The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on November 23, 1968 · Page 3
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 3

Dover, Ohio
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Saturday, November 23, 1968
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fAOB J, THE TIMES-KEPOnTEn, SAT., NOV. 2S, 1908 Eisele Is Columbus Man of '68; Rousing Tribute Ends Today By STEVEN C. DRAKE Associated Press Writer COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Several years ago, with a teenager at the controls, a small glider plane accidentally left the ground and soared Into the sky over a now forgotten airport here. The plane was being pulled across a runway by a truck so the young pilot could get the feel of the controls. But the craft's nose became stuck in the mud—tension grew on the towing cable—and the sudden jolt of the snapping line catapulted Sunday Liquor Sales Is Given Little Chance COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Legislation for Sunday liquor sales still has little chance of passage in the General Assembly, a state senator said Friday. Sen. Stanley J. Aronoff R-8 Hamilton said he expects several bills to be introduced in the legislature next year, but it probably will be "enormously difficult" to get one passed. Aronoff's comments came during a legislative study committee hearing on liquor laws. Testifying in favor of Sunday liquor sales was Isadore Topper, of the Ohio Retail Beverage and Food Dealers Association. He said his group favors legislation to enable all permit holders to sell on Sunday. Previous proposals called for special permits for hotels and other big city establishments catering to convention business. Topper said no additional permit fee should be required for Sunday sales, but that if one is charged it should be "reason- ?tble, certainly no more than $200." Topper also urged the commi- tee to recommend action to provide permit holders wih a defense when they are arrested for selling to minors. He said permit holders have no defense against false identification cards used by teen-agers. Intruder Nailed RENO, Nev. (AP) - Charles Wolford nailed a burglary suspect Friday at the cleaning shop Where he works. Wolford, called by neighbors lifter a window was broken, discovered a predawn intruder in a restroom. He nailed the door shut and called police. Officers removed the nails and Darrell L. Sears, 28, was charged with burglary. the plane Into the air. The young and surprised pilot, who grew up to be astronaut Donn F. Eisele, now says he wants to be the first man on the moon. The former Air Force test pilot and the navigator on last month's 11-day Appollo Seven flight said his surprise ride left him with a knot in his throat, but an intense desire to fly anything he could. Saturday Eisele completes his rousing two - day homecoming celebration when he attends the Big 10 championship football game between Ohio State and Michigan. * Friday night about 725 friends and former classmates attended a banquet honoring Eisele, Ohio's third astronaut. The other two were represented at the dinner. John Glenn, a native of New Concord, sent a telegram. And the parents of Neil Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Armstrong of Wapakoneta, were in the audience. During the banquet Eisele was presented the "Man of the Year award from the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. The organization called him a modern day Columbus who had explored the ocean of space. Early Friday Eisele; his wife, Harriett; and children, Melinda, 14; Donn Jr., 12; and Jon, 4, were honored with a downtown parade and a thunderous reception at his former high school. On the steps of the Ohio Capitol Eisele said: "This is the greatest thrill of my life. It's overwhelming and hard to realize that all this fuss is being made over us." Gov. James A. Rhodes called the astronaut a "living legend" and said that he takes his t place in history along with Ohio-born astronauts Glenn and Armstrong. Eisele received the praises of both Rhodes and Columbus Mayor M. E. Sensenbrenner. He was also given a citation from the Ohio House of Representatives honoring him for his exploits in space. 2 Towns Claim Nixon WHITTIKR, Calif. (AP) - A dispute has broken out between his sedate college town of 35,00(1 and its tiny neighbor, Yorba Linda, over which should Apollo 7 Astronaut Donn Eitele parades through downtown on his triumphant return to hometown Columbus. With Eisele are his wife, the former Harriet Hamilton of Gnadenhutten and children Donn, 12 (C), and Jon, 4. (UPI Telephoto) The Oneida Community, founded in 1848 in Madison County, N.Y., abolished formal marriage. Especially prepared, helpful information on PLACES OF WORSHIP SCHOOLS COMMUNITY SERVICES CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Another Insects Eyed For Human Consumption Helen Menges— Ph. 343-3879 New Philadelphia Mllla Graves Dover Rot* Ann Graef, Ph. 343-07M Dover Chrlitine Hendix Newcomtntown Phone 498-4591 WELCOME NEWCOMER Use this coupon to let us Know you'ra nir« .... Narno ,..«».i«».««i>«»»«" < » < " Addrcsi .....«• ....... ' ......... ........ .•••. Phont ...... * PIMM nave the Welcome Wagon c«U on me. * I would like to subicribt to I he limatHeporUr * I alrtady subscribe to The limes Reporter Kll out (lie coupon and mail I to Th« Tlmo-R«POrt«r Circulation Department. BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (AP) — Julian Bond said here Friday night he looks to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey as the man to lead a rebuilding of the Democratic party. Bond, 28, first Negro to be elected to the Georgia Legislature, was here to speak as part of Bowling Green State University's "Youth and New Politics" series. He said he considers Humphrey to be the most responsible party leader to determine whether the party is going to open itslef up and take in the kind of young people who were evident at the Democratic national convention in Chicago. "We must democratize the Democratic party," Bond said in predicting that the time may have arrived for a crumblirrg ci old party machines. He was pessimistic about Republican President-Elect Rich ard M. Nixon's administration saying he expects "very dim and dreary and dark years' ahead. "We just have to live with it and hold our breath and hope he gets by as well as he can in the next four years," Bond said. Bond Looks To Hubert For Unity IRVINE, Calif. (AP) - As the world's population increases a serious study is needed on the possibilities of insects as food for humans, says a University of California expert. "It is curious," says Dr. Ronald Taylor, "that people don't mind eating invertebrates like lobster, crab and shrimp, which are scavengers of the sea, but recoil at eating caterpillars and grasshoppers, which feed on green plants." Taylor, research pathologist at the university campus here, has been studying for several years the food possibilities of in sects. He lectures on the subject and usually winds up by frying a batch of wax moth larvae, sprinkled with salt, and offering fiem around. "I find men are more likely to ry them than women," he said 'riday in an interview. And more people will eat them if I :ook them before their eyes han if I bring them ready cooked." Farm Bureau Parley Ends COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation' 'Oth annual meeting ended Friday after delegates passed more han 50 policy statements and named officers for the coming r r ear. Robert Summer of Tiffin wa •e-elected president and Harold Richard, Ashville, was elected vice president. Bruce Roadarmel Green was chosen The English defeated the French at Crecy in 1346 by using a new invention — the longbow. Give your family better indoor living ,, proper humidity with an HUM |DIFIBR Humidity Is as Important at heat for maximum comfort— and the Ideal way to get It le with the Ideal family olft-an Aprilalp Humidifier. H's effl- clent, with high capacity and humldiatat control to provide the humidity you need con* itantly, automatically. Sugarcr«ek Heating & Roofing, Inc. Phone 852-2313 Sugarcre«k of Bowliwg treasurer. C. William Swank of Westerville was elected executive vice resident to succeed the retir- ng D. R. Stanfield of Westerville. The policy staements, cover- :ng a wide range of state, na- :ional and international subjects, were passed wih little discussion. They included resolutions aimed at improving the economic status and bargaining power of farmers through legislation, new marketing standards, land retirement and tax reforms. Search Continues For Duck Hunters CELINA, Ohio (AP) - Dragging operations continued today for two Dayon duck hunters who were believed to have drowrred in Grand Lake St. Marys. Harold A. Williams, 59, and Ralph Rhotehamel, 50, were last seen in the lake's western end Thursday afternoon. Their capsized boat was found Friday. State park officers dragged the 13,500-acre lake until dark Friday and resumed operations this mornmg. Research Sub Passes First Diving Test MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - America's heaviest research submarine, built to conduct the most extensive survey yet in the depths of the Gulf Stream, haf successfully performed its firs) dive—five feet down in the por 1 of Palm Beach. "It is not the depth that is im portant, it is the fact that went down and came back the surface," said Swiss ocean engineer Dr. Jacques Piccard,; Swiss ocean engineer who wa one of six persons inside th Ben Franklin when it dove for the first time Friday. "We were down 4% hours . . . The water did not come in from the outside and things worked very well. The bus-sized submersible built by Grumman Aircraft En gineering Corp. under Piccard't supervision, is to house a six man scientific team headed by Piccard during an all-underwa ter drift deep in the Gulf Stream between Palm Beach and Mas sachusetts beginning next June HUD Ok's Projects WASHINGTON (UPI) - Tw. projects in Ohio were an nounced Friday by the Depart ment of Housing and Urba Development. HUD approved a program fo 235 new low rent dwellings a Lorain and a $1,660,000 loan fo construction of two dormitorie at Central State University. RESERVE DISTRICT NO. REPORT OF CONDITION OF 8t '" N ° 801 THE GNADENHUTTEN BANK of Gnadenhutten, a member of the Federal Reserve System, at the close o business on Octobtr 30, 1968, published In accordance with a call made b the Federal Reserve Bank of this district pursuant to the provisions ot th Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, and cash Items In process of collection 255,938.3 United States Government obligations 802,279.5 Obligations of States and political subdivision* 483,287.7 Securities of Federal agencies and corporations 485,500.0 Other securities 35,475.0 Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 200,000 0 Other Loans and Discounts 3,17o's48 ' Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises 173,2917 Other assets 6,264,: TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits or Individuals, partnerships, and corporations Time and savings deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government Deposits of States and political subdivisions Certified and officers' checks, etc. TOTAL DEPOSITS $5,045,670.23 (a) Total demand deposits $1,426,848.63 (b) Total time and savings deposits (3,618,821.40 Other liabilities 5,612,885.0 1,262,560.3 3,618,821.4 3,058. 137,200.8 24,029.0 130,298.2 TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Common stock — total par value No. shares authorized 6,000 No, shares outstanding 6,000 Surplus > > Undivided profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,175,968.2 150,000.0 200,000.00 86,916.8 436,916.8 5,612,885.0 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .. MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for th« 15 calendar days ending with call date 5,017,110.5 Average of total loans for thn 15 calendar days ending with call date 3,164,448.2 I, Ida E. Parker, Cashier, of the above-named bank do hereby declar that this report of condition is true to th* best ot my knowledge and be lief. IDA E. PARKE Cashio We, the undersigned directors, attest the correctness of this report condition and declare that Is has been examined by us and to the be Of our knowledge and belief Is true and correct. WILLIAM E. STOCKER G. NICHOLIS C. E. SCHREINER Director* Ohio Briefs COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—Rep Michael J. Kirwin, D-Ohio, re orted no personal expenses is successful campaign for re lection Nov. 5. In his campaign expenses re ort filed with Secreary of Slate 'ed W. Brown Friday, Kirwin aid he received $2,250 from the 'rumbull Courvty Democratic Committee and $2,000 from the Vlahoning County Democratic Committee. He is from Youngs- own. SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) Gov. James A. Rhodes, who at- ended high school here, participated Friday night in ceremonies for Steve Zappe, retir- ng golf professional of the pringfield Country Club. Rhodes once caddied for Zappe and gave the links veteran credit or showing him many "fine DOints" of the game. Zappe re- .ires Dec. 31 after a 26-year association with the club. Gets 15 Years In Road Deaths FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - Clifford Salmon, 61, accused of causing an auto accident that orphaned 10 children, was sentenced to one to fi've years In prison Friday after pleading guilty to felony manslaughter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris were killed last July when their car collided with Salmon's. The Salmon car was going the wrong way on a high-speed free way, police said. The story of the Morris orphans prompted many offers from around the country to more properly be called Uie| 8dopt them. A court eventually boyhood home of President-elect (gave custody to an aunt. Richard M, Nixon. A sign proclaiming Whitlier as the place "where Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States, spent his boyhood" already has been erected here. But, in Yorba Linda, just across the Orange County line, a "stop Whittier" campaign is in full swing. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda. When he was 9, however, he and his family came to Whittier Quaker center east of Los Angeles. His mother and father opened a market here. Nixon listed this as his hometown when he entered the Navy during World War II and when he first ran for Congress in 1946. He launched his first vice presidential campaign here in 1952. What more evidence is needed? ask Whittier folks. In recent years, of. course, Nixon has lived in New York City. The "stop Whittier" campaign is directed by the "Yorba Linda Citizens Steering Committee for the Preservation of President Richard M. Nixon's Birthplace as a Historical Site." The small frame house where Nixon was born in 1913 is owned Wedded Stewardw Gets Jobless Pay MIAMI, lu. (AP) <* celesti Lansdale, who was ffred from her job as an airline stewardess for being married, has been granted Jobless) pay by the Flor« Ida Industrial Commission. An appeals referee for the commission ruled that Mrs, Lansdale was entitled to com* pensatlon since marriage did not constitute misconduct, Mrs. Lansdale's husband, Richard, an attorney, said he will file suit against United Air Lines for back pay. The airline has agreed to give Mrs. Lansdale her job back. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Gov. James A. Rhodes will participate Tuesday in ceremonies to open 5i/£ miles of the U.S. 33 bypass of Logan. The section extends north from the Ohio 93 interchange to Ohio 180. Six miles of the bypass still are under construction. Move Is Planned CLEVELAND (UPI)— Foam Plastics Inc. based here plans :o move its Springfield plant to ;he former Scioto Ordinance Depot property at Marion in the next few weeks. The move was spokesman said, required, because state road is to be routed through its warehouse area. 3 DAY SPECIALS by the Yorba Linda elementary school district. There has been talk of turning it into a museum to preserve Nixon papers and mementoes. "I certainly don't intend to go to sleep here and let Yorba Linda take it," says Robert Chapman, a Whittier Chamber of Commerce vice president. "Abilene, Kan., a town of about 8,000 population . . . now has about 5,000 tourists a week," he adds. President Dwight D. Eisenhower grew up in Abilene. Johnson City, Tex., and Independence, Mo., also attract many "presidential tourists," these days. Pair to Answer Holdup Charges TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Two men were to appear for arraignment before a U.S. Commissioner today on charges stemming from Thursday's $5,000 holdup of the Spicer Credit Union here. Taken into custody by FBI agents Friday were Rody Gray, Ladies' Top Fashion Most Wanted Styles COATS Now Reduced to Only 29, and Norman both of Toledo. Williams, 26, ADVERTISEMENT Hair Specialist Here Tomorrow 17! 7 Be A Smart Santa Give Her a Practical Gift, With a Note of Sheer Elegance. Men's - Young Men's Perma-Press SLACKS All Sizes - All Colors Checks-Plains-Solids 8 90 Pair 2 pair 17.00 L. M. King D.C.T. (Doc-tor of Cosmetic Therapy), licensed by Ohio State Medical Board, will conduct free hair and scalp examinations, here in Dover- New Philadelphia area tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. '24th, 1 p.m. to (i P.M. at the Reeves Motor Inn. His specialized scalp treatment offers help for men and women problemed with falling, thinning hair, bald spots, excessive dryne&s or oiliness, a.s well as itching and dandruff problems. in making the announcement at his Cleveland office, DCT King stated, "I want to make it clear to everyone in the Dover- New Philadelphia area that they incur no charge or obligation by coming in for the free examination and consultation. 1 also personally invite all of my former patients in the Dover-New Philadelphia area to visit the clinic for a free check-up. There will also be a supply of cleansing materials on hand." DCT King explained that his modern home-treatment methods have proven successful for a number of years. The treatments are scientifically based on proper scalp hygiene supplemented by scalp and hair conditioning methods. He added that if your case Ls hopeless, you will be told so. If accepted, a trial period is determined for you. If a satisfactory response is not obtained during thus stipulated time, further treatments are not taken. DCT King stated he will return periodically to check the progress of each patient. If you have any hair or scalp problem whatsoever, simply come to the Reeves Motor Inn (his Sunday, November 24th, 1 P.M. to 6 P.M. and ask for L. M. King's room number. Each consultation is private. You won't be obligated or embarrassed in any way. OPEN SUNDAYS 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. MEN'S TOP - QUALITY 2-PANT SUITS ,90 29 **•"?-* ' New shades and colors. They look and fit like 50.00 Suits. Buy several now. OPEN SUNDAYS 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. MEN'S CHRISTMAS SHIRT SALE ALL SIZES Varied Collar StyliH Chock* • Plaidt - Colors 3 99 each

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