The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1930
Page 5
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15,J930_ BLYTHEVILLK, (AUK.)' COURIER-NEWS fXASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor flrst In- wttlon and one ccut a word (Or cacb subsequent iaser- tlon. No adverttiijinent taken lor leis than 50o, Count the words and send tlm vasli. Phone 30b PAOF )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru CORAL1E STANTOIH and HEATH MOSKEK COPVRIGMT IQ3O by CHELSEA MOUSE. FOK SAKE!: TODAY JUtJl'I'M (illANT, nrllH[ r ri Illililrl, ..m AI.A.V bTi:VM:. |i:ilnlrr, >-. U,, (., iit>ii liilnl liv ('IUjMAlV ' , I'rjclMl. TOR SALK-Iiaby Chicks. Custom hatching each wee!: from nowo:\. Marilyti Hatchery. '>Gck-tf Special Bargains In Used Cars t.Litc '28 Jioilcl A Tudor Sedan, Heavy Duty Tires, New I'ainl, Upholstery clean. A very alfr.ietivir uuy, at only Siflo.OO : sn-)t,«. }c \lllVt Ill' flull (11:11 l ill- lktljr ,aud made her own, 50 iiiuw second nature. ! 0( lict emollons JuJy was ever a !:-[!Ct:dllirlfl, l;nto( thu riscr^y IICCM- Uary for lier work, nt Una lltuu of -.-. Jllilllh, Juilllli ilulv lu iiiarrr - •her life, 6ho w:is a veritable- miser. of servlrc to you. llavo you seen Mr. tlldcou lately?" lie added casually. "Xo, not for ages—not really since tlic llrbl nljjlit, when ho came behind for u few mfnulca. I've so iciJK's .fniirlni; 'AUVKMl'S. iiinlcr nnij r A f(h irnllic nrchli'ii ;.. lu-r I'liuiiu iii lll:ll A 1:111 '((il ol Cdiirv She showed mi IncliiLalloii lo en- jl:irt-:e or Improve, her slyleof livlii" I Kliu stayed In her two motlcsl, fa. jmllinr rooms. She did not launch forth into clothes and hats; she never took a cab unless It was to so ^o the Uiealer. She ate ami iliiuil: ; :ta sparir.^ly as ever, lint her! iwoih. s!ie Deemed to he hi a atrite Ijilo '28 t'lu-xrolel Toui-i Molcr and Tires Guud, real Ilargulii at only ..... J19J.OO tliimil litl. NOW iii> ns WITH THI: srouv ClIAl'TKIl XXX TL'DY ci'iul for Iwo days, on and of suspended animal ion. Thus passed a whole nionih. I-itc "I'.) Model i\ Ke.idsli-r. (Jco<l Tires and Motir, \Vli!clslJi:!d Wii'iTs, liumlilc 1 rtal and other E\( al only ....................... S:!35.00 l.atc ';>K Model A Spurt Con|»c, lluuihle Seal, Goivl Tires, Kuns Oood. Jlavc a : Look at This One. Only $253.00! Here's a Real JIIK fo r Cunser- [ Vitlivc llliycr: Lale '27 Fordor Sedan, Original I'.iint, Dp- I liolilery Like New. Only .. S1G5.00 Above Cars curry our 30-Day | Guarantee. Weekly, Monlhly or | 1 Fall Terms. CM 811 TODAY. L'lULLll'S MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers l-'rcsh Milcii cows Jor sale. Jersey^, i Terms U desired. Live a'.oek !•'!- '. nance Corporation, Biytheniic, i I'nunu 291 or 82F. fc-ti | ---- . -- . ] l-'OK KENT i Judy had refusal nil ('.Idcon's Invitations, as well as those of v^n-iuiis people quite unknown lo her \v';o had suddenly desired her ;iniu:i1m- off, tief.iuss liuaivcQiu* had !iot in , lre | t r: ,ihei- amused hur. They l-oi'ii llicre lo sea her triumiih—or l w( , rc very smart iiconh;. sumo of !n>i innmrr.i. :.s s!io called il. Had ||| 1( . ; , L jjillus deluKCd her uiih re- lio nut tarf.t IIIT cvorylhliis flic' t |nc5t:i lo ilanee for chatlly Men liiicw. ai:d had he not hcen like a '„[ \^\ t I-.T,,:, | 1( >» w ,| ] )lM . i'on|,any fKlliCT lo her'. 1 |at supper; hut nil to n:i |i:;rpnsi'. Of course, she four.d herself In ajJmly had placed herself rnllrc-ly In ina/.e of v.hlrh at engagements, lir.-U confused tier very 1-OK REST—f uniislictl rooms lor • light liuusekeepiny, VIK) West Wai-! nut. Call tuS. V!3ck-tt • FOR RENT—Five room bungalow. | on Dougan avenue, will) hot and ' cold water attachments. Partly newly decorated. Vacam July i Ike Miller. Telephone B89. 2t>c-t[.| FOB RENT—August 1st One apart- I meat, One oiliee Ingram Building In-line Parhurst Company. 9c-ti. FOR KENT—l-'ive rco'.n apartment j with garage, 1034 \Vest Main. Fo f . inftruinticn call 252-W. Airs. J. !•'.' Sanders. Uckll' FOR RENT—Furnished anariment, v.-itli sleeping porch, 603 W. Main, Phone C42 or 27. ' IScklS, FOR RENT—Furnished Apariment,' 103 Kentucky. Phone (iS3. 15;ik22' WANTED WANTED—Woman aged thirty to | fcrty to keep home. Light work.: y\ddre:s Box 2-12, Dlytheville. Ark. | 14pkl8 j TAKKN UP—One black and one : bay mule. Bay has small S on i left shoulder. Owi:.?r call T. T.I LoHis, 1000 West Chickasawba Ave. HpklB' much. Kor Instance, Matthew Tan- naiy. v:l:u controlled vast theatrical ialero:;'.s all over America, ou>rcO her a ihrce-ycar contract at whal sc^mea to her an enormous salary. She rcfuviid, of course, considering hcr^lf tied to Mr. Wyon; ljul when sh-j tnl-1 him about it, he urged her lo acccpl Iho offer. . Even to Jmly's Ignorance ot bust- r.c«s methods this :«2r.icd a marvel- :.u?ly pei'.erous action. She tried lo lii:!;'.k him. "Di:t. my dear young lady, 1 am oaly too jilvi to have heen of service lo you." Wyon repeated. "My r.dvice (o you Is lo accept Matthew Tanuary's contract. beginning after Ciirijtmas. 1 wish yeu every DOS- sib'c f-norc-s." He hramcil on her with Ills rather Y.'oaianish .s:uile. ite seemed actually lo want lur to accept this contract She way more than touched hy his kindness. Each ni^ht tier success was re- peatcd. In fact, the enthusiasm of the audience jsrcw greater ami greater. The house was packed to overflowing. To Jmly, it was still very unreal. The rear of applause always Lcetncd lo come from a very Ion*.: \vay of:. S:ie hnrdly realized that liie audience was shonlilig at her: but her friends' praise made her very happy. Daslicn devoured her performance with his ardeat eyes every single night. Tony Leigh and Michael Stpuc ami all the other boys thought her wonderful. 'Everybody told her so. They drank her iieallh when she went to the cafn oi:e noontl.iy. They mailc ' speeches in !ier honor. Michael Sloue recited a poem ho hail written. They wero almost crazy with delight in her triumph. QTHA.XGEL.Y enough, littlo Judy ^ Grant was an artist in the classic tense. All that Onarveulus hail taught her o( incessant practice anil stud;.- and rigid self-discipline and ci.rly hours sho had srabued Mr. VYyon's hands, and his advice was to keep herself entirely lo herself. On one occasion Mr. Wyon rather astonished her hy nsklnn her a per- his liad just shown him rt copy of her contract with M.itthew Taninry. He pronounced it (o be most satisfactory. Then he turned to her with the much lo do, and you advised mo not to Iwthcr nhont society." "llulle so. qnlto so, Miss Cram," he replied. "Hut of cuur^c one- must discriminate. Some people may be very useful lo your career." Judy laughed. rll. llii' next Ilin.' Mr. Ciileon asks me to illnuer l'\'. '•.ccciil," : said. "Vuu uiusl emus, lor*. Mr. U'ym. ami meet him again. Hy ihc way. I think I mlchl give « little liir.iKT party myself one of i Vi'lion s!a> h:nl :'.i'.m\ and ha knew jlhul sh;? u;i:' r!iii-ly In her ilrc.islu i ro:-m. Mr. 'iVyuu ranu up iJruce "i lv.v»" ih>::e what you asked me le," lie ;•.:!'], when llhh'on'b soft voice unsworn 1 .. "I tirnu^hl up iiriiiR 1 In conversation whh the sonal rncstlon. They were in ruouis at Hie lliealer, arnl sho yonnj; lady just nnw." "Yes?" (uUed Gideon c-iscrly. Well 1 :" "She lias not Iho slightest suspicion, I assure yon," Mr. Wyon went on. "If sho fs avoiilliiK you. It ls( thllllt not hecauso of that. Sho thoroughly believes in my business dealings with her. Slle told me about your offer to her. and wave mo lo under "No-why shonhl It" asked Judy, hi a moro truculent louo hiiu Khc had over used (o Chummy Jelore. "Why tllihi'i yon BO hid out?" , "Mr. llylton luhl llastlen lhat Alan was already lieller, and had iiino a\\uy." "U'hero loT" "lie didn't Kcem lo Uunw. M "1 illiln't know Mr. Klcyne was lu America," Judy said with elaborala L'arelcssaess. "Ho cauio tiiu-k for your llrsl "llinv do you know?" ".Michi'.i'l saw him at ll.o iloor." "I'm sure he. dldn'l!" crh'il Judy IniliBr.anlly. "1( ho wan ihere, 1 never t;; w him. Chummy, i ihiuk yuu'ro lather extraordinary! Once. Drlmc, you bcemcil In think I have he.iril from Mr. Stcync. Why should 1. any ninrc than you?" 1 Ihouaht you Imd heen t; friends." "JluI you said you're bllil fHcnde wllh him, Chummy." "I know—only it's n llllh ward, yon see." "1 don't see!" Jmly apoke almosl f in her misery. "And I you'ro awfully silly -lot lo iiiako 11 up with lilm," :;lio mliU-il. tier loyally coming to her aid and mnklnf her voice o.ulle slondy and even tarek-Brf. "Von must by out sinilc that always made her think of an old lady. "Miss Grant, Is Mr. Tlrucc Giikon, the well-known financier, a frioml o£ yours? Somebody tohl tuo he ked stand Ilial sho looked on ft differently—morn, personally, 1 suppose. . cf (t| ink Ihal your old palnilu . "And here's a litllo htul— sho !'"'f'>ie Mr. Kteyne, said lhat the nest time her lo dine she would 1 must come, too." Mr. o — . , e you nskcd j llK «'l:dl tliCFe_yc:irs. accept, and j sco l nl ils'it!" Wyon I laushed discreetly. "Jlttt I will hclW/HKN Jmly': jcotivcnlcnlly engaycd, or liiilia-1 " place, It w:i posed." lie liung up Iho receiver, with his characteristic smile on his face. 'Do you know him?" she as sharply. "1 have met him—yes." "1 shouldn't really call him friend of mine." Judy said, \vdgh- j "JUDY, full of her Idea ot giving a Ing her words; "hut he lias been;*' dinner party to all her frlenrls, very kind to me. He Inlrotluced json^hl out Chummy the next day. me to dear M. Guarveuius, you .Clarissa was hard at work* on n big ;now." canvar, fnr an Important exhibition. "Oil. did he?" iSlic still looked well, but very "I'm sure I've told you that fore, Mr. Wyon." 'a dinner parly took .•as the meniwt func- SMAPPV ts A BEAR AMP TUUL KoR£ "TRICKS TtlA A CARP 5 SEPY&MBER you've, you'll he- lion that was ever held in vllnori'fl upstairs room. All Jmly'.i nld trleriilH were hidden, and Vincent Kloruawny and llruco Uldeuii and Mr. Wyosi. Dan, who was Invited as a Riicst, Insisted on helping ll:c waiters; hut he FUUI; his llallau sdiiw later oa, aail they (ianceil and lalkcd and chiiinpaiiuc until (ho night tired, ami Judy was alarmed by the jhad nitrj;cil into (lie next dny. way she turned to her ami Eald: [ Ciusinsny lalkeil a K"od deal with "Jiuly, tin you know lhat Alatill»nivo (liiieon, and naturally nil has reiurned? Havo you seonhlm'.' lahoiit Jmly. She went homo and Do you know if it's truo that he's hnUlnl with her (iinuijhts. Sho been ill?" nmk-rsUxxl nu'v much that had Judy's heait cave a wild leap, j[rj7z!i-il her. She nuderstnod it and Ihen seemed to stop still. She [since r'M had found Judy and Alan (I'd not know what her faco ex-: to^i-l!:~r. and hatl discovered that pressed. She diil not c've it n jtlu 1 :. l:.vrd each other, thought. She was so smitten by' K;, O remembered how slrausi-y Indeed!" il| i° i(lc}il tli!iL Ala " W11S bac'.i, and JAlnn had behaved abnul Judy anil "Yes. but M. Guarveiiius ouered Jill—perhaps alone—wilh nobody toJM r . Gideon—how violent hn had lo bring me out himself." locili aftcr llim - ,l:C'"n. hew ho hail even asked her "When he died,'didn't Mr. tlideou S:i2 did not feel her friend's |lo warn her fricml asalnst the man. renew his offer?" quiet 9,020 rivcletl on her face. She ,Al the liiue she had thoni;hi him "Ho might have done. 1 don't ,did nnt know lhat her secret was jlittle uiucasunable. Xow she umlev- kr.ow. 1 didn't give, him ike ,written en it plainly for all to bee. istooil that he hail hcen wildly jeal- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JIM DOKSN'T (JET ANYWHERE B 7 Marti " "Oh, yes, MEsa Grant, f hclievc yon did mention it. 1 understand Mr. Gideon is a very remarkable man." "AS a matter ot tact," sho said *•*- impulsively, ".Mr. (iidcon! wanted to do just what you've done i for me, Mr. Wyon." j chance." "\V!iy was that, Miss Grant?" "Well, yon sec, it was somehow different with him. It wouldn't have heen entirely business, liko it \vith yon. Mr. Wyon. i 'can't explain, but you can do things v.'ith some people and not with others. Do you know what 1 mean?" 'T think I do, Miss Grant. At any rate, as 1 have often said, 1 am only -too pleased to have hcc*; the fact that she had al- JOLLS ut ready scan for herself that Chum-1 Hut now. of rourec, cverythlns my knew made her less on her yuan!. "Who tohl you? 1 ' she asked, finding her voice. "liastieu, last nlsht. lie had scon Mr. Ilyllou—yon remember him, Jmly. at the studio lhat nicht? Mr. llylton told Uiisticu lhat Alan had been ill. I thought perhaps you would havo heard." We Pay Cash for ujert Call 147. Hubbard Co. furniture. I Furniture. llc-tt.: ovcmenl No. 2S 36,500 Cu Yds Total 38,572 Cu Yds Plans and specifications covering i tiie work are on file at the Dis- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS : t r ; c f s O iij ce . Scabcl bids fcr the recapping of i A ccrtiflcil check for lea per- eightcen Tnilcs of levee, from Big'cent of the amount hid must ac- Lakc North to State and along , company each bid submitted. The Stale Line East sis miles, will he | Board i;t Directors reserve right received until 10:00 a. m. July 15th. i to reject any or all hids. 1930, at which tinac bids will be I For further info'.maaon sec publicly oix'i'.ed by the Koard of. Directors a: its olTicc, Lynch Build- j ing. Blytheville, Arkansas. j Approximate estimated quantities: are as fellows: ' Improvement No. 28 Ga,07a Cu Yds address J- W. Meyer, Engineer, 201 Lynch Building, Blythovillc, Arkansas. Hoard nf Directors. Drainage District Number Seventeen, of Mississippi Coinily, Arkansas. 5ckl5 NOTICE From May 1 lo September 1 iitr denial offices will be closed each Thursday allcrnoon. Dr. L. 11. Moore. Dr. It. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. Closing Stock Prices . 2203-4 53-4 A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Cilies Service Ccca Cola Fox Genera! Electric. .. General Motors ... Grigsby Grnnow .. I. T. ami T Mcntsomcry Ward 176 3-1 44 71 1-1 •131-8 15 41 1-2 357-8 Packard ... iiadio Simincns .. United Gas U. 5. Steel 40 3-8 251-4 31 1-4 woiihl come rlKht in lime. Alan would C1UI2 back, ami ho ui:tl Judy wimh! Hi'jul. Xeilhe-r of iheni ilrrainc:! liiat Clniniiuy had discovered Ihcir sr.ciel. Timo would da tho rest. She had only to iilay her part. At this ]:aint poor .Clinmm« p sot hilo bed :unl cr:;t'. herself to sler : p, (To Ij^ L'onliuncd) Borclli, In 1070, showed thai Ih I;hysiulo;y of man wus such tha his breast muscles worn not stroll t-no'.i!;h for him to slay aloft lliSh'. by Happing winys on his anr With a view ( :1 its colonization a t'ovcnnr.cnt connniision is c\p'orin:j tliat part of New Guinea ut'lun'innj to Ihc Nethelaiuis East Indie.-;, to rte'.crmine Ihc typo of ngrieulltirc lo which it is besl suited. Read Courier News Want Ads, 6A.Y ,Y\<IOOW 6RAM THW XOO 0&K9. STORE LOCV<. f VOUR. «EN>', ; NOTICE Why wait until co'.d weather? Book yonr coal orders nuw, for future delivery. Get my prices ami save money. Sec or call JOHN Dl'CIIANAN* 10S X. U. K. Office 107 Phone lies. 717 V. R. WASHASI—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload IcLs. Local Plnno 851 Mcniphts Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant und Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bcckkccpinj Systems rhonc 52 Ingroni Bids. Blytlicvlllc, Art FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS New York Cotton YORK. July 15 (Ut')-Cotton •closed steady. Open High Low close Mar May July ;Oct. ;Oct. mewl - Uec Dec. fnew) Jnn tokii Jtiiv (new) new Orleans Cotton NE\V ORLFCANS. July 15 (UP) — . Cctton closed steady. THK STOWAWAY c

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