The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 25, BLYTHEVK.LF *ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Cattle Breeding Idea Near Reality Unborn Calf of Top Grade Cow Moved to Womb of a 'Scrub' By Cal Brumle,, SAN ANTONIO. Tex., March 25. Wi — A breeding experiment In which scrub cows would produce high quality calv&s was reported today (o be approaching the practical stage. Tlie process consists of transplantins: the unborn calf of a high grade cow to the womb of a scrub The purpose is to produce more nu'iU and more milk per animal on the same amount of feed at a saving of time. The method Is termed ova (egg) transplantation by its originators. Ray Unibaugli, a bustling 28-year- old scientist, is developing the process at the Fjundation of Applied Research here. The project has been in the research stage seven years. In the process, Umbangli explained, an egg from a fine quality COM is fertilized by artificial insemination. After fertilization the egg It taken from the fine animal nnc placed in (he uterus of the common cow. Artificial Insemination, which the last few years has become widely used in animal breeding, consists of mechanical transfer of the sperm of thoroughbred sires to the wombs of the mothers. J Umbaiigh said an expected advantage of his process would be the fr--cins of the quality mother from the dullness of a nine-month pregnancy, making her available to produce more eggs. The host cow would serve as an incubator and the call would have the qualities of lU fine parents, TJmbaugh stated. Umbaiigh transplants the icrtn- izert egg by cither of two methods One is surgical and the other large lv is mechanical. " The surgical method so iar has been the most satisfactory. He cuts through to the fallopian tubes OJ the donor cow. He removes the fertilized egg and places it m the tubes ol the scrub cow by a similar operation. The lallopian tubes arc ducts n-hlcli lead from the ovaries to the uterus. T-'.c fine cow is free to produce more eggs. Umbaugh said the average cow can produce 23 eggs a month. He has been successful in transplanting the egg and starting its growth in the host cow. A-s yet he has been unable to get the host mother to carry the. transplanted calf long enough for a normal birth Cattle improvement has always been a slow process of mating individual cows with better bulls. In this way the resulting offspring carried good traits from the father, but also possessed poor traits of the mother. Another generation was required to make another improvement. Many range authorities believe the United States has reached the limit of its pasturage for meat production, that there is not enough leed for more cattle. The alternate solution is a rapid Improvement of the breed. Umbangh believes that within two years his experiments will be a. practical process on farms and ranches. Incumbent Board To Hold Election In Crittenden Co. WEST MEMPHIS, Aik, March 25. l/Pi—Tlie new board of eleclion commissioners In Crittenden County gave way to the Incumbent board yosterdny and announced It would take no part in the municipal clfcctlon-s April 5, This decision did away with confusing tie-up, which could have !ound both Ixmrds trying to conduct elections. The new board was set up Monday when Governor McM:ith pointcti Join) Cooper to tlie board .indei Initiated Act No. Three. The act calls lor the board to be composed of county chairmen of executive committees of both parties and another person. Edward Waller, county Rcpubll can chairman, said yesterday that | lie and Cooper hart agreed not to claim Jurisdiction in the April 5 Flections. They did this, Cooper said, "rather than i^e. the county lied up in a law suit which could drag on for a year or two." James Hale of Marion, county Democratic chairman, said he wouldn't cluj-.n jurisdiction "because I've never thought we had Inrisdlctlon in the [irst place" Cooper's appointment brought ;ibout the confusion. The incumbent board, appointed to serve until 1950, had not been abolished. Livestock Zourt, Lawyers, Accused, Witnesses, Spectators All Agree 'Twos Aggravating DETROIT, March 25. (/PJ—Everybody was aggravated yesterday Ui the Jones murder trial .It seems. Judge Joseph A. GHlls threatened a defense attorney and spectators with contempt scntcnc&s. Tempers grew hot when James Sf.cchctll. 31. one of three charged with the murder of Elmer B. Jones, declared that Ralph Garbcr, chief assistant prosecutor, "should be working on a farm." James A. Jameson, SacchetU's attorney, accused Garbcr of "aggravating the witness." Judge Willis said the witness was aggravating the prosecutor. Then Saechetti shouted at the Judge: "And you're aggravating me!" When Glllls threatened Jameson with a contempt charge, SiKchcttt snicl: "I wonder my attorney doesn't blow 1m top." "I'm not so sure." Judge Gillls said. "What do you mean you're iiol sine?' Saechetti demanded. "I'm not so sure about you cither." Laughter broke out. Judge Gillt-s rapped his gave! Riid said lie would Jail the next spectator who laugh cd "In all my experience I never had anything like this," Gillis said. "In any other case but a capital offense it would be ridiculous." S;r»chcUI. a Fairmont, w. Wti., carnival worker, was testifying toi the lir s t time. Visual Aids Stressed In School Instruction Parents, teachers *nd students at Sudbury and Central Schools are being shown demonstrations ot the Uell-Howell visual aid machines this week by a representative or the Tuyloe Paper Company In Memphis. Both schools have pi ins for development of more thorough visual atd programs, and the Central Parent-Teachers Association recently Indicated Ilia aqulsKlon of proper qulpment for the program woulrt undertaken as one of the object* or tlie following year. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Marclv 25. (JP\— IUSDA)— Hogs 1,000; weights 180 Ibs >i[i steady to 25 Jou'er than Thursday's average: lighter weights fully stchdy to strong: sows strong to 25 higher; bulk ?ood and choice 180-230 Ibs 21 (Ki-25; top 21.50 for one load; 140-300 Ibs 19.75-21.00; 140-110 Ibs 3.50-L'l.OO: 100-130 Ibs 15.50-19.00; mostly 16.00 up; good sows 40CI Ibs down 17.75-18.15; over 4CO Ibs 15.1517.25; staffs 12.50-14.50. Cattle 800; calves 500; prices fully steady to strong in active cleanup trade; few medium to good lightweight steers and heifers 22.5024.00; cpmmon and medium cow.* largclv 11.00-1825; odd head good to 19.00 and above; canners and cutters 14.00-16-50. More than onc-fifl" of the totn population of England and Wale lives in Greater London. Head Courier News Want Ads \legro Deaths Funeral .services for Eula D. Trotter 38 of Blytheville, will be onductrd Sunday afternoon at the >ormiin Chciix?) CME Church a! Evnd.iia by Rev. D. C. Hnrptr iuilnl will be In the Evartale Cunt- cry, 3iio died Wednesday. Surviving are her husband, B. J. her parents, J. W. ant} Eula D dime, a son »nd R diuiRh- er, two listers and four brotheii all of 'jlytheville Home Funeral Home la in charge • Funeral services for Lizzie B. 'n wf •>>•«! 65, of Armorel, will be conducted Sunday at Hie St. Luke llaptlst Church at Clear Lake by Rev. Thomas Evans and Rev. M liurial will be In Cieai ake Pemetery. She 'iled Wednesday at her homt- ai A r IV- 1 1 re 1. She 's survived by her husband L. C. Crawford, two sons and two daugh'«rs. Home Funera' Home Is In charge During the Civil War, aluminum was considered a iSVeclous metal The first practical attempt at electrical cookery was made in England during 1890. Read Courier News Want Ads. MASTITIS ... now easier to treat Penstix* — Pure Crystalline Procaine Penicillin G for mastitis —easily inserted — dissolve fast — maintain penicillin activity from milking to milking. No refrigeration necessary. Stewart's Drug Store Main & Lake Streets Phone 2822 Blytheville joy wjlch e scenery instead of hiving to watch the road ... at !/3 the cost of operating your carl •One Waj Memphis, Tenn J1.55 SI. Louis, Mo 4.3S Little Rock, Ark 4.15 Jackson, Tenn ., 3.05 •One War I,o» Annrlrs. Cal 34.41 Chattanooga, Tenn. .... 6.8t Birmingham, Ala. Jackson, Mls> 5.M BLYTHEVILLE 109 No. Stb Phone 4441 New low-cost magic for your dream kitchen WnK?f YOU have your lovely Youngslown Kitchen, you'll be free forever of the garbage jxul antl all ils mcssmcsa. For the Mull.Haider electric garbage disposer—Youngs- toM-n's nc«T5t kitchen magic — grinds away your food scraps and whisks them down the drninl And that's only one endearing quality of these gleaming, while-enameled steel kitchens! There's storage space galore, with everything right where you need it for fixing moals, WAshinp dishes nnd clearing up. And V>cst of all, there's a low, down-to-earth price, made possible hy high voUimo production. Coinc in—ask for a free <Jcm- otislration right away. Hot Water FOR YOUR BABY At Much Less Cost! Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 20fi-08 W. Main Thorn: 2011 THAT'S JUST ONE WAY YOU SAVE WITH BLYTHEVILLE PROPANE CO.'S BOTTLE GAS Nol only .your child, but every member of your family will be delighted at (he steaming hot water . . . ready instantly . . . with a Bottle Gas automatic Hot Water Healer. And here's the big point . . . the cost is so low! The average cost when you use IJoltlc Gas for bofh heating water and cooking is about J7.50 for 9 weeks! And at Blytheville Propane Co. you receive truly professional service in installation and maintenance work. Call 527 today. Blytheville Propane Co., Inc. North Highway 61 Phone 527 GRADER S Always Leads The Way To Lower Prices" i GIGANTIC PRE-EASTER COAT and SUIT SALE! Ourbuyers just returned from the New York Market, bringing you HAPPY EASTER NEWS! Our great buying power plus our consistent cash buying policy, enables us to offer you these outstanding values, right in the heart of the season. These spectacular purchases plus our entire stock, with nothing reserved, go on sale tomorrow morninq! LOOK FOR THE ORIGINAL PRICE AND SALE PRICE TAGS! Shop our Windows. ..see for yourself the marvelous savings offered! 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