The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1930 ,!..R. (AJRK.) COURIER-NEWS "Real Ruler of England" Sir Maurice Hankey Knows j . More Really Big Secrets' 'ihan Any Other Man. j BY MILTON BRON'NER NEA Service Writer ! IjQNDON.-The man tlial bi I turn* OJ money can t temp: anii ', thai promised literary fame wo:: t | timpt~that's the way Sir Maurid ijaiilce'y 15 known In the offices o. | the clever gentlemen whose job : ; U to ttl best sellers written. ; By dangling fat check bool;s in ' front Of tlieir eyes, tlie book puo- | toshers of America, Germany. En;JUKI arid t'rance nave otc-n able tc jit tlie World War story and t'.it \ peace story of nearly every famous ] soldier and .statesman. Ali'except Hanfcey. He Is adamant. He wli: j probably never write his story. And if he ever does," he will protraou ! stipulate that it shall not be pub- ', lished until a hundred years utter '. nis death. ..' ' For-Hankey knows more lj:g se- ' erets thin any living man. This : little military chap, who looks' sa i unttUlilery,- has packed away in his j diaries and note books and documents,-and, also in his clever brain. , more Inside stuff than 'ar.' dozsn i men who iiave given their memoirs ! to the world. He has been custodian of. the ''low-down stun"' of cabinets i and 'conferences and commissions ! fot so .long that people forget lhat • he. ever did anything else. I He was -born In -1877, eduealed ! s ; r Maurice Hankey, right-, unobtr usive lltlle Englishman, is said at, Rugby, and wc-nt into the Roy- ; ^ thc possessor of more bit' secrets than any other living man. a! Marine Artillery in 1895 when | — • he-was only 18. 'At 22 he was a REPDulS Ml Belter Farming and Better Farm Homes Goal of Agricultural Program. Semi-annual reports of agricultural activities in Mississippi cotm- ty shoK that tlif state cxU'iisIoi: \\ork Is steadily going forward with men. w:nun and children greatly , interested in the varied programs i olVorcd corcpinlng fanning, home improvcmcnl, personal .Interests and recreation. Tlie constant Increxs" of activities proves the worth of PAClt-i- in (ho 27 groups of 4-11 girls, there arc 4-18 enrolled and 69 club I meetings have lx-.?n held since df>- i cember 1', , : In horticulture, six clubs linvo ID members growing home orchard.', three raise small (mils and 70 women In 12 clubs make gardens. Four clubs Iwvn girls doing dairy work and there were 10 home demonstrations given lltem In poultry raising. Forty-fight, women hnve standard Hocks and 24 luv markd- Ing poultry ;il a profit besides the 7 4-\\ girls In the saiiu- work. A total of 88 women and girls are carrying out a home management nml loom lm|novoia"ni pro- Binni. Of thp 234 women In the 13 club.i doing- food and nutrlilon projects, there me 12 women rising (he food preservation pro- CUTBOEEDSIIS icontlniird from page one), _>n In high Authority picking n choosing, .and disobeying the lu\vs they don't like—especially wlicn he sees these very inrn become rich ;uid powerful and evtn tewnuloil by public ofllre. "Put n c.illd In t!ic> right kln:l of community, with the right kind of aliw." | U . continued, "that ate 00,000 boys arrested In Chicago cadi ye:ii ? That 85 per cent ot all our criminals nr« between the aee.i 01 17 and 2C. Ktdsl "Out there, In the slums—that's \vliorc they arc. We've let 'em go. We can't cure our crime wave* by hanging men and by sending them to prison and by passing laws, We've KOI lo start at the bottom." Many Takint Me«wes , Against Typhoid Fever The warning of typhoid fever In this vlelnlty Is causing many citizens to take the vaccine ehois. There were 10 given at the local office ot the Mississippi county hcnlth unit after more than 250 took them Saturday. INSIST ON THE ORIGINAL grunt. M are already canning mills community renliment. niul hi- won'l and vegetables. 2-1 arc- mnkinr pre- ^ u criminal. Every gangster 1 lllr ''" ....... '"" "" " ...... ' ..... if ".'"J lv - .'K' ^ "c ^"S J i ro . - . TVTl .plain and when he finally and • ShlHUCfl AOLOf WllO finitely retired from lhat body In ' O1 <T{ K ' U ^ Ll " '* "" 0*1 definitely retired from lhat, body 1908 it was-"with the rank of lien- ! tenant colonel.' • • : i^ukk Rise io Fame ; In'tlie •meantime, the govern-! mtnt had-already found he was an i ideal roan for all kinds ol jobs and j K> all kinds were given him. [ From J89$ to. 1901 he served on ihe i Hamlllles,'. flagship of the fleet. The i fotiner artilleryman showed so quick • a grasp of naval matters that from i 1902 to 1906 he was attached to the ; Naval •Inteillgence-'Department. In i 1901 he' was made Naval Intelli- : gence officer .with the Mediterranean Beet. -In 19CW he was given a I trtnjendous boost, being made assistant secretary oj. the Committee • on'Imperial.-Defense, the bidy ' charged with" organizing- all the war - uefe.nMs of the British empire. In four ryears .time he made himself so indispensable that he was made secretary of that-body. • 'When the World. War broke out I »nd England faced the greatest criiia of .-It; •history, a special -\Var Cabinet Inside the regular -cabinet was Torraed.-' It was necessary to ii&ye -.a. secretary and''the- -whole government j turned with-'one'- nc- cqrd to"/Hankey.- In .the .folinVint year, -when; the •ImperiaUWar-Cabr lfiet".wSs|- fcrme'd, Hankey was oifc. more-secretary.- He knew-so nvr- l/the- defenses of .the'empire, he':*as sa' quickly: receptive '.of uc« ideas'and he originated so many.of l;ls-.-own- ''that- nobody-elsi was tliougrit of-for the job. When the Inventors-of th'e tank were-fig'hting atmy and red tape to get the ma'- chine adopted, it was .Hankey who Loved Too Well (lie projects, according to the county fluents, Since December 1, 100 men and women have bc/m enrolled in six new community organizations form! cd in- tlic Chlckasawba district, 'directed by J. E. Crltz. .There ure i now 15 men nhO 17 women traliv i-d us leaders' In 4-H club work, Functioning with similar clubs. 1 there have t.-icn demonstrations In [every p!iu*e of farm life. In Hie i soil improvement demonstrations, 10 peiniancnt pastures were started, icur continued from previous ysars, 21 legumes,.five small grain, seven commercial fertilizers and six crop tola'.ion demonstrations, held. The field crop demonstrations Included .seven-corn, three alfalfa, 10 soy-j i bean, nine colton, ono pea, four I orchards and .five truck crops. I In dealing with the 4-H boys. J. E. Crilz held 69 meetings'among •the 18 clubs of this district whlcll ! were attended by 234 boys. Five 1 liov l?ams, In which ten members dcrsed at a meeting of the Missis- i Participated, have been trained in «rves and jollies. 12 fruit juices and 20 making pickles besides tin' 66 Bills In tho same kind of worX. There are CO women and 81 girls .'.trcsslng clothing and textiles which includes the sludy of textiles, carp of clothing, selection, remodeling, costume designing and furnishings, The hcme and ground improvement Illicit^ led almost a hundred who improved walks, drives and yards by canning up. pluming llow- shrubbery. his liculmilng. !le slnrlcd. Invariably, its :i petty Juvenile rowdy. Tin- Kepi Solution "The solution of Ihe uang murders In this city is t'J (till the noose Hull lays llir ijolden cut;. Tlic giinx- sters in 1 ? kllllnn r.ieh other for the control of the liquor business, etc. ]( we persistently raided these establishments and suppressed their we'd tuke the profit out of ihe business mid thcre'd bo nothing fot the gaiiiisti'rs to fight over. Untl'. we do tltiii wo'll liiive crime. A: loiiK us our dry luw.s. our null- i gambling laws und our pi'osiitiillon ! laws E^O unciifoi'Cfd, wt'U have I ynnisstsrs." Judge Unite paused. "Do you ro- For sportsmen Byrd, Amundsen and Scott'have carried our malted milk tablets to the poles. Experienced hunters and travelers use'them as the most condensed nourishment of high merit. They know. Golfers carry them as a quick relief from fatigue. At good drug-sto;es everywhere. HORLICK'S R A. C 1 N E . W I S C O N 8 1 N sippl River Hood Control assocla- lion here Monday. The amendment. 1 which would be retroactive, would return hundreds of thousands of dollars to levee boards and property owners in the lower valley. \V. H. Dick of Memphis', president of the association, wits re- eltcted.'as was J. L. Williams, Os- c.-ola, Ark.., 'vice-president,- J. \V. littler, Clarksdale, Miss., Vice- Drtsident, and J. W. Magruder, lunlca, Miss., secretary-treasurer. S. P. Reynolds, Caruthersvllle, Mo, *.as ie : elect«d vice-president for Missouri. ' Frank' Goldsborough Suffers Fractured: Skull in Mountain Smash Up. WODSFORb, Vt., July 15 (UP)— Unconscious but alive Frank G.olds- bcrough.' 19-year r oid aviator. v)ho was trapped m the ivreckage of - an airplane which crashed' in mbiin- .t'alnous, country near 'here-yesterday, was found by foul Denning-' ton •-".:':One .of the" searching party, Fred Allen, sighted'the wreckage and-'his companions' assisted htm in' rxtrl- - . -.--.- ,-. —. .the-eating Goldsborough from.'.the name of tlte .play, .but when the plane. 'Goldsborough had a'cru:Ji- with these carried out; 49 corn, 102 cotton, seven Irish potatoes, one peanut, tw'o soybeans, seven fruit. 57 pigs, five calves. 117 poultry and 45 garden. The acthilies of Miss'Cora Lee Coleman. home demonstration agent-tor both .the southern,'and northern port of the county, take in u .larger territory. .Demonstra- ticns have bc.?n her principal wotk in the past six months with the women and girls -showing renewec nterest in community organizations and 4-H clubs in which horticulture., dairying, poultry, food and nutrition, food preservatibp, clctn- Ing and textile home and ground: is included. Various contests have been- Incentive for .better work and month ly programs among the women havi been very helpful in their ctesir f:r improvement. Of tiie 00 communttles w"ner home demonstration work shoul be carried out, 32 communitie have active clubs. There have bcei 19'community club meetings an 'J8 home-demonstration'; club -gath erings, extension schools to women held ant' 241 girls- tfaine for ".contests in reature'd • project 'Strictly Dishonorable" was largely won-their battle for: (hem , . . I . • K - . ^ , * . Lord •<>£-'trie 'Admiralty had once I above, ambushed.-him m the wings, .Goldsborough and MocWer. were said-of him: : . .\'. ' '.. !us my - . sla PPed-' -his face and quit-'en route from Cleveland, O,. to "He Is-a little fellow. the 'show/ He"who got slapped was' Keene. N. H., where the latterwas vi*itli a j ,•«*-- --.--»-* — — bulging forehead crammed.- with • Tulllo'/Ca'imlnatt.. who^ played the to lecture last night. JusU Another Proof 6f- Tl< I'.owti^of This' Totally, New ; 'nndDifferent rolo of a sophisticated count. Hound Table, "announced an arti- cle'by'him,'people thought nt lost they were going lo hear something. brains 'created by God for the discomfiture of the German kaiser." Called "British Colonel House" After a while other people gave him other appellations. Some called him the British Colonel House. | But Sir Maurice only told how df- becausc of Ihe implicit failh tlic i plomacy by conference had devel- war-tlme Premier, Lloyd George, had In htm. Others said he was the real ^rulex of the country. One of his jobs was to tell the country j 488 international conferences since what, the war cabinet hnd decided. 1914 and had been 0:1 the secre- So nobody was surprised when he i t.ariat of all of them. With equal was luilghlcd in 1D16. The only sur- j modesty, as an old cricket player, prise was that ho did not get a he compared his job with that of higher honor. I the wicket keeper: oped as one of the results of the war. He modestly said he knew 2 little about It as he had attended His altimeter showed that, the ship was flying high. Fog obscured the steep country below and the pilot struck a tree when he directed the airplane too low. Tho wing of the plane clung lo the tree, the remainder falling to earth. ersls met at Versailles to draft the peace treaty, Sir Maurice was right there, in charge of the Brlllsh secretariat' and right-hand man -of Lloyd Qeorge. The tigerish old French Premier, Georges Clemen- r--i> i^nrelved a tremendous admiration for him. When Ihe Bis ..nt Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau— were discussing some important point and - j-niie particular document to refer to, the Tiger would turn lo Sir Maltrice and say: "Come along! Pull it out of that bag of yours." To Ws wife, Clemenceau said her husband was the best man in, the world. Given Grant by Parliament When the peace conference was over a grateful Parliament gave htm a'grant of $125,000. He has been the chief of the Brlllsh secretariat at every International conference held since the war, winding tip with the recent Naval Conference. In the closing hours of t!u Negro Held for Murder of Neighbor's Children MAGNOLIA. Avk., July 15. (UP) —Mac Cleveland, 35, negro, was held in jail today after he had attempted to murder an entiiv! ne- are opt. tn i gro family, prove costly; both have to be pre- I Cleveland killed two negro chll- knocks. and see a good deal of the game." It's because he has seen so much of the game for the past 20 years that the book publishers can't get I Sir Maurice to write a book abo'.il il. He knows too much. Caruthersville Seeking Ban on Loud Speakers The neighboring city ot Caruthersville. Mo., may scon have a ban on loudspeakers. An attorney of the Missouri city was here today studying an ordinance passed by the Blytheville city council several months ago declaring . loudspeakers a nuisance. The ordinance was subsequently held illegal by Policy Judge W. D. Orav- ette In a test case after more than a dozen merchants had been arrested for) violation ot the statute. It is understood that the Caruth- latter, when a continental delegate | crsv ,,, e , awver plans to i n t roducCt made a speech paying high com- for hjs clients , p i a n for squelch- pllments to Sir Maw ce, none «p- ^ the loudspeakers on the slrcels plauded louder than the American \ n ," t i.' MtJouri c it v delegates, headed by Secretary of OI tne Mlssoul1 clly Slate SUmscn. As soou as the Naval meetings . were over, Sir Maurice went back • to his regular jobs. All he docs is ' to be clerk in the Privy Council, at which the King discusses with his Councillors all the secrets of empire; Secretary to the Cabinet; and Secretary to the Committee on Imperial Defense. In liati when Hw nmazinej the Reimbursement for Lands Approved by Flood Body NEW ORLEANS. July 15,— Amendment of the federal flood control act to provide for reimbursement by the federal government for lands left unprotected by the setting back of levees W&E en i dren before he was overcome by heir father. Angry at the family, Cleveland, rmed with an iron pip;, went to he home of William Parker. He iltacked a thre-year-cld boy and a 2-year-old girl. He bfat them to death, then attacked the mother, ileveland was finally felbd by 'arker who hit him with a hoc. Son of Wealthy Parents Admiti Murder of Nurse BUTLER, N. J., July 15. (UP) — Harry Woolsey, jr., 14-year-old son of a weallhy Jersey City pninl manufacturer, confessed today, police said, to killing his nurse, Miss Anna Miller, 73, while they were on a hike Sunday afternoon. The boy, described as mentally abnormal," stabbed the young woman seven times with a hunitns knife, il was said, after a quarrel over "different little things." Moth Ing was known of the killing until Miss Miller's body was discovered yesterday lodged between two large rocXs in a desolate and Inaccessible spot. 666 Relieves a Headache or NcurdiU In 30 minutes, checks a, CoM the first day, mid checks Malaria In thrte days. 666 also in Tablets When tempted to over-indulge II Reach for a Lucky instead MR. JOHN J. SHINN There Is a reason w)iy Konjola a household wcrd in tens ol thousands of American homes: .here is a reason why seven million wttles of Konjola were used in ;wo years. That reason Is just thl:—Kcnjola makes good, even when all eke tried has failed. Consider the experience o( Mr. John J. Shlnn, H. P. D. No. I who states: "I had constipation and' rheumatism for three years, and I ached so that I could hardly do my work. I had severe pains in my back, and was up several times every night. But in three weeks Konjola gave givjat relief from rheumatism, and the bladder weakness and back pains are entirely gone I am sure by the time thit I finish the treatment of six bottles I will have my health back. Konjola did for me what all else I tried failed to do, and I shall always have Konjola in my home." Quit experimenting . . . qui groping for the right medicine. Pu ycur failh In Konjola, as countless thousands have, and you will be abundantly rewarded. Konjola Is sold .in Blytheville. Ark., at Klrby Drug Stores, and] by all the best druggists in all towns throughout this entire scc- ItlMi.—Adv. CRY OF MODERATION! Be moderate—be moderate in all things, even In imoking. Avoid (hat future shadow* by avoiding over-indulgence, if you would maintain that modem, ever-youthful figure. "Reach for a Lucky instead." Lucky Strike/ the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop— ^il'S TOASTED." lucky Strike has an extra, secret heating process. Everyone knows that heat purifies and so 20/679 physicians say that luckies are less irritating to your throat. "Coming events cast their shadows before" Its toasted Your Throat Protection—against irritation—against cou •"There is only one remedy for fat, and that is eat the right food...There are at least one hundred so-calleJ obesity cures. None of these is permanent All of these are injurious," tays Vance Thompson, Ph.D., in his famoiw little book,"Eat and Grow Thin," published by E. P. Dutton &. Company. We do not represent that imoking Lucky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. Wedo declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky instead," you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cause excess weight andi by avoiding ovcr-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN-Thc Lucky Strike Dance Orcheilra, every Saturday and Thunday evening, over N. B. C. networks. © 19JO. The American Tobacco Co.i KCri,

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