The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 5
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FEBRUARY 2.1, Gucssevs Give Remaining " J'ii'st Divisions' BeV^Vs 'to likjiansY'Wlnte'Sox' NKW VOHK i.ui') -' Baseball's pn-nnniai "l : \voii(ier" men have in"lulled (lie New: York yanjujes as l»c Wariest- priced favorites' lo win •lie Anifriran League ppjumin, race In yews. . • ......... Here, according (o (lie doiiDslera HOIII taa-ljall's inner circles, Is -llic way tlip American Icnijiic .battle Joi- I lie .jp.ia .pcmutnl :,ln (he order of nrr'rablc Mills!], shapes up. YANKEES — .Terrific I) a U 1 n c limver. >No 'crippling*, injuries 'have :lcwe:i up the Ktippcrtmcn In the P»:>1 l\ro j-cnrs ;is other clubs, nota- !)]•>• Ihc Detroit Tigrrs. .-piluhlng :<lalf to ho built arpmi:! Letly 'Go- Jircr. Charley Ruflini, Monte ' I'ear- :-<.",! and Jolumy Murplij 1 . will) live jobs yet to be nlledr.Only doubtful r-n~A js. Tomiy Laiaeri'.s old inficki .ir-b, Joe Gordon. Newark Hash anct Billy Kiiickertjo-ker will fight it out. Timers HKVC 17 .Pitchers TIGE'B'J— Head ,Uic-; IhreaL-i to Yankee supremacy. -Have trio ol league's mast- .potent, batsmen — <:lwrlcy Gehringer. .371; .Hank (ireciibsrg, .-337 and Rudy York, -TOY, Elden Anker. Vernoi) Kennedy. Tommy Bridges- and. Roxie' Lawson forth . the -.nucleus of a powerful . pitching T\vclvc;olhcr pitchers south-. One - blank infield spot —third base. Rumors still haye " . .. - M'fKiv Cc:hi-aue iitter iniield Harlond Clift and outlielder Beau Bell of the St. Louis Browns. Otitlield lo .consist-- of Chel Laabs. Jo-Jo White and Dixie Walker. INDIANS -^.Weallli of pitching tiilcnl, headed byt-startcrs .Johnny Allen, Bob .Feller, Jtfe! 1 -Harder and DennLsj Galehpuse. 'catching chores should be handled capably by recently acquired .• Rollie Hcmsley of i~--"'n-:Ts:.Httve no visible weak £|jols but hope lo find .a .couple oi infielders in ...llic incoming, brigade. While Sox lo Be; Menace WHITE SOX^-Alwavs a nienacp under: i inspirational . leadership, of •liiniuy :Dykes. . Less -ot...ipilcher Vernou ; Kennedv" offset by acquisL- lion.of heavy-hitting Gerald .\yslk- cr. Only room.for pnc inore.:pitcher. Will'have-, same '.iuv. 1937 with iuficldcr Marvin Owen and outh'elder-' Walker adding fUiishinr touches. '.••••••. . ._ --. -." SENATORS—Creaking with iigc: Nin« nf the nrobable lirsl stringers, including four•• pilcliew. ar.c:.|wsf ..the 30-year ^mark.-. Some' goo;! pitching; -p'rosptc'ls' hi " Kendall, uhnse, Joe Krakaiiikas. Ray p'he- 1 bus and Joe Konlman. Ked Sox: Stronger RED SOX—Terrific disap|»inl- inent last season but oiitlbok. , is brighter because ot goad-looking lircup of, - youngster;; .cnniing-.up. Onllield : measures up as greatest- in ycwrs • with -Joe. Vosmik. Ben Chapman ..and Roaer Cramer, 'l hree heavy hilling recruits—Leo Nonnenkamp. 332; .-Lind.sey Deal. 349 and Ted Williams. -.291 will make..keen bids for picket pssts. ' ATHLETICS—Need an infieklcr. iiiitlielder. pitcher and catcher from rookie .crop to advance ' in race. Dario Lcdigiini. rookie infielder purchased from Oakdand. Cal. la^ks |:romising. He-is • alert, covers lota of ground and hits .325. BROWNS—Last .year, had the ivcrsl pitching stall and best hil- lina in llic league. Pitcher Buck Ncwsom. back in his old sUuuping {.'rounds, should licip, but' piLching :ilill looks ; poor. . - . Parkin Hoopsters Lose 1 *' ' Paif UVKSS, Ark.. Fob! 2&-Dy«s boys and ijtrls basketball teams v;oii from Parkin last night. Tlie girls played • !o an . easy ..victory over their opjWtwU with a score of 19-10. Parkin Ijoyr, put up a hnrd'.riglH^'O.vess.Y.iiimlnt; with a store a! 11-10, BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK;)' COURIER NEWS r Pianist Tickles Ivories ' County MeeJ; At Shaiynee Havi: Cage Jeams In >Sc:ni- ins I ' ; ' iia ! s o^ ^ o| i' ^' v ' s ' Over Mfarm JQ NKW YORK. I'Vb, 24/Jor Louis' supporlers-were slnsiiK; (il s uralccs loudly ,'igaln today ;i after (t took the -hcavywriglit eliiimpion or Ihe world torn-Ulan eight, mlimlea lo di.suosr of Natlwil Mann. Nev: Ifa- -vcli challenger, ul Muttlsou ..Square Garden Insl night. • : After a layoff of ;;i\ mciiillir, (lie Brown Hotnhcr nillled from a shaky Ktart-. lo knock, Mann out In Hie Ihli'il round of a; la-i-ouml .match before a ncur-ca|)acity crowd. Tin: end came, in.iciig of iUic (bird round. Jitter Mann find'-tnkcn -i count, cf nine in Ihe i>ecoiid-roinrj. ix-en saved by the boll, and then i bfittcred lo ,llic'floor Lthree tmna!"' 11 ' 1 " lr; " n 'l>h "vi>r coaler lust In (he. abbreviated lliird aianiia.! 'I 181 ' 1 - :i(1 lo ''2. S-jiewurt Ic-.l llolhind beni w '"' ''' I'fl'i''' ii'Kl Wii'iritcr and JRid:lick mado seven each fsr L'ontcr. Cooler l°d at the hall. U! lo 'j. • In the other ganv,- last ni-jlit the Slcele girls eked mil a ;>&. lo 2! triumph ever Braggculodo. slaving oil ii belated Bragsadoclo rully. Wells cl ffteelc nmtlc in palnUi and V. Biynnl ol Braggadocio 20. Ill (he Kamc:;'yesterday altcrmjon Ilayti Ijoys nosed out Wardcll boys. 19 to 18. llaytl girls lost, lo the i Coder eirk. 21 to ao, and 3le.dc ' 'v if ileteated peering toys. '£\ to '.!f>. Michle's ID |)0inlr, almost alone "-as fiiflicietit lor tho Cooler victory. Mo, I'Vb. 21 •ille nnd Steele will b? in Ihc scml-licials ol bcth divistoiis ot the I'cmlsjol c-cim- ty hir.kelbiill toiimuinent h'-n- \'>- 'Ihe Caviithersvillo anil ;5c;'ima girls will mecl in tlir (ii'si mime lo- nlglil, Nlrirliiig at S:3(l o'clorh, I lie Uayll and ijleele boy;; In Hie .'.c;3!Hl ^iim?. Ihc Cooler and tileole yu-ls In Ihe Iliiid RHiii" nnd (he Hcli.iud an:l CiiriithevsvilU- bovt in Hie fcinlli panic. Cnrullirr^vJIfr'-; b'.iy;; «:ninc(i tin; semi-linn! rcun<l in- dispDbin-j if llragi; Clly 1'ist nlshl. :)D In 2'i. Crc:kcr liace.l ll!v v.-inncrs with lit "'ints mil Hunter made I'.! Ic; Holland boys likewise advanced put through i> meat chopper, the final count in one. corner sf the ring, resting; on one knee but othcr- 'i ••' ' ! >niich.drunk thai he didn't even hear ilie linal "len." Tlie champion hnd Ijeeii surprised and even.^ui-t by .his cliallenger's brisk:-early bid., A :i)ard rlglil to the,chin.shook LDUIS -in the second round and sent him back to the ropes -blinking., but 1 .apparently served sjmr him oil, Mat Title Claimant To Defend Title In Memphis MEMPHIS. Tciin. Steve iCrush- eri cnsey. world's heavyiveighl .vrcstling champion, will defend his •icwly-won title in Memphis next Monday night, and will lake on Oarv Roclic. ex-Pennsylvania coal ''fuel, in Uic feature of (he American Lesion Mhlctlc Club's wrest..>• program at the Auditorium. Tafnv and Roclic meet in a best 'i in. 3 falls boul with a oo-minute time, limit, it will be Casey's first '.vpearance here since he defeated Louis.Thcsz lor the lille in Boslon ,hrec weks ago. ... . . In- the seml-wmdup of one hour, l in 3 fulls. Mite ?lrelich and Billy Bailush. .si couple of rcugh and tumble heavyweights-, have been nlalchyd/Both specialii'.e In roiigl stuff.-liiid ; £cle'nco : will lake fi- back scat when Ihcj- get logelher. '1'liey "iavc appeared here before. , The opener of 30 minnlcs one fall will feature Angelo. Olsloldi, (lie ftalian. and nosy .Red Ryan, young 'Irish heavy. Charles Rculrop will .elerea, (be cnllrc card. 12,138 fotit on olfcnsc and 8788 ted on B;i!l Cluuuics Hands Aroinui 60 Times Uhdci' Rules K.v NKA ;• \CAMTI.K Srrvici> Holt Funeral Home, terry's Station Win Terry's state Line service station breezed through with an easy -win ovon- the. Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation and Holt Funeral -Home eked out- a narrow -.Iriumph iover Dr. Pepper Bottling company in the first games of. the newly ferine: City Bowling league last'night at Smlbury's Playhouse. Terry's station. finished with a margin of 525 points over the power combine. Dr. I'cpper. wilh A fast, finish, trimmed a bis Holt lead lo U9 points.. .._' '. Bob Jclinson of Dr. t'eppcr turned in Hie best game for one game with 250 points, - Hnbbard'Hardware company plays John's Confectionery and Hudsoji Tailor shop 1 meets the Palace cafe Friday aiglit. 'ihn Mississippi county hi«h : i-hool basketball louniamcnl opens ;ii. Khawncr coiisolidaled, school sym. at. Jclner. lonijhl- 'The final; v"" h n held Salurday night. uycss.and BtoH'ah boys anil girls learns. Leacltvilln boys and. girh | Icams nnd Shawnce and Osceola i boys tCHiiis clash in live games lo- ] iiighl. j 'the Blythcvillc Chick;; drew a| first round ,byc and .will not play ] until tomorrow morning. i So expensive me good roads in England that a car (.raveling 60 miles an hour will cover n slrcloh worth $500.000 in a-.minute. .lose! ilofmiwn'. .who is celebrating his fioJdcn jubilee- :u .-i con- ccvl pianifl, is an in list will)'tin: ivories—pi-mo or billiard: Mi Hofmnnn. who ;i)sn .'ins mojc lhan GO inventions lo his credit has'houn on coiH'cil lour of llu* Amci'icjin cities In: lii.51 visited as :< lil-ycar-olil piano )>rotlii;y 'Hie most hiijhly concentrate;! fern! of prolrin hnuivji Is cheese, which :ilso liiis n hisli proportion of ,fiit."iron,-ami pbosphoriis; -. lii'vr linn, (hern is r»ou?l> basis for ni-aiin^n| Hboiil (In- new M.vlc has- '•"(tmll '.'aim' (i) pin uielv onr im,, it. come m > win, v 0im , intciestlni; " "• slated llml cHijorii lids sen- "' ' no Iruvelhis nearly twice us )»>' Hi n inline us U]17 dill in 1931. 'Jllr rullloilltal I. 1 . IIKl'.tc hy I'nlil Ci I . I-'aV. psychology • IH'ofctMIV. HIHl I.. L. jj.fri'v .Mintth, iiiiviiiuii rtlm-iillon pi' DI Del'.'imv Unu'oiKllv. "' ('bi';k'.ii( lour Url'tmw . (iliivei:, In as ni'iiiy ijuinos, ll wa:; •Inmid tJiiil nidi Ivnvoleil nearly loilL' mile;. )j[if CUIllesl. j Wlivji dm lust died; wns made- i i» 111:11 II WH.S found Hint llic nver- aty ili'.liiiu'c 1 liavch-d was Iruin '>:& to '.:.!. iiillc-i. Till:, year, (\\:< uvern^e '••• u]i;>ri>ximale!y ;{.[) Hilles. . I'sr Mlivpto Contraption '•i III itcloiDilmiii;. these ri'/.nrqs. Pro- i "-'iiic.'-il u miniature rourt ninde.ol '''ii Mini, l:; hstenetl to n wooden j A im-Uil "iclliiwcr." itUui'hcd to :> Moi'nge iKillciy, |:-, nsQd lo follow Hi? plii.vciXmove-mails c;i Ihn floor, - - --II\L' • hixlriiaient cc- I'ui'cl:: (he number of feel traveled. The l\vo most hnpsrtnnl rule clmnscs .since 1031 have conlrib »!cd iiiac-lly Ic (his Ions-distance 11.will IK, iMincly. Ihe Ill-second limit cu bringing llio ball lc mk|- t'fliirl on offense, mid the clluihia- llon of Ihc center jump. .' Checking n ijuard In (he nel'auw- tound thnl he I m vital exactly 3.9 ciiRajscmciil.'n ror\vard covered 'JM i mile!;. A annnl moved II.81 inlle:i In | the ncf'mnv-Fraiiklln scrap. A cen- I'-.r ii-iivclccl .3.97'uillcs ill'the Dc- Pswv-EavUtain biilllrj. A I.fll ai Movement 'I li<- for wn rd who war; Followed i.i in- ISsll ijlalc fiiinie moveil - ..... ^, .„.,,,, ii«i\tiso Frmiklhi used (t Delayed oircnbo during U«>' second ilmlf, Oic Bimnl chfckeil In this.wuUijt, tr'av- otal 11,748 (eel pn dpfcns<i s<\d ««88 (oct on o.ffcnsc. ..'•': ',.,.. in uddiuon lo checking the dls- liuice {raveled by (ho |ilayers, Professors Kuy and Messersiii)lli 'nlso ciicckctl ..Hie number of times liie ball fliiniucd hamis. 'j'ho uvcrngc was sllghlly more- tlum CO. . •, The boys lu'c-on llio go much mom than in former yours, but Ihc llgurcs do not prove the new t:« me detrimental to Ihe utilities' Tin- battle ragi*,, but Ihc players Hicmselvcs do Hie least complain- Jack Rivallo May Appear On Boxing ('<inl Friday Nigjit Fiiihl fans hove limy possibly litu'e mi opiiorlunlly lo see Juuk Rivullo, loriiifi- soullicHslorii A, A. U. ton- luinwt'lijlH cliiiinplun, lii.iiL-llou .U). iiir.rrow nlxhl.. whou Ihe nmutour tho local u(|iuid at tin! Anu-rlcan (.••sloii menu, uivnllo, who Is now boslii- r ! i-oucli »|. OJirlslliiii jii-otlicrs i'0l!e<c In Meiuiihis, Is here vlslt- »i'i Klclinrd Rclivrls,' Inenl. paper- wcliihi. nnd has prtwnlsed to upiwar "ii tt-Ulny Hieing ,- lu -d H nil o'ppa- iicnl can be found for him, Joe Craig, director.^!,the,local (win, announced,today that,lie'had. H'lltlpli,Billy -Slscoc, ni»ha»er, of the Sliittgart boys, ,»i)4 .^gosUU that if pc$9lblo •heibrJiiig Mine good opiwieiil ,,we)|j)iUiy,:il5t' «er,..i*5 iwimds lo nieet:JVvttH9,,. v hp,l5 nnyy R lightweight. •:,•-.,.!.'; ;.»,'. . .., nivolto-fru been working out at the high school for .(.hc.ipnsl sev- crnl days, .helpldu- Uic-local Jeathtr pii.sliers IUJIP up. for Hte : ,liivas|o.n of the smttani'l. Iwm, Thoss y/hq luivo seen nlyalto ,syork w ho-lian cli\ss lo burn, .,,. -,--,.• ... nivnlto became acf|Ualnl«d with lloberts when'-ltie latter foil;hl orio oJ Ills pupils, Satnmy Berzalisky, hi the flnftls of the Co'mm»rclal Appeal's Qolden Qloves tournament m Memjiiilii «everar-,(vecks-»j».''' i--' • Missouri Coach tjbin|i$ He Has 2d Cunningham COLUMBIA. MO. (UP) - Ulliver- 6li-y of Missouri liack enthusiasts iirfc lulvanclnt; John MuiwXI, •• i o|)li- omorc from L«wlstown,'Molil,.'-ati a polenllal Olympic star lu-lMO and the «i-c«test ctltilmico rmmcr *vcr developed here. . .-'.-",., llo. Juis been in lichool here only unco, Mincslcrs, yet already holds more iill-llmi: university records tmii any iimii who'ever ran-for the Tiger institution mid l|it\t iii- cludes Bticli.• • notnlifei ,-.,05 ;j»cksou Bchote. llrulus Hajnlltoji nnd -Bob rn.* : , A :• ! 0l , • • r! last year the tall Montana boy tc. m . marki but tyiujsklihss nev*r>b^n pressed in ' companion. coach -Jack - Mat- I icivs in cceimn.hlsi protege can* clip (unity, seconds olf hl^ limp this • . , . i .Muiiskl was born at Lewistoiw? Mont.', In .1917, the ninth' w>n p( Mr. and Mrs Adam Munsfci, i iai m«h school grades won him a scholarship at 'the university here wliere ho'plans'toeuter the School of Journalism ..... ... - , .!• •Jiis.Rtnblttoii, alter representing tlie United states J» tli« Ol Is lo be a sports co uquilst. u> Even umpires are subjected to the rigors of spring training. George . Magerkurlh, National League arbiter from Moline, 111., is shown getting in some roadwork at Black Hawk Slate Park, in an effort lo gel bir weight down to 200 pounds. He scaled 232 when this picture ; - - - . was -taken. During the Revolutionary War. (,/cneral Washington used ncccption ; to intimidate the Brills!: /orccs. He I pcrmillcri cxag^eralecl paper reports i nl the si?e of liis-army.lo fall Into j British Mauris, making Idem Iie3f ! late in their attacks. •' ".'Mil •?-!:-•?« E!t S<,».V> S : Truss Expert HERK SAIUKpAY A rc'prcseuiativc 01 (he Ohio Tniss Co. nill he mhonr t(ore Saiur» day Feb. 28: >Wo invtlc yen lo consult him .aboiil Spot-Pad Irii.K- fs. N'on-Shid Abdonil- "al .Sii prii'tv a nil i .Non- Sid A Mil turner .Main A JUiliiMiI FREE: 27') 11)11 ONLY riMOKK DAYS l.KKT '!'() KUV'Mlii'8 STA'IK •LICENSE.'AVE WIN, MKV YOUK J.ICKNSB l''0]< ANY CAR OR TRUCK LISTED BKI.OW. No.'12^1!i;{« -'Chevrolet • C«aoh .-.....- $&\'> No. I,'(A—1!>,'M Chevroiel Ciwcli 2X, No. 22—l'J35 'Chevrolet Sport ycihm :s5;> No. S31 A—1935 Chevrolet Coupe '•">"No. -10!)A—ins I Chevfokl Coach No. -Ml—1035' Chevrolet Coupe NO. 1S6—1IW5 Chevrolel Coach No. 4A—1981 Knrr! Sedan No. R251—1935 Korri V-S l)c!u.\e Seilan '. :'}():) No. l!):!5 (''ord V-S Coupe Deluxe Jlodcl :^r, No. J72A—Iflas Ford V-S Ddurc Toui'inR 'I'udor '^'J!i No. 'li)6A—193,'i Ford V-.S Tudor .............I,}!) No. 50'i—1935 Ford -V-S Deiil\c'Sed;in ;>&> —TRUCKS— No. II—l!i;M Chevrolet ; C.C. i'icku[) Truck 5185 No. U2— i936''ChevrblerC,C. : Pickup Truck ..*31!5 No. <J73A-~l!>36 P'ord V8 Deluxe Pickup ,, •«;•-, No. 500—193C' G»IC j'lckup Truck " ;H5 No. 501—1936 Chevrolet 131 in WB Trutk •«;•-> No. (i—191)4 Chen-olct 131 in W'R Triu-k ... ->;r, No. 17—19l5(i 'Chevrolet 131 in WH Truck ... jnr, No. J19—I'paS Chevrolet Win Wli Truck .... ;ni) ISUH.V' G. M. A. c. Time I'i!J ! nii'i)t I'lan Your Present Car or Truck'us part or ;i|| uf ' '• 1'aynicnl. ' • ttw wtw SENTKYUOAL this flm. [t s prepared in America's Most «- -„. Modern Preparation Plant We $7.00 foil Guarantee Every Ton. ^ 1|WW W« GAY & BILLINGS HIONE 70 Mf ? New Ford Radio Favorite Program To You" As You Drive! ? ou still have time to take of the finest .v^tu,. ^ year i in.g,. ^nq|s nc^w beincr offered in our • >•- \, But you must not d^y as ^his sale will §oon cpme to a. closa to permit u^lim^tpied^qpra install a new front and get;' Business: : ' ^•• Uov TOM LITTLE MEN'S N OW still more thousands ~cah enjoy the v/lusky famed for "double value." Yes, ; quality Kentucky whisky • and made the "Slow Mash" way,'which takes mote timo and grain. That's Bottoms Up! A special treat nov/ since growing demand lias made possible its lowest price since repeal, " - "SS.OW MASK" frw<!*4. . Tailored by Timely ? nd Merit ^w J937-38 Pa'terns an«i {Styles You may select any suit at exa ,**(*** **r •&* "•j'**'. •«*««W»**' KENTUCKY STRftlGHT BOURBON '«„ „ ' ' SO PROOF loirtSYiuc, . . . SINCE 1970 Kock, rinc UctmM, ll Sales'Cash and Final 50$ SS PANTS - ifar Merchandise at 25% Off - ' '• \ 1 *a v '* " ^ ' v - t\ - for Arkansas Fort Smith « No Exchanges or .Refunds I

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