The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKIl OP 'NOlOTIBAttL AIIKAHBA8 AND UOUTIIKASY MISSOTJIU voi, xxxm—NO. .1 Courier Bl>th«Ul» D«J)y N«»« Blyltievllle Hfrild UlfUulppI ViUer Alt SAS, SATUHDAY, ,MAV S), K):ill S1NGLIO COPIK8 FIVE CENTS FLIGHT mursiii ussolini's Declar Seized by Italian Anns r a ion •Will Be Tantamount lol Formal Annexation HOME, May o CUP)— Premier nenlto Mussolini tonight will proclaim Italy's "full and absolute sovereignty" over nil Klhlopia, A lilglily reliable Kalian sillircc said Imlay, The Italian leader siko will nro- cliilm King Victor Emmanuel ns Emperor of Ethiopia, it was stated. Marshal Pietro Badogllo, commander of Italy's armies In Bust 1 Africa, will be named Vicei'oy of Ethiopia, the same unimpeachable source said. Five governors will I bo created for the provinces of | Eritrea, Amlinra, Somaliland, Si- 1 unmo and aojjam. • Italy thus will move to consolidate politically as well as in military fa-sliion tlie fruits of Its successful seven months campaign In the East African kingdom. It also menus. throwing down a challenge to tlic League of Nations. Complete sovereignty over Ethiopia undoubtedly means formal annexation. What, effect this will have en Britain and France, which luive definite spheres of interest in Ethiopia according to formal treaties, remains to be seen. Mussolini is presenting , the League and Europe- with a fait accompli In Ills typical fashion. : Proclamations Distributed ADliiS ABABA, May 9. (UP)— Proclamations declaring that Italy now rules Ethiopia were scattered !>y Italian planes today. The lirocliimations set midnight tciilglil as a deadline for Ethiopians 'to' give up their arms; to the ilallai: armies. , "i ' • !)ij:lomals Notified'" ROME] May 3. <UP>—Tlic Italian govcr'nmsnt announced today tliat foreign diplomats in Addis Ababa had been, advised formally that their status had been altered materially due to the fact that the court to which they were accredited no longer exists in the Ethiopian capital. Sample Cases Stolen from Salesman's Cai Three sample cases, containing hosiery, were stolen from 'Die auto of a traveling salesman, George Hammond of Kansas City, Mo., here last night. The car was parked near the Noble hate! where Hammond was .-.laying overnight. Educator Fills Two Offices By 200-Mile Ride LEWISBURG, Pa. (UP)—College and university students can clean a lesson in ambition 'and progress from. Arnaud . C. Marts, acting president of Bucknell' University, v,ho divides his week to hold down two full-time jobs. The student who rises at dawn ARABIA IIAURN INVASION HfK£ BSGAN OCT.J. 1935 /\ 1JA.LIAM KENYA /SOMALILAOT) £ MUSI \ Vast areas of Etldopia, as shown by (he shaded parts on Iho inap. arc in (lie lian'Js of Italian armies as II Duce proclaims sovereignty over- the ccnqucrei; empire, seven months after tlie Invaders started I heir Irresistible drives In north ami south. Included ill tlic area lit Id by Hie Italians is Lake Tana, waters c-f which arc vital lo Bhiish developments in tlic Sudan and to Egypt, the, French-owned railway to Djibouti, patrolled by Kalian forces. Weyerhaeuser Abductor •:•• -Sentenced .Today ,on ^.iPfea-'of'Guilty ..'••^•' - TACOMA, Wash., May >g;- s (UP) —William Mahan, for a short (line "public jenemy number one," today pleaded guilty to charges of ex- lortion .and kidnaping hi connection with the kidnaping : ti- year ago of George Hunt weyerlmeu- ser, 9-year-old scion of u northwest lunibcr family. Mahan was sentenced to serve 00 years on each of two• counts, will irun concur- Tlie sentences- rcntly. Sentence was passed by Federal Judge 15.. E. Cushman. He ordered Mahan taken immediately to McNeil's Island prison. Mahan's voice was scarcely audible when he entered the plea. Judge Cuslmm!! sentenced him immediately after tlie plea. Mahan was : arrested tins week in San Francisco where lie was taken by agents of the federal bureau of Investigation. • Wifli Mahan in prison the northwest's greatest kidnaping case comes to an end. Already at Atcatraz federal prison Is Harmon Waley, tlie small town "bad boy" who worked with Malian In the abduction, serving a -15-year sentence. In the women's federal reformatory «t Milan, .Mich.,' is Waley's wife, a Mormon girl,' un- lo stoke furnaces and wait on! ? cr 20-year sentence for her part tables to get an education, hasn't '" llle crim "a thing on Marls. He travels '200' Mahan still has the secret of miles eacli w.eek from Bucknell lo New York City, where he Is president of MarUs and Lundy,. Inc. This firm lias raised $193,000,000 since 192G for philanthropic . and cultural oi-ganmtions, Tlie college president-business executive lakes a six-hour tiain •ride bcwccn his busy Buchnell period -and his New York affairs. Outside official working hours Marls Is often host lo student groups. New York Cotton 9. tUP) — NEW YORK. May Cotton closed steady. open high low close May July Oct. Dec. Jan.- Mar. 1153 1120 • 1029 1030 11GO 1126 1030 1030 1031 1032 1031 1032 1158 112! 1027 1020 1031 1031 11CO 1125 1028 1030 1031 103! Siiots closed quiet at 1105, off '2, Spot Average Is H.5C The average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the len spot markets today was 11.6G, accord- Ing to the Blythevllle Board of Trade. Producers are entitled to a subsidy ot .44 of R cent per pound on 1935 crop cotton sold by llieni todav. where the ' remaining $60,000 (if tlic $100,000 ransom is' cached, U Two Killed By Tornado ,'DE QUEEN, Ark:, May 9. (UP) —A tornadp early this morning leveled 20 homes, killed, two uer- sonsjahd injured 1C others at Walnut springs community, near here. Those killed were Mrs. Orr and 'Mrs, Tom Orr. Sidney Tiie'women were In one of ihe hollies destroyed by the 'vylnd. The storm followed; n patli five miles loiig'and r aboUt /.one-fourth of a mile wide,'destroying'homes, onlhouses, barns ami fences -anti leveling all limber In its path: ' County Judge'C. Collpand .WPA officials who went into " tlie stricken district, early today reported that roads were almost impassable while practically' nil lii'e farm stock in the area inid been killed. . :' Royal Arch Masons Miss Wil'ie Lawson Speakj al Conmwmly Ccnten^ nial Celebration <'. WILSON. Ark.—Arkansas'' prpj- rcss in the pasl conlurv has beei i;rcat. but Mien- reimiln nnllmll- fd oppuriiinitios for Ihe fr.'unv I' residents of (lie siale will cor.|lni|(- lo coo]:crnli! In enrrylni; on II.', progress, Miss \Vtllle A.' Lawson. oxctutke secrelnry of the Arkansas - Educational Association,-'Ipld a large crowd which filled the Wilson high school auditorium lirs nliht as the cllmiix or the''com- munity's all dtiy Icsllvnl cetcbrftl- Ing Hie Arkansas Ccnlennlal. ;' "This stale Is not Just the hbnr nf 'hill billies,' it is oiie of tlic greatest spots In the woild jvith history to be prorrt of and a good fulnre. but Ihe adverse publicity the slate has luni In the |ra. must be replaced with publicity about our |;oo<l things." Miss Lawson said. "It Is not JvsL t plot of ground, hit an Ideal g.£- qgrnplilcal localion In the ceiilji of the United Slates where th free-hearted friendliness of th west meets ihe Yankee sagacity o' tlie cast, and where tlm untli'lir luduslry of the north blends wit the plorlous tradlllons of tin' south." Points Way to 1'rngrrss '.' Furlbcr progress for the stati must come from new Indiwlrles' tlie opening of additional relilc; for tourists through the 'state's scenic, sections, tlic removal . of. livestock from highways and continued •'InipTOVcnuLil In sfhopli. with good, teachers paid a llvhin wage, she poluteil out. : '-,>! , "Don't apologi?.c for -things we ;do not have, bill, let's yet Iheup Mnkc.: 1 lift|:nrtle.'." : til'iS; 'h"*timflil ? point In ,lhe lilstory of Hie slate/ Miss Lawson praised the Wilson cominnilty for Us commendable celebration and told thc'.,iiudlciice tlml If oilier coiumunllies ami towns In tlic stain half-, as well the slate centennial would be a success. The day's activities opened willi a street parade at 9:30 o'clock. An elaborate float bearing Miss Levnila. Bpyce ns queen of the festival and her nine attendants, (he Misses. Mablc Sims, Ruth Williams, Ruby Grain, Sam Morgan, Marietta .Billiard, Ulltaii Momv, Deverlon Clayton, Joyce Maim Will [mliafo Tiipsrlav!"'" 1 M '" y L - sl ™'«', was n fea- mil miliaie lliesuay (, TC a! , nc procession, which was : : led by a 75-piece band composed A group of local candidates will be given the chapter degrees of the Royal Arch Masons at a meeting at the Masonic hall here Tuesday night with members from Jonesboro, Lepanto, Manila and possibly other towns participating In tlie meeting. A dinner will be given at five o'clock in the "afternoon al the hall. At six o'clock work on Ihe degrees will begin. Haytv Man Named District WPA Chief of Operations SIKESTON, Mo.—C. L, Blanton jr., ninth area WPA director, announced Friday Ihe appointment cf Prewitt Roberts of Hay- was believed. Federal officers have ti as director of the district WPA recovered or accounted for all but that portion. They worked on Mahan for 38 hours in an effort division of operations. Blanton also announced the appointments of Clyde V. Graham of to extract his secret but there was Poplar Bluff as assistant director n " ''"><'-" *-• "' - 'of operations In charge of lue office and of Dwight Little of Cape Girardeau as assistant director In' charge of field operations. no Indication today of success. A possibility that Malian still may face execution was seen in the decision of Glenn Barton of Payallup, Wash., to ask permission to' try the kldiiaiwr on a murder charge. Mahan is alleged to have killed two olliccrs in a. bank hold- up'In 1035. If convicted he could be sentenced to hang under stale law. New Orleans Cotton Chicago Corn open high low close May C3 G3 5-8 C3 03 1-4 July 61 1-1 61 5-8 61 1-8 61 1-4 NEW ORLEANS, May 8. (UP) i —Tlie cotton market was steady and a little easier here today.' Price movements were narrow and the market closed unchanged to three points lo'*or. open high low close Closing 'Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 9. (UP) — Trading continued (lull on tlie stock exchange today, rounding out the smallest week since July ti. 1935. Prices gained fractions to more than two points. A. T. and T 155 Anaconda Copper — 335-8 Beth. Steel « 1-8 Chrysler 911-8 Cities Service 41-2 Gen. Am. Tank 44 1-8 . Oen. Electric •• 36 1-2 iposcd of students from -Jonesboro ami Earlc schools and directed by George Groves of Jone-iboro. All types of transportation from ox-cart lo the modern automobile were shown In the parade. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lse Wilson rode In ah okl-faslitoned coacli and W. F. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grain were In other vehicles. . In u pet parade staged before noon Virginia Ellen Bird won first prize among children of the preschool group ami Holjerl Wilson. second. Betly Jack Millican won first place In the iflrst grade group and Dorothy Lee Me Affee second. In the second grade group June Turner won first place and Skippy Wilson second. At noon approximately 400 persons were served lunch at tlio school building by members of Ihe Wilson P.-T. A. ! Quccii Is Crowned Softball games attracted Hie atlcntion ot the crowd early In Hie afternoon employes of 'olit'.e Douhl Story_ Told l>y Hurry Jones Aflcr 1'Hiding His Gun I'olii'O C'lilrr Ifcl Itlrr niiiimnic- "I :i( :i::iO , nVIm-k lliK afler- nu'ii thai $1011.10 of Iho $m.'j!i I.'km f re in lln> office siifo of Ilic llryaiil -Silver l'lvi-1 Truck l.'mr iibaul imr. «'«liX'k 1-1 liby • mimilng was I'MoVeri'd »l ;i:l,l . oVIwk this aflr;riio»ii. I'lir luiincy M'as finnul uji ler a ItaiHii^ iilalfurm by an ^hiploy^, ii'lin, wltli .'.officers, was s< mli- In? for the miiiu-y. .lom-s .hud rifthl iloUurs on lilin \*hiu lib iva^. airi'slnl, Ihury Jones, nlulu man ill. Ihe tlr.vaiil-Silver Fleet Truck Lints erjuiiuil, who lolil officers he \vas 'ic]{| up by u innnniin about ono o'clock yesterday morning and forced to He down in tlie freight L-oum of the terminal while $tl&.25 was removed from tlie office safe, was arrested lute yesterday in L'cimectlon with 1 tlie theft. lie was held hi the. county Jail today, •icuc.s was Jatk'cl aflcr officers, checking ills story of the bold •nbbcry, found what they believed ;o be flaws In ids statement. Pol- ,i'c Chief Ed Rice declared. Jones strenuously denies the theft and inserts. Unit the robbery actually •ccurred as he 'described It, It Is staled. ' . Ciilcf Rice saltl lhat discovery if Jouc-s' .-15 calibre Colt revolver hichlen. in tlic lermlnal 'frolgiit room gave officers their first de T finite clue to . discrepancies ,li' Jones' story. The night man had told officer. 1 ; thai, his gun was tuk- an from Ihe office liy the robbers, Chief Rice iiiilil. . ]. '., v Jo tics told. oficcj's .liei.piijy ' saw one iiihn'ffoiil the' tlfitc 'the ,'rqb- bcry; starleit until he was forced to drive Ids abductor, .'north Highway 01 out of Blyllieville onto the .'Number Nine road In n p|ck r up truck, belonging to tlie truck lines. The lone gunman .entered the office til about 12:50 o'clock and forced him Into the freight room, it was while he was lying down in Ihc freight room with Ihe gunman standing over him (In a different end of the freight'room from'the place where Ills gun was found) thai, he heard someone moving about In the office am' knocking on Ihe safe, 'Jones was said lo have lold officers. After the .safe robbers had disappeared the gunman watching him ordered him back through ihe office and into the pickup truck, Jones 'lad staled. . • ' Chief Rice said that Investigation, had disclosed that while, both the knob am! the handle of, the safe, hail been broken by blows the .combination of the safe had evidently been- worked before access was gullied to tlie steel bo.x. Sky Colossus Crosses Atlantic ===; »<«• t" Completing Its maiden toyiiRo acuws the NoiUi Atlantic from Km O Uiu lllmtaibwii, Germany';, rumpus ol tlic all, iniched UiU'hmt,!, N..J,, early this, mainlnc, establishing u,ncw airship speed luord nml limiiguiullni; commcicial ail lianiiioit soivlic bttwicn tile United Slates .ami Kmynb.-. ]Ui t lingo JEckQnoi, Caul Ern si Woman Apparently Was • Murdered Before Being Thrown Inlo Stream! UTl'I.E ROOK. May.i'9. (UMi — Miss Gussle Ilaney, assistant prosecuting attorney, .vaiil at noon today Unit Ihc body of an unidentified woman, taken from 'this Arkansas river late yesterday, had been tentatively Identified an Mrs. Mattle Whllfieki, of Jacksonville. "The .hair and 'dress found : on ihc body were similar lo those of Mis. Whltfleld. 11 Miss -IlDiicy .said. "Mrs. WhUlleld came lo my office May 2 and cpllecled an alimony payment left here by lier illvorci'd husband, Wlnflcld." "They left, logolher .mid neither , has been i according Miss • Ilsimty declared. The iHidy was discovered tloat- seen since that .time. to our Investigation," dc-wn the river' laic Friday' by two children playing on the bank. The body bore cuts about the n r I head and shoiildcrs, Indicating I rogram tor Loan (hat Hie woman had been slain Cotton Is Ovei" Ha 1(|bc<orc ta " 1 * Uirown " >l ° l " c Fulfilled : riicr. May ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. ... Mar. .. 1151 1151 1150 1151 1118 1118 1118 1118 1026 1026 1024 1025 1028 1028 1024 1027 1029 1029 1027 1028 1030 1028 1030 Stxits closed steady at 1163, up 3. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 92 1-2 94' 92 3-8 93 1-8 July 85 3-4 &Q 3-4 85 3-4 BO 6-8 Gen. Motors 64 1-4 In 1. Harvester 82 McKesson-Robbins ... 9 Montgomery Ward ... 39 1-2 N. Y. Centra! 33-8 Packard 9 f-8 Phillips Pet. « 3-4 Radio 97-8 i£t. L..-S. P 2 Simmons Beds 251-2 Standard of N. J 59 1-4 Texas Co 33 7-8 U, S. Smelting 90 1-2 U. S. .Steel 56 1-8 .Warner -Bros 101-8 Zonlte 61-2 Ihe Wilson company engaging In Ihe first, ihe "Office" team defeating the "Farm" team. 18 to 10. In the' second game Wilson high school won over Osccola liiijii school, 11 to 10. A chicken catching cotitc.'.l staged at four o'clock, was won by Junior Douglas, who was awarded a $1 prize. Preceding ihe coronalion ceremony Crawford Greene, director of informalion and research for the state department of education, delivered a brief .address on "Th-; Challenge of the Centennial." Ho said tlic accomplishments of the past offer a. challenge lo dlizens to carry on tor greater prositcs* In the future. He pointed to the state's many resources and enumerated the wonder spots of tlie 'slale, recalling the words of H"- 1 nando DcEoto, the state's first explorer, describing It as "a fair and pleasant land." Miss Lawson presided at th'- coronatlon ceremony, placinj the crown of white rosebuds on tin head of "Queen Levada." Tlie crowd then witnessed "Tlia Parade of the Rations" in which approximately 150 school cliildrr'l In costumes gave dances of dif- (Continucd on page Ihrce) WASHINGTON, May 9. (UP). The Commodity Credit corpora- j (Ion revealed today thai' faimers already have filed applications to redeem more than n half million bales of cotton held under 12- Services Tomorrow for William G. Baker Funeral services will be hold at Iwo o'clock tomorrow afternoon nl. tlie home of \'js, Arch Llndsey, a. cent CCC loans lo sell It In rbgu- '•• daughter, for William a. Baker, lar commercial channels. . I about CO, who died at noon Fri- Approximatcly 4,5DO,OM bales day. were held under the. 12-cent loan when tlie new program for disposal of 1.000,000 of these bales en current markets was announced. Today's announcement said that Including yesterday farmers had filed applications to redeem 550,493 bales. The licv. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of Ihc First Baptist church, will officiate and interment will be made at Ehnwood cemetery. Orders 25 Per Cent Cut in View .-of Uncertainly o( Funds WASHINGTON, tvfay 0 . (UP)— Public Works Administrator Har- Icke-s, without funds to con- hls PWA construction pio- Ijrimi, today ordered i\u Immediate 2fi per cenl slash In administrative personnel. Officials esliinaled 2,000 government workers, rnmjlng' from en- elncers and lawyers to federal file clerks, would be discharged. Ickes has n staff of some 8,000 workers. 3.000 In PWA headquarters here and 5,000 in .state' PWA offices throughout the coimliy ; Ickes ordered the cut In view of the uncertainty of available funds for .continuance'-of ttie Public Works Adm I nisi rat Ion. Tlie reduction of personnel will apply In all PWA offices here and over tlic country. Imuil{urntes Commeic 1 n I Air Seivice Bel ween U. S. and Europe I.AKKllimST NAVAL AIll ?TA- T1ON, N. .!., May 0, (UP) —The CU'i'irmn dlrlfjllilo Illiidonburg-, -803 tot of majestic beauty, arrived today on tlie 'ii'ff- sli(p tllBhl lieU'Ciin - Europe, svml Hie United Slates. 1U arrival iiiarkad the lnaii$ura- tlon of regulai pnwonxci , mall and freight Blrslilp.-.'ncrvtcb ''between BuiojH) und Ihc Uulicd SlntLs mid fijlrtl)ll?hcil n dale In Hie lilsloiy ol all tians'poit. Jn a velvet smooth, almost noiseless (light of ,1(100 miles fioui Filedildisliateii, Germany, . Iho Illiidcnbuig lom«d neaily a dny and n half ironi tlio westward flishlp recot(l sot by Its veldt an ilster Mi!(), Clmf 7.eppelln •tegular t'lljliLs I'lanncd 'Hie l!l«lit v,n<) one ot len lountl trips to be iiuitlo this summer,' K means tlml within, a month,-whcii the Amcilcan Oll|>lier iilanes .slurt lomilai puseiiBcr sclUce nci'oy liiu Pacjllu, It will be nosilblo.ui an onllnmy pnyliie passeniser ' to ti'iivel nraunil tliu;globe lii a : iiitit- tci of dais cainfoitably by ah. Ihc llliidenburg, leaviiiB Frled- rlchnhaten at 4:30 p m. Wednesday, passed down tlio Rhine, RWOS.T Holland, down the English clmn- ticl, along tho KiiBll^h coast, across the Atlantic — brcasllnt; without (IHlmblng Ihe flower vases li\ Its cabins a torrential rainstorm 1 niid diiB air ciirrcnl.v-uiul Inlo Ita Americail port. Arrlies, IVrfurc I)a»u , It was blijhtcd over Long island Just befnie dawn loday Iu a sot- tliiB ol .surpasnh^ bcftuty mid flew | up neodle-slmiiod Manhattan Island, level »lth.jind almost touch- IIIB tlic niiphe- Btnio, .building, 'onei, liunnl down Hid longtli of Iho lilnnd again as ciowds on Uioadnny checicd, and In ' (lie fathering day urrlvnl •'«l Lake- hui',1 ns the tun was vvaimiiiB up. It was sighted at, LakelmrsL at 5:4a a. in. (e. tl. t,) and .two inlii- ules .later .WHS over the field.:It llesv on to the soiitlv turned east and came back, descending slowf ly, llBlits In • control rooms • anil- com(orlable -passenger quarters J.L.Brunner, Marked Tree, Rotary District Governor HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-Jphn I. Ururmer, wlio organized the first. Rotary club In Marked Tree and became Its Initial president, yesterday was elected governor of the sixty-second Rolary district at tlie conclusion of tlic two-day conference. Bninner's club won n gavel for having the greatest number of 100 per cent attendance meetings in the last year. The McGclice club was likewise honored for reporting tlic greatest increase in Arkansas Merchant Loses $970 to New Acquaintance ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Nolan J. udb- Insou, merchant of Jericho, Ark., reported to jwllce yesterday that he had been robbed of $070 by d clmncc a'«|ualnlance who had accompanied him here i to show him around the city. With a negro employe n's chauffeur. Itoblnson drove lo Memphis yeslcrday where he joined hlsnpV friend, whom he had met prevL- ously at Jericho, and they drove on lo St.. Louts, arriving at Hotel ClarWge ntait 5 p.m. ".; In Robinson's room, lie him? his coat with a. wallet containing the money In the inside pocket, on a chair-and stepped into the ndjolnltui washroom while the man sat walling. As they were leaving tlic hotel to dluc. the man said suddenly: "Well, I'll sec you tomorrow." After he left, Robinson,, discovered ills wallet was missing. The Cobb Funeral Home is ill members and Ihc Helena organ- cK-irge of funeral arrangements, I Gallon for its allcudancc at the Henry Lutes, W. S. Langdon,I c( "i f erencc. State-Auditor Here To :'"" lb " m l Examine County Records ( .Iake Alley, J. M. Sykcs, Mr. Rea- jtjan and Mr. Allison will serve as W. H. Phipps, of Pocahonlas, member ol the county ardll division of state Comptroller Orilllii Smith's oflice, has arrived here lo make an audit of Ihe financial dais. Mr. Phlpus will audit the books of county officials for 1934 1935. taking up where the . audit by officials of the I trailer's office left off 1933 records. Mr. Lee and Jackson Appear on New Stamp WASHINGTON. — Gen. Robert R Lee. commander-ln-clilef of the records of Mississippi county offl- •! Confederate armies iu tlie Civil With Phipps and last comp Ihe will check records at Ihe county courthouse here and then at Osccola before completing his audit and filing Ills report with Comptroller Smith. ' War, and Cien. Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, another Confederate hero, ate lo be pictured on a ixxslagc stamp. Their portraits arc lo be on the 4-ccnt stamp of a series memorial- ising the outstanding 1 military heroes of the United States from the Revolutionary War down to the country. Tlie conference adopted resolutions approving the work of the Hospital for Crippled Adults, Memphis, and requesling Rolary Inlciiinttonal to provide a scries of lectures on International rein- lions in high schools ot the nation. Texas Town to Guard 1,000 Centennial Trees NACOGDOCHES. Tex. (UP) — Nacogdoclies has taken the first step lo prepare for Texas''second Centennial—100 'yeads hence —by planting more than 1,000 young dm trees along highways of the Dyess Colony flfow Has Own Newspaper DYESS, Ark.—Dycss Colony has a newspaper of ils own. The' first Issue of the Colony Herald was distributed, this week, and It will be published - weekly hereafter-.' Dyess Colony, Inc., Is lisled as publisher. • state WPA Administrator Floyd Sharp, H. C. Baker and B. C. Limerick are the boarder directors of tlie colony. Odeu S. Williams. WPA publicity director at Little Rock, is editor and Gene Ne\vson\ Is associate editor. A two-column photograph of thc. lale W. R. Dyess, founder of the colony, has a place of honor on the first pngo of the newspaper. Spanish-American. The first .stamps will be released In August. ' " ' Tlic trees were given the State by Capt. I. U Stiirdevaut and Thomas'E. Baker. ' ' WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, probably local IhiMiflershowers lonight and Sunday. Cooler in central portion io- nlglit. Memphis nnd vicinity—Cloudy, probably Ihundershowers tonight and Sunday. Cooler. The maximum, temperature here yesterday wa.5 'S3, minimum 61, clear, according ] * to 'Samuel F, Morris, official yeather observer.

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