Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on February 7, 1946 · Page 9
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 9

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 9
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. mwsi DAY. i fbrua,ry L i?4f . .'. POUdHkEESIE - lW YORKER , ' "t yjtf - i " ' ' PACE 'HIN& Pine Plains Pupils foOffer Entertainment (SeiaU to reasesaieala DM taraar FINK PLAINS PupUl of Pin rtslns. Central school will present ,n "Evening of Entertainment" tinier the fponaorsblp of the Oeneral mutilation at the school tomor - night at I o'clock. The program wUl Include plan, ttslogues and monologues, rith mule! Interludes by the school band n address of welcome win be given ,j Alton Lamphere, OO president. The program: orerture. "Horlaon." Peter Buys, by the band; dialogue, "Tickets, "lease," Alma Hunter and Rodney nonlsteel, monologue. "Vera Ctieera's Morning Radio Talk." Ar - ,nr Oykeman: "Garden of the (lods" by Johnson and "Little Champ," Ueaang. by the band Playlet, "Bluebird," with Dolores Coring, Helen Lovelace, Nancy c - unnlngham and Eleanor Wlnans: - Harlequin Journey," Huffman, and Catholic Church for Democracy, Foley Says in Reply to Laski "Merer before in the hrstorv of the world has there been more of a need for a militant Catholic organization than there la today " declared Joseph M Foley, New York City attorney and state deputy of the KnlgbU of Columbus, who addreased approximately 100 In attendance at the 48th anniversary dinner of Florentine council, Knlghu of Columbus, at the Nelson House, last night Speaking on the theme. "Destroy try Shepherd and You Will Destroy "Sweethearts." Victor Herbert, by the band, monologues, "Rocking Chairs," Ann Freer and "Bargain Basement," Audrey James "Theme from TschalskoWskl B flat Concerto," by the band; one - act play, "The Romancers," with John Rowe, Madeline Toal. Louis Renuburger, Lester Aroh and Clarence Burton: march, "Military Escort," the band. The Water Mtut Be Boiling Warn a ereekerr teapot. Patlneneteatpooiifalef tea foieeeli parson. JUd bash, bubMIaq, BOUMO water. Steep five lalnutae sad earn. "suuur 1 EtAg Only Fin Quality Giroa Fin FUror the Flock," Mr. Foley defended the stand of the Cathollo church, when he referred to a recent radio address of Harold LasU, chairman of the British Labor party committee. In which Mr. LasU said that the Cathollo church 1 against De mocracy. Stating that all authority comes from Ood primarily and secondarily from the state, Mr. Foley said that the Catholic church had always sponsored a Democracy founded on a belief In the Almighty Ood. - What Is behind this attack on the Holy Father?" the state deputy asked He replied that the ene mies of the church ana tns Ameri can way of We realise that ma church stands for a Democracy predicated upon a belief n, Almighty Ood and the dignity of man, not the Oodllneaa of tha so - called democracies that arc now subjugat ing the countries of Europe. Descrlblne - the Catholic High schools and the Catholic colleges as the second 41ne of national defense, Mr. Foley declared that the chil dren are taught that all authority comes from Ood ana that because of their teachings, there is no room In the minds of catholics for tne breeding of Natlalm or any other - um." Dlviae Master Left Oat In referring to the peace table arter the World War which was "a War to end all wars," Mr. Foley said that everybody had been In vlted to attend except the Divine Master. And In the last 2S yean, w have paaaed through the wont conflicts of the world, he said. Coming to tha present, the speaker said that with 21,000,000 Catholics In the world, not a single Catholic was appointed to the committee to meet in London to formulate plana for a world wide education. After the protest of the Knlghu of Columbus, a Catholic was appointed to trie committee, Mr. roiey aau. "How can you "have any system of education which excludes Ood and expect it to be lasting?" the speaker asked. In conclusion. Mr. Foley said that we an Destine - through the most perilous time In history, not only for vnuttA including the Rev. Oeorge In attendance, William F. Welch, Edward M. Tlmmlna, Joseph 8. Keating arid Henry P. Smyth, a wen as John B. Wermuth, ga, who Is the oldest living member of the council. Other living charter mem - ben who wen unable to be present an Jamee A. Kerr and John T. McAullrle. The toaatmaster also presented members of the clergy wno Ift Jr. Alt rrJ CSS C 2 y our church but for our country. "We need militant Catholic action and militant Catholic organitauon. Federal Judge Conger, oldest liv ing past grand knight of the council In nolnt of service, who wsa general chairman of arrangement for the anniversary celebration assisted ny John J. Oartland Jr, aa acting co - chairman, waa the toastmaster for the dinner. The judge waa presented to tne assemblage ny jonn J. um - land Br., grand knight of the council. Deraa Intredaced Judee Conaer. In his remarks, said that the Knights of Columbus Is the right arm of the church and that the age of organisation should encourage and strengthen It. He Introduced Mayor Daren as one of the men having been responsible for Instilling new life In the council. Mayor Doran, who became a member of the Knights of Columbus In Buffalo, expressed his pleasure at havlne become a member of the local council several yean ago. He said that aa long aa the Knight ot Columbus stands out as the leading Catholic organisation of the world. It will prosper and that all council will remain In front when they maintain, those objectives for which the were orcanlzed. Paying tribute to the deceased members of the council, the Mayor called, the council memben and their guest to their feet, to offer a silent prayer. . re, Vtr fyv Unntlmnr velan - Una T. Snvder. castor ot St. Peter church, dean of the Catholic clergy of Dutchess and Putnam counties and chaplain of Florentine council, also addreased the assemblage. He expressed the hope that the council wUl continue to grow and to be an asset to the church. William C. Flynn. Amenta, dis trict deputy ot the Knights of Columbus, urged formation ot a group known a "Columbian Squire," In the city. Judge Conger presented tne cnar - ter memben of the council who were ateOowan, rector of the Novitiate of St. Andrew, the Rev. Philip & Hurley ot the Novitiate: the Rev, Thaddeue E. Kamlnakl, pastor of St. Joseph's church and the Rev., Sal - vatore Canuton, pastor et the Church ot Our Lady ot ML CarmeL Mrs. Alice Keuhner, president of the Ladles auxiliary to Florentine council, also waa presented. Entertainment Included a vocal olo bv Miss Josenhlne Wtullch. ac companled by, Miss Leila Silverman and guitar and vocal selections by Mis Betty Scagllon. In eoncludlns tha Droerajn. Judge rnn a.ked Monslenor finvder to offer prayer for the one member of. the council out of 56 who were m service, that did not return. He also made known that a memorial Man for the deceased memben of the council will be held Feb 2Z Girl Scout Troop 15 Gives Dessert - Bridge Girl scouts of Troop 15 gave a dessert - bridge party at the Reformed Church Wednesday evening The troop was honored by the presence of Mrs Robert L. Smith, who la president of the Dutchess County Area Olrl Scout council Among guests attending wen Urs. H. N. Smith. Mrs L. Lemolnc. Mrs. T. Moran. Mrs J. Walsh. Mrs. H. Bird, Mrs. B Green. Mrs. W. A. "DOCTORS AGREE - Many Physicians ot nine counties la the Hudson vauey area nave found that their patients have received expert attention In the fitting el wide variety ot surgical appliances when referred to the Mid - Hudson Surgical Company, 40 Cannon Street, Poughkeepsla, tAdvU Aylmer, Mr. Raymond Meagher, Mrs. Taylor M. Barr ana guest, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Milton, Mrs. Water man. Mn. UaBorr, and MM, Bmltn, and guest.. Prize wen awarded Jo winner. 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