Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on January 19, 1850 · Page 2
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 2

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1850
Page 2
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iaR3TK - fuBF - i"a!nl7v, .isjrz.1.. - vr.v - ft!: o.xisnc'v wh vn .. "" ,. T i iiflnnfriiiltflWaSffiiiar T!rTitMiirTM r "P "' - - i"" Qtoriiilii i.jimi W'.rT - rr ii jv. x In i m n j m in am i fin ,'" ' '' " - " " """ - Sffjffl glwtg - ft 14 fe Wl - SZ ""tfcfp'va ;j 3 - - 1 ja sr jii I fi,? . S te' &i BS,dfc ft I Bf? A - Prom Washington.; J PromjAlbany. Correspondence of the Express. Important from'yrhlnBton. Wmiidwtoh, Jn. It. I forward you a ery important Treamry Circular. The Law hastily passed by Uie laat Con - rr sujon Uieye or its adjournment, compel the Secretary of the Treasury to collect the Revenue for Sl,5O0,OOO, which cannot be done, it beina; over half a million lea than paid under Mr. Walk kf r'e admin'iFtnition, and before California, Ore - (on, and the Rio Grande region bad Custom Houses, or Cualom Uobso officers The Secretary baa', held back bia Circular till the latest possible moment in the hope that Congress would act upon bia recommendation, to postpone for a given period the execution of the law, without inflicting aevere and vexatious bnrthent upon the merchants. A Congrew manifests no disposition to do anything, but in one Home i not yet fully organ - iced, and in another if busy upon Austrian af - fairs a part ol" the time;. and upon Slavery the other part, the Secretary now issues bia Circular, the execution of which mint make a great noise, and create much disturbance and vexation in all our commercial circle. The Houee cam within one to day, of making Mr. Giddioga, or Brooklyn, N.Y. it Sergeanl - al - Arm, but one vole wai wanting, whereupon, upon the Loco side of the Home, "a nw" wae kicked up, an adjournment wax obtained, and nothing u done. Correspondence of the Commercial AdvrrtUer. Waihjngto.i, Jan. 12, 1850. The events of the last three day seem to have produced a greater excitement and wider es - iranjremeut between the North and South than even the prolonged contest over the Speakership. Mr. Campbell, Whig, or Tennessee, was yesterday elected clerk, on the tweutictti trial, by the aid of eight Southern Democratic votes, of which five were from South Carolina, .one from North Carolina, one from Alabama ana one from Tennessee. The Democrats from the North were indignant at this infringement of party discipline, which they call open and inexcusable treachery. Mr. Campbell was eupported by all the Whig present except Messrs. Allen and Mann of Massachusetts Mr. Wood, of Ohio, congratulated .hi Democratic friends of the North that they bad at length clearly ascertained the nature oftho ties which connected them with the Southern Democracy, and he thanked Uie latter that they bad at last shown (be colors under which they had been for some time sailing. Mr. McLane, of Maryland, proposed to extinguish Mr. Wood with a question, which Mr. W. professed hitnseir willing to'liear and auewer, but the House objected, and the opportunttv or hearing a very interesting colloquy was not afforded. Mr. Wood was one of the half doxen Northern Democrats who refused to vote for Mr. Cobb for Speaker, when the latter was elected, though he had supported him when originally presented as the caucus candidate. There is no doubt that this separation of party friends will lead to important results in the future proceedings of the House duriue the present Congress. The exasperation or the Democrats broke out in many expressions. One declared that he bad given hi last vote lor a Southern wan for any ofiice ; another hoped that, if there were any more Soutrern. candidates, they would now he brought forward ; aod yet another exclaimed "So much for Suulhem faith and honor." The effect whs slioan in pirt on the first trial for tho election of a serjeant - at - arms, when it was sen that the vote for the regular Democratic candidate, Mr. Lane, or Kentucky, did not come up to the full party strength by nearly twenty ; and it was still farther developed to - day, when the impossibility of electing him was manifested ra plainly as to ' require that lie should be withdrawn, and some 'Northern man be put in nomi - uation. Some, contemptuous good nature was eveo shown by the victors, in the manner or making the concession, lor Mr. Cobb, of Alabama, be - lore proposing Jesse E. Dow, the ribald "Heroic Age" of the Union, condescended to auk Air. Wil - mot if that nomination would be agreeable to him and his friends, to which Mr. W. replied that they would take their own course. The House will probably complete itsorganiza - tion in a day or two, and then will be called upon to pass or reject Mr. Root's resolution requiring the committee upon territories to report bills organizing Government for New Mexico and Do - eret, provid.ng fir the exclusion of slavery. ii win pruoaniy do adopted, .linen lime will be anted in trie discussion or the slavery question. $ IN SENATE. ' ,. Aibant, Monday, Jan. ?.' . By MrBeekmani a memorial orthe New York State Historical Society," which on motion of Mr. Morgan was laid on the table and printed. The Lieutenant - Governor pieseuted a memorial from the American Association for the advancement of Science. MOTIONS, RESOLUTIONS, AND SOTICES. By Mr. Geddes Of a bill in relation to exempting personal property from execution. By Mr. Johnson Of a bill to amend the act refering to the registry of births, etc. By Mr. Robinson A resolution that the committee on internal affairs be discharged from the consideration of so much of the Governor's message as refers to the local taxes, aud that it be referred to the committee ou cities aBd villages.' By Mr. Johnson, that the usual number of copies of the report of the state prison inspector be printed for use of members, 1000 extra Tor nse or inspectors carried. ASSEMBLY. STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE ASSEMBLY. After the journal was read lb Speaker announced the following stauding committees : frays ana Meant Messrs. Ford.Goddsrd, Marshall, Pruyn, Bowen, Commerce and Navigation. Allen, Vandrrzre, Lewis. Dox. Vamum. Conn! McLean, Lewis, Burroughs, Newkirk, O. Allen, Martin. Railroads Storey, Horton, Wilson, Leavenworth, Licsiie. Banks and Insurance Co't Wilson, Horton,Van - derxee, Raymond, Barrett. Two - Thirds and Three - Fifths Bills Trait, Kincsry, Koon, Shrpard, Park. Colleges, oje. Burroughs, Cushman, Nott, Gilbert. Jermain. Grinuwces Fiske, L. Sheldon, J. P. Davis, Morse, Noit. PriviUget and Election Dinniny, Mcintosh, C. Robinson, Monroe, Waters. Petition! af Aliens Bush. Pierson. Brower. Pease, Durfee. Erection and Ditition of Town and Counties Owen, Mcintosh, Cushman, Irish, Woodruff. Claims Root, Leland, Thomas, Wheeler, Wake - man. internal Affairs of Towns and Counties Lawrence, Jones, Burnham, J. S. Greene, Alley. Medical Collects, Jcc Bolter, Trait, Farier, Portrr, V ilson. Cities and Villages Goddard. Fouler, Allison, Baker, Haimon. Msnifae'ure of Salt Leavenworth, Hawonh, Nekirk,J. W. Allen. Vanhom. Trade and Manufactures Fox, Noxon, J. Avery, Ward, A. B. Davis. lHott Prisons Ward, Thomas, Dean, W. F. Robertson, Richardson. Engrossed Bills Peck, Snedeker, Corey. Lou, Candee. Militia Monroe. Pickett. Hubbs. Dox. L. W. Smith. lioait and Bridges L. D. Smith, Bishop, Lyon, Young. White. rublic Lands Bowne,Fox,Vickery,Clark, Provost. Indian Affairs Andrews, Overhlser, J. P. Davis, Sprague, Hall. Charitable and Keligious Societies Winslow, Pratt, Cbnndler.Lasher, ilaizlit. Agriculture Graham, Snedeker, Winslow, Me - Lean.Sill. Expiring Laics L. W. Smith, Peck, Fowler, Cowles, Gardner. Pullu I'rinting Little, Dodge, Grownell, Guff, Woods. Ezpenditureof Executicc Department CviKu, Hicks, Wing, Bradford. Cody. Expenditure of the House L. Sheldon, Scudder, A. Avery, J. AUen, Fullerton. JudieiaryA. Greene, Dinniny, L. D. Sinitb, Ford. Bacon, W. 11. Robertson, Townsend. Joint Library Pruyu. Church, Fiske, Bowen, Vamum. SENATE Jauuary 14th. 18S0. Raroars Mr. Staulun, to abolish imprisonment for debt, where the people of the Stale are a party- A message was received from the Governor, in reply to a resolution in regard to charges for vagrancy and empanelling juror. Mr. Babcock offered a aeries of joint resolutions on the subject of postage recommending our Senators and House of Representatives to vole for the passage of a law reducing the preseut rates of postage 5 cent for each half ounce, regardless or distance aud 2 cents on all letters or half an ounce, if prepaid. Mr. Braudeth submitted a resolution, providing for tho free transmission through the mails, of all uewspapers within the cougressional district where the office was located, which, with the series by Mr. Babcock, were ordered printed Genual Oadexs The Senate then went into committee of the whole, Mr. Curtiss in the chair, pany could not dismiss, because they would require them again as soon as this ibill should . pass. It was also desirabla - to put certain heavy work under contract at least six mouths before other portions were put under contract Mr. & then proceeded to reiterate the arguments in favor of the bill, particularly why, in order that the money to be borrowed should be obtained advantageously, the bill should now be passed. Unless the bill was passed the work could not go on ; and as it only authorized what was proper he trusted there would be no further delay. He was surprised that there should be any objection to the bilL He wished this bill to stand upon its own merits. He was eppoeed to connecting it with any other proposition, and trotted that the attempt would not be persisted in if it bad already been made Without taking any question the Committee roee aod reported. SUMMARY. Correspondence of the Journal t Eagle. ' Letter from California. - , Sas Facisco, California, Nov. 1 1, 1819. I arrived at this place last Saturday cvrning, safely ,'and in excellent health. Oar passage Irom Valparaiso was a very long and tedious one. We were on allowance of two quarts of water per day, of which about half was used for cooking. On land this would be quite sufficient lor a person, but at sea, where there are no vegetable, and nothing but salt beef and that of the (attest kind, it is quite a different a flair. I never underwent uch privations before. However, my health did not suffer. Now as regards this "FJ Dorado." This is one of the finest and most beautiful harbors in the world; for, entering through a passage about two miles wide, between lofty mountains, within, the bay extends some forty miles in each direction, surrounded by high mountains, and interspersed with numerous islands, some of which are or considerable extent. The city or San Francisco is situated on a ride hill, about six miles from theentrance. It contains at present about twelve hundred bouses, and trom twenty to thirty thousand inhabitants, most of whom are living In tents, and under arbors made oi bushes, while Borne are entirely destiiute of any shelter at all. The rainy season has fairly set in, and the mud Is knee deep. Provisions are extravagantly With; flour $35. pork $10. and every thing else in proportion. Of course there is a great deal of suffering ; a large number die every day, whose deaths are not published ; several bodies are found every morning on the beach, and under carts where they have crawled for ehelter. The principal disease is Dysentery, although dissipation and exposure kills a great many. Indeed, I never have seen so much dissipation in my lite as prevails here. Every one drinks, and gambling is going on in almost every house, from eight in the morning until twoand three at night, Sundays not excepted, and thousands change hands every day. It is the best business here, and next to it is the law, as there is an immense amount ol litigation going on, and the place is filled with young lawyers, most of whein are making money. Mechanics wages are very high ; a good carpenter or blacksmith can get Iroin $15 to $S0 per day ; lumber is from 2U0 to S300 per thousand. Rents are extravagant ; a small room ten feet square brings $200 a month, and I know of a tent that rents for $5,000 n year. The rent of the Parker House, a large hotel on the Plaza, is only $135,000 per year. Immense sums have been realized on land. Lots that were bought six months ago fur $70 on credit, now sell for 10 and $20,000. The cheapest board you can get is $25 per week, exclusive of lodging, which costi $1,50 per night. Large numbers are coming down daily trom the mines.some with a pretty good quantity of "dust but the greater number without any. It is very Bickly up there, and moat of the operatives arc coming down to spend the rainy season. The sickness nud privation here is appalling, and I have about come to the conclusion that this is the greatest humbug that was ever started. There is plenty of gold here, but it requires regular miners to get il ; men who have had experience, and understand separa - Congress has appropriated 1,500,000 for the improvement of the Dea Moines river. This improvement will consist in the erection of twenty - five cut stone dams with locks, rendering this riv er navigable for steamboats as far up as Furt Des Moines at all seasous, except when frozen. Each dam will support 114 - 12 feet head of water, thereby creating a water power at each dam unsurpassed by any in the United Slates. It is 202 miles from the month to Fort Dcb Moines. The Des Moines river is as large a the Connecticut. Hunting a Panther. The Fulton Co. Democrat tells of a panther hunt in that county which lasted several das, and in which hundreds participated. Finally they succeeded in shooting the animal, which proved to be a brindlo dog with bis ears cropped. H. G. McCintock, of Mobile, was tried on the 24th clt , en a charge of shooliug in the public streets, Gen. Holland, causing his death. He was driven to the murder in consequence of the inlidelily of his wife. The Jury imposed a ftne of $1,000, and six months imprisonment. In this part or the country Juries decide as to the guilt or innocence, aud our Courts impose the penalties Globe. Serious Accident in a Rolling SlilLA letter dated Danville, Jan. 8, 6uys that in the rolling mill there, tho large fly uheet, weighing from 25 to 30 tons, buret essuuder and scattered the roof aud machinery at a fearful rate. Pieces weighing S, 4 aud even C tons, were hurled through the roof, crashing every thing befure them. One man was 6lighlly injured. The damage cannot be less than $ 1 0,000 it may reach 30,000. It is believed to have been dono by some villian who threw a piece of iron between the cogs of the main wheris. This unfortunate affair throws hundreds of laborers out of employment. Philadelphia Ledge. Extraordiniry Escape from Death. Tho following strange story is related in the Baton Rouge Gazette (Eitra) of the 8th instant: A very fcingular or rather extraordinary escape from death occurred to one of the deck hands of the Magnolia on her last trip up frum New Orleans. The man alluded to was silting on the bow of the boat asleep, when he fell overboard and slipped under the boat. The next instant he was picked up by the paddle of tho wheel, aod Rifely, and ting the gold by mercury. Digging now is just like without injury, deposited in tho wheel - house. So ' lottery, some are fortunate enough to pick out a sudden was this done that he woke up very much cooj pnCe, and procure from 10 to S100 per day. IVUWUyu OV m a - u.n y.M... a. ua.aav . .. - . . - f m0M.13 WlthOUL maklllfi a Blll - clecrnt, The proportion of those that make fortunes bv dicEini! alone, is about one in one hundred. I It is about as profitable for the majority as tligKine ditches at home ; there jou get one dollar a day, nttrl sximtVtrtrtUa hr tnti fTl ton find ill at mnn. oge to live uncomfortably. One dollar a day at home, will go jusi &a far 01 ten here. It .9 astonishing to nb&t menial offices man have entirely ignorant, until informed of the curious revolution and fearful escape from death through which he had paused. Explosion of a Coffee Put On Fridav, us the wife if Mr. riass, of Crooklj u, was preparing her inoro.Dg meal, the cofleo pot, which was standing upon the 6tovo suddenly exploded; the confined steam forcing the top agaiu&t the ceiling with great force and throwing the boiling coflVe into the face and upon the Deck and arms of Mrs. Flass who is very badly scalded, and fears are entertained that she will lose both eyes, as she is now entirely blind. To male Tea go further than usual When yon put the water to your tea, add a spoonful of the best Guupowder into the pot, and having scl a light to it, you will Hud your tea to go a great deal further than you expected J9UI1ML&JBAL1 "Liberty and Union, now and forever, ene'aast iBirooTuSJe." FOUGHKEEPSIE: Saturday Morning. Jan. 19, 1850. For the Free circulation of Newspapers for thirty toOcs from the place of publication. Cliex of tbi Housi. On Friday of last week Thomas J.Campbell, the whig. clerk of the last House of Representatives, was chosen Clerk of the present, receiving on the last ballot 118 votes, over Col. Forney, editor ol the Philadelphia Pennaylva - nian, who was the regular loco foco candidate. Aa the Clerk is the only officer of the House besides the Speaker whose station is of any political importance there was of necessity a heavy struggle, the Iree soilers and other impracticable reramng 10 join either of the great parties to produce a choice, and thus save the time lost, while the public business was suffering for wan: of attention. A choice was at last effected through the votes of eiaht southern democratic members, 6ve of them being from South Carolina, one from North Carolina, one from Alabama, and one from Tennessee, who on the twentieth trial voted for Mr. Campbell and elected htm. As Mr. Campbell is from Tennessee, and the loco candidate, Forney, from Pennsylvania, as soon aa the result was announced a high excitement arose between the party members from the north and south, Mr. Wood, of Ohio, who hss just been nominated bv the loco focoa for governor of that state, taking the lead and eipressing his satisfaction that they at last understood each other, and that he considered a union between them at an end. Mr. Campbell is admitted on all hands to be an excellent officer, and in every point of view except hi political Bentimems, unobjectionable to those who opposed him. He haa the support oi an me whigs who were present except Allen and Mann of Massachusetts. By way oi consolation to the disappointed friends of Col. Forney, on Monday a man by the name of Adam Gloesbennrr, of Pennsylvania, was chosen Sergeant - at - Arms, but he was not the regular party candidate, that pmleman having found it necessary to withdraw. Monsiecb Toxsob coax ABiis. Every year as regularly as our legislature meets movements commence in New York city, and no where else in the state, in favor of Bucb a modification of the us - ory laws a shall remove the penalties for shaving in , loaning money, and legalize the shaving system which prevails so enensively in ihatcity.andgrad - I ually brings so many ol its advocates to ruin. They I are started again this year as a matter of course, and on Thursday last a meeting ol merchants, ss , it was designated, was to be held to memorialize the legislature on the subject. The papers in the interests of tht brokers approve of the movement as I apart of their duty. j It is a fact worthy ol special notice and remembrance, that of all places in the etate.or the country. there are none in which wealth is so uncertain as in New York, and financial business, if we judge the tree by its fruit, is so badly managed. The proportion of business men who gain substantial wealth there and retain it hardly averages one in twenty. Of those who merely obtain ealih, with out regard to whether they keep it or not, the num - PlABiRoABioPntPliE On Saturday last we had the pleasure of witnessing the first demonstration in favor ofthisnewand important enterprise, at a convention of its friend held at .Tomlin - aon's hotel, Washington Hollow, Instead ol finding the people cold and indifierent on the subject, at the appointed hour about three hundred of the most respectable citizen of the county, moat oflhem men of means and nine - tenths of them farmers, appeared on the ground, manifesting much anxiety to have the work undertaken and completed, for all felt that it could not (ail to prove one of great value, npt only to the stockholders but to the section of conn - try through which it would pass. In all the proceeding there was great unanimity of feeling, although much interest. wa manifested in reference to the probable location, each of the three prominent and highly favorable route havingwarm advocate, but the prevailing sentiment' on all hand was in favor of the most advantageous when all the considerations came to be weighed. The several committee were selected with the bet feeling and the proceedings adopted unanimously. We regard this first demonstration as settling the question that the road will speedily be made ; the men who made it, and who have the means of building, are awakened to its importance, and we doubt not that aa soon a the necessary preliminary step can be taken, the stock will be immediately subscribed and the work commenced. The building of one rosd In the county will soon settle the question with reference to such others ss the public convenience or business will require, for the advantages of such works are so manifest when they are brought before the public eye, that they need no further commending to public favor - These new movements for the road to Pine Plains we find have bad the effect somewhat to stir op the waters on the subject of the contemplated road to Stormvilie which must follow ere long. Improved facilities of communication are of great public utility in several points of view besides the direct pecuniary benefits they confer upon those who reap the immediate advantages of the increased business they make. They draw the people together as it were, and place those of an entire county in the attitude of a single neighborhood, they bring farmers so near the markets that those residing in remote sections enjoy about as many benefits ss those situated in theirvicinity.olten furnish a choice of markets which under other circumstances ia impracticable, and develope resources in the country which are never dreamed of till they are thus brought to light - tWeekly,IiOg Book., I SALMAGUNDI. , For the week past, business has been modem!" jy j jtcoo chapman, Esq.'has been chosen state nrh, Kistained, withbutoneortwo days that, might be ter forthrea years by the legislature of IndianaBl termed ixtra trading days. The peculiarities of a is a loco of course. - "January Ihaw" were npon ns, and kept many Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson has introduced a t - n Ann.rv fmr..t hnni. hesldefl WC lost all our I in l!i Kjn., Af .h. TTnif.J Ci. - . . .hwuI .l.fffMn whftaalwaVSaohi2hlvlmOrOVedTY.rTirh mtn," inKmVA - .LT..I. 1.1 . t1 good sleighing; whkb is always o highly Improved bv our country friends who do their trading in the villager Grocers have been doing rather better for a week or two past than dry goods and other business men, owing to a little excitement in the local or home demand. A little excitement was visible at the close of last week, by the announcement of the failure of a firm' down street,' doing - an extensive buaiuess. The business and stock" of the firm, we understand have been assigned, and the store will be continued as heretofore under its new managers - We further learn that no creditor of the old firm will suffer serious if any loss aftei they settle their business. There ia every prospect at present that the coming spring will be one or the best seasons for our mechanics that w have experienced for years. Within a week past Iota have been purchased in this village by two gentlemen from New York, who intend to put up residences thereon immediately. Besides these we know of some four or five other ' dwellings, of superior style, that will be put under ; contract in the spring ; and there are doubtless ma - I ny others that we have not yet heard or. M I Nxw Cmraca. The Presbyterians in this village have decided to erect Monday evening at were passed in favor of a new church, and the trus tees were authorized to sell the old church and tot npon which it stands to the best advantage they could. "Up town" churches are all the rage in these days of "improvement," and tha pews where our fathers worshiped are too "straight - backed" and antiquated for their children. Eut religious societies should never be behind the times, eithcrin matters of taste or convenience. Fboh EtJRore. Mom comvcuioms. The accounts from Europe by the late arrival are unexpectedly full of interest, aa they show that the ai - bitrary measures of the despotisms oi Europe to crush the spirit of liberty among the people have not been completely successful, and that it is quite ! possible that just as the advocates of arbitraiy power have concluded that all was still and no more troubles would arise, they will find themselves upon the eve of another and far more sweeping revolution than any that has occurred. The smothered fires are breaking out again in Austria with fearful force il the accounts are not exageratod, and the spirit of freedom is at last reaching Russia. also. These tSP'By reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that new arrangements have been made 1 by the Railroad Company in reference to the time of starting, &c. A passenger ttain leaves the station every day at 7 1 - 4 o'clock A. M. ; a freight train at 7 1 - 3 o'clock, and a second passenger train at 11 3 - 4 A. M. Leave New York fur this place at 8 A. M. ; 2 M P. M. and 4 P. M. The train leaving at 2 1 - 4 is the freight train. tSTThree or lour of our citizens left New York this week for Cbagres, en route for California, intending to take the February steamer from Panama. Several letters were received on Monday from those already at the mines, and they give assurance that the Pougbkeepsie people are quite as successful as any others who have gone oat. Several other we learn contemplate leaving here next month to seek their fortunes in California. A Suogestios. It evidently corresponds with the sentiments and wishes of the people generally that all local as well as general officers should be elective, and we believe we utter the sentiments of nine tenths of the inhabitants of the village, when we ask things will cause the next arrival from Europe to j the Trustees to make the street commissioner and be looked for with much anxiety. ' weigh master elective by the people, upon the same ticket with the Trustees and other charter officers. Wbat most raoMOTES Hultb. It is said that in the Society of Shakers at Enfield, Connecticut, which numbers two hundred and sixty - nine souls, there has not been a death in fourteen months. ber is small, and far below the average of those who I gjf t o th(, . whelher he hea,th of , wai aud the wssion promises to be of creat lennth. Sjrnrthinrr will have to be done to repair the di - i and reporttd progress ou the bdl to amend the act lnntitata.4 fin.no. - Fm (Iih nnnl.. nf Sm....4:.. 1 . - .l.ll.i.... f. l.n..T. . ......!... .... u... ' scccssities a loan will be required, and to meet I Adjourned. the interest thereupon, either the tariffsbould be ASSEMBLY Jan. 14th, 1S50. raised or a airect tax be levied ; or perhaps both j Select Committees The Speaker announ - expedient should be resorted to. The legislation, j ced the following M - tccl committees elating that of the session may be rammed op in the three words slavery, taxes, and appropriations. M. In the Senate yesterday Gov. Seward presented a memorial from the citizens of New york for the abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia, and moved it reference to the Judiciary Committee. The quet - tion of its reception was tabled, 32 to 19. Mr. Bexton introduced a bill ta reduce the boundaries of Texas, and made a speech on the subject Mr. Foots called up hi bill to organize Territorial Government for California, Nw - Mexico and Deaeret, and to erect the District of Jancinto into a Slave State, and made a speech mainly devoted to personal abuse of Col. llcnton. Both bills were referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Bctleu reported back from the Jodiciary Committee, with amendment, the bill in relation to the recapture of fugitive slaves, and it was ; made the special order for Monday. Mr. Hamlin : submitted resolution of inquiry in regard to the barbarous treatment or American seamen in Ja - ' pan, and in reference to our commercial relations I with the Independent Oriental Nations. The House was occupied in an ansuccemfall attempt to elect a Doorkeeper.. Tribune Jan. 17. be had not aunouueed thai committee ou the sub ject of slavery, at the rujue.l of cue of the gentle - Senator Houston and Temperance. Senator Houston speaking ou the qunstiou of inviliug Father Matthew to a seat in the Senate Chamber, said, in reference to lemperaucc reformation :'l Kir. am a diHriDle. f needed the difcciDlino of I reformation, aud 1 embraced it. I am proud up - I on this floor to proclaim it, Bir ; and would that I j could enforce the example upou every American heart that influence or is influenced by filial J affection, conjugal hive or parental tenderness. Yes, sir, there is love, purity and aud fidelity in scribed upon the banuer that he bears. It has meu wnom no propoeea to pui ou it, aca wno ae - i . . r . 7 . . . . ., , ,. .. ' sired that the committee ahould not be announced ' noUiing to ao wiin abolition or wun nuiincauoii i until he returned from New York. The mem ber referred to was Mr. Raymond The Code The Jodciary Cominitt, Messrs. Nott, Godard and Little. for Improvement Racket Titer Messrs. Ray. tnoud, Dox, H. J. Allen, Wheeler and Kingaley. sir. Away with your paltry objection to men wno come bearing the binacle above the turbid waters, which unfortunately trait at tit fert of this mighty republic !" Fire Insurance must be paid to - day. Better Homestead Exemption. Mesars. Winsor, Goffj i 'Jot - . Be burnl out ,lke a """' "Dd lrust ,0 Snedeker, Dean and Shepard. I Assessment and Collection of Taxes and Sale of Tax Lands Meatrs. L. W. Smith, Little, Wakeman, Fox aud Woodruff. Lunatic Asylum Messrs. Bacen, Kirk, Lawence, Root and Brewer. I lVaAinto7i' Headquarters Messrs. Leland, Truslow, Martin, Lyon aud Lutt. l t - mntiftt mt frirrrsi nf a Math,, fJnrof i.b friends. Foreign News. enquiry r - rogrenoj Attorney vcneraion rn 1Tr t t . e n the Manorial r.tlef - Messrs. Nott, M. L Shel - ' 1W0 WCCKS LatCr fl'OIll LllTOpe. don. Waters, Toa nsend aud Pratt. Excise Law Meesra. Gilbert, Jermain, liar - i mon. Little and Bosh. i 7edn( on Manorial Lands Messrs. Pratt, I White, M. Sheldon, Bolter and Winslow. i Mr. Nott called up hi anti - slavery resolutions j and on his motion they were referred to the te - ' " " " lect committee on that subject, and ordered to be Murder near Fateraon, New Jersey, i printed. I We are indebted to Wells's express for a slip I Mr. Gilbert called up hi resololion requiring from the Patterson Guardian office, containing the clerks and wardens of State aud couutv tin - the following : , sons, and the keeper of the poor - houste, penilen - Guardiau Office, Patterson, N. J. Jan. 9th. The murder last night of two persons living at the Goffle, within two or three miles of this place, has thrown our community into intense excitement. The victims are John S. Tan Winkle ani wife, an aged couple, and long residents of the country. By tho Steamer Canada. Rebellion ia Serria and Sclavonic 120,030 Patriots in the Field Mutiny at Comorn ! CONSPIRACY IN RUSSIA. to resort here, who have left good and even lucrative situations at home. I will give you a few cases that have come under my observation. A gentleman who left a Professorship in Yale College, has been attending bar in a grog shop, and driving an ox team ; another, a clerk who had a situation in Wall street, with 2,000 a year, is now driving a cart through the mud ; at any time you can see dozens who were well off, digging ditches in the streets for $7 a day ; a great many get discouraged, gamble and dissipate, until all their money is gone, and their health ruined, and then they either commit suicide, or era v. I away under some budding and aie found dead - Now you may think I exaggerate things, but I assure you I do not ; there are thousands of cases of sickness, suffering and death, that I do not know any thing about. The papers hete will not publish these facts, as it is to the advantage of capitaliis to gel as many persona here as possible, end take advantage of their necessities. I have mot a great many friend: and acquaintances here. ome lew have done well, but not one has succeeded at the mines. It is singular in this land cf gold, that motiey is the most important thing to bring with ou; but il is so. With it you can realize your wildest anticipations; without it you are leu thousand times worse off than in New York, for here there is no charity or pity, and no alms house, or relume. My business is excellent ; if you have capital to pay $300 advance for your office and board, but there is one physician here to every ten men. I hate not yet made up my mind what I shall do. As to going up to the mines, and ruining my health by hard work, and exposure,sleepingon the ground, living on salt pork and bread, &c. I shall not do thai. I shall soon find what is to be done, and If I cannot do rrry well, I shall return as soon as I can. own that I have been grievously disappointed with regard lo this place. Do not advise any person to come here unless they can bring plenty ol capital, and if ihey can do that they are much belter oil where they are. H. succeed in gaining a competence in any ordinarily good business in the country, yet of those who do thus obtain it iu some portion of their lives three fouiths go to ruin before they get through. II (arming business waB done after this fashion, and like rrsuliB should (ollow, the country would be actually filled with alarm, and men would dread to enter the these Shaker is most promoted by their industry and simple food, or by their uncommonly vigorous exercise in dancing. Mabvland Seiutok. On Saturday last ex - Governor Thomas G. Pratt was chosen by the legislature United States Senator till the 4th ol March, business ol (arming more than entering on army in jgj 10 gj t,e vacancy occasioned by the resigna - the midst ot war. Yet notwithstanding these well known results, I we hear and see constant boasts thrown out about . the superior wisdom of city financiering, the keenness ' and intelligence of their business men, and all that, , as if to make a big figure one year and come out bankrupt the next was wisdom! Farmers, and peo - , pie of the country, envy no such wisdom and want , nothing to do with a system followed by such fruits, j They therefore respect the usury laws, they want ' no shaving system introduced, and will not submit to it, but are content while nine - tenths of them can both gather wealth and retain it by prudence and carefulness. AUSTRIA. Naval Scene off Cronstadt The Uinled Slates ship Indepedcnce. under the command of Cant. Nicholson, sailed from tiaries, &c. to report the statistics necessary to AeM of a Rebellion in Senia and Scla - Cronstadt in 1827, from Boston, carrying out Mr. show tho relation of crime aud drunkenness. Adopted. Notices of intention to introduce bills were given by Mr. bon, to compel tbe bank or Jew York, vonia. Accounts from Vienna and Berlin of the Sod ult. state that a rebellion of a most formidable scale had broken out in Servia and Sclavonia, and the military boundaries are up in arms a - Albany and Troy to redeem their note at par in ' .:... .i.. . ..: rz . Vi.. s.i... The deed was accomplished, as there appear. K?i,lIteri T. . " V lul'!ai! .' &c - fiian and Servian bouudary have revolted and no doubt, by one John Johnson, a laboring farmer who two or three year since worked for hi vie - t rn as a farmer, and who at the time was employed by some of bis neighbors in the same capacity. It appear that Jobason effected an entrance iu the house through an trpper window, by a ladder, and descended to the bedroom accomplished his murderous purpose by first attacking ihe wi&. who slept in front, then the husband, fcttd agaiu tbe wife. , I he second attack appear to have immediate . ii. iwucriBoo, ivauuiurize certain persons ..:.. j.i. j r.u - f"l.: - i. r :.. .u. . to establish a ferry over the Hudson, from Siva !? - , ,, a, Vi if .u r - .. i n.u.Ll.r.nl ..., vin oiug their rear is folly secured frum tits brethern of these men in Turkey, they are assured before haud of all their support, a circumstance which w ill complicate the relatious already sumciently ! Sing lo Rockland county. SENATE Jan. 15. Mr. Carroll, presented lite resolutions of cheap I postage. Laid on tbe table and aud ordered printed. luiHD Keadi.vo or IJ11.LS To authorize the law nave .uiKrouiaM, - r.. . , - - , , . . ly deprived Uie wife of life; the hutbaud is still "? "' "" wnuie, ir. yuniss in me cnair. repon. m7 - ..... .1 (!ommpnd lafJin nommitt t.n litrtftir living - , but hi dralii is momentarily expected by .,.J. Tl JlUlnt i.rfnmi.l ..J aa.... . ' 'rOtTtmC hevaT.ee.. a knife, thourh tbe husband heart one i T"? s.8m? committee, Mr. Cook in the chair, or ar. mark, ofa hatchet I ""J1 ll,e bill, with amendments, extending the Each received several slab in different part . '" for county Superintendent, of the poor tlecl - of the body, and the eight which the bod.es pre - ! ci m 1840, l0 uke ,he oalh of office' septcd wlirn discovered wa a roost harrowing . ASSEMBLY Jan. IS, 1850. one, the bowels of the husband protruded and ly - i Mr. Nott called up his res - ilnlion, Fecuring the ing by his side. Tbe floor and bed was saturated ' snnie pensions, &e. tor tbe soldiers ofthe War of unVbU.od. i 1312, and their familes, as are awarded lolhs A boy only slept in the same dwelling. A - I mldier ofthe Revolution and their families, ruu - ed by tho noire in the room below, and ascrr - I Mr. N. advocated his resolution aa due the gal - taiaing n descending and softly opening the j tint men or 1812. d.ior, the butchery going on within, lie silently j Mr. A. B. Davis considered the resololion too left the house and alarmed the neighbors, but the ivuuortant lo be acted nnon hastlr. Ha mnrH in muraerer maoe nis escape ociore iney arrivea. TLe freah snow, however, enabled hi pursuer to track him, who soon succeeded in finding and arresting him. He tiad in hi. possession somo of tbe clothe of Mr. V. W. and bore about liira oumistakeable marks of guilt lie is now in jail, ilia object was doubtless monev; (which he seems sot to have obtained.) as Mr. V.W. is known to potaess great wealth, probably amounting to glUU.UUU, although a plain and unostentatious fanner. It i proper to state that Johnson has borne a good character when sober, but when drank, lie is little better than a madman, as we are informed by those who have long known him. troubled between Austria and the Purte. The bouudary regiments which have revolted r - . , j . ri .l c , pre niiiuiiE uio uioUMiouu .laiuivpiBuiuierBiij inu t",,U,:t'a"l1',n,..!: - . - - resistance to tho decree of November 18. organ - nri.wu ubBintn Ane oeuate in commit - :.: .,. .. - .j...Af. ti i.:e . . i iiu) vile (ui'fu'uuce(.rfMr. a no uiiiui mutciuru, eporl - i js ju SyriD;aII Pcterwordein, aud Zepaikist mili - scliool ' tary districts, which are exasperated at being ex cluded iron, ine icoiwoaesciiaji. Dallas, the United States Minister to Russia. The following interesting incident was described ut the time, as having takeu place soon after the arrival of that noble ship eff Ihe port of Cronstadt : Wo arrived orTCronsladt ou Saturday morning, SGth July, and mo6t lovely moruiug it was. The harbor was covered with Bhips of war, and vessels of all nations, of every size and description. To increase the interest aud beauty of the see no, a Russian fleet, in the Pcterhoff, was formed in two opposing squadrons, aud, after manoeuvring some time iu slum fight, opened their batteries upou each oluer. We had scarcely anchored and fired, and received our customary salute, when a (learner, crowded with officers, was 6een making for us, and soon an officer of high rank, accompauied by a large staff, came on board our ship. He was ad progress ou tho bill to amend the new law. On motion of Mr. Mann this bill was re introduced to Commodore Nicholson as Prince1 before us a copy. Tm Question or rata Postage. A state convention of editors was held at Harrisburgh.inP"" sylvania, on the first inst. which was""attendcd by the representatives of twenty - four presses in different parts of the state. Hon. Nimrod Strickland, of the West Chester Republican, presided.and J. G. M' Kinly, ofthe Democratic Union, and II. A. Misb, ol the Franklin Intelligencer, acted as secretaries. The convention adopted a series or tesolutions in favor of having newspapers circulated free in the Congressional districts in which they are published, and adopted measures to carry out this object ofthe convention. During the past week a few demonstrations in this line have been made at Albany, which we trust will be unanimously sustained in the legislature. On the 14th inst. af icr Mr. Babcock of Buffalo, had oneredinthe Senate a series of resolutions on the subject of letter postage, Dr. Brandreth moved to I must i add the following : "Resolved, That oor Senators and Represenia - I lives be requested to recommended tbe adoption of ; a law malting newspapers pusiaae uec .a cacu Congressional district.' On the 13th, Mr. Carroll of Troy, presented the in the Senate the following : Resolved, Thai our Senators in Congress are hereby instructed, and our Representatives requested, to use their best efforts to secure the passage of an act, establishing a uniform rate of postage thro - out the United Slates, of 2 cents on all letters weighing half an ounce, if prepaid, or 5 cents for each half ounce, if not prepaid : Also, fur the purpose of more satisfactorily testing the practicaDilny of such reductions of the postage rate, to use their best efforts to secure by further enactment, the keeping ofa distinct account of all mautm allowed to past through the mails free of postage, and lo make the same, (except such as shall relate lo the business oi tbe Post Ofiice Department,) a charge at the rate of other mail matter upon the treasury ol tne uuiled states: Also, tu uw their best exertion by further enactment, lo provide for the conveyance by mail poet, Iree, of all regular newspapers in the United Slates, wiihin ihe counties in which they are printed and published. On the same day Mr. Fullerton presented in the assembly resolutions in favor ol the free circulation of newspapers lor thirty miles from tbe place of publication, but of these we cannot find in any paper tion ofthe Hon. Reverdy Johnson, and also for sU years in advance from that date. He took his seat in tbe Senate on Monday. Gov. Pratt is a strong whig ofthe old school. Vert usfobtoute. The loco loco candidate for door keeper of the House of Representatives, who up to Saturday last was understood to stand a good chance for an election, was then unexpectedly detected in forging drafts upon the government lo tbe amount of some fifty thousand dollars, it is said, which made it necessary for that gentleman tody immediately from the Capital where he was expecting a reward, to parte unknown. Fesau HaraBATios. A society, highly respectable in numbers and character, has been formed in London to promote the emigration of respectable females from England to tbe different British colonies. In a report of their views and objects, the officers state that there are now in London alone 35,000 women who are employed in making clothing, of whom 23,000 are under twenty years of age, and that among all their wages does not average over from two and a half to four and a halfpence per day, on which they attempt to subsist ; that throughout the kingdom there is probably an excess of at least half a million of females over the male population, while in the British colonies generally the excess is ihe other wsv. the males outnumber ing the females nearly one third. The leaders of tiful strip of land suitable for building purposes. ihe society are of ihe opinion that by sending the females to the colonies and thus equalizing the sexes, society in said colonies may be greatly improved in the only available way of accomplishing that object, tbe excess of female labor in London and other English cities removed, and thus thousands who are suffering and must continue to suffer in their present circumstances, will be relieved and placed in comfort. Offices are already opened for registering the names of those disposed to go, who will be carefully provided for on tbe voyage, and for a time after their arrival at the port of destination. Hon. Sidney Herbert, member of Parliament from South Wiltshire is said lo be the author ofthe plan. Wolf Catching In Norway. In Norway, and perhaps in some other northern coumrie. the following very simple contrivance ia used for tbe capture of tbe wolf: In a circle about six or eight feet in diameter stakes arc driven o clow to each other that a wolf cannot creep through, and which are high enough to prevent him from leaping over them. In the midst of thi circle a single take jg driven, to which a lamb or yonng kid is bound. Around this circle a second is formed, of which the stakes are a. high and a close as tbe inner one, and at a distance not greater than will permit a wolf to pass conveniently, but not to allow of his turning round. In tbe outer circle a door is formed which opens inward, aud rests against lite inner circle, but move easily on its hinge and fastens itself ou shutting. Through this door the wolves enter sometime in soch great somber a to fill the rneloNire. The first wolf now pace tbe cir cle in order to discover some opening, through which be can get at tbe lamb. When he comes to tbe back of the door, which is in hn way, he pushes it with hi muzzle it closes and fasten he puses by, and goes the round for the second time, without being able either to enter the inner circle, or to retreat from the outer. At length be perceive, be is a prisoner, and hi hideous bowling announces to those who have constructed tbe trap that lie is taken, - vho immediately come and dispatch him. It is said that sort of trap bain used for fbxea, and even occasionally for mice. The military force alone of the rebels is estima ted at 120,001) men. with one hundred and ten cautiou, aud if there arc any joined by Croats, which appears highly probable, lliey will have 200,000 men with 300 cannon The numbers of ihe iusnrgeut are daily swelled by deserters from the Austrian regiments in Pelerwordeiu, Esseg, &.C. It is said that Russia has been intriguing to get up this iusurection, in order to have both Austria aud Turkey entirely dependent upon her ; iu proof of which the latest accounts from Servia mention that the Russian agitator is daily growing more open and daring, aud that the iucredi - tay it on the table to be printed. Adopted. ble activity of the agents of that power leads to .Mr. u.Aiien called np hnjotut resolution to llie couclumou that a sanguinary entanglement supply the State officers with legislative docu - i will speedily break out between liusnia aud Turnouts. Referred to the committee on joint ' hey. The Prince of Servia has already refused Rules to pay the tribute due to the Porte or 34,000 du - Mr. Leavenworth offered a resolution that the cats, and the arming of all male adults is being select committee on an agricultural school shall I carried on with the greatest activity, without any consist of eight members. Adopted ono knowing where the arms come from. Mr. Fullerton offered a joint resolution in favor j RUSSIA AND TURKEY. ni wm fjvmaEC ou irucra aountloa OI Iran.1 Mencl.ikoff, Minister of Marine. In bis snitc ' wis an officer whose uniform was distinguished frum that of the rest of the staff, by the top of i his cap being white instead of rival green. Alter the usual lorms of introduction had bceu gone through and the Prince invited into the Commo - i dure' cabin, Ihi officer sepraaled himself from the real, and went forward among the men, and I thence down tne mam deck, and, in snort, all over the ship, examining every thing particularly. On the main deck he met the nurse of Mrs. Dallas, with little Charlotte, a beautiful curly - ' headLd cherub, whom he took from the nurse aod caressed. On returning to the quarter deck, hi ' general appearance and lofty mien soon caused , him to be recoguized as the Emperor himself, ' but as he had come incognito, all honors and at - j U ntions were paid by the Commodore and his I I olficers to tbe 1 riuce,while they remained on board It Is to be hoped that these resolutions, so far a. they relate lo newspapers at any rate, will be promptly acted upon and passed unanimously by both branches ofthe legislature,. Lnder such circumstances they cannot (ail to have the desired influence at Washington. In addition to these movements in the right line, we find otheis which show thai tbe subject is daily and steadily commanding more and more attention. Among these we consider the following worthy of attention. Postage on Newspapers. As long as the Post Office Department is sustained upon the principle now in vogue, all mane rpassing through tbe mails should pay something, f or this reason the circulation of Newspapers.ree should not be allowed. While we objeot to tbe re - enactment ofthe old law on this subject, we at the same time are opposed to Some letter writers from Washington say that Mr. Bulwer, the new British Minister resident there, will remain but two years, but i sent to learn the ways of our government and people preparatory to being made govomer of Canada. We presume the writers concerned are not let into the secret ol Brit ish object and intentions, but if such are really the ends had in view in sending the present Minister to Washington, it is evidence that the British authorities are at last awakened to tbe importance of putting the colonics in the line of improvement. Prittj oood iota. A paragraph appears in tbe Tribune ofthe 16th inst. in which it is stated that the writer understands the New York bachelor's club have offered a reward of five hundred dollars for the discovery of a man who lately gave up his seat in a railroad car to a lady and teas thanked for hit politeness. The thanking was probably the first instance of the kind in this country, ss ladies who are offered seals, or any thing else by gentlemen who aie strangers, generally accept the offer with a scowl, or an elevation of the nose. branch mint in New York, which it ia to b. k. , may in this instance become a law. B. C SlaMcm, Esq. late of Illinois, has left , u, acy of eight thousand dollars to the American fv! onizatioa Society, lor promoting education In T beria. Gov. Crittenden baa issued a proclamation - . liog the first Monday and Tuesday of Msy7 on which thBj'peopIe of that state will vote IoaI acceptance' or rejection of their new conatitqjj - . Hon. George. W.Wright.one ofthe bkjijZ Congress from the new state of California, jj rived at New York, and will soonclsim his mil'" CoiiiST05ii5ci. It ia stated that UIcr. were received at New York by the but ateam!. bringing a mall from California, iojyjo of then, j? ing lor New England. Bills have been introduced inbotb houiesef,v. New Jersey legislature (or the enactment ofa tm. eral banking law. The Cincinnati Despatch says the small pot,, now raging in that city to a great extent, aosfor many deaths. Among the last humbugs about California is a . ty oi a place called Golconda, where it is aid . in. rresoytenana in ua .g m , he ,moant of , - :t . new church edifice Last .ne doubtIra, ,rae rf. a business meeting, resolutions : s. . , . . ., uuw Late account from MinosaU say.thatlnaa tkc. ! lion which has just taken plsce.'ihepeoplef ticier i lias triumphed. I A bigh exctemenl has been raised in the legal. j ture of Virginia by Ihe publication and presentation ut strong anti - slavery resolutions from the If jisuuir; ' of Vermont. It is estimated that fifty - three thousand perawa have left this part of the Union by sea for California, j in eight hundred vessels. ' A loco foco slate convention just held In Otb took ground against all banks, and In favor of bard money exclusively. They can use themselves tip a that way as the same party once did in its warn - mall bills. A general convention of poultry raisers in Nw ; England is to be held some time during the present winter, bu t we have not seen the place dnignatsd. A meeting was held at Newburghon thellia inst. to adopt measures for building a plank road from that place to Ellenville. Since annexation begin to be talked of in Canada, movements in the same direction, or tbrinde - t peudence, begin to be made in the British West Iu - , dies, especially iu the island of Jamaica. Late accounts from the Sandwich Island j say the putaeasoahas been the most profitable for the whale fishing ever known. Of seventy - two Amct - , lean vessels returned from the cruising ground, 1 nearly all iiad full cargoes. Slave tbadc A bill has been introduced in lh legislature of Mar) land lu repeal all law of that. , t late which prohibit the introduction ofelaveaiiito i if. Nxw PAris - Mr. W. II. Phillips, late editor of i ihe Madison County Whig, has established a new whig paper at Cazenovia in said county, called the Madison Republic, which he conducts with his tun. al energy and ability. j Tbe Boston Chronotrpe died lor want ol uppott I a few days since. It ssid many good thicgf, and ' was ably conducted. A pew In the Plymouth church, N. Y. ffasrented j the other day for 135 per annum. Several others j rented from $100 to ?130. A San Franciacu correspondent says that the streets of that city are even dirtier than those of I New York. The climax. The printers of New YorkgavealeativalalNaV ! lu'a on Thursday evening, 17th inst. the anniversary ' of the birth - day ol Benjamin Franklin. The enter - ' talnment consisted of literary exercises, followed by a magnificent supper, and concluded with a grand balL ! Massachusetts, it is said, has about three millicca i of dollars invested in school houses. Certainly a j good investment. Connecticut has about three hundred and thirty miles of finished railroad within her borders. From a statistical report recently published w Lara that the whole number of Unitarian Churches in the United States is two hundred and fifteen, of . which one hundred anuTsixty - &ve re"in""lner stale ! of Massachusetts. Thirty - eight of the whole number are without paetors. j The total number of slaves in tbe colonies in 1776 was about 500,000. Ol this number New York had 13,000 ; South Carolina and Virginia 273.000. Ia 1790 the slave population of this state had increased tu 21,32i, while that of South Carolina had fallen ou" three or four thousand. Tbe delegate from the new state of Deaeret is at Washington and asks admission to a seat in Con cress. He is a Mormon. A new neutral paper has been started at Port Jervis, in Orangi county, called the Port Jervis Express. At the first election in California but a little over 13,000 votes were polled, but the papers there state ! that had there been perfect party organizations ' nnt l,i (lian U1 fllin .nlil hiA luu.. .I.... To LAB0KEE3 - The Denton (Maryland.) Journal states that laborers are much wanted in that neighborhood to chop wood during the winter, and that a sufficient number cannot be obtained. Moxs small ruiATO hot. A Dr. Huntington, late clergyman of the Episcopal Church iu New York, last week followed Dr. Forbes and sought admission, to the Catholic Church. State Faix. Albany has been selected by the State Agricultural Society as the place for holding the next State Fair. The time b not named. A preamble and resolutions in favor cf improving the rivets and harbors ofthe west by the General government, have been rejected in the Indiana legislature by a party vote of the loco foco members, making the most striking specimen of the patty blindness of tbe day - WASiiUiUTO.v, Jan. 13 til, 1350. The Senate have confirmed the nomination of C. Pioble, as Surveyor General for Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. Abo the following Land Register: Allen Lonsstreet, for Louisiana ; John L. Allen, lor Augusta, Miss.; C. Major, lor Fayette, Wisconsin .Ralph Guild, for Jackson. Mo. ; S. C. Rose, for Huntavjlle, Ala. : and Richard B. Servant, for haskasia. IIL The Receivers appointed for Louisiana and Augusta, Miss, were also confirmed. if they have the power. The change can be made with very Utile trouble, and we believe it would be very generally commended. Al all events the suggestion is worthy of con - Real Estate n asd about thi Villase. For I some months past it has been very apparent that every desirable location for a residence in and about 1 this village would be in demand during tbe present ' year, and tbe thing is just now beginning lo be realized. The other day two gentlemen from the city started out with the determination of purchasing , lands upon which to build on the line ofthe railroad. ' They viewed the locations in market below this place, but found none so desirable as were offered here, and accordingly they each purchased thiity I acres near the Livingston estate, at $150 per acts, and will at once Bet about beautifyingit preparatory to the erection ofa suit of splendid residences. These gentleman do business in the city, but intend to reside here. We know of others who have authorised theirat - tornies here to purchase sites for dwellings if they can do so upon fair terms. Owners of desirable real estate here will sell very r jeony - - riTsrinme'W - rfleyr - areT&frf Tn" - , reference to prices, and some have advanced in anticipation ol a speculative feeling here in the spring, which we do not believe will prevail lo any extent, although the demand may be very unusual. tSTThe friends of Temperance will please bear in mind that the annual meeting of the County Society Is to be held in this village, on Wednesday next. The particulars are announced by advertisement iu another column. Let us have a full delegation from the country. Proposed. We learn that there is a proposition mooted to extend Hamilton street sooth so that it will connect with the main road at some point near Mr. James residence. This will open a beau - Ex - President Van Baren has been spending a day ' or two ofthe post week very quietly in our village. He stopped atRmzer's. New Work. The Klto or the If cross, by the author tin first ofthe Knickerbockers, dec. has been , laid on our table. It relates to tbe early and aboriginal history of ibis state and will therefore be read with interest. From the press of George P. Putnam ; ! for sale by William Wilson. The Emperor wcut into the cabin, which he ! discriminating as Ihe.present law does. In lavorot ,:rn - .i r,. ..! it,. ...i. ,L:.h .h:i. i the mommothsheetsn the eastern clues. Nopnn - praited for Us comfort, and the taste with which it v,as furnished. He had obviously come on board, (as he did so immediately after our arrival) in order to see her in ber evcrv - dav. condi tion, and he did see her, and must have felt the admiration be expressed the next day to the mg privilege; and free circulation or newspapers Conspiracy among the Russian Nobility. Comodorc. He Bpoke particularly of her battery, nn m rr j . . .. I a f fnr.lmri. fiA funrl. am if stiA tarn wall ftmll lor 30 miles. Laid over The Hamburg Borsenhallc announces the The following bill were introduced on notice : discovery of a new and very extensive conspiracy Mr. Ward, a bill to equaliie the school tax, and in Russia. Its focus was at Moscow, and its ob - to require eight month school per annum. ( ject was to depose the dynasty of Romanoff Mr. Nott, to renew the act amending the R. S. The coup de main against the Cxar was lo have "a? Ti "clio,1 of'J'Clment. j boen attempted on New Year's Day. The con - Mr. Bolter to amend the act of highways, j f pirate re, who have been hitherto discovered, all jridges and rivers. belong to the high nobility and to the Russian , - . V. . ; " - n" "PPO'uiroeni oi an inspector .National party the party of tloyards. Not a I single Pole is compromised in this affair. Ihe conspiracy is exclusively aristocratic and Aa - Extra - ordinary HubamifA nan whe never cneoiahle life beat bis wife, except at cribbage. uf Railroad bridges. The Speaker announced the following as the i elect committee on the subject of slavery: Iteesrs. Ford, Raymond, A. Green, Root and J.iwen. Mr. Story moved that the House go into committee ofthe whole on the bill to amend the charter of the Hudson River Rail Road Company. SENATE. Aliant, Wednesday, Jan. 16. SLAVERY RESOLUTIONS. The Slaverv resolntinnB , t1rn nn nd a. mended by asking Congress to abolish Slavery in u. . ,mi ivn, wn uicn paneo. The following i the Select Rnmmlit.. nn ,l,. bill for tbe relief of Perpetual LeasahnMi.r Messrs. Johnson, Upham and Carroll. Ad journed. ASSEMBLY. COMMITTEE OF TBE WHOLE. The House took np the bill lo amend the charter of the Hudson River Railroad Company. Mr. Story believed that the friends of this bill were not afraid but that it would receive the Iiearty approbation of the House now or at any future time. They were sot anxious to hnrrv it through improperly ; but the Company were anxious to put the unfinished portion ofthe road under contract at as early a day a nmible. oy nad a corps o engineers in tbetr employ I which wa now unemployed, but which tit Com - 1 corporal. Russian. The Gazette of Breslan says it is the intention of Russia to concentrate all her forces ou the Turkish frontier, in order to bo able al any time to take advantage of events which may arise and that Austria will garrison Poland. AUSTRIA AND HUNGARY. Mutiny at Comorn. A Mutiny broke out in one of the Austrian regiments .stationed io Comorn on the 19ih nit. through which several superior officers were killed by the exasperated men. Tbe Austrian Government is about raising a foreign loan of 30,000,000 florins in the Lombard Venilian kingdom. The financical deficit of Aus tria is said to be 40,000 francs per diem. Guitvus Baltyany haa sold his Hungarian estates, of course at an immense toss, and there i much laud of that country in the market, and but few buyers. He made latterly an application to the Emperor that hi ion, who wa enrolled as a private in tbe imperial service on the conclusion of Ihe Hungarian war, might be spared that deg - redation, and restored to his family - This petition wa rejected. Schwarzenberg' reply was that "the Magyar pride must learn to bend." The young Battyany did indeed bend, to rub down Ihe ahin of hi hone for instance ; but some time ago be wa promoted to tbe rank of v. Inch locked, he said, as if she was well built for fighting. Prince MenchikofT, having been taken thro' the ship, took leave, and, in his barge, pushed off lor the sleamer, the Emperor acting as coxswain. The moment they were on board the steamer, we mauned our yards, hoisted iho Russian flag, and fired a salute of forty - one guus, thus apprising the Emperor that ho was known to us. He then hoisted our flag on board his steamer, ordered one of his frigates to return the salute, and stood on Ins way. As soon as the bring was over, the Emperor in compliment to us, hoisted the imperial standard, on the appearance of which all the 6hips aod fort in the harbor opened a salute, and a more beautiful and animating scene I have not witnessed, and cannot imagine. Hints about Fire. In case of fire, whatever may be the beat of the moment, keep cool ; let nothing put you out, but find something to put out tho fire : keep yourself collected, and then collect jour family. After putting on your shoes aud stockings, call out for pumps and hose lo the fireman. Don't think aboot saving your watch and riogs, for while yoa eland wringing your hands, you may be neglecting the turncock, who is a jewel of the first water at such a moment Bid him with all your might turn on the main. California Maxims Prorerbs. Spades are trumps. The more dirt you handle, the more gold suck - to your finger. 'Capital ofthe United Stutcs, Wuhing - lown. Proposed Capital ofCal - ifornia, Gold - Washing - town. Such is the want of house for the gold diggers, that it is proposed to change the name of the auriferous region from EI Dorado to El Out 61 Door.ado.. Oood withes for January May your nevir want a friend, and a barrel of oysters to give him. cole is plainer than that mail matter should nav in proportion to its weight and ihe distance of transportation. To lax our sheet as much for this purpose, for transmission to the Sahna Post Office, a distance of only one mile, asfortbe Evening Post or Tribune from New York to the same place, a distance of 300 miles, is rank injustice to us and should not be tolerated. All we ask or desire is, that the city and country press should be placed ss nearly on an equality in this respect, as il is possible to bring them. We do not say what either should be taxed, but certainly the expense to government, of delivering our paper to subscribers within the county, does not exceed one fourth of whst it costs to bring the same sized sheet from New York or Boston. This inequality and injustice must be remedied at once. Onondaga Standard. The doctrines here laid down are fair, altho' they do not come to our standard, for we insist tbe government can far better afford to carry papers thirty miles for nothing than the same sheet three hun dred, or five hundred miles for a cent, or a thousand for a cent and a halt, and we and those who act with us stand ready to submit with cheerfulness to rates thai shall be fair to all, and will be found among the last to grumble at paying our share of the tax when others are required to pay theirs. We can say with the Standard, "all we ask or desire isj that the city and country press should be placed as nearly on an equality in this respect, as it is possible to bring them." But who "expects to see that just principle of taxing all in proportion to the benefits they enjoy carried out in these days when the bum - tug outcry is heard on every side for uniformity, tht same for all distances, the most unjust and oppressive that could possibly be deviaed 1 We do not, and therefore we protest against the sanctioning of all retrograde movements in the cheap post age system ot Hi, at least until it is shown upon some authority that there were evil resulting from the tree circulation of papers for two years under that system, which nobody np to this day has ever attempted to do. Axotsxb Def Auwtg. A general igent of Mexican claims at Washington haa proved t defaulter to the amount ol SO,000, and has fled from the city. Colokizatios Society. The annual meeting of the American Colonization Society was held at Washington on Tuesday, the Hon. Hr.vay Clay again occupying the Chair, made a brief speech, which gave much additional interest to the proceed ings. According to the annual report, the past year has been one of unusual prosperity, the receipts have been $55,000, but the expenditures have exceeded that sum owing to the pressing demands upon the society. During the year four hundred emigrants have been sent to Liberia, and as many more will be sent in the course ofthe next six weeks. There are far more applications of persons desirous to go thsn the society can find means to send. WEntoax's Dieaxcatiox. All doubts about the defalcation of Prosper M. Wetmore, late Navy Agent at New York, are at laat removed. The accounting offices ofthe Treasury Department who have examined his accounts, state that he is (ound a defaulter to tbe amount of one hundred and eighty - one thousand five hundred and eighty dollars, for which amount the United States District Attorney for this district, haa been ordered to commence summary proceedings in conformity with tbe act of Congress. Model ScascmiasRs. It is becoming fashionable for papers to boast of their model subscribers, and we begin to consider the plan a good one, as it en courages many to honest dealing with the craft. But we find there are variona kinds ot models in subscribers as well as machinery, and consider each kind entitled to notice. While we have large numbers whe keep always In advance, we have others that 'are always in arrear, and it seems never intend to be any where else. But among the rare ones we had one call tbe other day who had got in arrear four years ; he at first grumbled hall an hour at the amount of his bill, but when he could not dispute its correctness en that score, he insisted that we ought, under the circumstances, ta consider it in advance ! and charge only tht advance price .'and wentoffsavageuameat axe' because . we would not agree, after his culpable delay, to be shaved out oftwrnty.five per eent.of our dues!. Such model, as well as others, ought to be exhibited for the public benefit. The National Intelligencer says tbe city of Washington now contains 6,323 dwelling bouses and 37,923 inhabitants, having greatly increased in population within a few years. DoE"BRow.'.' Some time last October two fellows arrived in town with a great swell, and put ' up at one of our best hotcbt. Shortly after their arrival a lot ot handbills was ordered printed at our I office, announcing the arrival ol J. B. BROWN, I Professor of Elocution, and J - BARNEY, Irish ' Comedian, and that they would give au enter - tainment at the Village Hall, and cue "roars of 1 laughter !" and make " Iota or fun !" The bills were posted and the Halt lighted ; but the actors were found missing. They had mysteriously disappeared, leaving our bill, among others, unpaid. iVo tnai - ' riea mere made for them ! We learn by the Hudson Gazette, that Hobble Clark, & Co. of that city, have purchased the steamer Columbia and intend running her between that place and New York the coming season. She will be fitted up In the beat manner, and will doubtless be well sustained. The slander suit brought by Mr. Rowley against T.S. Faxton, President of the N. Y. and Buffalo Telegraph Company, was tried before tbe Supreme Court in Hudson, last week, and tbe jury gave a verdict of $1,250 for the plaintiff. It is understood that the case will be carried np. The proprietor of an extensive tannery in Hunter, Greene county, gave bis employed men and their families a festive entertainment on New Years' day. There were some twenty - four families beside a number of single men. Both employer and employed in this establishment seem to regard each others' interests, and it is said to be one ofthe oldest and most prosperous in the slate. Tbe cause of Temperance seems to have taken a sudden and remarkable impulse in almost every part of the state. We hardly open an exchange latterly without finding some nnuaoal record of lu onward progress papers that but a few - months since did not even allude to tbe subject, now devote in some instances a column in noticing the success and revolutions which the principle of total abstinence ia making. We bare now before us an editorial notice ofa meeting held in Westchester county, at which one hundred and fitly ladies and gentlemen came forward and signed the total abstinence pledge. The state legislature have already had their attention called to tbe subject of the necessity of legislation upon the question, and the whole people seem to be unusually excited upon the subject. Whatever measures the friends of "this great and good cause advocate hoping for their success should be strictly prudential. By adopting a system ol united efforts ol a conciliatory character, the influence of many can be secured who might otherwise become exasperated and driven away. Tbe trial of Capt. Rynders, and three or four other ruffians, charged with being concerned in tbe Astor - Place riot, ii now going on in the city of New York. Judging from past experience, there is little prospect that jastlce will ever reach Rynders and tbe bullying loafers who associate with him. We hope it may be otherwise. The Sullivan Watchman, is trying to annihilate the President by calling him Zachary the first. President Taylor Toe American Board. A letter from the Secretary ofthe American Board of Commissioner of Foreign Missions In New York having beau addressed to President Tatlor, notifying him that he had bean made an honorary fife member of that society by the pay. meut of $100 by Anson G. PnEirs, Esq. the following acknowledgment was received In reply: Sir I have respectfully to acknowledge your communication of the 12th iust transmitting a certificate constituting me an honorary life Member of the American Board of Commissioner for Foreign Miaioos, issued upon the payment of 8100 by Anson G. Phelps, Esq, of New York. I will thank yon to convey to Mr. Phelps my acceptance of the obligation under which b bas placed me, by thus associating my name with a body which has been the instrmnsut of so much good as tho Board for Foreign Missions, and to the Board itself my high gratification at being numbered among its honorary members. With much respect, I am your friend aadjobe - dienl nervant, Z. TAYLOR. STThe marriage of the Duke Morupemrier, son cf Louis Phillippe, wilh a sister ol the Queen of Spain, it will be remembered, was violentlv opposed by the British Government before its consummation, for the reason that, in the event of ihe Queen dying without issue, the French Prince, in right of his wife, might succeed to the Spanish Crown. The probability of such in event is diminished by the fact mentioned in the following paragraph,' taken from a foreign joornal - . "The report in circulation relative ta the interesting condition of tbe Quern ol Spain, haa been officially confirmed.. The Ministers wailed on their Majesties this morning to compliment them en the occasion." - t . Dr. Webster la Jail. We learn that Dr. Webitcr has made frequent complaint to Mr. Andrew, the Jailor, that th occupants ofthe cells in his Immediate vicinity are iu the habit of shouting out to him nights, uttering all sorts of nnkind epithets, such as, You're the man that cot np Dr - Parkman," "You're a murderer," "Yun're - a blood - thirsty scoundrel," &.c &c. Mr. Andrews had no other knowledge of this matter except what he heard from, Dr. Webster. He oue night placed two men in Ihe passage way that lead to the cells, where ihey remained until mornin;, but heard no unusual or nupleasant noises. The day following this tbe Doctor repealed hi complaint to Mr. Andrews, saying that "last night the same outrages had been repeated." Mr. Andrews kaoiring this not to be true, of course concludes that the Doctor' imagination ia so wrooght upon, or that his dreams are of sneb an unpleasant character, as Id produce in some degree mental aberralioa. Dr. Webster ha loat much ofthe buoyancy of spirit that sustained hiui when be first becalm, an inmate of the jiil. Boston Mail. Thi iaa very singular statement. We had been led to believe that notwithstanding the report that the recent Investigation by tbe Coronor multiplied the evidence against Dr. Wihtii, he iu jiulaiued a perfectly tranquil demeanor. Should ihe above be a tue picture of the state of aSair u Levarett street jail, may it not have a look to defence to be set up on the score cf insanity I Albany Argus. Mr. Clay at the Presidents Uct oa Ncie - reerV Day. The Washington correspondent of ihe Herald says, a large number of members ot Cengra, of all parties, ware present. Mr. Clay wa particularly conspeooe. found it aa difficult to get out as to gel in, frotn the pressure of people around him. Mr. Gid ding, was there, with three beautiful young ladies m hi charge, on observing which, Mr. Clay r - marked, "Well, they may say what they please about yott, Mr. Giddings, hot here woof that you are io favor ot Union. Great applaaaa. PLANK ROi a m UriM mnA enthusia f a Plank Road between! t1.l. tl,l th noon tst 8turday the 12U in. F Pleasant vauey,wpvoj TBOOTSO.X. ot rino riaiu - i Wahinton, Vice Preml Btantora.aDu vuk,b On motion of Owen T. ... - - unn anminted I name, of three eomraissiJ ferent routes, on which it I a Plank Koau oetween Plm. T - W.. CtlrMtoim nnnw.1 i chosen assaid committee: Uns, wiu.iax u. ixr Hurt, who after due deh ported tbe name - RR"1 Plain, Jobs H - Otts. ol Dtrsors, ol rDUgnaeepsK .,1.1 - 1. A,f wa sdontec On motioo ol Edgar T. Resolved, ami tne even be hereby appoinie to publish notice ot the jriana, now vuinui - vision of lu affair until i It wa runner neaoive be Instructed to examu tw,n th ahova namec views of the same to th th. executive committee Banned also inat iney tluii,i4OTnnF nei!ui I Resolved. That if eitl declines to act, the rem. cancy tbereb occasion! D nl.e TKat th r be published in all the pa Uunng tne aouence oi wa addressed ay 3tessr others, ana a great uuei pletion ofthe road. PETER Jour A. Te Darux Sa HxirRTVAix,, Gxo.R.OatloM Tor tbe Jo I Fut Road from Pj seem to engross the attl the route Intermediate through Pleasant Vallejl rect, about twenty ate i travel some three or foi cos: and profitable invr the Delhi Gazette. Uuca and Bndgewaf OOO. nav 25 oer cent I the WMertown pay 3 - ' Johnson 4 miles long, c Probably they are sing! and Pine Flams road ! will then cost lea lha easv trade, and will pa Clirxeusand Mil' deter in a substantial manne keepsie Haw to make thin" Party. Sprinkle the I when the company ar J par and snuff, and it things will be when dance. M Dtt. SrfAW Ol There it perlui" no ti - T U flcted. which A Victim.,, u that fell des J sjmpUon. What aTcd the burnti. fmil j ire .meuon oi iui vravkled fur herchtltli duced to uch i form tfi .fir be It from tu ta ttii ferlnp wilh I Ills pt.nfbl rcinea7wa ao doi us i tation of tho - Mj who nit J ytcunlitf motived bul iBmmoaj ok some utti mai wisiai'Mja.Mia a forifflf at remitaktion XVm. A. Shaw, of VJ date of Mar 1.1546 ft - i 1 have bend of ma 4.TccU from it we, i (C lOURb oi a 5iaamo wutiuuerrym great a 1 irooil result in tho DUity, aiul IrritabilU; are subject. I nave it VD tea tae enccu oi r d&tiveonthe lorattu tlflnt. ETerrnne fcno rf ntlne ami BaLiam co rne combination or t aam of Wild Cherry fe Medical men are ii telnet luKencrai.but tween outrarcotM no medicine wbic liav well attested cues. None genuine unles I per. For iale by Dr. E, ' THE Beporteilfoi Ponghlts; TUu IXOCBT There I I and ta miraet I ' retail price of comml Clum. 39 ta, anu ran - . - es from 30 00 BAvuest, J J OOpei fiHAlM Solum r f )t retat tit tinslo l - irincthWinter,15 Hay, 3 W per ion a ioose. SEED There is I ClaT er. Ta retail ll Urr, 5 J 71 to 93 M.I quotations. Wewl Wedl fLOCR ASD ME.J uuiteonrm. Then lulwcpk. n.vaFtO'1 GRAIN - Sales of . - I Genesee 11 13. lull aies are at S'J a v l .Y extern HTe i ilu PHovisiovs - Mai H. Me. Beef 5)9 '11 !ewYI BEEVES - l. - VWoNj same a laC wees. cloied duU. win 3iu J Waahln - ton Dro - e yl COWSf AND CALV I Kioto 3D a 41 W. SHEEP ASP H5l 75 to 1 j - - a Lamts left OTei. tO.n. - VlERCIAl. . CaTtfuXieonJtnMft r .Yew IV Monej u in owre I ctajapaperarenot i ly a few name can per must tie ery expect an actirr deil come, at till higher I A design Is cntertiS phi to r'7 tnel General Basing ta eral Banking law r T Public Deti Initeal of jl.'Si.ol tb round. it erutencenf I Sy tein.foundolonl merciar' Instances ' cently failed at BiJ Bankers oelngentiJ ofthe BankstUl H hiTlng dimlnUheo 3 reasons that the etl redemption. The ' transler the place 3 uf.e iftheConpti The Milan and Hi panj bsTvdtfUare n on cicu share. miles of the rga J fol taonttis. The annexe! is Uj 13 the Auembli i Ball Hold. AS ACTrtir r al strttcriei 0 junifl i - UM - f 3'T IAt. 1 Sec - 1. TheumeiM outtini - In operation ta Una of the Hj prorided by tbel passed Mar 20. 14 of Jnlr, in tberear sec 2. Abeamo' - th eleven eitlon 1 3. entitled "in i thoriie the eenatit York to Albany, - es'enued to nx n shau hsTa .the lia ortetnslly contalnei of dollar therein n Sec. S. The ferei MIT I.'tll. KQ, th worl .wlnter, thereof, tae won' - ! anl narcn. Sec 4. TheaUKM.i tn; tbe amount alrl tet - t In conversion I autnoriceu 07 iw I of dollars, and .tod comply with enssJ boMr. sndforui charter, the same as the Board of Dirt scribe. The Ddki (ts:t;i Flank road, 90 mil f par cent resnlarly.j cent. TheWatertI and Johnson roii, pays regularly SO r At Dover. Jan. 1 Mr. LC.M.IN B.VJ KiIA BBADY InriahkUIJan.l llndalr.3Ir.JUHN rHEBtA.lNJWN At Gllbot. Schol B.. Mr.Bfgartli of Hudson. CoL ,t BAM. of the form I la NewTork. 1 SoUrty or rnaiulU In. t REBEL'Cii late iamuel teggti la thinllaxe CLKETCUAM, ll In this Tlllue. ajalisyear. Alf AtPoBghqaagvU a abort and moatl sen or Stephen M I

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