Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 19, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1896
Page 6
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Famed in Washington Families .V;; ; >DemMrate^Ind«*ae^ Big Demonstration at Goldtboro, N. C.—Plans for His Visit to th« City of .Washington. Mum- pi-rsons <>iil of heiiHh h.'ivu louiul ;in t'xcnw in liot \vi-.-i tlii'i 1 for tin- in^- liotliin.t: ti>w:iril-;.'t':ii:i.!i \vrll. "I will wait until fall." ihey have tt is uo\v time, ii' I'vi-:'. In ihou.-Hiimlx of 'cntfot, fo ki>t>j> tli:ii |iroj!ii.si'. Noth-ill},' .should now iirterl'ere with Wiilding up tlio weakened nerves. JS"o\v i.s the time of jvar when f.liL'ii- matisiij nnd iK'tinili;i;i. must l>e uui-c'd, iviifli debility tuul nervousness must l)c checked, when b;id lirtilth nuifit bt' Boenilcfl—If one !io|>es (o set \VL-H. THo-nii.tTir.-il, unclivckuvl course of ills- oase i.s from Iwul fo worst 1 :is the ffill and wJnter we;u - on.' It is not that rhetiiiKUism, neunilgiii, msoniiiin, and kidnoy troubles lire h.-inl 'io euro—Piiiiuo's celery compound has made :i ho.-<t of sufferers well—but people miiko tlimsolvi-s chronic Invalids by neglecting the first sj-iuptoins oC dfsease. Thonsiinds of lives that lire now fust Trcarinor out, would be prolonged- 1£ Palno's celery compound were In each instance used to stop those ominous pates over the K-iclueys/to build up the runfiov/n nervous strcngib,- and cure pcrrnanjently Uioso more nnd more fre- ' g-oently recurring nttuc-ks of hcaclac-he aid" Jmliigesbion.- . • • ... .JTliore Is Absolute relief fi'om -uei:vous pound. . This iiuwt remarkable of -all knowi raiiujdios lias \voa lii.e sincere 1 a.pjirova of flu; mc'st jiro^i'fssive j>;irti of the conimiui'ily. Here is a. 'icsiticiowial rc- ci'ully received from the wife of U. S Si'iiiitor K. F. WiMveu of Wyoming, \\-liose distinftuisbcd perrices for the c-ouivtry's best fnnnlm* interests arc so well known: "I was persuaded to try your Pa.lnu'.s celery conipouiul In llu: t«u'ly spring when lira vei'y run down coiuliuio-u.Xhe ilutii-s devolving iipou the wife o£ an otlicial in public 1'if.f are naturally very exlmusrliif; and I w«'is 'tired on* aud nervous when I commouced using the remedy. I flake pleasure in testifying to the xrca.t beJieJJt I received from its use. aud can truthfully sfly that J. am iu almost perfect health again. If I ever lind myself running down again I shall certainly give R unoither trial and will in the meantime recommend ft to every one needing It." It is ji-fnct verified by •the-praetite of the best physicians,.and by thousands of personal testimonials that Paln'e's celery compound makes new, pure blood, builds tip 'the nexvous system, aud cures disease where all other remedies have failed. Its absolute reliability Is shown by its steady employment by trnjttcd phy- prostration, sleeplessness," poor anpe : ...slc-ians and in 'homes made happy by tite, growing.thiunoss and loss of vigor' its unquestioned power of making anl strength, in Taino's celery com- ' people well. WOF3L.O fa-r kneplntr the System In * Healthy Condition. CURES Hoadaoll 1 CURBS ConBtloatlon, Act* on tho Urver «nd Kldn«y», Purifl«» tto Mood, Dlspela Colds And Favors, BuautlTlca the Complexion and tt ng «nd Rofreshlnar tr> the Taste. SOLO MY.ALL cwi/ree/sra, olcelT lllom^aled el«rhtT-pa«e Llnc«l<i Otbrr, Book gma lo fmry parchaaor «f< i Tea. Price ItSc. Aak jrew drwrxat-ar Ijvottjt T»J» CoU'^nrt Wan» Sot STREET Trolley am CARS COLLIDE. Dl«puto tho Cuble Tritiii it of Wny In C Sept. Is'. — A Wallace street electric car crashed into the trailer of a Blue Island cubic train at Clnrk mid Van Eui'en streets Fridny morning-. Two men were injured, William Wfil- lenberg-, conductor on the .Blue Island trailer, whose fiend wns cut nnd body bruised, and Georg-e Kfchulls, a passen- g-cr on the same cwr, both of whose legs ivcre injured. When the collision was imminent the ife-w pa ssengersbesidesKfehalU jumped. The hitter was thrown across the tnr and struck the pavement with gr<-.at "Wallenberg jumped, but was caught 3a the wreck ar.d badly bruised. The trailer was derailed nnd badly dam- Mormon Mlniiloimrlcrt In ' Two thousf.r.d Latter Day sQluts mlfi- arc said to b« In Eng-laiitl Juat A DESTRUCTIVE STORM. BulUlliiRH, Fence» un<I TreoH DouiolUhod in 1'tmngylvuula. Heading, Pa., Sept. 18. — It is estimated that the damage wrought by Thursday night's storm in Berks amounted to from 300,000 to $70,000. A do/.en barns were unroofed, fences leveled, :tol trees uprooted, fields washed out, shrubbery -ruined, telegraph poles blown over, etc. At Siesholtzeville John Weteel's barn was destroyed by fire. Loss, $0,000. Huin.s' schoolhouse, 2^•miles north Goldsboro, N. C., Sept. 18.—Goldsboro did not sleep much Thursday night. William <T. Brynu had arrived just before midnight aud everybody stayed up to receive him and forgot to go to bed. In order that Jlr. 13ryan might sleep, the special train furnished him by the North Carolina state escort was hauled out of town, the sleeper in which the candidate spent the .night was fsjde- traclted nwnjr from bonfires and brass bands and strong-lunged enthusiasts. In the morning- at nine o'clock Mr. Bryan's train was hauled back to town. At the station the candidate was met by the local reception committee, which conducted him to the speaker's stand on Center'Street, a broad niuin thorough fiu-e. A brass baud nnd the GoWs- boro JJiflcs, in full uniform ntd with arms nnd eiiuipnicnts, marched uhead. Center street at the point where the stand wns erected, was crowded, the gathering numbering- between 3,000 ind 4,000. C. B. Aycock, n prominent literacy, presented Mr. Bryan, who made a speech that worked his hearers up to a high degree of enthusiasm. On the conclusion of his address Mr, Bryan returned to his train, which pulled out Tor Eocky ilount nt ]0:.';() u. m. Now York's Indorienirnt of 1'liitfnrm. Mr. Bryan, in the course of his Goldsboro speech, suid: "Sometimes they nccuse us of ral>-inira sectional Issue. One of the boat evUU-nccs that the platform adopted at Chlon^o <loog not raise a socUoiml Issue Is found Ir. the language of the platform adopted yesterday In New York. Let me rand It lo yon. After unreservedly Indorsing the platform and the candidates of the Chicag-o convention, the \'ew York platform contains these words: "It 'declares as Its deliberate judgment that never In the history of tho c>mocra!!c pnrty hns a platform been written which embodies more completely the Interests o:' the whole people, as distinguished from those who seek legislation for private bencJIrs Dian that g-jven to the country by the national Democratic convention of ISM.' rCheer.s.] "There, within the sh,-ido\v of Wall street, there, afralnst combined opposition of those once lending democrats of N(?w York, who have .left the democratic party and either gone over entirely to the republicans, or stopped for -a moment at the half-way house, the democracy of New York -3c- clares t.hat the'platform adopted at Chicago Is'the'most.democratic, platform ever put before the-country, by a democratic, convention. In the state of Connecticut they, have also indorsed our platform, and In Pennsylvania and New Jersey.- In these and other eastern states the. democracy la beKlnnlng to realize that the Chicago pint- form presents to the American people those great Issues around which the.people must cluster If they are ffolng to retain a government of,,, by and for the people." . On the plank in. the.platform favor- ,ng an income tax, Mr. Bryan spoke as lollows:' "In- my Judgment the Incomo'tax Is Just. It Is not .war upon prosperity, but It is a demand that those who 'have property and who demand tho protection of.that prop- rty.by federal laws should-be "Wllllngr to ;upport the .government to which they look or that protection, and not seek to use' n'st'rumentalltles of .the government for heir own benefit, and thus throw, the hnr- en of'supporting that Koyernment on'the iacks of those not able to bear It.. [Cheers.) GreiUcut or All I««a«8. "Tlio.three parties.which have Joined In my nomination 'agree that while there are other Issues before the people aside from the money question, yet the,money question rises paramount to them all, and must be settled first. Other questions can wfilt; the money can not. It has .been forced upon public attention. It has been brought before .tho'people, and we.:have to' decide whether wo shall continue, tho .present financial system, wherein a few men havo undertaken to run the government, or we shall.jjut. the.Jlnanclal policy of the American people In the hands of tho American people to bo framed by them and for them from .now on....[Cheers.]. I never lose an opportunity to Impress upon the people the Importance of this question to every citizen. The republican platform declares that wo must maintain our present financial policy, not until we set tired of It, but until foreign nations cot tired.of It and consent" for us.to abandon it. > "To my mind, no more Infamous proposition was over Indorsed by any party, and I cannot believe, as I look Into tbe faces of tens of thousands" of free Americans throughout all theso states, that they are •willing, to trust the destinies of tho people In tho hands of foreigners whom wo can only reach by petition." [Cheers.] Washington, Sept. 18.—Immediately upon the arrival of the Bryan party in this city Saturday afternoon, they will, be taken to the Metropolitan hotel for luncheon. AD impromptu reception Gladness Comes 'A/ith a bettor understanding- of the ' ' transunt nature of tins many phys- s*l ills, wlwch vanish before proper ef' oirts—peptic efforts—pleasant efforts— •tjfhtly directed. JJ'hcro is comfort in •'i-^ knowledge, th;it so many forms of .\akness arc not due to any actual dis- •-ivae, but simply to n. constipated cond'- jtin of the system, wlii«h the pleasant •'•rally laxative, Syrup of figs, prcmpt- .', removes. That is why it is the only :«caedy with million.sof families, ai;dis vnrywhere esteemed so highly by all •.«?.!-> value pood health. Its l<uneiicial <.-S«ets are due to the fcict, tlv.t It is the '-.!•« remedy which promotes internal ihliuess witho'.V. :'.:b:litr.t".%' tho "rans on which it acls. It is ilicrcforc •».,', important, in order t>> frcf, its bone- idal effects, to note whrn you pnr- •'i'.ise, that yon h;ive the c-emiine arti- '.,», which is manufactured b.y the Cali- jjirnia Fig-Syrup Co. only and soM by 'AJ. reputable druggists. It in the enjoyment of g-ood bijslth, ";a<i tho system is regular, laxatives or '•ifaer remedies arc then nnt needed, tf •Dieted with any fictnjil disease, one <,idy be commended to the most skillful •&ysicians, but if in need of :i laxative. me should have the best, and with the •rail-informed everywhere, Syriip of Pijjsstands highest ii'ntl is most largely t "•.-jiioral satisfaction. ARMY CHANGES. Secretary Lament Issues tlio Lo«B-Ks- pectod Order* Transferring Troops. Washington, Sopt. IS.—Secretary Lamont Friday issued the long-expected order changing the stations of some of the most important regiments of the army. In the infantry, the Fifteenth will relieve tiic Twenty-fourth; the Twenty- fourth relieves the Sixteenth; thu Sixteenth relieves the Fourth, and the Fourth relieves tbe Fifteenth. The Third artillery changes with the Fifth artillery. The stations of these regiments are 03 •follows: Infantry — The Fifteenth at Fort Sheridan, 111,; the Twenty-fourth at Fort Unyard, N Y . M., and Fort Huu- chuca, Ariz.; the Sixteenth at Fort • Douglas, U1ah; the Fourth at Fort Sherman, Idaho, Boise barracks and Fort Spokane, Wash. ' Artillery—One battery of the Fifth artillery at Fort Monroe, Va., and the others are at Snn Francisco harbor, while the Third artillery's batteries are distributed at stations in Florida,, Louisiana and ons at Fort Monroe. Among Supplier Captured Ar« 3OO.OOO Cartridge* and 4OO Rlflct—Report* Come Not from Madrid, Bat Are No I..'-,, RollHble. A New York Eseorder special from Key West, Fla., eays: One of the bloodiest encounters of the Cuban war occurred near Eayamo, where a. company of Spanish troops was ambushed, and, with one exception, completely exterminated by 400 insurgents, who formed a. part of Kabi's column. According to advices received here, the Spanish garrison has been shut up in Eayamo for several weeks by the insurgents. ^Provisions and ammunitions were scarce and the commander pent word to bis superior officer at Santiago dc Cuba that he would Ix; forced to surrender Bayamo Unless relief came soon. The Spanish commander was notified that a convoy was on the way to Bayarco, and he was instructed to send out a detachment to meet it. Accordingly 150 picked Spanish, troops, under Capt, Jo.'iC Perez, were ordered .to meet the convoy. The S'paniardis left the town expecting- to meet the relief train near Eayamo. They marched till noou wit-bout meeting the convoy, and then ha-ted for dinner. Uabi, who was cwnre of tbe movements of the Spaniards, detached 400 men to-meet the company sent out from Bayamo, while with his main body he advanced to intercept tbe convoy. These 400 men. fell upon the 150 Spaniards while the latter were at dinner. The Spaniards were completely surprised, ;n]d were cut to pieces almost before they were aware of the enemy's presence. The Cubans, after firing one volley, rushed on the Spaniards with their machetes, nnd two-thirds of those killed were hacked lo pieces. Only one of the 150 escaped. He was leit for dead, but, revived nnd, although horribly wounded, made 'his way back to Bayamo. aud told the story of the slaughter. In the meantime ftabi, with the main force, had captured the convoy, which was accompanied only by a company of Spanish volunteers, who - surrendered when they saw they were surrounded. The convoy was very valuable, the Cubans capturing 200,000 cartridges and 500 rillos, besides provisions, clothing acd medical supplies. • BLACK HILLS GOLD OUTPUT. Sparagiis v Kidney PHIs ••dike Bxk Str Bnlthr kldnej-i t pnrlfrUi. blood bj ' fMertna tram it . uric acid vnd til 4 othar polton* or imporlllM. i Put* blood mean* pn-foct be.llh. U, . Dr. Hobbs Spftragiii Kidney Pills f,tn Rbennmtltm, Neorftjjjj*. Gout, I Brif:ht r sDl»«iMi,DiftbBtM,Dr«piT,Eczema. ' Anaemia, Pnln» in Abdomen, Backache. Kidnor Wfjftkne**, *nd all Inflammation t of tho Kldnej-H, PhynlcUnn and dmg«n»Ui rocomm«ud thcro. SO Cent* a box. Te*i ttmcninln from thotntnnd*. llobbt fUMftdjCo., ChlMcoaid flu FtnaebM. For Sale in LOGANSPORT, IND,. by Ben Fisher, 3:1 Fourth St. and John F, Coulson, 304 Market Si- ONE-HALF SIZE OF OOX POZZONPS COMPLEXION POWDER been the numdaro for forty yours i more porulur to-Jar than ever before. pozzoxrs Is the Idoal complexion powder—beautifylnpt, , cleanly, houltlirul apd A d«!lcaw, Invisible- protection to the face. w tin every i>or nlflcrnt .Vcovill'a GOLD I>CFF BOX 1* given free of AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. Warsaw, 111., Sept, 18. — Seven coa- eecnrive days of wet weather culminated Thursday evening in one of the heaviest rains and most vivid electrical, storms of the season Three inches of water fell. The continued wet weather has become a serious matter with farmers, their fields presenting the appearance of miniature lakes, and retarding fall sowing. The drainage districts especially are heavy sufferers, vast tracts of land being submerged. THE "MARKED. Grain, 1'rovlnionf, Etc. Chicago, Sept. 18. .FLOUR — Quiet and firm. Winter- Patents f3.40l013.CU; straights, J2,GO@3.20; clears, $2.50S?2.60; seconds, $1.90©2.00: low grades, 51.50Sil.75. Spring— Patents, S3.359 3 75- straights, t2.60@3.20; bakers', }2.1C@2,25; low grades, $1.50<5)t.75; Red Dog, tl.204jll.10; Rye, $2.00@2.20. ' WHEAT— Active. Irregular, higher. September, GO®6C%c; December, GOSifiMHc; May. •64%@65%c. CORN— More active and firm. No. 2, 21H. @21%c; No. 2 Yellow, 21%@2ic; October, 21H @21%c; December, 2l%©22Mc; May, No. 2 cash, 10 May, 1S@19%C. Samples fee higher. No Grade; 9©Hc: No.- OATS— Slow- and steady. October, aow. OP THE SRltf. The intent itching nnd smurtinf> inci 4ent ty eczema, tetter, «alt-rlieura,amt otlie:- SBOHSCS of the skin is icstnully allayed by applying Chnmberlnin's Eye and Skin Ointment, llany »ery bad cases linvo been "permanently cured by it. It is equally ifficicut for JtcIiinK P»cs nnd a favorite rein- ady for sore nipples; chai>ped 1'iinds, clu'l- Til-iin^, iroat bites, and chronic sore eyes. For uirfu- by. drug-gists at 25 cents j»r box. Try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, they wo judt what a horse needs when in bad condi- tba. Topic, blood pnrifi*—mul vermifuge. from Myerstown, a new brick structure, only completed a month og-o, was destroyed. At several places people were stunned by hail nnd many tin roofs were perforated, , At Pennsburg, Montgomery county, several buildings were unroofed and a large coal shed, was demolished. : Many windows at the orphans' home at Womelsdorf were broken. The destruction seonis to have been far more severe than at first reported. •Lansing', Mich., Sept..18.—Ono'of the presiding- e'lders reported to the Mich- 'igan Methodist conference Thursday, that some of his ministers had reported that during the last year they often have left their tables with their hunger unsatisfied in order-that their children •might have enough to eat. The reports generally show that the ministers have been great sufferers because of the ;financial depression, scores of salaries being in arrears. All other collections averaged well with those of previous years. will also be held at this place. The., meeting will be called to order at four o'clock by Thomas B. Kalbfus, chairman of the general committee. Col. James G. Berret will - be permanent chairman. In addition to the presidential candidate addresses will b4 made ;by Mr. JefC Chandler, Sunatf>r. Faulkner, Mr. Andrew Lipscomb. anil Hon:-Thomas T. Grady, of New York. Won't Let Them C»e the Cannon. Washington, Sept. IS. — A dispatch from Petersburg, Va., says: Gov. O'Ferrall has .declined to allow the use of. the field pieces of the old K. E. Lee battery for firing- a salute in honor of, Mr. Bryan's visit here Saturday. His excellency says he-does not intend state property to be'used for political purposes, Bretfka a World'H Keoord. Boston, Sept. IS.—In the free for all race at Mystic Park Friday, Star Pointer won the first heat, making a world's record for half a mile and breaking the New England track record for' a miJe. 3, 13@lGc; No. 3 White, 15@if»V4c; No. 2, lie; No. 2 White, 20@21c. . RYE— Steady and ofterlnes very moderate. No. 2, 31r; No, 3, SOSrSOiic; No. Grade, 29@30c ; December delivery, 32'«c. BARBBY-Salllng well and ruling firm. Common thin goods,. 21@22c, and poor, damaged, 20c; malting common to good, 24© 28c; choice, 2S®31c: 1'ancy above. . MESS PORK— Market fairly active, and prices higher. Quotations ranged at $5.90 @C.10 for cash;' J5.75@G.OO for September; vatlTo EntimatOH Place the Amount at Over 810,OOO,OOO. Estimates of the gold output of the Black Hills for the present year place the amount at $10,00<XCOO, with a probability of it reaching$32,000,000. Thecs- timate is based on the product of mines now iu operation for the past eight months, which .have averaged $15,000 tons per month of siliceous ores from the Bald mountain section and 300 tons of the same character of ore per month from the Yellow Creek camp, and the properties Jn' and around Lead on the. Poorman-divide. The output of free milling ores will aggregate for the year in round numbers 950JOOO tons, principally' by the.HomP- Etaie ,nud associate companies. The : siliceous'ores' from tbe Bald- mountain Bectl6n'"have : ari average value of $25 gold,- and' those from-Yellow creek and Lead yield 550 gold per ton. The free milling ores will average $4.25. per ton. The output ,for the year will be: 01 siliceoMS ore 180,000 tons^ worth $23 per ton, nnd 7,200 tons worth $50 per ton, a total value of $5,060,000. .The 050,000 tons of free milling ore will, yield $4,037,500, a total for Lawrence county alone of $9,097,500. To this must be added the product of Pennington and Custer counties, data of which are not at present obtainable. MONUMENT. FOR A COW. Joing For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its 1 f y ou take ouo o: tbo •,;:n MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S -GANT STEAMSHIPS, ':>ninjf 3 between Chlueo and Macklnmc .„:.nd four tlnui every week. •7',r» -,cw steel steamship "SUnltos" is a iH.t:ni.' palace. Travels 'twixt Chicago. •:-..-i<-:<volx, H«rbor Springs, Pe*oskcy. d, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, free, or usk your nearest apent. Address Jos. Bcrolzbclm. G. P. A. LAKE MICH, AND LAKE SUPERIOR TBAN8. CO. Ruth and ILWtkerSL. Cbicagv ID DP POISON ASPECIALTYHSt tiair BLUOO ?UISON ptrmVn.nS .n cured In 16 to 55 dan; Ton en n belrcatMii lhorooforB«meprlcenD(lerBiime(fa»r«n> !ty. If youprefprtooomohcro wewlllooa* tract to pay r»t [rood twe«.n<lhoteli)llli,»iia nrc, If wo fall to cure. If TOO have ttfcea iner* vary, iodide potanh, via still htro fcbei not pnlnt. lHucousPatchomnlDOuth. SoreThroah ed Spota» Ulcer* OB any paitoi theTxxlr, llnlr or Eyebrow* fullln . . Flmpleft, Copper Colored Spota» any paitoi theTxxlr, llnlr or Eyebrow* fulllnr out. It la tbi> Secondary BLOO1> fOISOm roenarantcetocuro. ,W« solicit tbe mow obttt jate carea and cnallence tbe world for » ciije we. tannotcure. Tun dlieate hai alwan taaifled, the skill of the most eminent phyai* final. H5OO.OOO capital behind our nuconOt. i'.onn! iroarantT. Absolute proofs gent sealed on -M>)lcatk>D. Addrcis COOK RKMJSDY C(X. ::-2 llanonio Temple, CHICAGO, ILbTT J3.75©6.00 for October, and $6.77%@7.07^ for January. LARD—Trading moderate and prices steady. Quotations ranged at p.45<5>3.50 for cash: JS.W^.S.'tS for September; $3.40® 8.50 for October, and {3.72M©3,S7W for January. BUTTER — Market flrm at 9@15o for creameries, and I0@13c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, 6© -lOc; Chickens,. .V&@$c; Ducks, £®9c per pound; Geese, per dozen,' J3,1(XB>G.OO. WHISKY — Steady on the basis oC $1,18 for hlghwln.es. . New York, Sept. 18. FLOUR—Firm, unchanged. WHEAT—No. 2 Red, firm, fairly active, .%@%c over-yeaterday. December, C7 11-16 @C8%c; May, 70%@71%c. CORN— No. 2, quiet, steady: lower. . Will Meeli In Philadelphia Next Year. •:' •• Buflalbr''N. Y., Seftt'. 18.—The .Public Health association w'iil meet in-Philadelphia" next year. Dr. H. B. Horlbeck, health officer, of Charleston, S. C., was chosen president, .... Killed III" JUIvorced Wife. ' Eockforcl, HI., Sept. IS. — Edward Shannon, of Belvidure,. killed his divorced wife Friday as she boarded a train for.Chicago. There is strong talk of lynching. ' ' .No. 2, «(JE27%c: October, 26&c; December, 27%®28c; May, 00%c. OATS— No. 2 dull, steady. Western, 13 @29Jic; May, 23%c, BEEP— Quiet. Extra mesa, |C.BC®6.00; family, $7.00@8.00.. • : PORK— Quiet and steady. New mess, »7.60@8,25. - - " LARD— Nominal. Steam-rendered, 43.75. . BUTTER— Quiet; liberal supply; lower tendency. Western dairy, SQll^c; Elglna, do. creamery; ll@lCc; do. Imitation, do. factory, 7@Hc. . • demand. Part CHEESE — . Moderate •klras, 3@Cc. steady. Western, U@l(!c, Llvo Stock. Chicago, Sept. 18.' CATTLE-Market strong forbest; others dull and week. Fair to best Bcoves, $£00 ©4.75; stockera and feeders, $2.41@17C; mixed Cows and Bulls, $1.20©3.DO; Texas, $2,40@2 85. HOGS—Lights weaker; others strong .to to higher. Light, J2.SO@3.30; rough packing, |2.5@2.70; mixed and butchers', heavy packing .Pigs, J1.50®3 25. and shipping. $3.75@3r20{ It «t,G»l««burg Which Hni Peculiar Features. Justice Holcomb had a curious case before him at Galesburg, 111., the other day. Mrs: Mabel Davis had an old monument which she intended to make use of by planting it at the head of her bus; band when he would make his finn.1 departure from earthly scenes. In an evil-moment, she cast an envious eye on a fine cow which she liKed better than the prospect of soon making use of the head stone, so she mode a clicker with the owner of the sleek, well- fed milker, with the result tbot she traded the useless marble shaft for the cow, even up. Then it was that Tier liege lord got his "mtid" up and offered one Ralph Scott S2.50 if he would procure a buyer for the cow. Soon a • purchaser was forthcoming, and the gentle specimen of the klne tribe was led off, and $4~0 less $2.50 found lodgment in Mr. Davis' poclfct. Now comes Mrs. Davis, who deposeth, tjiat ownership of the 1 cow resfel in her, that her property waa traded for it, and brings an action In replevin to recover the nnimal which Mr, O'Connor, the buyer, stoutly contests. • Anarroy of counsel Is engaged-on both sides, and the-case is likely to gain a place In history. .BUI for Barnlnff Martyr*. The bill for .burning the three eminent martyrs -. of England has turned up in the British museum, and Is as follows: "CharjjBforbumlng-thebodies of Cranmaw, Latlsjer.and Bidteyi Pot three loads wood fagot£, 12 shillings; : Jtem, one load furze fagots,'3 i 4 pence; Item, for carriage; .Ppence; ltem,apost,2shillings*pence; •Item, two chains, 3 shillings 4 pence:' Item,' two tables; 6 pence; item, lor laborers, 2 shillings 8 : peEC«| total, £1 '8 shillings 8 pence." . Equator and. Polea. • The exact distance to cither the north or south .pole from the equator is 6,000 '• miles. HINDOO REMEDY FBQPCCBS TUX AUOVfi _^^^ REHCLTS In 80. nvro. Cnn;T"ilp Nervous UlsoiLsoa. ^alling Ucmor; ior>% Dili. PAropl».81eepl¥»»cw, KlKntly £DIU> ^ «lonn, etc., caused by p**t abu^i, fflreri Tfctc to Blirmikcn.orffozts, »nd qulcklyjbut enrol' buv Tlco »1.00 £fKt*£s. Eli'tof »i.(M) irttklt n .jiar«Ht««t»«ta»rorM(MBTr«AiM«*d. Don" ^wjfCanon,butJnBitt_on bavrttff 13IJIAFO. Ii Ictdinj; dru^gista cls«who»*- lilu •' jK I* o n remedy for Gouorrhtr< > WJb'.^-ii, u n c a i a •• i; , dlr c»-j«rgcii, or any ir-dummi* '•'on, irrlutioa or ulwro- tion or mucous mftni- Uon-nitringeot. mot in plnln wrusper, by clpnuu. prepnid, for .00, or 3 ixittlm, «2.75. ' lar lent uo rr^uctt Wound** Old BorMi Barm*. For wounds, old sores and bnrns, Bra* ailian B»lm.i».of r priccleM .value. . "or cnt«, wounds from gunshot, broken glass, or torn flesh it almoit iuBtmntly atopi tbe pain and bleeding, prevents Inflammation, prevents lockjaw in all cases, if used at once, and heals like magic. It clean»ei old sores and ulcen • from "proud fleih," kill* the microbe which causes the formation of pus, thu» stopping the discharge, and promote* . granulation and healing more rapidly than any known remedy.' For Bruises, Sprains, Burns, Blackened Eves, etc.,, it is equally prompt and efficacious.., It Is indispensable in every factory" and home. See Testimonies iu circular. About tbe Eye, Pot peepJe wi'.h sore eyes, tMifc, Witery eyes, *ad red and inflamed eyes, „ ' caused by age, catarrh or'otherwise, the : Srazillan Balm is a.priceless boon. • Put 16 or 20 drops of Balm into a spoonful! of warm wster and bathe the eyes well night and morning, getrir.fi; seme of tho tomtlon -into tho eyes. TLio relief and Waeut : i.« —ortli 0.-hundred iijnes th» jopirfi Bacon; condnctor on tie P. W., ; & B. R. R., says '"Brazilian 'Balm cured, me of inveterate catarrh'which I had for 86 years." Brazilian Balm kills-the ccSerrh microbe,-making a ratU:al cure.

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