The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS same Mohammed Muslin Mnlirmicl to succeed him. ' i The Issue has now been Joined for the coming elections. 'The bnlllo will be one oi personalities and pop- ularities. It will lie Hie King versus Nalms Pashn. H will be hot, impel- uous youtii—guided by the wily All Mntier Paslm—ngalnsl a crafty, seasoned political warrler like Nulias. Parouk hns so fur won all the first rounds, ire not on!y fired Nalios Pnshn, but dismissed parliament .so that new election!) will Imve to be held. His new premier lifts ordered tlie aissohilicm of the 25,000 nlim fit ' a hirl'-—tlie seml-FflKcLst orgnnlwi- fairS of Heart l tlon ' ilat supports Nahas I'a.sho. ___ Faronk won nnotiier victory when BY MILTON BKOVVPR 1 ' h ° coullll l' look lto '1'nnges quite ni ntiLiiuc* niti?Ai\r,rc. . ,, r ,i,,*!y |^ ^^ feverish da\'s durtii" NBA Service Staff Correspondent' w ])icli Parouk waited to see wlie!hi>r LONDON, Feb. 18. — Ordinary Nanns would yield to his demands •tnt-n, when they marry a beautiful for more power, student adherents )'irl and be-jin their honeymoon, us | m Die Premier paraded, xlioulfn'j Old King Parouk cf E^ypl recentlv. | througli the streets of Cairo: dismiss business affairs from Ihelr minds. But the fair-haired, blue- THURSDAY, FRBIUJAKY 24, IflRS Finds Government's Business Competes With Af- the oar of (lie Ejypllim nfoplp. T( represented tlielr aspirations., United, H Is very probable thai lhe Wafil, led by Nahas. would win In the coming elections. But the Wafd Is no longer united. Nahas made n fatal error after the recent crisis.] He flml out of lhe party Ahmeci j Mulier, president of the Chamber of Doputlrs, und former minister Nokracliy Pasha, 'nicy at once began the formation of 11 new party,, Or, rather, limy proclaimed that theirs was the genuine Wufd. Anttiier liiorn iu the sWo of the Wiifri ifd bv Nahas, Is the fuel that Ihfi heads of the Moslem mosi|Uc:i all favor the young King as the reprfisent.'Uii'c of t'he .strongest Mo.s- Itm slute, now that Kemal I'ashu has made of Turkey a modern laic t'oimtiy will) no ufllcbl rrliflnn of Twelve Clubs Enter Tn 4-11 Play Tourney 30 jiiljiuies, racli cliilj imy -JUT- Uiofi Difldc' ve&anttun (lie traffic, sent only one play nnd all ])ltiy-]Thc tad curve on the north hlgii- irs must be 4-H dull members. 1 way liclwcen lllythevlltc unit Yar- I'lnys sJiouM );o rcglMcmt liy .S.-it-i tim Iras tjcci) tlw scene of many urcliiy. March 12. • | accidents and because there will The ecmmlttee .suggested ;l)!>,t[l.tob:il:ly l,o niniust 1,000 persw'.s!i dul) prepare a Ihree lo fivji (raveling ihnt route to lhe toiir- |inli)iile fill-in number to te pre-1 niimenl, the coinjuittoe mcmbera „, . , I unlcrt directly after, the play, hut'may iltcltlc upon Go.sncll. IireJvc' of lhe 18 Boys and Girls which will ha non-compelfUre. i 4-11 clulis In north MlsslKsljijji V/hrlhcr thu lounianwit will be! Aeclilcnls it) Hilthh factirics cc-;t county have entered tlie annual .hold will depend upon the clnci-1 ni/land nboal $»5.000.0r»j anmsKiiy. IJISl TACOMA, Wnsh.'«jP> — Ernes! Prank hns enjoyed his first sa|K al visit with relatives since lie Joined the navy 22 years ngo. He Josl touch with his family during the I lr ™ m war. nccenlly a sister, Mrs. J. J. : Holieliii. wrote a letter to the Vet- , * 1 cran's Bureau will] the result her brother was localed. Have some 2x4, lixfi :i|Hl 2x8 Iwrlve and foiirte^ti feet long- eyprfss for per thousand iiellv. Phone 1<n "Malms or revolution!" Bllt (h|s a (o , mm w|n ., wed 18-year-old monarch of the words . whon Nnhas was nnlll , (Us; . ml d u slu(lcnts du ,, ot 1(!t „ out of thcil . systcm!ii The Nile has affairs of state which must compete with affnlrs of lhe heart, rot, In the land that ninny King's good looks, his romnntic archaeologists call the true cradle marriage with a beautiful i-oin- of clrilizatton, 1115(017 once more is moner, the fact that, lie Is the first repeating itself. King Fund, the boy ; of his line to talk fluent Arabic, monarch's predecessor and father. ' have all succeeded in building htm wanted more royal power. Sa u]) in public esteem, does Farouk Fit ad lhe con- Hut Nafias Pasha knows how lo stllutlon of 1923 gave it lo Dim. So blde j,, „ B ,„ (, ' MAa>3 Wit-mit . ._ . .... . f does j when Egypt was a British ruled dc- Fuai! insisted tlmt lie hod a right pendenclency, zcghlul Pashn form- lo be consulted on all major up- Cl ] n powerlul political parly called lX)'miments. So" did Par'ouk. Fund the Wnfd. Us policy was Egypt, for made as Chamberlain of his Jtaise- hold and chief adviser All Moher Pasha and did nol consult the Premier when he did so. Rironk did likewise, also naming Ala Mnher Pasha. When things came to a boil, Fund dismissed his Premier—NiihssPaslm —and named a irian of his own choice, Mohammed Pasha Mahmtid. Parouk has HkewJse just fired Die .same Nahas Pallia and named the the Bjyptians. Its platform was Egyptian Independence. Zesjhlul's right Imiul man was Nnhas. When lhe/ got too obstreperous, England fou"d It convenient lo arrest Ihem bolh nnd send them Inlo exile. But pressure of Egyptian publtc opinion nnd contlnuert disorders cau c e<i. the British to send them back to Egypt. Every time there was any kind of election, the Wnld party won overwhelmingly. U had Professor and University Linked During 68 Years WAJ41IACIIIR 'i'cx. (IJI 1 ) — nr. Snmiiel L. IC.niDwk inl^lit lie .said •- i-. i|i« innn "'hose .shudOT has lengthtncd Into Trinity University. <viK' iTilversltv of higher learning In Texas lint is thi? proo- trty of tilt' I'rcshyterlaii Church, U. S. A. Dr. }lornliFCk has ))Cfn fls.soi:J!il- ed willi lhe university since II, vis founded in I8G9. He entered the unlvcrsitj 1 us a child of 5. und upon graduation became u member of lhe fncully. In nu emergency, he once served as dean of women. In 18S9, he was ntvmetl auling president and lhe following year he was innde dean. IZe was elecled prcsltlenl of the school In 1908. Two years nfter the college wns accejileri 'us an accredited university in J918, Dr. Hornbcck vohml-ir- lly> resigned the president's chair to become professor of economics nnd soclnl science. ' nliiv toiii-imment. which is ,lo Ix; held Siilurday, March 'K. 'Ilic commlUec in charge met hfre Saturday when lhe date am! of the annual contest, were decided noon. It will .he decided Idler whether Hie tournament win tc held nl Cosncll or Yarforo. Tin.' plays «•»] bt- t"'e.s<.-iil(>d, be- "InniiiK ul !)::ili u..m. and continue ll'irough lhe ullcrnoon jind u nigiit <>>.ston. It is expected ihijt niosi jf the foo memlic-r.'i (if ih? clubs jf this district will attend, in addition lo u large number <.( parents, i '/here will l« awards for the club having lhe best play and for the bi"l individual iictin". An in-1 dividual mednl will be given tun!] •jimue.s will lie awarded clubs win-1 )lng fiiwt, .secojid and third plat- I M. Winner of first place will rep-! resent tin: county In- all 4-H dia- • ma contests, u-llli (he Judges io\ lie mf-mht ; r.s cf the Blythcville Ul- i tie 'I'lieulu-. ' | 'Hie awards will be matin lhe| night of the tournament, follow- IIIB lhe iMtu's, which are scheduled lo bii finished by Tour p.m. Judges will .select UIK best thj-re nnd these will be presented for (he SEcond time al Hie night sen- jlon w))ci) finul decisions ivlll ija made. Added entertainment wiU Le arinneed by a committee made up of the principal of the hosi school, adult leaders of the host club and the president of the host club. Plays must not be longer than i am BT COSTS LESS- CI' your llliill il. '<) let us KK ''('•I I' ill Jillilpl! . duos lo repair il. at'U-i- il. IIMK Ijroltcn tlowti. In- cr«a.sfc the value of your «u- and I.KT US KKKC IT IN A-l CO.VniTIO.V. COMPLETELY Auto iepair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need A!) Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. OMsmobilc' & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Sales and Service 307 E. Main SI. j> h<)nc 32 ,j KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY and taste the difference! j| Begin getting more for your money by buying Green River today. Ask for it at your favorite bar, hotel and package store. «5c i'i»t r 51.85 (Jl. 2 YEARS OLD 90 Proof.. .Tfiii whiskey, h 2 year* old. Distilled at Limestone Springs, Kentucky- OLDETYME DISTILLERS, INC., N.Y. C. USED CAR & SALE Greatest Between St. Louis and Memphis 1933 Plymouth Sedan ' ~' ; :'• ,-' ^ ••' ; Cle^n — New 1'aint $145 BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Broadway and Walnut Phone 1000 1936 Ford V-8 151 Truck Dmtl Wheels; C. C., L, \V. H. 'Stake Body vs' tires, a real truck S395 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. f>th & Walnut 1935 Ford ft Ton Track S(nke v Rotty $295 LEE MOTOR SALES, fnc 1936 Chev. Master Coach Clean v . . A Bargain at $350 LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 E. Main St. Phone 321) 1930 Nash 4-Door Sedan Has Passed Arkansas Inspection "She's Hecn Here Too I.ont;" $45 Motor Sales Co., Inc. 319 W. Ash. (Old Coca Cola Rldf.) Phone 13. 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe Motor Reconditioned. New Tiros S175 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. f)lh & Walnut Phone 810 1933 Chevrolet Pick-up 1 (iootl Tires. Guaranteed'.In psiss Slate Inspection. Will Buy 1938 License Ta.u S160 Oe!ta Implements, Inc. ,'H2 South Second St., Phone R02 • ~~~~~m^^^mj^^^^^SSjSSSS^g—' n^^^^^l^^^^^^H^^^^^^^H^^^^^B. ' 1931 Hudson 8 Sedan New Paint New Tires $135 MOTOR GO. Hrtmclway and Walnut Phone 1(100 1937 Studebaker Coupe Heater, Low Mileage S465 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5!h & Walnut Phone 810 1935 Ford V-8 Fordor Sec this one today. S189 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone SU) 1935 Chevrolet Pick-up With cotton or cattle bed $165 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & Walnut Phone 810 1929 Ford Sedan $40 BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Broadway and Walnut Phone 100U 1934 Ford Coach Good Tires. Guaranteed to pass State Inspection. Will liny' 1938 License Tag $220.00 Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South Second St., Phone 802 Ford tf-8 Tudor Color Blue. A dandy car. $325 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sib & Walnut Phone RIO mi CMC Pickup Lnnqr S395 LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 B. Main St. Phone 32!) 1932 Chev. 4-Door Sedan 0. K. Throughout $175 LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 E. Main St. Phone 329 1936 Plymouth Tudor Color Black. A dean car. $335 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & Walnut Phone 810 1929 Ford Ton Truck C-ood Engine—Good Rubber $60 BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Broadway and Walnut Phone 1000 1335 Chevrolet Pickup Will Huy 1938 License. Good Tires and Motor. Passed State Inspection $220 Delta Implements, Inc. 312 Roulh Second St., Phone 802 1934 Ford V-8 Tudor Color lilack. A i;ood car cheap $175 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 i 1936 Ford V-8 Pickup Color Green. A real farm or delivery truck. $335 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Wttant Phone 810 1934 International Pick-up A Bargain. Guaranteed to pass State Inspection. $225.00 Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South Second St., Phone 802 1937 G.M.C. H T. Truck Long Wheel Base $450 LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 K. Main St. Phone 320 1935 international Pickup New Tires. Runs good S235 PKfLUPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & \Vnlnni phone 810 1935 Oldsmobile Sedan Kxlra Clean Radio $425 BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Broadway and Walnut Phone 1000 I

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