The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on October 13, 1973 · Page 2
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 2

Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1973
Page 2
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2 2tje AmiUtlmt ft far' Saturday, October 13,1973 Federal probe is asked on bizarre story of UFO PASCAGOULA, Miss. (AP)- Federal officials are being asked to look into the bizarre story of two fishermen who told Jackson County authorities they were taken aboard a UFO Thursday night. Charles Hickson, 45, and Calvin R. Parker, 18, both of Pascagoula went to officials with a story of being transited to a hovering craft by reddish creatures, examined for about 20 minutes and then released unharmed. "They are sincere," said Sheriff Fred Diamond Friday. "I believe their story is true." Chief Deputy Barney Mathis said both men were not drunk or under the influence of drugs" when they approached county authoritieswith their story. Both men repeated about the same details in two talks with officials and "if it is a hoax they should be in Hollywood." Mathis said the men did not give an indication of a deception when alone in a room which had a hidden tape recorder present. "If you heard this tape, you would believe they saw something. They were on the point of a heart attack almost," Mathis said. Authorities said other reported sightings of an unidentified flying object were made Thursday night. One sighting was made by three persons in a car near where Hickson and Parker said they were taken aboard the craft. "These three included a preacher and a former Pascagoula councilman. It was flying low in the direction where the two men were," Diamond said. . Larry Booth, former Navy airplane mechanic, said he 'saw a round object with blinking red lights about 9 p.m. Thursday night. "I know it was not an airplane," Booth said, saying the craft had no wings and "seemed to be moving slowly. It wasn't moving like a jet and had a dome, or bubble, on top of it. "There was a reflection coming from the dome and it had red lights moving counterclockwise. If it was a commercial or military aircraft, the lights would have changed as it rotated," Booth said. Hickson and Parker were examined by officials at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Friday and then allowed to return home. Diamond said doctors at Keesler "found no sign of radiation or physical damage . . . they (Keesler officials) are also convinced something did happen." The two said they were abducted by the creatures while fishing along the West Bank of the Pascagoula River. "A blue light hovered near them,", Mathis said.. "They just stood there and watched the craft as it came down. Three people, or whatever they were, floated out of the craft and took them into the ship." The two said the creatures did not use . force and that they did not' feel like they were walking. Hickson said he was placed on the floor inside the craft for about 15 to 20 minutes and that they were observed by "what looked like a large eye." After being turned over repeatedly for an apparent examination, Hickson said the pair were "sort of floated back to where they were." Hickson described the creatures as being about five feet tall with two eyes and an opening under the eyes. He refused to talk about the incident later Friday following his release from observation. "I'm all to pieces, you can't imagine," he said. r Mississippi has had repeated sightingof unidentified flying objects within the past week. The reports of UFOs, most of which had a red glow to them, began in the northern section of the state. Several sightings were reported along the coast during the past few days. Tape vote (Continued From Page 1) Wright had argued that ordering release of the tapes would breach the traditional confidentiality of presidential discussions with his aides, and "from that moment on it would be simply impossible for any president of the United States to function." Cox had contended that not even the President was above the law and that the tapes were unique in that they were evidence in a grand jury investigation of possible criminal activity. The unsigned opinion by the five-judge majority referred to Cox's argument as "the uniquely powerful showing made by the special prosecutor in this case." Comprising the majority were Judges David L. Bazelon, J. Skelly Wright, Carl McGowan, Harold J. Leventhal and Spottswood W. Robinson III. Cleburne (Continued From Page 1) former Talladega Sherift Luke Brewer, who was also impeach- I ni" I II " TODAY AT 1:00 3:00 5:05, 7:05 9:10 MT AND SHAH M A TM-0 IOVI STWT THAT SHOCK-CO THI MD WtSTI WRT REYNOLDS SAKAJ MILES UnCOMjAdWAJDtH GEOtGE UNILTON NUODV tWUVM fITTT " n rTTTTTTTTrrniO ed by the Alabama Supreme Court upon recommendation of a Talladega Grand Jury, Baughn's and Merrill's case will be decided by the Supreme Court. During the reading of the report, Merrill, acting in his capacity as court clerk, was seated next to Bibb when the impeachment recommendations were read. Baughn was not in the courthouse Friday and deputies said they did not know where he was. MW.tWHl Jj" POSITIVE LP. REQUIRED NO ONE UNDER ; . 1 ft I I lllklhl Itlhl.lolJflelsl in Sears ANNOUNCES Ml STORE s r..i MlIf OPEN Monday thru Saturday row Until 0-p.m. Snlisfaiiion Guaranteed or Your Money Had; At;;!i$To:i SHOP AT SKA ItS AND SAVK Sears 1 702 Noble St. Phone 236-4411 TODAY SAXTON HEIGHTS Assembly of God Church will have a singing beginning at 7 p.m. with Martin Hicks, guest singer. WALTER WELLBORN ELEMENTARY PTA will have a fall festival from 2-8 p ro. at Eulaton School. IOTA OMEGA CHAPTER of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority will meet at 4 p.m. at home of Carol Yarbrough. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP will have a singing at 7 p.m. featuring the Doss Family and singers from the House of Prayer in Piedmont. HATCHER AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH will have a singing at 7 p.m. with the Tredegar Trio as guests. COLDWATER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL will have Festival from 5-8 p.m. at the school. fall HURRICANE METHODIST CHURCH will have a singing at 7 p.m. with the Bridgemen Quartet of Piedmont as special guest. THE GOSPEL SOUNDS OF JACKSONVILLE will be special singers at 7 p.m. at the Five Points Baptist Church on U.S. 431 in Cleburne County. A GOSPEL SINGING WILL BE AT 7 P.M. at Fairview CM. Church, three miles west of Barfield. Special singers will be the McKenzie Family of Oxford. EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH off Alabama 202 south of Monsanto, will have a gospel singing at 7 p.m. featuring the Sunny Four of Pell City. HOPEFUL BAPTIST CHURCH will have a benefit singing at 7 p.m. for Mrs. Grant Smith. THE VOICES OF ANNISTON will appear in concert at 7 p.m. at First Missionary Baptist Churhc. OHATCHEE CHURCH OF GOD will have a singing at 7 p.m. featuring the Loggin Family of Boaz. PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE OF SNOW Creek District will meet at 6 p.m. at Friendship Baptist Church. THE LA DAMES ELEGANTA SOCIAL and Savings Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Carol Armstrong at 1530 W. 6th St. LLOYD'S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH will have a singing at 7 p.m. featuring the Haynes family of Ohatchee. HOLLEY'S CROSSROADS BAPTIST Church will have a singing at 7 p.m. featuring the Harmoneers. THE ROYAL OAK LODGE 1006 Vi Wilmer Ave. 196-100F will meet at 7 p.m. at f - State politicians give Fordi praise AP Wirtphoto Tot rescued Lt. Fred, a Yonkers, N. Y., fireman, carries a young child from the third story Friday during a minor blaze in Yonkers. Firemen used ladders to evacuate children from the third and fourth storjes of the 13-story building because of heavy smoke in the hallways. There were no injuries. Hurst guilty (Continued From Page 1) located at 203 East St., in Talladega in late 1972 led to city hall. He also said his investigation into a fire involving an automobile in October 1972 also led to city hall. The uninhabited house was owned by Mrs. Ida H. ' McLemore and was being razed when it caught fire. The car, a 1972 Chrysler Imperial, was owned by McKinney but he reported it stolen from the Roadway Inn in Birmingham in October, 1972 according to authorities. McKinney, Hurst and Wood were each indicted on two courts of arson, one in the first degree and one in the third degree. Fariss was indicted on one count of third degree arson. Bond was set at $2,000 on each count and all appeared at the county courthouse to post bond. McKinney said he would have a full statement at a later date. McKinney resigned on Oct. 3, one day before the grand jury reported its findings to the court. He gave "personal reasons" for his decision. He was subpoenaed to testify in Hurst's murder trial but pleaded the Fifth Amendment when questioned by defense and prosecution attorneys. McKinney, Hurst and Wood face sentences of from two to 25 years in prison if convicted on both counts while Fariss laces from two to live years on the third degree arson charge. The cases have been set for the next term of the circuit court which begins in November. Mitchell said other cases might come up first since a docket has already been set. Mitchell said he didn't expect additional indictments. Jordan joins war mand also said its commandos made an early-morning strike deep into Syria, attacking an Iraqi convoy and blowing up a bridge 62 miles northeast of Damascus before returning safely to Israel. A Syrian communique Friday conceded that the Israeli armored offensive made initial headway but claimed the Israelis were beaten back later "iifcontinual violent battles." (Continued From Page 1) man reported only that elite Jordanian troops were joining the Syrians and Iraqis and did not mention the 250-mile Jordanian-Israeli border itself. Hussein, who lost almost half his kingdom in the 1967 conflict, had stayed out of the current fighting until now despite building pressure from his Arab brethren. But he had mobilized his reserves several days ago and Jordanian antiaircraft batteries had reported shooting down two Israeli jets. Earlier, the Israeli state radio had said that 13,000 to 15,-000 Iraqi soldiers had been sent to the aid of Syria, but it did not say how many of them were fighting on the front. The Israeli military corn- By PATRICIA GREENE Star Staff Writer Reaction to .Gerald Ford's nomination for the vice presidency from Alabama politicians rings of praise for the man and his reputation. confirmation because "every congressman knows his background. He's been there for over 20 years." . Ford who has served 13 terms, as a House member from Grand Rapids, Mich., has serv- ' . ".. n II M C Dam Pill Ninhnlfl fialrt Pn innffpr UiaTt fitly ft6DUDUC8ll Ford s reoutation on tapuoi in inai m ui uubimo. Hill is "as clean as a hound's tooth" and he does not expect any difficulty In quick congressional approval of the nomination, .according to a Nichols aide. "He has a fine reputation established over 25 years in office," Nichols said. "He also served the Navy for five years and as a congressman had been a strong supporter of American defense." "NICHOLS said with Ford's "impeccable" reputation, he felt . the House of Represen-. tatives might "vote Ford in by acclamation." U. S. Sen. Jim Allen spent this morning in a Rules Committee meeting in the U. S. Senate establishing procedures to follow on the Ford confirmation, according to a spokesman in Allen's office. Allen is a member of the Senate committee which will make a recommendation on the approval or rejection of the confirmation. "There was heavy debate yesterday (Friday) on the Senate floor to expand the rules committee for this particular matter," the spokesman said. "But whatever is decided, it will set a precedent for any future events of this type and Sen. Allen is concerned that what is done will be good." Allen approves of the Ford nomination the spokesman said, and foresees little difficulty in confirmation. "Ford is well liked and his philosophy is favorable to that of most Alabarnians," the spokesman said. Glenn Andrews Sr., former Republican U. S. representative, called Ford "one of the finest parliamentarians and politicians in America." Andrews served two years with Ford in the House of Representatives from 1964 to 1966. "In fact I cast the last vote in a ballot that elected Gerald Ford minority leader," Andrews said. Andrews said he does not think Ford should be asked to renounce the Presidency in 1976 " before receiving confirmation. "This man is being put there for three vears in reserve of the presidency," Andrews said. "1976 is a long way off." "I'm delighted about it," said Republican Bob Kerr of Randolph County twice a candidate for Nichols' seat in the U. S. House. "His (Ford's) was the first name I mentioned to the press less than an hour after the public announcement of Agnew's resignation. Ford's approach is a quiet, conciliatory one, and I'm glad we have someone who can make the conciliatory ..moves that will be necessary. I hope he can help tie the country together. We've had enough of the loud rhetoric. "The government has to function. Now we can get on with the job." Kerr, who has been critical of his party in the past, said he had "never heard any great amount of criticism (of Ford) on either side." , ANDREWS SAID he sees no necessity fora lengthy study into Ford's background before LATE SHOW TONIGHT 9BiiiMBi' GIOQHUV S i!s-'M-'iiinE flat M A AA a M z:r.M Last Niqnt First Anniston Showing Terry loved everything DEAD... y x J A W f: hn U(e &mr -PruI-ohnUvhi PUBLIC NOTICE: You read about Mass Murderers. Now you will learn how to identify them. in "True Grit" iwhith cunut TfinAV AT 3:08,5:04,7:00, 8:56 l A COMEDY HIT.. Carats' I II ' iiri .M.arr mm fZZfti 8:51 Charlas Bromon i "THE MECHANIC" I HIM II SHOWN AT: 3:00, 4:35, 6: 7:45, 9:20 I ANTHONY Q(JTN FRANCO rR0 (DEAF SMITHS JOHNNY EARS ALL NEW A i DON'T MISS ITIyf fiS fa WtfiWMlM RESTAURANT Sunday Special- $25 PORK CHOPS With Dressing Includes: Potato salad, glazed carrots, corn muffins, banana pudding, iced tea or coffee. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 6 AM TO 10 PM LOCATED AT 1-20 AND U.S. 21 OXFORD: PHONE 8315463 ATTENTION!! Voters Of The Proposed Alexandria Fire District The opposition to any kind of fire protection in our community have distributed, by placing in mail boxes and paper boxes in our community, a circular containing False and Misleading statements about the Proposed Fire District. Don't Be Misled By These Political "DIRTY TRICKS" Get The True Facts Before You Vote. Find Out The Source Of These Unsigned Circulars. See Full Page Ad In Sunday's Anniston Star For The TRUI FACTS Pd. Pol. Adv. By Concirnid Citizens for Bitter Fin Protection, Clarinet Page, Chm. SEARS, HOF.BUCK AND CO.

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