The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 4
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THEJ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX OOGBOR NEWB CO.. PUBUBHBB :'':.'. O. K. BABCOOK, Wltor ; ' H. W. HAINES. AQvcrtUint UI&KV . ' We NiUooal AavertUlnj ReprtMDUUm; AA^im* 'ItJUes, Inc. New. York. Chlcuro. Detroit, .'a, Ixj.uli, • Dallas. Kansas city, Little ^ubllsbed Even ARernooa Ixwpt Bnodiy. Setercd as second class nutter e.t M ftfi oiflcf at Blytheville, AT- ;insas, under act of Confreu Oe- T.-— . tober B, 1017. Served. b» tnc Prat, 6UB5CKIPTIO.V KATES By curler in tne City or aiytdevUlt. 1(0 per •IWK or ffi.50 per year in advance. By m*il wlililn a radius ot K ml]**, »JJC per year, |1.54j iu: sin niontlu, 65c for three monttu; by mall in uoiial swifts two to six, Inclusive,' $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Profits Through Lower Rates H. V. Putnam, research engineer for the Weslinghouse KKk-lric com- jiany, prerlicted at Memphis yesterday that utilities companies, forced to cut their rates to meet such ooivpetition as the ^government's progran: f()r the Tennessee valley promises, will in the long run benefit thereby. He pointed out that tlio average rate of electricity consiimpiion in the United States is only 600 kilowatt hours per year, for which the consumer pays an average of G cents per kilowatt hour, while in the Canadian area served by the government owned Ontario Hydro-Rlectric commission the average consumption is 2,000 kilowatt hours per year and the average cost is 2 cents per kilowatt hoi:r. ' And accor.ling to .Mr. Pulnain tin; Ontario' Hydro-Klectric i-. making nioncy, while many American companies, despite' their high rates, are in serious financial -''difficulties. Such comparisons do not nccb.-s'nr- ily mean a groat deal, but it certain- , ly is -.reasonable to believe that Amer-' 1 ' ican utilities companies can find greater prosperity in the future- by establishing rates that will encourage the use of electric current than they have in the past with rate systems that f9rce users to resort to every available means of rutting down their use of .electVicity. 1'his is true because the/ ' ' 1 ' relatively 'small portion of its" cost to the consumer. The cost of delivering 200 kilowatt hours per month to a consumer is little more than the cost of delivering 50 kilowatts. Whisky A pretty story is told al Washington concerning an exchange of ameni- ''' tics that' helped to bring al.,-..ut an important trade agreement between the United States and Great B;i(ain. K. Walton Moore, assistant secretary of state, so it is said, presented British Ambassador Sir Donald Lindsay with a tasty Virginia ham. Sir Ronald returned the conrtc.-.y wilh a bottle of Scotch whisky. Whereupon agreement was reached fc-r IkiLLsh purchase of an additional nijllion dollars worth of pork -product:; each year jnj-eturn for American purchase of OUT OUR WAY 607,000 more gallons of St,-oii-h whisky. Inasmuch MS it i- taken f >r granted that we in the United Stales liavo more pork than we know wfial (<> do wilh, wliilu prevailing prices-indic-ile » shortage of good whisky, Hie transaction will he accepted generally n- 1 one ad- vunlageoiis to this country, notwithstanding the fact that llu:- are undoubtedly more persons in !he Uniteil Slates suffering from lack of I«rk limn from lack of whisky. Bl.VTHfiVli.LE. tAfttti rnniMtm NKWg J1D1E_GLAWCES By George CJark Safety First Youngslci's w li i) tii'i' ii classes at the I''ir.-l .AlLlliu'l'st eliinvli while CWA work is in in-wcss sit the Central Ward sclioul uompl.-'in' fiomc of their play aclivilie.-; have boon restricted by toaclicrs, who have forbidden panics Hint mijflit lea.l the ciiil- clren to rttii into Ihc street. Parents will agree that'ly comes lirst. A few dulf minute.-- fci- the (joys and pi-Is count for lillle (Minpsivcd to the risks' which would be -nvolved if diimces were Uiken with Main street traffic. Even with the careful iiritrvision of teachurs there reiiiains an , lenient of danger. Children arc inipiilsivc and may dart unexpectedly into the street. Motorists using Main s tree I should exercise especial care whi't; school is being held at the Mcthodi-t church. None among us will bcgnidg;; tlie sacrifice of a few seconds time a« insurance . against possible tragedy. Ami us a reminder to auto th-ivcr.-i who, like children, are .sometimes forg--!ful, it might 1)0 well to iwsl warning s]V;is. M-*. V /' _ ..-:. i, -:--^tHffi - _ .. .': *>ll , tf-J \ I ** t ft- //' I •,.', \J J —\ V>fe, t •?&•'$• A!"- •: ;Vmj[ !\\ •I'^feA .s»i To me, It was just unothrr i-ll-nlglit hop. —Lieut. Coin. Knclller M'Gimils. Irader of the navy's non-stop night to !lawai ; . - Without bulls, there are no fa-r;-. no flcslus. nor are hotels full, nor docs conn-.n-ci: multiply its sales. I have faith in the Lulls to brlns prosperity. —Ednardo Pages, Spain's bull light, promoter. * » * I think to \votfc out his economic theories, s President^ -• Roosiivell should '. iiave more time. 't. It is too sl,ort,\a president's" time. —Prof. Al- " bcrl Einstein. ' *• • • I du nol waul any woman ati.vilntul lo ol- fice became she is a woman. —Mrs. Came Chapman Call. * * * .The basis of this action is tcnilically nniiu- 'IMrtnnt—il is incncy. —Hudy Vnllee, resjurd- ing his wife's .suil for divorce. » » * A .sort of spasm of nationalism has contracted men's minds. —- H. G. W«ils. - ' * * •.: We must never forget that it, H a constitution we are expounding, a consti'ution intended to endure for ages to come, and consequently to be adapted to the varans crises or '"i i affairs, —chief Justicu Charles Evans ' Hughes. The King (Levinsky, Chicago heavyw^ighu would hit Schmcling so hard, Mr. Hitler uonlcl hear it in Germany. —Lena Levy, sister-manager of Levinsky. * » W I inn not going to let jny voice be stilled by all the bnllyhoo. —Senator Simeon. D. ol Ohio. BY UK. MORRIS KiWur, Journal of the American Medical Association, anil nf Ily- fcia, the Health Magazim- The most wholesome single food you can (jive your children Is milk. Milk • has been called the most nearly perfect food because It lacks only a few elements lo make it a complete provider for the. human body, it is one of the few foods available lo the young. In the' early stages of life it is the only one ivailablo. The chief values of milk reside n its proteins, its minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, and In the easily digcsied fat. It is a fair source of some vitamins. Unfortunately, through tlie indhuds :>: preparation of milk, it somc- inics becomes contaminated and thus a menace to' those who consume It. Milk can be contaminated with BCrms from uvn sources—first, (he coiv; second, hunian beings who By Williams HE GIMME A KICK IN TH 1 PAKITS, AM' I RUN-AW JIS RUKJNIW 1 . ' WELL, WHEN VOU \ GOT A HOLE 'IN YOUR ' , VOU COME . HOME AN' GIT IT SEWED UP. 1 HAVE EWOOGH TROUBLE WITH YOU 6R1M61M' HOME YOUR FRIENDS WITHOUT BRIM6IN HOME YOUR ^rr\ ENEMIES. -THE TRAILER nca u. ft. PAT. orr. r,_\»w BVlt fi£ l *tx*Kt. me. y i Jii^ ! "Horace! You comi- li;u-k litre." Milk Is Most Nearly Perfect Food \ou Can Give Children mi- l.irurly in cluklreii. While tuberculin tcilinc, ol" cattle anil i limitation of HHVIC with tti- bi-rt-uloM.s h valuable in stamping niil iHivine tuberculosis in human b-.-inj-K. a more important step is ic:uplote pasteurization of milk. Another condition spread lo man !lii<nu.'li milk is maintain fever. | Hern again the cl'.iei method ol | prevention for mankind is j>as- tciirizalicm ol the milk supply. ! The final danger from mill; re- i Mills from organisms like the U'.ri'rtucocc.'l wliicii yield septic .sore i tluoiits. Here, however, the disease i mny be JTUI into the milk by those [v.ho handle it. | Sometimes the infccl.s the inkier of the cow and Iht- infec- Lun Ihpi, reaches the milk. Here, ton. efficient piis'.eurizalion is the most important step. -i There are various methods of pasteurizing milk. In practically nil communilk'.s theie am ordinances which demand that Ihc milk Most of our -states, particularly those with a large dairy industry, now have laws which make il essnry lo give the tuberculin test to nil cattle used for supplying milk and to eliminate those that. I arc diseased. The form of tuberculosis resulting h, man fiom bovine sources of infection usually does not uffcct the lungs, bul more oltcn lhe bones and joints. It also may affect some elands and ihc skin. In' England, il is cslimaira. about 2000 deaths occur annually from bovine tuberculosis nnd these ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne>\s has been authorized to announce the following a.' candidates for public office. Mib- Jcct to the Democratic primarv next August: For .Member of Comrress CLINTON L. CAI,mVELI, For County Treasurer JOE S. DILL A HUNT Y For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CitAIG For County C<u,rt Clrrk FRED KLEEMAN For Rc-Elcction for 2nd Tr;.-.: t-'nr Assessor H. L. (BILLY- GAINr.S G. C. (IKE) HUDSON KOK CITY OFFICES Election Tuesday. April 3. For City Clerk S. C. CRAIG that the genus are dcsuuyed. Clean milk is milk which has been produced and distributed with a minimum amount of contamination from outside sources, such as manure from Hie cow's udder and flanks, cius; iron, the cowshed, and dirt from the hands of the milker, from thy iiienslls" p oi- containers of the milk. Great care must be exercised to prevent such-contamination. There also is possibility of contaminating the milk wiih germs capable of causing disrase. Conditions which '.eiHi lo dirly milk, therefore, are also conditions which lead to contamination by genus. Clean milk is not necessarily safe milk. One of the arguments against pasteurization of milk is that il conceals the faults of dirty milk. However, this is not true, since pasteurization insures the safety of all milk; the question of visible dirt U a riiflcrciu matter. CHURCH EXCUSES C,tn. W. lor --n- Answers on six A;J T have often :.Uil':d. Junior and Sister arc very Inrtimalc in liavjiu; a Mother ol my lyr.f. There are so many mothers nf this modern age thai oro nol capsbfc of giving their children the proper training. Some may say that I was very fortunate in hnvir.c; a mother thai was capable ol pivin, mc- the tralr.init !hat makes me what appears to he a torn leader in so fnr ?..; social matters are concerned. I f(cl that I cculd ;?ay thai my Mother was foiinn- :atc in hai !>-.•• a d.mciuer that ! cole to csMmilatc such training as , she w.-.s atw lo olfT and I may i add ttilh braii-.r- enough i-> i vciop n-.y natisrs: j ctal tc.vji-rih:;). I I ourly cou.--:dcrii:ij 1 meetings c: o ir S-iiin-day Nreiu i Club for n -Accf". or s:i. thai I | devote some time in callitii; o:-. | my neighbors .ir.ri i; partible find runicnne tha! ! would feel .•.rife in ! a How In; them !r> |.]',r Sister and : Junior lo cliu:rh. If my church ! could be madi! m realize the licr.f- f fi: the n:hc-r r'ni'-irc!! would IP, ccive in coirirv: in contact w,;h my childrfii In: ih<- S'ui'iav S-rhml p.nd cli'iroh 1-our Ihnv is no dou'-r bul what .1 n:-:<iin- •: !• IP tiiilhorily co.ild ti- r~.'.'. ••' ••:• 'church j Bead Conner :<n\v- \Var.t .i«. BLYTIfEVILU' ID YKAKSAGO fioni Uir illra ol the Ulyihtitlir Dill) Ouurltt Friday, Jan. 18,. IiliM. Mi'iiibors of tile mytheville H-.IV i asbixiiitlun met in I:.-.' oflkvs of ! I.iU'e, Duck and Lasby Thursday aflcaiocn. President A. G. Uttlc presided. The association endors-jd /,. li. Harrison's candidacy for 1,1-jv.culing atlorncy in a reiolu- 1:011 which navj adopted unanimously. , Mississippi county ginned -15.51!! b.i:cs of cotton up \o January 1, uccm-ding to the figures received l-.xi.iy ficm i!i c u. S. department i)! commerce. This is more than aoubb th; iunouni giinu-d in :iny oi.'er Arkansas county, Crltlcnden bjiiuj second with 22,241 bales. At u meeting or the b:ard of dl- KfKirs 01 Ihc Blytlievillc Compress and Warehouse Co. tills morning i; was lound the profits of the company- to January ):> were fubsianttolly in excess or 550,000. T.:c ability to make profits ill the lace oi b:id weather, short crops, and Hie cDiistreciion of an additional compress, demonstrates Ulv- li-cvillc is a cotton market anrt'i <:3llon u\vn second to none ResinaW Arcliillion. a ptcnecr of Mississippi county and at oil" Um» a resident, of tile Clear take district, died Inst November in Uigu-i Columbia. Soutli America, uccord- inj to word just received by- C W Rfimcy. • ' 3OOO REINDEEPL HAVE t> EEN DRIVENINON E i-ARGE HERD, FROM ALASKA, AND TURNED LOOSE IN THE. NORTHWEST TERRITORIES OP CANADA, TO KURNISH FOOD FOR THE INDIAN AND ESKIMO POPULATION THE DRIVE AMOUNreO TO ABOUT OOO MILES. IN ,1545, A NUMSER. OF CATERPfUARS WERE MADE THE IN FOR DESTROVING | A FRENCH VINEYARD. rvVO LAWYERS REPRESENTED TJIE CATERPILLARS IN COURT/ M»<tnmu«nviec.uc.., A TELEPHONE Pote, ERECTED O.H CAPE COD 4O VEARS AGO, tS STILL IN SERVICE. Sixty-three varieiies cf time arc bcin. used in different countries, daylight saving time not beMi" included in ihe list. Between the, inii and 18 cci.ii.ncs, there were numerous Instances of lawsuits being brought agaujst Insects. But law was cheap In those days, mill much discussion pro and con could be had for a small sum. The farmers usually wore the losers In these suits, for the insects kept ; right on enling. no mailer what dtcision the judge made. arrie WO IllJJilS 111:111-: TODAY ..'.'T"?:. « "III! I. I. :,ml TOM J;;.' H5, MI.,t IIOTAM.M: ' im ii IM.IICU III.ISS. l.lhi r.tiiri-ls In l'-c In luxury, \ilillt- <j«p h v ln- ' "'Hi 'ln-'r" Jiili, )„ rtll Wr I,, ..,i. : ,i. . \iiiii mi«Lc:iiTi>.\. ,,i ..... .„.,. llsht .,, '•?!'!!>• lu marry him. !!<• vli,,nrr.. ln'r u-ltfi nTlf/Hhiit^ u[,i-ri slic '".'' •:.',' '•' '"•<•"»•"• N!I i- I- Jf.-ih.tiH <ir I, jinn I M I c r c v r hi IUMM II!.A.\i:il.\li». Aflvr ll.r ii: lr iy linn :inil i:>-|l»y t|i::irrv). lull uriir'i - ? g iy MABEL / VrC @& MdELUOTT ulS -^s^isssnr - Ions, ami he was thankful ]usl to this! it would only mean k' -t,l,,- JIVrt lilt ,Trm- ^.n^.. —-.I l ^ . J •"-"', n~_J,l[l n have lilK dear ones satlicrcd around liim. Tliore was Gypsy and that nice hoy she'd married. Gypsy was all right. ' He didn't have to worry alwiit her. A couple of years bauk. uc:-n going glares wltu that, old- ish, ricii man. He arid ' MoVhfir hadn't liked the iilea. fiut then the iliim j:a ( i strnlgliicncii itbelf a secret from Tom and he'd never in the world understand it Well' slio would work out UK- s;,(j ivitl, Marko—she would ylve him Hie very best sl.-e l!::cw how to give in the w.iy of labor—and then fhe'd not sec liim again. Marko's way n( living was too insidiously, eapv for a yoiniB working wife. He made XrHV s|, ^^rrsy ] M O ;| I; .,. things fo.soft. so luxurious. At long h '-"v : drrnm trou biy was j in K a big Et "'.I. _ All hi-, v,- n rryi, i!u uc=n "for! At long hst she'fell asleep lo • .I..1K. _i-y|..::y lit.,1 fallen in love j drrnm troubled and cmccriaiii Mnrko Brou^hloa. ';:PSV iirsituii-; ii •, ,..'••-.• •" ' " -•""•••• "•!' u:u my was ia K a big Etick. tbreaiencd her wiih J.'; t ;-^| l " K1111 " ri .' 1 '; ! '',! :! ". •••"«:'•>"'"^ ji';""".! J!"'.".' lcan aml «"""»oi,« • dire happenings. uVri" i:r,,',':c.htm, u 'i",'* i,".^i"'.'^ '"'. ' "' ''' '"'"' r: ""~ "' ' ' ' I Kllc w o'«. trembling all over v.-iih V:IT:«- viif,,,-:,, ,, f --,n. • • y-':" ^.r-.'! lr:v- !-:!inw!i, wjtoli-:| "crvoiisncss. Tom was Slaii.lin- V.T;:I TJM: ^TO;:V : ~. ;| :: i 1 .:---! r.::-j p^j.i^icf^nMiip "pO.M slared at the box he !:e!rl I:-! '^usl;:-; v.'ci": ii:.-.. '."•-.vr-.a'of ilfo his liaml. "rj,,t (jf-i'T-'-li'-''"'''•'" '"""• l: -"!"-"'! 1 ' '- ••::i?*< li" ... . r ,, ,, ,,, " "' ". : 'lii!:i:' II:- ;-•>-•! '.I-.; •,•:•',,,•,.„,." ll..'L'ill,C01!!! lluv.' (JJ.lynv CV:-r . . ." j , • j i. ' 1:10:1 l,u rcnie;i,|jo:c'l. IL '' - '' "'''' " : '' " '''"'•''• "' = "' "•* K"'. I over lier. WK and youns .-ml ;"What's- the itmtn-f. tlarlinq? : TTiin)r y 3-dn eee a-Bbrrst?"'V- •' ''• "Oli. 1 ha<] and, a Jreadf-il drean,!" He put his anna aroiiml h^r. i'.-. i hat's v.-lint com?.! n r 1:10:, he rcmcmtee.!. i;,. -.,.-, ..., ! , '"- " \' '"• •• i - ! --'- '^ ** &'• \ ",« } " om ' s - " lat s v - ilr 't ""•« "t = ,.. ,,. , , . . " ," •' '-'- : .' : - i'\- ' 1 - : ••-"-' Kl::-e:<. i;,» j :Ci """ 1"° mud, dinner and solus lo J^"--.' ".ii.' woj-y,:,:; a..r,: : ; ; : . - y.-,-•,.•:•.-: ;.:-•- f..- ;, ;? ; . ;; ;.; | : '^r.__ I've walked miles. 1 fcol 1 " c r. TI -it- _ 1--.I—. r- fin; aT;rl 1 iiis ' L '-.- — — jl. L!! *. '„"7'- in t.[!tir ijt'i'i*"- - ^^*^ He was :;::;•;:: lia;iiicri. Ji;^t tin :ai:ic. ti!~ ; i.^^.'J.I'i?.'.? ''''. ;-M.i: 1 .!:;:] v:alch rri'.iier v.-.'vi rUd .'••:•-.• ;;.j.. <••-.-[ l.'.\.:. (!y;::-j-::u'rt IL?.VC ,':'>:i? t!c?r'!y : - -'-'" : ':i r'- % f ' i^-" t:?:*i in l,.;y ii. VYhal ;::i ::ri.iv. ' '"" •"- : •"•"• • lirn^s us tkcy j g 11 '- f;|1 - "P. 'Imkins the sleep out •••:*'..: Ltd e3;c:i i of her eyes. "Where is over-.-- " r ' : '5'' ro . conijreiateil ft. f;yp. : ;.':i Irai-t was K'-ins very ' ::•'. I?'i:o Ltr:: - o:l at iiiai v,-ith roi!:: i : CF. "You mu:-tn't a^J., r)i:r:;ijo::<-. '•'•- I::, --d lu-r. DL-nlir-Ht nr:d| '-'!:-. 1:1.; ?:!-:i:'l fairly s\vc!ii::'; i l:il'.-iicTi. imppliiK corn." Tom told : ' : ! ' ; •' :"i fi=: :i iila!';, ! lle -'- ""'•' eight o'clock.- Yonr '••'•' •'•• '.-.;•:: l;ii?!i UI1C5.;'i:'!iar's lalkins about waiiliiig s'ip. ': '• ' ''•' '•' ;;i: ' »s'-v mil- i per." ' i - !'—' i n:i;;!v ||;iir 1—r* i ::'::::::-r fo;- iii.- ov'cV.! ' S "l 1 l^ r -'" CJypsy cried, app.ili,vl. ' i "We only left the tnhlc = moment u....-...:.; 11.1 ;,-:U for | "Von'vc lost count," Tom jibed. ' l-o-i. Acro..:i []-.; ::.b!e.: lie pnlleil hor lo her feet. 1 !\n.- i«n'!icu tin aer- pacxfiRr-.: . . * ' "•- ••"••••"= pnneu nor to ht-i-feet. li.ile wjiitali 01 di-lisbt Krc,-ts.--l '"- "' !rt "'''I I'Hi-Iiwl j.iy^iy aij Arm in arm, they juiii-,1 the : : '':. ;-' c . a n' : Lf'"i-r''.' n °T :! "' : '' n! ° J ''" c nf Ts; ' rt f:n " y ' s i;ou KM11P in tllc kilc!:c "- » Mtfi « ""- 1 .... ,^ I,u-l.ock u-!cr her pilmv; ; .,, :it „,„„,,,,,, ,,,. :U . c .,.,, t . c .. c ,,„,. m , Ej , k f .. "i- -IJ ''-"2 y ir°"l- l-r?^ 1° I l " Rf C::C ' i;h " eii "'•'" '"" " l'«r lift- lc!!! - liko a "™- She was slicln ;:'•„•:'.":^,^0^™ E " ^ «» ^^^^^ u ri™" r ^r; T drew l!i I., v--. :, «,„:,« ,.„.- !„ ,„„,:..,!,„ l A flei Wi. I'll Illlv ..-.-..,„., ...- -,,..,- 11CJ '' frf "'' lt ' C >C<MlOX dflOr. I ;• v-:.-. :: smart bey (o remember j Af ler.vard this ssjis-j of well-hciag 1 •"•' lii;c ' ! " "'-'I'- v ''" ll| l ilcrpcn iiilii ilrnn-sinc^:-. The "We're scrabbliim for supper." lie ^ = ••- ' i»u told bis eldest daughter "Come . iic:-. l::e;-- had bi-eakfa:.!. fiypsy's >. n -™S«r onc.i wt,«l.i : -,j O ff io f0 ;|.. t- ; am] help." v.--!i:- r-=:- drcsf in;!, was belt-: ''' «"»'• ""C3 would steal :i ,,a p ., ay,,sy said she couldn't eat a bite. '" ; "- ; - ^^-sliin l,:;i!ra. Her rnrla , c ''".'•; l-"l at tnc moment all | She felt like a Slrassbuiirg goose al-..• lo-,,-i :„:,! her eyes bri l; ! ; l . '•• ^ "^ nc «j ; '"" "."SlHcr. (ready, m.l when at la,i ,l,e Im•=.•::• I,:-: Cunalmas l^clbcr «-a ? ; '• ^ «-Ol npst-J ,:,i, her favoriir ! pron.i.ln feast waa sprea ,|. s l, 9 i..:. • r-••:-:.'l:::ic.::r:=. Kne hart CVIH; - L i u.,,,rn.. i! ; ... lu-o:il::.-e. iftor-1 fnaiid lier.sclf niljlins at hits or :•:' i;- :-. li:!;- tro^ i;i a r-.rnor of l!i: , i '•':" ].:.':i fDere*' Irnl f:eca i: ' '••'.<. r.'i-r l!s-y v.-riiiM Kn (., ! 1 '•:••-. T'.:n liBd h-o-isli! lhe far i ."i IV.t i;::-j r hn-:'T:-?.; iuif;lu he I ir.-::-l;nrl:'i in rosnfcrt. ''ii-y ilrov? nfi. jui't :''(<:: noon, i:: i \"-l i;:,. binl. a bulicred roll. 'd !:»:-! "Oh. ibis lint lea Ij heaven. ilil a!! Ai'ilns! I always forget !,ow-jnn~h liiy „[ • I | m -c tea." o trim j Cousin 1,-jn iK-amcd. "Try tome of | tbi.s fruit rake, (jypsy. It's Cirniid Cypsy laugbeil lielplcsslj-. Thin iild .,'.. .:roii-nu. ju!. L .u.or noon. i :) i _ ' " ."" '" "'• »'" | Cypsy laughed helplessly. ThL l!;v lil'.i-.' rnr. the ramble will | •;:"';'' ^> i ' 1lj!1 "- < ; vn/y alillcd | was Christmas, after all. She wo.,1. .-r-i.-c-; v.-iii, B -,v|y wrar iia ,l b, ln ., ; -;!'"• *™te™: *™ sai.l. tlia! ! go luck to bread and milk on tlu i:-.'.M;y| S y : -,i'!3 ? ,!i-l eta to To:,r.= | ; ;" lk 1l ""- ;l ' r ' «•;„•],', ofmorre-.v to make up her rtlcwo r.rit. U-:!r!t fi-:i, wa.~! u! "I;"- 1 ' ';"' ^ wnsa't v,i ns ;„ llavc : sins _ ' I...-! a M :c.-:.-.I. a dljcrcnt lino;- i " : ;^ t ..: SI ;° l ; as ^r ln ' l:i ' f "" " !1 i At 10 o'clock she anil Tom piilM I ii-c^...moo.., ,-oiii-., and i:: atcli 40 \ Ilicinsclves and their various b* !:• is. :,,;>• 'K[:er flny i:i t'io >ear. co'mfonatily. "I declare. I think it's i-:- ';;> lay your things oil In • ,'v,,'-v' ir .. '• |? "' H tll!1R!i£lil - sil ° Tom were in Hie little car together. «.- ,-: :«. Cypsv. Cn:ishi I.o:i la la j ' Tll ',. ,' ' „ " c \""; 1 "" 1 -' M'irit. "!!ir!" Ciyrsy held her fnr "'•r-. ar.,1 I jon'l liclicve she's-1 v nr .n , ; .!'", ,' 1 '"^-' 1 «"wii. Mr. lii s j,. • The wind was littler now, •lriA,e-i yet." in- ,, , ' - "*., M " ro '" t1lc llv ' sivcenlns across tnc flats. • • « iiNvr'i" 1 '- T "''" ""'* t: "" sil1 '•"" Tnl " tucked the rohr- in aroiiml •'^ors.'X ~ .,, v u a ;/r-- -- : ;- \',',,'t < \\'"-'' K " r * •"- ••' l-i!i!o iie;irliy her. If only he'd hccn able t" l«iy > . "*'•' I.I i - n STiTflOr*! tl\-ti •,- n .._l_.lJi_. .< . „ .. .. ». » •krrs at a i.i!,: n isearby her. If only hc-rt"hccn"ab!e t" l«iy !rooni Cypsy. ciirleil her that fur coat: Maybe next ••I i'. i -ley rliau-l. | yr;ir . . . 1 r,i;:hcd the tbousht nf Sri:- lv - -Vh-i-iv-'-V:-:-;: •• Mr. Mmc'.'i ' |,' ',j i '' ',';'!'!."'! , : ' ;' ; I5r '' t sl< " , (: ; !!.->• ::-,i;:iied the lliousht «f Sn::;_.., .-.".„; "|>. c ' (,••'.](, virli .1 ' ,'••[. . i'•.'•." : . "••|'- <i '''""• >' : >«i-! :i:day ,'iiv back in her mind. Hlic'.l •.'•',-^<ti:''vi'-r'.:<'.ucfii. .\'-tf>-\ 'r .'•'.'".:'".;'•' : '•'• :l1 ' : " : ' ; : liav c to make some excuse to Tci: ..•::; '.-..,.'.- «f hi.r'' ! c:i-- a:ri ' .- f .'-'••, , •'••".> \ , "."' "'" ''"'' '"" , r " r '">t mcttlns him that aflernor:: ,_... " '.'. t .', .:-......"...^,^ '.'!.,'.... '' "'' '" ''• -^ l:ri ; utioulrt sho rjiy? Slic ha% : , . i lies, oa>. thlo van <jni> which had t; (she i t» told '

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