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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland • Page 2

The Daily Maili
Hagerstown, Maryland
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TWO THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1934. HAH LEADERS DENY RUMORS OF KILLINGS BfeifMlai Monfering Is How Reports Of More Massacres Are Termed BERLIN, July 20 Rumors of further Wholesale murders sprttd through Germany today, only to be met by cool denials from Nati leaders. "Scandal mongering" was the term applied to the rumors, both here and abroad, by those officials vrho had not left the capital to escape the burning heat. Among the reports was one of foreign origin that 2,000 persons were killed in. and after-the revolt of June 30 and that prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp murdered.

No verification could be found. Although the reports met prompt the belief prevailed in quarters that the government had not dealt frankly enough with the public on the revolt and that internal changes of policy are un dtr way. That the spreading of rumors is real problem was increasingly in dicated by announcements in provincial papers that some man -or Other has oeen sent to a concentration camp far disseminating "baseless scandal" and hy the threat of Ylktor Lutze, head of the storm troops, to have the public prosecutor deal with tale-bearers and de- nunciators of his men. The influential Hamburger Frem- denblatt assailed writers of anonymous letters and persons "who fuse reason with foolishness trash with which every administration has to The number of expensive automobiles to be seen in the streets has decreased decidedly because of the. pressure on storm troop leaders and others to abandon "high living." What one reliable Quarter' called a veritable panic exists among persons eager to English cloth in the belief'that the coming month.

will bring: a' complete dearth here of such-material. This is due to the Natis growing insistence on hoarding of foodstuffs also" 1s More than. 2,200 homesteds were filed in California during the' last ilscal leaving $,298,275 acres of public lands aA'ailable for entry. Governor Defies Court Order Ousting Him Softens Corn- Out Xo liquid known as E-Z Korn Remover ten rid of softens up toughest core and peeli away hardest corns. Seldom fails.

Smothers 35 at Peoples' Service Drug Stores and other good druggists. Adv. THE NICODEMUS NATIONAL BANK of Hagerttown "24 Hour Dtpotft Summer Clearance UY NOW AND SAVE Pay Each Pay Oay North Dakota faced the problem to orders of two governors when William Langer (left), defied a court order ousting him as chief exe cutive and Ole H. Olson (right), lieutenant governor, contended, the decision automatically made him the state head. Langer was ordered out following his recent conviction on a felony he retained possession of the governor's office and declared first the capital, then the state, under martial law.

Olsen set up offices in a hotel. Then the conflicting orders began. Olson ordered the national guardsmen to disband, and called off a specialses- sion of the legislature. Langer issued orders to-the so the. fight went Below is the capital at Bismark where guards were on duty and where the battle centered.

(Associated Press Photo) Find Body In Ex-Convict Held For Killing Mother In Minnesota. SHAKOPEE, July 20 After a 25-mile cross-country chase with the nude body of a St. Pan mother in his battered farm truck Harry Lorenz, former convict, was overtaken near here late today and subdued in a fist fight by Sheriff Arthur Messebrink. The dead woman was.Mrs. Mary Tschida, 42, mother of a six-year old boy.

Her body was found covered, with branches, in Lorenz' truck. After the sheriff overpowered him, Lorenz, a farmer near Rose mount, who had served terms in St. Cloud Reformatory, pulled fou 1 pills from his pocket and swal lowed them, officers said, in an at tempt to commit suicide. He was taken to Scott Coimty jail here and-given treatment. St.

Paul police, Dakota County deputies and agents of the State bureau of criminal appprehension, participated in the chase, after neighbors Lorenz called officers to report fhat they saw him drive away in his truck with the body of a woman. MUST DECIDE ON DIVORCE Lupez Given One Day To Make Up Her Mind. LOS ANGELES, July Lupe Velez, the chameleon of the cinema, has until today, to make up her mind about whether she is going through with her announced plan to divorce her mate, Johnny Weissmuller. Disappointing, packed court: where she was scheduled to tell of the film Tarzan's destruction of furniture and conduct unbecoming a husband, Lupe today advised Judge Robert Kenny through her attorney, Neil S. McCarthy, that she was working in a movie but probably could appear "If she doesn't show up," the court said, "the case will be put off calendar.

The clerk tossed the complaint in a wire basket and told the bailiff to place it where it would not be ost. "Put where it can be found easily," he said. "Maybe she'll batige her" inind again." Efforts to locate Lupe were unavailing! Weissmuller would not omment. 3Hss Velez's secretary said she understood the divorce hearing "merely has been postponed." The secretary said she was "quite sure Miss Velez will not discuss the matter." Lupe. held a birthday party in her home last night and" Wiessmul- ler one of.

the guests. He brought Lupe several gifts and even helped her cut the birthday cake. Lupe told gome of those assembled she still loved the screen Tarzan. "I lofe my Johnny and he lofes she confided. "We fight, sure, but we make oop again." Vermont marble, considered one of the most beautiful American milding stones, is almost pure carbonate' of lime.

MORE FUN KAY'S THE MODELS ON DISPLAY! NOW Featuring: the newest 1934, nation- Radios at lowest interest or carrying: MODEST MAIDENS "He me t'marry him an' down to a hum-drum society existence. golf, yachtinfl an' all that stuff. Many Perish Over In Poland Flood. Talte Toll Of 120 And Nearly 200 Missing. July Receding flood waters in Southern Poland today left behind a scene of devastation over a wide area in which 120 bodies have been recovered, while ISO persons were reported missing and were feared to have perished.

The rain ceased after three weeks and the sun shone upon the section stricken with the most destructive' flood in the history of the nation. Traffic was resumed on some railroad lines to points which have been entirely cut off. A huge wave of water was sweeping down the Vistula basin today, but as the lower shores of the river are well-banked, no great difficulties were expected. The crest was expected to reach Warsaw Saturday. Airplanes and boats penetrating the flooded area reported shortage of food and suitable drinking water, the latter being rationed in some places from tanks at railroad stations.

Some 55,000 persons were reported affected by this aftermath of the flood. Fifty persons drowned at Novy Sonsz, and among those missing were General Balaban of Lwow, his wife and daughter and members of his household. Numerous stories of thrilling rescues were reported. Aa officer was said to have clung to a tree while it floated five miles before he was picked up by a boat. ASSOCIATION TO MEET Ocean City, July 19 The mid-summer meeting of the Del- Mar-Va Press Association will be held at Ocean City on Saturday.

A crab luncheon, a boat ride and a banquet are included gram. in the pro- Given Term For Sale Of Liquor MARTINSBTJRG, W. July 20 Lemon, second hand furniture store operator hefe, pleaded guilty here to selling liquor to Layton Shifflet, charged with killing his wife. The liquor allegedly was sold to Shifflet the same afternoon Mrs Shifflet was slain at her home Lemon was fined $100 and costs and sentenced to Jail for 60 days. Shifflet waived a prelimincry hearing yesterday and- was held on a first degree murder charge for the October grand jury.

He told police he did not remember anything, that happened after visiting Martin sburg the day his wife was killed. TWO STILLS FOUND Baltimore, July 18 an anonymous telephone report that burglars had broken into two houses In Ridgely street, police today discovered two SCO-gallon stills, 2,000 gallons of mash and 100 gallons of whiskey. Vernon Ben ner, 22, was arrested and his sister, Elizabeth Benner, 25, wag taken into custody pending further investigation. Police said a quantity of bogus revenue stamps and labels also were confiscated. Scientists say a.strenuous vacation often is better than a qujet vacation If It Is a change from or dinary, modes Of living.

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His first stop was 'at Portland, Ore. (Associated Press Photo) Keith was one of most. ancient, of the goddesses, worshiped especially at Sals in- the A1 Smith Back With Tammany "Happy Warrior 1 Makes Peace And Will Again Guide Affairs. NEW YORK, July Smith, the "Happy Warrior" of-other days, made his peace Thursday at the Tammany wigwam. The former Governor, estranged from Tammany Hall in the turbulent reign of John Curry, returned to give his advice and council to the new leader, youthful but cautious James J.

This action presaged speedy accomplishments of a new chapter for New York City, consolidating the out-moded, over-lapping municipal and "county governments. "1 had a talk with the new lead- er," Smith said at his office in Empire State building. cussed the constitutional ments for a new form of city government. I found his vieijra very sound. He expressed? the desire to be helpful and I think he'll conie along in fine shape.

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