guns without stepping up gun size, The techniques of this gas removal are fio Important that military authorities seldom reveal much about them. Infantile paralysis is one of 15 human epidemics listed by the journal of the American Medical association as possible to be spread by enemy agents. Science appears better equipped to defend nations against microbe warfare than any other form of forceful aggression. The possibility of disease warfare was discussed In the World war. One nation was said to have studied it closely. In Germany in 1937, the Doutsche Wehr, a military publication edited by former German nrmy and navy officers discussed microbe warfare. This journal suggested that spring and fall are tho best seasons for microbe attack. Within the last two years attempts were made to obtain the virus of yellow fever from the Rockefeller Institute. Tho virus is tho cause of yellow fever and Is usually spread by mosquitoes from one human being Lo another. The reasons for trying to get tho virus were not clear, but they were made by agents of a foreign nation. That country is not among the present belligerents. For at least two war diseases defense preparations already have been made. Ono is influenza. It is 22 years slnco tho last great flu epidemic, which come In the World war. As flu epidemics run in cycles of 25 to 30 years, medical scientists are talking ot the likelihood of an outbreak In this war. The other great war epidemic Is typhus fever spread by lice. Dr. Hans Zlnnscr, of Harvard, and associates and American medical men lu Washington havo developed, for the first time, an apparently effective method of producing a vaccine which will protect both soldiers and :lrlllans against typhus. GEARING OF INDUSTRY TO DEFENSE NEEDS HAS EFFECT New York, May 18.--(fl)-Sweeping changes In the buslnesr. activity may result from the gear- Ing of the United States' vast Industrial capacity to defense needs and from dislocation In foreign trade. Wall street analysts said today. Despite the collapse ot speculative markets this week and fear In financial circles the German onslaught may curtail Europe's ability to buy in this country, many economic experta looked for expansion of heavy Industry under stimulus of tho greatest arms spending here since World war years. Aircraft, shipbuilding, machine tool, metal and machine accessories Industries were judged In financial Quarters destined for faster action to supply both home and Allied orders, particularly If the Allies hold out in face of the nazl effort to achieve a quick knockout on the western front. Arc Eliminated The German push across the low countries eliminated from the world markets, temporarily anyway, two important trading and manufacturing nations. The Belgian steel Industry, a big factor In the export market, had been selling more than 4,000,000 tons mflRLOUJ Wed. Only! Ic DAY! --On tbo BorecB-- "Man About Town" "MEN WITH WINGS" Thurs. Only! --On tho stkfe-- "Major Bowes 5th Anniversary Rcvuo" "SATURDAY 1 ! CHILDREN" TCIlh John GiTlield Sunday Dinner Specials Give the cook of your family a day oft today! Invite her to e a t ·with us! Roast Pork 55c With ADDln EBM Turkey 70c Wllh All ko Trlmmlnto WEEK-DAY LUNCH or DINNER . . 35c WISHBONE CAFE sod Bjroa rbcian Big Italian Ship Fails to Sail on Stated Schedule New York, May 19.--'(Sun4iy)--· (/P)--Tho Italian liner Roma, Khti- uled to sail at Saturday midnight (or Italy, remained at It* Hndion river pier early, today. Italo Verrando, general maiR*' ot the Italian Hue, said the delay was caused by loading of cargo and denied emphatically that the »»,- 816-ton liner's sailing had been held up because of the possibility of Italian entrance Into the European war. Line officials cald the Roma would depart later In the morning but gave, no specific time. Aboard the ship were ICO paiiengera and 4,000 tone of cargo. abroad, according to trad* estimates. Holland sold a variety ot good* In the foreign marketa, bought raw material! and food In this country. The States prospect that the United might be called upon to aupply much of this lost In eiport markets, Including steel for the Allied war Industries, was only one aspect of a rapidly chitting economic picture. MARLOW 1\JOVX7 f Continuous Show IXV^YV i ![,,,,,, j. 00 P. M. Ih« Mn W»» M.J. "CONE WITH THE WIWD" Now preients Mother filtbfel pletorlifttlon ol tbe UOOKI but Mlllnc oe REBECCA ififriif H U B E K C t I 0 » O L I V I E R * FONTAINE · NOTE:--DUB lo tba length anfl cair- nltude of thli treat production It Is presented on * nlnile feature pro- cram with these carefnlly selected ·horl HbJrefi. Tbe Mareh of Time [i "America 1 * Toalh-- 1040" I ALL 00 LOB CARTOON --On tho Stngo-- TUESDAY NITE (In Conjunction with "Rebecca") MINERVA M. BENNETT Preterits an Eight Piano Ensemble With 31 Talented Irtlits Continuous Shows From 1 F. M. 25c Today ! Through Wed. He the Darling of the Ladies --and the cope all want him too! He stole Papa's watch Mama's pearls and Daughter's heart! "Raffles" A kid with a tnodtl alrDtaat join* forcti with cretteit »lr ·» with D A V I D N I V E N O L I V I A D e H A V I L L A N D Bamo May IVIlltty - - Dudley Plages TAILSPIN TOMMY in Danger Flight" "The Romance of the Potato COMING SOON: GEOUGE BRENT--ISA MIHANDA In "ADVENTURE IN DIAMONDS" Let's Go Out and... DANCE To the Music of "CHUCK" MORGANS ORCHESTRA SUNDAY EVENING From 7 to 11 P. M. STOP at the CLANCY I N N

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