Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
Page 3
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Ministers Should Use A COLUMN FOR Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. THE DRUMMERS Traveling-men are Invited to send Items of Interest to this column; Persou.il notes -will be jladly received. Matter should reach Tlie Journal office by Friday ulght to Insure publication the following Sunday. * * * Win. Stewart visi.ted Argos, 1ml., this week. T HERE 19 NO PROFESSION, whoso labors so severely tax tho nervous system, as that of tbc ministry. Tlie do- rangomontof tho norvocoutors of llio brotn byovor work, frequently brings 0:1 .ittdcics of heart trouble, and nervous prostration, Bov. J. P. Kester, H. !>., Pastor U. B. church, London Mills, Ills., hlmsci.'a physician, wx-ItiM Feb. 2C. 1SH3: "Hears mTi.-ct.loa und nervous prostration hud. bocomo 30 serious last fall thac a. llrtlo over work In tho pulpit vould so compli-ii'ly prostrate mo Dr MUG*?' t ''" lt *' sutauxl certain I *' must ruilnqulsii tho work Heait CCIC ° : tl:c f«l»i-"-«-y entirely. *^ , ne.art p' 1 '; 1 ^"-^ 011 became JKcSIOreS r.c bail iliat my auditors would ask mo If I did not have heart disease. Last November I commenced taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure altui-nately with Dr. Miles' Nervine luul dorivod tlso greatest possible bcncGt. I have just closed revival work of Id weeks,' preaching noi'.rly every night and twice on tho Sab&ach. I can speak tor hours •without sufforlnf; as 1 formerly did. Hard working ministers should koop .Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand." Dr. Miles' Ile.irt Cure is sold on guarantee, first bottle will bcnoGtor money refunded. Harry, llla Flora Friday, had business in Health...... There is neither sense nor rensiiu In limig busjmess without, a profit. » * * Tiie much-traveled salesman has lon.n ago found out thai "there arc o>l,hiTs." * * * In iu> o:.iier vocation is -tacit no supremely v.-iliuible a po-ssosinji as. to tin! ii:iiibassadot of conwuerci 1 . It embraces almost the whole CARL .; GREEN A STAR. < Logansporter Beats State Record • For One Mile Run. ] jaeooooaooeseoooaooooooeoa !! mt$%m/ \\ ( i < i I •riLOTifc I <i W.Ight II oz. All Br*;u, K'.cket Platsd and Bura» Ktrosenc Oil. The Path'light I > A beautiful, thcroushly 'mate nail t} Body fin(3hi;:I Bicycle Lamp, jolt and cyclone proof. eifrreo' 0 ""?£ '"if? ° ! ty oi"'7 !! T("PrH«iil»l>»I(l) •f your local uf.ui.-r Tvi-u llu'lo'lu-a ; tuk him.) THE PLAC! fi TESrC IWFG. CO., 24'' Onlro St.. t!ty York. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOAXSPOI5T. 1XI>0 • S2OO.OOO J. P. Johnson, President. S. W. UJIory. Vlco Prealdont. H. J. Kelt brink. Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. V. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. TV, H. Snider. Buy an^'aoll Govommcnt boiids. Loan money on personal Becurlty and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing t- .per cent. Interest -when loft one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited elx months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults oJ this bank tor the deposit of deeds, insurance policies, mortgages and other valluablos, •rented at from Jo to JZS per year. The "hustler on the road" is often t!u- mildest nuumered n:an one nii'ets. l-'HSs-aiid-tVaiihers must: not bo est.ima.t- ed as nuire valuable than quiet effectiveness. » t • Tin- excursion to be run fmn "Old Terry Hut" to Nia^ai-a iluriiw the convention ami for tho benol.it of visitin.™ members 'will l;e full of interest to all i-oncemed. Above all Thin.»i, bo hom-sf--wiih ycwii- l.'onso to Hie n't-termast decree, w.itli your customer in letter ami spirit. Hurher miss a sale than make u misrep- reseutatJon. * * f ft is bad Ijus.jucss policy to run down a rival in your line. Such tactics will never wiji. 11' he is unwo-rtiiy. your trail'.- will tind it out quicker without your aid than -u'lth it. V » ¥ IJec-Dp'iiIi'.L 1 tl.'c I'act that it te not possible for you to have the earth, and that your competition 1 has equal rights wit.li youi-seli'. OcJt all the business possible-, but no! by abusing him. * * * Vaiiiiy In a commercial traveler is never admired a,nd vimMy.pcr se doesn't pay. It. is Hie "direful spring of woes uiiniTmliered" to tiie traveler who is in- judicioi.'s in Ills indulgence iJi It. . AVisconsiu has r-iKht posts <.tf the T. P. A. located at Racine, Milwaukee, Oshkosh. Fond du Lac, La Cvosse, Kau Claire, Jradison and SheboysBJi. The largest post Is Post B at Milwaukee with -J]2 active members. The traveling men's T. P. A. association has readied to about 32,000 members, lias become a good JieallJiy vjntiint rind they Lirtaid to kick for ovei-yt.lil.nK that is reasonable and for the betterment of their, condition and the commercial world. So look ourt if you. arc In any way opposed to their method*. The Stete field day or the Indiana Inter-colloglate associ.-i tkm was held at Lafayette Friday under the luiumge- meuit oC the Purdue Athletic association a.nd as is always die case, Logans- po.rt talent was at the front. Carl Green sou of Engineer Uoiicrt Green, won t'he.tlie mile run in 4:47 2-0 breaking Wie. State record. When the mile nm wan called the Ro^e Polyiech.uk- Institne was ahead in points and wat deal depended upon Mr. Green, lint when ho came down (.lie homo one liuudred feet .alio.id of: his cojiijietiilor. the crowd went vild. lie was tnken I'ram Hie t:\iek ind received the best ntronUon of the students who regard him as a hero for sm-'hig cliem from a dofeat sncli as they li'avo met with every year since ::he college was established. At the Purdiie field day Mr. Green ran a mile 1-115:054-5 msly stated, lu-okc Uie world's ji'Dia'leur .record for :i sian-ding liiph .Inniii, f-learwvit tl'.e pole when It Wi:.< at .1 ft'et: ;>:,£ inehcs. MttNYON'S GREAT WORK. D:iy by Day He is Relieving SilIIiH'iug HumajU'llty With His Wonderful Improve! Homoeopathic Remedies. ALL DKL'GGISTS ENDORSE IT. Get Mmiyou's Guide to Health at Your Nearest Drug Store;, Select a 2," Cent Remedy and DOCTOR YOURSELF. Commencing. Saturday May i6th. And continuing for two weeks, we will place on sale, some rare bargains, !n our Clothing Department. AVt- Jiave marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST :> range of life requisites. I instead of "i:,"i2 as was previo * * .* Kay Ewr.ry otf Lafayette GOOD ..KJUENDS. Keep the Hea.it of. Jin-inanity Warm. The following exitract froiu a letter may bo pu-Wlshod wiHioul a In-each of cou.i'ti*iy, as lit ivl'urs to a mu'tler which will lnten.!St some rftiilrre who have been consKlcr,i',n'£ the dismissal of eol'feu i:n rhoia- fanwilk'P a.nd fhe adoption of Vostu.m, itJio -health coffee: Gr;l nd Rapids, Mich Possum Cereal Co., Lim., Ba.ftlf Greek, M.ioh, G mile-men: 1 am pleased with 'ifli-e sale ami the satisfaction given to OUT customers in the use or Fostum Cereal. I d-i'd net wish to voDture out on this an-tWe, as I had no faith in it when first shown jne. To my siu-prisc the lirst, ens* sold readiily, and a little estimate slvo.ws a sale of J02 packages i.n (17 days. I am iKing it in my own home wiith perfect satisfaction. Siiice (he use- of I'osttim hi jilace of eoff.ce, neither ivifc noir mj-Belf have the o]d heart burn. Flense find enclosed, etc., et.f.. etc. ' HAHTIX C. GOOSEK. A reliable grocer w.il.l never offer n c-heap or weak JmiitaUoii of a genuine original .nrhic-le becii.use lie happens to make a I'iit.lJle exlr.i profit. But it is well to obsei-vo Hunt when jrenuiite rostnm Cereal coffee is ordered, t:ii-a-t you jret Postum and not a spur-ions iniit.-itio-n offered as "just as good." Jlordiamts supplied by ,T. T. Elliott & Son. JIV..T.H. Moore, 2J9 ^'i>st \\';ishiup;toi) St.. TiidJ:wi!ipolls, I'M],, says: '-When I bc.yau tak-kis- M-iunyoa's Khoii-mntism On re I'walked wM-li a c-ii.no. I was so IvidJy cripnled wiirli It-heuuiatism. In three days I was able to throw away my eane and now I urn at work' every day. MiB!.vo3i cured mo after doctors had failed. Munyon's Eheumatism Cure seldom fails to relieve in one to three hours, and cures in a few days. Price -5c. Muuyon's Dyspepsia Cure positively ciii-esaJl forms of iiidise.-5tioi) and siom- aeh troubles. Price 20 cents. '•• Mnnyon's Cold Cure prevent.-? pneumonia, and breaks up n cold in a few hours. Trice 2T> cents. Miinyoii's Conffh Cure stops coughs, nirrlit. sweats, allays soreness and speed- 1 lly heals the lunys. Price 25 coui.s. Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures pains In tho back, loins or si'oins nnU all forms of kidney disease. Price '£j cents. Slunyon's Headache Cure stops headache in.three minutes. Pi-ice 23c. Munyon's Pile Ointment positively cures all forms of piles. Pi-ice 2>" cents. Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates aJI impurities of the blood. Price 2,"c. Mu-nyon's' Blood Cure eradicates .-ill impunities of the blocd. Price -~c. Munyon's Fern-ale Remedies are :\ boon to all women. Mnnyon'si, Asthma KemedJes relieve In 3 minutes and cure pen.uaneu'ly. Price ?1. Munyon's Catarrh KemoditB never fail. r j'lie Cutarrii Cure—price 2oc.~er- ndtaitcs the disease from- Hie systeip, and the Catarrh Tablets—price 2.'e.- • cleanse and heal the parts. Munyou's Xcrve Cure i.s a wonderful uervo tonic: Price 23 cents. Mun.von's Vitalizer res loves lost vigor Price ?l. A separate cure for ench disease At all drujrgists. mostly 25 cents a viaK Personal letters to Prof. Mnnyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, PH.. answered \v!th free medic.il l »,idv;ce for any disease. to close out certain lines. We are offering most excellent values that were never'before offered at the price, and to all who are looking for SNAPS Come and see us, we will convince you that no place in tL city'will be allowed to undersell, us. No mntteer wba>. they say. We are Overstocked And Diust move our goods, will do it. Our patrons are ;» this sale, before it is too kite. ml have made a price that ivisod to tike advautafte at s Sample Hats. Do not forget that our Hat SaJe or sample hats. ..i 50 cents on. the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet 10 be picked up in this 11 no. Don't miss the oppor. ttim'ty. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 3r2 MARKET STREET. THANKS FOR DONATIONS. Those Who Have Given to the Home for the Friendless. THE CHURCHES. D. B. DELZELL, : s : DENTIST : : : 416 MARKET STREET. Cj>atAtr3 over Bniggem.in'a M-llllBery Store. L. Or. PATTEESON Has opened a Flro and Accltlent Inaur- anco ottlce at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a share of tho public patronage. Nono but First CIaS3 Companies Eepro- eanted, DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHIST Office.309 Fourth Street. Over yuyJors Jewclf y storo; Residence !)13 Iforth Street. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, MAY 31,180C. Tlie United Commercial Travelers with an unusually larse uttoud- auce met at Cincinnati, May 28. It was the occasion, of their Xa.tional.mccti.ng-. The forenoon was devoted to addressed and responses. Iji the afternoon Mayor Caldwcll wc-lcomccl the di-uraiuui-s. They wore addresses by the president: 'of the Oh.im.ber o-f Commei-ce and other rcpi-eseni.'iUvo men. The Mystic Order of Kyjfmon met also with the United Commercial Travelers, The sossion closed with n parade Saturday, ' Mr. P.cn V. Hoofman, chairman of the National hotel committee lias lately dcmoustrated Hie fact Wiat he is not.•asleep in his position. He sends out with ULs eonipliiucufe a neat hotol guide with a Ici.ter from, nearly every hotel man in the eotifmtt-y stating thoi-r posftio-n toivanl travcltog men \Vhethcr they cha-r^e for fires or sample rooms, etc. Ben you are n hustler and need a button. Tlie lady maiiajjcK of the Home for itlit- Friendless approcla.te the followin.v; (.Toiinttons for fchc mOi]:f.h .of May. Jlrs. J. C. Howe, three quarts strawberries: Mrs. Charles Kaucili, potatoes; Mrs. TTashbimi, rim-barb;. Mrs. Gnth vie. vegetables,' Mi's, Douglass, vegetables; MTS. Stewart, veg-elablcs; Mr. I'ryoij quinine; JVilcr it Wise, tlirce yards c>i;l cWJi; Tamos Jlartin, two gallon crocks; Mr. Frazee, five yards of toweling. Subscribe for The Journal. Mandolin for sale. Inquire' iMfl North . jtreet. George Harrison hpudlcn Landreth's eecds only. f • Hammocks at/our own price at Geo. Harrison's. i C. H. Stevens's gallery at 414 Market street ^S no^open. Competent workmen. Ww8;gnaranteed. tandreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison (• -their agent 5n Cass county. A dose that Is alwnys seasonable Is i dose of Simmons Liver Regulator, the -"Khig.of Liver Medicines." It keeps) the liver active; the bowels regular; prevents Biliousness and promotes digestion. In fact helps keep you well. •"I have watched Its effects In families wliere I havo'practiced, and find It admirable, both alterative and tonic In Its action."—Dr. T. W. Mason, Macon, Ga. BEWARE OF OINTMENTS FOE CATAnBH,. TI-IAT CONTAIN MEECUKY. ftS mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell .and completely derimse the whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except on prcscrlptions'from reputable physicians ns the damage they will do is ten fold to the goofi you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. X Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and Is taken internally, acting directly upon the olood and mncous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It Is taS- eu Internally, and made ID Toledo, Ohio by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials tree. Sold by druggists, price 75c. per bottle. TO WITTENBERG. Hev. ,T. C. Ka.uffman and wltc and little daughter.Tulin, will leave on Monday afternoon for 'Sprinsrflelrt, Ohio. Rev. G. F.'Gonoble, of Camuleu,. will accompany them. The go to Attend the commencement exercises at 'vVittenburg co-llcge and t!io preat Lutheran reunion of the States of Oii'io, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. Mdssrs. Kauffman and Gonoble are also members of the Board of Directors of the college. They ox- poet to feriim at the close of the commencement cxoroises, while Mrs. "K., H-ill vislt-hei- pa.L-cuts £01- ,-\ .fuw,.wceks. SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES. Tiie proEinihi.iry announcement of tlic fui'ly-fiftl] meeting- of the American As sedation for the Advancement • of Sci encc has .been received. The meeting wil bi: held at Buffalo, N. Y.. August 22d to 20th, 1S.OG. There y'M also be meetings of severn-1 affiliated scientific societies in Buffalo, August 19th to 22d, and August 31st-to Sept. 20. s, ' EVERY WOMAN Shluld read our advertlsemnt on second page.—D. B. Singer & Co. We know that you have made failures and lots of them, but If you fail with Putnam Fade-less Dyes it's due to gross negligence, for If yon weigh your goods and try to color only the amount directed on each package an{K boi-1 the goods with the dye for.one hour you cannot tail. Every lot U tested before a package Is put -up. Tor sale by J. M. Johnston, druggist. WHEN NATORE Needs assistance ft may be best to render It promptly, but one should reruem- bet to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentfe remedy. Is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company. Information has reached Thursday Island that the 'supplies nt Darn, British New Guinea, are very slfcrt, and the. whole of the residents -have been reduced to short allowances. : yery little eisc than native sago is obtainable: One swallow does not matte Spring, but one swallow of One,Minute Cough Cure brings relief.—J. M. Jobnstoa. • Kaufman.& Co. advertise ladles' week and publish a descriptive price list.' , First Presbyterian Church—The pastor wil-l preach in the morning upon "The Benediction of rcac-Pinakei-s." A welcome to all. Services at -Ujo A. Jf. E. church, corner of '.Vn.rkrt a.nd Cico-M streets, today as. follows: 10:30 a. m., sermon by the pastor; 3 p..in. Sunday school; 0:00 p. m. Y. T. S, C. E.: 7:30 p, m. sermon by the .pastor. All are welcome. Services a-t the Xtotli spree.t Christian church today at 11 o'clock a. m. and T:30 ]). m. SCTJUOJIS by fhe pastor, Kcv. T. S. Fret-ina.n. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m. G. N. Berry Supt Y. P. i?. C. E. at C:30 p.'iu. A welcome for all. Broadw.-i.v Presbyterian church—The Tlev. Jtr. Parker, uiissiiomn-y to India, will speak both niomiius and evening. Sabbatii school at 0:30. ChirLstin.ii Endeavor, a-t 0:30 p. m. Sirhject "A Review of Deuteronomy." Loader, David C. Arhliur. Univcrsalist. Church—Kev. T. Guuhrie. pastor. Services today at 11 a. in. No evening service. Subject in the •forenoon "The Blessed and Din Cursed" Sunday school at 10 a. m. Memorial service at 2:30 three miles west of the city. All arc Invited. Ch-ureh of Christ (SoieutisU)—Ser- vices-will be h'Cid in their rooms in tbe Keys-tome block, comer of Sixth and Broadway -liliis (Sraclny) morning 1 nt 10:?,0 o'clock. .Subject "Error's Destruction, a-nd the.Kingdom o-C God Es- taWl'shed as Foretold by .Tosus."- At Wic Baptist ch.ira-cli—Sunday school at 0:45 a. in. .Preachiiiig ser\-ice at 11 p. m. Subject , "Being Sonaitl in God's Statutes."- .Titnior tlnion at 3 - p. m. Senior Tlaion at C:30 p. in. Subject "Couquost Mectlujj the .TiKlscm Movement." Preaching sei-sice at 7:30 p. m. Subject "Inquirers after .the Truth." . St. Luke's English Lutheran church corner First and Market streets--.T. C. KauflfmaJi, pastor, Sunday school at O':30 and. ohiwoh services .at 11 a. -m. Junior Endeavor at 5. Christian Endeavor at C:30 and church services at 7:30 p. m. Tihe.Easteml JILssioin meets nit 2.;4.j p. ui... You are.invited to nny or all of these ser^•iees. ... The Broadway MebliodUt'. church— E. TJ. Semaas, pastor. Class at 9 o'clock a. ,m. Stibbaitli school at 9:45 a. m. PreaoWJig ait U a. in. • Subject "Lights n a Dark .Place." Junior League at.3 7; m. Epworth League at 0:30 p: m. Evening-servLce at ":30 ; o'clock. Sub- ect "Some' of the G-ifts CMst has Glv- < en to Men." All are cordially invited. JENK8 INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. ^^ ~~**^ - > jmm Pei-specu've and Mechanical Drawings prepared for the Patent Office and tor Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of Electrical and Hydraulic devices prepared, including- Alarm Batteries. Brakes, Cond uetors. Cutouts, Electric Lights, Magnets, Coils. Keys, Lightning Rods^ Meters, Registers. Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliances. Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical. Mercurial and Rotary Air Pumps. Accumulators, Compressed Air and Water Elevators. Double Acting Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift and Oil Cups, etc. ByronfB. Gordons Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. HEADQUARTERS FOR PAINTS. About one mau in ten doesn't buy his Paints of me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN About one man in ten doesn't know that tl>: other nine of his fellow sut- uils have come to the conclusion that it is always safest to buy their Paint* of; me. I AH AFTER THAT HAN • About one man in ten doesn't know thai bis neijjlibors are saving'tnoney •••. every deal because they buy their Paints of me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN About one man in teu doesn't know that 1 keej) the largest and best •took.- of Paints and Pajut Supplies In Indiana. I ATI AFTER THAT HAN About one DJ.-UI in ten doesn't kno^v that I mate a speciality of Paints *n*>., thereby sell them for less money than it ] s possible for my competitors to dor ., I AM AFTER THAT HAN About one man in ten doesn't know ;hat 1 buy my Paints In carload loto.- thereby getting rock bottom .prices and give my customers the benefits thereof: I AM AFTERITHAT 11AN About nine men of every ten do kno \v 1 nm Headquarters for everytblat. In the'-Paant line and by purchasing tny supplies In large quantities plMW me In position to undersell my competitors. 1 £ive you tiie best goods. I give you tbe lowest prices, I give you squirt- dealinsr and it you are the tenth man you are the fellow I am after. I wwrt' your trade. Conie and sec me. 1 will save you money. B. F. KEESLINQ. 'S05 Fourth Street, Logansport, In*.. Natural and Artificial Gas BUIs due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street, Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. coniNO. Children Cry Etcher's Castorla, Processor HIrsehberg, the world-renowned eye specialist o>. New York, or one of hia"staff, will be in Logansport from BUy S5th to May 30th incluBlve, at tho Store of his Agent. D. A HAUK. Consalt«tioa, and^Examinatloa of the eyei free of charge.

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