The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1942
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cotton Popular In Hollywood * * * ' * - * * • • . , » Zoom To.New Popularity As Suits Become AcU'esses" 'Unifpnii 9 PAGE THREE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON uiul Goodnesrs and rovides -111 tii mil t' Tesi O limmy Cngney's sisier, Jeanne, is shown above vearing- a soi'tly feminine blouse with popular ong, Mowing sleeves. The blouse is chalk whit<» k'ith hand-lasted bands of white satin at lh<j <h r?;U o.Mf! cufl's. In contrast with Miss Carney's long sleeves, Lien- lor Parker, is shown above \ve:\rin» another pop- tlar model with completely dinVrrnl st.\lin£. With Uuirt sk-irvt.s, it is made o!' while pioiiii nno lu:> d over I?Y DKK LOIVUANCE NEA Service Sl-.-.ff Corrtsi>omlent HOLLYWOOD-Suits ami blouses are prauiically uniform-; .for feminine West Coast r?/s ihnv dnvs.» An economical Ire IK: during 1 , wartime may be credited partly for .such popularity us wi-il as uio faci that | COTTON IS Californians. havf lony been noted I'OI'ULAU FABRIC -suit fanciers. j cotton pk L ues, linen-finish cot- 'White is the outstanding blouse [ton and other novel fabrics woven color, although "he dark .solids are j of cotton are "liked for their air of comiii" lip for ;i good deal of j crisp "freshness, the fact they meet attention and .so. too, arp com-j soap and water so well. Typical types are . to be seen all Hollywood and its environs. Novelty blouses, which just miss (.he ^elegance of the sheers but have' an' insouciance and 'appeal all .their own—especially Linoiiy; young thingsT— are very popular. pletely mad prints, wild floral designs in the giddiest of brilliant colors. There's a gn.-at democracy in tailored blouses. They arc seen on all ages, sizes and .shapes -of women — from tho most glamorous of the movie qu^'ns, down through the lesser ami lesser acting ranks to UK- leas! offic-e worker. For the sophisticated, the handmade, sheer blouse K the order of the day. Inserts of cotton lace In .sheer baslistn vie with ruffled jabots on sheer organdies in favoritism Worn with man-tailored suits in masculine, materials, these in nicely with the one she like. 1 best being made of America! shimgtung in soft, shade of ashe; of roses. Always good, in this town of noted sweater-yirls. are the .short sleeved. • crew-neck lightweight sweaters that double for blouses under suits. Thi.-y are best hand knit but one sees fewer these days with everyone's needles so busy for soldiers. I'lglOll 'i>xl: Matthew 32:41-23:11 By WILLIAM K. CILKOY, 1). 1). Editor of Advance Our lesson presents what has become the quest ion of the age.-;, "ul at tlie same time tells of the U-epest tragedy in the ago-long lisiory of religion. Tho iiuesiion is. What think ye if the Christ?, and J.sus asked it :o confound those who were obviously gallic Vcd together -ntyainsl Him. challenginy His right to teach Hie people and to do good work be- sause He did not, have tlie official budge, or label, of thrir particular authority. The scribes and the Pharisees- who confronted Jesus were .probably no worse, un t | no better." than those official • religious leaders , who from lime to t.'iue hav« presumed to assume that I hey had a monopoly of religious truth. or of the ri«ht to exercise religious functions. Among these scribes LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Kdilor the finest and most in Israel, and this of religions loaders Pharisees wen: curliest people IULS been true in every a^e. But among them, also, were those whose religion was formal, who cared a great deal more about their own power and prerogatives lhan they did about essential ''factors of righteousness, truth, and fairness toward their felHAv- men. This is the age-long tragedy of religion—that so many who have made high professions have not had lives that were established in essential goodness and kindlhrss. Courier News. iUe, Arkansas l>t.r Sir; During recent weeks many facts and problems have b:'en brought io our lUtentlon ,is a result of i!n> war and its im ; )aet on food production. Since wi' are livinj.-. in an area thai is essentially agricultural, 1 thought. yt;u miyht like to have a brief sii;nin'.ir.\ l of some of tlie farm problems which We have observed. In agriculture, as in Industry, production o! sufficient food mid agricultural products is a vital necessity. We have bit', orders for J'ood, and when we Ir.vve IHi; imdtwilei'ii, we naturallv think ol bi« producers. Hut we've the buj ones can't .production anything nml Illle to liiivc Icunml (hut ;t.i'p up (heir like what \vr vear on the farms in the .South md Midwest. Those families must )c tied to the land during this vur period. We must not* waste lii.s reservoir of labor and time which exists on the small farms. lu the Midsouth an average of f> out of every 100 families moves •ach year. This aits working, clays which cannot be re-covered. I would like to make this suggestion as u solution to the food production problem; Provide the ill farmers with Ih^ tools, linunce, supervision, and tenure for Die duration of Ihe war, and we will solve much of the farm unemployment problem and the food problem al the same (lmt». Not only that, but the income of the farmers and their communities will improve, it will mean that during the war we will have built up a grouo of farmers who will be bclfrr prepared to combat the effects of the post-war period. 1 would appr-.\-iale having your commenl.s on ilur,.- ideas. .Hiiuvrelv yours, J. V, llighiili •State Director I V'.irm Security | Administration Nation's Nurses Convene For Five Day Meeting Conspicuojus Gallantry this action, he has just received the A J 1 -10 v • : i" l sllver Star ' He ******* -to" receive Award IS Z J Years LatC sw > n th « Order of the Purple Heart for a wound received later in WORCESTER, Mass. .(UP)-, actlon Twenty-three yeurs ago, Sydney .'J, Johnson helped fellow engineers in tin- 1st Division clenn out a'Ger- man machine gun nest In the Soissons scctoi Vorlcl War l. r\)r "conspicuous . MIDDLE-AGE ( 38-52 A Vvrs. old/ HEED THIS yrs. old. ADVICE!! If you're cross, restless, suffer bot flashes, nervous feelings, dizziness— caused Ijy this period in a woman's life—try Lydhi E. Piukham's Vegetable Compound. Made especially for women. Thousands upon thousands helped. Follow Libel directions. WORTH TRYING! of this sort of blouse is one of white pique snapped on starlet Eleanor Parker, on her way to the set of "The Hard Way," her next picture. It has u high,' round neck short sleeves and wide' shoulders and six set-in arrows run up the front. Young Jeanne Cagney. sisier of i Jimmy, who appears with her fa- jmous brother in "Yankee Doodle i Dandy," is blouse mad She spends i "every" spare cent she earns on i blouses, now has a sizable blouse i wardrobe. 1 For the moments when Jeanne | wan Is to feel particularly soft and j feminine, she slips into a chalky (white sheer blouse with full long | sleeves and unproved pleats' (across the Iron*:. Both the heart| effect neckline and deep cuffs are I banded in bias folds of white | satin and hand fagoting. I But Jeanne, like the majority of j Hollywood's women, really prefers i the tailored classics foi I day wear. Only she enjoys a | change from the white that is so I common. For' this, pastels come MIND YOUR MANNERS t. M. *t«. v. •. err Test your knowledge of correct social usiiyc by answering the following question;:, then checking against Uio authoritative answers below: 1. When £i amn compliments a woman on her looks should she accept !,lu- comoliment graciously, or pretend not to believe him? * ' 1. When a man compliments a your hat" to another woman, should she say. "T like yours, too"? 3. Should a woman say "Thank you" when a man says he likes This is the ultimate test of the ly. manifesting all those fruits of «jc Spirit which i,ua enum.rated with -such <iejicate care? True re- hgion is not a matter of mere con- fornuty to some teaching of man; it is a consecration ot one's life o the God of love, whose character and saving power ar- manifest n Jesus o fNaznrcth. NATIONAL COTTON WEEK—MAY 15-2,1 Pick Your Cotton PLAYSUIT Here! is was a splendid Gay New2-Piecers! Wear Them As Dresses Too the dress she is wearing? 4. Should children bo taught to say "Thank you" when they arc complimented by grownup.-; every- 5- Is iL !l ^°° rl kiea to compli- iovs n ment ' someone you have just met. on a dress, hat. or suit? What would you do if— You want to t?ll a minister that yon liked his sermon- Tell him .sermon? <b) Tell him you enjoyed hi .sermon? Answers L She should accept it ciously. 2. No. It is better to "Thank you" and give ones compliment later. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. No. Better "what Would You .solution—(a). A sermon Ls Jesus made the conflict between hypocrisy and formulism on the one hand, and the religion of love luul goodness on the other, so unmistakably plain that it is strange that men should not 'hav- profited •iiore fully Irom that teaching. Yet. the spirit of the scribes and Pharisees 'of old continues to be far too manifest even in our modern world, md those who make the greatest! 'rofcssion of being God's chosen •juite frequently give loo little evidence of having chosen God and made His love the dominant beauty md power'Of their lives. Here, then, we com? to f.hf* mm- i long- question that is above all -others—What • think ye 'jf tlie Christ? The answer is found not in some dogmatic or doctrinal foni.ula. 'but it is manifested in' the heartfelt acceptance of the" :xntuple, and way that Jesus exemplified. We cannot only -think rightly of Christ, but we can find Lhe strength to follow in His footsteps if we will avail ourselves of His power to save. sny own Do" not given primarily L-S entertainment. During the quarter cncUd Sept. 3ff, iy-11, the United States imported 882.283 pounds of vegetable tallow. Gay new play suils you'll give lots of wear this busy Summer! Crisp cool cottons in refreshing white, h flared, f $3.98 <-, stripes loo! New one piece play suits with flared, full dirndl skirts. Also sharkskins, washable, wearable ifV.UU Un Also a New Dresses! Line of Gay Gibson Jrs. and I/Aiglon APPLEBAUM'S 301 W. Main Marie Applebaum, Prop. Phone 2522 'It's producers o'i for the ^•ub-con!.ract in;; in ;ij',n will do the job. if the small e-rs-l.lin.'ie with t,0 to 100 acres-are given the same type or -ainpjrt is being |>iv?n big business. if I ho li.ono.Ol)) I 'o not producing lot markets arc provided tools. ti'wuv. supem.sion, and rm loan-;. Farm fumilics ( with tin- Farm Security st ration Imve increased their of foodstuffs more than i 1 cent. It has been •-.•stimafed 1 the small farmers could •«e their production on itn .r of r.O per rent Die food production goals can be ri'aehed. The problem is that many of the little lellows Mm ply euniml pull their weight. Their Income is be- t-wivn S'JOO :tiul $BOO a year. Most of the-'.' families live in the .South and Midwest. A fifth of fit" farms in 1(1 southern states do not have giinicns and ' i.hous-.nuls do not have a cow, hogs, or chickens. •Instead of helping fill the national birder, these [>:-<iplo nre eatini', out of It. We are not going i,> I H . able to .spare time or fnins;>orla- lo got food to them in war- They must, grow it, or ;i serious problem will be created. We know from experience. I ha I low-income farmers can make a greater inmiase in their production thiin anv other group, but Iliov have tho k'fust tu start with and he Kresilesl. roservoir of nn- uie siyu-' (nplnf(i production capacity. The important I ! >ou ' lnr -' k °» tht ' f ( »nn is labor. 1 I lie small iarmers have th'! labor Wlua they must, have is financial in the t'onn of long- term loans and t xpcrt ..MipL'rvision Secretary Wk-kard said recently 'A small farm-r with two cows can increase his production 1(10 per cent if he r .ui gel. two cows. of Prance during In Read Courier News want ads. WORLD'S CHICAGO <l)i') M-n-e than 10.- OL'l) nurses »re expected hero Monay i May IH) lor the opening ol the five dav biennial convent lor )li three national nursing organ- i/at ions--American Nurses' Association, National L-ngue of Nnrs- ng li'ducation. and National Or- ;ani/'i!ion for Tublic Health Nurs ng. The nurses, ropre-entative. 1 ; of '200.00U registered graduate nurses, have as their theme "Nnr-ilnp at tlie Nation's iSorvice." rjuring Ihe five-day cosu'cntion ihey will be addressed by Walter f'lppmnn, columnist; Ur. Thoriia.s ("i, Harran. surg-jon gTJicral of the U. .S. l>ubli:> Ifeilt!) .service; Co) Julia O. l-Xikki:, U, N., supsrlnli-nd- ont, U. .S. Army nurse corps, and first woman over to be made a commissioned officer in th- nrmy; Miss .Sue S. Dauser, K. N.. superintendent. U. S. Navy nurse corps- and Mks Alta Dliu'si R. N.. duilr- man of the national committee on Ked Cross nursiti;; ';m'U::». American railroads had 1,017,000 serviceable froighf cars in operation by the end of HMI. Highest crest in the birth rate of the United Stales may hi? r; ached abuut 19UO. no sense- There's in monkeying around and mksing the— TWO 1-ACT PLAYS The Patched Coat and Iceland has the oldest parliamentary body in the world. • ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^•(^••••KIP^PW™ ROXY Nlghl Erery Nlpftt Excep Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens C:4!5 ConlinuoDS Shows Sat. & Sun. Last Times Tonight don't think per cent inc couldn't !^ Too many I could make a 100 iyt 1 in my production t, u . i;,i J(} |.." f;»;nilies move each CH1CKASAW West Main Near 21nt St. Prices Hiwuyn I In and 22« '»'. staits 12:45;' Sun. starts 1:4. Night nhown fi:4i, r.mtlritMHis NlmHs Slit. »nrl Kun Malincrs Every Diiy EI rrpt SatunJay .V. Suniluy. Show Kv«;ry Night 7:00 Rox Office opens (1:45 Continuous Shows Sal. and Son 0:00 Listen to KLCN a.m., 12:45 p.m.. 4:30 p.nt Last Times Today Also Comedy. Phone 42 Bo x O-Ticc Opens 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 p. Admission Always llc-23c p.m.— m. Tax Inc. Friday & Saturday lone Star Vigilantes' —with— iU! Elliott und Tex Ritlcr. Serial—"Captain Chapter Midnight" n. Saturday nttBETT MYDEN fSTfff Thursday & Kridiiy D 0 U U L E F K A T U K E Two f«-aluros for tin- prlc«- of DIM lie. and 22c r.ox office opens .T:IB—show startf- 0:00 p. in. "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE" (The y>imwing; Story of What Woman Will Do For Love!) —»ith— Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda ALSO "Oh! Doctor" Presented BY B. H. S. Senior Class TONIGHT, 8:00 O'CLOCK Rlylheville High School Auditorium JOE CAMP SAYS: Mr. Store-Keepers - Business Houses - Wholesalers _ IF — We are to. have another Pro-longed Period of Slow Sales, Had Markets, and Adversity, YOUR CREDIT WILi/BE AS FULL of Moles as Napoleon's Hallle DOHOTHY LAMOUR-HOLDEN-BRACKEN JIMMY DORSEY end his ORCHESTRA BOB EBERLY and HELEN O'COMEU —with— Jackie Cooper and Freddie r.urlholoniew. Also—Universal News. Saturday ime Cowboy Joe 7 —with— Jcluuiy Mark ISrown, ' KiiiKlil, mid the Trxas Rangers. I'nramoiint News & C^omctly. A Cohwkia Saturday Midnight Show, // p.m. ill ABNEr CranvilJe —with— Owrn and Mona Ray. Box Sunday-iMonday Sunday 2:00 p.m. Office Opens 1:30 p.m. Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck in 'BALI OF mi 1 The ^augh-Rornance of Years! Shorts and News Also cartoon & serial "Gang Rusters." Continuous Showing. Sunday & Monday. ROY ROGERS CECRGE dL. HATES MARYBCTH BARI • HUGHES A 20th CENTURY-FOX f ICTURE Cartoon »V Serial of Ihe Secret Service" Continuous Showing. Sunday & Monday Wallace Beery In Fox News & Comedy. Continuous Show Sunday. The Bugle Sounds' with MAIUORIE MAIN Paramount News & Comedy Continuous Show Sunday. Ccmedy—"Donald's Gold Game." Serial—"Drums of Fn Chapter !). IVIanehli. SATURDAY Midnight Show Box office opens at 10:4. r >. 'tilery Queen's Penthouse Mystery' —with— alph KMIamy as EH cry Queen, Margaret I. i ml say and Charley Grapcwiti. Sunday & Monday 'Adam Had 4 Sons' —with— Fngrid Bergman, Warner Baxter, Susan Ha ward, Fay \Vray, Robert Shaw. Comedy—"The Baby Seal." Also—Universal News. BUSINESS INSURANCE WILL BUILD UP A FUND TO HELP YOU Tlic Face Value of a Policy will eompensate .... (Your Concern ) (if ) (You lose some ) (of the Head-Men) fUISINKSS INSURANCE IS A NATION-WIDE DEMAND — NOW You must Not expect Your Banker's Creditor's Money Lender's TO SHUT THEIR EYES AND STAND-BY, If You take no pre-caution to Safe-Guard them or YOUR Business Either. LIFE INSURANCE JOE NOSE, OLD PAPPY ADVERSITY,MAY SPANK YOU ON YOUR KITCHENETTE, AND MAKE YOU SIZZLE WITH THE FIDGIT 0 BUT, — IT'S YOUR OWN DOIN'S (SEE ME NOW) JOE CAMP & CO. State Agency Managers for RESERVE LOAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Faithful Service to Policy holders — For Over 45 Years

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