The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on March 4, 1935 · Page 1
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 1

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1935
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Venizelos Sets Up Provisional Government; Planes Bomb His THE WEATHER W c i i l h r r foi M o n t f i i m -- O c c H f l i u n i t l i,MM lilrlilni: In snort MnliilHV. eulrl- ei* n o r t h n m i cast, niodenitc colil live cant |orllun; Tuesday (in* t i l e d , snow or ruin west portion. DAILY VOL. 6!).--NO. 343.--FIVE CENTS HELENA, MONT., MONDAY, M A R C H 4, 19155 Pull Associated Press Service Member N. E. A. M. Y. Stock and Bond List Broad Currency Expansion Drive R ORE Now Serious CLAUDETTE'S "THE TOP!" VENIZELOS IS AT HEAD OF PROVISIONAL REGIME Athens. March 3.--(/P)--A ' -iiuadron of (ireek government! p'anc* dropped bombs tonight' on t h e home in Canea. Crete, nf former Premier Elcuthcrios i Voni/.clos but it was not known w h e t h e r the 70-year-old rebel| c h ; c f t n i n w--i inside. M u r h l n e E M U - lllso f i l e d (ill t h e i'".Id-lire of thp " ( i r n m l Old Man" or C.rcoK politic-;, \\lin y e s t e r d a y 1 i u l h e h joined n r e x o l t M a r l e d I n , l l i ^ n a \ \ . T h p e x t e n t of t h e d a m ;IJ:P wii 1 - not d i s r l u ^ r d . A t i o t h e i report t r o m ( ' a n n a Paid Veni-.-lov h a d .'l7ccl * 1.000.0(10 f r o m t h " local t t c a s t n y a n d set u p ' ii pro\ I s l o u n l government | I m n l K o v c r n n i c n t p l a n e s r e t u r n ed to A t h e n s t o n i g h t to t a k p on new s u p p l i e r a n d t h e n flew hark I to C i e l e to c o n t i n u e a b o m b a r d - ' incut of m u t i n o u s w a r M l l p p . A t h e n s . Milrch r..-1/I'i Spread- Ing revolt mused t h e dreek g o v e r n - I m ~ n t t o c a l l o u t n i i v a l rcsorveB t o - ' iln n n d to .strike a g a i n f I oin the ah ' :il t h e l i v e n u \ n l vc «=;els jnnuiiFd by .. rebels M a m l l n K ( i f f t h e shores o f , Hi? I s l a n d o f Crete, w h i c h s u e - I i l i m b e d In t h e r e v o l u t i o n i s t * I I'oiniM 1 P r e m i e r l O l c u l h T l o s Veil- ! Izelok o p e n l y joined t h e forces o f ! -edition In Crete. w h c r » he lives. | l i e became t h e s p e a r h c a d of an n u l l - | K o v c t n m e n t m o v e m e n t w h i c h o p - | pcnrcd to grow more serious h o u r l y . , A t h e n s w a s q u i e t , a l t h o u g h u n d e r m,ii Hal l a w nnd l u a stale of slcgj. Illl i 'I'll'* cm 01 n n i r n l aiimiuiu'cd t h a t \ n i i c r u f i h a d lorn led t h e f l v o shlpn w h i l i t h ( p u r s u e d j r s l e r c l n v d o w n Mm Act:c:iii *.f'n. i H c r i n k l i i K th" c r n l - ^cr . \ \ r i d f f and scorluK » d i r e c t h i t w i t h f i n iiTHil Itomli wlillo t h o VPF^O! IHJ in Sniichi l),i\. n e a r ('mica. C r r t ? . \ V n t r h o r s f r o m Hi * .«hon FJitd » \\\\C,f c o l u m n of smokf a i n ^ c from i he h h l p nttcr I ho h o m h ."truck, load- nm t o i ho h » l l o f she nilclii h a v e htm p i l l out of a c t i o n . r n c u n f i r m o c l repoi t«t I el II up iT i IIP i i r r i v B l nf f l \ e ships in Crete said t lii-eo of i hem were sfveroly t l a n i a p e d The POA r r n m P i i l h r «n died t h e A t h e n s h o m e of V e n f / 21 os n n d reported f i i u i l i i K n r m s and ruinpromls- I n R I K c r a t u r o . 'allrd A n n o u n c e m e n t of the resignation of Korclfcn Minister D. Maxlinos. the n r l v a l of f i v e (irrck wirnhlpR under rebel c o n t r o l in T^asude. Crete, t h e arrest of thp governor Rcncrn! of f'rcte find f u r t h e r upsets in the cabinet combined to forcB the Kovein( C o n t i n u e r l on Pngc 3) A l i t t l e KYeiieh g l ? l who wasn't esnednlly t h r i l l e d at her f i i s i t stage c h a n c y a n d wlioye f a t h e r bitterly'opposed h*?r -'play acting" lodny *.i(s enihror.od on the top r u n s o f ' T l l m d o m ' p ladder of fame. From ;i t h r e e - l i n e p u r t in a pl.iv 10 ycafs afto. C l n n d e t t e -Colbprl. above. rose to w i n the Academy of M o t i o n P i c t u r e A r t s find Sciences award for J S 3 4 . s h a r i n g t h e h o n o r w i t h Clark Cable f o r t h e i r p e r f o r m - ances In "It H n p p e n e d One N i g h I." MONTANA'S JUDICIARY TO BE CHOSEN ON NO-PARTY TICKET; JUSTICES OF PEACE EXCEPTED IRLD NEWS IN GIST By Thp AmocUlPd Domestic Washington--Democratic leaders expect hreak In deadlock over $4,- SSO.000.000 work relief hill this week. Dnytona Itrach. l''ln. -- RotiRl) beach foils Sir Malcolm Campbell's attempt to h r m k land speed record. \Viinhlnglon -- Oonua demands r n r n i p h c n n t o r of (tro.Tdest drive for currency expansion drive In yenrs. Foreign .Mlicn»--Rebel c h l c f t n i n ' s homo homhiirdcd an hnrnsscd Greek gov- e r n m e n t CHllx out navol reserves: revolt spread* to Thrace, Macedonia: rcvolters hold Crete. Nlnn, rhlnn--Chins Inland mission ahmidon.q hope for Australian mission worker and w i f e , feared In hanrlK of hnndlts. MKKTS .\T !::«( '!'« «lif|H*e of H litr^e niinihrr of sennle I|||N on ^enei-iil file ns uell us lo dKpo^e of iiiinu on I hlr«l lending. I he IKIIISO of repn'Kentiitfves \ t i l l cdtMeiie this niornliifi: nt !l::i(). Tlic ^liile In- Miirfliicr hill will lie itrgiKMl nt *\ In the afternoon. lly r.\l'l. MACI.K.IX Monlann's judicial officers, *\- cludlnfc ,|usllf-c*i of pence, will hereafter he rlerlwl hy the people of (lie i(ate on H non-partiNnu ticket, »« (he house of repreicntnllvc s ei- trnlay concurred in scimte anienl- nienf* to IhHl measure hy a vote of 7.V.I. Tin- Mil nlll he Menl lo the governor for liln npprovnl. The h i l l . Suh. 11. II. 11, was introduced In the house by Heprcsen- t n t h c s Petersfn and York of Sherid a n . I t wn$ d e H t g n o d to embrace a H ' j \ i d i c l a l nfficlnl.s. I n c l u d t n K jnBtlcrs of t h e pence. Representative Stromnes of Cascade made an attempt to amend the. measure lo exclude those officials hut the lower niiseinhly defsated the move; al- Vallournanch'e. Italy. March ::.-(/T)---An enormous avalanche roared down I n t o I h e Ccrvlno'vnlloy today nnd killed three Florentine .stiidcnt!i and two gulden on a mount a i n climbing expedition. BATTLE ON COMMUNISM IN CALIFORNIA WILL RESUME San F i a n c l s c o . March I t . -- - f y P ) - - Opposlng |Kllll«il phllo.Hophers In California, aggravated hy I lie Han Francisco general Mrlhe, tho KVIC of l.'pton Slnrlnlr and the. current ny for "dentil In communism." up- peaml lonl»ht to he nnrktnn to- want another le.l of nlrrnRlh. On the cvo of the. reconvening of nixie legislature, icadcrn of the anil- NEWS PA PER fl R C H1VI red forces p i n n e d hopes o n . a sciips of hills designed to legally M l a m p out c o m m u n i s m . .\IMI-Liberals of various shades, fear- f u l t h a t the. f i g h t m i g h t .result In encroachments upon free speech and perhaps other f u n d a m e n t a l rights, have allied and presstucd a net Ics of measures of their own. i h o n p h c o n c u r r i n g In the same a m e n d m e n t made by the senate. \Vlnle the lower assembly con- i n n ed in .senate a m e n d m e n t s to several m a j o r bills, it voted not to c o n c u r In two i m p o r t a n t measures nnd conference committees weie directed to settle the disputes. On m o t i o n of Representative Smith of Lewis and Clark county, the house t u r n e d down the recommendations of the s e n a t e t h a t all lethal gas ex- e c u t i o n s ho held In Helena or within the environs of the Capital city. For Honor of City The hill originally directed the executions lo be conducted on property of the state pri»an at Deer Lodge, h u t the upper house, amended t h e hill so t h a t Helena would hear the b r u n t of the state's,execu- t i o n s . "Let's keep Helena as honorable as we can," Representative S t l m a t z of Bntto said, "and no more debauched t h a n ' it Is now." By a vole of 31-27. the house voted not to c o n c u r In tho amendments and Ihe bill was sent to a conference committee. A conference committee was also ordered for senate amendments to II. II. .'lliO. known ns Representative (Continued on Page 3) K. OF US TO WAGE FIGHT 1 III AEDS bus Angeles. March S.--(/f)--- M n r t l n II. Carmody, supreme k n i g h t of t h e Knights of Columbus, t o d a y - f a Id on hl» arrival here from (inind Rapids, Mich., that the lodge, w h i l e n n t active In recent years In its campaign against the rcdfl, will resume n direct c«mp«lgn against all forms of sovlotlsm In the near f u t u r e . " SET OF TRIPLETS BORN 10 COUPLE IN JB» .\»h 1'orK. Aria.. M a r c h 3.-- '.MM In t l i r m o r n i n g ( ' l o l l I n CnMoro? bid Ms \vlfr HiuT net rn r l i l M r r n Koi»rlh r n m i wont to work. Mo ro- IKM! I n tho f v r n l i K to ho RrfCf'd h\ Mrs. CJMtlrrr?; nnd 10 rhllrlron. iplon worf- born d u r i n g hK n h s o n o e -- t w o nom nml n lnlighter. In Good Humor FACETIOUS SPIRIT IS TAKEN BY MONARCH ON RETIRING Cranleigh, Eng., March 3. -- (fP) -- Prajadhipol of Siam, ruler until today of 10,000,000 people. has abdicated the throne | without designating; a succes jsor and retired to private life 'as plain Prince Sukhodaya. Three simple hentences, "It's all over. The k i n g in no more. He has a h d i c a t e d . " Informed the world t h a t t h e stubborn, d l m u n i t l v e . brown-skinned m o a r c li has stepped d o w n , bringing to an end m o n t h s of wrangling w i t h the h o m e government over his roval prerogatives. Signer! lie signed the abdication document S a t u r d a v a f t e r n o o n at hi*) t e m p o r a r y c o u n t r y residence at K n o w l e . This a n n o u n c e m e n t by ( C o n t i n u e d on Page 2) SCHEMES WOULD TOTAL UP TO COOL 20 BILLION LOW INTEREST RATE IS FIXED Washington. March 3.--(fl 5 )* --The $2.000,000,000 bonus today was at the center of a currency expansion drive broader than any that has Confronted congress in many a year. flhotild all the proposals which have serious h a r k i n g he enacted, t h e present So.500.000.000 in currency would he increased to upward of f 2 0 . 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 Besides the homis, the other currency expansion HUII5 "30" W a s h i n g t o n . March :!.--(/P)--The trcasui') tonight followed the ad-! outstanding iniiilMrallonS dc.siie for lower In-[measures are the Frar.ier-Lemke teresl rates by announcing two re- ] f ".00.000,000 f a r m mortgage refi- fumllng Issues of securities nt. the · nancing bill. t h s Townsend $200- yield since long before t h e j a - m o n t h old age pension p l a n ; the 'suggestion by Senator Wheeler (D.. World w»r. A prime m o t i v e b e h i n d t h e lefi- nancing. I n f o r m e d quarters said. M o n t . ) l h a t t h e $ 4 . 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 public wbrks b i l l be financed by plans by silverites to push the price of silver from 50odd cents to J1.29 an ounce. Wheelrr and other senators also * n s -- I n a d d i t i o n to saving the g o v - j new currency, and the advancing eminent money--to help with the plan to drive investments into commercial channels t h r o u g h a steady lowering of federal rates. . President Roosevelt has said, a r e c o n t i n u i n g their campaign for however, t h a t he felt I n t e r e s t ' s l l v e r l*'«"t'on. while in the c l m i g e s in general were too hl|5n . I house Chairman Somers (D.. N. Y.) The treasurv proposed to e x j * Preparing to star coinage comm i t t e e hearings on the whole gold- change an o f f e r l n c of 20-25 year bonds b e a t i n g 2 T-S per cent interest for $1,850,000.000 of Liberty f o u r t h 4 Vi 's called for K-demption on A p r i l 15: and an issue of five- year 1 5-8 per cent notes to be o f f e r e d in exchange for $528.000.000 of t r e a s \ n '2\'i per cent notes w h i c h m a t u r e on March 15. ( C o n t i n u e d or Page 2 1 SENATE TABLES BILLS THAT WOULD LEGALIZE GAMBLING AND INCREASE INCOME TAX silver problem. FREMONT OLDER Xuted editor, who died yesterday in California. FREMONT OLDER, CALIFORNIA EDITOR, PASSES; A LEADER IN PROFESSION HALF CENTURY San Francisco. M a r c h . 3.--(#)-Fremont Older, TH. editor of the a little longer," he remarked as Mrs. Older and her friend returned San Franclwo rail-Bulletin, eol-| to the automobile. MEFTS .AT I I After a session of more than It hour* Sund«. the senate, adjourned until 11 o'clock this morning lo permit committees to nut on about 2fl Mils that still have not been reported. At I o'clock this afternoon, as a special order of business, liquor legislation pending In both home* will lie considered in the upper chamber. JJy.WIM.,IAM C. .CAMPI1EM, Montana rejoice nnd be thankful, for Ihe sharp-eyed, slclght-of-haml gambler, with diamond-studded tie pin, curly mustache, green eye- shHde nnd perfumel breath, nlll not. perform his baffling mnglc within our hounds--nt least not. with the permission of the mate senate. By a two-Tote margin the upper body yeeferday killed anil labltyl Substitute House IVII No. TO, legalizing and licensing gambling in the state on a county option plan. The l i t t l e children will spend GET TIL1 COP BIG* Pittsburgh. March 3.--(IP)--The parade of the kids at the Homewood ichool brought back t h e i r favorite policeman. Patrolman Edward T. Moran was suspended under a taw barring officers who have been convicted of crime. He had been convicted In 1927 of interfering with prohibition agents. Tho children paraded w i t h banners reading "Wo Want Our Cop Back" and petitioned their reprc- nentatiye In congress. President Roosevelt granted a pardon and Moran was reinstated. their nickels for p e p p e r m i n t sticks and chocolate drops, in the good old-fashioned way, and their innocent eye.s s h a l l not know t h a i three p l u m s in' a i ow will yield SO cents for a mere H-cent piece. The upper body dealt Ihe "alleged" gamblers of the state a s t i n g i n g and powerful slap on the wrist, and it was a great m o r a l victory for temperance. TliORe who a i e opetating these so- called g a m b l i n g games Illegally In the state, which astonishing Information was u t t e r e d many times d u r i n g the f o u r - h o u r debate on the measure Sunday, at least know t h a t t h e i r performance? are deplored. ( C o n t i n u e d on Page 81 lapsed at the wheel of his auto; mobile nnd died at Stockton, today. An active figure in A m e r i c a n j o u r n a l i s m for more t h a n h a l f a century. Older literally died in hnr- ess. Older accompanied his wife and a friend to a flower show In Stork- ton. While Mrs. Older and the companion went to see the display. Older sat down by his automohll" and began writing an article. "I would have finished this article if you had stayed at the show SID MALCOLM Dei FINDS GOING ROUGH Daj t o n a Ke.iHi.' Kin.. M n r c h 3.-C A P ) -- Sn M a l c o l m Ca'mpbell. princo of «peed. «#-nt t h u n d e r i n g up to t h e verv edrr of hi« - 7 ^ - nille im h o u r record todn but Old Davvil Benrh. the Villain in t h e Pl*?c*. still pursued him. He had to h n n l the giant Bluebird off tin- sands a f t e r one b r e a t h less burst down t h e 11 \ = - m H c coiiisc, a io«ung dash in w hirh he hit 2 7 0 . 4 7 3 miles n n h o u r t h r o u g h t h e men an red mile n n d n half the t i m e was riding- nlmost out of I h e seven-ton monster, so rough wa* the lilOilSTIIllN REP. MONAGHAN WOULD FORCE VOTE UPON TOWNSEND PLAN W a s h i n g t o n . March 3.--(/P)--A I legislation, said he would file the plan lo force t h e MrGi-oarty bill, I petition Monday noon and request the Townseml old-nge pension plan, out of the house *vnys anil menns committee--Tin the pell- ion route--was discloMil tonight y Representative Mouaghan (I)., Mont.). The bill has been in t h e ways and means committee file since ths California physician. Dr. F. 12. Townsend, camp, to Washington several weeks ago to push congress for enactment of his plan. Monaghan. c h a i r m a n of a house group organized to promote such Ncu York. March 5. -- ( A D -- A Mrlkc or SO. 000 ole\alor opeiators In 1 6 0 0 0 Mislness nnd apartment b u i l d i n g s In the Rronx rd I n e v i t a b l e t o n i g h t unless Mayor I'- L a U i i n r d l i i oi' l o a t t l ng the R c g l o n n l intei \encs. The strike Is.-iei for 8 n. m . Tuesday. FORMER BITTER ROOT WOMAN RUNS FOR SEATTLE COUNCIL Seattle. March .".-- (/P)--Mrs. I'"., speeches an evening, and h a n d l i n g F. Ton-ell Isn't afrnld of a Hly conn- j the details of t h e campaign, aided ell job. She's broken broncos In Montana, anil A leg In doing II. One of the six candidates for the coming election 10 days hence. Mrs. Powell, a past president of the Seattle Council of Parents nnd Teachers. Is In Ihe midst of a busy Xeeil a l w a y s t h o u g h t by her son Francis. 23-year-old W h i t m a n graduate. Two other children. Alanson. 17. and Lacie. 13. t a k e care of the household Her h u s b a n d died last September. A S m i t h college g r a d u a t e , horn and reared In Xew London. Conn . i she came west to the Hitter Root U n l l e nf M o n t a n a as a bride 25 S c o l t l e ' \ c a r s nco. rhoulct hnvo one woman on I h e | "\\'e «ere new lo t h e c o u n t r y . ouncll." she said today, "bin I'd never t h o u g h t of r u n n i n g nvsclf. "Then one evening n few m o n t h s ago, a group of women Interested In politics called roe up and asked me i called. and when we bought horsee. they u n l o a d e d a l l I h n o u t l a w s i n t h e c o u n t r y on us I broke a leg and t h e n an a n k l e r i d i n g them."'she re- o he a candidate. It nearly look my breath away." Now she's m a k i n g f o u r or f i v e "I suppose there arc disagreeable t h i n g s a h e a d In the council, hut I've met such befor? " The editor then took the wheel and was driving homeward when stricken. Just outside of Stockton he collapsed. lie was taken to a h o s p i t a l where he was pronounced dead. Physicians said a heart attack was the cause. CAREER Fremont Older was n life-long opponent of capital punishment. Besides using his pen to voice his protests against t h a t method of expiating crime, he was active In (Continued on Page 3) ENTERTAIN WITH A NEW KIND OF PARTY. Hostesses are o f t e n h a r d put to f i n d a new or novel kind of party. Here's an idea--give a patriotic party. The purpose of the e n t e r t a i n m e n t provided is to f i n d out how much or how little y o u r , guests k n o w a b o u t I h e U n i t e d States. Give t h e m a list, of 10 states to h o u n d : see which of them can name the capitals of the most states, t h e nicknames of the most states, state mottoes, state flowers. Name the 10 largest cities In the order of their r a n k : the 10 largest states in area. Name states whose first settlement pre-dated Jamestown. Virginia. All the facts needed for these and o t h e r contests will be f o u n d on the map of Ihe U n i t e d States now a v a i l a b l e t h r o u g h our Washington I n f o r m a t i o n bureau. Tend ten cents In coin for your copy. Use This Coupon The Helena Independent I n f o r m a t i o n llureati. Frederic ,1. Haskin. Director, W a s h i n g t o n . D. C. I enclose h e r e w i t h Ten C e n t s in coin ( c a r e f u l l y w r a p p e d ) for a copy of t h e MAP OF T I I K r . N I T K D 8TATKS. N a m e Street City Stale ( M a i l to W a s h i n g t o n , I). C.) the measure be considered on the floot of the house either the second or f o u r t h Monday of April. The congressman announced his i n t e n t i o n in letters sent to all house members today. "As you. of course know," Monaghan wiots. "the signing of t h i s pet i t i o n in no wise is a commitment to the Townsend old-age peneion p l a n , but merely an Indication of desire for free and open debate on the measure and opportunity for proposing amendments." The signing of 217 n a m e s to a "discharge" petition p u t s up for a house vote the (inestlon of taking out of committee the legislation under question. "Insistent is Ihe clamor for an old age pension," said M o n a g h a n . "Not a pauper's dole, but a system t h a t w i l l he a proper step toward n a t i o n a l recovery, n pension reasonably h l s h enough to encourage aged men of nil trades and occu- ( C o n t i n u c d on Page 2) NEGRO BAPTIST PASTOB KILLS TWO MARAUDERS fhlciiitii. M.ireh S. negro prent'her fired a t o - volver fur t h e first t i m e Insl n i g h t niul hi* t « o shots k i l l e d t w o men. The t n u negiuea hud tried l o break i n l o Ihe home of the Hev. K d w n i i l \ V a i n w r l R h t . n n d hi.s w i f e , resisting the intruders. HH.S shot niul M o u n d e d ci I t l r n l l y . The clergy- inn n grnbhed his \\enpon and In t h e t r o u t door, f i r i n g n t t h e ;IK they fled. Three Dead CLERICALS AND THEIR RED FOES AGAIN IN CLASH Guadalajara, Mexico, March 3.--(/F)--Three persons were killed today and eight wounded when shots were fired into group of more than 3,000 persons marching through the streets in protest against socialistic education. Leaders of the demonstrators charged that "red shlrta" and police disguised as civilians fired Into their closely packed ranks, aa they were passing the municipal palace. Fall Many women and children were among the paraders. Aa ths ehots rang out, three men. a lawyer, a student and a farmer, fell dead. Two men and six women were wounded, some seriously. Police then arrested 38 persons, 22 of them women, ag organizers of the demonstration meeting, which they said was held without a permit. A crowd estimated at more than 15,000 attended the meeting In front of the university and listened to attacks by many orators on educational reforms of the local and national governments. Then a part oT them started (Continued on. Page 3) AUTOS IN TWO SERIOUS SMASHUPS Forsyth. March 3. -- (IP) -- Four persons were Injured critically, five others suffered minor hurts and a r-months-old baby was thrown 40 'eet but escaped harm altogether when a light delivery truck went off he shoulder of a highway grade near the Forsyth airport Saturday night and overturned three times. The baby's father also was un- njured. The driver of the truck, 0. G. Davis, said he believed one wheel f the machine was caught in gravel at the side of the road, when he was attempting to pass another car. Hurt Davis, a dairyman and a former Rosebud county treasurer, suffered wo rib fractures and severe lacera- ions about the head. His wife has i fractured collar bone and may have some broken ribs. Mrs. William Crondall suffered (its about her face and possible in- ernal Injuries and Miss Frieda Blessener has a minor fracture of he skull as well as facial cuts. Donald Crosby sustained a head n j u r y and his wife has a broken eg and several minor injuries. Others less seriously injured are: / a i l Mardls. sprained back and (Continued on Page 2) IS REPORTEOO BETTER W a s h i n g t o n . March ".-- -Oliver Wendell Holmes was reported still In n "disturbing condition" ate t o n i g h t w i t h no indications mprovement. .Mark Howe, secretary to the *4- enr-old J u r i s t , said that Dr. Thomis A. Clayton had made his list e g n l a r visit for t h e n k v o u l d not r e t u r n unless · h n n g c In t h e condition u r l s t . TWO BOYS BURNED DURING INITIATION BY FRATERNITY Los A n t o l e v March .1 --- (/PI -· llurfmd Stone, nssNInni ilcan of men nl the of ('nllfornlii HI l.os .ingrlr*, loilaj «alil Ihe iml- iri'-tllj iiiitlioi'ltlrs nlll ln\cs(lgnlc fraternity Initiation flml sent two !M.· tn ii rccelilnir hnspHnl for trextmenl of alltrr nitrate burn*. Police, called by the fraternity ·vhcn Ii appeared t h a t thu youths had been I n j u r e d , said It was necessary lo h r e a k plaster of parls t h a t fixed t h e Initiates' armn o u t s t r e t c h e d positions. Hnrneil .lack (innzalcs, 18, and CiitorRit nryant. 20, received minor burnt d u r l n i ; Ihe rltoi. NEWSPAPER!

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